Invading the U.S.A.

Pirates prowling the shores, kidnappings and abductions, the murdering of American citizens on our own soil.  A borderland in chaos, full scale anarchy, lawlessness and armed gangs ruling the borderlands.

Such a description certainly fits today with our border with Mexico.  Stories of murder, mayhem, abductions, drugs and trafficking fill the news on a daily basis.  The border area and the cities of Juarez, Tijuana and Nogales are war zones, the violence spreading across the border at a frightening rate.

But the description is not for today alone.  In the aftermath of the War of 1812, with the defeat of the British and New Orleans secure, only Spanish Florida remained out of American hands, the last European colony east of the Mississippi.

But Spain was weak, its once great Global Empire a faded memory as it struggled to hold on to its prize colonies in the Western Hemisphere.  Florida however, like most of Spain’s other colonies in the present day United States, was not considered significant.  Outside of a few military outposts and scattered missions, the disease infested swamps and marshlands were left uninhabited.

By the early 19th century, Florida had become the home of ruffians, outlaws, buccaneers, runaway slaves, and Indian bandits.  The Spanish garrisons in Pensacola were hard pressed to protect their own settlers, much less patrol the anarchy on the border of the U.S.  By 1817, with Americans being attacked and murdered on our side of the border, the crisis had reached a boiling point.  It was one thing to have chaos across a border, but when it spilled over to our side, endangering American lives and property, it became a crisis that had to be dealt with.

Fortunately, America at that time had the strength of General Andrew Jackson, fresh off his victory at the Battle of New Orleans. He was a national hero.  Politicians in Washington, as is often the case, were hesitant and adverse to conflict, even in the case of protecting American lives.  But President James Monroe, sensing that something had to be done, gave orders to U.S. troops to chase raiders across the border.  Jackson took his cue, and within a short period of time, Florida was cleared of trouble. Spain meekly retreated and paved the way for annexation and later statehood for the territory.  Most critical, Americans were safe.

What is the lesson?  There are many and though history never runs a straight line to the present, we can draw from the parallels.  The first and most important lesson of course, is that the protection of American lives and property is paramount over any other consideration.  All options go on the table in the defense of protecting our citizens against harm.  Second, we should not be afraid, averse, or even hesitant to use force, including military force to interdict, across the border if necessary, those committing crimes against American sovereignty.

If the Mexican government cannot control the border, much as the Spanish government could not control Florida in 1817, it is incumbent on the Federal Government of the United States to take whatever steps are necessary to curb the violence.  And let’s call this what it is.  When foreign nationals with weapons cross a border and murder, destroy property and kidnap Americans, that is an invasion.  We have every right to defend ourselves; now the only relevant question is where has America’s pride gone when we don’t care enough for protecting Americans from violence being committed across an international border.  That is singly the Federal Government’s responsibility.

Does this mean we should invade northern Mexico?  Probably not yet, but we do need to militarize the border and prepare for whatever actions become necessary.  As history shows, the precedent is there.

America can and should not stand by and allow a lawless borderland to continue.  The drug cartels have taken control of the border and murdered thousands of Mexicans and now that violence has come north.  Call it what you want, but it is a war.  And if Mexico won’t or can’t fight this war, we will.  If we can send hundreds of thousands of American troops to protect the life and liberty of Iraqis, Afghans, Vietnamese, Koreans, Bosnians, and millions of others, then we can surely do the same for our own American citizens.

It is time to heed the call of Andrew Jackson. “The conduct of this banditti is such as will not be tolerated by our government, and if not put down by Spanish authority will compel us in self-defense to destroy them.”  Such were the words given by Jackson to the Spanish Governor at Pensacola.  Such words should have been spoken by our President instead of the cowardly and treacherous apology that he gave President Calderon last week in Washington and his arrogant elitist blather about shopping for ice cream cones.  Has he forgotten the oath that he took just a year and a half ago?

A message needs to be sent to Washington and to Mexico City.  American lives deserved to be protected from foreign invasion.  It is the one duty of the Federal Government above all others.  It is time this warning is heeded.

  • Jim Johnson

    Note how the Fence is laid side ways there by making it a ladder.

    Who is responsible for that?

    • Barbara

      You're right – this isn't a fence, its a ladder.

  • Lastango

    I can't help but notice that the words "two-thousand-mile, triple-barrier physical fence" do not appear in this article. That makes it useless.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    America was imperialist when it came to Florida and that was good. We need some good old fashioned imperialism.

  • Peter E. Coleman

    The Country is suffering from affirmative action.

    • Richard W.

      Affirmative action is just bullshit. [I should tell you first, that my wife is Jamaican.] American blacks don't want affirmative action. They want selective affirmative action. American blacks are about 12 % of the U.S. population. For real affirmative action 12% of police, firemen, teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc. should be black. But, what about the NFL and the NBA? How do you think it would go over if team owners were told they could only hire 12% blacks and that they had to hire the appropriate percentages of Hispanics, Asians, etc. for their teams? They want the best people for the job. In sports, that often means hiring blacks. Would anyone reading this want a heart surgeon working on him that got his job because of affirmative action? I think not. I'd want the best in his med school class.

  • donnamarie

    For some reason, the U.S. government is benefitting by doing nothing. I have no idea what it is. It just seems very logical to me to want to stop these thugs from coming into this country but there is no effort to do so by D.C. Instead it tries to make our own citizens the enemy by calling them racists because they passed a law that allows them to question the immigration status of someone who has committed a crime. I am confused and sick over this.

    • lovesjeeves

      We now have a President who is more intent upon establishing his own personal vision of the world than a vision of America at its best. This means that his Administration people will even go so far as vilifying Americans themselves and putting our futures in great jeopardy for their benefit. Besides that, the President is a product of the political Left which believes it is empowered by masses of illegals entering our country, thus keeping them in the business of "social justice." And if those masses are at some point allowed to vote, than all the better for the current powers that be.
      Even if the government's refusal to secure the border leads to some terrorist attack that would kill thousands or millions of Americans, it would then only empower the Obama administration to clamp down on all of us in the name of national security. At that point their power would increase a thousand fold. As Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel said "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”__

  • jennifer

    why doesn't the fence have razorwire?

    • Joemont

      And why isn't it electrified?

    • andrea

      I guess the problem is not with the fence.

  • borderraven

    Per Article 4 Section 4, it is the constitutional responsibility of every state, county and city government to defend the states, and union of states, against the illegal alien invasion. That's right, our elected governments have been derelict in their duty and some in government should be held on charges of treason.

  • USMCSniper

    James Devere in the American Thinker has it right on:
    "Our President has put himself into the untenable position of declaring the enforcement of current immigration laws as "potentially" racist. To follow the President's logic, any law written and enforced in the United States will carry the potential for profiling. The American people are not capable, under Obama's point of view, of enforcing any law as it pertains to immigration. The result can be nothing short of an open border.

    Obama recently commented on addressing employers of illegal immigrants — as if the Arizona law is directed solely at the supply side of the issue. Arizona, maybe unbeknownst to the President, has one of the country's most stringent laws against employing illegal workers. The implications of the President's comments are that illegal immigration is a result of American employers' desire to dodge labor laws and nothing else. There is no culpability for coyotes, or the conditions that exist in these people's home countries. The inability of a corrupt Mexican Government to provide for its population is, according to Obama and Calderon, a burden that the US must shoulder."

    • Jim C.

      Why not culpability for all involved? That's enforcement, no?

      I've always said, if I were in law enforcement, I would profile every day–how could you not? What you don't want to do, is announce that you are doing that.

  • NecromancerYHVH

    Thinking of hunting some coyote….Farmer with a q-beam, rancher with a carbine…..Those smuggling vechile could bring a nice price and pay for my trip, and the weapons and drugs well I guess that is icing on the cake and something to light the candles with……Your choice american citizens with private arms on the boarder or government jack-boot thugs doing nothing.

  • Guest

    Let's see, five new states to act as a buffer: the State of Baja California Norte, the State of Sonora, the State of Coahuila, the State of Nuevo Leon, the State of Tamaulipas!

    And the libs would love it, as they would form a huge welfare bloc to vote Democratic if the Dems play their cards right!

    A true bipartisan effort, the Second Mexican War…

  • Guest

    Forgot the sixth State of Chihuahua, sorry…

  • Beelzebub

    ooohhhh scary, hordes of potential day workers are going to take over!

    better run for the North!

    get over yourselves morons

    • blotto

      Typical immature, unintelligent, vapid and simplistic remarks. I bet you think you are really creative and a superb debator.

      Not so much. I can better debate from my middle school students.

    • Rifleman

      Nope, we'll just pass laws to punish employers who employ illegals, so THEY run up north. I suspect the illegals will be as popular up there as a wind farm off Cape Cod.

    • wayne a

      beelzebub,how long did it take you to think of that fact filled,intelligent comment?dumb@#$%%^^

  • gsr

    Immigration is much too high and has been for 10-15 years. It needs to be cut in half (at least) for the next ten years. With unemployment expected to stay around 10-11%, what is the purpose if importing 100,000 per month, each and every month?

    Liberalism, that's the reason. Liberalism on the left and on the right.

  • June

    If we can manage to keep our heads above water until 2012, let's try again to elect someone who puts our welfare above that of foreign criminals and their leaders. I've often wondered why those who voted for Obama didn't stop and think when he campaigned on a promise to "fundamentally change this country?" He's certainly lived up to that promise and it's destroying our nation.

  • American Partisan

    In our own native land, in defense of the freedom that is our birthright, and which we ever enjoyed till the late violation of it — for the protection of our property, acquired solely by the honest industry of our fore-fathers and ourselves, against violence actually offered, we have taken up arms. We shall lay them down when hostilities shall cease on the part of the aggressors, and all danger of their being renewed shall be removed, and not before.

  • Marcus

    Yet our own president refuses to ban assault weapons:

    "The president believes there are other strategies we can take to enforce the laws that are already on our books.”

    I suggest that Obama imagine a modified movie scene: A Mexican illegal buys an assault weapon across the border in the U.S. He then tells the seller, "Gracias amigo, I'll be back!" So now Obama has to send 1,200 soldiers to fight against hungry and destitute thugs armed with our own weapons. Without a powerful effort to remove these portable bullet-thrusters from anyone who asks for them, the U.S. will in effect be fighting a civil war. Shut down these sellers now! They are equivalent to corner heroin dealers, another killer.

    • Rifleman

      Assault weapons already require a class III license, which illegals can't get. You're obviously confusing assault rifles with semi-autos that look like them. Hussein is all for gun control (like all commies), he just has higher priorities right now.


    See the INVASION here -

  • Mary

    1,200 soldiers? As Charles Krauthammer said t'nite, "it's a P.R. move." Obama has no intention of protecting our boarders, or the United States. He'd rather destroy it. So far that's the only thing he's done well since he's been in office.

  • alyson

    This scene is kinda scary.

  • watchful

    We have to get these bums out of DC put the obnoxious Muhammadans on a boat back to the middle east and march the Mexicans back over the border and scream at then top of our lungs "This is our country." Our politicians have destroyed America with their sub-primes to people who can't afford a mortgage, Islamic immigration and sending $B's to the ME that does absolutely nothing to promote the betterment of anyone (except perhaps Susi Arafat) making idle threats to Iran and promoting this evil Progressive agenda. The majority in the US don't want to be Islamic, don't want to be bankrupt, don't want nukes in Iran, etc., but with all this hope and change we're stuck with for the next two years I just hope there is enough of America remaining to take back.

  • DeadReckoning

    It is about money and power. The businesses who hire illegals, at substantial savings to themselves, do not want to stop the flow of cheap labor. They fund the political coffers to keep the back door open, and to limit the exportation of illegals. It is like a game of tic-tac-toe, there are no real winners, but the game goes on…endlessly. Why was political pressure brought to bear on the Minuteman ogranization if not to hinder the efforts by citizens to stop illegals. Our politicians will do nothing, they are bought and paid for and will not go against the corporations funding them.

  • Guest

    Mexican criminals don't need to come across the border to purchase "assault weapons." All they need to do is bribe a Federale who got his automatic weapon from whoever issued it to him.

  • chris


  • DRJ

    Yes I believe that the weapons the gangs in Mexico did come from the US, via the Mexican Government. In fact I believe what Jackson said, I guess its genetic.

    to be continued…

  • DRJ

    Truth is the Constituution states that in times of emergeny the states can call out the militia, excepts it's been federalized and most states don't have a militia except for the un organized militia. This is from the Federal Code, i.e. statutes. I think that every federal official who fails to enforce the law aids and abbeds the murder, kidnapping or any other felony should be arrested for being an accomplice. Every elected official who impedes any activity of the state in pursuit of its constitutionally authorized power needs to be charged for aiding a breach of the peace.

    None of the legislature is absolutly immune and I have just laid out the foundation for rmoving legislators who interfere with law enforcement, they do not have the right to enforce, by an impeachable offence, Breach of the Peace. So lets all scream to high heaven that our friendly legislators do this.

    to be continued

  • DRJ

    As far as federal law enforcement officials not doing their job, aiding and abbeding a felony is also a felony, put them in jail. I will just bet that if this were to start, all the little spineless slugs would run away into the dark. But until we do this we have no right to complain, we are just like them chattering monkeys…

    The End

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    Or at least make the fence without footholds and easy to climb. In fact make another fence alongside the original one and parole between them. But, of course, Obama is not going to do anything and will probably depend on the Mexican vote to get reelected.

    And many Mexicans will vote whether they are lawfully permitted to or not but amnesty means they won't have to cheat to vote. In the meanwhile our laws mean nothing to them and as long as we have an Acorn, of some sort or other, we will have voting fraud. This means Mexicans will have a big say in our elections.

  • lovezion


  • Bruce

    This is your polite refusal to publish? What's the problem?

  • Bruce

    Your timidity is why this country is going down the drain. Wise up. It's getting late.

  • Terry

    You are so right. Just so hard to believe we are the eneemy, so sad.