Shirley Sherrod’s Real Sin is Her Marxist Outlook on Society

The full video of Sherrod’s speech released by the NAACP on Tuesday, it became clear to me that Sherrod’s words were taken out of context.

Breitbart’s excerpt stops at the point where Sherrod says she referred the farmer to a white lawyer so that “his own kind could take care of him.” In the full video, Sherrod went on to explain how she helped the farmer when it became clear his lawyer wasn’t going to do anything. So while Sherrod may have subscribed to some racist views at one time, it appears that she altered her these in light of the farmer’s problems.

With that said, I believe a full viewing of the video makes it clear that Sherrod replaced racism with another equally radical outlook: Marxism.

While helping the farmer, Sherrod says she came to the conclusion that the problem with society was not the difference between classes, but something else:

But working with him made me see that it’s really about those who have versus those who don’t.

I don’t think I need spend any time explaining that this is the basic premise behind Communism, that capitalists are using their power to oppress the working class. Sherrod makes reference to these ideas throughout her speech:

That’s when they created the racism we that we know of today. They did it to keep us divided. And – they – it started working so well, they said, “Gosh, it looks like we’ve come up on something here that could last generations.” And here we are over 400 years later, and it’s still working.

So, if whites and blacks are separated into classes, they won’t be empowered to join together and overthrow the capitalists. This is the classic divide-and-conquer explanation in the Marxist theory of racism, originally discussed by Eugene Debs, and now promoted by Shirley Sherrod. Between the two above statements, the evidence is as clear as day that she is a Marxist.

The NAACP’s release of the full video have helped Sherrod fight back charges that she’s a racist, but we also learned she’s a Marxist, which is no better. That’s not so surprising, but I would rather Breitbart have emphasized that, rather than her as a racist, the case for which became considerably weaker once the full video was released. I realize that doing this is difficult at best. After all, people like Van Jones resigned because of his support for the Truthers, not his Marxist outlook. But if we are to win the fight against neo-communists, we must showcase them and their radical ideas. Now, thanks to the NAACP, we have found another one.

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  • Mike Peinsipp

    Sir, Andrew showed what video he had been given. If he had been given the whole video and only used a small part, I would be the first person to call him on that fact. Yes, she is a Marxist. Also, the audience shows their true bigotry by agreeing with her first statements. The NAACP is the group truly at fault in this whole episode. They had the whole tape, yet they jumped on the bandwagon in calling for her removal. Glenn Beck said she was innocent until proven guilty (which is correct) but the NAACP and the WH threw her under the bus.