The Pakistani Third Reich

Pakistan has the fastest-growing nuclear arms buildup in the world, even as its economy needs life support in the form of handouts from international donors.

Pakistanis claim that being outmatched by the conventionally stronger military of its arch-rival India, they need a large stock pile of nukes to defend against an Indian attack. However, closer scrutiny reveals a different story. Pakistan has always been the aggressor in the past military conflicts with India. Besides, terrorists are routinely sent from Pakistan to India to conduct mayhem and murder under the cover of religion. Moreover, it is now estimated that Pakistan has far more nukes than India, along with superior delivery systems.

Pakistan’s new generation nuclear weapons (nukes) are plutonium based—extracted from new nuclear reactors built for the very purpose. These weapons are compact and more powerful. Plutonium is also the basis for the hundred-times more powerful thermonuclear bomb. With this plutonium capability, Pakistan is well on its way to becoming a nuke factory.

The real question left unanswered is why Pakistan is making more nukes than it needs, and for what purpose. An insidious picture emerges from analyzing Pakistan’s theological focus and the likely funding source(s) behind its nuclear armament program.

In a recent Frontpage Magazine piece titled “Is Wilders Wrong About Islam?” I explained how jihad (holy war) waged on unbelievers forms the dominant thrust of the Koran and Muhammad’s biography. This theological basis continues to inspire modern constructs of jihad. Pakistan’s broad-based commitment to jihad is reflected in the contents of its school syllabus. The motto of the Pakistani army is “faith, piety and jihad in the path of Allah.” In the 1980s Brigadier S.K. Malik of the Pakistani army produced an authoritative military manual on jihad called The Quranic Concept of War. It is a required reading of Pakistan’s military officers.

Malik writes: “the Holy Prophet’s operations …are an integral and inseparable part of the divine message revealed to us in the Holy Quran… The war he planned and carried out was total to the infinite degree. It was waged on all fronts: internal and external, political and diplomatic, spiritual and psychological, economic and military… The Quranic military strategy thus enjoins us to prepare ourselves for war to the utmost in order to strike terror into the heart of the enemy, known or hidden… Terror struck into the hearts of the enemy is not only a means; it is the end in itself.”

The above theological thrust has not only ensured military domination of the civilian sphere, but also drove the military to commandeer all instruments and disproportionate share of the resources of the state in order to impose a violent jihad on unbelievers. In other words, Pakistan has become a modern Third Reich, armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons and sophisticated delivery systems.

Theological motivations enshrine Pakistan as an aggressive jihadist state, no matter the extent of financial and other incentives given to it to stop its jihad. Indeed, it appears that the Western aid and arms given to Pakistan since 2001 in good faith, have instead, mostly gone to further its jihadist agenda.

Leading Project Jihad is the notorious intelligence agency of Pakistan, the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), staffed by serving officers of Pakistan’s military on a rotational basis. Almost every major Sunni Islamic terrorist entity—Al Qaeda, the Taliban or Lashkar-e-Taiba—owe their existence and operational capabilities to the support received from the ISI. When the Taliban, a brainchild of the ISI, overran Kabul fifteen years ago the administrative support to run the country — arms, fuel and financing — flowed from Pakistan.

There was no way al-Qaeda leadership could have taken root in the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan without Pakistan’s tacit approval. This was despite the open knowledge that well before the 9/11 attacks the United States had implicated Bin Laden and al-Qaeda in terrorist attacks on its interests. Pakistan also allowed local charities to funnel funds to Bin Laden’s group in Afghanistan. Moreover, the al-Qaeda rank and file who used the Pakistani port city of Karachi as a transit point to enter landlocked Afghanistan could have been stopped had the Pakistanis wanted to. Yet, Pakistan’s intent toward the United States has been misconstrued. Even the usually perceptive Charles Krauthammer who sees an ominous sign in a plutonium-producing Pakistan doesn’t get it when he writes that “Pakistan is a relatively friendly power.”

The main nation widely thought to be behind the bankrolling of Pakistan’s nuclear buildup is Saudi Arabia, from where most hijackers who carried out the 9/11 attacks originated. Thanks to this symbiotic relationship, Saudi Arabia may already have nukes. As well, the fellow Sunni sheikdoms of the Middle East feel threatened of a nuclear Shiite Iran may get access to the cash-starved and ideologically inclined Pakistan’s plutonium-based nukes. All of this points to a higher risk of nuclear terrorism involving the nukes.

Starting in the 1990s, it took the jihadist enterprise in Pakistan about ten years to build the terrorist infrastructure in Afghanistan. This proxy was leveraged to attack the United States on September 11, 2001. Not only did Pakistan get away with it, but has since found itself benefiting from Western largesse. So encouraged, the Pakistani jihadist-elite may be convinced of once again escaping retribution from both reckless and wanton proliferation of its nukes and their use. And may even expect to reap in the benefits, as part of “assisting” in the aftermath.

The mindset of influential Pakistanis with nuclear knowhow is truly troubling. Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood, an architect of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program, was not only speaking for himself when he declared that Pakistan’s nuclear bombs are “the property of a whole ummah [worldwide Muslim community],” so that some Muslim nations or groups could use them on infidels to bring about “the end of days” and lead the way for Islam to be the supreme religious force in the world.

The plutonium-producing new reactors in the Sunni-majority Pakistan could be the beginning of a dangerous miles stone: the ushering in the new era of Sunni nuclear terrorism. Iran, whose leaders are notable for making apocalyptic threats directed at Israel too causes grave concern, especially when considering that it is expected to become nuclear weapon capable anytime now. Not unlike Pakistan, Iran too backs jihadist proxies, including Lebanon-based Hezbollah and Hamas in the Palestinian territories.

Trend lines on nuclear know-how of jihadist sponsors and that of global jihad suggest that the following worst case scenario can no longer be ignored: Nuclear strikes on the continental United States within the next decade.

As part of risk mitigation, policies must be designed to preempt this calamity. Any such effort must start with the acknowledgment that jihadist enterprises are ruling Pakistan and Iran. This calls for dismantling the nuclear infrastructure in these nations—undoubtedly a high risk and high cost strategic maneuver.  But such a risk or even costs should likely dwarf the consequences of allowing the nuclear armament buildup in Pakistan and Iran to proceed unhindered.

Seen in the above context, the recent Nuclear Security Summit organized by the Obama administration is an exercise in futility because of its failure of imagination on Pakistan and Iran. To protect its cities from nuclear strikes, the United States faces the prospect of a mobilization not yet seen since the Second World War.

Moorthy Muthuswamy is a U.S.-based nuclear physicist and author of the recent book Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War.

  • Turbeaux

    Meanwhile, while we have been dithering in both Iraq and Afghanistan trying to win hearts and minds and bring democracy to the Middle East, both literally impossible, by the way, per Islamic scriptures, Pakistan, with US and Saudi aid has been building up its nuclear arsenal to unprecedented levels containing an inventory of nuclear weapons far in excess of its needs.

    Not only that, but since the 2001 US offensive in Afghanistan, Pakistan, under ISI supervision, has been serving as the terrorist refuge for both AQ and the Taliban. Nevertheless, despite this obvious eye popping contradiction, Pakistan has used its charade to reap a fortune in US jizya payments that it in turn has used to increase its nuclear stockpile. In other words, it has employed with phenomenal success a massive stealth taqiyya campaign and completely deceived the USA and its allies.

    The USA needs to use a little deception in its own right by creating a diversion in order to divert Pakistan’s attention, and then go in, confiscate Pakistan’s nuclear weapons arsenal, and then destroy it. It also then needs to follow up by obliterating the ruling Mullahs of Iran and eliminating its nuclear weapons programs, as nuclear weapons should never be allowed in the hands of people who are inculcated cradle to grave to love death more than they love life.

  • ravi

    India is ready to support any ground/navy/air operations against pakistani terror infra, just talk to us when you have your plans ready, we will wipe out the Islamic extremists, we have the courage, power and resources to manage this front, why ask for support from Pakistan to stabilize Afghanistan, India is an old afghan friend (supporting democracy and liberal line of school) and a cautious pakistani neighbor ready to clean the mess, just need support and confidence from allied forces.

  • Stephen_Brady

    The key phrase in the article is, "… the United States faces the prospect of a mobilization not yet seen since the Second World War". Millions of men not only joined the US Armed Forces in WWII, but were drafted into service. The entire manufacturing capability and economy of the country were "enlisted" into this effort. This is what mobilization truly is.

    How was FDR able to gain this sort of mobilization in a very isolationist nation (and I am not a conspiracy theorist)? We were attacked, and then Germany declared war on us. I'm truly not sure that this sort of mobilization is possible, in this age.

    If it isn't possible, then America is greatly in trouble, to say the least.

    Good post, by the way!

  • Stephen_Brady

    Sounds good to me, Ravi!

  • M. Muthuswamy

    I don't think that India is ready help America or even itself under the present leadership. To tackle Pakistan, the US has to help get someone like Narendra Modi of Gujarat at helm in New Delhi ASAP.

  • M. Muthuswamy

    Excellent insights, Turbeaux.

    I am in agreement with all the points you have made. I couldn't have said it any better.

    During the course of my research on this topic, I realized that the nuclear security experts here in America have very little grasp of jihadist ideologies. This is part of the reason why our leaders have been ill-advised and as a result, the nuclear posture review has been poorly thoughtout.

  • 9-11 Infidel

    I have continued to assert my thesis that the real enemies of civilization are Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Iran is the chief exporter of terrorists and IEDs on the planet.
    Pakistan started the Taliban and continues to allow the scum to live and flourish in Pakistan, while the US pays the jizya. And Saudi, the chief exporter of Whahabi-ism and builder of radical Mosques around the globe. All of them are just one head of a hydra that threatens the existence of the West. Iran is the Nazi Germany of the modern era. Iran is the head of the snake. Saudi is its heart. Pakistan is its brain. Kill the head (Iran) and the body will die. Stop buying ME oil. Stop all Mosque building. Stop playing whack-a-mole while paying the jizya and acting as modern Janissaries for the jihadis.

  • Rama

    ISI of Pakistani army will soon become the Number ONE Islamic terrorist group in the world when pakistan "borrows" long range missile technology in 10 to 15 years; then it will be exporting Islamic terrorism to the door step of Israel and elsewhere

    • Achman rah

      Islamic terrorism has been waged from the moment of its conception 62 years ago, Obama is the chamberlain of this century a coward and a traitor to the free world. He single handedly is empowering his moslem brothers to develop wmds with out hinderence, and is weakening the west. 5th column…………….in the whitehouse

  • Turbeaux

    I don’t think we need a gigantic mobilization. We just need to pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. As a matter of fact, it was ludicrous to occupy either of those countries for the reasons we did in any event.

    Not to mention, that I just want to eliminate and eradicate Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and nuclear production infrastructure along with its missile programs. The last thing I want to do is occupy another God forsaken Muslim country.

    Not to mention that I’m not worried about India attacking them after their nukes and missiles have been eliminated, as India is not an Islamic country striving in the way of Allah to expand the Dar al Islam the same way that Pakistan is.

    The same with the ruling Mullahs of Iran, let’s target the Mullahs, the IRGC, and the nuclear weapons production infrastructure, eradicate all of the aforementioned, and then get the hell out of Dodge. The last thing we need to do is occupy another damn Muslim country.

    Let them wallow in the death and destruction we leave behind as deterrence and reminder of what happens when you cross the USA.

    Hell, if we would have just left Iraq as soon as the country had been scoured for WMD and Saddam was captured, the money and lives we could have saved would have been enough to pay for the ouster of Saddam and the ruling Mullahs 15 times and we still would not have spent it all and loss as many troops.

    Of course, we are just kidding ourselves because none of this will happen as long as Barack Obama is president of the USA. Not to mention as well, so far I have seen no indication that any potential Republican presidential candidate has the first clue with respect to the real nature of the threat we face. It’s amazing; we are already approaching almost a decade since the twin towers were destroyed on 9/11, yet our so-called leaders on both sides of the political isle are all still blind as a bat. What will it take?

    • Jim C.

      I wish we would leave Afghanistan yesterday, but there are unfortunate political realities that are only tangentially related to actual reality.

      First political reality: in terms of foreign policy there is very little difference from one administration to the next.

      Second: If Obama were to do as you say, he would be lambasted by Republicans for "cutting and running." And probably rightly so: after the commitment we've made, especially to Iraq, to leave them suddenly high and dry would be morally unconscionable.

      We are getting out–phasing out. This, in contrast to McCain's "We'll stay 100 years if we have to."

  • James

    If this is truly a little known purpose in life for Pakistan's leadership:
    ". . . prepare ourselves for war to the utmost in order to strike terror into the heart of the enemy, known or hidden… Terror struck into the hearts of the enemy is not only a means; it is the end in itself.”

    then it's clear we are once again experiencing a Muslim philosophy, where they can honestly be defined as the world's "Natural born killers."

    And like other ME terror-loving regions, i.e. Iran, Syria, or Gaza, they have a rock-bottom poverty-stricken population that is among the fastest growing. Pakistan today is suffering from major mandatory black-outs due to diminished water in their dams. Their crops are dying -as much as 30% due to lack of water. Yet, as you show, Jihad is their single most valued goal. When "terror is an end in itself," instead of keeping their people alive, or even claiming more land, then the U.S. , India, and Israel, will eventually have no choice but to take action.

    Thank you for describing this scenario. You are way ahead of most political and military leaders. 2 thumbs up!

  • cochavi1

    While I agree with many of the opinions you have expressed, Moorthy, I do not believe that your solutions are remotely realistic. It is not only India that is not ready to face down Pakistan. The United States is not close to ready to confront Pakistan on any issue.

    How do we know this?

    1) Massive continued aid to Pakistan;
    2) Obamaist instinctive pro-Islamism;
    3) Complete silence over the ISI-backed slaughters in Mumbai, including all the depraved torture and sexual sadism aspects of the crimes done to the victims.

    I would go further. Yes, the ISI was responsible for creating the Taliban; worse, ISI agents were involved in 911, in Danny Pearl's murder and in many of the slaughters committed against Indian civilians and gov't, economy, etc. As you know, it did not start with Mumbai. Even when Obama is replaced in 2013 (or sooner?), the pro-Pakistani tilt among US policymakers is quite entrenched.

    The only realistic way to attrit the threat is through an Indian-Israeli alliance led by far more assertive governments than now exist. Of course, if Iran becomes a 'normal' country again, it might help put the spotlight on Pakistan. But we all know the Ayatollahist regime is not going anywhere without a fight.

  • Bob

    Sounds like, all of you folks breath farts. Use common sense instead of hate or dislike. It has been a Judo Christian verses Muslims fight for thousands of years and now the Hindus want to test their balls in this game not knowing what the costs are, which is constant blood shed leading anyone nowhere. This is a war for the ruthless warriors and I dont see that in the Indian history.

  • Dildo

    Yes, I agree, those Pakis are Ass Kickers Man, look at what they did in Mumbai and they are still standing tall in Afghanistan. Man, you have to get up and fight, not just blow smoke only or call USA to help fight.

  • Concerned Humanbeing

    Is this the beginning of the third world war? USA is primarily responsible for this horrible mess.Obsession with religion is the worst kind of mental illness that there's in this world,combine this with poverty and desperation you have a catastrophe waiting to happen.Looks like Americans are paying for their own destruction!

    • JonR

      dude, you have it upside down. Muslims have pulled this cr@p for over 1400 years now, only their victims change. Unfortunately for them, they haven't met a 'victim' as powerful as the US.

      There is nothing wrong with the US except its secular mindedness and denial to fight a religious war. But then it is not the US that it religious, it is the enemy.

      Nothing for the US to feel guilty about here. If it takes WWIII or the Crusades-III then so be it. You don't shy away from confrontation when the enemy will stop short of nothing less than total destruction.

  • Jay

    You missed one aspect that Shia Sunni rivalry. Hate cannot be conquered by hate as Jesus said "those who live by the sword will die by the sword" or "as you sow so you reap." So, the answer is not weapons against weapons. The answer is strong leadership and emphasized moral stand of the whole population against the evils of corruption, tyranny and bigotry with highly dedicated and devoted defensive force ready to annihilate the enemy to smithereens at the border. There should be technology to control the main computers that guide the nuclear tipped missiles and redirect those back to hit the launching sites. For that US has to withdraw from interference into the affairs of other countries and focus resources to build the supreme defensive posture against any attack from the Islamic fanaticism. Europe, USA, Russia, India and Israel should form a coalition against this menace of Islamic terrorism and build a invincible defense and never waste a single bullet trying to interfere in other countries with moronic moral stands like WMDs in Iraq. When the fanatics cannot attack the infidels their deep rooted hatred will drive them to use their weapons against each other in the name of Shia-Sunni rivalry. They will live by the sword and die by the sword. US has to stop arming the countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc.

  • San Diego

    Saudi is its heart. Pakistan is its brain. Kill the head (Iran) and the body will die. Stop buying ME oil. Stop all Mosque building. Stop playing whack-a-mole while paying the jizya and acting as modern Janissaries for the jihadis.

  • Book App

    so that some Muslim nations or groups could use them on infidels to bring about “the end of days” and lead the way for Islam to be the supreme religious force in the world

  • Martel Sobieskey

    My article in support: "Islam's Invasion Ideology"

  • yousuf gabriel


    By Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel

    It will be learned with no mild surprise that the Quran has only and exactly translated the term THERMONUCLEAR as is applied by the scientist himself when it (the Quran) says, that the nuclear energy is a fire which leaps up over the hearts. How is it? It is thus: The word Nuclear is the adjective of nucleus, which means heart, thus the word nuclear means something connected with heart. The complete term that is Thermonuclear would then mean a fire which is related to the heart. The scientist has coined this term with amazing aptness and has indeed said exactly what the Quran has said in this respect. The scientist says, “a fire related to the heart". The Quran says" a fire which appears over the hearts". Such an act of anticipation on the part of the Quran would seem nothing short of a marvel. We prove the view of the Quran by merely uttering the term nuclear indeed.
    The nuclear radiations, Alpha, Beta, Gamma rays and neutrons are nicknamed by the scientists as bone seekers, because of these radiation's tendency that of reaching the bones through the blood steam. There they attack the bone marrow. Now the function of the bone marrow is to generate the blood. They render the bone marrow incapable of generating blood; they attack the blood and destroy its red as well as white corpuscles, depriving it of its nourishing qualities, and rendering it rather a source of torment to the heart due to its poisoned state. Now, the relation of the bone-marrow and the blood, and further the relation of blood and the heart is well known. The attack of the radiations therefore is being directed towards the heart. The next attractive target of these radiations happen to be all the blood-forming organs of the body. The connection of these organs with the blood and through the blood with heart also is well known. Again the symptoms of radiation sickness are leukemia, a disease of blood, hemorrhages, that is blood-leaking, also a disease of the blood, fever; also connected with blood, nausea and vomitting also linked with the heart. The radiations by attacking the blood-forming organs in truth play something of a war strategy with the heart. They besiege it and stop its blood supplies, by destroying the existing quantities, and preventing the replenishment by destroying the blood producing capacities of blood-forming organs, till at last the heart succumbs to disease and starvation and expires in acute agony. Further, it is now known, that all the multi-cellular organisms with more perfected heart and lungs and more elaborately developed circulatory and respiratory systems are far more prone to the effects of radiations than all the unicellular organisms with less perfect heart and lungs and less elaborated circulatory and respiratory systems. This proves a decisive affinity of radiations for the heart and all that is directly connected with it. It has also been discovered that in the absence of oxygen, the action of radiations is noticeably retarded. Now the connection of oxygen with his heart, in virtue of its role as the purifier of blood in the lungs is a fact of common knowledge. Lastly the recent researches on the effects of radiations have revealed that, brain, nerves and muscles are the least sensible parts of the body to the effects of radiations. This again would establish the fact of radiation’s greater relative affinity for the heart and all that is more directly connected with it. Again radiations attack the nuclei (hearts) of atoms in inanimate matter and cause transmutation of atoms, while in the living body they attack the cell nuclei and break the chromosomes thereof.
    Last but not the least is the fire of discontent. Frustration and anxiety, which today are furiously raging in every heart without exception, throughout the whole vast world. This fire, although it has in every age, area and epoch, pestered and tormented poor human heart, yet in this particular, modern age of atomism, due partly to the peculiar set up of this exclusively materialistic age, and partly due to the absence of faith and moral and spiritual values, it has assumed alarming proportions. To the problems of necessities of life are to be added of atom bombs, and even more than the atom bombs that of nuclear radiations. Worst even is the plight of those to whose lot have fallen more thorns but little fruit or flower of modern science and its progress. It is not without some aptness, if the first cry emitted by the new born baby at its birth be interpreted in this age saying’ ALAS FOR ME WHAT SHALL I DO TO SAVE MY BODY. HOW SHALL I EVER EXIST TO SOLVE THE PAINFUL RIDDLE OF MATERIAL NECESSITIES IN A WORLD POISONED BY RADIATIONS". While first cry of a baby born in some pre-modern age, generally could have been interpreted as saying 'ALAS FOR ME WHAT SHALL I DO TO SAVE MY SOUL IN A WORLD FULL OF SNARES, AND PITFALLS.OH. HOW SHALL I BE ABLE TO GO SAFELY BACK TO MY HOME IN HEAVEN, WHENCE I CAME".
    Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel
    Adara Afqar e Gabriel QA Street Nawababad Wah Cantt Distt Rawalpindi
    Pakistan http://www.soonvalley.pakistan