Obama’s Hardened Heart

As if Jews needed a reminder about what a modern rendition of “Pharaoh’s heart hardened,” President Obama is providing an example, emphasizing an important lesson: the Egyptian dictator/king was part of the process of liberation and, ultimately, of God’s will and the destiny of the Jewish People.

Despite Obama’s nasty treatment of Israel’s Prime Minister and unreasonable demands, Hillary Clinton’s condemnations and suggestions that Israel is responsible for war crimes, human rights violations and hindering America’s war efforts in Pakistan and Afghanistan; despite Israel’s demonization at the UN and Arab/Muslim boycott and isolation, the Israeli government and the Jewish People are stronger and more united.

In Egypt, three millennia ago, Hebrews (as Jews were then called) not only suffered as slaves, but believed that slavery was their lot. Not yet a people, they had descended to the lowest rung of human existence, spiritually as well as physically; they lived in a state of unconsciousness.

Moses and Aaron awakened Jewish awareness; but it took ten plagues to convince Pharaoh to allow the Jews to leave, a process of realization that involved suffering and destruction, especially for the Egyptians. Had Pharaoh allowed the Jews to leave immediately, there would not have been a revelation of divine power, in contrast to Pharaoh’s phony ego-trip.

Not only was it necessary for Jews to understand that Pharaoh was not God, it was also important for Egyptians. Only when the Egyptian army was engulfed and destroyed was the meaning of The Exodus revealed. But that was only the beginning of freedom.

The great Jewish Liberation Movement that inspired countless others to resist subjugation and oppression was connected to two objectives: the Covenant at Sinai, which was the beginning of the Jewish People, and the conquest and settlement of the Land of Israel as the fulfillment of divine commandments, the struggle towards Jewish destiny.

Galut (exile) is part of Geulah (redemption); both are necessary parts of the process of developing consciousness. Without a vision of Geulah, Galut is meaningless tragedy.

Obama’s hard-heartedness towards Israel and the Jewish People is now obvious to all. As difficult as that seems, however, it is yet another omen of good things to come. That does not mean that there won’t be hard times; there will be – for sure. But this is only a test.

It would have been more comfortable if Obama and Pharaoh had treated the Jewish People more kindly. But that would have obstructed the process of spiritual awareness.

Jewish liberation is not only physical, but is a creative process of self-discovery, as an individual, as part of a family, a nation and a People. The historical episodes are markers on a path towards a grander purpose. With miracles and tragedies along the way, we need to be attuned to both.

Pharaoh became obsessed with destroying the Jews, and, in the process destroyed his own country; many other tyrants followed his example. And the Jewish People are still around.

The story of The Exodus reminds us that there are no easy roads to self-discovery – as individuals and as a People. We eat “the bread of affliction” in comfort, thinking we are free and independent, yet, hesitant to be committed; full of accomplishments, we are paupers of responsibility.

Obama puts it to us: what rightfully belongs to the Jewish People in the Land of Israel?

Obama and his friends may not like Israel, and it’s disappointing, but it may also be a way of clarifying what is important for us, and for finding our integrity.

Passover/Pesach – the celebration of freedom – begins with an act, but evolves into an ongoing drama of immense proportions. Obama’s wrath turns us back to meaning of The Exodus: we are in God’s hands.

The author is a writer and journalist living in Jerusalem.

  • Rami Chaim

    Moshe Dann is right. I felt rather saddened when reading the Hagadda last night, that instead of the Pharaoh that I had always imagined in my mind as a half dressed individual with an ancient Egyptian wig and a staff in his hand, was subconsciously replaced by a picture of Obama.

  • Stephen D.

    You should know my Jewish Brethren, it is immpossible for it to be like the ancient days because true Christians are with you. You will not "go it alone" but have us to cover your back and be by your side. Happy Passover!

    • alan gold

      Stephen D, I’ve seen it and I believe it this time. Thank you. Alan G

      • Kevin

        Put me down on that list, too, Alan.
        Baruch Ha Shem Adonai.
        Baruch Ha Messiach
        Kevin B.

        Chag Sameach!!

        • Jim C.

          You will, of course, have to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. Eventually. But right now, know that we Christians fully support you, and will be there for you when you are ready for Christ's message of salvation.

  • Keithrage

    Schooled in Indonesia his name was Barry Soetoro his enrollment form lists his religion as muslim. And you wonder why…….

  • Arnold Wolf

    No one need go it alone or in concert with the Hebrews (Jews as they are now called) as for centuries many powerful civilizations have tried to murder the Jewish people. All of them failed and are no longer among the nations of the world.

    This is basically the fault of the Hebrews for following the false teachings of the second testament of the Talmud of unanointed and unappointed men who changed the word of the Torah by consensus.

    But the Creator of the universe has promised in His Torah that he will leave a remnant of Jews after he has destroyed all of His enemies including the Hebrew people who don't know that His Torah was the original and all the works of men are garbage. He has turned His face away from His people and let tyrants like Hitler, Obama, Mao, Pol Pot and many like them attempt to destroy life on earth. There is only one cure for cancer and it isn't a false messianic figure like Barry Soetoro and his Sharia law.

  • http://www.intellectualconservative.com Steven Laib

    It is likely that BHO sees his role as precipitating the destruction of Israel. It is vital that we all realize t hat an enemy of the Jew is an enemy of the Christian. As Stephen D. says, we have to cover each other's backs.

  • AntiFascist18

    Chimp Out by 012

    • MMcFM

      Clean up your language, only the weak-minded resort to such petty, demeaning, and easily construed as racist, epithets.

      • seels4truth

        Wow MMcFM your double-talk is revolting. When GWB was in office liberals never ceased comparing him to a monkey. Now that our president actually looks like a monkey we should show respect? How nuts is that? When GWB was referred to as a chimp did you speak out against it?

  • MMcFM


  • clyde

    Think of Obama as you like, but He sure fits the "Missing Piece Of The Puzzle" syndrome, as is laid out in the New Testament where it tells us that in the end times, all nations on earth will turn against Israel just before the "KING OF KINGS" (A JEW) returns to set up His Kingdom.
    When you couple that with the verses telling us that the generation that witnesses the "Budding Of The Fig Tree" (THE BIRTH OF ISRAEL in 1948) will not pass away before the second coming.. It looks we've got some interesting times coming.!

    • Jim C.

      Obama fits anything and everything for his detractors. He is the Muslim Pretender, he is the Pharaoh who precipitates the destruction of Israel, he is the Second Coming of Mao, he is Stalin and Hitler combined, he is the black man after your precious white daughters, he is the educated urban intellectual to your common-sense rubes.

      And he's gonna getcha!

  • Jeff

    It would seem that the "jews" and jewish supporters need to accept Obama as the Pharoah a start aligning with a party that supports their interest. In that way, the "plaque" on the Democratic President would be realized.

  • peter wu

    American Jews were warned about Obama but voted for him anyway. Now what's left is damage control.

    • Jim C.

      Jews voted for Obama, something like over 80%. And will again–just you watch.

      Not all Jews voted for Obama–just the smart ones.

  • Steve

    Well, to be fair not ALL Jews voted for BHO. I, for example, didn't.

    • BS1977

      Jewish lifer-liberals would vote for a rotten swamp log if it ran as a Democrat.

  • Michael

    Obama is abomination of American stupid,fat headed Jews who voted for him(80%)Now a few J kapos serving him to destroy Israel by splitting Jewish community(J street) It is a time for Jews and Christians united against Lieberal/Fascists and vote them out in 2012 and 2014.

  • Alfred Giesbrecht

    It will be Israel against the world. The existential threat, of having to live with the continual threat of nuclear inhalation, continual threat of domestic violence, continual threat against their borders security and finally the moral threat of becoming a global outcast, will eventually ware down the Jewish moral. The right of return will be the final nail in the coffin leading to the final solution to the Jewish problem. Another one of those ironies about WW2 which started because Hitler invaded Poland. So what did the allies do after WW2? They effectively gave Poland to another tyrant; Stalin. in the name of higher moral ideals the world community is prepared to accept Hitlers solution. So what was WW2 all about?

  • maryann

    Sirach 10:4
    "The government of the earth is in the hands of Lord, and over it he will raise up the right man for the time."
    We are all in God's hands. Always. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

  • happy infidel

    Israel needs to close in upon itself, dont worry about stopping the jihadi's who would travel and bring damage to the west, then when the terror strikes begin to rise because Israel is only looking after its own borders and lands will the dhimmie western leaders come crawling back to Israel begging for them to do what they do so well, protect the rest of us. For too long has Israel protected the rest of us and now we are whinging because they do it too well.

  • buffman

    Unreal! The land of the ice and snow and the midnight sun, mother to the world's fiercest warriors (Vikings), has now bowed quaking on it's knees to a herd of mongrel Mohammedans without hardly a fight. Sad to see a once proud race of people fall.

    • Tim

      Good word! France is almost sunk, Britain is the same and the other country's are all just now waking up to their rape as they have been sleeping. Sad sad sad. Here in America we gotta get off our lazy duffs and vote and be more aggressive, who cares if the left hates us publicly! Whatever it takes to get our country back and prosecute the liberals as the traitors they are. Start in the schools then in the local gov. You can stop 85% of their agenda that way, that is how they stopped our progress!

  • Steve R.

    As Obama goes about kicking israel to the curb, attempting to leave it naked before its enemies (which begin to look like they include his administration), I cannot help but think of God's promise to Abraham given in the Book of Genesis: those who bless you I will bless, and those who curse you I will curse. "Thou shalt not put the Lord thy God to the test." But it seems to me this president may be doing exactly that, and I tremble for my Country.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Lorben Lorben

    "Obama’s hard-heartedness towards Israel and the Jewish People is now obvious to all. As difficult as that seems, however, it is yet another omen of good things to come. That does not mean that there won’t be hard times; there will be – for sure. But this is only a test."

    Obama as Pharaoh is so apropos. I believe that what we are seeing with this present administration is a frightening thing. With the Progressive image of supposed tolerance, I see none towards Israel. I am also frightened by the amount of and anti-semitic statements I see in the blogosphere and the defense of the Islamic nations coming against Israel. History is beginning to repeat itself again…But I take comfort in knowing the God of Israel is still in control and there will be miracles that will happen when times get rough. And that there is a day coming that there will be peace on earth and until then SHA-ALU SHALOM YIRUSHALAYIM!

  • Linda

    I am ashamed that this person is the president. For him to treat anyone this way in the
    Peoples's House is not acceptable. It is down right wrong! He is not only hard hearted against Israel, he's hard hearted against his own country. How can anyone believe otherwise. I challenge people to return to you tube or whatever cvideo service one uses, and listen and watch his video speeches. They are all there. Read his books, I did. They speak to his real ideology, his real attitude towards non blacks, than the small volumes that contain them. DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON.

  • Mourne

    The pharoah analogy bothers me. Pharoah made slaves of the Jews. Here we just have a president who wants a Palestinian State. So did McCain and George W. This president wants the Palestinian state to have its claim to East Jerusalem, as well as Gaza and the West Bank. Then peace will reign, the Moslem world will like us, etc.
    Now there is the possibility that this president doesn't want any Jewish state at all, but its not clear. He has associated with anti-semites like his Church leader, Jeremy Wright, and a few others with an anti-Israel philosophy, which points that direction. As far as being anti-Jewish, he likes left wing Jews fine – like Andy Stern of the SEIU who he keeps inviting to the White House, or Rahm Emanuel.
    Lets leave the "Pharoah" analogy out. Things are bad and getting worse, but we are not slaves.

    • guest

      Whenever Israel has traded land for peace, they have not gotten peace.

  • Robert

    I am neither Christian or Jew, but I read history old and new. If any culture has paid its dues it is the culture of the conservative Jew. He loves his God, wife and family. The world is a better place for him. I cannot believe how primordial and ugly our American leadership has become. The President and his Congress couch their criticism of Jews, let's call it what it is, in intellectual niceties and real politic. But their criticism and the heart that inspires it is old as Egypt, as ugly as sin.

  • Robert

    By the way it is not now nor will itl ever be, Israel against the world. We are with you.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

    There was no historical Exodus…and this comparison is just silly.

    Why don't Jews just admit and loudly proclaim that they believe they deserve the whole of Israel, don't want a two-state solution, and don't ever intend to sign a peace agreement that reflects this. They will continue to settle disputed areas and the world can go f*ck itself.

    Then the world can react to the reality. FPM has always favored Israel over the United States and will say whatever it has to…especially now that Obama is in office and they can make these stupid comparisions…but for American goys who can't really consider Israel their nation or state…it is just another foreign power that we prop up with tons of money, weapons, and support. So let them say they don't want this "peace" that America is trying to broker and we can leave them to settle their own issues.

  • K Koster

    The US Supported (used) Israel as a proxy and partner in the Cold War, and now, Israel is returning the favor. International relations is a cynical business. Allowing ourselves to be portrayed as being supportive of Israel's expansionist policies on the West Bank is to go against our own national interest. If they want the ensuing bloodshed, let them do it on their own.

  • von Starkermann

    The Jews voted for Obama and now have second thoughts about their new Messiah? Should I feel sorry for them?
    The Jews do not give a rats ass about Palestinian encroachment into Israel proper. Should i feel sorry for them?
    The Jews refuse to fight for their freedom and independence from Palestinian terrorism. Should I feel sorry for them?
    The Jews receive one rocket after another. One suicide bomber after another. Yet, the Jews still want to talk peace with these animals. Should I feel sorry for them?
    The Jews are the smartest people on earth. More Nobel Prizes per capita than any other Nationality, yet the Jews act like they are the dumbest people on earth. Should I feel sorry for them?
    The Jews gave back the Gaza to known terrorists who now lob in rocket after rocket into the Sinai, yet do nothing to protect their own people. Should I feel sorry for them?
    Israel cow-tows to Obama and Clinton when they call for a cessation of building in Israel's capital, yet the leadership of Israel doesn't tell Obama and Clinton to simply go to Hell. It's just none of their business where Israel, Mexico,Germany, or Peru decide to build any dwelling anywhere in their own country. Should I fell sorry for them?
    Should I really feel sorry for a People who just don't give a damn about themselves?