A Turn to the Right

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Obama retains an important ally in the Senate — embattled Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who will retain his Nevada Senate seat against Tea Party-backed rival, Sharron Angle. Although pre-election polls had shown Angle slightly ahead of Reid and favorable among Independents, the final vote hovered at 50% to 45% in Reid’s favor. The outcome of the Reid-Angle race does not come without surprise. Angle had out-raised Reid in campaign funds and the languishing state economy had made Reid extremely vulnerable. Indeed, coupled with Reid’s strong disapproval ratings and association with the Obama agenda, many have conjectured throughout the campaign that had Reid faced a stronger opponent, a Republican victory would have been assured. Instead, Angle seems to have gone the way of Tea Party darling and Senate hopeful Christine O’Donnell who, although close at the end, could not produce a victory in Delaware. If anything, the Tea Party factor in the 2010 election seems to have been a “wild card,” with unpredictable success. Although not enough for Sharron Angle, who was sometimes maligned by the association, Tea Party support did work in the favor of Marco Rubio and for Kentucky Congressman Rand Paul, now Republican Senator-elect Rand Paul.

At the dawning of Barack Obama’s presidency, commentators on the Left had declare the Republican Party moribund. Encouraged by optimistic polling trends, which seemed to reflect an electorate becoming steadily more liberal, left-wing pundits were openly exuberant at the prospect of an imminently defunct GOP. Instead, a mere 21 months later, what we have is a Republican Party making election gains of historic proportions. How did we get here?

To construe the outcome of the mid-term election as a mandate for a new conservative era would be a mistake. In fact, immense losses suffered by Democrats are suggestive of a party that has fallen under its own weight — and victim to its own myopia. With the past two elections falling handily to Democrats, and especially with the incredible popularity of the Obama administration in the 2008 election, Democrats interpreted a call for bolder, more proactive government. In more hospitable circumstances, the “hope and change” program might have been successful. But a series of heretofore inconceivable private sector bailouts, promises of quick government fixes, a protracted recession, and lingering unemployment careened the national focus toward fiscal concerns. The Democratic establishment, however, seized upon the carte blanche provided by its control over both the legislature and the executive office, and pursued an ambitious agenda. Perhaps appropriate for 2006, but not appropriate for 2010. In this sense, when Democrats lament their “inherited” misfortunes, they are then largely correct, but for their failure to prioritize wisely in light of these circumstances, they have justly suffered the consequences.

Broadly speaking, the overreach of the Obama administration and the Democratic establishment spurred the conservative sector of the electorate to action and disenchanted huge swathes of independent voters. What Democrats lacked in enthusiasm, therefore, they also lost in the indispensable and mercurial Independents. It is a mighty but tenuous margin for Republicans, but with the wealth of new figures and their noteworthy diversity, it is one that may provide the opportunity to change the face of the party for many elections to come.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    How sweeeeeeet it is!

    • ze-ev ben jehudah

      The Jewish people have for the last 2000 years been, the so called,
      chosen people so it is time that some other nation takes over for the
      next 2000 years ?? please !!

  • Beverley

    One of the reasons the Demo …rats have lost a lot to the Republicans is because they treat Israel so badly. They don't believe God is watching what they do to the 'apple of his eye'. God has a calling on Israel to fulfill THEIR role in the redemption of the WORLD. Therefore, He is not happy with those NATIONS who try to thwart His plans Zech. 12:2-3,10

    He said. "I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all people, all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it". Every person should read these prophetic words written almost 3 thousand years ago. God either exists or He does not. This is His plan for the whole world and does not only include Israel.

    • Norman

      This is completely irrelevant, and if you like that place so much leave our country and live there. I am sure they will love to have another american living there for them to rape and murder. Enjoy your terrorism while it lasts.

      • Beverley

        Sheash … what rock did you crawl out from under. Sticks and stones may break …bla …bla. And I don't live in your country Normannnnnnnnnnn. Don't like the irrelevant truth do we.

  • davarino

    I think they lost because they were so bold as to show exactly what their agenda was, and the American people didnt like it. I think there are a lot of people who are finally waking up to what the democratic party has become and they dont like it.

    Again, thanks O, we couldnt have done it without you.

  • Andres de Alamaya


  • Wesley69

    This is a great victory for the people wanting an end to hope and change. Hopefully, it will be the beginning of a counter-revolution:

    Reversing the size & scope of government,
    Stopping reckless spending,
    Reversing the power relationship back toward the states,
    Heralding a new age of personal freedom and responsibility and
    Making government accountable to the people.

    Now, we prepare for 2012, to continue the counter-revolution and take back our country!!!

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

    • stephencuz

      What I responded to in another post is relevant here I think.

      Their new strategy will be to print more money to make what we have worthless (can you say Hyper-Inflation?). So no, they don’t get the message. I suspect they’ll dig their heels in instead. Things will get so bad and now they can point to an “uncooperative” Republican House. In order to turn the vote back the Dems have to make an enemy of the Repubs. This is easy when hard choices will have to be made because the money just doesn’t buy what it used to. When the Repubs. make cuts that will surely touch “the people” the Dems can point to them as the bad guys.

  • Michael

    Unemployment is 10% across the Nation. Some states , ( Michigan) it soared to 30%.
    When Hitler was elected to office in Germany unemployment was 12%. Seems our Nation ousted some Hitlers from office yesterday.
    Unfortunately California voters chose to keep their Hitlers in office. Just shows the state is still cloaked with the "Blue Blanket of Liberal Insanity".
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • IslamIsPolitical

    Correction: You probably don't even read the Bible, much believe it.

  • Hart

    Well said, Dhimminology…

    – while I am somewhat elated over Mid-term results, I don't look to PC stuffed shirt plutocrats and check-signing golfers to save the nation. I am encouraged by the infusion of Tea Party spirit – but there is not enough of it.
    What we need is another Great Awakening – and may God in his Sovereignty be pleased to send one in our lifetime…

  • Fiddler

    Oh bubba, if you're listening, I rest my case. This was a repudiation of Obama's policies not merely "Republican re-branding" as you put it.

  • guest

    Ah yes, the Iran-ization of America continues!

    Next up, say the pledge of allegiance on command or be flogged in public. Then, commit adultery and be branded on the skin. It's the 17th century all over again.

    • "gunner"

      just a little disgruntled "guest"? "iran-ization"? i hardly think. i'm a conservative non-christian "pagan" and i don't live in fear of my christian neighbors "flogging" or "branding" me for not being just like them. i'm quite free to think, and believe as i choose, and vote as i choose in the political arena. i exercised those rights on tuesday, evidently to your dismay, and i plan to continue to do so, choosing conservative values, and voting for candidates who follow them as long as i continue able to act in this world.

  • Jim C.

    Sorry–as we do 1996 all over again–minus the robust economy.

    As for the TEA partiers, I feel bad for them. Watch as they turn instantly into typical Republicans.

    • Jim C.

      Those TEA party candidates cost their patrons a lot of money. Rove's group. Norquist's group. Now they've got to dance with the ones that brung them. If you thought the monetarism Obama incuded in his stimulus wasn't effective, just wait until you get a load of these guys.

      The sad thing is–and I intend no sarcasm–when these guys provide "more of the same," you'll all be griping that they're just "not conservative enough." Because all you have to do to win elections is pay lip service to small gov't, tax cuts (which Obama provides), and "common sense." You don't care what they actually DO once in office.