You Can’t Say That!

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been caught in a firestorm that appears likely to undermine his political viability. His sin? He was actually caught telling the truth. Gasp.

Harry’s problem stems from the fact that certain truths are no longer allowed to be uttered in the public square. As former Harvard president Lawrence Summers found out in 2005 when he dared to point out that men and women had differing proclivities for math and science.

That factual comment was enough to get Summers fired. After being forced to issue multiple public mea culpas for offending the sensitivities of feminist elites by challenging their fallacious dogma of male-female sameness, Summers was forced to fork over a cool $50 million to feminist studies groups as penance. That’ll teach him.

Harry Reid’s sin is worse. He dared to not only notice, but comment upon, ‘the Negro dialect.’ You know, the dialect skilled politicos mimic when addressing black churches. The dialect currently in use by young black men struggling to show that they haven’t joined Uncle Sam’s plantation. The dialect that… Full article


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