Cheney at CPAC: “Obama One-Term President” – Washington Times

Fresh off his weekend back-and-forth with the Obama administration, former Vice President Dick Cheney took his fight to the heart of the political right, making a surprise address Thursday to the Conservative Political Action Conference and telling them President Obama will be defeated in 2012.

“I think Barack Obama is a one-term president,” he said.

Mr. Cheney’s appearance was greeted by a standing ovation, with some even getting on top of their chairs.

“Unbelievable! Thank you!” shouted one, while a small group shouted, “Run, Dick, run.”

“A run like that is almost enough to make me want to run for office. But I’m not gonna do it,” Mr. Cheney said.

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    Cheney continues to overstep all acceptable and historical bounds of propriety by attacking the current administration. Someone please ask him why he refused to scramble the military jets on 9/11, even when warned twice that the planes were headed directly for large population centers.

    • al simmons

      What's so bad about that? Jimmy Carter (that anti-semitic bastard) called George Bush the worst pesident ever during Bush's term. How did that sit with you?

  • coiurr

    Cheney's remarks seem to be more in the way of a forecast than a criticism. I suspect the Democratic party leaders, many of them, are thinking the same, and may well be casting about for alternatives eve now.