Report: Obama At Occidental looked Forward To A “Social Revolution”…”A Kind Of Socialist Utopia”

Dr. John Drew, an associate of  Obama’s at Occidental College, was interviewed last week by Paul Kengor on The Glen Meakem Show.

Paul Kenger has lately been promoting his new 600 page book,  Dupes, which prominently features Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s “Communist Mentor”. He spent years researching material from the Comintern Archives on Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Dr. Drew is a former Marxist who got to know Obama briefly at Occidental.

Doug Ross took the time to transcribe most of the podcast because of its importance.

Q: …John, you had told me before, and I’m reading from my book, that “Obama was already an ardent Marxist in the fall of 1980 when I met him. I know it’s incendiary to say this, but although he said in Dreams From My Father that he’d ‘hung out with Marxist professors’, he did not explain in that book or clarify is that he was 100% in total agreement with those professors.

A: Yeah, you’ve got that exactly right. Obama believed, at the time I met him, this was probably around Christmas time in 1980. I’d flown out on Christmas break from Corness, where I was in grad school. And Obama was looking forward to an imminent social revolution, literally a movement where the working classes would overthrow the ruling class and institute a kind of socialist Utopia in the United States. I mean, that’s how extreme his views were his sophomore year of college.

You can read the entire transcript at the above link.

I have no doubt that Obama’s Marxist ideology was not tempered in Chicago,  where he locked arms with Ayers and DohrnRev. Wright, and other Chi-town Communists  like Carl Davidson, and Michael Klonsky. And there’s no reason to believe that his Marxism was tempered after he came to Washington, where he was rated as the most liberal Senator by The National Journal, further to the left than avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders.  And I have no reason to believe it was tempered when he became the President of the United States.

Here, via Mike McDaniel at Pajamas Media, is a brief, but  by no means exhaustive list of his alarming, Marxist behavior as President:

(1) Mr. Obama’s many disturbingly communist propaganda-style posters.

(2) The communist cult of personality built around Mr. Obama from his campaign to the present.

(3) His vow to “spread the wealth around” (income redistribution is a hallmark of socialism/communism) to Joe the Plumber.

(4) His blithely uncaring flaunting of public opinion in living very, very large on the collective dime, with posh parties, command performances, golf excursions, frequent flights for “date nights,” and pricey vacation spots worthy of a member of the Politburo.

(5) The unashamed praise of Mao Zedong, a mass-murderer who made Hitler look like a neophyte, by Obama advisor Anita Dunn.

(6) The appointment of 9-11 truther, black racist, and avowed communist Van Jones as “Green Jobs Czar.” Let us not forget the cooing schoolgirl longing from Obama advisor and slumlord Valerie Jarrett in describing Jones.

(7) Obama’s seizure of the means of production in taking over two-thirds of the domestic auto industry, and his lawless dispossession of the shareholders of those companies to the benefit of corrupt unions.

(8) Obama’s reckless and unnecessary shuttering of countless auto dealers, which threw all of their employees and many in related, supporting industries out of work — done, no doubt, to help “the workers.”

(9) Obama’s constant meddling and thuggish tactics in dealing with the financial and insurance industries, and other business, and Republicans, and Democrats, and doctors, and everyone else who disagrees — or looks like they might be thinking about disagreeing — with his policies.

(10) Mr. Obama’s assertion that “at some point, you’ve made enough money,” and his ceaseless class warfare against the arbitrarily chosen “rich” class of those making $250,000 a year or more.

(11) Mr. Obama’s statement to journalist Bob Woodward that America can “absorb” another massive terrorist attack because 9/11 made us “stronger.” (One of the hallmarks of any socialist/communist government is a great deal of lip service paid to “the people,” but no caring whatsoever about individuals. A second is their willingness to expend the lives of millions of their citizens to achieve their goals.)

(12) HHS Secretary Sibelius’ comment that Americans were in for “reeducation” over their obvious lack of appreciation for ObamaCare (communists have “reeducated” untold millions to death). Let’s not mention the grossly false propaganda her agency has released on that topic — blatantly false, big lie propaganda being another communist hallmark.

Obama is a Marxist Pied Piper and he has a lot of dupes following him.


Here’s an interesting  interview I found on YouTube of Kengor talking about his book:


Cliff Kincaid, AiM: The Marxist Roots of Obama’s Rage, Part One and The Marxist Roots of Obama’s Rage, Part Two

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