FrontPage Close-Up with Jamie Glazov Brings Inconvenient Truth to Life

Today, FrontPage Magazine is premiering its first installment of FrontPage Close-Up, a new video series that brings FPM’s always-popular printed interviews to life. Many of these interviews can also be found in Jamie Glazov’s new book, Showdown With Evil: Our Struggle Against Tyranny and Terror, which has already received enormous praise, most recently by best-selling author Andrew Klavan.

Close-Up’s first interview certainly hit the ground running. Mr. Glazov’s first guest was Philippe Karsenty, a French media analyst who singlehandedly exposed the Mohammed Al-Dura Fraud — staged footage of Israeli soldiers allegedly killing a 12-year old boy. The video was widely circulated around the globe, embraced by intellectuals, and was used to fan the flames of anti-Semitism and to demonize Israel.

Sadly, many of the world’s intellectuals still cling to this fraud.

See part I of the video here.

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