MSNBC Revokes David Shuster’s Twitter Privileges?

David Shuster has…problems. Not the least of which is his inability to conduct an interview with an ideological adversary with any level of professionalism. And by “professionalism” I mean refraining from engaging in personal feuds and/or accusing the Clintons of “pimping out” their daughter. More recent incidents have included an on-air fight in January with Andrew Breitbart and a “twitter fight” with Breitbart’s associate (and ACORN slayer) James O’Keefe. Oh, the maturity.

It is speculated that after the incident, Shuster’s twitter privileges were revoked by MSNBC. An MSNBC spokesperson told Politico that the comments were inappropriate and that they had talked to Shuster about them. However, the news outlet has issued “no comment” on whether they took action to prohibit him from tweeting. Shuster has not used twitter for nearly four weeks following the dispute except for some rather enigmatic messages last Tuesday.

The tweets look to be direct messages inadvertently disseminated to all his followers and were later deleted. He said:

Thanks shag. I hope to get the green light to twitter again soon. Cheers. d

This was followed by:

– Thankyou. I appreciate it. I’m hoping mgmnt will revisit the twitter issue soon. Thx again 4 your great support.

– Problems with direct text function.

– Yes

Oops! Is it telling when even MSNBC is embarrassed by your unhinged leftist zealotry? When asked about the tweets, MSNBC again said, “no comment.”