The Left’s Message to Obama

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Shortly before midnight Thursday, the much-debated GOP-Obama tax deal was passed in the House of Representatives by a bipartisan vote of 277-148. Those expecting a swift end to the protracted struggle in Congress were kept in abeyance earlier that day, after leftist opposition successfully derailed the vote in the House just before it was brought to the floor. After passing handily in the Senate by a vote of 81 to 19 Wednesday, the bill was widely projected to pass in the House by Thursday afternoon, but a procedural dispute sent Democrats back to the negotiating table. Passage was never seriously in jeopardy, but the perplexing aspect of the incident was constituency that halted the process. The tax cut revolt from far-left Democrats may be an early sign of serious opposition from President Obama’s key supporters; a prospect that ought to be deeply troubling to a president facing record-low approval ratings.

The dispute principally arose from the estate tax compromise brokered between Obama and Republican leadership, which leftist Democrats have vehemently railed against since the bill was unveiled. Under the new tax plan, the lapsed estate tax (or “death tax”) would be reinstated at 35% on estates in excess of $5 million. Left-wing Democrats, however, had pushed to include an amendment that would increase the rate to 45% on estates over $3.5 million. This is in addition to general disapproval of extending the current tax rates for all Americans, including high income earners.

Despite broad-based support (even among Republicans) and exhortation from the Obama administration, left-wing Democrats would not cede the amendment issue. The parameters of the debate had to be changed to ensure that objecting Democrats could vote, symbolically, for the amendment to the raise the estate tax (which was defeated overall), while also preventing an altered bill from having to be sent back to the Senate. Senate Republicans, backed by the Obama administration, issued a stern refusal to pass any altered bill. House opposition also demanded time to air dissent on the floor, which was granted.

Though annoying, the procedural stumble did not impact the bill’s passage. But the incident is notable for its clear defiance of the Obama administration’s entreaties. Leftist opposition was never conducted with the expectation that their draconian fiscal demands were achievable.  Early on, leading opponent Anthony Weiner (D-NY) admitted “the writing is on the wall.” The same could be said for the amended version of the bill offered by House leftists — which failed, predictably, 194 to 233. Why was this futile battle prolonged?

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    If the feckless leftwing hijacked Republicans keep caving in to Obama so easily, they are not going to get my vote in 2012. Meanwhile, some of you centrist RINOs please explain to me how just a two year extension of the tax cuts will eliminate uncertainty and spark economic growth? Especially since we could have came back in January and made those tax cuts permanent, eliminated the economically destructive estate taxes, and not funded unemployment extensions unless the budget was cut elsewhere.

    Meanwhile in this writer’s universe people to the left of the centrists are Leftists, while those to the right of the centrists are extremists as she clearly defined yesterday in her article. In other words, in her universe, conservatives are considered to be extremists worthy of being ostracized like all other extremists. Hence, in other words, conservatives are analogous to Muhammadan jihadis which centrists and Leftists consider as being extremists. Words matter!

    As withdrawal dates come and go, general malaise may encourage the anti-war Left to become more combative toward the conflict.

    If Republicans no what is good for them, they will also advocate withdrawal from Afghanistan ASAP, not because they are self-hating and anti-war like the Left, but because they finally recognize the futility of the occupation of Afghanistan, which is not only incredibly counterproductive, but also exceedingly fantasy based because it was based on false premises and political correct myths. Not to mention that withdrawal should not mean the end of the war, but instead a realignment to reflect accurate facts on the ground.

    • Jim C.

      "They finally recognize the futility of the occupation of Afghanistan, which is not only incredibly counterproductive, but also exceedingly fantasy based because it was based on false premises and political correct myths."

      Where were all you conservatives in 2003? Oh, that's right: you were in a full-blown love affair with the neoconservative agenda and calling those who called them "fantasies" anti-American, traitors, etc. Now that it's Obama up they're, you feel safe to come out. How oh-so principled of you.

      • Chezwick_Mac

        In Obamayomama's defense, he's been castigating Bush for the same reasons for as long as he's been posting here.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Where were all you conservatives in 2003? Oh, that's right: you were in a full-blown love affair with the neoconservative agenda and calling those who called them "fantasies" anti-American, traitors, etc. Now that it's Obama up they're, you feel safe to come out. How oh-so principled of you.

        You really mean 2001 when the invasion of Afghanistan was still taking place. I supported going after OBL and AQ only in retaliation for 9/11, and if the mission had been limited exclusively to that end, OBL and AQ would be history today and we would have created deterrence in the process.

        I never supported the USA becoming sidetracked by jumping into the middle of a civil jihad between the Sharia compliant Northern Alliance and the Sharia compliant Taliban for the purpose of pursuing a silly fantasy based nation-building mission to win hearts and minds of Muhammadans based on false premises and political correct myths.

        Further, in 2003 I also supported ousting Saddam since his intransigence was making a mockery of America’s prestige. However, I did not support the subsequent fantasy based nation-building mission to win hearts and minds of Muhammadans because it was again based on false premises and political correct myths. We should have left Iraq as soon as the country had been scoured for WMD and Saddam was captured, which was the initial plan until Bush made the mistake of siding with the State Department against the Defense Department, then the entire fiasco inevitably became preordained.

        Hindsight is 20/20 though, had I known that GWB was really a stealth leftwing loon masquerading as a conservative, I probably wouldn’t have supported any of it.

        Nevertheless, just because I don’t support the fantasy based occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, doesn’t mean that I’m a Leftwing self-hating anti-war peacenik or a Ron Paul anarcho-kook, because I believe that Iran must me stopped at all cost from letting the nuclear genie out of the bottle. I also believe we should destroy Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and nuclear weapons program as well. In addition, I also believe that Islam must eventually be outlawed and Muhammadan immigration banned and reversed. Finally, I also believe that the West should form a coalition to eradicate the House of Saud, the Gulf State Emirs, etc. and confiscate their immense oil wealth and occupy and take control of their oil assets, otherwise they will use those assets forever against us perpetually to pursue jihad. In other words, I would like to see the Islamic world rendered into abject poverty and then isolated.

        • coyote3

          Iran invaded the United States of America. How many administrations are going to pass before we respond to that invasion? As far as Afghanistan is concerned, I am puzzled why we didn't use tactical nuclear weapons, as was suggested by one congressman. They would have taken care of much of the "problem". Even the mountain ranges would have been made uninhabitable.

        • BoogiesDaddy

          Couldn't we drill our own oil (there's more in the U.S. than in the mid-east) and force them to sell their oil for quarters on the barrel?
          I would think the cheap transportation costs that would result added to the tax revenues would be a great boost to the our economy as well as undermining theirs.

        • Beth

          Very well said ObamaYoMoma….your whole statement.

      • Paul Freedman

        i see, after 9/11 Afghani Taliban should have been permitted to shelter Al Qaeda? Oh, you are talking about Iraq? The quote isn't. Typical anti-neocon polemics to quote out of context and rush to conclusions not warranted by prior premises. Left or right-wing isolationists may console themselves with the fantasy that by ditching inconvenient "neocon" allies (Israel, boo hiss boo hiss) and huddling in a protective crouch Stateside you will avoid entanglements, enmity, and live in tranquility.

        Too bad. You will still have enemies who will be glad to step into the vacuum you leave, steal your resources, your wife, and your lunch money.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          Actually, when Mullah Omar confronted OBL about the 9/11 terrorists attacks, OBL lied to his face. Hence, the Taliban wasn’t even aware of the impending terrorist attacks beforehand.

          Nevertheless, if we had eliminated OBL and AQ in 2001 in retaliation for 9/11, there wouldn’t have been any OBL and AQ to harbor, and if GWB hadn’t sidetracked our military operation in Afghanistan to pursue a silly fantasy based nation-building mission to win the hearts and minds of Muhammadans, which is literally impossible, OBL and AQ would have been eradicated and we would have created deterrence at the same time instead.

          In any event, today almost 10 years later, we are still propping up a very corrupt Sharia state that we helped to create and we haven’t won the hearts of the Muhammadans, because Muhammadans are obligated to hate our kafir infidel guts, per Islam, no matter what. Meanwhile, OBL and AQ are living a life of luxury harbored by Pakistan, which for some reason we consider to be an ally, and Iran, who we fear at the same time they kill Americans with impunity.

          Moreover, if you believe that a Sharia state will somehow miraculously remain a loyal friend and ally of the USA, Israel, and the West after we finally leave that God forsaken place, then I have a bridge I need to sell you because you don’t have the first clue.

          Hence, if GWB and his administration had not been blinded by political correct multiculturalism the same way you are and had also not miserably failed in their responsibility to learn and know everything about our enemies beforehand that they could possibly learn, there never would have been a fantasy based occupation of Afghanistan based on false premises and political correct myths to begin with. Hell, GWB and his administration were so blinded by political correct multiculturalism the same way you are, they couldn’t even accurately define our enemy, much less defeat it.

          Meanwhile, while you advocate continuing this fantasy based nation-building mission to win the hearts and minds of Muhammadans, which is literally impossible, the corrupt Sharia government we are propping up in Kabul prosecutes and sentences to death people who apostatize or blasphemy’s Islam. What’s wrong with that picture?

          In any event, I would recommend that you get a clue by studying Islam so you can understand just how so terribly misguided this entire so-called “war on terror” has been prosecuted thus for, because it is obvious that you are totally oblivious.

          Finally, I didn’t advocate ending the war, because I’m not suicidal. Instead, I was crystal clear: I recommended that we reconfigure our military stance to more accurately reflect the facts on the ground.

          In any event, to give you a small hint, I’m not a self-hating leftwing peacenik, nor a Paulian anarcho-kook, nor a political correct multicultural neo-con like you and GWB. What I am instead is a mainstream conservative, and, by the way, I support Israel too, more than you in fact. However, what I’m not is blinded by political correct multiculturalism the same way you are.

      • Philosopherking

        Most people on the left do hate America to some degree. The minute that 911 happen most people on the left were scrambling for reasons to blame America first. In the light of the greatest loss of life on American soil by a foreign source the left couldn't muster one feeling of compassion for the victims and recited the same rhetoric that jihadist used to justify the attacks.

      • Philosopherking

        Man you are stupid with a capital S! He was talking about Afghanistan and which happen right after 911. This happen before 2003. What event happen in 2003…hmm…it was the invasion of Iraq which is something Obamayomama was not talking about. He was talking about withdrawing from Afghanistan and not Iraq.

        I can't really fault you for being this stupid because its just the way you were trained to think. Collectivist trumpet collective agreement on what is the correct thought as truth instead of allowing truth to be the byproduct of independent evaluation by the individual's own thought process.

        Its sad that we got college educated kids that think this way. Its like the show walking dead or something where you just groan out whatever your nervous system that resides in your head conjures up.

  • USNCSniper

    Repeal the Death Tax
    By Edwin A. Locke (Wall Street Journal, August 22, 2005)

    The "death tax" is a tax on inherited wealth and can amount to more than 50% of one's estate. Even many higher-taxation countries (e.g., Australia, Sweden) do not have any inheritance tax. This is money someone has earned through a lifetime of work and has already paid taxes on. What is the rationale for a second tax at death? Egalitarianism. The death tax advocates claim it is not "just" that some people give their children financial "advantages" in life that others lack.

    Egalitarianism–not to be confused with equality before the law–is incompatible with freedom. In a free country, not everyone ends up with the same rewards, because not everyone is equally able, equally rational or equally hard working. With respect to earned wealth, justice means you deserve what you earn and may use it as you see fit. With respect to inheritance, since the producer's wealth belongs to him, he has the right to will it to whomever he pleases. The death tax should be repealed now and forever in the name of freedom and justice.

    • American Thinker

      Added to this confiscatory scheme is the GST or generations skipping tax wherein triple taxation applies. If your beneficiary is more then 37 years younger then you the IRS demands another 35% of what left after the first 35% tax has been paid.

      After tax dollars belong to their earner and whomever that person designates regardless of their age.

  • Wesley69

    While Leftists scream and holler, Obama's move to the center on the tax extensions will be temporary. He will now seek compromise on some issues with Republican lawmakers, particularly in the economic sphere. A better economy, and reelection chances improve greatly for Obama.

    Meantime, Obama-appointed bureaucrats are running the agencies like EPA, FCC, the FED, IRS, etc. making radical regulations that will bring even more sectors of the US economy under government control and prove to be costly for all Americans, particularly the poor.
    Most Americans know very little about the destructive power these agencies wield. Obama's transformation will continue through them, while he appears the great Centrist.

    After Obama wins reelection, he can swing hard to the left, solidifying the gains of his first two years in office as well as the regulations put into place by the various agencies. His transformation of America will be complete by the end of his term in office. Leftists will honor him as the most radical Leftist President of all times.

    Hopefully, due to their own impatience, the Left will mount a serious reelection change to Obama in 2012. The bitterness of the fight may help the Republicans only if all parts of the party unite with the objective to rid the government of Obama and his Leftist supporters. Rather than fight over Republican dogma, all sides need to sit down and pick 5 key items they all can agree to, uniting behind them and their nominee. This will be a fight for the SURVIVAL OF THE UNITED STATES.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

    • scum

      In fact, Obama has been a blessing to the Right. First, he extended Bush's bailout to all the Republican CEO's who visited Washington, begging for cash (contrary to the complaints of so-called fiscal conservatives, most of the money has actually been paid back, with interest). Second, he offered a false rallying cry to neo-cons who believed, like Horowitz, that he is the 'devil-incarnate.' This allowed for the solidification of the Tea Party and the various lies about Death Panels and the 'govt takeover of the health insurance industry. Third, the stock market had rebounded beyond all expectations, a gift from the 'Left' to the Right, as normal Americans continue to go without jobs. Obama, in fact, is a far more effective conservative than Bush.

    • Beth

      @ Wesley69….. "After Obama wins reelection"

      If that happens, America will end as we know it. And I don't believe Americans realize (yet) what this means for them and their future.

      A new life will begin for them,…one that won't be so pleasant. It's a shame that too many American voters are going to have to learn by experience (the hard way), rather by taking heed to warnings before hand.

      I fear for the future of my children. I'm hoping you're statement… "After Obama wins reelection" turns out to be sooooooo wrong.

      We shall see.

  • houses4u

    Doing away with the death tax would spur economic growth. And don't you want to know how? One generation builds wealth, and the next tends to spend it. Many family businesses have been supported and built larger through the efforts of the younger generation, helping their parents by working in the family business. They helped build the business, why are they cut out when the older generation passes? Govt greed, and the wish to control people, that's why.

    Who's really selfish, those who wish to pass to heirs what they have earned, or politicians who would steal other people's assets in order to buy votes and wield power with the money?

    Kill the death tax. Watch the economy grow over time.

  • guest

    The best tax cut would be eliminating the Kings bank, which charges interest on every dollar issued to us. This bank is owned completely by Europeans. No country has ever prospered under this avalanche of debt.

    It is the illegal Central bank called the "Fed"

    see the Money masters

  • USMCSniper

    The Chinese are building two new nuclear powered aircraft carriers, the Russians and the Chinese are upgrading to the SA-400 long range multi warhead multi targeting anti aircraft anti missle system, building the SA-50 (F22 equivalent) fighter, and what do we do today. Pass START to disarm ourselves and socially engineer the armed forces so the bunboys and the tuna fish breaths can particpate in their debauchery and deviancy openly. Watch the mass exodus of career marines and soldiers once this starts nad the open flaunting of gay behavior and no response because of PCness.


    The education of the author of this article has been grossly neglected.

    There is no Obama-vs-Left. And Obama didn't 'cave', he got to spend anther 800-900 billion for giving up a paltry sum of 56 billion in uncollected taxes–and that, too, temporarily. (That is the THIRD 'stimulus', i.e. redistribution spree, if you will. Second being the money they are busy printing: 900 billion by June, and that is just the OFFICIAL STORY tip-of-the-iceberg. WSJ says it will reduce the value of your dollar to 80 cents—so you got taxed for 20% across the board—below as well as above the fictitiouis $250K cutoff.)

    On top of that Obama came off appearing to be 'moving to the center'.
    Only hitler could have fooled the opposition so thoroughly and with so much sophistication as Obama did. And dummies on the Right, such as the author of this article, seem to think that somehow GOP won in this case, and was aided by Obama against the 'hard'-Left. With Rightist observers like this, who on the Left needs Goebbles? For the last time: there is no such thing as a 'moderate leftist' or 'moderate Rightist'. Anything to the left of the Constitution is Left, and, as such, is bad enough for the Republic, and HENCE, is expressly prohibited by, guess who, the Constitution.

    On top of that, just as predicted by observers like me, post election 'shellacking', Obama has become EXCESSIVELY busy enacting the rest of his agenda through the Executive Branch—decrees and regulations through his agencies. FCC (taking over the Internet and already busy taking over the talk-radio), EPA (already busy enacting massive energy killing regulation in lieu of cap-and-trade legislation), FED busy printing money and dictating PRIVATE banks that they can not put CHRISTIAN symbols in the banks for christmas lest 'others' be offended, FEC still pursuing de facto rewrite of election laws, Justice Department pursuing (il)legal fight over arizona immigration law, and HHS still pursuing fight over ObamaCare, over which obama says, 'i am itching for a fight', the moratorium on drilling—which was TWICE declared illegal by the judiciary—still in effect … O's pushing for a blatantly anti-american START treaty, while congress Leftists rammed through the 'DADT Repeal', FTC still looking to 'rescue' mainstream media, Obama still has the power to shut down itnernet for upto four months at a time (given to him by, of all things, the "Financial Reform" legislation), … FED is still looking to 'rescue' European debacle, O's meeting with union thugs for a week to stratagize about 'card check' and 'bailing out' the myriad and multiple pension funds—all this by executive decree and/or the Labor Commission …

    if all this post-election activity is 'caving', then i am not SECREV, call me Clint Eastwood, instead. Monumental stupidity and failure to see the writing on the wall, which is this — Obama and the Left are dead-set on destroying america, and if they lost congress, who gives a hoot, they are doing it through the Executive branch. And we have two more years of this. Come 2012, goodluck looking for your Republic under the debris of the Constitution.

    And of course, RINOS and STUGOPs (stupid GOPers) are to blame for the tax-cut debacle. Are THESE the people who are going to save the Republic from the devil incarnate? Ha. They are going to need massive injections of Gray Matter in their craniums if they are to attempt to save even their own behinds.

  • Stephen_Brady

    PART I
    Is it really not understood, among some commenters, that the GOP can do nothing at all to stop Obama and the DEMs, in this Congress? Hasn't that been radically demonstrated over the last two years?

    You get elected in order to govern. If you have control of all of the institutions of government, you can pretty-well do anything that's on your agenda. Obama/Reid/Pelosi demonstrated this very well, since January of 2009. They governed … badly, horribly, radically … but they governed, and America has suffered for it.

    On January 5, the GOP will have control of the House, but not the Senate and not the White House. In order to govern … in order to get anything done … they will have to compromise with the DEMs in the Senate and Obama. Note that I said, "Compromise." This does not mean "compromise their principles." If they try to get everything they want, they will fail, and Obama will win re-election in 2012.

  • Stephen_Brady

    So, there was a two-year extension of the Bush tax cuts. Great! So, there was a 13-month extension of unemployment benefits. Score one, DEMs. OH NO! We didn't do away with the estate tax! But instead of a 55% estate tax with a 1 million dollar exemption, we got a 35% estate tax with a 5 million dollar exemption. Score one for American small business.

    Think, people … think.

    And this gives us a chance to press for a fair tax. Think, folks …