Why Stop at a Muslim Gay Bar?

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Greg Gutfeld created quite a stir when he suggested building a bar catering to gay Muslim men next to the proposed Cordoba House (read: 9/11 victory mosque). But why? The simple answer is that criticizing Islam is incredibly taboo. But more paradoxically, criticizing Islam in a way that legitimately shows its intolerance and barbarous abuse of human rights around the world appears to be even more off-limits. In defiance of this mentality, here are 4 more operations we might want to consider building next to the Ground Zero mosque, for the sake of making Islamism a more tolerant, humanistic enterprise.

#1 “The Aisha House,” aka Child Protective Services

A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married her when she was seven years old, and he was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old. (Sahih Muslim, Book 008, Number 3311)

In many countries in the “Muslim World,” the practice of child marriage is unconscionably widespread. In Yemen alone, well over one quarter of all marriages are with children, almost exclusively females (under the age of 15). Yet in these countries, who do you suppose fights the enactment of laws that would abolish this repulsive tradition? The Muslim clergy, of course. In fact, as the Associated Press reported:

Some of Yemen’s most influential Islamic leaders…have declared supporters of a ban on child brides to be apostates.

With the Koran being so crystal clear about Muhammad’s child-loving exploits, and since he is the Islamic paragon, it is no surprise that Muslim clerics would decry supporters of these laws as “apostates” of Islam. Forbidding the forced marriages of children to old lechers — what blasphemy!

Some readers at this juncture are no doubt thinking that, although child marriage in a third world country like Yemen is not breaking news, the practice couldn’t possibly find its way into enlightened society. If only that were true. In Canada, for instance, not only are child brides on the rise, but the Canadian government claims “there’s little they can do” about it. Via the Toronto Sun:

Federal immigration officials say there’s little they can do to stop “child brides” from being sponsored into Canada by much older husbands who wed them in arranged marriages abroad.

Muslim men, who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents return to their homeland to wed a “child bride” in an arranged marriage in which a dowry is given to the girl’s parents. Officials said some of the brides can be 14 years old or younger and are “forced” to marry.The practice occurs in a host of countries including: Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Lebanon.

Top immigration officials in Canada and Pakistan say all they can do is reject the sponsorships of husbands trying to bring their child-brides to Canada. The men have to reapply when the bride turns 16. The marriages are permitted under Sharia Law.

#2 Domestic Violence Center

The wretched abuse of women in the name of Islam is hardly a secret. Like child brides, the Koran is very clear about man’s supremacy over, and brutality toward, women.

Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in their sleeping places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great. (Shakir’s version of the Koran, Quran, 4:34)

The abuse of women in Muslim countries is stunningly savage. The occurrence of acid attacks, mutilation, beatings, honor killings, stoning, rape (for which the woman is blamed and thrown in jail or killed), not to mention the severe psychological oppression of women in Islamic countries, is as heartbreaking as it is sickening.

In The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam, Robert Spencer and Dr. Phyllis Chesler discuss the trend of Islamic gender apartheid and its preservation by Muslim clerics:

Dominating their women by violence is a prerogative Muslim men cling to tenaciously. In spring 2005, when the East African nation of Chad tried to institute a new family law that would outlaw wife beating, Muslim clerics led resistance to the measure as un-Islamic.

For the most part, Muslim men successfully bring this religious sanctioned violence with them when they immigrate to the West, even to the United States. The prominent American Muslim leader Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, former president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), has said that “in some cases a husband may use some light disciplinary action in order to correct the moral infraction of his wife…The Koran is very clear on is issue.”

In 2004, an imam in Spain…was found guilty of “inciting violence on the basis of gender” for his book Women in Islam, which discussed the methods and limits of administering the physical punishment of women.

Indeed it is.

Keep in mind that, like in the case of child brides, Islamic violence against women is not a product merely of the desperate circumstances of third world countries. It is a religiously sanctioned practice which is upheld transnationally by independent clerical establishments; even by so-called Islamic intellectuals in the West.

Bearing all this in mind, let’s reflect for a moment on the Ground Zero mosque and what it is supposed to represent. Considering the information in the preceding examples, the premise of building cross-cultural tolerance becomes somewhat curious: Exactly who will be asked to show tolerance to whom? Will the Cordoba House imams repudiate the barbaric, cruel practices of pan-Islamic culture and forbid them from coming to our shores? Or will it be Westerns who are asked to demonstrate “tolerance” of the holy dictates of the Koran in the name of “mutual respect and understanding”? Where has the pattern already been established?

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  • Kim Bruce

    How old are Barack Obama's daughters now?

    • kafir4life

      Old enough!!! Plenty old enough! Expect president Hussein to give them to at least one of his masters. They should leave the whitehouse before their first blood as per the Presidents faith. And if you don't like it, well….you're just an islamophobic racist.

    • Jim

      Obama's daughters are almost past their prime as far as the False Prophet Mohammed is concerned.

  • Kim Bruce

    If Hollywood had ben bombed rather than New York, would they have buit a Cordoba mosque in Hollywood right next to the rubble?

  • cedarhiil

    You should add

    A. The NYC hog bacon, pork chop, and ham distribution and slaughter house.
    B. The NYC Free Kennel and Dog Boarding complex.
    C. The New York State Embalming Center.
    D. The Tele-evangelical House of Worship and Hourly Broadcast Center.
    E. The walk in Infectious Disease, AIDS, and HIV treatment center.
    F. The International Islamic Cartoon Art and Mohammed Funny Institute.

    Just to name a few.

    Oh, and there must be a clone of St. Paul's Cathedral built by that black rocky thingy in Mecca.

    • Rochigh

      Maybe while on the Hillary Clinton sponsored and taxpayer paid for trip to the "mid east" by the "alleged" moderate high priest of the proposed mosque, he can secure additional funding for all of these wonderful, humane and deserving enterprises.

      Does the word Moscow derive from mosque? Nah, just a coincidence I'm sure.
      Did Barney Frank really apply to be the manager of Gutfeld's proposed bar????

    • VonSchtead


      I was going to suggest the Pork BBQ house on one side and a dog rescue on the other! You stole my ideas (LOL)

      How about an arcade across the street wher you can throw a pie in a wax Mohammad's face? Or spend a few bucks to curse out the image?

      • Bob LeGuy

        How about an interactive center called, "People and Lands We've Conquered". That would demonstrate that they really do want to be like America!

    • Mary

      cedarhill,One of the best articles I have ever read! Thank You!!I am in complete agreement with you.

  • Dan

    I'm a liberal but on this issue I must admit I love the conservative press.

    • kafir4life

      There's hope for you, Dan. Really examine the rest of the issues, and you may find that your intelligence will easily take you beyond the force fed drivel of the llibs. I did. Back in the day, I actually registered with the liberal party. Of course I was young, and liberal meant something different than it does today. John Kennedy would be tossed from the Democratic party today.

    • Doggwood

      As the (updated) saying goes, a conservative is a liberal that got bombed.

  • stmichrick

    Why do we not have Obama quotes on these OTHER topics relating to Muslims.
    He seems to be vocal only when Muslims require something of Western civilization to get along with Islam

    • gsw

      Maybe he could be more vocal about what is really necessary,
      GAZA Flottila redirected to Pakistan
      Less mosques in foreign lands – more schools in 3rd. world countries
      Less spent on propaganda – more time and trouble spent on child care
      Less weaponry – more medicine
      I suppose this is so obvious that he is not interested, or he knows it will do no good.

  • Jon

    Rather than sit around and protest the mosque, I would much rather arm up and give these muslims a couple of days to get on planes or ships or they can simply swim….and get their murderous a*sses out of the US and for that matter, North America. ALL of the evidence points to the fact that there is no such thing as a "good" muslim and I want them gone. Islam is absolutely nothing more than a religious face for the most diabolic and demonic nazi group that has ever existed, anywhere, and tolerance for it is suicidal.

    • Marilyn

      Instead of gettnig rid of those who are here our government is importing more and more of them. There was a story not long ago that said " 200 Muslim men , out of the 200,000 Muslim refugees from Somalia relocated to Atlanta," by Bill Clinton, were roaming the streets of Atlanta and "circumcising little girls they found who had not already been circumcised". This was brought to the authorities attention by the mother of one of the girls who said her husband had circumcised their daughter when she was two years old with a pair of scissors. If Clinton relocated 200,000 Somaliam Muslim refugees to Atlanta, how many more did he relocate elsewhere? And why were we taking in Muslim refugees when it was the Muslims who were causing all the trouble in Somalia? Treason? The destruction of America as we know it?

    • Jean

      WOW! Jon, I could not have said it any better. Kick the muslims out of this country!

  • sflbib

    What the author is saying is give Islam a dose of its own medicine. Accordingly, the list of possibilities is endless.

  • Ann

    The proponents of the mosque cite "religious freedom". Bull, the islamists are waging a religious war. Should the constitution protect a religion (or part of it) that seeks to destroy other religions and has no tolerance whatsoever? The people building and sponsering this mosque are not moderate muslims.
    Religious freedom should not be part of this argument. You do not have the right to kill me in Allah's name.

    • Bill

      Actually, the person sponsoring the community center is a Sufi, not an extremist at all.

      This is entirely about religious freedom; killing you should not be a part of this argument. All Muslims are not Al Qaeda, any more than all Christians are white supremacists.

    • johnD.

      Actually thats the flaw…It IS there right to "practice" their religion. And that religion is to kill you. It says so in their bible.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    After rejecting an offer by Governor Paterson to discuss an alternate location for their victory mosque near Ground Zero Imam Rauf's supremacist group did a 180 turn and agreed to a meeting less than 24 hours later. Why the sudden reversal? Is this a PR stunt concocted by these fanatics to seem reasonable and flexible? Or were they dragged kicking and screaming to the meeting because Governor Paterson had the power to ruin their plans?

    Google Google ApolloSpeaks at Townhall.com to continue article
    ApolloSpeaks at Townhall.com to continue article

  • Brooklyn Dave

    I am for the gay bar idea as well as a women's center (with a wider scope than just child brides). Actually, folks on the radio were being a little silly with various names for the proposed bar–such as Mohammed's Back Door. But of course, gays and feminists will not get on board for the most part because they are so wedded to the politically correct mentality.

  • Brooklyn Dave

    The Catholic Crusader idea was pretty lame. The Roman Catholic Church is largely as politically correct when it comes to Islam. There should be a Coptic Center with a chapel. The Christian Copts are the greatest witnesses to Islamic intolerance. In Egypt, they make up from 10-15% of the population. In some areas of southern Egypt, like Asyut–they probably make up 25% of the population. These folks have had forced conversions, their women abducted. randomly killed etc. etc. Even though the regime in Egypt is fairly secular, it turns a blind eye to acts against Christians. There is a monk, (I forget his name) who has been many times on Arabic language cable who discussed and refutes many Islamic doctrines in comparison with Christianity. The Coptic center could show these programs and disseminate this monks writings (if they exist). BTW, another idea for the gay bar should be Arabian Nights featuring male belly dancers (big fat ones with beards)—just a sick mind at work.

  • Ron J.

    If the allegation of "triumphalism" is true, then no doubt Muslims would welcome a gay bar, lesbian club, or other Western fun-house alongside a mosque. Doing so would more clearly show the demographic black hole that the West is being sucked into.

    Muslims are one of the world's fastest growing populations due to its utter disregard of any type of birth control. Allowing women any freedom, whether to drive, learning to read, or even showing their face or ankle in public, is a crime in Arab lands. As a result, population continues to explode in Arab cultures, and poverty only adds to that growth.

    A gay bar would therefore become an anti-symbol for the future of the West as many Muslims, and the world, would see it. It would represent at the same time, the "success" of the West, in our ability to extend adolescence and self-absorption into adulthood. Children are impediments to that. A "gay" bar would symbolize our waving the flag of "defeatism" from its rooftop. We need a plan B.

  • Big Elk

    How about a store that sells hog skins for wrapping the mohammedan dead in, before burning the bodies at the dump. I'm talking death from natural causes here, like from well-known mohammedan venereal diseases, or brain cancer. I can think of nothing prettier than a dead mohammedan wrapped in swine skin.

  • USMCSniper

    Be sure of this. The Muslims will use all kinds of threats behind the scenes in New York to get their Grand Mosque of New York, including veiled threats of terrorism such as , "If you were to deny we Muslims this Mosque at this location, you can expect more acts of terrorism in New York that may be beyond our control." And of course, the Dhimmi politicians will knuckle under.

  • Huso

    You people are all so being brain washed. I'm a muslim and according to my religion we dont use non-muslims as second class. There is a lot of crap on the internet about Islam. My religion is a peaceful religion with respect towards all cultures and religions. If you want to see how a real Islamic state looks like, I suggest you study the Ottomanian Empire. Just type in at google

    Selamun Aleykum to everybody

    • jonc

      Ottoman Empire?
      That would be the one that committed genocide against the armenians, slaughtered Greeks wholesale (when it didn't steal their boy-children, forcibly convert them and train them as Janissaries), organised progroms against its Jewish population to name but a few.
      Yup, they were sooo peaceful and tolerant.

    • fmobler

      Don't google anything! Learn from scholars. If you do, you will not be so impressed with the Ottomans. Including their complete disregard for Palestinians that made it so easy for early Zionists to buy property in Palestine.

      Also do a bit more homework about scholarship regarding dhimmi practices. The Ottomans did indeed sometimes lighten the burden of being a 2nd class subject (the notion of 'citizen' did not apply). But they never did away with the theorietical and legal inferiority of non-Muslims. Even in relatively good periods, the principle of Muslim supremacy was maintained along with the constant threat that whatever leeway the dhimmi had was enjoyed merely at the pleasure of the ruling Muslims, typically as a demonstration that Muslims are indeed superio. There simply is no major school of Islamic thought that argues for equality between Muslims and non-Muslims. Some schools argue that, as a display of superiority, Muslims should 'tolerate' non-Muslims. But this always is predicated on the ontological inferiority of the non-Muslim.

      Please, point us to Muslim scholars that show I am wrong. Show us a school of Muslim thinking that actually argues against the doctrine of Muslim (or for that matter Arab) superiority. By the way, this doctrine is not merely the usual rleigious doctrine that "we have it right and you don't". It is a doctrine that says that non-Muslims must be, as a demonstration of Allah's supremacy, subject to Muslims.

    • poetcomic1

      I've been all over the world of Islam from Morocco to Pakistan and I have SEEN barbarism, a sick shame culture, rampant boy rape, hatred and fear of women and a false 'religion' who's central purpose is to physically conquer and rule the world. As for the barbarism of the Otttoman empire it is back again, dream of Caliphate and all. 1950's Turkey, moderate Islam in action: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Istanbul_Pogrom

    • Nicholas

      Dear Huso
      The Ottomans occupied Hungary for 150 years. During that time, the population decreased by 30%. The Turks stole perhaps a million children, to serve as janissaries or sex slaves in their harems. Can you imagine the agony of the parents whose children were carried off? Islam is a religion taylor made for murderous conquest. Try reading history instead of Muslim propaganda.

    • Don from Canada

      Are you talking about the same Ottoman empire that sacked Constantinople, renamed it to Istanbul; converted Christendom's largest house of worship into a mosque (known now as the Hagia Sofia)? that same Ottoman empire?

      Lots of respect there, let me tell you.

  • Huso

    By the way.. Another peace of crap: Aisha (The prohpets Wife) was not 9 years old but she was 17 !!!!!!!!!! I can prove it!!!!! It's all just propaganda to give islam a bad name…

    How can any religion be bad???????

    • jonc

      Unfortunately Huso, the Sahih hadith of both Bukhari and Muslim state quite clearly and repeatedly (different Isnad and Matn) that she was 6 when married and 9 when marriage consummated and these Ahadith originate with Aisha herself.
      Unless I miss my guess, your "proof" revolves around sources of lesser authority than the Sahih Hadith and require various "workings out".
      Set against the straightforward declarations of Aisha herself, this sounds like apologia.

    • Coupal

      "How can any religion be bad??????" you ask? Several political ideologies have cloaked themselves under the guise of calling themselves a so-called 'religion'. Have you even read the koran in Arabic? Do you not realize that the peaceful passages have been canceled out by the violent passages by the process of abrogation (whereby if two passages contradict each other, the passage written/added later cancels out the earlier one)? Do not take my word for it. I challenge you to investigate this with an open mind and come to your won conclusions. If you want to keep the 'nice' part of islam for your religion by all means do so, but don't pretend that muhammad didn't say and do the things he did. Read his biography in Arabic and find out for yourself.

  • Huso

    It is FORBIDDEN according to the Qur'an to commit terror/suicide/killing people.

    'This is the same in any other religion.

    It's all been set up to start another war, and gain money by selling weapons!! Investigate everything, dont believe everything that you read in the newspapers!

    • kgb99a

      Wake up Huso. Muhammad was the "perfect example" for all Muslims. He is the perfect man, the most perfect man who ever lived according to Islam. Muhammad personally murdered 800 people according to Islamic historians and source texts. So, if Muhammad murdered hundreds of people, and he's the "perfect example" for all Muslims, what then? How can you say the Qur'an forbids killing if Muhammad did it all the time? Once you answer this question I'll address the terror and suicide aspects of Islam.

    • Buffy

      If you don't believe the newspapers, how about the newsreals that show the evil men stoning people? Huh? Huh? Huh? And honor killings. We KNOW that happens, even in the USA, GOD Forbid.

      You have a bunch of OLD men (mullahs) who think they should hake all the rules. What a joke. And how SICKENINGLY EVIL~!

  • Huso

    I went to the page ''COLUMNISTS''… Why are there so many JEWISH last names over there??? for example: Asharov/Elias/Horowitz…. This site is apparantly madde by JEWS just to give Muslims a bad name…. But still… I love all jews ;) , i hope that one day you will get to realise that what you're doing here with this site by brainwashing people is wrong. Islam is a peaceful religion just like any other religion.

    • Glen

      islumm isn't areligion . . . stop hiding behind this religion crap , and oh I live in a moozlimm country , anyone having any doubts about it just go to any moozlumm country and live there a while to see what 3rd class non moozlimmz are treated like . . . and you're right , if doubtful , just study the barbaric ottomn hystory .

    • Kim

      We could settle this right now by comparing the total number of terrorist attacks made by muslims to the number made by members of any other religion.
      Just to keep the numbers manageable let's limit this to the past 20 years…..in fact, I'll even let you count the past century of "others" as a fair comparison with the last 20 years of muslim terror attacks.

      • Sam

        Miss Kim, how can ignore the daily Israeli terrorism against civilians in occupied territories. they destroy palastenian house to build new one for a jewish from Russia or other countries,….oh yes that's accomodating, not terrorism….stop your bias

        • davarino

          So what your saying is that Isrealis have to stop defending themselves and let the mooslims keep attacking them?

          I see your logic here, you have a brain tumor

    • kafir4life

      Huso, I'm sorry to inform you that you are incorrect about islam. It was invented by a pedophilic warlord rapist named mad mo. One day, after eating a little too much pig dung, he had some intestinal distress. While relieving his bowels, it was noticed that his excrement was forming arabic phrases. One of his companions made tracings of the feces, and behold! The koran was written!! I'm glad I was able to clarify that for you.

      Take note…..everything I know about islam, I learned from muslims.

  • topQuark

    To: Huso
    Islam is the religion of peace?? I guess all the news items found here are false. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com
    Now deny that Mo instructed Muslims it is permissible to lie to advance Islam.

    • Buffy

      You got that RIGHT! The koran says it IS permissible to LIE to "unbelievers and
      infidels " for ANY reason. That those old mullahs just keep changing the rules to allow for their perverted views. Now, that old guy in Chechnya (Russia) has said the cafes are closed during ramadan because "the smell of food will tempt the "faithful"..

      And then there was the old guy in Afghanistanor Iraq, somewhere over there, that said women could not wear heels on their shoes, "because the sound could incite the men and disturb their ""peace". Sounds to me like you have a whole lot of men that have no control over their own actions. so they have to subjugate the women. Does this sound familiar to anybody?

  • Jorge

    To learn more about Islam & it's deviant teachings,visit http://www.fatherzakaria.net/

  • michael

    you forgot Pork Rind distributorship

  • US citizen

    Huso, islam is a religion of peace, just ask the 3,000 infidels who were vaporized on 9-11. Build your little mosque. We will rebuild the Twin Towers to 111 stories and then pizz of the roof onto your mosque.

  • ratonis

    Huso is deceived, and has probably never even read the Koran or any of the authoritative Islamic writings widely available today. Anybody who takes the time to pursue it will find that warfare is a central doctrine of Islam historically, and was the primary vehicle for its remarkable spread in the first century of its existence. The Ottoman Empire? Good grief, this was the most aggressive military state in the world for most of its existence, the most feared nation of earth! Huso, you sound like a peaceful guy, but wake up, man!

  • Won Long Wong

    I'm Japanese and I want to build a Shinto shrine or a Buddhist temple at Pearl Harbor. Is that OK with everybody?

    • Buffy

      I had been thinking about that very possibility yesterday, and how that would go over.

  • brimp

    The question that goes unasked is "Is Islam a religion of peace?" If a small Christian sect slaughtered thousands of unarmed Muslims and if very few high profile Christians condemned the slaughter then it would be reasonable for Muslims to think that all Christians support the slaughter of non-combatants. If a small sect of Islam slaughtered thousands of Americans, and Islam is a religion of peace, then why have I not seen many prominent Muslims condemn the slaughter? Since very few Muslims condemned the slaughter it is reasonable for Americans to think that all Muslims are at war with non-combatant. If this is the case, then putting a Mosque anywhere near ground zero is outrageous.

  • Sam

    All religions are F.. up, in Israel non jew are 2nd class, in the Arab countries non-muslims are 2nd class. Jews kill non jew and take over their properties. The arab countries will do the same to non-muslims when/if they can. They all claim to believe in God/Allah. I will have more respect for them if they admit once and for all that they all Satan followers.

  • jason taylor

    What is it with being a "Religion of Peace"? Our ancestors would not have dreamed of calling Islam a religion of peace even those that admired it(they would more likely have praised them for being as warlike as themselves) . There are pacifist sects, and pacifist clerical orders. Whole pacifist religions are rare as most people have to survive in a non-pacifist world. And "self-defense only" doesn't make you a "religion of peace". Everybody is that, even those that strain the meaning of self-defense.

    If we accept "religion of…" to mean a religion's most notable ideals then, Christianity is a religion of forgiveness, Judaism is a religion of justice and holiness, Islam is a religion of reverence, Confucianism is a religion of duty, and Sikhism is a religion of honor, and so on. As far as I can make out, only Jainism is a religion of peace.

  • masood

    donot comment on things u people donot know. first know islam then comment on it. why donot u people think despite so much propaganda againt islam , islam is only fast growing religion in europe.

    • kafir4life

      massod……from what I've seen of islam, and from what I've learned from its adherants, is that it's a gutter cult invented by a pedophilic warlord rapist named mad mo. The terror guide, the koran is the result of intestinal distress on the part of mad mo, and as he relieved his bowels, his companions felt he was crapping perfect arabic. They did tracings of his poop, and the koran was born. The original was lost during mo and his companions next meal.
      The End.

      • masood

        dear read koran any english translation . read life of prophet (peace be upon him) and life of hi companions.rest u have been mislead.

    • Guest

      It's a fast growing religion because it denies all rights, personal liberties and individual freedoms to women who are forced in to marriages, sexual servitude and childbearing. European Muslims import illiterate, ignorant girls from Muslim countries and then deny them all their legal personal rights in the West, keeping them trapped at home under male supremacists under threat of honour killings, acid burning, etc. High birthrates through enforced polygamy and oppression of women are hardly signs of religious greatness. You're right in there with the industrial meat producers. Any pig farm produces lots of pigs because they are forced to reproduce, denied any freedoms, and given no other options. Islamic communities produce lots of little Muslims just like pig farms produce lots of little pigs. Only the pigs are morally cleaner, holier, kinder and all together more desirable as neighbors.

      • masood

        it is only western propaganda , there books and media who misslead u people by these things that ISLAM denies all rights and liberties of women. plz donot see islam from western media but contact some muslim organisation in europe and know best os islam . i hope when u vl contact a good muslim organisation u vl find the truth of islam . may allah show all of us right path. email me at 786mas786@gmail.com

  • http://www.novelgraphicnovels.com Steve Edward

    Here are more suggestions for commercial neighbors if the Mega Mosque is built near Ground Zero.

    In addition to the bar specializing in serving Gay Muslims, also provide the following commercial services:
    1) Pet store specializing in the sale of dogs.
    (muslims hate dogs)
    2) Pet sitting services for dogs only
    (muslims hate dogs)
    3)Refuge for those who want to leave Islam, with a big cross in front of the refuge.
    (muslims hate apostates)
    4) A store that sells talismans, for all faiths.
    (Muslims are afraid and hate idolatry)
    5)A woman's shop specializing in women bathing suits.
    Have plenty of female statuary sporting women bathing suits
    in the shop's window.
    (Muslims are afraid of the female form and want to
    cover it up head to toe in black sheets.)
    6) Have a music shop with periodic music being played
    in front of the store.
    (Muslims fear music will corrupt Muslims
    7) Have a Dance Studio with a large display window where
    dance students can demonstrate their dance lessons
    to pedestrians along the street.
    (Muslims fear dance because it will corrupt their morals)
    8) Have an art studio where students can paint human images
    on canvas inside the display window of the studio.
    9) (Muslims hate art that depicts the human form, they believe
    it is idolatry).

    10) Go ahead, and add your suggestions for commercial neighbors for this Mega Mosque to make its members feel they are being contaminated every time they go and leave their mega mosque.

    • Buffy

      I love it!

  • garretso

    What do you suppose the reaction of the press and politicians in New York and the nation would be if the Westboro Baptist Church were to propose building a chapel adjacent to the Stonewall Inn?

  • SenatorMark4

    Is it true that a Greek Orthodox church was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks and NYC has refused to allow them to rebuild on their land? I'm not opposed to the mosque because I think it will work wonders for dialog. Them shutting their doors and us screaming from the outside if they won't reopen them. Imagine having tours where the women are separated out. And…what's the big deal with the burkha? Most of the really productive NYC people already use them when they make withdrawals from liquor stores!

  • Guest

    So Huso the Scumbag writes: "I'm a muslim and according to my religion we dont use non-muslims as second class. …. My religion is a peaceful religion with respect towards all cultures and religions." And then two messages later Huso the Scumbag writes: "I went to the page ''COLUMNISTS''… Why are there so many JEWISH last names over there??? for example: Asharov/Elias/Horowitz…. This site is apparantly madde by JEWS just to give Muslims a bad name…. But still… I love all jews ;)" Boy, you can barely keep it together as you lie through gritted teeth about that Religion of Peace garbage. And even on the SAME blog you cannot help letting your hatred of Jews seep out. What do you care if the columnists have Jewish names if, as you claim, "My religion is a peaceful religion with respect towards all cultures and religions." Your attempts at taqiyya (the Muslim technique of deception, dissimulation and lying) are patently transparent. What a nitwit! Islam is The Religion of Morons. The faith of savage idiots. Hey, Mister Respect for All Faith & Cultures: why can't Christians worship safely in any Muslim dominated country? Why can't Jews live anywhere in the Middle East or North Africa? Why can't Churches and Synagogues and Hindu temples be built in Saudi Arabia?

  • Atikva

    Freedom of religion in America is one thing we are justly proud of.

    However, it does not include freedom to violate the laws of our land by practicing bigamy, excisions, child pornography, beheadings, lashings, "honor" killings, stoning, mutilation and other abominations, in addition to violence against other religions and apostates.

    If your religion condone these practices and even makes them compulsory, America is not for you.

  • Luke

    What an idiotic comment from the author. The average age of a bride in Lebanon is 28 years old. Lebanon's society cannot be compared with that of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Lebanon has a Mediterranean culture. I am sick of ignorant writers.

  • I hate terrorists

    A muslim souvenir shop. We are going to sell alcohol, pork products, highly flammable korans, toilet paper with pictures of mohamed, Crusader armour and weapons, islamic cartoon fliers (like the one with mohammed looking at a mirror screaming "blasphemy!"), Jyllands-Posten newspaper, pet piglets.

    Any other ideas?

  • david

    huso go on youtube and type in" mufa kha'that" and tellme what you think

  • Buffy

    PS: I LOVE the Jewish people. Always have, always will. God said that whatever is done to Israel and the Jewish people, (bad things), so will they be done to those that committed the acts. This HAS been proven historically.

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    It is good to know that the first school Jolie help fund and build to educate girls in Afghanistan has worked out. (Considering how hard is for females to get an education there.) Now the announcement that Jolie is helping fund a 2nd school, probably educating in shifts like the first one. Rock on, Jolie.Report this comment as spam or abuse

  • kafir4life

    The robber has infinately more humanity and decency than thise pedophile following sub humans.

    To any muslims……
    1.) I've heard the word of the koran, and reject it as disgusting and filthy, and reject mohammad the warlord pedophilic terrorist.
    2.) I refuse to pay the jizzy tax.
    3.) What next, freaks?


  • AmWiser

    There are so many of the 18-40 year old Muslims for whom work /labor is beneath their dignity. They have no zakat to give. They wanna give a LOT and they wanna do what they thinkAllah wants, but with no money to buy weapons that is very difficult. So they loot. And they rob.

  • davarino

    Me too, come and get it you backwoods retards.