9/11, 2061 Memorial

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In the year 2061, the President of the United States of America, Hussein Ali, delivered an uplifting speech at the 9/11-memorial service at the Cordoba House mosque in lower Manhattan. New York City mayor Mohammed Ahmed Abdullah, as well as many other dignitaries and a crowd numbering in the tens of thousands filling the surrounding streets with their prayer rugs, were there to listen and to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Sept. 11 tragedy. Below is the text of President Ali’s speech:

We stand here today just two blocks from the sacred Ground Zero where 60 years ago today three thousand of our fellow Americans lost their lives in a vicious conspiratorial attack.  As we all know, this terrible crime was initially attributed to Muslims through the Zionist media, which, during those dark years, controlled America. However, after the Islamic party came to power and liberated this nation, we uncovered highly confidential CIA documents, which we cannot declassify for reasons of Sharia security, that proved what we all knew from the beginning: that 9/11 was a Jewish conspiracy aimed at defaming the peaceful religion of Islam.

The Islamic Party of America thus took it upon itself to correct this historical injustice against Muslims and Islam. That is why we ordered that all school books be rewritten to state the truth about the 9/11 conspirators and to set the record straight: that our honorable Muslim ancestors had nothing to do with terrorism — which turned out to be a Zionist conspiracy. The Jews who conspired against our prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, had been doing it to us again and again — especially when it was they who recruited Osama Bin Laden to work for the Israeli Mossad and the CIA.

The founder of this great mosque, Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, peace be upon him, lies here in the Cordoba mosque with his loyal wife Daisy Khan. They had both warned the American public, over and over again, from ever blaming Islam for 9/11. We remember their dedication to jihad in America and how they both physically tied themselves to the doors of the original Cordoba house project in 2011, when it was time for them to hand over the building to a new buyer. But with the grace of Allah, the new buyer was killed at the hands of the Mujahedeen, which was operating, of course, on the principle of Jihadi self-defense.

After the death of the infidel investor, Daisy and Rauf untied themselves and placed the first foundation stone for Cordoba. Their persistence, with the help of Allah and, of course, with the dedicated help and moral support of American President Barack Hussein Obama — without whom the project would not have been possible. President Obama, peace be upon him, was able to put the 70% of American infidels opposed to the mosque in their place when they demanded that the mosque relocate. He, together with the U.S. media, made sure to silence the American kafirs from criticizing any aspects of Islam or Allah forbid, demanding that Cordoba House be relocated. American bigots and racists were informed that they would be responsible for any deaths caused by rioting, burning and killing of Muslim jihadists in the streets of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. American citizens back then had to learn about Islam the hard way; about what happens to anyone who stands against the Islamic march of jihad. The brave jihadists on the streets of the Muslim world, who were then misunderstood as savage rioters, were truly the asset of Imam Rauf in his determination and empowerment. Dedicated jihadists like Imam Rauf, working in perfect harmony with the rioters on the streets in far away Muslim countries, were all working for the same goal: the triumph of the Islamic Ummah. It is Allah’s will that now we have made any criticism of Islam or Muslims a capital crime punishable by death!

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  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    Very brilliant – and very realistic! Thank you Nonie Darwish for your prophetic message, analogous to (albeit much shorter than) the novel "The Mosque of Notre Dame de Paris" by Elena Chudinova (Russia)

  • BigBossOgg

    It would be so easy to give up, to feel nothing but resignation over the idea that our 'rulers' want nothing more than the complete subjugation of our populace, and to quash all dissent as they frog-march us toward the ovens, dragging the shattered remnants of our republic along in their fist.
    But we have it within us, through our vote, through political activism, through simply taking those first steps and getting involved, to stop that headlong tumble into the chasm, and to take control back from the ones who have forgotten what their purpose is in DC, and who voted them into office in the first place. Last night's impressive gains in the Primaries should serve as a reminder of what can be done once we apply ourselves diligently, and keep the pressure on the bastards!
    Thank you, Nonie Darwish, for posting this possible alternate reality to remind us of what awaits us if we ever lose vigilance again!

  • davarino

    Thanks Nonie, now lets hear from the left that will try to denegrate your depiction of what could happen in the future, of what is the real disire of islam, jihadists, muslims.

  • tanstaafl

    The Left would do well to remember what occurred when the Komeini overthrew the Shah. All of the Iranian leftists were arrested, tortured, raped and killed.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Nonie, your last paragraph sent a chill up my spine because I do not see your satirical piece as a lampoon of our current state of affairs, but as a real possibility in the future of our country — and, not as long as 51 years away.

  • http://netzero.com Steve Chavez

    CONTINED: "And now I invite Muhijer Romero and Mahmoud Alli Martinez Con No Cabeza to bring up a life-sized Jewish Texan infidel pinata filled with suicide belts for our great young ones. Our brothers have regained the Southwest for Mexico and we are one with them. And if any of you need your grass cut, windows washed, prayer rugs cleaned, anything, our hermanos will gladly work for you at a low rate of $6 per hour which was raised from $5.95 by our Communist infi…. I mean comrades, just last week. Workers of the World Unite!

    Don't forget that tonight is the Bible and Mormon book bonfire. (Cheers) You must have a ticket to get in so please purchase them on the southwest corner of the plaza. We also welcome any book by David Horowitz, the real infidel Jew, so tonight, we will see the flames reach higher than the Freedom Tower that was accidentally set on fire, by a Jew of course, and burned to the ground. (Cheers)

    Vendor: "Stones here. Get your stones here!"

    Oh, that reminds me. One of our women was raped by ten men and she will be stoned to death for her sins! That will take place right after afternoon prayers on the corner of Jihad Blvd and Infidel Plaza. And in keeping with saving the Earth, we only use recycled stones. (Cheers)

    And for our Black brothas and sistas, we will completing our final exodus of sending you back to your glorious Africa to live among your people.

    So thank you all for coming today. Kill a Jew okay! May the festivities begin. Oh, and Long Live Hussein and Fidel!"

    • scum

      Love your smelly racism and bitter hatred. Just love it.

  • yrd4soundingoff

    Haunting, simply haunting. Thank you Ms. Darwish

  • hardroad1999

    I assume in this scenario that our military was slowly infiltrated by enough muslims and/or muslim sympathizers to the point of being ineffective to defend the Constitution. It's another thing to consider.

  • Ed4

    Very astute, on target, and possibly somewhat prophetic. It's hard to tell what the future has in store. Most "psychic" prognosticators I have seen are either totally wrong, evasive like Nostradamus, or totally full of crap. Nevertheless, even a broken clock is correct twice a day.
    The weak liberal stance of the government, however, makes Darwish's prediction more likely on the mark than not.

  • guest

    What gutter nonsense. According to the CIA (I know, bleeding heart liberals) the Muslim population in the US as of 2009 is 0.6 percent. Yes you read that right. Even if it was double or triple that we are talking a tiny minority. These hitleresque delusions of "takeover" pushed by FPM and the white nationalists that surround them would be funny if the consequences didn't have the potential for becoming tragic. Seriously, what is wrong with you people?

    • Umhuh

      0.6 percent, wow, with so few why do they even need a mosque, let alone one so close to ground zero?

      • guest

        Gee Einstein, let's see: Assume 300 million Americans. 0.6 percent is close to 2 million. That probably warrants a few mosques. Any other brilliant observations funny guy?

        • scum

          Well "Guest", you just answered "Umhuh", who apparently doesn't believe in freedom. If they want to build a mosque, so be it. It's really not your business.

        • Umhuh

          I was using hyperbole to point out the silliness of the poster that I replied to the "tiny minority" of muslims is so small that nobody should worry.

          And you made a rebuttal for me, thanks, 200 million, more than enough to do some harm if they were so motivated.

          And to scum: if your reading comprehension takes "why do they even need a mosque" and turns it into "apparently doesn't believe in freedom", then you probably got ripped off on your college tuition.

    • http://netzero.com Steve Chavez

      Hitler was 1!

      • scum

        Ah yes, the inevitable resort to the old 'Hitler' ruse. Highly original, windbag

    • wolfy ghalkhani

      Islam is a threat to our freedom. Their population is growing in leaps and bounds especially in the inner city where they preach murdering infidels- most of whom are white. Obviously, you' haven't done your research.

  • Name withheld

    Frightening sick, sick sick!!!! Of course there is no prophecy in the Scriptures of America! So I guess there will be no USA after Mr, Hussein Barack Obama is done transforming America into a Muslim country!!!

    • scum

      Name Withheld forgot to mention the President is a Christian.

  • stanley

    9/11 was a successful shot. The only problem is that there is not a critical mass of Muslims in America to carry it further. Europe yes. Canada..maybe.

    They may have struck too early. And against the wrong president.

    • Umhuh

      The only need to keep moving the ball down the field to eventually reach their goal.

      A little here, a little there, keep nudging the Overton window a little at a time, soon there will be no objection to Islam having a voice in America.

      I say "Get off the friggin field"

    • scum

      I see Stanley actually supports Terrorism.

  • http://www.bidari.org Siavash Lashgari

    Thank you Mrs Nonie Darvish for all your work about Islam.
    Former Muslm – Siavash Lashgari

  • bubba4

    FPM shouldn't do science fiction…it's lame. How many of you actually live in fear that we will be taken over by Muslims? Honestly.

    • Guest

      It is exactly that attitude that allowed the Nazis to get poweful and take power in Germany, and we all know what happened after that!
      Bubba…We are not going to wait for the evil of islam to spread. We DO know what it does to people and nations as we have seen it already in Iran, Afghanistan, Algeria,…etc

      • scum

        Don't forget Bubba, the CIA built up the Taliban, bro.

      • bubba4

        So you live in fear of Muslims taking over the country unless you personally act and do something about it?

    • wolfy

      Take a drive through the inner cities of Philadephia, NYC, and Chicago for starters, and then tell us that you're not afraid. Please get your head out of the sand. Wake up for your own safety.

  • Jane Baer

    The Spanish channels on my California TV show Muslim Mexicans enjoying hteir lives. No one seems to notice that Mexicans are being converted and Mexican & Afganistani heroin dealers have joined forces against the USA

    • Guest


      I do hope someone in Mexico is taking notice.

  • realhumanrights

    I am sorry this is just disgusting. Shame on you Front Page magazine for publishing this embarrassing screed of paranoia.

    If this was written about Jews or Christians instead of Muslims, how you would feel? Now groups like Stormfront do write about Jews this way, and they promote the apocryphal Protocols of Elders of Zion – just like Hamas does. Do you want to be like them?

    It is very sad that genuine human rights issues and problems that need serious debate have given way to paranoid fantasies and rants. Americans must do better.

    Don't we still live in the land of the free and the home of brave, or have you moved to another America that I don't know?

    • Jim C.

      Well, the folks here who lap this crap up are pathetic, paranoid, low-functioning losers who are railing at the world passing them by. They don't deserve America; but America tolerates their ghoulish parasitism. This article, and much of this website, provide them with such fantasy fuel.

    • Cuban Refugee

      Open your eyes, realhumanrights, and look around you at America and at the world. Take a trip to Dearborn, Michigan; book a tour to Sweden, Londonistan (formerly known as London), Paris … is this, by your estimation, "embarrassing screed of paranoia" so far fetched? Dark forces in the America you claim not to know have stealthily come to our doorstep, threatening to destroy our society — if we do not wake up, it will be a collective, universal self-destruction to birth a one-world government. Will you submit to Sharia Law, or opt for freedom? Will you return to the inspired founding principles our forefathers laid out for us in the Constitution, or will you discard them for a New Age, feel-good, Muslim brotherhood that ultimately will enslave us? Ruminate on real human rights as you iron your burka.

      • bubba4

        Are those our only choices? What a horrible narrow world you live in…but at least in your reality you're not a p*ssy…so you got that going on for you.

    • bubba4

      welcome to FPM

    • Wolfy

      There is no comparison between Muslims and Christians. The founder of Islam was a thief, a murderer and rapist. Jesus Christ was not. If you support Islam then You are obviously a women hater. I have no tolerance for women haters!!

  • Guest

    Real, and, Jim
    You are driven by hatred, ignorance, or, both.
    It is a fact that neither of you can deny that the VAST MAJORITY of terrorists all over the world are moslems. This should come as no surprise because the koran and the hadith, both, urge moslems to terrorize the world until everyone has converted to islam. How do I know that…simple, I have read the real koran and hadith, and not the ones edited for the benefit of Westerners.
    Learn more about REAL islam before you open your mouths. If you are moslems, which is very likely, then I hope that one day you will have your eyes opened as what happened with Ms. Darwish .

  • scum

    Am I the only one laughing at RLinney who talks big about freedom of belief and expression in America, and in the next sentence tries to deny a group the right to build the mosque. Seriously, this is funnier than a Seinfeld episode!!!!LOL!!!!

  • http://www.silverliningministry.com Ron

    Actually, America is mentioned in Bible prophecy, in Revelation 13, the beast (world Power) that comes out of the earth. This beast in union with united Catholicism, Protestantism, and Spiritualism will rule the world. America will lead out and the Catholic church will be the religious leader of the world. Islam will either be liquidated or will join the union. In fact, Catholicism and Islam actually go hand in hand. The most ambassadors to the Vatican State are Muslim! While we need to tell the Muslims how to behave in our land, or get out and return home, we ought not to be afraid of them, as crazy and violent as they are. The main figure to watch is the RC church. They will rule the nest just before Jesus returns to this world for those that obey him.

  • Harvey Simons

    thank you nonnie.__I met you in Philly @ sha'are shamayim synagogue some years ago & you signed your book for me. keep up the powerful writings.

  • Ted Hirsh

    This might sound far reaching but this scenario has happened to great nations and civilizations if you look at Islam's history. And the lies that follow are absurd. Thank you for this prophetic article Nonie.

  • wolfy ghalkhani

    Love you, nonie.

  • Jones, USN

    I thought this was an amazing parody, then i realized you were serious.

    Well, I guess its nice that the mentally retarded can still get a job in this country.