Appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood

When President Obama spoke to the Muslim world in Cairo last June, a large portion of his guests were leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The speech was designed to please them more than supporting the reformist movement in Egypt and across the Muslim world.

The Obama administration has hired the first White House Muslim advisor, Dalia Mogahed, who helped with writing Obama’s speech. Mogahed is herself an Islamic ideologue who supports Islamic Sharia and denies any connection between radical Islam and terrorism. Mogahed, who was born in Egypt, has also been a firm defender of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Both of these US groups are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

As an American of Egyptian origin myself, I can tell who is a reformist and who is a radical Muslim sympathizer, and I do not think that Ms. Mogahed’s views are in any way supportive of a reformation in Islam or of its concept of jihad. To the contrary, she denies the existence of any problem with Islamic ideology and she acts in total harmony with the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. Her excuses are the same old excuses we Egyptians learned day in and day out in defense of Islamic jihad and in blaming others for misunderstanding of Islam. Her answers are always given with total confidence and conviction, as she tells her audience that any violent actions by Muslims have nothing to do with Islam. Never mind that Islamic mosques, education, art and songs all glorify jihad as a holy war for the sake of Allah.

Mogahed brings nothing new to Islamic propaganda but she certainly sounds interesting to Americans who are unfamiliar with this same old Islamic propaganda and who find it hard to question a religion. The truth about Mogahed is that she combines the good old Muslim sheikhs rhetoric with a better presentation that Americans can understand. Sheikhs never take any kind of criticism of Islam and they ridicule those who question Islam with statements like: “Who are you to speak for Islam? Leave the analysis to the experts on Islam.” Mogahed’s logic is very similar and, coincidentally, her book is entitled: “Who Speaks for Islam.” It is a meaningless title showing statistics that are designed to show that Muslims are different and are not all terrorists, which is no news.

Of course among Muslims there are good and bad people, like in any other group. What Mohahed refuses to admit is that reputable critics of Islam have nothing against Muslim people, but they correctly decipher that the problem stems from the ideology of Islam and its scriptures and commandments. What Mogahed refuses to discuss are the actual laws of Sharia, the history of jihad, the ideology and education that produced 9/11, Islamic imperialism, oppression of human rights, women and minorities. Her answers are usually simplistic, such as the argument that Sharia cannot be bad to women because the majority of Muslim women allegedly support Sharia? The bottom line of Mogahed’s propaganda is the same old complaint: that Islam is misunderstood and that Muslim people’s anger and violence is triggered by politics and not by religion. The problem with the West is all a misunderstanding, she argues, and with some education and sensitivity training the West will accept Islam as a religion of peace. Her position in the White House has given her a powerful opportunity to enhance the standing of radical Islamist groups in the eyes of our government instead of the reformists and anti-Sharia Mulsims.

I have recently heard a former Muslim critic of Islam state that he is no longer confident that the US government will protect his civil rights as long as there are people in our government such as Mogahed and others.

The empowerment of Radical Islam under the Obama administration has also emboldened the Muslim Student Association (MSA), which is merely an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood. The MSA has recently accelerated their efforts to silence any speakers who criticize jihad, Sharia or Radical Islam. Anti-Semitism is on the rise on our college campus, resulting in total disregard for freedom of speech aiming and the silencing of any pro-Israel speakers. This is achieved through constant unruly disruptions, such as what happened to the Ambassador of Israel, Michael Oren, at UC Irvine last February. Last October, students opposed to my views went as far as setting a fire in a bathroom next to the hall I was supposed to give my presentation in at Boston University. As a result, my lecture was cancelled.

To show more support to the Muslim brotherhood, last January, Secretary of State Clinton quietly signed an order admitting entry to the US to the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Tariq Ramadan. The controversial Ramadan was formerly banned from entering the US by the previous administration. Among those who welcomed Ramada and participated in his first public appearance in the US was none other than Dalia Mogahed.

While the Obama administration went out of its way to show goodwill to radical Muslim groups, it has consistently ignored extending any support to the reform movements across the Middle East and that includes the student reform movement in Iran. The message from the US to reformists and pro-democracy and peace groups in the Middle East is not encouraging.

I am in contact with some Muslim reformists in Egypt who believe that the Muslim Brotherhood now has a friend in the White House. Totalitarian radical leaders such as Moammar Gaddafi of Libya, calls Obama ‘our son’ and urges support for Obama as a wise leader who is of Muslim descent. I guess it is nice to have the support of radicals and dictators in the Middle East, which might temporarily save us from another 9/11, but at what cost could that be? They will never abandon their jihadist aspirations. Radical Islamists will not accept anything less than for the US to abandon Israel and they now believe that Obama will do nothing if Israel is attacked. Because of this change in US policy, the head of the Arab League, Amr Moussa (from Egypt), has recently suggested improving relations with Iran as a new strategy in the region. This confirms that American power in the region is diminishing. America’s perceived weakness in the region brought by Obama will have serious and lasting consequences.

The Mulsim Brotherhood in Egypt has been empowered. This does not look good for Egypt’s future, especially at a time when Mubarak’s health is deteriorating. Egypt could fall to the Muslim Brotherhood rule, which will cement radical Islam in the whole region and which will empower Iran and radical Islam for generations to come.

President Jimmy Carter abandoned the Shah, which paved the way for the radical Islamist regime to take over. Obama is falling in the same footsteps of appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood and empowering it to take over Egypt.

The next US administration might find it very hard to please the Muslim world after the pro-Islamic Obama policies. How can an American Republican President be viewed in the future by the Muslim world when he does not bow to the Saudi King like Obama? If he or she has a policy with America’s best interests being a number one priority, will he or she be called Hitler by Islamists and by our media? Are we going to cheer when Islamists throw their shoes at our future American President simply for not supporting radical Islam? Will Western media call those U.S. leaders who want to protect America racists and bigots for not accepting the Muslim Brotherhood and welcoming them to shape policy in the White House? In terms of what Obama is doing today, that is something real to think about.

  • poptoy

    I will never appease the Muslims…

  • William Smart

    If you insist that some religions are evil, you can hardly object if other people label other religions the same way.

    • USMCSniper

      It took the West centuries to move from medieval mysticism to the Enlightenment, and thereby discover the only safeguard against endless, bloody, religious warfare: the recognition of man's inalienable right to think and speak as he chooses. Civilization depends on reason; freedom means the freedom to think, then act accordingly; the rights of free speech and a free press implement the sovereignty of reason over brute force. Faith and force are corollaries: every period of history dominated by mysticism, was a period of statism, of dictatorship, of tyranny and brute force.

    • Andres de Alamaya

      They are ALL evil – at least destructive and dumb – and Islam has been the worst from its inception 1400 years ago. It slumbered for the past few centuries confined to third world countries which it pushed into third world status – but since petrodollars have given it legs and arms it has become a monstrous threat to the entire free world.

    • Paardestaart

      Islam is not a religion like other religions.

      As far as the west is concerned. Islam is an expansionist ideology, like communism and nazism were.
      Islam thrives on and makes use of western ideas that are hard to correct: our trust in Freedom of Religion and our Respect for the Opinion of Others has lured us in a false sense of security

      What's needed against islamism is a cold war like we waged on communism and the determination with which the free world opposed Hitler.

  • ginjar

    The vision of the campus radical of the `1960,s is now firmly entrenched in our Federal government.. Will the ideology of the disruptive college radicals of today be our leadership in Washington in the next forty years? History seems to point us in that direction. Sentiments like those in post number two will most likely shorten that time frame. Answers anyone?

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Obama is addressing many issues that needed reformation – such as Health Care, student loans, and now Wall Street – but his incompetence may bring about disasters instead improvement in all of these.

    His efforts vis-a-vis Islam have the look of classic adherence to the teachings of the Koran, using deceit to defeat non-Muslims and in my view it is here that he dramatically reveals his anti-American, treasonous nature which, hopefully, will lead to impeachment.

  • tanstaafl jw

    How many infidels has Islam killed in it's 1400 year history?

    How many terror attacks have occurred since 9/11?

    Quran 9:5 "Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war."

  • manal

    I think we need to educate ourselves and read the history before we talk as an ignorant people.Why you are worried about the choice our leader madeTthier is no mention about what the crosseders did to muslim and what the Jewish did to muslims by stealing thier land and killing the whole nation .This called Christian terrorist and Jewish terrorist.stop radical views and injustes.

    • promethius

      Fascinating: you realize you have incorrectly genarilized the whole scope of Islamic ancient/recent history. What do the crusades have to do with Islam's bloody 1400 year history. (They where a response to the the harrasment of Christian pilgrims not being allowed to visit the holy land…. but I guess that doesn't count.)

      I hope you realize that their have been probably hundreds of millions of humans killed in the name of Islam since its inception: Why is that the case….. hmm.

      People are talking about this stuff today because it hasn't stopped for 1400 years.

    • Martin K.

      Yeah you Muslims like to play the victim card. The crusades was a late, MUCH TOO LATE response to MUSLIM expansion into other territories. You mention land being “stolen”, well WHEN will Muslims give back CONSTANTINOPLE? What business did Muslims have trying to overrun Europe, and where only stopped at Vienna for a time being. Or the Balkan? Or in fact the Near east, except for the tiny portion of Land in which Moohaamad roamed should thjis not be land free from any islamic influence? When will islam give back land to the Hindus in India? You ignore that Islam destroyed much bigger empire/countries as “Israel/Palestine” and “stole” their lands. Yeah yeah you have a direction from allah, that all property of the world should be in islamic hands. You whine about a tiny fraction of land that was given to Israel to form Israel/Palestine, the country was carved out by the British after the fall of the ottoman empire. This is historical fact. The people who today claim “Israel” stole our land where not even the owners, it was the ruling elite at that time who sold the land to the Jews. Lots of muslims moved in to archive two goals to earn money from the Jews , and also to increase the number of the muslim population.

      Then who OPPOSED the creation of a two state solution in 1947? Surely not the Jews! In fact Egypt and Jordan took the portions that was to be the “home land” of the Muslims. How can one speak about “occupation” of a country when the “occupied” country does only exist in the wishful thinking mind of the people? When was the state “Palestine” accepted as such by the muslims nations? Which muslim country has accepted the right for Israel to exist as a State? But in order to allow a Israelite country to exist, Muslims do need to discard a lot of their kooran.

  • WildJew

    Herein lies the problem Nonie, the political Right is just as bereft of honesty (perhaps just a little less so) than the Political left. Daniel Pipes wrote a decent piece on National Review Online (paraphrasing) 'Obama and Bush on Islam: how different?"

    Throughout his seven years of office, post 9/11, George W. Bush repeatedly lied about Islam, the Middle East and Israel; flagrantly so! The political Right fell silent for seven long years, with very, very few unnoticeable exceptions.

    Thus the Right has nothing to offer this country. Nothing at all. The conservative movement is morally bankrupt in this respect, by and large.

    • e. a.

      WildJew 76p

      Don't confuse George Bush with any reasonable conservative. For the most part Republicans these days are no more conservatives than most Dems. He was an idiot, and we find ourselves in this political nightmare because of his inept understanding of just about everything. He adopted many of his father's security and Middle Eastern advisors policies and viewpoints on the region. He listened to Baker and Scrowcroft far too often, though would not let it be openly known he sought their advise. I think the real American conservatives have a much more realistic take on the M.E. Now all we have to do is elect them in 2010 and then in 2012, and just maybe we'll be able to save our country and our allies around the world a great deal of pain.

    • Advocate681

      First: The Bush family is not conservative. So, pointing to their failures do not sustain your assertion that the conservative movement is morally bankrupt. Something is bankrupt, but it is not the conservative people of this Nation!

      Secondly, where have you been for the last year and a half? The conservative movement is experiencing an influx of energy and focus like I have never seen! Your lack of understanding of the conservative/libertarian right is obvious. We do not scream and holler, pound fists and rattle cages on a whim like some folks. But, when we need to, we will rise up and fight for liberty and freedom. This is historical fact and being played out in front of you today.

  • Debi

    Obama is a deceitful stealth jihadist.. He is islamizing America and as soon as he gets the financial reform bill, along with the health care bill that already has given him the power to be DICTATOR, He is going to tell us that America is an islamic nation and we can either convert, be slaves or die… Bush would not accept Islam for America when offered by Bin Laden. Obama became our "president" in order TO hand America to Islam.
    that is his vision of peace.

  • Rachael

    I feel sorry for you sad people. Really. May God have mercy on your ignorant souls.
    Salaam, from a Christian who loves Islam and knows it's true teachings.

    • Yetwave

      Rachael: We 'sad' people know islam for the murderous ideology that it is. Never forget that the word 'islam' itself means submission. By the 'true teachings' of islam, there will be peace only when the entire world submits and accepts the word of muhammad as the sole interpreter of the word of God. So in a sense, islam is the religion of peace, assuring that there will be peace after the the people of the world submit to islam.

    • Rouella

      Islam begins with the assumption that every one is born a muslim, hence muslim laws apply to all living beings. There is no concept of universal human being, just universal muslim. Hence murderous / brainwashed people like you go on a killing spree over a cartoon depiction of Muhammed, yet you rejoiced the destruction of 2000 year old Budha in Afghanista. Islamic conquerors plundered India repeatedly, destroying 30000 temples and many thousands of ancient libraries, cultural and architectural monuments . Becasue Islam/Muhammed could not comprehend that there were sophisticated civilizations even before Muhammed was even thought of. Followers of Islam hence destroy all evidence of non muslim ancient civilizations because it runs contrary to the great ness of allah. Muslims convert/kill, but do noit allow conversion. Because they are in secure. So you are just one of the insecure brainwashed muslim with no concept of a secular universal human being. dont feel sorry for non muslims. we are doing fine

      • S.K.Shah true. We hindus of india are glad to see Europe and America engulfed in apprehension over Islam. We have had the same apprehension since 1947 but the west laughed at us saying how could a minority population scare the hindu majority. But when we read the demand for the Ground Zero Mosque and the installation of a muslim president and muslim advisor we know that now the west is getting to understand islam. but of course it is too late. It is already too late for india. Our government is worse than obama . We hindus have lost our version of history. Today we must be the only country maintaining the tombs of foreign invading emperors.

    • Arjun

      Salaam Rachael, You seem to be well versed with the true teachings of islam. You should try to live like a muslima for a few days and taste the true greatness of islam.
      Pray 5 times a day (whether you like it or not)
      Never say no when your husband needs you(whether you like it or not).
      Never complain if your husband wants another woman(whether you like it or not)
      You go out in a Burkha covered top to bottom(whether you like it or not)
      You cannot go out alone(whether you like it or not)
      Cannot drive(whether you like it or not)
      Do not object if your husband suggests genital mutilation(whether you like it or not)
      No music, no TV, no entertainment(whether you like it or not)
      you become a baby making factory(whether you like it or not)
      There are lots and lots of goodies like these. Try thse few for a few days and you will truly appreciate the greatness of islam.
      yours truly
      An Ignorant soul

  • james

    NO follower of Jesus CAN ever love or approve of Islam;a religion founded by a mental patient;a man who immulated evil;a man called MO who had a 'god' so weak ;that said 'god' could not and still cannot defend himself agai8nst his enemies.What a weak and feebel 'god' he is;he needs humans to do his terror and murder and satanic activities for him.please;MUSLIMS.;BE FEREE OF THIS HORRIBLE BEING;COME in honesty to truth.OVERCOME the fear of ALLAH;He is powerless to hurt you.Be the truth.YOU can do it!

  • courtnye

    God laughs at HIS ENEMIES!! One day EVERY knee will bow to Jesus. God would have that ALL men would know and love Him, but in the end Jesus WILL sit on the throne, AND ALL will worship Him. Like it or not ! Remember you heard this….. Because THIS is the TRUTH !! You can call it whatever you want, but if you don't believe what I say NOW, you will be reminded that you read this, and you will know that you were told the truth.

  • fatsybaiby

    i think its high time to let the people practice their faith peacefully. do not mix Religion and today's politics. am not here to debate about all these things mentioned.

    hear me again with kindhearted and open minded, all am saying is that hijab or nikab or burker what ever they call it by you people, is not a symbol of radical Islam. as Muslim women we believe covering ourselves is a sign of modesty like the old religious women have done. if you cannot encourage us please leave us with our faith. please try to get my point clear.

    criticizing or bringing out old angers will never solve anything positive. we should look forward for the betterment and development of human race. Muslims believe in all prophets from Adam to Muhammad (PBUH), as the Qur'an thought us.

    God is hearing all that is said here. if its for the sake of enlightening and getting mankind together for the good, u know that ur rewards awaits u. may God save us all from satan and his people.

    • promethius

      I'll concede everything you said for the purposes of asking you this:

      Why can't people worship as they see fit in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey without being harassed, intimidated, killed by the goverments and the religious establishments? Are these goverments and populations misinterpreting Islam?

      It kind of looks like a double standard…. what do you think?

  • fatsybaiby

    an educated Muslim knows that we are not here to force any non-Muslims to submit to Islam. those days we don't pray for it to come back. every1 is free to follow his beliefs. Islam is peace means we only retaliate, defend ourselves in times of attack.

    tell me if some1 only fights when he is attacked for the sake of defending himself wouldn't u call him a peaceful man. the true teachings of Islam has nothing to do with killing the innocents, suicide bombings etc which are only anti-Islamic propaganda. i don't believe they are real educated Muslims.

    we don't need religious disputes it only brings (Fitna) problems and retardation in our lives. we only defend ourselves when ever the need arises. its our right and faith. so please don't say Islam is radical.

    • promethius

      So are the Muslims in Muslim dominated countries not practicing true Islam?

    • Martin K.

      fatsy or some such person wrote: "Islam is peace means we only retaliate, defend ourselves in times of attack. "

      CARE TO DEFINE THE words "attack"?

      I'll do it for you: .
      Criticizing Islam
      Criticizing Mohammed the “prophet of his calling”
      Making fun of Teachings in the islamic Tradition (like Fly Poison/Antidote)
      Trying to get people to leave Islam.

      When islamic Thugs harassing Churchgoers, because the Church is in a neighborhood where now many Muslims reside then Islam was under attack?
      When Muslims slaughter small Children or Woman, then this is not "Islam" ?

      I give you a heartfelt Advice: Please from now on SPEND YOUR Time educating your brothers of faith in Islam about their MISTAKEN beliefs, it is from them that comes the danger not from Kaffir like myself! You have the right to try to convert people to Islam only after you got rid of the “RADICAL” element in Islam which rears its ugly head daily. No reply necessary, because you have a much more important job to do, then to try to convince me. CONVINCE Osama bin Laden (who doesn't need translation) that he is reading the Koooran wrong. (BTW I'm on purpose misspelling the name of the book to show my utter disgust for it).

      Good luck in your endeavor! You need it

    • MaryAnn

      You didn't answer his question- why can't people in Muslim countries practice any religion of their choice without being harassed, mutilated or killed. Your statement "we don't need religious disputes…" sounds good, but for Muslims it only works if everyone practices Islam. Also I'd like to ask, what happens to women in Muslim countries when they decide to go outside without being covered? Or if they go outside without a male member of their family? Or if they laugh in public, or celebrate Valentine's Day? Islam is not about freedom or peace or any other good, decent thing .

    • Liny

      Your posts show you are full of baloney! It is ingrained into Muslims from the time they are old enough to understand that they are to hate all Christians and Jews. They do not want to make peace but to take over the world. The Burka, worn outside of Islamic countries, is nothing but a political statement and a method of intimidation. Understand this, we are not afraid of you or will we EVER be intimidated. This current president will be replaced with someone that may not be as accomdating to the Muslims. He will represent the American people and OUR culture, not yours. I come from immigrants who came to the US at the turn of the 20th century. They assimilated themselves into the American culture, they did not attempt to impose their culture on the US. So my question is, why do you come to this country and still adopt Muslim culture on America? I have the answer, so you people can intimidate and highjack our culture. Our spirituality comes from Judeo Christian values from OUR God. Your's on the other hand is based on falsehoods. Truth always prevails.

    • S.K.Shah

      Dont give that crap about Islam being a peaceful religion. Then why are these radicals springing from islam. Simply repeating enmasse the old clique while non muslim are bombed like rats, not soldiers or fighters but ordinary man , women and chileren going or returning from work. Can liberal muslims stop them or simply keep repeating this while we slowly die like rats. Long time ago some told me the muslim will drive themselves to death. I think the time has come . This cancer has to be eliminated and muslim liberatls freed. In the Bagavad Gita of the hindus it is mentioned that our mortal body is like a cloth that is discarde by the immortal soul. Then where is the fear of death. We hindus believe the soul keeps returning to earth for knowledge . Each earthly experience gives it an opportunity to grow or crash but never die. Imagine the hindu population of india stirred by this words. They are the best answer to this jihad. The Arya nation of the Hindus is about to rise again.

  • fatsybaiby

    i think its high time to let the people practice their faith peacefully. do not mix Religion and today's politics. am not here to debate about all these things mentioned.

    hear me again with kindhearted and open minded, all am saying is that hijab or nikab or burker what ever they call it by you people, is not a symbol of radical Islam. as Muslim women we believe covering ourselves is a sign of modesty like the old religious women have done. if you cannot encourage us please leave us with our faith. please try to get my point clear.

    criticizing or bringing out old angers will never solve anything positive. we should look forward for the betterment and development of human race. Muslims believe in all prophets from Adam to Muhammad (PBUH), as the Qur'an thought us.

    God is hearing all that is said here. if its for the sake of enlightening and getting mankind together for the good, u know that ur rewards awaits u. may God save us all from satan and his people.

  • Curtis John Surpless

    Allah Sucks Big Cock!!!

  • moriyah

    Evil does not fear weakness.

  • Abu Sayf

    The author wrote, "As an American of Egyptian origin myself, " She forgot to mention that she is most likely an Egyptian CHRISTIAN who do nothing but complain about Muslims in Egypt who supposedly abuse them. I lived in Egypt for 10 months and that couldn't be farther from the truth. Egyptian Christians leave Egypt and just make trouble for the Egyptian Muslims.

    • Neuron

      Says the muslim.

      In Egypt, Christian's can't build churches (or replace ANYTHING in it, i.e a broken door or toilet) without government approval (it had to be presidential just a few years ago).

      Christian women are kidnapped on a regular basis, Christian homes and business burnt, and more. Remember the Christmas day massacre? Where muslims MACHINE GUNNED Christian's leaving Christmas mass?

      We (I'm an Egyptian Christian) leave (when we can, remember how the Canadian embassy had to get a whole new staff since their muslim staff would reject every single Christian applicant?) to educate and live our life in peace. Constantly hoping and working on making our country safe for us to return to.

    • S.K.Shah

      Abu you are typical stupid muslim radical joke. Ask kafirs in india and kafirs in other muslim coutnries. Non of you muslims ever allow other religions to flourish in your lands but demands such facility from us. In India we tolerated a muslim population who were the leftovers of the defeated mughals, we tolerated their monuments in the name of peaceful coexistence. But look today . Where is theri gratefullness.

  • David

    You have to be blind to believe the argument that Islam is a peaceful religion and not a political movement/religion out to dominate all people. -David

  • montana

    I have recently heard a former Muslim critic of Islam state that he is no longer confident that the US government will protect his civil rights as long as there are people in our government such as Mogahed and others.

  • madmadmonica

    It's only a matter of time before the president comes out and admits he is not Christian, but Muslim. They can deny, deny, deny all they want, but the man has bent over backward to appease the Islamic world yet hasn't attended a single church service since he's moved into the White House.

    While there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim, there is something very wrong with hiding what you believe in order to get elected. And his continuous efforts to suck up to some very nasty elements in the Muslim world are pretty disturbing as well.

    And while we're at it, can someone explain to my why spell check marks the word "Muslim" as being misspelled when it isn't capitalized, yet when the world "Christian" isn't, the word is counted as spelled correctly. Another ridiculous double standard.

    • therealphilosophist

      if there was nothing wrong with being a Muslim then why would he hide it? Right because all you Americans have this ridiculous stereotypes about Muslims!
      and what if he comes out? would there be an angry crowd that wished him farewell? Yes of course there would be! So far he's been a great leader and watch the economy. Its going great to! So stop whining about him being a stupid Muslim leader!

      (By the way I'm an atheist)

  • Phil Whitley

    Just listen to you people ………. if everyone would put down their religions and adopt "peace" as their religion and god, then we would truely have peace on earth. All this fighting and ill-will in the name of religion just proves again and again that there is no god, but if there is, he/she would certainly be ashemed at all the fighting and hatred in his/her name!! Think about it, wouldn't "god" be better served by our all getting along together? All the meaningless rituals should be replaced with love and understanding. I'm sure that god does not care if women don't wear scarves on their heads or people use a necklace of beads to repeat the same monotonous prayer, over and over. What good is all the phony praise and worship doing him/her??
    Most people pick up their religion at the church door once a week and leave it there before going home. If you believe in god, consider this: Don't you think he/she would much rather all people live in harmony and love than stand behind religious beliefs and un-necessary ceremony?

  • therealphilosophist


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    I just cannot depart your blog before stating that I like this write-up.

  • Sam Smarta

    Both Islam and Chritianity are exclusive religions to belong to .
    The eastern religions like Hindusim, Budhism and Sikhism are universal in value.
    I urge one and all to free oneself and renouce thee religions and embrace the broader eastern religions

  • maik

    the more you resist the islam, the more its going to get in your soul, may ALLAH (SWT) forgive you for all this ill words you stated…..

  • JohnathanA

    Thank you nonie for showing those of us who see the MB and the connection to CAIR as poison that some Muslims understand our fears.