Brennan’s Lessons on Jihad

Just recently, John Brennan, Deputy National Security Advisor, announced that we may no longer describe our enemy as ‘Jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because Jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam.

I have news for Mr. Brennan: it is not Americans who invented the word “Jihad”; it is Muslims who have used that word for 1400 years. Brennan is right in that Jihad is a major tenet of Islam, but he is wrong in calling it legitimate because it is a declaration of war and violence against non-Muslim individuals, governments and nations.

The Obama administration refuses to understand that the doctrine of Jihad challenges the sovereignty of any non-Muslim country and denies it exercising its right to remain non-Muslim. But after standing against the Arizona law, the current administration seems to care little about protecting the sovereignty of the United States.

If John Brennan is interested, this is the definition of Jihad given in mainstream Shafii law: “to war against non-Muslims, derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare, to establish the religion” (Shafii law # o9.0 p. 599).

To ensure that all Muslims perform or at least support Jihad, there is also a law that states that not performing Jihad or fleeing from combat with “unbelievers” is considered an enormous crime (Shafii law 377 p. 987). Not only is Jihad the duty of every Muslim, but of every Muslim head of state. Sharia says: “The caliph fights all other peoples until they become Muslim” (o9.9 p. 603).

This Muslim notion of Jihad is being taught today across the Muslim world and producing thousands of young men and women who are committed to killing us. Jihadi commandments to kill and engage in aggressive wars against non-Muslims are all over Muslim scriptures and preached from mosques across the Middle East and even in the West. Such violent Jihadi commandments have never been amended, annulled or denied by any Muslim group with authority in the Middle East.

Here is another Sharia law: “The Caliph makes war upon Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians until they become Muslim or else pay the non-Muslim poll tax while being belittled.” (Law o9.8 p. 602).

The following might also be of interest to Mr. Brennan: “When the caliph (Muslim Head of State) appoints a ruler on a region, (his duty includes) if the area has a border adjacent to enemy lands, (he will) undertake Jihad against enemies, dividing the spoils of battle among combatants and deserving recipients.” (Law o25.8 and 9 (8) p. 647).

When it comes to the interpretation of Islam, many Muslim groups in the US say they abide by the interpretations of Al Azhar University in Cairo. Well, Al Azhar University in Cairo approved and signed the above Sharia laws and also teaches that Jihad is a permanent war institution against Jews Christians and pagans.

John Brennan’s statements are, of course, part of the Left’s relentless campaign to dumb down Americans. There is daily massive, merciless pressure on the ordinary American citizen to conform to an unbearable state of giving up his culture, dignity and pride. Those in charge in New York have approved the building of a huge mosque at Ground Zero, which will be financed by the same people who financed the terror attack on 9/11. It will be considered by the Muslim world as yet another holy site for the triumph of Islam. Like the holy mosque built on top of the Jewish second temple, in a few decades Islam will claim this area of New York as Muslim holy grounds. American victims of 9/11 are buried next to a holy mosque of triumph and Muslims will come to visit from all over the world. Who knows, perhaps our great-grand children will have an eternal war with Muslims over ground zero as a disputed area between Americans and Muslims.

To teach Americans another one of its lessons, the Obama administration recently even brought a foreign leader, the President of Mexico, to come to our Congress and teach the American people a lesson about what is right and wrong.

The administration teaches us that we must never feel insulted when it rubs our noses in the ground. You see, a good American must be sensitive to Muslim wishes, but asking Muslims to reciprocate would be insensitive and racist.

Thanks to how the Left has molded our culture, a good American now can no longer be patriotic, but he must respect the patriotism of others. He must be tolerant, but must tolerate the intolerance of others. He must blame himself first, second and third, but never dare blame those who wish to oppress him. A good American must welcome Islamic penetration and the agenda of Jihad and never suspect any ill will from those who call themselves Jihadists and blow themselves up alongside fellow US citizens. He must never demand equal access in Muslim countries. He must resist feelings of pride in his culture, but celebrate the cultures of everyone else, even those who cut the clitorises off of young girls and forcibly cover their entire bodies and faces. He must celebrate the diversity and division of America into little tribes even if some of those tribes are hell-bent on imposing their religion, language and culture by any means necessary. A good American must abandon any reference in public to God, Christ, or Christmas. But he must celebrate other religions, especially Islam, while denying that Islam had anything to do with 9/11.

The present administration and its supporters are following a policy of divide and conquer. They are gambling with our future. They are playing word games, telling Muslims that they are not at war with America, when even the children in the Arab streets know that Islamic Jihad is at war with America.

Mr. Brennan and those who agree with him have ignored 1400 years of Islamic Jihad history. Only those cultures that fought the Jihadists, survived and preserved their language and religion, know what Jihad really is and what its roots are. Wars at the gates of Vienna stopped the Jihadists in their tracks, but with appeasement, political correctness and Muslim immigration, America might wake up one day asking “how did we lose Europe?”

The present administration is selling America cheap, very cheap, for votes, for approval from Saudi Arabia and from radical Islamists. I wish to tell them: You are rewarding the enemies of America who will never love you. Our politicians are at least engaged in gross negligence and at worst playing with fire.

Is this a great country for Islam to conquer or what?

Nonie Darwish is the author of “Cruel and Usual Punishment; The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law.”

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Brennan's position (false and disgusting as it is) presents almost nothing new. It reflects an always existing immoral political philosophy of appeasement of whoever is big an powerful in the world. No empire in the world is evil, and the very concept of evil does not exist. Soviets had been always appeased (until the "anomaly" of Reagan). Hitler's Germany and Japan had been appeased for years (prior to Pearl Harbor). And now Islam: being so aggressive, and so fierce, and so overwhelming, and so rich of oil and our cash – what else but to be appeased?!

    The new is only the particular grotesqueness of such an appeasement Re. Islam because of its utmost backwardness, obscurity, and incompatibility with the Civilization. And because of the explicitness of its goals for the world conquest.

    We must rid of administration exemplified by Brennan, and we must rid of Islam – if we are to survive.

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  • watchful

    What a bleak future awaits the people of planet earth if this happens. I'm going somewhere else!

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      • Egypt

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    • softmod wii

      They are playing word games, telling Muslims that they are not at war with America, when even the children in the Arab streets know that Islamic Jihad is at war with America.

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  • Kanwi

    This post is one of the very best that I have read. Fourthright, clear surpported facts cannot be denied. I commend you for such unambiguous blogging. Further I hope Brennan feels ashamed of his position.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Brennan is no advisor. Obama takes no advice. He's got it all figured out on his own. Brennan is a yes-man who carries out whatever lunatic ideas Obama fancies. Obama is either the dumbest man to ever occupy the White House or the biggest hypocrite, or a treasonous anti-American whose early exposure to Islam has poisoned his thinking. Whichever of these sad options happens to be the truth, we're in trouble.

  • davarino

    Thanks Nonie for your courage. You are a great woman.

    Once we get this ship turned around, there will have to be some house cleaning. First, there will be a mass exodus of muslims. No really, go home where you can practice your backward religion of killing people. Remember, if you hadnt started nothin, wouldnt be nothin. Then once islam is quarantined we can wait to see if they moderate themselves so they can play nice with others. If not then they can just stay in time out, for how ever long it takes. I say this because islam is not compatible with free societies.

    I know, after you force us to nuke mecca, we'll build a church next door. How does that sound? Kinda like pissing in your wound, huh?

    • davarino

      I thought about it and think building a church is not what I meant, because that is not even comparable to a mosque. A church has nothing to do with government or conquest, maybe I should have said something like a branch of the Pentagon or CIA. There would be a sign on the building saying "we want to help ease your sorrow", or "the Pentagon is a government branch of PEACE" hehehehe.

  • wilbar

    John Brennan – nothing more than a clueless, useful idiot.It's really just that simple.Then again,why would anyone expect otherwise?
    After all,he was selected by the other useful idiot wasn't he ?
    Stupid is as stupid does !

  • Cuban Refugee

    The picture accompanying your excellent post is the image of evil personified. Someone ask this man who is so fluent in the jihadists' tongue what he did with Obama's passport records — the ones that magically disappeared during the campaign — remember the data that was "stolen" along with Hillary's and McCain's to make the heist look kosher? Ask him who killed the only witness who was willing to talk about the breach of security in the Passport Office. Question him about how he secured his current position. The answers to those questions will certainly add to the thickness of the Obama file when the Articles of Impeachment are drawn.

    • Mike

      They'll never impeach the Obamessiah because he keeps them all in line. They (Congress) fear him and they fear themselves (in that order). Recently they've come to fear their constituents. How dare the simpletons challenge the authority of "elected" officials?

  • MBA NJ

    In this world that is soon approaching the Tower of Babel where we will no longer be able to communicate, nor apparently also live, with each other, such nonsense as trivia about definitions is absurd. Cannibals eat humans. Don't let them inside our houses. Jihad means something. Avoid that too.

  • Abraham

    Mrs. Darwish article is excellent I couldn't say it better.

  • USMCSniper

    This guts has the mindset that we will now call rape victims involuntary sexual partners. As I said above, the MSM uses the term at the top "Demonstrators" so we have gone from terrorists to militants to freedom fighters, to activists and they are only demonstrators, who of course, commit violence yelling "Allahu Akbar". The leftist Posner in the State Department was even worse apologizing to the Chicoms for the Arizona immigration law. Of course, if you are an illegal alien in China, you will be shot as a spy, you family billed for the bullet, and your organs harvested for transplants. Your next of kin will get a closed coffin carcass back.

  • Ghostwriter

    In my opinion,Brennan's speech wasn't just idiotic,but an insult to the intelligence of Americans. Few are going to be reassured by this man who seems more like a useful idiot rather than a serious terror fighter.

  • Thalpy

    Our process of undoing may take more time than we have, but we must begin. We must re-take our institutions, dispense with multicultural nonsense, and separate from our enemies (domestic and foreign).

    Again: truth and reason will not affect irreconcilable differences among us. There can be no lasting accommodation between Islam and any other form of government or belief, just as there can be no accommodation between Progressivism and the will of the people. Trying wastes our time.

  • Leo

    I saw that statement and could not believe what this guy was saying (Brenan) and with this administration, yes we are doomed!!! Even at the academic or intellectual level, where do this guy graduated from? What are his credentials?

    • davarino

      My fear is that all these guys are being bought out by some reallly evil and powerful people. Otherwise how can you explain the insane thinking. How can you explain the crazy, illogical, stupid decisions these people are making?

  • The Infidel Alliance

    Eric Holder and Janet Napolotino are against the Arizona immigration law – but they haven't read it. With his astonishingly ignorant comments about Islam and Jihad, we can be sure John Brennan hasn't read the Koran, Ahadith or Sirah Rasul Allah either.

    But we DO know two important things:

    1) Barack Obama HAS read the Koran, Ahadith and Sirah Rasul Allah, and with his Muslim family background, early Islamic education in Indonesia and travels to Pakistan as a young man, Obama can not plead ignorance about Islam and Jihad.

    2) John Brennan, while ignorant of the facts and truth about Islam and Jihad, gets his marching orders directly from Barack Obama. When Brennen speaks, he speaks as the mouthpiece of Obama.

    For Barack Obama, our commander-in-chief sworn to protect us from foreign and domestic enemies, to promulgate, implement and promote, through willful propaganda, a policy that is clearly and knowingly based on false information is nothing short of aiding and abetting our enemy.

    This is an act of high treason.

    ~The Infidel Alliance

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  • Unibrowser

    Obamaland is definitely a fools paradise!

    • strobin111

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      • Larkin

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  • Ventrilo

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  • engelberthumperdink

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  • Verb Conjugator

    I think any group that immigrates to a new area has the responsibility to integrate themselves to the already established culture there – instead of trying to establish their own. For example if you move to Spain – you need to learn Spanish and get used to the food.

  • Roger

    If it is Sharia law that it is the duty of every Muslim to at least support Jihad then we are all in real trouble. The Al Azhar University in Cairo needs to give an exact interpretation as to how this law would be enforced on ever practicing Muslim and what effect it is likely to have on the wider world. gold sovereigns

  • abbeylawrson

    As far as i know there are whole areas in certain towns and cities that are dedicated to Imigrants which in my opinion just is not right.

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  • Derrick Sitter

    I think it's ridiculous to call a war holy. On the other hand I would rather step into other peoples shoes once in a while before judging words and sayings from different cultures. Where dictators rule anger and war against the oppressant sound good. And if jihad really means striving for a better life, it's alright with me. I wouldn't like it if a muslim would say nonbeliever to me or think my western style of living is due to some kind develish forces. But so far no muslim has said anything like this to me. The muslims I meet are friendly and mind their onw business. Derrick @ Flyer erstellen

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  • strobin111

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  • dougwilliams208

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  • Rnhan

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