Islamic Indoctrination vs. Education

Remember the Muslim Television executive, Muzzammil Hassan, who decapitated his wife near Buffalo, New York? His TV station, Bridges TV, was created to promote the idea that Islam is a religion of peace and friendship. This station’s goals perfectly fit with the intense Saudi PR machine, which is spending tons of money to change the image of Islam in the West — even if it takes denials, fabrications and outright lies.

Several years ago, I debated Othman Shibly, a U.S. citizen of Syrian origin and a Sharia expert, on a Bridges TV program directed by his son, Hassan Shibly. Both bearded men are fierce apologists for Radical Islam and defend Sharia. Dr. Shibly holds a Sufi/Radical Islamist ideology and hides behind a thin veneer of “moderate” Islam, but that façade does not fool someone like myself from the same background. The Shiblys make no attempt to repudiate the claims of men like Hizbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, or other radical Islamists like Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro, the Mufti of the Syrian Ministry of Religion under the regimes of both Hafiz and Bashar Assad and Kuftaro’s protégé, Sheikh Rajab Deeb. My interview with the two men was never aired and the Shiblys never sent me a copy of the taped interview as they promised.

That brings me to an email I recently received from a concerned American mother, who said that she was horrified at what her child is being taught by Islamic guest speakers at her child’s high school, Clarence High School in Clarence, New York. The speakers are none other than Hassan and Othman Shibly, who are now lecturing our kids on Islam at New York state public schools. That is done with the help of politically correct apologist educators.

Under their curriculum on the Ancient World, the New York State public schools as well as many other states around the country, require students to be taught about Islam, the spread of Islam, the Golden Age of Islam and the conflict between Muslims and Christians as part of the Crusades. That topic almost always turns political and accusatory when Muslims get very emotional about their history, jihad and religion. Islam by nature is extremely political and promotes a very elaborate legal system that Muslims must live under. To accommodate Islamic education with Western principals of freedom and the Bill of Rights is an impossible task. The two ideologies are at opposite poles in terms of the role of government,  human rights, as well as women and minority rights.

Thus, the two systems must eventually become villains. To avoid being politically incorrect, public schools prefer to use Muslims experts or clerics rather than public school teachers to teach the topic of Islam. Our educational hierarchy refuses to see that many devout Muslim experts have a political agenda and are themselves indoctrinated and thus always on the defensive or offensive. I can only imagine what the poor American kids are subjected to. I was on the receiving end of such indoctrination when I was a young Muslim girl.

This is what the mother wrote to me:

“Hello Mrs. Darwish:

I need your help addressing a serious problem I’m currently trying to handle. Recently, my child came home from school and told me about a presentation his Global Studies 9 class had that was given by a man by the name of Hassan Shibly. My child was shocked and visibly shaken at home and told me about the things this man said to the class. The pretext for the presentation was for Mr. Shibly to talk to the class about Islam and dispel some of the ‘misunderstandings’ and ‘Islamophobia.’ Here are some of the things he said to these boys and girls:

‘ The September 11th attacks occurred because of America’s blind support of Israel and the men who carried out the attack were not Muslims, but atheists.’

‘Terrorism is an example of people reacting with their hearts and not their minds…if someone insulted your mother, wouldn’t you retaliate against them? Allah is more important than anything to a Muslim, and if you insult Allah, a Muslim can do anything to defend his belief.’

‘The news media lie…when a Muslim does something, they’re labeled as a Muslim while people of other religions who commit crimes are never identified by their religion.’”

She added that Hassan Shibly’s father, Othman, also came to speak at the school but to a different class. She expressed her outrage that these men were invited into a school to indoctrinate underage, impressionable minds with hate a filled ideology and a hidden agenda. She stated that she alerted the principal to a few links that show Shibly’s affiliations and added that she doesn’t think the principal is convinced. She concluded by saying that so far a decision has not been made whether to bring the Shilbys back to teach or not.

I was speechless after reading this woman’s e-mail. That is outrageous and what is worse is that I have heard similar claims from mothers in California where I live. I wanted to tell all the concerned mothers of America to stand up against this kind of “education” and never feel helpless. We must all speak out before the indoctrination strikes America at the heart. Perhaps this can be one of the causes of the Tea Party Movement. There are powerful forces trying to indoctrinate American children when it comes to Islam. Like I was as a Muslim kid, our kids are being discouraged and shamed from thinking for themselves when it comes to 9/11 or finding out the truth about Islamic terrorism. Their minds must never wander or, Allah forbid, blame Muslim culture or Islam for producing a never ending flow of terrorists.

Muslim propaganda is relentless in trying to misportray Islam in the eyes of the West. While mainstream mosques and Muslim leaders across the globe are shouting jihad, death to America, death to the Jews, and encouraging Muslims to take over the West, our children are told if you fear such threats you are an Islamophobe. When mainstream Muslim schools and universities teach that apostates must be killed and that jihad means “to war with non-Muslims to establish the religion” and that jihad is a permanent war institution against Jews Christians and pagans, we are told to never dare misinterpret this as encouraging violence. Islamic education, like communism and Fascism, must control children’s minds, which is the best system to produce adults who will submit.

I am not the one who compared Islam to communism and fascism; this comparison was made by none other than the most prominent Muslim scholar of the 20th century, Sheikh Abu Ala Maududi, who stated in his book, “Islamic Law and Constitution,” on p. 262, that the Islamic State:

seeks to mould every aspect of life and activity…. In such a state no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private. Considered from this aspect the Islamic State bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states.” Maududi added “Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam.”

I wonder if the Shiblys will condemn this popular Muslim scholar to their students or perhaps call him an atheist. 

Muslim petro-dollar powers have penetrated our educational system with permission and support from the highest levels of our governments. I cannot blame many teachers and school principles forced to teach this garbage and who are themselves subjected to demeaning sensitivity training on Islam. I blame the people on the top who are hell-bent on promoting Muslim propaganda with the blessings of Saudi Arabia.

If such propaganda continues, future generations in America will gradually become confused. They will doubt their instincts and their sense of good judgment will be weakened. Like the restless and confused populations of the Middle East, they will build tolerance to violence, extremism, hatred, discrimination, anti-Semitism and oppression of women and minorities.

Because of my background, I can smell and taste Muslim propaganda. It is coming to a school near you. The danger is, believe it or not, if you grow up with such propaganda, it can feel and sound normal and even holy. Intentionally or unintentionally, in the name of tolerance, we are bringing up a generation of Americans who will tolerate Islamic Jihad, in the name of cultural relativism and compassion.

Islamic tyranny, like all tyrannies, must use lies, propaganda and fabrications to justify the Muslim duty of jihadist violence to expand and conquer the world for Islam and Sharia. That is why the Arab world is having great difficulty in modifying its hate-filled educational system. Instead of changing, it is trying to change us and desensitize us to its violence.

If this is not immediately corrected, it will be one of the biggest mistakes in American history. What Mr. Shibly was teaching our kids is outright Arab propaganda justifying jihad, 9/11, retaliation as self-defense, and conspiracy theories against Israel. How monumentally foolish and dangerous it is to allow the likes of the Shiblys to have access to American high school kids.

Nonie Darwish is the co-founder of and the author of Cruel and Usual Punishment.

  • 911infidel

    There is no such thing as moderate Islam. Islam means submission, not peace. The jihadis are in control of Islam. And they have made it clear, and have properly quoted the Koran or the Hadith, when jihadis like OBL, deliver a message to the West to either submit, convert or be killed . Whether one is a soft jihadi or a military jihadi, it matters not. In Islam you are either a kuffur or a jihadi. You can't be both. Paradise is not promised to those that practice the greater jihad. But only those who practice the lesser jihad. The tagiyya of people like Hassan Shibly is nihlism at its best.

    • Aoun Hussain

      You must study Islam before sayings bad words for it.Unlimited Curse of You.

      • Stephen_Brady

        I rather think that the gentleman in question HAS studied Islam, and has reached his conclusions about it based upon knowledge, rather than ignorance. The only curse regarding Islam is ignorance of it.

  • Guest

    Islamic indoctrination – how it works:


  • Dennis Hulse

    When will Americans at large realise that Obama was a mistake in more ways than one. He is a muslim not born in America as required by your own Constitution and he has softened nearly half of Americans already to the Jihad threat. America is not leading the world as it should or did but appeasing the Islamic onslaught as passively as possible. The Press is already under control and not telling it as they should. Your Education system is being compromised quietly. Vote Republicans or Tea Party, it starts at the ballot box while you still have it. …concerned Aussie down under.

  • temarch

    To Dennis Hulse,
    The tea party movement is just that, a movement. If it started running candidates, it would compete with the Republican candidates and split the vote thus insuring a Democrat or progressive win, a disaster to say the least. Please stick to Aussie politics.

    As to the Islamic problem, the leftists are going along with the Islamics because they think they have the same goals, destroying the current system. What they don't figure on is once it is entrenched here, their heads will be rolling first. If they think it is a problem now, just wait until it gets out of hand from their own stupid ways. Do they think after the system is defeated that the Islamics will just become Democrat leftists? Will the anti-war leftists become warriors and then defeat the Islamics that they let flourish?

    • DBCooper

      You make very valid points here. The tea party movement can only be a benefit of Islamic and progressive revolutionaries. The tea party movement should be destroyed via counter intel operations within the conservative movement. It could easily be infiltrated and split from within.

      leftists are allied with Islamics becuase leftists lack the ability to engage in open violent revolution, and because such a partnership allows them access to unlimited funds. What they are too short sighted to see is that they are only befriended for as long as they are of use to their Islamic allies. When the system is destroyed their allies will turn on them. They will be destroyed easily when their wealth is drained by Islamic taxes via direct warfare as they are made up of metropolitan youth with no weapons training or tactical experience. The best way to destroy leftists would be to find a way to convince their allies that they are aware of their eventual termination and that leftists are plotting a political coup. This would convince their allies to make a move too early and lose an ally within western nations.

    • davarino

      Or better yet, how bout the republicans return to their conservative beliefs then we wont have to vote for tea party candidates and split the party. If we keep voting for the republicans regardless of their actions then we all lose.

  • Qasim

    Greetings to All,
    America is a country based on respect for basic human rights including the freedom of religion. The routine attack on the religion of Islam made by Mrs. Darwish is at odds with the spirit of our republic. Islam is a scriptual religion that is very similar to Christianity and Judiasm. That said, the quotations mentioned in the parents letter are disturbing. If these speakers are making the arguments quoted, they should not be invited to speak to school students as representatives of American Islam.

    • pbeaird

      Islam is a ;political conspiracy to impose its version of relilgion on all of mankind, willing or unwilling. So, it is totalitariansim and must be opposed as a political ideology, just as we opposed Nazism, fascism, and Communicm.
      The fact that Islam has writings does not mean it is similar to Christianity or Judaism. It is the religion of hatred, as its defining characteristic. The defense of reason, freedom and the value of human life by Ms.Darwish is fully justified by the facts she cites about Islam and its barbarian behavior.
      American is founded on the moral concept of individual rights, Islam spits on the idea of the individual as independent or as having any rights. It is blasphemy to compare the two or to try to include that murderous religion to the achievement of the American Founding Fathers, which you seek to undermine.
      If anyone values his life and that of his children, Islam must be destroyed.

    • Guest

      Islam is a scriptual religion that is very similar to Christianity and Judiasm.

      I object to it being anything that is similar to Christians or Judaism. Islam is a tribal political system wrapped up in a cult – for a self-serving -self-named prophet to do what ever he wanted. It has nothing to do with peace – and everything to do with violence. Islam is the counter to these true holy religions. You know it and I know it. What prophet goes around and kills, murder, rapes young girls, and demands that those submit to the so-called messenger…? It's interesting to see h ow muslims react to such articles by posting such crap as it is similar – you mean that Mohummad stole the religions of Christians and Jews – plagiarized it no doubt to serve his own greed and lust for life – while demanding all other die. Whatever…

    • cjk

      They only thing that mohammedanism has in common with Christianity or Judaism is Satan who mohammedans call allah !

      • Yacoub

        Wow, it is obvious you have no knowledge of religion. Islam is a religion in fact nothing close to Nazism, fascism, and Communicm. Islam came before Christianity before your so called jesus as the son of god, there is no son of god for god is not a being and if god were so we all would be his sons and daughters. And we do not reffer to allah as satan, Allah is god, the one, the creator. Satan is what we call Sheitan. Learn more about Islam before going about it as if it were a virus.

    • Lionheart

      DO NOT insult Christians and Jews with your insipid claim that islam is ANYTHING like their (our) faiths! islam is a mental disorder and mohammed was a child molester and an idiot!

      • jay

        You have no right to say that Islam is a mental disorder, your ignorance in believing what has been shown on t.v. has altered your mind

    • Hassan Shibly

      I am Hassan Shibly, and I assure you that none of those quotes were said by me. We spoke to 13 classes on that and the teachers, students, and principle loved our presentation. The "quotes" are complete distortions and lies. I am wrtiting a response to this letter. Hopefully they will be fair and publish it.
      -Hassan Shibly

    • MSH


      those are doctored quotes. i am from CAMU ( the organization that sent Hassan, please believe me, we are not as evil as they say. The topic of 9/11 was hardly approached. these are lies

      • cjk

        Yeah 9/11 was perpetrated by Jooooos because the worshipers of a murderous pedophile would never commit such acts

    • frank

      Islam is a cult of violence, hatred, intolerance and destruction. It is NOT a religion. Beheadings, abuse of women, hatred of others just because they disagree with you is not descriptive of a religion. Islam is a cancer that must be wiped out violently.

      • yacoub

        "Islam is a cancer that must be wiped out violently." a quote by you, this such is saying a religious cleansing, a genocide. You saying islam is a "a cult of violence" but it is you who is saying that it "must be wiped out"

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Our leaders are greedy blind bastards!

  • Georgann Marks

    If Muzzammil Hassan beheading his wife defines Islam and the proclivities of Muslims..

    …. then the Jew Madoff IS representative of Jews —–greedy, slippery, quintessential caricature of what gentiles have been saying for generations!

    I knew it!! — I've said it for years.

    thank you for making this important cultural indicator. Group identities ARE defined by the acts of the membership. You CAN determine ones character by ethnicity and religion.

    I've always said Jews are economic terrorists…. and if a handful of Muslims define Islam…

    we have more than enough examples of greedy shiftless, godless Jews in our lives to define the Jew once and for all.

    Thank you thank you thank you

    • pbeaird

      GM, you might as well be a Moslem. You are so full of hatred for an ethnic group that reason cannot reach you, nor love, nor facts, nor the moral concepts which give us civilization. Jews are not godless, by and large. Can you read? Ever read the Old Testament? Do you now any Jews you can converse with and to go Synagogue with? Ask them if they believe in God. Do you dare do that? Or, do you prefer your hatred? Shame on you.

      • Georgann Marks

        PS — your nose for hate is pretty selective. There is enough hatred on this thread for Islam to fill a concentration camp bigger than Gaza!!

        talk about collective nouns…. how about a solipsism of Jews – imprisoning a privy of gentiles???

        not bad eh?

        • pbeaird

          GM, your playfulness with words, though amusing, does not justify your hatred of Jews for being Jews. If you resent the penchant of some to gather money, get better at that yourself.
          Jews are not out to conquer the world's population for the Law of Moses. They are not threatening anyone with nuclear weapons, declaring they want to annihilate any other ethnic or religious group. Yet, it is them you hate, while apparently saying nothing about Islam.

          • Georgann Marks

            I resent the penchant of some not only to gather money – but to control it.

            It would never occur to me to defend the acts of other Russians or Scots because I share their history or ethnicity.

            And Jews ARE threatening the world with their mischief – and nuclear weaponry.

            And Jews ARE annihilating another religious group … penning them in the concentration camp named GAZA – and using the American government, media and academia to advance this murderous agenda with impunity.

            There is plenty of justification for hatred of Jews. People have been rediscovering it over and over again throughout history.

            I've just witnessed 60+ years of Jewish control over my government, media, banking, the FED, … you name it… Jews control it.

            There are more Mormons than Jews in America…. if each Jew in government, media, academia and banking were replaced with a Mormon – there would be 24/7 hand wringing over whether it was politically healthy for the over representation of one group over the rest of us.

            Don't insult my intelligence by telling me Jews are so smart and talented that they just rise to the top….. innocent as cream.

            I"m 62….. and a retailer to boot.

            I'll take Islam over Jews — any day….

            They are the enemy we can see.

          • cjk

            Heil Hitler!

          • seels4truth

            You should move to Saudi Arabia so you can live under Islamic rule. You are a fool! Universities have been preaching an anti-Israel bias for years. Just look at what happened at UCI recently. In your hateful eyes Jews must be doing that as a ruse to trick the World. Georgann, please do the World a favor and crawl back under the kitchen sink where the rest of your family resides.

        • cjk

          If you think Gaza is a concentration camp you're an idiot.
          Tell me genius, which concentration camp anywhere at anytime and especially in Nazi Germany ever manufactured and exploded rockets and bombs at their captors on a regular basis?

    • cjk

      Hey dope, Muzzammil was specifically working to promote the death cult of mo' worship, Madoff wasn't.

  • Guest

    America is next – look at Detroit – 250 mosques…I mean really…

  • Georgann Marks

    I am a gentile, 62 year old professional woman – born in rural Illinois… educated in Colorado and living in New Mexico.

    I have witnessed the behavior of Jews and Muslims all my life.

    Hey, I thanked him didn't I?

    • cjk

      You're also an idiot.

    • seels4truth

      What you are is a bigot! You are not as educated as you would like to believe. In fact your intellect only exists in your own warped mind. Jews control the government? Then why do I know so many Jews that are below the poverty line? What a fool you truly are drowning in your hate. First you are a retailer and then you are a professional. Make up your warped mind what you want to be. To call Gaza a concentration camp is even more evidence that you are not as smart as you would like to believe. Gazans chose Hamas as their leader and thus chose to live at war with Israel. Are you allowed unencumbered entry to a foreign country? Must you go through passport control? Why is it Israel's responsibility to supply Gaza with every basic need? And if Gaza is so dependent on Egypt and Israel why does Hamas fire rockets into Israel? Israel can't allow for unrestricted access due to Hamas's propensity to import weapons.

    • Dune Fan

      Dear GM, this is what I tell my gentile friends who are confused about Jews. Jesus was a Jew. You may not like this but he had a Jewish moral sense. This moral sense can be distilled down to "Do unto Others as You Would Have Done onto You". So when you ask yourself What Would Jesus Do? Sorry but you are thinking like a Jew. When you give your Christian charity you are acting like a Jew. You are so wrong when you think people on this site are being “hateful” to Moslems. They are just thoughtful people who ask themselves the question What Would Mohamed Do?

      • yacoub

        jesus may have been a jew but he is not the son of god. he is one of the prophets of islam.

  • Dune Fan

    That’s what I get for being polite and using reason, more crazy Jew hatred.

    Then I remembered a business trip to southern Illinois about five years ago. I happened to get a black taxi driver who was afraid to dive into a white neighborhood. He said there was an ugly incident where a black couple was chased out of an all white church. Sounds like you’d fit right in Georgann.

    • Georgann Marks

      OMG …. again stereotypes – this time geographical…. about everybody else but Jews.

      1.8 billion Muslims are our enemies because a few said 'enough' and fought the Jews.

      People in Southern Illinois chased a black person out of a church – when? 50 years ago?….. and because I was born outside Chicago……

      Yet – every Jew I've ever known was slippery – solipsistic, and acquisitive in ways most would find offensive… AND – ethnocentric in the extreme…

      Add my personal experiences to the historical purges of common people trying to rid themselves of this 5000 year nuisance…..

      Yet…. I"m the hater.

      I'm the bad person.

      Germans were evil, Austrians too! — ditto for Palis, Turks, Syrians, Egyptians,

      Jimmy Carter, Pat Buchanan — the list goes on and on….

      but somebody in southern Illinois….. once upon a time…. committed a heinous crime against a black couple…. and I was born outside Chicago…. so –

      do the Jewish math.

      Laughable…. truly laughable…

      Well at least you don't stoop to foolish generalizations about wildly different people who share only one common bond!!!

  • Historyscoper

    Old-fashioned schools are becoming kaput in the face of the Internet. When it comes to Islam and its hairy 1400-year history, go to school online free with the Historyscoper and master all the key facts fast with a unique compressed format with links. To get started click

  • Luther Henry

    Linda Rivera, has perfectly expressed what I have been thinking for a long, long time but am not articulate enough to express my feelings as she has. She obviously has done much research and is well versed in the tactics of the muslims and their leaders. I could never understand why American blacks would gravitate to a religion which was responsible for their being brought to this country as slaves. I believe in the equality of all men, my family did not own slaves, in fact they were Irish and German immigrants who came here in the mid 1800s for economic reasons just to survive. I am totally opposed to any religion that would subjugate and even kill those that they could not convert. We need more politicians who truly understand, as does Linda Rivera.

  • Mriana

    Atheists don't go around crashing planes into buildings. I find that to be very upsetting and contributing to a false stereotype concerning atheists. Most of the time, not always, those who do such things are generally affiliated with some sort of extremist group.

    • yacoub

      Athiests and people who may have been muslim put a bad name for the religion of islam. just becuase one person of the islamic culture believes in genocide and suicide bombings doesnt mean the whole culture does. bin laden was not a true muslim he was a manipulator, a deciever of our time and he fed others with lies making them think it was "islam" but it wasn't it had in fact to do nothing with religion, only his own beliefs.

  • USMCSniper

    The key statement in this article is that "Muslim petro-dollar powers have penetrated our educational system with permission and support from the highest levels of our governments." For example:

    Harvard and Georgetown each received a $20 million gift for Islamic Studies given by a Saudi prince. Funding an Islamic Studies Program as a major addition to a University is questionable, particularly if the funding came from a source of extremist hate. This same Saudi Prince also donated $27 million and 100 four wheel drive vehicles to families of Palestinian suicide bombers. Then again, these two Universities do allow ROTC on them do they, because of don't ask don't tell. But the Saudis behead homosexuals and that is okay. They have sold their souls for nickles and dimes.

  • PatriotUSA

    Way to go Linda! Georgann is a hatefilled nasty person. and I have reasons to doubt who she says she really is. If so, how sad and pathetic. If she had kids did she raise like this, to be gilled with hate and anti-semitism? Islam is our enemy. There are countries for you, Georgann: Sudan, Yemen, saudia Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
    Do our country a favor and leave.

  • MSH

    I know Hassan, i was in the crowd, those are doctored quotes. The topic of 9/11 was only briefly discussed due to time restrictions and Othman Shibly never set foot in the building. Get your facts straight. You should have checked your facts, there is a website – check that out before you say anything.

  • Hassan Shibly

    I am Hassan Shibly, and I assure you that none of those quotes were said by me. We spoke to 13 classes on that and the teachers, students, and principle loved our presentation. The "quotes" are complete distortions and lies. I am wrtiting a response to this letter. Hopefully they will be fair and publish it.
    -Hassan Shibly

  • Z. Lewis

    It is only fair to find out information from both sides of the story, and personally, I don't think Darwish talked to Shibly about anything.

  • Iftikhar

    Bilingual Muslim Children need state funded muslim schools with bilingual
    Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. There is
    no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. It is
    better to put your children in a toilet instead of in a state school. At
    least if you put them in a toilet you can wash them after. If you put your
    children into state schools, you are sending them to be indoctrinated with
    the common views and beliefs of a society.Children are young and
    impressionable. There is a danger that liberal, feminist, radicalist and
    homosexual and lesbian teachers are implanting their values into children.
    It is a well known fact that children tend to listen to their teachers
    before their parents. There are hundreds of state and church schools where
    Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be
    designated as Muslim Community schools.

  • Dr. O. P. Sudrania

    Well what do you have to say on the innumerable terrorist attacks and blasts on trivial grounds all over the globe; where only or in vast number of cases, the Muslim cadres are involved and keep threatening to destroy the world communities whom they arbitrarily concieve as their enemy. It is beyond comprehension of a civilised gentry. Why do you not disown them and come out on streets with the rest of the world to fight. But you keep silent on them. That is surely complicity in disguise. In stead you come out in defense of Islam as a "Peace Loving Religion". Why this incomprehensible dichotomy in words and deeds?

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

    • yacoub

      Islam is a peace and loving religion, it is the only religion that is open to others unlike Christianity as said throughout history all that was done was the spreading of it and if not accepted hell happened or so called "sins". Athiests and people who may have been muslim put a bad name for the religion of islam. just becuase one person of the islamic culture believes in genocide and suicide bombings doesnt mean the whole culture does. bin laden was not a true muslim he was a manipulator, a deciever of our time and he fed others with lies making them think it was "islam" but it wasn't it had in fact to do nothing with religion, only his own beliefs.

  • Hassan Shibly

    I posted this response yet they refused to publish it or even answer me:

    My name is Hassan Shibly. I am writing this letter to you only because of the hope that I have in your sincerity and honesty. An article was published against me on February 18th titled “Islamic Indoctrination vs. Education.” In it some grave and disturbing accusations were made against me and my father. I was very surprised and disturbed to read the article, it was as though I was reading about someone I never knew, and yet the article was referring to me!
    What disappointed me the most is that although Ms. Nonie Darwish, the author of an article, cites an anonyms letters which claims I said statements which I never said, she did not conduct the first basic element of investigative journalism. Although she has my contact info she did not give me one call or email asking if I ever made those statements! Nor does it appear she interviewed any of the dozens of students and staff who attended my presentations. Because, had I made any of the alleged statements, the students and staff of the over 40 class I have spoken at certainly would have been alarmed and would have never invited me to speak!

  • Hassan Shibly

    We need to be honest and sincere with each other. We do a disservice to the public when we pass on and relay freighting yet false information without properly doing our research! However, I have hope that you did not intentionally publish an article which is based on completely false accusations. Rather, I think in your passion for American society, the author and publisher simply took the author of the anonymous letter naively at face value. Nor do I harbor any ill feelings towards the author of the anonymous letter, who is supposed to be a concerned parent. Perhaps she or her son, through their passion, misunderstood me or the presentation I gave. I appreciate and respect the concern and passion they have. However, I would have appreciated being contacted directly if there was any concern. We need to communicate and work together against our common enemies: fear, hatred, bigotry, poverty, violence, misunderstanding, and so on.

  • Hassan Shibly

    Otherwise, although we may all be working to promote a better society, through miscommunication and misunderstanding, we may end up hurting the community.
    I simply wish the author and publisher before publishing the article “Islamic Indoctrination vs. Education” had contacted me and asked about my presentation or what I said during it or at least ask the many students and teachers who attended it, so they could present a more fair and accurate report for the readership.
    Because of my hope in the sincerity of the author and publisher, and also to be fair to the readers of the article, I would like to spend just a few minutes sharing my perspective about the mistakes which led to the misunderstanding which has caused this article to be written. Please note that I am not defending or responding to every single false statement and accusation made against me and my father or about Islam—I do not want to engage in a long debate nor do I have the time. My hope is by clearing just a few of the misleading statements in the article, you will understand the full picture and there will be no need to address each and every point.

  • Hassan

    1.I think the doctors, lawyers, judges, engineers, pastors, rabbis, and many other professionals who have known me for years, many since I was a child, can better reflect on what the “ideology” of my father and I are. The Buffalo professional community stands behind us and can testify to our sincere work to promote peace, justice, tolerance, and mutual respect. Since I have been a young child to this very day, my father regularly speaks to me on the importance of working with people of all faiths and culture to help those in need and promote peace, justice, love, and mutual respect. He has taught me that the good person is not he who just prays a lot, but he who helps his fellow humans regardless of their faith or culture. He emphasized to me the importance of working against extremism, hate, violence, poverty, and so on. Prejudiced people who have never met him may try to say “oh he is just trying to trick people.” But no…my father sincerely and truly advocates this message, which he has taught me from my early days.

  • Hassan Shibly

    2.I stopped working with Bridges Tv not long after the interview we did. Why? The main reason was because I did not feel Muzzamil Hassan truly reflected the teachings and beauty of Islam. And truly the terrible crime he allegedly committed is inexcusable and just a reflection that its perpetrator could not be a true practicing Muslim representative of my dear faith. I left bridges long before the terrible crime occurred there. After leaving Bridges, none of the shows I hosted were aired. I did send several requests for them to send Ms. Darwish a copy and my understanding was that they did. I have the emails to prove that I did my best to ensure that she would get the copy as promised. The very fact that I invited Ms. Darwish on the show was simply an expression of my good will to engage in a healthy dialog and conversation.

  • Hassan Shibly

    3.“The speakers are none other than Hassan and Othman Shibly, who are now lecturing our kids on Islam at New York state public schools.” My father (Othman) never spoke at Clarence highs school nor has he participated in any of the school presentations I have conducted.
    Although I have given over 40 presentations about Islam in high schools, the letter Ms. Darwish quotes is the first and only complaint I have ever heard. Not one of the teachers or other students who attended the presentation were concerned with anything I said. Rather, they loved the presentation. I will end this letter by simply addressing the statements attributed to me and explain how they are distortions or outright fabrications. I also invite the author of the letter to contact me directly so I can discuss with her and clear up the misunderstandings which she innocently holds. I write this letter and these points because of my good faith in the author, publisher, and parent. I am sure had they all known the reality behind the accusations the article would not have been written:

  • Hassan Shibly

    A.Quote 1: I never said such a statement or anything with that meaning. During the presentation I did explain that there is no room for terrorism or the killing of civilians in Islam. I also explained that those who do terrorism are not true Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said “A Believer is one from whom peoples blood and wealth are safe.” The Quran says “Whoever kills a person it is as though he has killed all humanity.” I went on to explain that according to the Scholar Joseph Schwartz, those who commit acts of terrorism do not do so because of Islam nor do they justify their actions with religion. (Published by Oxford, April 2004, Journal of Metphilosophy) Rather they justify their abhorrent actions with political and not religious reasons. I did not claim that the man who carried out the attacks were atheists. However, as I said Islam does not permit the killing of civilians so a person who kills innocents is not a true believer.

  • Hassan Shibly

    Furthermore, I cited a study done by University of Chicago Professor Robert Pape. He conducted a study sponsored by the State Department under the Bush administration which concluded that statistically, the largest users of suicide terrorism are radical atheist communist groups in Sri Lanka.

  • Hassan Shibly

    B.Quote 2: Again I never said this statement or anything with that meaning. I did state that a person who reacts violently to an insult does so because they are not controlling their emotions and are not using their God given intellect. I said that if someone gets upset because you insult their faith it is because they are reacting emotionally, in the same way a person whose mother is insulted may react irrationally and inappropriately. I used that as an example of why people need to use their intellect and control their emotions, not the other way around. I was explaining that violent reactions are not due to Islam, but due to a person’s own lack of self-control. I never said a Muslim can do anything to someone who insults God. Rather Islam teaches simply ignoring and saying “peace” to those who speak evil:

  • Hassan Shibly

    “Twice will they be given their reward, for that they have persevered, that they repel Evil treatment with Good treatment, and that they spend (in charity) out of what We have given them. 55. And when they hear vain or evil talk, they turn away therefrom and say: "To us our deeds, and to you yours; peace be to you: we seek not the ignorant."
    C.Quote 3: A distortion of a statement I made at best. I did not say the media lies, I did say it can often mislead people. I did say that however when a Muslim commits a wrong act his faith is blamed and that is not the case for people of other faiths. Just today an American person who was clearly not Muslim crashed his plane into an IRS building. No mention of his religion was made.

  • Hassan Shibly

    Anyway it is very clear from anyone who attended the presentation, that I did nothing but condemn any and all acts of violence and terrorism. I also stated that Islam is against terrorism and those who do acts of terror do not represent my faith. Is it a crime or wrong for me to say that? Are we afraid from Muslims who reject terrorism and condemn it instead of making Islam look bad by supporting it? People like you should support people like me, who are working hard to condemn terrorism and violence.
    I will continue to work hard to promote an accurate understanding of Islam. My faith has nothing to do with terrorism and those who commit terrorism in the name of Islam are simply distorting the teaching which I love and hold dear, just as my words have been distorted. My track record of speaking against violence speaks for itself. It would be a great service to your readership if facts were verified and all relevant parties contacted before publication. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings.

    -Hassan Shibly

  • 后決者

    I do not have a comment, but rather questions. Can anyone expand upon Ms. Darwish's assertion that Maududi was "the most prominent Muslim scholar of the 20th century?" That is, in what sense was he "prominent?" Was he the most accepted or was he the most notorious? It would seem that an investigation of his activities provides only more questions. Consider the following typical of a general web search. "The (his) aims seemed to be noble initially, but as he gained prominence through his writings and speeches (many of which have been translated into various languages), he lost the confidence of the majority of the Ulama in the Indian subcontinent; be they Deobandi/Tablighi or Barelvi." What does losing "the confidence of the majority of the ulama" mean?" In the context of the sub-continent, what does a majority mean? Moreover, none of this addresses how many of the ummah followed or continue to follow him.

  • Harbi

    The utter depravity of Islam:

  • RMK75

    I am a teacher at the aforementioned high school and I am shocked at the amount of distortion and polemic that passes for reportage in this piece. You fail to mention that Clarence is an ultra-conservative community which would tolerate not even the slightest amount of politicking from any of its teachers. I suppose when you have an agenda, you sacrifice truth. When you think all educators are liberal, then anything coming out of the mouth of a teacher is going to be Islamofascist propaganda. Ironic isn't it that the parent doing to the complaining is a teacher? Does this mean that she too is a mouthpiece for Islamic terrorists? Mr. Horowitz, you constantly remind how truth dies in the mouth of the liberal establishment. What happens to it when you and your Fox News buddies get a hold of it? Like putty isn't it? I'm all for a healthy TRUTHFUL depiction of the various viewpoints on the Arab-Israeli question. What sickens me is the rank stench of political opportunism wafting from this non-event. Your magazine does not stand for the truth; it seeks to permeate the lowest levels of education with the poison of your hatred. To politicize the 9th grade curriculum? Do you even know what's in it?

  • RMK75

    Where are the responses to Mr. Shilby's clarifications? Could it be that, as he claims, that he never actually said any of these awful things? I'll tell you why there are no responses. Because innuendo, unsubstantiated assertions, and lies fade in the face of the truth. Your clever little juxtaposition of the photo (from a different story) and the Clarence story make it seem that Clarence is a hot bed of Islamist activism. Where is your sense of journalistic responsibility? What about your responsibility to the young minds in question here? Your truth-killing sins are the most egregious. Moreover, you're manipulating to score political points with your maniacal readship. Have you no shame?

  • Jerome

    Though I agree with some of the author's views in this article, the term "politically correct" really is overused. I see this quite common among conservatives. Any view that is perceived as not being on the right is often called that. Heck, I am sure someone reading this is saying I am PC!

  • Business Genius

    I definitely agree. Ive been hearing all these issues.

  • Guest

    Here's a good website that lays it out like an intelligence brief:

  • Aoun Hussain

    What is this?Islam is such a religion that one is indoctrinated into it with his will.Your no-religion has not such attraction.

  • Aoun Hussain

    Unlimited Curse on You.You blame our blame our Prophet Muhammad(S.a.w.w).He had not killed any innocent.Have you not read about the innocent muslims killed by jews?Curse of Allah on all those who abuse and hate Islam and Holy Prophet(S.A.W.W).All people like you will Inshallah receive a strong punishment in this world and the world thereafter .