Obama’s New Year Gift to the Saudi King – by Nonie Darwish


Islam is in trouble at the heart of its birthplace, Saudi Arabia, and consequently in other Muslim countries. Muslim leaders and media are desperately trying to regain control both internally and externally. Muslims are starting to openly and defiantly ask questions about their religion and rulers; while the international image of Islam is being tarnished daily with by every act of Islamic terror, hate speech and calls for jihad from the pulpits of mosques. The traditional Muslim call for violence and jihad that Islam got away with for centuries is now under increasing — scrutiny especially after 9/11. Islam is now under the microscope. That is the quagmire of Muslims today. How can they continue teaching their basic religious jihad education but still save Islam’s reputation in a culture where image and honor is everything?

The West is not fully aware of what is happening in the Muslim world today, where taboo topics are being discussed by brave Muslim reformists and former Muslims. There are ground-breaking Arabic TV and internet shows aired inside homes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, etc, discussing what ordinary Muslims were never allowed to hear before.

The brilliant Rachid Hmami, a former Muslim-turned-Christian and originally from Morocco, has a show, Suaal Garii ‘Daring Question,’ that is making shock waves across the Middle East. Another equally effective show is that of the brave Coptic priest, Father Zakareya Botros, who was imprisoned in Egypt for proselytizing to Muslims. Father Botros’s show is a huge success in exposing tyranny, contradictions and weaknesses in Islam. Muslims who call in are often shocked by what they hear for the first time about their own religion, yet another proof that the Muslim establishment intentionally spreads misinformation and ignorance about basic Muslim doctrines to Muslims. Many Muslims, even from Saudi Arabia, call in to renounce Islam.

Unprecedented defiance is happening in the heart of the Muslim world. Recently a prominent Egyptian female attorney and human rights advocate, Nagla Al Imam, announced she left Islam and became a Christian and insists that she will remain in Egypt, in defiance of Islamic law condemning her to death. She is now under intense 24-hour security. Islam is in trouble from within.

Both King Abdullah, custodian of the two Holy Mosques of Islam in Mecca and Medina, and the Islamic establishment everywhere, are extremely alarmed by the status of Islam today. Their power to control Muslims, trained for centuries to blind submission, is slipping away. Huge sums of oil money dedicated to rescue Islam’s image, is not enough to do the job.

That is where Obama’s services come to the rescue of King Abdulla. Obama’s bow to the king was no small matter, but of great significance in Muslim culture. It is a Muslim symbol of subjugation and inferiority.

Liberals argue that Obama’s decision to hold a trial in New York of the confessed mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, and the rest of the Guantanamo detainees, is proof of the US’s just legal system. But the Muslim world already knows that. Not one Muslim country demanded such a trial or claimed the KSM was innocent. To the contrary, the Muslim public, in general, think that Americans are stupid for opening their country to such terrorists and giving visas to terrorists while often denying it to legitimate travelers. Recently, my daughter innocently asked: Why is America trying to tame untamable terrorists? It is like “having a pet shark”.

The claims that such a trial will give an opportunity to the terrorists to justify their actions and hate propaganda, is true, but it is much more than that. Such a trial will vindicate and justify mainstream Islamic education of hatred and will help the Muslim establishment tighten their screws. It will greatly boost the status quo in Muslim counties and an opportunity for Arab media and Muslim clerics to justify 9/11, their hate propaganda, incitement to violence and outright lies. This trial will be a setback to Muslim reformers, human rights activists and Arab feminists. It is telling them there is a good reason for Islamic violence dictated by Sharia law.

This trial will create unnecessary sympathy among the many uninformed Western citizens to Islamist fictitious ‘causes’ and finger-pointing Muslims have been taught and believed in since birth.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Obama has given a great gift for the New Year to the custodian of Islam, King Abdullah; a self-imposed trial by the victim nation of 9/11, a free televised propaganda machine from ground zero, to rescue mainstream Islam’s reputation. Protecting the image of Islam is one of the basic duties of Muslim leaders and the utmost obligation of every Muslim who is obliged by Islamic law to lie, cheat and kill for its sake.

By holding such a trial in New York, America, intentionally or unintentionally, will be contributing to reforming Islam’s image, supporting its old ways of doing business and suppressing the brave reformation movements across the Muslim world, a true New Year’s gift to King Abdullah.

  • Robert Bernier

    Every American should know the truth

    No one should miss this video:


    Look to the end ( 10 min.)

  • Robert Alebon

    Thank you Nonie Darwish for this update in what is happening in the Arab world. I have hope that Islam will change under the weight of it's own contradictions and the
    defiance of a few very brave people. Hopefully, the ignorance of the US government
    won't cancel out their bravery and willingness to put their lives on the line.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rain-Bow/100000594678826 Rain Bow

    My honorable Leader The King Abdullah of ksa is being Efforts of PEACE of the World. The king abdullah is the only leader who are sincer of this condition of the peace comeback to the universal.
    I request to world leaders comunity all Departments UNO Will higher a huge universal level award programe for ” big nobel PEACE award to pay THE Honorable The KING ABDULLAH Of Saudi arabia as According his Efforts Of PEACE of World & his Leadership of Islamic philosiphy.
    A minoer Servent Of the King

    • Brandee9

      Oh my gosh … learn to talk and then say something worth listening to…..

  • thinker1

    Oh, yes, yes! Honorable King! Bama has bowed to him with great respect! Yes!
    He might even kissed The King's hand (some even called it “gaff”)! Yes!
    Bama glorifies him like nobody else!!! Not even his wife/boys!
    The “PHILOSIPHY” is so deep, Mr. minoer!

    P.S. there might be a message on your answering machine from your shrink about missed visit.

  • thinker1

    Great comment from Afr-American about Sharpton & Bama:
    “Fast talkin, jive ass, liberal, Un American racists… and he calls himself a Reverend?
    This guy will use any and every racial comment he can find to stir up as much hatred as he can, right along with his brother Reverend Jesse Jackson and their other brother Reverend Jerimiah Wright.

    I am amazed that my black brothers and sisters can’t see what has been happening to them for the last 50 years!
    These guys, along with the Democratic Party, have been hustling the African-American population for decades and no one seems to have figured it out…. And now the black population has helped elect another wolf in sheeps clothing (Obama), who is putting the shackles back on them, and locking the plantation’s gates.
    (but you have to be willing to open your eyes to see the truth!)

  • USMCSniper
  • trickyblain

    –He might even kissed The King's hand (some even called it “gaff”)! —
    Is that English? You might want to do a rudimental proof of your posts — make sure what you write makes at least a modicum of sense — before crowning yourself FPM Resident Spellchecker.

  • LindaRivera

    Global jihad is waged against us and the U.S. response is meek submission!

    Please sign the PETITION!


    Terror Alert: Stop the KSM Trial

    Attorney General Eric Holder has once again put the welfare of Americans in jeopardy by granting 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and his minions the right to a civil trial in New York City. AG Holder is giving terrorists the same rights granted to you and me as citizens of the United States.

    Let me be blunt: Foreign terrorists do NOT have protections reserved for Americans under the Constitution. Some would even have you think that these 9-11 murderers are protected by the Geneva Conventions, but a reading of the Conventions will show that to receive protection, enemy combatants MUST by easily identified as such. These terrorists hid in plain sight.

    Terrorists are enemy combatants that have been tried in military tribunals for more than 200 years. But a weak stance by AG Holder shies away from strong measures. His foibles include:

    * Giving KSM and his cohorts a stage on which to ridicule our great nation
    * Disregarding common-sense security for an international terrorist, creating a grave security risk
    * Throwing away millions of dollars we simply cannot afford
    * Using New York City as a political arena, when it is still recovering from the trauma of that horrible day
    * Exposing the city’s fine citizens to this travesty, exploiting them for their selfish agenda

    We are committed to having AG Holder reverse his decision and move this trial back to a military tribunal where it belongs.

    Help us reach our goal of delivering one million signatures to the desk of Attorney General Holder. We need you and the help of your friends to make this happen.

    Sign petition now:

  • LindaRivera

    FREE THE SEALS! The U.S. government is persecuting and prosecuting our brave military for doing their job and risking their lives for America! Who will be next? Bring our courageous military home now and stop this cruel abuse of America's patriotic heroes!

    HUMAN EVENTS Petition To Free the SEALs
    by Human Events

    Hon. Robert M. Gates
    Secretary of Defense
    The Pentagon
    Washington, DC

    Dear Secretary Gates:

    We, the editors and staff of HUMAN EVENTS, and the many Americans who have attached their signatures to this petition, hereby request your personal intervention to dismiss the charges against Navy SEAL operators SO2 Jonathan Keefe, SO1 Julio Huertas and SO2 Matthew McCabe.

    These three men are charged with abusing a terrorist they captured in a daring nighttime raid on or about 1 September 2009. On that night, they — as part of a platoon from SEAL Team 10 — captured and detained Ahmed Hashim Abed, one of the most barbaric and dangerous terrorists in Iraq. The terrorist — in a move that is literally right out of the al-Queda training manual — complained of abuse, apparently alleging he was struck in the stomach.

    We had hoped that the SEALs’ commanders would dispose of this matter at the lowest level — with a scolding and perhaps a few hundred pushups — for anyone actually guilty of inflicting an inconvenience on this bloody-handed barbarian. But on 29 September 2009, Gen. David H. Petraeus signed a letter authorizing MGen. Charles T. Cleveland to dispose of the allegations of misconduct. In that letter, Gen. Petraeus said that MGen. Cleveland could, “…dispose of these matters in any manner you deem appropriate. This includes the authority to convene courts-martial at any level up to and including General Courts-Martial and to refer charges concerning these individuals to any court-martial.”

    The three now face special courts-martial next month. We believe their commanders — including General Petraeus — have failed you, the SEALs and the American people by not preventing the matter from going this far.

    You are the person next in line above General Petraeus in the chain of command. You can, legally under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, intervene to dismiss the charges against the three SEALs and direct that they be restored to duty.

    We respectfully request that you do so forthwith. For this matter to continue — and to place the honor and fighting future of these three men at stake — is manifestly a gross injustice.

    Respectfully submitted,


  • Len Powder

    What Obama sees and admires in Islam is that it has 'unified' many nations, cultures and peoples, consistent with his globalist agenda of doing the same thing to the entire world through the UN, international tribunals, global warming enforcement agencies, etc. What he can't see or refuses to is how Islam 'unified' so much of the world – by war and conquest involving the slaughter of 300 million people. When it comes to Islam he is a complete ignoramus.

  • bruno michel

    Dear Nonie,
    i was very glad when i read your comment about the muslim world, it is my hope that this evil doctrine is shaken at its foundation and that these nations have a free choice what to think and what to believe (of course i would hope too, that as many as possible may get to know Jesus Christ, after Mohammed this is like coming out from darkness to the light, from death to life) . About Obama, may America be saved from this evil man. all his deeds show that in his heart he is a true muslim.
    yours sincerely

  • G. E. Nahum

    This is just one more proof, as if was needed, that Obama is really a muslim at heart, if not officially, and his main proccupation is the defense of Islam's image and dignity. It must not be forgotten that Obama was born a moslem and grew up as a moslem and although at a certain point he started going to church and officially started practicing the Christian religion, there isn't anywhere a trace of his conversion. His Cairo speech full of historic falsehoods is one of the many evidences of Obama williness to be an apologist of Islam.

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