Take That Taliban

In his June 5 Cairo speech, President Obama stated that the United States has litigated cases “to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab and punish those who would deny it.” However, Mr. Obama did not tell the Muslim world what they needed to hear, and should have heard from the leader of the Free world. He had a moral obligation to add that we need to protect the right of Muslim women not to wear the hijab and punish those who force them to do so.

No one has prevented Muslim women from covering up. Even in France, the law only prevents Muslim women from covering their faces, which is very important for security reasons, to say the least, and also in schools for reasons of integration. But Obama wanted to score political points against Sarkozy, the French President. He also wanted to win favor with Muslim radicals in Egypt who rioted against France. In the process, the President forgot to say what should have been said in defense of women’s freedoms and human rights. That part of his speech was probably written by his head-covered Islamic adviser, Dalia Mogahed, who supports Sharia, Islamic Law.

Many Muslim governments do not force the Islamic outfit on women. Egypt is one such country, and the problem for the majority of Egyptian women is not being forced by their government to wear the hijab, but rather, they are forced by radical Islamists and their families. Mr. Obama should have known that the Egyptian government itself often discourages women from covering up and actually forbids the wives of Egyptian diplomats from wearing the hijab and even head covering. The reason I know that is because my brother is an Egyptian diplomat. The social and religious pressure on Egyptian women is huge and tyranny does not necessarily come from the top but often from Islamist Sharia enforcers on the streets who often want to take matters in their own hands. They use ridicule, pressure, intimidation, humiliation, and even throwing acid on women who do not wear the Islamic garb. Going with his Islamic advisor’s suggestion, Ms. Mogahed, President Obama chose to please the radical tyrants in his statement on the hijab. He should have known and should have mentioned how many women in the Muslim world suffer from Islamist tyranny, even the Egyptian Christian women who often choose to cover the Islamic way so as to avoid social stigma and physical violence.

Pleasing Islamist tyrants is not difficult to do. Just agree with all their demands, confine women to a life of imprisonment in a Burka and in the home, hand them Israel on a silver platter and allow the spread of Islam in your country, preferably to such a degree that it will finally be taken over by Sharia. That is all that Islamists really want. Being true to goals of political and religious freedom and to human and women’s rights will only get you in trouble with Islamists. Why bother with that if you want them to love you and to stop their terrorism? It is not difficult or brave to try to please Islamists and to ignore Muslim reformists who, after all, form the minority.

Coincidentally, it is President George W. Bush who actually liberated Muslim women in Afghanistan and who stood up to the Islamists like a hawk. He destroyed the Taliban, who treated women like cattle on the street, prevented them from going to school or work. Now Obama has set a standard of appeasement with Muslim countries which will be hard to change for the next administration, which will be viewed as anti-Islamic if they stand up for freedom in the Muslim world.

Our brilliant media has constantly tries to portray the opposite image of the two presidents. Obama became the progressive pro-women liberator and Bush was the conservative oppressor. Nothing is further from the truth when it comes to the Muslim world.

Unlike many Muslim leaders, President Obama associates Islam with wearing the hijab, when that is completely unnecessary, especially when Muslim immigrants should be embracing Western culture and seeking to assimilate. Otherwise, why are they here? The Islamic head cover was never the way ordinary Muslim women dressed, until recently. It has been a fashion statement that started in the late 70’s early 80’s and Egyptian University graduation photos reveal that reality.

The trend in Egypt is gradually changing and several celebrities have taken off their Burkas. Even in Pakistan and Afghanistan, as shown in the photos below, college women photos in the 60’s showed no Burkas, but in the 90’s that blue Burka has become the norm.

The symbolism of radical Islam is encapsulated in the covering up of women and that trend needs to be exposed and rejected. Muslim women have been led to believe they are the champions of Islamic law by wearing the Sharia flag, the Burka. I have been told by a head covered Muslim college professor once: “Off the record, I wear the Islamic head cover for political reasons, the ethnic look always win in America.”

I and many Americans of Arab and Muslim origin are very troubled by the kind of influence Dalia Mogahed could have on our administration and policies regarding Islam in America. In her help in writing Obama’s Cairo speech, she catered to pleasing her friends, the Muslim Brotherhood rather than the anti-Sharia progressives of Egypt.

Wearing of the hijab outside of a Muslim country is very important to Sharia lovers, like Ms. Mogahed. Incidentally, the literal meaning of her name, Mogahed, is ‘the jihadist.’ Wearing the hijab in the West is a statement that says: “My loyalty is for Sharia first, I even support laws that oppress women and here I am as the example.” Mogahed herself never speaks against Muslim laws that allow men to beat women and never shows any  sympathy for the women who suffer stonings or floggings in the name of Allah.

Just for comparison’s sake, below are the photos of Ms. Mogahed and the wives of the Egyptian president, the Syrian president, and the king of Jordan, no hijab.

Dalia Mogahed.

Suzanne Mubarak, left.

Queen Rania of Jordan.

Asma Al Assad, first lady of Syria.

Here is a photo of Miss Egypt:

Defying a trend of liberation for Muslim women, is, once again, an individual such as Dalia Mogahed, whose photo we saw above.

And guess who works for the White House?

In some circles in the Muslim world, the hijab has become a laughing stock and jokes tell stories of women cheating on their husbands with visiting men who hide under a woman’s Burka. Some Arab belly dancers put the Burka on as a sexy lure, as seen in the photos below.

But, only in America we must respect the Burka as sacred and must preserve it and never joke about how oppressive (and silly) it is – and has become in the 21st century. American female journalists often find it fun and perhaps a sexy novelty to wear the head cover when reporting from an Arab country. To them I say, it is unnecessary, since the first lady of that country often does not ever wear a head cover.

By hiring Dalia Mogahed, a Sharia supporter and defender, as an advisor on Islam in the White House, the Obama administration is choosing the radical side of Islam over reformist Muslims who chose to assimilate in the US. Obama is not supporting the side of the reformists, freedom lovers and women’s rights advocates in the Muslim world whose lives are threatened everyday. America is simply telling us not to assimilate and to wear the Burka, a symbol of women’s oppression which many of us escaped from.

The Burka, especially that covers the face, takes away women’s identity, physical freedom. It is unhealthy, unfriendly and sets Muslim women to a lonely isolated existence. Muslim women in America are very diverse and Mogahed should never represent them. It is a disgrace to bring Mogahed to the White House to represent American Muslim views.

Nonie Darwish is the author of Cruel and Usual Punishment: the Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law.

  • fatsybaiby

    you are kidding me, what a mess you have just said. covering ourselves is part of our faith. those who don't cover what should be covered is their choice out of faith. tell me is the nun forced to cover herself. i mean as Muslims we are even better in the sense that we get marry, serve our husbands as a completion of our faith in Allah but what about the nun, what has she got, who believed and dedicated herself as a so called virgin inside the church defying God's willing to procreate and play a vital role in human race development. you people are very funny. you want to put words in president Obama's mouth.

    • Michael

      Tell me fatsybaiby, what would happen to you if your husband saw you walk into public without a burka? What would he do? I know one thing. Hes not going to tell you that you look beautiful.

    • Eddina

      Cont. from above:
      You state that you are even better because you get
      married and server your husbands.
      Again, what a lot of garbage-thinking.
      Marriage as such, is neither good nor bad.
      It depends on what TWO people make of it.
      Your husband is supposed to serve you every
      bit as much as you serve him. Does that
      happen in your marriages?

      You think you are serving Allah? Nonsense.
      You Allah is just another name for the entity,
      the Force, The Creator, which we call GOD.
      God, as we know him, wants all of us to be
      equal……to have equal rights…..to serve equally.

      He wants us to be happy. He wants us to be kind.
      He wants others to be kind to us.

      He does not approve of a poor little 9 year old, or a
      little 12 year old, or 13 year old, being forced to marry
      a grown man, who tears her body apart with his
      sexual desires.
      She dies, but according to your religion,
      so what? She's just a female!
      (cont. below)

    • ahiret

      So, you are a muslim nun!, one of 72

    • Eddina

      You have been brainwashed! Hijab and
      Burqua are prisons in which to hide you.
      Men, in Islam, take no responsibility for
      their sexual urges, therefore they lay all
      the responsibility on you women.
      To (supposedly) keep them (men) from
      having extreme sexual urges and doing
      horrible things like rape, the order (by men)
      was that the women should conceal themselves.

      What a lot of rot! Women are equal to men,
      not 2nd best, not subservient.
      Your men should take responsibility for their
      own actions.

    • Eddina

      Continued from above:
      Why don't you crawl under that big old
      piece of cloth and do some serious,
      non-coerced thinking? Realize that you
      are just as human and just as good
      as any man. Not better; but just as good.

      You need every right which the man has.
      You need to walk around, free, not covered up.
      That MUST be uncomfortable and inhibiting.
      But then, that's what the men want for you.
      Don't you realize that?

    • gsw

      a) Lots of nuns no longer wear medieval clothes – I have never met one who covered her face.
      b) There is no ruling that you have to be 100% sane to marry a the dead son of a god.
      c) If I go in a bank with my face covered I get 'escorted' out – muslims don't. This is NOT equality, this is supremism.
      d) Procreating – read Malthusian Works re exponential growth.
      e) Obama represents the American people – they have a right, and duty, to "put words in his mouth". This is the difference between a theocracy like Shari'ah and a democracy like the American Constitution.

    • guest123

      fatbaby, or whatever you call yourself, I've been married to a Lebanese Moslem for 28 years. she has NEVER in her life worn one of those assrags on her head, she LOVES animals and we have three dogs that she loves and takes care of as if they were human. she speaks three catagory 5 languages fluently. she wears pants and blouses that, while conservative for her age, still gives her the abililty to be comfortable.

    • Skinner

      Im no Catholic, but I have a high respect for nuns, its a calling, a conviction to not just be a mother to ones own child but to be a mother to many people who are broken, hurt, and need help in a world that is harsh and cold. I hear from the Muslims that we as Americans do not respect their faith, I do but as I read you words, in my mind I see a religion that looks down upon all races and cultures. To get respect you must first give respect….My religion is one of Grace, and Love, and at times (not many) I ask myself why I believe way I do…but then I know the evil in the world and have dealt with things not of this world and believe me, nothing of flesh has anything on what the spiritual world has. Our fight is not against flesh but of things unseen… Oh Eddina and Michael…right on!

    • Lakevampire

      You are a MASOCHIST……….. There are places to practice this fetish Darling!

    • Araf

      I know why you guys are raising your voices against our burkha, its because of your guilt. and i know after u guys will agains raise ur against me that im wring and its not abut ur guilt for which is also u guilt that ur trying hide from urself. just admit it. ad u said the presidents of the country which banned burkha are getting kicked by their own people, e.g Husni mubarak, Ben ali, Bashar al-Assad, and also the King of egypt.

    • sarah

      That is khawarji ideologie, headcover is not obligatory in the Quran

  • fatsybaiby

    well am not here to insult or degrade any1 but just a slight comparison i wanted to make, clear and concise. you people are liars.

    • Kevin

      So then please stop insulting people.

    • davarino

      As long as you are not here to insult or degrade, then feel free to call us liars. By the way dear, where is the lie?

      • fatsybaiby

        the lie is ( The symbolism of radical Islam

        Wearing of the hijab outside of a Muslim country is very important to Sharia lovers,

        Defying a trend of liberation for Muslim women and many more. what liberation do we need more than what Islam has provided for women not only Muslims but all types. now does that answer your question

        • davarino

          nope, your wrong

        • Shaggy

          Then by saying you honor Sharia Law you say that it is that law you obey above all else. If you live in the Unites States of america or anything other than a theocracy that is illegal. The laws of our/your country come first. In this way we guarantee that people with suppressive ideas and cults can not take over and force their views on others. Sharia law does not allow for personal freedom. You are not free to decide for yourself if you want to obey or not. Your men force you into this and do horrible things to you if you do not. Sharia law was made and is modified by men, so how can this be holy law anyway? It is not logical and any religion or belief that honors hating another is a belief of the great Satan. You heart knows this but your brain has been confused. I pray that you will wake up and see that the only true power in the universe is that of Love.

    • Dhimmi 1

      Never has there been a culture so in fear of women's sexuality as islam. When you stuff half of your population into hefty bags and deny them the right to be educated, while preventing them from joining the workforce (in many islamic countries), the result is that your culture contributes little to the world. No art, no science, no industry…nothing. Then you wonder why your countries are third world shitholes dependent on the world of the dhimmi for all of the products and innovations that you use. Amazing!

      • xman

        And worse still, these Muslim third world craphole inhabitants celebrate the murders of Westerners who subsidise them to the hilt. I wonder how much money the 3,000 brutally murdered in the 9/11 atrocity gave, either willingly or unwillingly, to the very monsters who celebrated their incinerations by handing out sweets to children on the Muslim street over the years. That must run into tens, hundreds or thousands of millions – and for what?

  • fatsybaiby

    i tell u who ever wrote this insulted his own women by insulting Muslim women and their faith. because when we back fire to your comments, your people, your own women read it as an insult. stop insulting your own people. you have no respect for what ever you are and the people around u who loved a filthy unworthy dog like u. i wonder and pity who is your mother, sisters, your wife. i bet you are even a filthy bachelor. i bet you can't even have a wife.

    • davarino

      Hey numbnuts, Nonie Darwish is a woman. Not only is she a woman, but was raised a muslim in the middle east. So get your facts straight then maybe you have something worth saying. She is not criticising muslim woman that wear the hijab, but woman who are forced to wear the hijab. If you knew how to read english you would have got that from the article.

      • fatsybaiby

        she is a Muslim and still debating on Hijab. her duty is to convince women Muslims the importance of wearing Hijab and not to ciscourage. i questioned her faith.

        • gsw

          Wearing a Hijab is just so NOT important.

          FEEDING STARVING CHILDREN is important
          STOPPING THE RAPE OF CHILDREN is important
          ENDING SLAVERY is important
          STANDING UP FOR EQUALITY is important

          Your portable tent is merely a joke. So get over it.

        • davarino

          Ok question her faith. I dont think she cares if you question her faith. I dont know if she still is a muslim. I think she saw the light and is working to point out Islam falisies. One falisy she is trying to point out is that the hijab is not even mentioned in the koran. It was even used until recently.

          I feel like I am talking to a 12 year old. Really, did you read the article?

    • M Rob

      What kind of mental midget are you? Get off of this site and go serve your husband – don't you have to go make dinner and clean the house or kill a few infidels maybe. I thank God everyday I wasn't born a muslim – you people are so brainwashed you aren't even capable of thinking for yourselves.

    • Martin K.

      If you feel people are unworthy creatures, do NOT BLAME People BLAME your FREAKING allah for making then that way! This SUCKER ALLAH made some People just for nothing else as to torture them in HELL:


      And those who disbelieve Our revelations shall be cast into Hell; and when

      their skin is burnt up and singed, We shall give them a new coat that they

      may go on tasting the agony of punishment, for God is all-mighty and all-



      Surely! Those who disbelieved in Our Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses,

      lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) We shall burn them in Fire. As often as their
      skins are roasted through, We shall change them for other skins that they
      may taste the punishment. Truly, Allâh is Ever Most Powerful, AllWise.


      Lo! Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire.
      As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment. Lo! Allah is ever Mighty, Wise.

      (As for) those who disbelieve in Our communications, We shall make them


      enter fire; so oft as their skins are thoroughly burned, We will change them

      for other skins, that they may taste the chastisement; surely Allah is Mighty,

      Those who reject our Signs, We shall soon cast into the Fire: as often as their
      skins are roasted through, We shall change them for fresh skins, that they
      may taste the penalty: for Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.

      Some Verses of the “Koooraaan” stand “perfectly” on their own. The above is such one. No amouhnt of “context” will be able to turn this one into “God is loving his enemies”.

      You claim that you don't want to INSULT people yet here you call someone “filthy”.

      I guess your “peaceful Islam” doesn't extend past your nose. Thanks for showing again that one does not need a religion like Islam. You failed horrible to convince myself. Off you go now to another website, or maybe you simply change your “nick”.

    • xman

      Off you go back to your Islamic craphole, ungrateful and bigoted Muslim parasite.

  • MullahAssassin

    nonie darwish is a woman u idiot.

    Does it get hot in that burka during summer?

    • fatsybaiby

      she is a woman no wonder you supported her idea. thanks for that enlightenment.

    • guest

      Worse than that…apparently the all-wise Mohammed didn't let Muslim women know that they were increasing their risk of developing not only breast cancer but other forms of cancer. The research/epidemiology that has accumulated over more than a decade is unequivocal in demonstrating that cancer rates rise dramatically as one moves away from the equator, with women who wear full burkas (which blocks production of Vitamin D3) showing increased rates of cancer. Vitamin D is not really a vitamin but a sterol, a hormone precursor. Unfortunately most of the public is still unaware of this research which has been one of the hottest areas of public health research. Prevention seems to start at 1000 I.U./day and there are no big pharmaceuticals interested in it because D3 is cheap to produce (costing you 3-5 cents daily). The rates of cancer reduction in the Creighton study (with over 1000 women administered a mere 1100 I.U./day) was 60% over a 4-year period. Don't believe me, I'm just a Ph.D. researcher. Just plug in Vitamin D+Cancer in Google. But the rates of many other diseases also decrease with high levels of D3. The tasteless tiny pills of D3 (cholecalciferol) work EXACTLY as sunlight would when UV-B sunlight hits your skin, starting the process of production that evolution ensured you would still produce even in the absence of sufficient food. No space for this fascinating and important topic. But hey, take your damn burka off, babe….

  • fatsybaiby

    i believe u are a pagan

    • Martin K.

      I know a Muslim Family, the Father came to Austria /Klagenfurt (southern part of Austria near Italy) They came to this country in the late 1960'es . I knew him not so well, but several times I met him and his wife. Well, back then she did NOT WEAR a scarf” She was born as a Muslim! Last year just by chance I happen to meet them again. Guess what today she and her daughter NOW wearing that silly cloth! I asked her, if her faith back then was weaker? No was her reply. So she could be a Muslim with all the faith in the world, but still didn't need the OUTWARD SIGN.
      Also for the “tent”, In France two robbers robbed a Bank using this garb.

      But as I told you elsewhere, the danger doesn't come from folks who reject Islam, but from the “RADICAL” WITHIN, you should not engage in DAWA here, but among your brothers of faith, but will they LISTEN TO A WOMAN, who is only worth half of a male, or was made “stupid” even though allah could have created her intelligent? Do you honor a “deity” who created you stupid, I know I would not. But I'm sure you will reject this as a lie.

    • gsw

      Atheist actually and proud of my ability to remain unbrainwashed.

    • Rene

      actually you are the pagan, fatsy. you are the infidel.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/JosephWiess JosephWiess

    Wearing a burqa and hijab is taking the call for modesty to a radical degree. It is possible to be modest without covering yourself from head to foot.

    • fatsybaiby

      u are calling for freedom to choose. not all women agree to the unveil. they have the right to wear it as a symbol of their faith so whats your problem trying to convince them not to. don't they have the right now to wear whatever they like. tell me sincerely.

      • Shaggy

        You are a hypocrite by your own words. Sharia law does not allow you to choose and you know it. If this law was in place there is NO choice for anything. At least we try to give the choice and fight for the right to choose our own destinies and how we live, though sadly in this country we are starting to loose more of our own freedoms everyday. But this country was built and our Constitution was written to say as human beings we have inalienable rights given to us by God the creator that no one can take, and that we can not even give them away if we try. These rights are given and endowed to us when we are born. This concept is poorly understood in countries where there has never been any true freedom so I don't blame you for not understanding them but ask you as an intelligent human to use your reasoning ability and work out to the logical extreme the paths of your Sharia law and the path of freedom … Why are we born? What is life for? Is your life less valuable than mine? Why is (in your religions view) and infidels life worth less than yours and spoken of as an animal worthy of slaughter? How can this make any sense and how can this work? Kill them all? What?

  • jlhuffa

    I believe you are so entrenched in falsehoods from birth that you cannot see the light of day. You compared yourself with a nun who is also in the same position. Nowhere in YHWH's word does he demand covering yourself to the degree that you do. Covering yourselves as you and nuns do is because of the words of common man. Men have always tried to control everything in his realm to suit himself. This a perversion of God's wishes.Men have tried from day one to lord it over others and women have always been the center of those intents. Wealth,power and sexual pleasure has driven men to extremes to attain these for himself. This was never in God's plan for his Creation. This is Satan's way of perverting everything in this world to try and become the ultimate ruler. Men are supposed to treat women as kindly as they would treat themselves or a stranger. God also says to use self control in all your actions.Lack of this self control is a product of following the suggestions of Satan, no more, no less!

    • fatsybaiby

      even if covering is a man made idea but looks and preserves modesty, tell me wouldn't u like to let your sisters become modest. u fool. what are u a human being or what. please we are free to chose what ever we want to do when it comes to religion.

      • MVM

        I believe that you are missing the point of the argument that Nonie Darwish makes in her article. She is not advocating AGAINST a Muslim woman's right to wear a burqa (if, indeed, it is a freely made choice and does not contradict the laws or security requirements of her domicle), but rather advocating FOR a Muslim woman's choice to NOT wear it based on her own free will. See the difference?

    • Martin K.

      The garb of a NUN could be seen as her "work attire". I used to know Priests, and fewer Nuns who when in private would wear civil clothes, like regular people. On the other hand I work with Muslim woman and since seeing their hair uncovered I didn't feel SEXUALLY attracted to them! Where does this crazy notion come from that a man BURNS with uncontrollable LUST, just because he sees some HAIR on a head?

      • Croc_doze

        muhammads idea. He was simply brilliant at faking

    • Toma

      Oh really?A perversion of gods wishes?You dont have a clue where your religion originated!THE MIDDLE EAST!!

      1Cr 11:4Every man praying or prophesying, having [his] head covered, dishonoureth his head.
      1Cr 11:5 But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with [her] head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven.
      1Cr 11:6For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered.

  • jlhuffa

    Punishing someone else for your own lack of control is Satanic.This is the reason every man is called individually to come to Yeshua (Jesus) for his salvation and let Him take over your heart to be able to do this.There is only one ticket agent for the train to eternal life and that is YHWH (God).Holding a ticket (following some man made beliefs) that you got somewhere else will leave you broken hearted, and alone, at the station when the train pulls out.Jesus did not send someone after Him to rewrite his Father's word to insert themselves into a position of power over other humans.This is what Muhammad, The Jesuit's, The Pope, The Mormon's and many other, man written, religions have done for centuries.Do not be sucked in to these false doctrines.Forgiveness and changing of ones own character to do God's will is the answer.Not beating someone for not being a slave or dressing a certain way.Maybe your allah demands vengeance for every little infraction of a false rule,but my God ( YHWH the true Creator) does not.

    • fatsybaiby

      man am not punishing any1. am not your God to punish you. lets not enter into religious debate. you are a christian or what ever hold on to your faith. tell me is our covering way out of religious believe and those of the Nun correct.

      • fatsybaiby

        is Jesus Christ sending messengers or is it God (Allah). this is your biggest misinterpretation of Jesus existence. am not here to debate that. it has been debate many years by great scholars. haven't you read

  • jlhuffa

    God gave every man 'freewill' to either follow Him or Satan. There is no in between,you love one or the other,not both!
    Your hatred of Jacob's descendants (Israel) is a sure sign you have chosen the wrong beliefs to follow.
    Ignorance will be no excuse on that final day you are alive on this earth.Remember that hatred of other people is of Satan,Love of others is the word of the true God,YHWH…
    Consider your plight carefully, and if you are mistreated just because you ask questions, then you are following the belief.The true God forces NO ONE to follow Him,it's each persons free choice….

    • fatsybaiby

      who said anything about hatred for any Israel or what ever.

  • fatsybaiby

    no wonder is a woman and idiots like supporting her

  • fatsybaiby

    i wonder y still ignorant stupid people like u still exist in this generation, where is the democracy u speak. the freedom for women.

  • fatsybaiby

    Islam has freed us thousands of years ago, where were u when women where being buried alive, burn with their dead husbands. sacrificed as pillars in building palaces. i wonder are u a real Muslim. if it wasn't Islam liberated Muslim women will u be here by now talking nonsense u stupid funny creature.

    • Michael

      Islam has done a real nice job brainwashing you.

      • xman

        Not so much brainwashed as having it hooked down through her nose.

    • gsw

      Nope, that was Arabia. Here in the west, we had boadicea, queens and priestesses. We had Beltane fires while you lot were still arguing about whether a women has the right to choose her own husband.

      Christianity and Islam brought submission and humility to the Tin Isles.
      We were free and are now again free and independent. Your choice – a whole person or a half person.

    • Eddina

      I note that you make sure to do some ugly name calling in each
      of your writings. That usually means that you don't have facts
      to prove your argument. Name calling is all you can resort to.
      And where was I when women were buried alive? Not born.
      Where was I when they (the wives) had to be killed if the
      husband died? I was Not born yet.

      YOU, however, are Islamic, and may possibly be living in an
      Islamic country. Regardless of where you live, however,
      YOU are a part of a religion — actually a political movement —
      TODAY in your lifetime, is burying women up to their necks
      and then stoning them to death.
      You are a part of that. (continued below)

  • popseal

    Discussions with Islamists are futile. "East is East and West is West and ner the twian shall meet, till earth and sky stand presently at God's great judgment seat!" Kilpling may be dismissed by the politically correct and the multiculturalist, but he was right about Islam as he was about many other things.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

      Spot on, Popseal! Yours is the best comment to this article!

  • Kim Bruce


    I think you are biased and uncontrollable.
    I believe you cannot read through the truth because you have been indoctrinated by the cult you belong to.
    If you could read the truth between the lines you would realize that it should be every woman's priviledge and freedom to dress the way she wishes.
    Are all women who are catholic dressed like nuns? No. They dedicate their lives to peace on earth and they don't look down on those who do not dress like them. They love human life more than their own and would gladly sacfrifice their lives to preserve another's. Muslims, on the other hand, desire death more than life. They place other human beings in harms way. They kill others for very small and incomrehensible reasons.
    Get a life and read the Qur'an for the truth about Islam.

    • George

      fatsybaby, I'm not one to jump on people on here, however, could you please post the part of the Koran that says, the woman should be covered all over except her eyes? I have read parts of the Koran, and read several articles, and watched several programs on TV that have mentioned this issue. One particular report mentioned the same thing about burqas in Pakistan, and Iran just to name a few. I think it would benefit us all on here if you could just put down where in the Koran that say it is the word of God ( allah) that says a woman must be covered.

    • infidel

      the truth is your prophet took a six year old bride! that explains an awful lot

  • Kevin

    thank you so much for the work you've been doing on behalf of your sisters. Such comments, as you no doubt see all too often, must bring tears to your eyes as they do mine.

    I truly do fear for so many who have placed their faith in Obama. It is amazing how blind they are. May God grant them repentance…

  • fatsybaiby

    tell me is Suzanne Mubarak or what ever is the name, the owner of mankind or religion for us to follow her. don't be ridiculous

  • http://StephenHuff.com Stephen

    I didn't know that about Obama's 'Muslim' advisor. Does he also have a 'Jewish', 'Buddhist', 'Caholic', 'Baptist' and etc… advisor? And what the hell happened to this country… had this been WWII, our generation might have elected TOJO or Himmler as the president!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/hopetotellyou hopetotellyou

      Stephen: Makes one shake the head in wonderment and dismay,
      doesn't it?
      November, then the presidential election two years farther down the line
      can't come quickly enough!
      I hope we'll still be surviving by the time we can get rid of Obama
      and his Czars.

  • tanstaafl jw

    The burqa and other forms of Islamic dress (an oxymoron) also pose health problems for the slaves who are forced to wear them. Our human bodies require vitamin D and gain a great of that vitamin from sunlight. Rickets is a disease that has been eradicated all over the world, except for Muslim countries. Guess why?

    • Eddina

      Good thought, tanstaafl jw.

    • Croc_Doze

      because allah denies sunlight in middle east?

  • Tim

    Man forcing woman to cover up in the name of Allah is just another form of control and abuse of woman in order to control her because the idiot man has no control over himself….

    • Eddina

      Yea for you, Tim!
      That's right. Islam does not require
      responsibility by men.
      No matter what happens to a woman,
      it is the man's fault.
      If they (Islamic women) ever had a taste of
      this wonderful freedom, they would
      surely realize that.
      Responsibillity goes both ways.

      • Eddina

        Correction: In the above, I said,
        (In Islam) "No matter what happens to a woman,
        it is the man's fault."
        BIG mistake. I meant that Islam always
        blamed the woman, never — or rarely — the man.
        A man can rape a woman and Islam may kill
        the woman for being raped! Atrocious!

  • fatsybaiby

    i think its high time to let the people practice their faith peacefully. do not mix Religion and today's politics. am not here to debate about all these things mentioned.

    hear me again with kindhearted and open minded, all am saying is that hijab or nikab or burker what ever they call it by you people, is not a symbol of radical Islam. as Muslim women we believe covering ourselves is a sign of modesty like the old religious women have done. if you cannot encourage us please leave us with our faith. please try to get my point clear.

    criticizing or bringing out old angers will never solve anything positive. we should look forward for the betterment and development of human race. Muslims believe in all prophets from Adam to Muhammad (PBUH), as the Qur'an thought us.

    God is hearing all that is said here. if its for the sake of enlightening and getting mankind together for the good, u know that ur rewards awaits u. may God save us all from satan and his people.

    • Eddina

      fatsybaby: I quote you:
      i think its high time to let the people practice their faith peacefully. do not mix Religion and today's politics. am not here to debate about all these things mentioned

      Please realize that it is Islam who demands that politics and religion be ONE.

      In our free country, we let people choose their religion. We let them change their religion. We believe that religion is a very personal matter between God and the person.
      The government cannot dictate the religion of one's heart.
      Islam tries to do that. It FORCES the religion and all its laws..
      That is my main complaint with Islam.

      • promethius

        faitsbaiby, you never answered my question concerning why it is that Muslims in Muslim countries terrorize believers in other religions: ie don't allow them to worship, build new churches, torture, have the death penalty for Muslims that convert, don't allow the building of churches in Saudi Arabia… I think you get my point….. Are they practicing TRUE ISLAM when they do those things?

      • James

        Right to the point Eddina. Islam would not be so odious if it did not want to force its way on to other people through intimidation, violence and d mandatory observance.

    • promethius

      faitsbaiby, you never answered my question concerning why it is that Muslims in Muslim countries terrorize believers in other religions: ie don't allow them to worship, build new churches, torture, have the death penalty for Muslims that convert, don't allow the building of churches in Saudi Arabia… I think you get my point….. Are they practicing TRUE ISLAM when they do those things?

    • pst314

      fatsobaby calls us dogs and then calls on us to hear him "with kindhearted and open minded". Yeah sure. We've seen over a thousand years of Muslim kindheartedness. Millions have died of it and many millions more have been enslaved and exploited by it.

  • Diann

    I agree with the above comment. Enforcement of women wearing full coverings indicates that Muslim men have no self control. In some hot parts of the world where people wear very little clothing, men are expected to control themselves. Perhaps their rules about no contact, no interaction with women, the criminalization of even talking about sex (Saudi) has resulted in massive frustration of men, who then create things like 'The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan', and the marrying and raping of girls – often to the bleeding to death of the girl, who is far too young for sex. All these rules scream to the rest of the world that Muslim men are too weak to control their impulses. Thank you, Nonie, for your work – trying to reach people with the true message of Islam – and it's not peace!

  • Jane Larson Baer

    Women civilize men. We should all, theoretically, be able to be nude together without sexual implications. My point is that all humans are in a physical body and no one should be ashamed of their body. Clothes are to keep us warm or cool as needed. If we look to the best attitude–that the genders are differect but equal–we see extreme coverings not needed by climate as sexually deviant.

    • davarino

      ok now you have gone to the other extreme. Dont get me wrong, your idea intrigues me heheh, but if we were all naked without arrousal then whats the point?

  • http://historyscoper.angelfire.com/tlwislam.html Historyscoper

    Keep up on mystery man Obama and the quest to prove whether he's Muslim or not:

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/GaryRumain Gary Rumain

    The only problem I see with this article is that you can't identify the religious persuasion of some of the women. Particularly from Egypt.

    Egypt's indigenous population, the Copts, still exist although tenuously. Having almost been genocided by the Arabs they are now down to 10% of the population.

    The Copts are Christian and don't have the imposition of islam forcing them to dress like beepeepers or tent dwellers. So some of those women like Miss Egypt may well be Copts rather than arselifting bints.

  • Mike

    i wish people could make a distinction between Islam and Arab fanatics whose tribal and cultural traditions are being forcibly shoved down others throoats–or can one honestly make that distinction???

    • MullahAssassin

      Islam and arab culture goes hand in hand. They grew up together in the 'hood back in the days of Mohammad. Islam is an arab male supremacist cult born in 8th century Arabia. All calls to prayer in mosques (Athan) all over the world must be in Arabic, and the Quran was first written in Arabic. Its hard to divorce Arab culture from (namely)sunni Islam, don't forget that the 2nd most important text to muslims, – the Hadith, was written by the accounts of mainly Arabs, over time.

    • Martin K.

      Well Mike , the way I see it, look how Muslims eradicate behavior that doesn't conform to “Islamic Law”. Great example here in Vienna, pork-meat food (like sausages) used to being sold on the Street is being replaced by “halal” food at an alarming rate. So I'm sure about it, if something went against Islamic Law, it wouldn take 1400 for it to be wiped out.

  • david

    You are telling us straight and may safely ignore the illiterate nutcases who call you names. Coverings that hide the face are an absurdity, a means to subjugate women and a public danger. Banks have been robbed in France by persons (no one knows whether they were even men or women) with their faces concealed. By the way, concealing the face in public with a mask is a crime in some U.S. jurisdictions for reasons of public safety.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/JollyJoe2 JollyJoe2

    A hijab doesn't cover the face…which is a fact that no picture of a woman in a full burka can change. Unlike many here, Obama doesn't want a worldwide conflict with Muslims…

  • JoJo

    The hijab doesn't cover the face.

    I can't imagine what terrible things I am supporting by not saying I don't support them.

  • MullahAssassin

    What is interesting to observe is if you get out a map of the world, you will see the regions of the world where Islam dominates, from roughly halfway in Africa (Africa is roughly split in half, bottom half of countries are Christian, top half are Muslim) up to the Magreb, Middle East and West Asia. What you will realize is the abject corruption, poverty, sexual frustration and belligerence of these nations. This is an overt generalization, but I would be very curious if someone did an actual statistical study to verify my hypothesis that where-ever Political Islam dominates a country, there is a strong correlation with a decline in human rights and freedoms. I'm positive Political Islam is a degenerative factor to the standards of living anywhere. Maybe Private Islam might be better, but state-mandated Sharia is just unhealthy. The biggest problem is that although the West divorced religion from politics long ago through alot of sacrifice (think reformation ->enlightenment ->secularism) Islam is the the exact opposite, – it attempts to marry the two. This is a fundamental and irreconcilable difference with the West.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/hopetotellyou hopetotellyou

      An irreconcilable differennce between Islam and The West.
      You are so right !
      I, too would be interested in a statistical study verifying your
      hypothesis that where-ever Political Islam dominates a country,
      there is a strong correlation with a decline in human rights and freedoms.
      Though I'd like to see such a study, I don't think it is necessary
      in order for anyone with a thinking mind to realize that the decline
      in human rights must occur under Islam's Sharia.

      We are idiots to be pandering to those who want Sharia here
      in the USA.l

  • Ted Hirsh

    Nonie Darwish should be advising our national security agencies and our administration on US/Middle East relations.

    • xman

      She should be, but thats not very likely. She isn't PC for starters.

  • Reneeca

    There is no use in trying to reason with a fanatic like fatsy! She sounds like she is ready to go over the deep end like so many other radicals who are blinded by their complete lack of reasoning! I say if they don't like the way america is and want sharia Law, they should go back to their country!

    • xman

      Remember, thats how she wants our women to look, encased in hideous black sacks that block out sunlight, and if she and her ilk ever get their way, heaven forbid that any Western girl should wear jeans and a T-shirt. Over the course of this century, they wan't Sharia to become the law of the land and stain the memories of generations of brave men and women who fought for the very freedoms that we take for granted, and more alarmingly, are willing to sell out to these medieval savages in the name of political correctness, and these medievals are typified by fathead, who follows the most brutal and barbaric cult ever seen on the planet in 60 or so centuries of human civilization, and many millenia before. The Neanderthal men of 100,000 years ago had far more respect for their women than the Muslim savages of today, and more to the point, Muslim women have no respect for themselves. A female donkey (jenny) has far more self-respect.

  • happy infidel

    fatsybaiby you are an oxymoron, you say "do not mix Religion and today's politics" yet in islam your clerics run the govts by proxy. in democracy religeon is well and truly out of politics unless you count the islamic feelings police, the ones who advise heads of govts how not to upset you thin skinned muslim types. I am waiting to see a Christian adviser to the pres, a Jewish or Buddist adviser being touted. Sharia is evil and from satan, islam is evil and from satan, muslims who follow mohummad are evil and from satan, leave satan and come unto Jesus Christ who was Crusified and died for your sins, he was raised up to life and sits at the right hand of god extending his hand of love and forgivness of sins unto you. if you fail to take hold of his hand, in the last day you will be cast down to everlasting distruction with your current god satan the devil.

  • Michael Allen

    Miss Egypt at the top of the page is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen! There is nothing more wonderful in the whole world than the female body, and lovely Arab women should definetly not be covered up. Beautiful women have alot of power over men, and I believe that ever time a womans' beauty is on display for all to see, the world becomes a better and more peaceful place. A womans' body is a temple that is worthy of worship, not something of shame that needs to be covered up.

    • Toma

      is that why jeiwsh women shave their head and wear wigs?

      • Michael Allen

        I didn't know that there were alot of Jewish women who shave their heads and wear wigs. Are the numbers the same as Muslim women who wear burkas? Also I'm not sure how a Jewish woman who voluntarily shaves her head and wears a wig is comparable to millions of Muslim women who are required by law to wear a burka. Perhaps you could enlighten me?

  • Aussiebabe

    How sad that fatsybaiby can only use insults. I feel sorry for you honey. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that is what is so wonderful about free countries. You can express your opinion without fear of reprisal from extremist, at least that is what I would hope.

  • USMCSniper

    Once again (parphrasing Quintus Batiatus) the clandestine Muslim Buraq Hussein doth spread our cheeks and bugger us.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/GaryRumain Gary Rumain

      That's why I call him a crypto-arselifter.

  • http://stopislamizationofamerica.blogspot.com/ Art Telles

    The Marxist and the Jihadist in the Oval Office…

    A fair and balanced question # 1…

    What do Van Jones, the "radical ends" poser and Jim Wallis, the current Christian adviser to Obama, know about marxism that Obama does not know?

    A fair and balanced question # 2…

    What does Dalia Mogahed, Obama's 'Muslim' adviser, know about Islam and Shari'ah that Obama does not know?

    What does Dalia Mogahed know about Islam and Shari'ah that Suzanne Mubarak of Egypt, Queen Rania of Jordan and Asma Al Assad, first lady of Syria do not know?

    America… we have a problem… the Eagle is being smothered.

  • henry

    Do you trust Masked men? I'm funny that way, when I see a masked person coming towards me at night, in my alley where I park my car in the garage, my heart jumps. I just don't trust masked persons, especially when I am with my two children and they start walking towards me.., oh, I know they don't mean any harm – they are just having fun scaring me a little, but still, I can't get over this fear I have of masked people – call it, "Maskedphobia" and maybe I should see a psychiatrist – what do you all think? Am I crazy?

  • Toma

    1Cr 11:13Judge in yourselves: is it comely that a woman pray unto God uncovered?

    The bibles final word.Now please argue with God.The debate starts NOW!

    • Hal Barton

      You know in your heart, Toma of the dome, that if women are masked soon the bank robbers will be using the same disguise – such a good mask as can hide hundreds of pounds of war weapon – a civilization of Masked men? give us a break! You know it would never work – if women could wear such an evil Mask so could any man – what the hell does any of this have to do with the old testament? And who cares what a woman does when she is praying? It is when she goes into the bank completely covered that worries us, or into the rest room marked, "females only". Toma, Toma, Toma! Please do cover your butt when you pray – do us a favor, but please do not wear a mask when you visit my Bank or walk on my streets late at night or in my alley anytime!

  • Andy

    This discussion has been going for years.
    There is no issue with Hindu women, Bhuddist women, Christian women, Jewish women…
    There are issues with Muslim women.
    Always with Muslim women
    Always with Muslims, with Muslims only…

    • Toma

      There is no issue with Hindu women, Bhuddist women, Christian women, Jewish women..

      If you believe that, you are an absolute moron.You think that wife beating is no problem in the Bible Belt,or that sexual and physical abuse isnt rampant in Jewish orthodox communities,or that Hindu women dont face severe discrimination from forced marriages or when they chose to divorce?Welcome to Planet Stupid!

  • Andy

    No matter what the veiled troll says…Who are we to illiberally deny aggrieved Muslims their cultural norms of cathartic public disorder?
    Most of them have feelings of religious supremacism and place themselves above the kaffur. They are hostile, arrogant, and inclined to violence. They self segregate…….
    They do not want to eat the same food as the kaffur, they don't want to dress the same as the kaffur, they don't want their children to go to the same schools as the kaffur and they don't realy want to work and live too close to the kaffur. They look down on the kaffur traditions, religeon and culture.

  • Andy

    And accoring to the troll above we must silently accept the assault on our own values, by an invasion of stridently intolerant migrants such as herself. And dare we object to this, we will be guilty of racism and bigotry.
    Well, most of us won't take it anymore. We have had enough!
    Those who identify themselves with a religion which denies the human rights of everyone else, and a faith community which looks down on others, shows NO respect for the culture, rights and values of others and is involved in violence and mayhem all over the world, deserve to be treated with reserve and kept at arms length and don't deserve to be treated with respect in return.

  • Guest123

    she has never and WILL never allow me to try to excercise my RIGHTS as a superior man (even if i were retarded enough to try it) and we live a great life together with mutual respect and honor for each other. I guess what i'm trying to say is that not all Moslem women are brainwashed, mind numbed robots like you (IF in fact you are really a female). my wife follows her faith in praying and fasting and all the rest but she doesn't take to the extreme like a large majority of the pathetic females who were unfortunate enough to have no intestinal fortitude and to rise up against thier male taskmasters. i'd be ashamed if i were a Moslem woman and didn't use every means available to me to cast off the tyranical practices brought on me by a bunch of smelly, immature pieces of human garbage like the individuals in the mid east who call themselves MEN.

  • henry

    Henry here! Debate is over! Civilization where many ethnic groups are together, living in peace, can't not tolerate people being able to move around and go wherever they might wish to go while being totally masked (more so than even a normal bandit!). That is a clear, self evident and obvious truth that is undeniable! It is madness to think otherwise! Perhaps, in a totalitarian, homogenized society, that had scant regard for efficiency, you can get away with it. But not modern society could survive and only a very young, or foolish person would believe such an obviously unworkable thing! Just read up above to get the true and instant view of what a foolish or immature person sounds like! Masked society indeed!!!!

  • henry

    (sorry about typos up there here is better)
    Henry here! Debate is over! Civilization where many ethnic groups are together, living in peace, can not tolerate people being able to move around and go wherever they might wish to go while being totally masked (more so than even a normal bandit!). That is a clear, self evident and obvious truth that is undeniable! It is madness to think otherwise! Perhaps, in a totalitarian, homogenized society, that had scant regard for efficiency, and likes to remain primitive, you can get away with it. But no modern society could survive and only a very young, or foolish person would believe such an obviously unworkable thing! Just read up on what the defenders of the veil are saying to get the true and instant view of what a foolish or immature person sounds like! Masked society indeed!!!!

  • 9-11 Infidel

    Fatsybaby is one delluded slave of the moongod. Guess she never read her own Koran. You know like the part that says that a woman isn't a human being she is a famer's field to be used: "Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will" (2:223)." Does this idiot like being used? And what does she think of this passage of the unholy Koran? The Qur’an tells husbands to beat their disobedient wives: "Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them" (4:34). And this woman clains to be free? What a moron.

  • Hal Barton


  • Eddina

    (continuiing from abu are also a part of the genital mutilation on young girls by
    clitorectomies and by sexually perverted Islamic men who
    marry these little children.
    Note the violence around the world. The highest percentage of it
    is done by Muslims in their cause to force people to become Muslim.
    How can you say that Islam freed you women when you are considered
    a 2nd rate citizen, not even given an equal credit for being a witness (purely
    because you are female), you are treated as children who must have a
    guardian with them at all times.
    You are so far from being free that you are unable to even conceive of the
    idea. I feel sorry for you, but you are to blame, also, because your
    mind is like stone, and you will not really learn.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/HenryCrux HenryCrux

    cover, smother, who care! You know what we are complaining about! Civilization cannot exist with totally masked people walking into our banks, and our schools where young children are kept in safety from pedophiles. No one would want to live in a city of masked people! A man could disguise himself as well as a woman and hide hundreds of pounds of war weapons under his mask – or carry off a child to marry later on – give me a break – masked citizens indeed! Sure, I'll believe anything!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/HenryCrux HenryCrux

    Hal here! Debate is over! Civilization where many ethnic groups are together, living in peace, can not tolerate people being able to move around and go wherever they might wish to go while being totally masked (more so than even a normal bandit!). That is a clear, self evident and obvious truth that is undeniable! It is madness to think otherwise! Perhaps, in a totalitarian, homogenized society, that had scant regard for efficiency, and likes to remain primitive, you can get away with it. But no modern society could survive and only a very young, or foolish person would believe such an obviously unworkable thing! Just read up on what the defenders of the veil are saying to get the true and instant view of what a foolish or immature person sounds like! Masked society indeed!!!!

  • fatsybaiby

    i read all ur comments, am so disappointed, i now believe that there are really lost astray people out there who cannot yet differentiate light from darkness, what is from God and what is from man.

    i know that most of u hv commented in anger. may God save our souls.

  • abid

    What a moron this writer is. No fact but just her prejudices.

  • http://redstocktrade.tk redstocktrade.tk

    reds to cktrade.tk

  • ARB

    Where do I start? Thank you, Nonie, for your incredible insights. I live with a Muslim family in America, and they are convinced I will convert. They are sincerely devout and good people, and I have made many concessions in my dress out of respect, though they have strange ideas compared to the way I was raised.

    Loving God as dearly as I do, and wiling to submit to His ways, I researched the Islam faith. What I found was disturbing because it appears the Muslim god is in no way related to the Judeo-Christian God, and the Sharia they want to usher in through jihad is nothing more than antiquated tribal law. How much faith could one put in a moon god who lives in a rock? (To his credit, he was the largest rock in the pile.) And it is these laws they want the US to honor!

    Spiritual Surrender is good. Surrender to a rock is not good. Dying for a rock is seriously not good. Killing someone because a rock-god told you to? –That's Sharia.

    See prophetofdoom (dot) net to see the illogic behind Muslim devotion. If you are Muslim, I dare you to read it and then still claim to be Muslim. prophetofdoom (dot) net is not political, but it does explain the irrevocable fallacy of Islam entirely through their own words through their revered historians, hadiths, sunnis, and the Koran itself. It is the best and most eye-opening literature I've yet seen, because it uses only the sources Muslims themselves revere.

    Some of the Muslims I know go on weekend 'mission' trips and bring me lots of pamphlets. I respect the depth of my hosts' devotion, but after learning more of the origin of Islam, I can no longer speak freely with them. The family I live with told me it is their religious duty to bring the entire world under Sharia through immigration, cultural concessions, and large birth-rates. Their goal for me is to 'educate' me and others like me who hold Judeo-Christian values. I do like the people I live with, and they are good-hearted, but there is little hope they will wake up–they do not study their religion, they only listen to the imams and pray.

    I will print this article and be quiet to see what discussion opens up. Thank you for writing.