Terrorizing Muslim Women

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There is an article floating all over the Internet, “Joys of Muslim Women,” which discusses the horrific truth about how Islam legally treats women. The article claims to have been written by me, but that is false:  I am not the author. Let me use this occasion, however, to set a few matters straight:

The silence is deafening around the world in regards to the inhumanity and brutality of Sharia towards women. Most of the activism against stoning, flogging and abuse of women under Sharia is heard from former Muslim women, like myself, and a few others in the West who dare to expose the truth.

Muslim women have no choice but to abide by Sharia, since rejecting it is grounds for the charge of apostasy, punishable by death. Having been exposed to Sharia for centuries, Muslim women have learned convoluted coping mechanisms to avoid Sharia’s wrath. Engaging in their own form of Stockholm Syndrome, most Muslim women publicly  defend the very laws that enslave them. Even Obama’s advisor on Islamic affairs, Dalia Mujahed, stated that Sharia is “misunderstood.” Muslim women end up as the guardians of their own jails. It is women who often report younger girls who refuse to wear the head cover, and some wives cover up for the honor killing of a daughter by their husband or son. Many have accepted their inferior status and wear it as a badge of honor.

That is why there is no significant grass-roots feminist movement in the Muslim world today. Muslim feminists are routinely accused of apostasy — with its death penalty hanging over their heads. The only feminist movements to speak of in the Muslim world occurred during British colonial rule and, on a smaller scale, when the French conquered Egypt in 1798. By the end of the British rule, feminism ended inside the Muslim world.

Many Muslims claim that “Islam honors women” just as they claim that Islam is a “Religion of Peace.” The truth however, is just the opposite. Islam does not honor women, but rather holds their very lives in absolute bondage.

America must outlaw Sharia from ever being practiced by anyone on American soil. If we fail to do this, if we permit Sharia to creep into our legal system, we might as well say goodbye to our freedom. Here are just a few examples of what Muslim women must live under:

[1] There is no age limit for marriage of girls under Sharia. A man can pay a dowry and sign a marriage contract with parents of a toddler girl and consummate the marriage at age 9. Recent cases in Yemen and Saudi Arabia exposed this tragedy when 8-year-old girls filed for divorce from their over 50-year-old husbands. Not one Muslim authority challenged the Saudi marriage high official, Dr. Ahmad Al Mubi, who stated in 2008, in an interview that aired on LBC TV: “There is no minimal age for entering marriage. The Prophet Muhammad is the model we follow.”

[2] Islamic law states: “a Muslim will not be punished for killing an adulterer.” Islam, therefore, encourages honor killing of women. Since men have more sexual rights than women in Islam, it becomes harder to catch a man committing adultery. Thus women become more susceptible to becoming the victims of the above law, which allows vigilante street justice against adulterous women. I have never heard a Friday sermon stating that honor killing is forbidden in no uncertain terms.

[3] A rebellious wife is one who “answers her husband coldly” or refuses to go to bed with him.  Rebelliousness on the part of the wife nullifies the husband’s obligation to support her and gives him permission to beat her (Shafi Law m10 and m11 p. 541-2). The Prophet said: “A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife.–Sunaan Abu Dawud, 11.2142

[4] Divorce is only in the hands of the husband and is as easy as verbally saying “I divorce you.” Thus the wife is divorced whether the husband had the intention to do it or not. Law n3.2 p 559.

[5] There is no community property between husband and wife in Islam. A Muslim wife would be lucky to inherit 20% from her husband. A man’s property after his death is not given to his wife, but is divided among many members of the family such as his parents, other wives; sons take double what daughters get.

[6] A man has the right to have up to 4 wives. Polygamy is not just a right, but loyalty to one wife is discouraged. Mohammed said: The best Muslims had the largest number of wives,” Bukhari 7.62.7.  A Muslim man does not vow loyalty to his bride in the marriage ceremony and the bride must not expect it. In the Muslim marriage contract itself, the husband is asked to give name and address of wife number 1, 2 and 3 if any. (See a copy of the Muslim marriage contract in my book, chapter 2 of Cruel and Usual Punishment.)

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  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Reason_For_Life Reason_For_Life

    Nonie Darwish:

    Thanks. I knew that Islam mistreats women but this level of abuse is shocking even to me. No human being should know of these things and not be revolted.

    I pity poor Sakine Mohammadi Ashtian whose life almost certainly will be snuffed out to satisfy the depraved desires of moral degenerates.

    • michelle

      You know there are different levels and sects of Islam. Most notably, the sunni and the shia. These sects are at odds with each other's beliefs on Islam. I think in the middle east is much more severe. I found in North Africa, who are mostly sunni, it's a different situation. And then when you divide the arabs from the berbers in north africa, there are differences – although they of course share the basic beliefs. And even in North Africa, country to country, there are differences. Moroccans have had huge exposure to western living due to occupation by spain and just by virtue of their location, they have a very high population of french and spanish in their country. In Casablanca women wear spike heels, svelt clothing and drive motorcycles. We have to be careful not to generalize and lump every muslim in one basket. I don't agree with the religion but it did start with the Old Testament and then went off the cliff. When muslims talk about the "west" they mean europe, canada, and the usa – they see us americans the way they see europeans and we're doing the same thing to them!

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

        michelle, you might want to read Jihad Watch. The lump the West together because of our secular laws, and they view this as sinful. Remember, many Muslim women who live in the West are murdered by their relatives for being too Western. I would suggest that if you scratch the Casablancan surface a huge well of misogyny will surface.

        You are correct that not all muslims are alike, but after talking with a few Muslims, teachers I work with, after the PC speak, they often become enraged when discussing a few facts in the Qu'ran, hadiths, and the reality of totalitarian Islamic regimes. They often state that they are not practicing true Islam, but when pointing out specifics they shake with rage, especially when discussing Mad Mo.

        We can criticize religion, politics, and each other with no fear, and Muslims have difficulty accepting this.

      • Chezwick

        Don't be taken in by Michelle's apologetics, people. It is the old canard we've heard so often that "Islam is not a monolith"…and that therefore we have nothing to fear.

        The truth is that though there is indeed a degree of diversity in the Muslim world regarding culture, language, food, and dress, there is little or no diversity in the application of Sharia. Muslim women in northwest Pakistan speak and eat differently than those in northern Nigeria, but both are subjected to stoning if they commit adultery.

        As for Michelle's shining example of Morocco as a beacon of tolerance, she is perhaps unaware that dozens of Christians have recently been expelled from that country for the "crime" of witnessing their faith. Can you imagine Muslims being expelled from the West for proselytizing? Of course not!

        Finally, Michelle's obscene linkage that Islam started with the "Old Testament" is an outright falsehood. Muhammad had a vague understanding of Judeo-Christian theology learned from his travels as a boy in the camel caravans, and he attempted to co-opt the existing Abrahamic model by incorporating it into his newfangled "revelations". But the link is entirely superficial, and Islam is and always has been an entity unto itself.

        • gcr

          I to have worked quite a few years in north and central Africa. The fact that different peoples who call themselves 'Muslim' act differently does nothing to alter the true doctrine of Islam. To the purist Muslim, most you are referencing are 'apostate' in that they are not following the true and 'perfect man' Mohamed. Remember, there are two parts to his life; the 1st period of his life he was quite powerless, and his often quoted 'there is no compulsion in religion' statement was 'delivered from allah'. Later when he had a large following, was rampaging around the country getting followers by the sword, you either became a Muslim, or paid jiza(high tax if you were a 'follower of the book' who did not want to convert). If you happened to be a 'pagan polytheist', then your options were to convert to Islam or be decapitated. If you happened to be a follower of Islam but became a Christian, you would be given 3 chances to revert back to Islam, or be beheaded. That is just a single example of this 'perfect man' and his god.

        • Babs

          I believe what Michelle is stating that even though Islam didn't have it's START in the O.T., Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hagar (Sarah's maid) was the father of a great nation (the Arabs) even though God was establishing his covenant with Isaac, the son of Abraham and Sarah…so. we can chalk it up to, if only Abraham had had patience and waited on God to fulfill His promise, there would NOT be these descendants of Ishmael that has now espoused Islam….end of story….just mho

      • gcr

        Islam did not start from the old testament. It started from a guy who wanted his own following, and to try and attract others from their varied beliefs, took little bits of names and places associated with each, and tried to 'sugar coat' for his (or Lucifer's) purposes.

    • sarahhhh palinnn

      you're being misleaded why dont you ever ask a muslim women how many times has your husband beaten you? look at her see if she has any bruises bcuz she'll have none!!! you know whos being opressed? arrogant people like you who dont look at credible sources and instead look at PROPAGANDA
      Women are much more respected in Islam then in any other religion
      you will never find a muslim woman dressing half naked and exposing her chest to gain attention of men
      you will never see a muslim woman starving herself in order to look thin to please her man
      you will never see a muslim woman pregnant with some other guys baby whom she had a one night stand
      you will never ever see a muslim woman who covers herself in makeup to look more beautiful to please a man
      you will never see muslim woman getting boob surgery and vagina surgery and nose job and a face job to please her man
      you will never ever see a muslim woman more respected and cherished then in islam where they tell you you are beautiful the way you are and that you dont have to expose yourself to get attention

  • dan o'hanlan

    It is interesting that people can do this to themselves. They can invent, and then follow as sacred, doctrines that make huge numbers of women into mental and physical slaves.
    Or, as in the case of socialism, they can invent, and then follow passionately, doctrines that reduce the freedom and prosperityof huge numbers of people.
    Mankind is pretty hopeless.

  • Marty

    muslims don't want peace, they want victory over non-muslims and won't stop their inhumane activities until infidels are wiped out or reduced to slavery. This is what occurs when a pedophile and genocidal sociopath successfully establishes a death cult.

  • Alex Kovnat

    From what I've heard, the founding father of Islam had a 9 year old bride.

    Its as if it were found, or that there was evidence all along, that Vladimir Lenin messed around with adolescent or pre-adolescent girls.

    Islam is going to have to change and adapt, or become as virulent a cancer on the soul of humanity as Marxism.

    • Mel

      This is why Islam does not allow any form of criticism. Any objective examination of its tenets is deemed as insulting to Muslims, and they go on a hissy fit, killing, raping, looting and rioting. That is why apostates are routinely killed — and that is what the Quran demands.

      Actually, Mohammed married Aisha when she was 6 years old (according to authoritative Islamic sources — Hadith: Book 62 number 64 Bukhari ). He reportedly did not consummate it until she was 9. But he did engage in mufa'khathat (or "thighing") which involves rubbing the penis between the thighs of the little girl to achieve orgasm.

      In Bukhari book 4: 231 we read:

      "Narrated Sulaiman bin Yasar:
      I asked 'Aisha about the clothes soiled with semen. She replied, "I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah's Apostle and he would go for the prayer while water spots were still visible. "

  • Jane Baer

    Thank you Ms. Darwish, I admire you greatly and so does my husband & our 7 children. I am a conservative mother and therefore (in a false sense of being non-judgemental) have failed to see the harm done to my fellow-females around the globe who are oppressed by Islam and even have to feel that their own subjegation is part of their belief. They must believe in their own subjegation in order to function. I always have felt that mutual respect is the natural human connection between a man and woman who share raising their own children. In my heritage (Swedish) there are ancient artifacts of the respectful male/female couple like an adult male/female set of twins: equal but different, positive but proper. Thus it is my natural right to feel equal but different, positive but proper with my mate…and I think this basic ideal of coupling pops up everywhere even when the local culture is perverted. Therefore, I would think there exists couples even under Islam who enjoy one another's company and enjoy being with their own children whose bond is strong to their parents because the parents bond is strong to one another. Is this true? Are there man/woman couples under Islam who love each other?

    • Nadia

      Yes there are, however it is not because of Islamic teaching, but because of the goodness in our human nature given to us naturally by God

  • michelle

    excellent point. thanks for your point of view

  • steven L

    Where is the women liberation movement?
    Where are the NGOs
    Where are the democrats? Forget the left, the socialists and the communists.
    What about the UN and the UNICEF (a girl is a future woman)
    Where are all the organizations defending supposedly the human rights?
    Their silence is deafening!
    Forget what Islam does to non Arab Muslims.
    More than 80% of humanity is sub-human. or dhimmi.

  • Alex Kovnat

    @Jane: There probably are man/woman couples under Islam who love each other.

    But then, there were probably many man/woman couples under Stalin or who lived in Hitler's third reich who loved each other. But Stalin, Stalinism, communism, Hitler, Hitlerism and Naziism were still wicked phenomena.

  • http://islamsfatalflaw.blogspot.com/ Bob Smith

    Islam is a cult. Yes, it is big and successfull cult – but it is still a cult.

    One way to unwind this Islamic cult is to free all Muslim women.

    Pass this article on to as many women in the non-Muslim world as possible. When the non-Muslim women respond to the injustice of Islam, their Islamic sisters will change Islam from within.

    • dredgery

      free them by whoring them out as your society does…….look at your own daughter dresses today.

      • MMcFM

        I have no daughters. My sons are men of honor who regard women with respectful distance regardless of how they dress. Only perverted islamic males are not taught to hold themselves to a standard of sexual behavior that is more sophisticated than animals.

      • den

        Much better to honor kill Muslim daughters when they try to leave Islam or throw acid in Infidel women s faces to teach them about Islam dress codes, and when needing a wife to force Seik women into Islam as done in Britain.

        After a victim being raped, demand 3 male witnesses to the event, like your society does. Then stone or whip her for being a victim.

        Look at the way your daughter dresses in a Burqua or some headrag, today. If she takes it off she dies. (She is just property, not a person) Clearly you have a superior culture.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

        So a teen who wears a short skirt is being whored out? Get real. I wore short skirts and hip huggers in the sixties and was not a whore. A whore is purchased and controlled by another who pays her or him. That said, you are whored out by your respective Middle-Eastern Muslim controlled governments.

        What a fool!

      • Chezwick

        'Dredgery's comment is very, very instructional, folks. This is how Muslim men and women think. A girl wearing revealing clothing and kissing a boy is considered the vilest of sins…"whoring"…but murdering such a girl for her "crime" is considered normative and just. This kind of twisted, convoluted value-system is proof positive that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with our own culture of freedom.

      • "gunner"

        "how she dresses" has no bearing, i grew up to treat women with respect and courtesy, even a naked strip dancer performing before my eyes. she is still a fully human being, however she makes her living, and how my daughter dresses is none of your business, or anyone else's. she is a good wife and faithful to her husband, as i have been to her mother, setting the example without need of threats of beatings or murder, and if you were to attempt to treat my wife or daughter as a "whore" the last things you would experience in this world would be a loud "BANG", a muzzle flash and a deep short pain in your chest as the lights go out, for you, forever, and they would not wait for me to do it. i have trained and armed them and they are quite capable of taking out the trash for themselves.

      • gcr

        In any civilized western country, the worst rape and child molester offenders per capita are Muslim. Check out the statistics.

  • Chris

    Jane Baer asks if there are man/woman couples under Islam who love each other. Certainly, but that would be due to their innate humanity, not to their imposed Islamic ideology. I was surprised to learn recently that the famous economic philosopher, John Stuart Mill, wrote a book "The Subjection of Women" 140 years ago. In it he said that the subjugation of women is the last remnant of slavery, echoing what Nonie Darwish has written. "For every one who desires power, desires it most over those who nearest to him. . . At present, in the more improved countries, the disabilities of women are the only case (save royalty) in which laws and institutions take persons at their birth, and ordain that they shall never in all their lives be allowed to compete for certain things. . . The disabilities, therefore, to which women are subject form the mere fact of their birth, are the solitary examples of the kind in modern legislation."

  • Nam Vet 1966

    If you look at the history of the feminist movement and the UN, you will see some similarities. In all my years I have never seen a feminist group or the UN stand up and publicly protest the abuse of women in the Islamic world. The feminist take on important things, like bad mouthing Hooters girls or Playboy bunnies but will not say anything about Muslim men performing female genitalia mutilation and honor killings. The UN has never protested genocide in Muslim Africa against Christian women, nor have they EVER said anything about Indonesian Muslims killing Christian school girls. They have virtually ignored the slaughter of Christian women in Nigeria. But they do investigate the United States when they have a shooting in Baghdad. Oh yeah the last time I was there Iraq was a combat zone.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

      Yes, I am a feminist who is appalled by the lack of rage regarding Islamic mysogyny. Feminists always resort to the Old Testament stating the Bible is just as bad. Sure, but most Chirstians and Jews have denouced the mistreatment of women.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/loseyateefa loseyateefa

    I have read/own Nonie's books, Walid Shoebat's books, and many others on the evils of Islam. I have studied the headlines and history from around the world and this is my conclusion:
    Islam is from the pit of hell. Allah is satan.
    Here is a free 295 page pdf downloadable book by Sujit Das:
    Unmasking Muhammed: The Malignant Narcissist and his Grand Delusion Allah https://acrobat.com/#d=WsvZBY1sY0pLKbrDQmGZyA
    Every muslim should be forced to read it to give them the sense to leave Islam, and every non-muslim needs to read it to defend against those who don't.
    The author uses extensive understanding of psychiatry, history, the Qu'ran and the life of Muhammed. It is the most exhaustive source I've seen. He doesn't hold the copyright and wants this disseminated as widely as possible. Please repost this source as often as applicable.

    • "gunner"

      thank you for the link, i've put it in my favourites file and wil read more of it this evening.

  • Alex Kovnat

    Dredgery writes:

    >free them by whoring them out as your society does…….look at
    >your own daughter dresses today.

    Choosing radical Islam as the solution to sexual immorality, is like choosing communism as the answer to the plight of industrial workers in the early 20th century, or choosing Hitlerism as the solution to lack of law and order on our streets in the 1960's or 70's. Surely there must be better ways of dealing with social problems and issues, than surrendering our freedom to the likes of Lenin, Hitler or the deciples of a prophet who may well have been the Vladimir Lenin (if not the Hitler) of his time.

  • Mel

    The late Ayatollah Khomenei said:

    A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual acts such as foreplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not committed a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged. If the girl, however, is permanently damaged, the man must provide for her all her life. But this girl will not count as one of the man's four permanent wives. He also is not permitted to marry the girl's sister."

    You can't make this stuff up. I strongly urge everyone to read the Quran and the Hadiths for themselves so they know what it really says…..and the picture ain't pretty!!!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

      I have, and there is a valid USC.edu site that provides three translations of the Qu'ran and hadiths.

  • USMCSniper

    The NOW COW feminists are a cowardly bunch. You would think that these cowards should be protesting that we even have diplomatice relations with these major oppressors of women like Pakistan, yeman, Egypt and other islamic hell holes. Let alone sending them their hard earned cash as jiyza. no the NOW COWS are too busy worshipping at the feet of PC leftisim and their marxist muslim Obama.

    • Zedonia

      Absolutely true! How shameful the attitude and behaviour of so-called feminists of today, who IMO have totally lost their way and missed the boat. Feminism isn't about how much sex you can have freely or how many abortions either. It's about standing up for your rights as a female, and that includes the entire female gender, and not exclusively since it really is about human rights,respect, dignity, freedom etc. for ALL of humanity and ALL "life" forms. To hide behind "moral relativism" or political correctness is disingenuous. In essence, it's a selfish disregard for others and ignores the plight of so many women throughout the world. If this is human nature, then it needs to evolve. The civilized world depends on it!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/RogueWave24 RogueWave24

    Nonie, I am applying pressure on my local representatives to write legislation, similar to that of Oklahoma, to ban sharia law from my state. It is a slow process, but I am not going to let up until there is a new law or amendment to my own state's constitution.

    • Terry

      We must all fight . This is a Christian Country !

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Ivan_in_Phoenix Ivan_in_Phoenix

    Islam is like 'Lord of the Flies' but for adults.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ObamaYoMoma ObamaYoMoma

    Reading this article written by a female Muslim apostate confirms the fact that besides being just a religion like other religions, Islam is also a radical form of totalitarianism that harshly persecutes and violently oppresses women and non-Muslims among other things.

    Which is why Islam is incompatible with Western civilization and also why the immigration of Muslims to the West should be outlawed and reversed. Indeed, Muslim immigrants living in the West never assimilate and integrate. Instead, they establish Muslim enclaves that become Muslim no-go zones, which are ruled and governed by Islamic Sharia Law and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside. Not only that, but Muslim immigrants also become a 5th column that can be drawn upon to perpetrate terrorist attacks when called upon. As a matter of fact, without the presence of Muslims living in the USA as a 5th column, 9/11 would have been entirely impossible.

    Indeed, in the Cold War we didn’t allow millions of Communists to immigrate and infiltrate our countries because that would have been suicidal. Yet, because of political correctness, that is exactly what we are doing today, we are allowing millions of Muslims to immigrate and infiltrate our countries to become a 5th column and it is very suicidal.

  • Ahmad

    Ok, man , we don't have rights and we are shitholes. Now fuck off !!

    • Nadia

      The problem Ahmad is not you or the ordinary Muslim, it is Muslim scriptures, your holy books that command you to kill, it is your Sharia which is the most oppressive law that the world has ever seen. Have you read your Sharia books or your Quran lately?

    • johnnywood

      You first.

  • Ron Grant

    "The silence is deafening around the world in regards to the inhumanity and brutality of Sharia towards women."

    " The silence is deafening" has unfortunately been true in too many instances in modern times from the Holocaust to the Nakba to Rwanda and other examples of man's inhumanity to man,women,child ,vulnerable groups and nature.We must always be vigilant for such examples of cruelty and unconscionable acts by any nation and support those individuals and NGO's e.g.AI, HRW,etc whose agenda it is to monitor such vile acts.We must also be cognizant of our own biases be they towards NGOs or various other ethnic,racial or other vulnerable groups.Muchiboy

    • MixMike

      "We must always be vigilant for such examples of cruelty and unconscionable acts by any nation and support those individuals and NGO's e.g.AI, HRW,etc whose agenda it is to monitor such vile acts."

      Unfortunately, HRW and other NGO's are on the Islamic Bloc's payroll. Good luck getting them to bite the hand that feeds!

    • Chezwick

      What about the bias of AI and HRW? AI fired an Indian officer because she dare insist that Jihad isn't just a defensive mode of war…and HRW recently accepted Saudi largess at the precise moment they ratcheted up their bias against Israel.

      Finally, your equating of the Holocaust and Rwanda with the "Nabka" reveals the extent of your own bias. The first two were an orchestrated genocide killing millions, the other was a war of independence in which thousands of non-combatants were exiled. How sad you are unable to make such an obvious distinction.

  • Katharina

    Islam is an ancient Arabic death and sex cult! Nothing less! The founder of Islam, Mohammed, ttook Aisha, 6/7 years old as his 'bride' (he was 50!), and then even took a captured Jewish girl, Saffiya, 17, as his ‘bride’ amongst 15 wives altogether, whose Jewish husband and father were murdered in Khaibar (Mohammed was 57!)– see http://www.muslimhope.com/WhyDidMohammedGetSoMany….

  • zahra

    As a rather liberal muslim i was pretty neutral when it came to the debate of how non muslims view islam as a religion so when i saw the hateful comments left by the readers i was shocked . Not every muslim is a psychopath on a crazed rampage out to kill every muslim he sees . Being a girl taught in a catholic school by nuns i never felt as if there was any difference between me and any of the other girls . When i cover my head its a sign to tell the world im a muslim and im proud the same way christians wear there cross or the jews their kippah only for me to be harrased and called names by others . When you talk about sharia law any man who or woman who hurts ,rapes or commmits adultery against an innocent is not worthy to be called a muslim and well if a man rapes a woman the punishment is death thus the reason for four witnesses so an innocent man may not be accused but many scholars treat it as crime against the land so no witness is required as for adultery the punishment for a woman is same as that of a man . When talking about muslim men they are not barbarians my own husband has never told me cover my head i do it by my own choice my father never directed a single harsh comment toward me or my mother .I have not seen a single woman in my society forced into being married .So please i urge you not to hold the sins of a few horrible men against an entire nation .

  • Elaine P

    Excellent article. It should be forwarded to ALL LIBERALS who are against Israel because it shows the simple facts, Islam, Sharia law, Muslim countries treat women like property, and does not allow equal rights. Liberals moan about equal rights, womens rights, fairness in courts and yet often don't support Israel. Israel is the only Middle East country where women have rights equal to men, and are treated with respect. You don't get that in Islamic countries. Islam at it's core is ugly for it's "dhimmi" class, marriages to 9 year old girls, honor killings, and for commanding Jihad. It has no redeeming qualities, and this article brings this to light, and underscores why we should also not allow a mosque at ground zero.

  • Utah_Mormon_Patriot

    Political Correctness (Suicide?): Thanks, Nonie, for enlightening us with documented facts, history and personal experience—so rare in heated issues.
    America is indeed the wonderful country of hard-won-freedoms and compassionately assimilated pluralities and cultures. BUT our present national obsession with so-called “political correctness”, “liberalism”, unlimited “rights” and unlimited “freedoms” appears assured to lead us to catastrophe—-especially with such quiet “diffidence" to religions with laws/rules diametrically opposed to our own national laws/standards, in particular with its so-called “radical” component being clearly at war with us and dedicated to our demise and/or to imposing Islam, Muslim or Sharia law upon us and the world.
    Mere complaining is insufficient. Action is required: suggestions follow.

  • Utah_Mormon_Patriot

    Con’d) I have to be very cautious here because I am a member of a historically abused, still-greatly-misunderstood. Christian religion—Mormon or Latter Day Saints. In the 1800’s the Mormons were persecuted, jailed, murdered and wrongly, repeatedly driven from their burned-out USA homes and cities—finally into the unknown western wilderness—and often accused of being a cult. So I don’t want to be guilty of same.
    Despite this above reticence, I’m appalled by America’s silence, misdirection and lack of rational self-protection. I’m dismayed at our apparent national inclination toward self-inflicted suicide. Few great civilizations persisted more than a few centuries. Most all fell from allowing decay within. Is this fate?
    Factual information, ground-swell dissemination, and education of the non-elite populous and their demanding action of each of our individual political representatives at all levels seems to be the method needed by reasonably intelligent, patriotic Americans.

    • maw

      Having a lot of wives is perversion,if you are smart there is boundaries that does that should not cross.Any pervert should have their head cut off so is Joseph Smith burn to the stake.He did talk to the Angel,there is no plates that he buried(ha.Ha!) scholars said so,but the bible that was found there was evidence,so how can you deny that?moron mormon?

    • Wendy Kennedy

      Agree completely. Same is happening in Australia. I've tried very hard debating with a Christian guy who converted to Islam. The party line that is quoted back is designed to 'block'. He does not focus on what you are saying….it took me two years of constant back and forth to get him to admit that raping a woman is wrong. Amazing brain washing goes on in this religion and young teenage boys are fodder for this rubbish. I would deport all imams preaching violent jihad and sedition, immediately, if I was in charge of Australia.

  • Reesie

    We are at war with the SYSTEM of Islam. Islam is not just a religion, it is a financial, political, economic, social system that enslaves people and teaches its subjects to kill anyone who will not submit to Islam. They have Islamic Sharia Law and Islamic Sharia Banking Law. Obama had a loophole put in the Health Reform Bill that exempts Muslims from having to abide by the law so we will all have to pay for their coverage, but they won't have to. That is part of Islamic law. Dhimmitude. Non-Islamics are sub-human and are taxed and persecuted and tortured and forced to pay for the Islamics…and then the Islamics kill the Infidel. Islamic fathers and mothers kill their own daughters for not being Islamic enough.

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  • Wendy Kennedy

    I have read Cruel and Usual Punishment by Nonie and was rivetted at the research and the information she had gathered and put into a concise book, with all the inherent references at the back. It was so shocking, I typed it out and sent it to all of my friends to read. It was the quickest way to tell them what was really happening with Sharia Law and the risk to the West. I simply cannot believe one simple thing….that the women being subjected to this cruel treatment don't rise up and refuse and walk away. The West needs to protect their precious freedom and intellect, which seems to be missing in the Islamic community.

  • valhalla

    Islam is a cancerous growth spreading through out the western world by immigration and -breeding many -many babies, by allowing sharia law into England-this will lead to it's downfall, you cannot have dual laws to run the country and so -incompatable -one respects woman -the other -doesn't, England is now supporting-polygamy and paying for it as Abdul has 4wives -they can now live off the taxpayer ,does that mean now English men can now have many wives also ?how has England and other European countries allowed all they believe in to be overtaken by such an uncivilised -barbaric -militant-ideology posing as a religion -by first stopping freedom of speech -death threats -and no criticism of -islam.

  • Yahlite

    how can you talk about muslims

    muslim girls in UK Canada and USA are doing prostitution to help pay their studies after they going on private clinics to do vaginal surgery to become virgins again when they decide to married

    how can you call islam the best religion when you are racist and the terrorist of this world

  • http://www.scribd.com/michelle6aryellah6jo Michelle Aryellah Johnson

    here’s what I say, as one who has a fatwa on her own head, (and yes, I can bring proofs, testimony and other relevant materials into the debate): instead of talking about Islam, and it’s barbaric msyoginist religious dogma, how about we discuss how to give some aid and comfort, opportunity of rescue to these women who need reconstructive surgery for Islam’s culture of amputations, FGM, wife beatings, and the like, or who wish to leave Islam and leave the Middle East or at least leave Syria for Nazareth, Israel – I’ve claimed the one million dollars reward in the Alex Odeh case so demand the establishment of a UN Regional Human Rights Terrorism Court in East Jerusalem and Safe Conduct – Safe Passage for suffering women and children in Syria to enter the Golan Heights and (since I’ve volunteered to serve in UNIFIL with the Oregon National Guard before, as an IDF Observer, I can provide armed transport as a MDA First Responder in the Golan Heights – It’s senseless to debate about religious and political differences when we are suffering and need our own medically necessary medical care (myself included):
    I have a checking account I have connections in Nazareth, Israel and am just sitting here waiting for someone to DO SOMETHING POSITIVE instead of talking about what really doesn’t matter much