Throwing Apostates to the Wolves

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Fahmy is not the only person actively defying Islam’s apostasy laws from inside the Muslim world. Naglaa Al Imam is a prominent human rights attorney in Cairo, who has lost her job and ability to earn a living and has been tortured and threatened by the police and other people in power. Other  high-profile apostate pioneers are Mohammed Higazi and his wife and children, Maher El Gohary and his daughter, to name a few. The reason these apostates are still alive is because they have become known internationally and Islamists do not want to tarnish Islam’s image any further by killing them. However, many of them are forbidden from leaving the country and are beaten, tortured, and harassed.

Other lesser-known cases of apostasy have ended in tragedy. In one case, a young mother of two by the name of Nevine was killed in an Alexandria, Egyptian jail.

Before we give in to the demands of hostile activist Islamic apologists in America, let’s insist they agree to abide by a standard that is even remotely on the same level respecting minorities and apostates in their Islamic countries of origin.

To date, no Muslim organization in America has signed the pledge that Former Muslims United sent out requesting repudiation of Islamic laws condemning apostates to death.

Nonie Darwish is the author “Cruel and usual Punishment” and President of

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    Sharia is literally defined by "Jim Crow".

    1) Non-Muslim men are forbidden to marry Muslim women (while Muslim men are free to marry non-Muslim women)

    2) Non-Muslims are forbidden to proselytize among Muslims (while Muslims are free to proselytize among non-Muslims)

    3) Non-Muslims are encouraged to convert to Islam (while Muslims are forbidden to convert to other faiths)

    4) Non-Muslims must seek Presidential permission to build a new house of worship or repair an old one (while Muslims have no such requirement)

    5) Non-Muslims must pay the Jizyah, a discriminatory poll tax (Muslims are exempted)

    I could go on, but I think the point has been made.

    PS – Nonie Darwish is a treasure!

    • tanstaafl

      An apt comparison! And yet, opponents of Islam's ideology are often accused of racism. Another irony is lost on the faithful moment.

    • Peter C

      While I agree with much that you have written above, there might be one error. Jizyah was recently re-introduced into the Swat valley in northern Pakistan but as far as I am aware, it does not exist anywhere else. If you know where else it exists, please let us know. Facts are important.

  • Indioviejo

    This is a group that needs to be in the public eye for their own protection. Nonie Darwish is doing a very humanitarian job of bringing this group and Mr, Kamal Fahmi front and center, to shame the Egyptian authorities into protecting these threatened minorities. Tariq Ramadan should stop his shameless whining about a nonexistent discrimination of muslims in America. Why in the world would I want to live in a place where I am hated? Nobody asked them to come.

  • davarino

    Thanks Nonie, you are a great woman, of great courage. You know the other side is losing when they have to start lying and threatening with death to maintain their members. The more the world sees the real islam the more it will be rejected. Even Russia and China keep it at arms length, they know better then to let it flourish in their borders, their not stupid.

    • ForJesusILive

      "Doesn't places in China kill you if they find you practicing the christian religion?" I have seen it before. They beat this ole lady, broke all her fingers so she couldn't play anymore, but by the Grace of God she could still flip the pages in her bible to read them. (; How awesome is God!!!

      • ForJesusILive

        "She use to play piano."

  • aspacia

    The West might demand tolerance for nonMuslims in the Middle-East before any more aide is provided.

    • marat1

      You have hit on something I myself have proposed for ages. Islamic regimes will never reform Islam. The West needs to be proactive in insisting on changes to Islamic ideology. And you are on the mark, the financial carrot is a HUGE factor in how this can be implemented. Without the West insisting on changes and tying those reforms to economic goodies, nothing will change.

      • aspacia

        Unfortunately, we need the oil

  • sflbib

    No need to point to Islamic hypocrisy to make the point. Just look at the direction and number of Muslims voting with their feet.

  • bdouglasaf1980

    The Christian church should step up and help those condemned by the islamists. They can provide hiding and funding for their protection.

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of Christian churches are too afraid this will look anti-muslem and not politically correct. It might give them a bad name causing them to lose the all mighty dollar.

  • Historyscoper

    Being tolerant of the intolerant is mighty big of us, but is it wise to allow mass immigration of the intolerant to our country?

    Keep up on the Islamic threat daily free at

    • marat1

      Little by little, Westerners are starting to wake up. Those who are EU members have been literally forced to wake up and numerous nations are starting to implement laws that will contain Islam from spreading its ideology (along with terror) in their nations. Westerners need to be made aware that Islam is as much a totalitarian and fascist ideology at its heart as the "religion" it poses as. Given Sharia law, if Islam arrived on our shores a short while ago, it would be seen as purely a fascist ideology whose very tenets run counter to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It would not be trailed by believers, but by FBI members….

  • Ocean_Breeze

    Political correctness is what got us all into this mess to begin with. Political Correctness does not equal Tolerance and vice a versa.

  • jonmc

    "All of this is in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Articles 1, 3, 7.16, 18, 19."
    But not, of course, with the version accepted by the OIC (Organisation of Islamic States) that specifically makes all rights subject to the provisions of Sharia.
    Given that Muslims are commanded in the Koran not to obey non-Muslims (25:25) and therefore their laws; the only "human rights" legislation that can be in any way "binding" on Islamic Countries is that in submission to Sharia.

  • exmuslim

    There are thousands and thousands of Muslims leaving and trying to leave their families and neighborhoods or countries but if we live where one is chances of getting killed are high.

    World governments must wake up and so should the UN. There are millions of EX Muslims who demand a new country of their own.

  • exmuslim

    Please wake up all dormant people. Islamic terror is about to be launched on biggest scale ever

    • marat1

      With Obama in a total ideologically warped sleep, Iran is being given the blessings of this administration to develop a nuclear arsenal. Before long, we WILL awake to the news of the first Islamic Radiological bomb having been detonated in the West. Perhaps 10,000, perhaps 20,000 people will be murdered with fallout lasting for years. I predict this will be the turning point–the tipping point, if you will, for the present tolerance of "Islam as another mere religion," and a cognizance of its lethal agenda will be understood. I have no idea what the reaction of the public or the powers that will be at that time might be…but once again our world will instantly no longer be the same. My feeling is that the seriousness of things will be driven home in a visceral sense. Our public will throw out the A.C.L.U. types and extreme limits on the activities of Muslim groups will be demanded as just. Thing is, Islam IS openly at war with the West today–though Obama, every the polisher of the Islamic image, keeps reminding Americans that "we are not at War with Islam." These are words that could NEVER be sweeter to an Islamist. Naivete needs to be destroyed and a radiological bomb will effectively do that unfortunately. We are dealing with an enemy that has absolutely NO compunction about using ANY weapon that can inflict the greatest number of deaths of Westerners….anywhere. Its like living through a zombie movie today.

      • Crusader

        I have had the same fear since 9-11. The fear is based on a competent knowledge of human nature. For example, many traffic lights are not installed until the requisite number of people die or are injured at the intersection. I, too, expect a tipping point. Scares the hell out me! The civilizations of the West and Islam are totally incompatible. Because of nuclear weapons, the time when we could play whackamo with Islam is past.

  • Jim Johnson

    Even the extremist Muslims Muslims seem to have recognized that discrimination is an evil.
    That is except when THEY practice it.

    Such is a concept the multiculturalists have also adopted.

    Free speech is a constitutional right unless you are opposed to multiculturalism.

    Eric Holder is a great believer in equal voting rights. Except for white people.

    Janet Nepolitano does not believe in racial profiling unless it is white soldiers coming back from war.

    Obama does not believe in racial discrimination unless it is black agricultural workers
    who are discriminated against by farmers who prefer illegal aliens.

    Liberals are citizens of the world except they prefer to live, exception for vacations, in the western countries ,especially the USA.

  • marat1

    Tying in with an earlier comment by aspacia regarding tying in reform with economic aid, the tax-free status of Islamic institutions in the U.S. should immediately be revoked until Islam falls in line with being compatible with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The situation right now is that Islam is like Hamas–you know, claiming to be running a charity with one hand while being committed to killing the Jews. This dual aspect has fooled almost all North Americans. They have the folly and ignorance of looking at Islam as if it were "just another religion," akin to, say, Buddhism. Ridiculous. It is a supremacist movement at its very core.

  • Lion of Kabul

    I have said this before but it needs to be repeated.

    Muslims in the West should only be affored the same rights and privilages as they grant their religious minorities in muslim majority countries…. Virtualy none.

  • badaboo

    re: Crusader's statement , Winston Churchill said , Democracies do not act until there is blood in the streets . And so it will be .

    Forget about constitutions , human rights , or anything of the sort . Muslim behavior regarding non-muslims , and muslims they call apostate come rigfht out of the Q'uran, Sunna;s and haddiths . And nothings gonna stop it except hot lead . Face the facts .

    Unless of course you think you can reason with a rabid animal.

  • wayne

    islam is historically racist against blacks,in sura3,1206-107,it states(koran),that on judgement day,black-face3d men are to be damned,plusd the koran and hadith backed black slavery.also,it was european colonialists who liberated the black-man from islamic slavery in africa.

  • wayne

    that's sura 3 106-107,sorry,wayne.

  • Soldier of Humanity

    Take away the voting rights of the Muslims in secular western democracies like USA and UK. Limit their population. Ban their immigration.

    The Muslims as a special favor and since their voting rights are taken away, should in compensation be allowed to be administered under the Sharia. The non muslims with secular democratic laws. The secular laws should always override the sharia. In case of dispute between muslims and seculars – and found guilty — then punishment to the Muslims as per the Sharia and to the non muslim as per the Secular laws.

    All will be happy.