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New Report: Young Girls Increasingly Sexually Exploited on TV

Posted By Paul Cooper On December 27, 2010 @ 5:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | Comments Disabled

Most television shows have decided to portray girls as the sexual objects of men.  A recent study of popular prime time television shows has revealed that young girls are being sexualized at alarming rates.  Some of the most watched programs are regularly portraying young teen girls as nothing more than sexual play things.  The trend is becoming more perverse and the effects on young girls watching are becoming more and more damaging.

Parents tend to worry about their kids seeing what teens stars are doing in reality.  We try to hide their eyes from the real life antics of Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan, but maybe we should be more worried about what they see teen girls are doing on the TV shows they watch.

The Parents Television Council released a study this month that looked at the top 25 prime-time shows for viewers age 12-17.  It looked for scenes that sexualized women, and its findings were disturbing.  The study gave its own summary:

In summary, results from this report show that when underage female characters appear on screen, there is: more sexual content depicted; fewer negative responses to being sexualized; more sexual incidents occurring outside of any form of committed relationships; more female initiation in the sexualized scenes, or mutual agreement between the teen and her partner that the sexualizing incident is acceptable; and less accuracy in the content rating.

One of the more shocking revelations in the study is that there are actually more sexually charged scenes with young girls than there are adult women.  48% of sexual scenes on television showed underage females while only 29% were adult females.  A shocking 86% of scenes with teen girls are high school age instead of college young adults.  TV executives have made a clear choice to portray sex as a meaningless act most suitable for pre-teen and younger teenage girls.  It’s disgusting and utterly shameful yet the problem is only getting more atrocious each year.

To make matters worse, the study revealed that young girls are picking up the majority of their sex education and sexual values by watching these shows.  No longer are parents or even schools the ones helping kids shape their views on sex.  Now little Madison and Kayla are learning how to be sex kittens from creepy, middle-age men who make this programming.  Want an example?  Check out a 30 second ad for just one episode of Glee:

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