The Times Finds A Lone Crazed Assassin

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The New York Times’ front page profile on Saturday of professor Amy Bishop, who allegedly executed three University of Alabama Biology Department colleagues after being denied tenure, appears to be an exhaustively reported piece based on “numerous interviews with colleagues and others who knew her.” It portrays Bishop as violent and unpredictable, rejected by Harvard because of mediocre work and shunned by a series of neighbors and co-workers scared off by the suppressed rage that kept bubbling up to the surfaces of her social life, and also someone who may already have gotten away with the murder of her brother years earlier possibly because of her mother’s political connections in her home town of Braintree, Mass.

“Between brilliance and rage” is the caption of the photo of Bishop used by the Times for the story, although the piece makes no case for the former.  But is this all the news that is fit to print about the perpetrator of this murder spree in academe?  What about the “family source” who told the Boston Herald that Bishop was,

a far left political activist who was ‘obsessed’ with President Obama to the point of being off putting”?

What about the student who called her a “socialist”? What about one report that Bishop complained about a rule issued by University of Alabama administrators regarding underclassmen living on campus because she believed it was destructive of “diversity.”  And what about the crowning irony of this case, whether or not she made this complaint: that two of the colleagues she allegedly killed were black and one was South Asian, and that Bishop thus wiped out the 14 person Biology department’s entire diversity in one burst of gunfire?

Considering the politics of Bishop’s ressentiment might have helped fill out the Times’ portrait of a psychopathic time bomb who had already gone off several times in her disordered life on her way to the Big Explosion on February 12 in Huntsville. There is no doubt, as the blogosphere has already noted, that the paper would have pursued even the vaguest hint that Bishop had been a fan of Glenn Beck or was a Tea Party fellow traveler as a major story line. For the Grey Lady, only the politics of the Right is personal.

  • BS1977

    Now, she will get her tenure….lifetime tenure in a concrete pen.

  • mikidiki

    No doubt her professorial talents will be put to good use inside prison where she will be commissioned to set up a Convicted Felon Rehabilitation Program, an Adult Learning Back to Basics Program and Soirees with the Governor and Staff Diversity Celebrations; all will help her parole after ten years and assist in her next appointment at an institute of higher education.

    • donnamarie

      Don't forget the books, then the screenplay….oh, and the Oprah interviews.

    • Peachey

      Van Jones, previously of white house fame, is a well-known recruiter and motivator (of what I shudder to know) in the prison system. Perhaps with his guidance she can land lucrative contracts with the Center for American Progress and then be appointed to the white house czar circus where she can revel in the light of "the annointed one".
      As anyone knows, a Progressive is not capable of violent (my humor) acts. They are simply performing a courageous act for economic and social justice (my humor). As you can see, there is a radical descrepancy in qualifying psychopaths within the Progressive mind. Not all actions are equal to them and can be easily justified and excused.

    • brenanc

      One thing will help prevent the abominating possibility of her parole–she did this in Alabama, not Massachusetts. Alabamans will not shrink from keeping her behind bars, or giving her the death penalty. (And I'm not from Alabama, but I did enjoy my two-year stay)

  • Martine

    "A far-left political activist obsessed with President Obama" could describe the Times and its staff, too.



  • Theolonious

    She is an extreme outlier for academics in general. Quar & Quintiles below on the histogram predominate the data set.

    I'm 53. i have previously been sued as a manager for a major corporation in Labor and Civil Court. Despite a pile of paperwork documentation and progressive discipline leading to termination the suits went forward.

    My example cited here was in response to the question, "Is the American Legal system going in the right direction". My responded opinion was, NO, it is far too litigious, using the aforementioned example. The PHD (Pretentious Histrionic DICKHEAD) asked me the ethnicity of the employee.I HONESTLY replied AA. The Prof moved on.

    Man that story went through the entire dept. A week later another PPPPPPHHHHDDDDDDDD started the class by lambasting the entire class vigorously , criticizing the entire class and dept, and then claiming that all suburban edge city dwelling WHITEYS (emphasis his) were racist escaping having to live with minorities citing his example as the edge city i live in that has been in existence as a village for damn near 200 years.

    In ensuing semesters I have been personally attacked from the LECTERN in nearly every class . Nearly every one of these professors never held a job remaining in academia since doctoral achievement.

  • Jobe

    It is rather interesting that the man who flew his plane into the building containing the IRS office was immediately tagged a right wing nut, while this whacko, obviously a left wing nut, goes untainted by her multiple liberal ideas, associations, and ideosyncrisies. I guess it pays to be a psychopathic murderer who has left wing connections rather than one of those neanderthal right wing psychopaths.

    • bubba4

      Immediately tagged by whom?

      • Wideband

        within minutes of the story breaking, a furious left-wing blogger at the popular Daily Kos website — where countless Democratic leaders have guest-posted — fumed: “Teabagger terrorist attack on IRS building.” The article immediately cast blame on the anti-tax Tea Party movement: “After months of threats on the United States government, and government institutions, the Anti-Government forces known as the teabaggers have struck with their first 911 (sic) inspired terrorist attack.”

        At the eponymous mega-website of Arianna Huffington, a 2,000-plus comment thread was filled with allusions to “teabaggers”:

        I would bet he has a membership card to teabag nation and the Glenn Beck fan club!

        Tea bag bomb.

        Good to see natural selection still works! Tea party Unite!

        This guy sounds just like a teabagger.

        Oh please. This has tea bags dripping all over it.

        I hope teabaggers are proud!! …

        Great opening day for CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) isn’t it??

  • Seek

    This woman may be a Leftist, but the bigger story is that she's a criminal narcissist, someone possessed of a siege mentality. I know the type like the back of my hand. She never learned a basic lesson of Life 101: When you imagine hostile enemies, you create them. Her enemies were real — and of her own making.

  • crypticguise

    No one reads the NYTimes to get the facts on a story with any political nuance. FACTS are conveniently ignored whenever the story doesn't fit the Times peculiar view of the news.

    Any wonder why they are losing circulation so rapidly?

    • Bruce

      The NYT has gone from "All the news that's fit to print" to "Only news that fits the tint".

  • david

    One point made above needs to be clarified. Although the gentleman who flew his aircraft into an IRS building was immediately vilified as a right wing nut, that was the usual dishonesty from our media. He was in fact a leftist nut, as proved by the leftist written rant he left behind.

    As for the gun-toting professor, if she were conservative the media would have made that the main story. Since she was leftist, they spiked that aspect.

  • Jonathan

    The only reason a mediocre intellect gets so far in the Ivy League as this woman did, is BECAUSE of her far right politics and her slavish devotion to the Marxist cause. The Global Warming fraud now uncovered is only the beginning of a great unraveling of the fake veneer of respectability of leftist pseudo-science.

    The universities are filled with nuts like this woman. Start with Bill Ayers and Angela Davis and work down from there.

  • Jonathan

    … Pardon, I meant "far-left" politics in my previous post.

  • Big Elk

    Of course, Amy Bishop is a democRAT. If the truth were published in police reports as to the criminals' registered political party, more than 66% of all criminals arrested in the United States would have been registered democRATS, are registered democRATS at the time of their arrest, or adhere to democRAT party philosophy. As high as 85% of violent criminals are democRATS, and as high as 90% physically abuse their spouses and children. Liberalism is a mental disease and the democRAT party members are especially diseased. FO

    • bubba4

      "If the truth were published in police reports as to the criminals' registered political party"

      Why would it be? Unless the crime is politically motivated or incouraged by a party, why would it matter?

      Also…even if you are real dedicated Democrat…like an elected official…what is the Democratic Party philosophy? LOL….Politics is one dimension of life cupcake…lighten up.

      • USMCSniper

        Still defending the indefensible I see!

        • bubba4

          That makes no sense you moron.

  • John C. Davidson

    After a year, don't be surprised if she's given a pardon and becomes a Czar in the White House. She'd have no problem fitting in there.

  • Caron Kenter

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