Pelosi a Moderate?

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The presence of liberal bias and radical left-wing professors on America’s college campuses is as predictable as the rising and setting of the sun.  Whether it takes the form of inviting domestic terrorists to lecture on campus, requiring Marxist propaganda to be read for course completion, or offering the ever-popular “peace studies” program, radical leftism flourishes in the world of academia.  In fact, there are so many well-documented cases of it that pointing out examples of such educational malpractice is like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel.

But every so often you find a case that is so bizarre, so inexplicable (and yes, so maddening), that it warrants mention.  And when it happens in your own backyard, it becomes particularly noteworthy.

About a month ago, I received an e-mail at my radio show from a student at Indiana University Kokomo, enrolled in Dr. Earl Wysong’s Introduction to Sociology course.  The student was frustrated because he had been marked down on a class assignment for identifying Nancy Pelosi as a liberal on a political spectrum test.  Professor Wysong believed she was a moderate.

I had no reason to doubt the young man, but as an educator myself, I know it’s important to not jump to conclusions based on the accusations of a single student.  So I asked him if he could send me an electronic copy of the assignment.  Within hours, he had scanned the worksheet and sent me the image: Rush Limbaugh dutifully identified by the student as a far-right “ultra-conservative” with Dr. Wysong’s approving checkmark beside it; but Nancy Pelosi, whom the young man labeled “liberal,” was circled by the professor with a corrective arrow pointing to “middle of the road” (the incredible image is posted here).

Now obviously, it isn’t too difficult to understand Wysong’s strategy.  By ingraining in students’ minds that the ideas and beliefs of a radical leftist like Pelosi are “middle of the road,” their perspective of the entire political spectrum in the United States becomes skewed.  Mainstream conservative beliefs become “ultra” or far-right, reactionary thought.  Simultaneously, left-wing thought becomes “moderate and centrist,” with radical socialism and communism receiving the much more palatable label of “liberal.”

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  • PAthena

    Why is Dr. Wysong classifying individuals politically at all? Why is he using lists to check off instead of essays? Why does he, or his university, think he is teaching sociology, when it is political propaganda which he is spouting?

    • MsJuJuB

      An essay requires that the professor have the intelligence and accumen to read, correct and comment. A multiple choice test is a time and effort non-brainer that requires no effort as it is most probably corrected by computer or undergrad student.

  • jim

    Why, of course Pelosi's a "moderate", just like Obama, and Biden, and Reid, and Kerry, and Schumer, and Boxer, and Feinstein, and…

    NO liberals call themselves liberals, and neither does the mainstream media, or, as in this case, university professors. They're always "progressives", or "moderates", or even "populists", but they're NEVER LIBERALS.

    Muslims aren't the only ones who use tactics like taqiyya.

  • moshav

    pelosi is a demented and delusional fool who is criminal in her defense of the genocidal acts committed by fanatics inspired by the pedophile mohamad.

    • MsJuJuB

      Please Mo, don't lump Pelosi in with "fools".It is an insult to good fools everywhere.

  • jim

    moshav, why don't you tell us what you really think without beating around the bush.

  • Dulce Fuller

    I sent the following email to the Trustees of IUK:

    I recently read the incredible story of your Dr. Earl Wysong correcting a students paper where the student had correctly identified Nancy Pelosi as a political "liberal". Now really, this is too much. I hope you don't discount my anger at your employment of such a person who is either an utter leftist or ignorant and out of touch with reality. You owe it to every American who pays taxes for the employment of your professors and to every student who attends your college hoping for a real education to employ people of integrity willing to acknowledge FACTS. Anything less is political indoctrination. Most sincerely, Dulce Fuller