The New Attack on Palin? Associate Her with John Edwards

Wednesday, February 3, 2010, marked a new turn in the obsessive attacks on Sarah Palin: associating her with John Edwards.

In the New York Times Timothy Egan sees them as a pair of ethically similar “grifters” using populism to con the American voter–“playing to outrage while taking care of themselves.” In Egan’s view, both ginned up and profited from fears among a broad segment of the public who increasingly resent the success and power of the elites and feel that “America is passing them by.”

Edwards did this an arrant fashion by tearing the labels off his Armani suits and driving someone else’s clunker to rallies where he preached his blow-dried version of class warfare.  Now Palin is doing the same thing, Egan believes, by “charging Tea Partiers $100,000 to stoke their fears.”  (Yes, she has promised to plow her take back into “the cause,” but Egan assumes that she is a cynic whose only cause is herself.)

The comparison between the pair is asymmetrical and tendentious.  Egan doesn’t consider Edwards’ banality of evil—notably the lying treachery committed against wife and family, and friends and supporters.  But while  Palin’s failings, notably her “incoherence” and her lack of response to Glenn Beck when he asked about her favorite founding father, are not in any way equivalent to Edwards’ evil, they are more fully explored. It’s clear by the end of his piece that Egan isn’t really comparing the two at all, but using Edwards’ nastiness to make Palin seem sleazy by association.

Andrew Sullivan posted a nuttier but more interesting piece on Palin and Edwards on his blog on thursday  titled “My John Edwards Failure.”

He begins by acknowledging that he committed a double standard treating Palin harshly and giving a pass to Edwards.  But then he immediately reassures the reader that this doesn’t mean he is “backtracking” on Palin.  In fact, says Sullivan,

“All I regret is not being able to expose her for real yet.”

A surprising admission of failure by someone who has spent the last year and a half obsessing on her private parts, producing sick innuendoes about her family, and licking his chops over the dull normal baby daddy, Levi Johnston, and the big revelation he’s supposedly getting ready to deliver. Hasn’t he run her to ground yet? What more could Sullivan have done to her after months of subjecting her to the blog equivalent of waterboarding?

In the rest of his post—about his deficiencies is not getting  the Edwards story—he cultivates a weepy tone while making a very big deal out of an inessential disclosure.  He ignored the Edwards story, he says, because of his “leeriness of investigating people’s sex lives” (obviously he made an exception in Palin’s case).  Then he grandiosely struts his “sensitivity” by saying that he also “felt protective toward Elizabeth” whom he didn’t want to hurt at a time when she was “faced with mortality” and that he grieved over her loss of a child.

The bottom line is that he made a mistake “in making an assumption of a baseline of decency in public officials” and won’t do it again. Of course this assumption never did apply to Palin whom Sullivan has been lighting up—especially on the circumstances of Trig’s birth–during all those months when he was studiously ignoring Edwards.

What we can take away from this jive confession is that Sullivan will feel it his duty to concentrate his fire even more fiercely on Palin now that he has “learned” from his kid glove treatment of Edwards.

As if he needed a justification to continue this loony quest.

  • Bob Sale

    Thanks for this. I thought I was the only one outraged over that absurd and obvious smear of Palin. I don't even know, yet, what I think of her politics, but that blog was embarrassing and infuriating.

  • BS1977

    Edwards is the poster child for air headed PC liberal politicians……all hot air and baloney and no substance. The guy is a gold digging, manipulative pathological liar and empty suit. The interviews with ANdrew Young have been pretty amazing. Comparing this phony with Sarah Palin….hey, there is no comparison. Sarah is great…….real AMerican grit and down home style. Go Sarah.

    • Andrew

      Palin is just as bad, if not worse then Edwards. I am not a fan at all of Edwards, but Palin, really…. I dig the grit comment, and I agree to that whole heartedly, but come on, she is running a smear sector and has since McCain tapped her to run with him. She cracks me up with her Dr. Phil type wit (sarcastic) and lack of knowledge. Pretty will only get her so far, but knowledge is power. I just wish there was a Woman in her position that had the knowlegde, not the perky personality. Palin is just horrible. And War with Iran, really?? Is she really that far out of touch?

      • Joy

        Andrew, if you can get this worked up over fantasies and lies (yours and the Left in general), it just shows that you've only convinced yourself of the idiocy of your own arguments. I guess there's YOUR truth and the REAL truth – and never the twain shall meet? Well, buddy, I have news for you: If you continue to feed on this nonsense, hatred and bile (like the gila monster, never eliminating bodily waste & poisons until death), you're in for one helluva banquet for the foreseeable future: Palin is on target for Conservative leadership (not even counting a possible Presidential run) and will be in your face (thanks to the sicko libtard media and its obsession with her!) for years and years to come! Deal with it. And take a few courses in anger management….

        • Mike

          I agree with you Joy. To equate Palin in any way with Edwards shows lack of character and judgment.

      • Prudent Man, CFA

        Further proof that the Left is sinking fast and will say anything except admitting that their "Progressive" ideas are effete, never worked anywhere, and are controlled by elites not the middle class.

        The sad fact, not any slight to Palin, is that the Republican Party doesn't have anyone who stands out, and thus a lightening rod for the Left, and is feared by the collectivists as Palin, who holds no political office.

        Smearing who. Liberals believe that any one who states facts that reflect on the failure of their cause is "smearing". The truth is not a smear even if the Mainstream Media continually repeats that lie.

        Like the crazies who claimed all kinds of criminal acts perpetrated by Bush and Cheney they never showed an proof or facts. If they had any the Congress controlled by the left since 2006 (yes, the Democrats voted those awful budget deficits and could have stopped them) would have run them out of office. The fact that they didn't prove there weren't any; where were the smear coplainers then?

      • alan gold

        Andrew, You are in the running for the weekest argument against Sarah Palin. Just say you hate her but can’t explain why except you hate all people who don’t agree with you. We normal people understand.

  • fporretto

    It is so pellucidly clear that Sarah Heath Palin is what the Left most fears that it would be madness not to keep her front and center for as long as she's willing to stand there. After all, anyone who can scare the panties off Andrew Sullivan is an asset to be treasured.

    Hm. Strike that. Most twelve year old boys would scare the panties off Andrew Sullivan. Twelve year old heterosexual boys, anyway.

    • Morrisminor

      Hey guido, why don't you read Sullivan's list of 200 odd Palin lies before running your white trash mouth?

      • davarino

        Give us the worst of the 200

  • Alan

    In Andrew Sullivan’s case, the anti-biotics and medicines are no longer working, and the AIDS-related dementia is clearly rotting what is left of his pathetic girlieboy brain.

    Too bad. Well, he can always latch on to Edwards. He’s available. Ask his whore Rielle.

  • eyes wide open

    A smear is a smear , what is really funny is, how both Democratic and Republican "sympathizers " , shills and hacks , engage in the VERY SAME PRACTICE , that each criticize the other for ….HYPOCRITES ALL.
    Kinda like turds in a cesspool – the turds floating at the top criticizing the turds floating at the bottom .

    Did everyone forget that one ????

    ..besides , do you really think that this nation's enemies give a rats-ass about your petty partisan B.S. ?

  • eyes wide open .

    Keep deluding yourself with Tea Party rhetoric and drivel . Palin and Edwards , two phonies , both politicians , and thus accomplished liars .
    Palin doesn't have the moral or political courage to divorce herself from the birthers . That says alot about character , but to the deluded like yourself , she's "super-woman " .

    Wind her up and she parrots YOUR fears . What's really disturbing , is that she lacks the intelligence to see it .

    Run her in 2012 and you guarantee the Democrats another landslide win .
    LOL….don't be surprised if you dont see some Dem.politicos contributing to her campaign !

    Who fears her ???

    • USMCSniper

      Hmmm… You need to make a doctor appointment! The most common cause of hyperthyroidism is a disorder known as Graves' disease. It most often affects women between the ages of 20 and 40 years. A late sign of Graves' disease often is mental confusion and a wide-eyed stare or bulging eyes.

      Mindless liberal women also have this glazed over wide eyed look and engage in irrational prattling.

    • alan gold

      We welcome all contributers.

    • S.O.S.

      "another landslide victory"?? What was the first? oba-mao won with 52% imbecile!! Only a statist could call that a landslide victory…….hence the term "propaganda!!" How 's the weather on your planet, anyway?!!

  • Elaine S

    "Eyes wide open??-you need glasses and a hearing aid. You and the rest of the lefties are foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs-from FEAR.

    • eyes wide open

      That what your demogogues are shoving down your throat Elaine ? Well dearie come out of your ideological cave and see what the majority of Americans are doing with Sarah Palin …..laughing at her , she's a joke , and the gullible like yourself are sucking it up .
      The Republicans better get someone credible to run in 2012 or they 'll be pandering to the tea party crazies forever .

      Hockey moms with dysfunctional families do not a president make . Wake up from your sophomoric delusions .

      • Chidog

        Basketball dad with a completely dysfunctional family is the president, fool.

        Stick to HuffPo, the epitome of dumbed-down America. When I looked there yesterday, there was over 4500 comments on the story of Palin writing a few words on her palm, a completely innocuous thing. In fact, I bet every busy working mother understands.

        Not only were the comments mind-numbingly juvenile, but the sheer obsession over every trivial and meaningless thing Palin does proves the absolute joke is people like you who are so unhinged and a complete embarrassment to yourselves.

        The laughingstock is a Harvard educated person who is Commander in Chief and doesn't know how to pronounce corpsman. Obama needs to brush up on his English as much as his 'Austrian'.

      • Joy

        I don’t see much “laughter” from the libturds these days – mainly unhinged, maniacal ravings, rants & lies. Palin has become a lightning rod for both sides, but those who admire her are finally enjoying a break from the non-stop dull, dim and lying crowd that normally fill the political airspace. Most of us will continue to listen to and admire Palin whether she’s POTUS or not; in fact, most of the candidates across the spectrum draw nothing but a big fat yawn – and also no little boreboding that they will practice politics as usual until the well has run completely dry (i.e., the US Treasury is busted). We will count on Conservatives – Republicans and even those sensible Democrats – to finally come to their senses and cut as much spending as possible. Obama, in case you hadn’t noticed, is a total complete incompetent and lying fool – and 2012 can’t come soon enough!!

    • Stephen_Brady

      If you keep thinking like this EWO, you and the progressives will suffer the greatest defeat in your history. Primarily, this is because you have blinded yourself to the threat she poses to the powers-that-be.

      Self-imposed blindness. Sounds like a Greek tragedy I once heard of …

      … of course, it won't be a tragedy for America.

      • trickyblain

        60 percent of Americans think she's unqualified to be president. That's a telling number, not only will they vote against her — they think she shouldn't even be considered for the job. She has the stauch backing of a small minority and is regarded as a punch line by the rest. Tie your hitch to that wagon and the Dems will likely run away with 2012. Obama is vulnerable, but running Palin against him would be a gift.

      • alan gold

        Trickyblain, Guess what? 52 percent of Americans thought Obama was qualified to be president. It just goes to show that some people can be fooled, especially by the drive-by liberal media.

        • trickyblain

          Looking at his resume, he is qualified. Con law, Senator, etc, etc, etc. Palin is nothing more than an attack dog in a pretty package…she's good at it, but it's all she knows. Ask her about issues and what you get is the same simplistic rhetoric…"common sense, inspiration, values, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit." While the attacking aspect of her appeals enormously to politireligious fans that populate blogs, talk radio and mindless scream shows like Hannity and Beck, it doesn't fly with the majority — or any rational, thinking being for that matter. Ask a typical Palin supporter what they admire about her and what you will get is generalities: "She has values. She is not part of the establishment. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit." For all the talk about the "MSM," it is Palin that has benefited most from the low-brow media establishment that is obsessed with her.

          • trickyblain

            To this day, I don't understand how she had the nerve to criticize Obama's use of a teleprompter. Actually, I do understand – she can fool her supporters who ignore the fact that she uses them all the time (her RNC speech – all through the 2008 campaign). Just as she can fool them into thinking she is really upset at Emmanuel for calling folks "retards," but dismisses Limbaugh's repeated use of the term as "satire." A thinking person can easily see trough this nonsense. Her fans cannot and will not. They take any criticism of her as “fear,” “bias,” and being “unhinged.” They look at her performance in an interview with the lightweight Katie Couric and blame Couric for being unfair. They look at Obama’s performance with the same Couric and tell themselves that she was asking him softball questions. There are no wrong answers, but it really doesn’t matter – to the majority, Palin reveals herself every time she opens her mouth. They take Tina Fey more seriously than they do Palin.

            All this said, she does not deserve to be associated with John Edwards.

          • ben

            Palin revealed herself as a person of integrity and principals wherever she has served the public. Before she was announced as McCain's running mate she had an 89% approval including 75% among Democrats – The Dems liked her until the DNC told them not to. When Gov palin was able to secure more money from the use of AKs resources, she could've went the Dem route, grew gov't and enacted more programs to prop herself up as a "savior of the people" but she didn't. Her principals stated that the resources of a state belong to the people of the state. She took only what the gov't needed to run and returned all the rest to the people through payments and lower taxes.

  • johncarens

    Once again, I am reminded of the whipping-boy of the left from the late 1960's and early 1970's. He was dragged around as a has-been fop, a witless moron, a relic of a bygone era who couldn't speak in complete sentences unless he had a script, etc., etc. He was the butt of jokes amongst the Park Avenue Penthouse cocktail circuit and Johnny Carson, and the scorn of the east-coast patricians. He was, of course, Ronald Reagan.

    I do not compare Ronald Reagan with Sarah Palin. Their life experiences are completely different. They DO share an important component, though: They are right in their world and moral view, and they genuinely care about the sort of society they will leave behind for their children. But, I just wish the left would come up with some other broadside against conservatives rather than just pointing at them, laughing, and calling them "stupid"… All the while holding their office-holders (and seekers) up as brilliant paragons of intellectual heft. Barack Obama may not know how many states there are in the Union, he may have to use a teleprompter to speak to a classroom of sixth-graders, he may not know how to pronounce Corpse-Man, he may not understand the fundamentals of mercantile capitalism, he may not know one article to the next of the Constitution despite a couple of months of formal law-school training on the subject, but, hey: He's the smartest man to ever walk in pants.

    But, Sarah Palin's the dope.

  • Anne

    The republican party has evolved into a gang of bitter, sarcastic, dim-witted a$$hoIes. It was bad enough when Reagan was in office, but Reagan would cringe at what was going on today. Palin, instead of talking about the issues, chooses to mock the Democrats. Then there is the persecusion on Emmanuel for saying the word 'retard'. Well, her betcha-buddy Limbaugh said it 36 times on his radio show in one single show last week! Oh…. but that's okay, right? He's one of her – an idiot.

    • Chidog

      Actually, dearie, I cringe when I look at the Democrats, who have continued their absolute hatred, vitriol, hysteria, and looniness which they took to new heights during Bush's tenure.

      On the plus side, witnessing the sheer delusion and hatred of liberals along with their numerous failed policies is what made me leave the Democratic Party.

      The Democratic Party is for the losers, the mentally/emotionally unstable, the simple-minded, the juvenile, and the Marxists.

      • eyes wide open

        Suuuure ya do , but the truth is plain an simple , you are no better than they are , for you engage in the same . The only question is , whether you are floating at the top or on the bottom .
        All one need due is substitute the " R " for " D" and there'd be no difference between this blog and the Daily Kos . You're a trained political parrot , else you would not make such ridiculous comments .
        Emotionally unstable ? Yes indeed , as are ALL who think that 180 million people in the country are traitors and marxists who wish to destroy their own country .
        -as I told Joe …. you can't fix stupid . Too bad for you huh Chidog ?

        • Chidog

          Trained political parrot? Ha, too funny.

          I didn't make a ridiculous statement, I spoke the truth. I'm not surprised you're so confused because you've proven here that you can't even comprehend what someone has written.

          Where did I say 180 million people are traitors?

          Where did I say 180 million people wish to destroy their own country?

          Actually, who are these mysterious 180 million people you speak of?

          I'll repeat what I said (because comprehension is not your strong point). The Democratic Party is for the losers (those who don't want to work, pay virtually zero taxes yet believe they're entitled and that the government 'owes' them), …

          ..the mentally/emotionally unstable, e.g., "My friends Ken Follett and Susan Cheever are extremely worried. Naomi Wolf calls me every day. Yesterday, Jane Fonda sent me an email to tell me that she cried all night and can't cure her ailing back for all the stress that has reduced her to a bundle of nerves."

          "My back is also suffering from spasms, so much so that I had to see an acupuncturist and get prescriptions for Valium."

          "After having stolen the last two elections, the Republican Mafia…"

          "If Obama loses, it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me. And it's not a coincidence that President Bush recalled soldiers from Iraq for Dick Cheney to lead against American citizens in the streets."

          "Bush has transformed America into a police state, from torture to the imprisonment of reporters to the Patriot Act."

          Erica Jong, days before the 2008 election.

          Oh, it's endless. Also, as the Pew Research poll has shown, Republicans are happier people and polling has shown this since they first started questioning in the 70s. Probably because so many Democrats are emotionally unstable.

          The Democratic Party is the party of the simple-minded and juvenile. Read the most popular lefty site, HuffPo, the epitome of dumbed-down America. Everything that's wrong with society is on display there; lack of knowledge, lack of critical thinking skills, fascination with celebrities, etc., etc., etc. Besides, everyone knows the youth, who are the least informed and least experienced in life issues, lean Democratic. When they grow up, are better informed and have more responsibilities, they move to the right.

          The Democratic Party is for Marxists. Well, anyone who tries to dispute that looks like a fool. The evidence is everywhere.

          If you can't fix stupid, you're in serious trouble 'eyes wide open.'

          • trickyblain

            Who the hell is Erica Jong? Tell us why her statements are a valuable citation in your condemnation of anyone who voted against McCain/Palin.

            "Oh, it's endless. Also, as the Pew Research poll has shown, Republicans are happier people and polling has shown this since they first started questioning in the 70s. Probably because so many Democrats are emotionally unstable. "

            What's it they say: ignorance is (hint: rhymes with "miss"). Telling yourself you are a happier/better person because of a checkbox on your voter registration card is hardly a sign of emotional stablity. I know plenty of rich Dems who are quite happy. My housekeeper is a Republican and a black cloud of doom follows her wherever she goes. My guess is that this is because of choices they've made in life, not because of who they voted for.

        • alan gold

          Eyes wide open, Its not that 180 million are traitors and marxist. It’s just that they, like you are being duped by a small group of marxists who want you to believe one thing while their motives are another. Please wake up.

    • Stephen_Brady


      Believe what you wish, Annie …

  • Gamem

    Anyone see am New York's attack on Sarah Palin this morning at… ? They attack her because she wrote some words on her hand to remind her of topics to talk about during her speech. They wrote "Palin's cheat sheet raises new doubts about her as she hints at prez bid" and "Her new job" Palm reader". So writing some reminder words on your hand makes you a cheater and a looney palm reader. It does if your Sarah Palin and the media is out to get you. They call this "Hand Gate" as if it was some kind of scandal like Climategate or Watergate. Nowhere in the article do they talk about what she actually said in the speech, if they did that she'd sound intelligent and readers might realize they agree with her and the liberal media can't have that.

    • davarino

      Obama uses a teleprompter instead of his hand.

    • trickyblain

      What did she say that was intellegent?

  • BS1977

    I d like to see Sarah Palin and Mitt ROmney, or S Brown team up in 2012…..cut the insane budget, cut the spending, shred and shrink the mega bureaucracies, re instate the Constitution, get rid of the socialist liberal programs, the money burning waste ….get rid of all the perks and privileges for the spoiled "House of Lords" Congress….let them fly commercial, stay in average hotels…end the junkets, the waste waste waste….people are losing their homes and their savings….while they see COngress members flying to Copenhagen to attend Global Warming BS conventions…staying in five star luxury hotels and eating hundred dollar lunches. The average US citizen is steaming baby!!

  • BS1977

    what do you have to do to post on this website?

  • BS1977

    Go Sarah in 2012…..Alaska Power good for the nation.

  • Rick

    Reading The Palin book Going Rogue right now. These idiots like Egan have it all wrong. Sarah is a strong and independent woman- the kind of person we need in position to make real change and clean up the career slugs abounding in D.C. The reason she is distained by the self serving politicians is that she is upsetting their gravy trains. Best way to stop someone these days is to slime smear them like this jerk Egan who makes such a ridiculous and hateful comparrison to justify his own idiocy!

  • Sandra

    Does anyone else smell the fear these people have of Gov. Palin? It's getting to the point of 'flop sweat' and lies….

  • flyingtiger

    The left cannot even do the Big Lie right. They should compared Palin to Rod Blagovich!

    • USMCSniper

      Hillary Rodham Clinton has never done anything of any real signficance in her entire life and her inflated opinion of herself is downright laughable. If she had not married Bill Clinton and hung on his coat tails she would never be a "carpetbagger" New York Senator from Arkansas, and for damn sure she would never have been an also ran failed contender for the Democrat Party 2008 Presidental candidate nomination.

      She is a failure at everything she ever tried, with zero experience in really anything and Obama made this inept failure of woman Secretary of State? Well, I guess he must look at himself and compare, and realize they both are fence post turtles.

      If you drive down a country road and see a turtle sitting on a fence post, that is a fence post turtle. your know she hasn't the ability to get up there by herself, she doesn't belong way out of her element up there, hasn't a clue what to do when she is up, you wonder wjat kind of dumb ass would put her up there in the first place, and the sooner you remive her, the better for her and the better for all concerned.

  • USMCSniper

    Shreiking crazy liberl woman with Graves desease.

  • Hal Barton

    really, all of you – Liberal literally means ‘generous’, giving other people freedom as often as possible. There are many sane liberals in the world, and I am one of them. I am against capital punishment because in is, in this day and age, an unnecessary act of un-generosity, and no longer makes any sense economically. But, abortion is murder, and to think that to be for abortion as a method for murder is a freedom enhancing act is madness. In order to be free to have a ‘choice’ one must completely remove all the choices from an yet to be pushed out of the womb woman or man, is nothing less than to use freedom to greatly increase slavery. No other method of taking freedom away from people can even slightly compare to cold blooded premeditated murder. These people are not “liberal” in the slightest if you see them as a scale and put the amount of slavery on one side and the amount of freedom they espouse on the other. Edwards, like Obama, loves murder – they all stand exposed – Palin looks like an angel compared to these misnamed and twisted intellects.

    • Morrisminor

      It is hard to enslave a dead fetus.

  • Chidog

    Too funny! Get off your high horse. You don't need to be on the right or left to be ignorant or spewing drivel.

    Look at yourself for crissakes. You're ignorant and rude yourself.

    BTW, I don't stand for a party, I stand for principles.

  • Morrisminor

    Add up her $150K in clothes she illegally took, and her manifold lies like the death panels, yet this right wing blog scum has the gall to call Edwards evil cause he cheated on his wife? This is why I absolutely loathe the low class Palin admiring droids, who are so far to the left of of the Bell Curve that they are immune to reason or truth.

    • USMCSniper

      The Morrisminor as I remeber it was the English version of a Yugo, a real piece of shit with a lawnmoser motor and wheels th bent in. Edwards made all his money as an ambulance chaser in deep pockets class action cases in which he represents no one in particular. He gets one or two people as case examples, files a brief in a driendly courts, settles out of court, and cries to a jury, and gets millions of which he takes a third of right off the top, and a large fee for each claimant's award that has the patience to go through a years paperwork which his office administers for another fee. Yes John Edwards is a scumbag.

    • Gamem

      Only problem is she didn't take 150K of clothes illegally. The liberal media wants you to think that and you do you brainwashed nitwit.

    • Chidog

      Palin took $150K in clothes illegally?

      Wow. To so blatantly show how ignorant you are is really embarrassing for you.

    • Joy

      morrisminder or whatever – you repeat the lies about Palin and it confirms your idiocy and hatred. The truth is NOT within your grasp – it would undo your mental bloc and warped mindset. I wonder just what is it about Palin that so unravels the libturds? And, yes, although not so identified, there were/are, indeed, “decision panels” on healthcare rationing in that putrid piece of legislation – i.e., “death panels,” when life & death is being decided by those other than the patient, his family and/or his doctor(s).

    • Tim

      Wow. that sounded almost like it came straight from HuPo! Congrats on being unable to think for yourself!

      Seeing as how we’re on a “we can’t attack the message, so we’ll attack the person and the people who support her”, then answer these two questions –

      (1) If you’re so offended by how the RNC spends it’s money on campaigning, then how do you feel about Edwards $400 hair cuts, or Hillary’s $1500 hair-dos, or Obama’s $4,000+ suits that are only worn once?

      (2) Where is your criticism of how other politicians and political party spends their monies for campaigning – as in the examples in question 1?

  • Morrisminor

    It's brutes like you with your ugly comment that represents a teapartier and a Palindrone

    • davarino

      You really zinged him

    • martha

      Explain how you made that connection please
      Thank you

  • eyes wide open

    All Palin need do, to get approval and votes is to repeat their favorite lies ="Death Panels " , Birth Certificate and "Marxist " which leads to standing ovations and drooling from ther mouth [ or is it foaming from the mouth ] .
    Good luck with that chumps .

  • Estase

    And all Obama needs do, to get approval and votes is to repeat his favorite lies,=Torture, Retard (reg. G.W. Bush), and "Change" which leads to standing ovations and drooling from their mouth [or is it foaming from the mouth]. Good luck with that chumps.

    It is always easy to tell the man who gets his "news" from Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart.

    • Morrisminor

      I don't watch any of them, but based on just the garbage that comes out of right wingers' mouth, he sounds right on.

  • eyes wide open

    Ahhh the "Left " and "the Right " ……but what you ignoramus' dont realize , is that those who stand in the middle , those who stand in favor of the Nation , and not any party , those who dont buy any of the partisan B.S. and drivel coming from either side , look on both as total assholes and the biggest of HYPOCRITES .
    As I stated in an earlier post ….go to Daily Kos , and OBSERVE YOUR MIRROR IMAGE .

  • Robert Mels

    When the lions run, the jackals are not far behind.

  • Morrisminor

    Honestly only a Palin admiring dimwit, a Palindrone could give a hoot about something this trivial and unimportant.

    • Tim

      Really? Then why spend so much time attacking her if this is so “trivial and unimportant”?

  • davarino

    Wow, for someone who is supposed to be the most evil/dumbest woman on the earth and no chance of winning any political office, she sure does draw a lot of attention from the left. I know, the left wants to make sure we choose the best candidate for our party. They dont want the presidency to be a slam dunk for them in 2012. They want to make it a challenge hehehe. I can understand that.

    The people are waking up to the snake charmers lies.

  • eyes wide open

    Evil ? Palin ? No , not at all .

    Mindless ? , Not an original thought in her head ? A parrot who needs to be taught what to say and When ?

    You bet .

    LOL….and it's much more than an estimation of the Left . McCains own aides told him .

    If you think it's just the Left , well that's your oown delusion . Maybe you think the Tea Party bunch speaks for the majority of this country ….if so , your are again suffering from delusion .

    • Joy

      Well, for one thing, HuffPo and its editor Zsa Zsa does NOT represent “the majority of this country!” – and, thank God for small favors!! As for the sage advice of McCain’s “advisors,” check out the results of the 2008 Election – and just about every “crossing the aisle” legislation that old military fart has been involved in, and you get an idea of just how useful/effective the “advice” and counsel of those hack aides were during the last election cycle. With a few notable exceptions – the ones that are now on Palin’s staff! LOL!! – they are “has beens who never were,” as my father used to be fond of saying…

  • trickyblain

    Speaking of old military farts and results, my uncle – a lifelong Republican, VN vet and Marine – was begrudgeingly leaning towards McCain in 2008. Then McCain brought Palin on. Then Palin spoke publicly. Then my uncle voted for Obama in disgust.

    He did not vote Obama because of McCain's advisors — he did so because he thought Palin a joke. He does not regret his decision.

  • Watchful Gramma

    Loved her comment today about so-called "global warming" calling it "snake-oil science"! She tells it like it is and puts it into the vernacular so that anyone can understand it. Go, Sarah!

  • 080

    Well, you have to admit that an awful amount of people like her. So do I.

  • ben

    You idiots on the left like to attack her speech (accent, folksy language) her college choices (not Ivy League) and her "dysfunctional family" (Average American Family), you even attack her appearance (pretty but dumb stereotype) but you ignore her actions. Actions are the clearest indicator of character and ability. It's the lefts disdain for character, ability and evidence, and their elevation of intentions (the road to hell…) and appearance (superficial) that show what kind of shallow, superficial and ignorant people reside on their side.

    • trickyblain

      I didn't attack any of those. That you resort to calling anyone who doubts her qualifications "idiots" shows your lack of standing in this argument.

      Palin's approval ratings were so high because she had just handed out over $2,000 to every Alaskan. What she didn't tell you is that about $1,200 of that was in the form of a tax rebate (from a tax she opposed). And of course, it's long standing practice to ave these socailist handouts in Alsaka, it's not like Palin invented these handouts. How are her numbers looking after she bailed out on her job?

      You on the right scream, cry and holler about people "attacking" poor Sarah. Too dense to realise that the only thing she is good at is attacking. Pull up her quotes on Google (and don't be retarded and try to claim Google has politically biased searches — algorithms are not capable of a political agenda). From those quotes, show me three that give specific ideas on how she could improve the economy and her spelled out reasoning behind them….good luck!

  • LucyQ

    The queens, Peter Collier & Andrew Sullivan should both try real journalism in their obviously shallow lives.