Al Qaeda Female Suicide Killer?

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According to the Arabic media, in the course of questioning a suspected male Al Qaeda terrorist, the Iraqi police in Diyala were given the name of an Iraqi woman, Shahlaa Al-Anbaky,  as someone who would soon be perpetrating a suicide bombing. The police immediately went to look for her in Mandali, a town sixty miles northeast of Baghdad. On Christmas Eve, 2010, when they could not find her, they pulled her father, Mohammed Najm al-Anbaky, a small-time trader of chickens and sheep, in for questioning.

According to the English language press, once in police custody, Mohammed admitted that he had killed his daughter as a matter of “honor” because she was presumed to have a “boyfriend” in Al Qaeda. This Mohammed was also reported to have killed one of his sisters in 1984 as a matter of “honor.” Mohammed admitted that he had strangled Shahlaa and then, for good measure, had slit her throat. Finally, he had buried her in his own backyard—not in a good Muslim cemetery—just as if his daughter was one of his chickens or sheep.

In this case, English-language readers only learn that the “honor” killing of a woman has taken place in the Arab Middle East. Arabic-language readers learn that the police were not investigating an honor killing at all but were, rather, looking into a possible terrorist attack by an Al Qaeda operative.

Indeed, earlier this year, the so-called “First Lady of Al Qaeda” (Haila Al-Qusayyer) was arrested in Saudi Arabia presumably for recruiting girls and women to become suicide killers. In addition, in December, 2009, the wife of Al-Qaeda’s second-in-command, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, issued a call for Muslim women to support violent jihad: “Jihad is [incumbent] on every Muslim man and woman… and [we women] should keep ourselves in the service of the Mujahideen, and we should fulfill whatever they ask of us, may it be through monetary aid to them or any service or information or suggestion or participation in fighting or even through a martyrdom operation. How many sisters have performed martyrdom operations in Palestine and Iraq and Chechnya, and vexed the enemy, and caused them a great defeat!!”

Meanwhile, back in Baghdad and Baquba, Iraq, we learn that Mohammed Najm Al-Anbaky is the kind of father and brother who is not ashamed to have murdered his female relatives for “honor” and that in neither instance was he arrested for such cold-blooded murders.

More than this is mere conjecture. Would this kind of man view a woman’s membership in Al Qaeda as “dishonorable”or is his belief that his daughter may have had a “boyfriend” the prime motive for murder?

Based on my research into honor killings, I would suggest that this, indeed, was probably the only motive. On the other hand, there is a possibility that if Mohammed al-Anbaky is a Shiite, he might view a Sunni “boyfriend” as objectionable above and beyond the fact that he had not personally chosen him as a husband for Shahlaa. It is also possible that Shahlaa had been recruited by Al Qaeda as a suicide killer. In fact, this is a growing problem both in Iraq and in the Islamic world.

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  • waterwillows

    As many female suicide bombers have been raped prior to 'accepting' the mission of blowing themselves up, there is a good possiblility she had been abused by her father? This honor killing is also an excellent means of shutting the victim up permanently.

    As her father had already murdered his sister years before and gotten away with it, I would have to wonder just why he felt it necessary once again. Consider, not only did he murder her, but went further by slitting the throat of a dead woman. Seems likes dead is not sufficient for this fellow but he must mutiliate the body.
    It is wrong for Islam to give right of way to their serial killers. They have no excuse.

  • sodacrackers2

    I am glad to hear suicide bombing referred to as suicide killing. It is about time we start using honest words.

    • aspacia

      How about suicide murder

    • kafir4life

      How about homicide bombers. Give NO quarter to their "self"!!!

      Friggin' barbarian scum sucks. The purest definition of islam.

  • sodacrackers2

    That would work too!

  • skepticsam

    Sick 7th century muslim a-holes

  • HDThoreau

    I'm still trying to find this 'extremist' version of the Quo'ran. Comin up empty ladies. Ahh, but at least the liberals love them. They kill and overthrow governments, doing the communists job for them.

  • beniyyar

    Islam does seem to be a religion that celebrates murder and death.

    • Edip Yuksel

      Your re-Born president, with the support of Evangelical Christian and Zionist zealots, invaded a country based on lies, and killed more than a Million people, including thousands of children. The same Christians are killing thousands of children and innocent people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are not safe even in their wedding celebrations. Israel, last year killed 1500 defenseless civilians in Gaza, including hundreds 400 children, supposedly as a retaliation against 1500 rockets that killed only one old Israeli, perhaps from heart attack.

      And you have the audacity of making such a blanket judgment against Muslims who are killed and massacred by delusional Christian and Jewish fascists.

      Thank God that the world is waking up against this stupid bloody propaganda.

      Unfortunately, the MIC will destroy the USA, financially and politically, and the American people will be the collateral victim. You are either working for them or you are infected with the virus called racism.

      • MixMChess

        I thought we scared you back into the dirt-hole from which you came?

        "Your re-Born president, with the support of Evangelical Christian and Zionist zealots, invaded a country based on lies, and killed more than a Million people, including thousands of children."

        Of course, Zionists control congress, they also control the media, the banks, and have been plotting a heinous reunion tour for Van Halen. You do realize that it was Israel (and Ariel Sharon personally) who advised America and George Bush against invading Iraq? Whoops looks like I caught you in another lie, huh Edip YukYuk?

        • MixMChess

          "And you have the audacity of making such a blanket judgment against Muslims who are killed and massacred by delusional Christian and Jewish fascists."

          And you have the audacity to make such outrageous accusations when Islam is responsible for the death of hundreds of millions of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Pagans… need I real go on?

          Did you know that Islamic terrorists murder more people every day than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years? Keep fighting the "good" fight Edip YukYuk!

        • Edip Yuksel

          I would take with grain of salt such public display of Ariel Sharon's opposition. But, to the contrary what you claim, Israel was pushing the the USA-Inc for invasion of Iraq. Here is one of the many news article refuting your claims.

          It is incredible that you thin that you can change the fact of recent history, as you tried to depict the Israeli aggression in 1967 as a "defensive war."

          Those who are ignorant about politics might swallow your lies with hook, line and sinker, but the world has become more suspicious of Israeli and USA-Inc's propaganda machine.

          • kafir4life

            hey dip…'s apparent that today is not your turn to use the shared muslim brain. Who's got it today? doggie hopper, one of the terrorist supporters at the terrorist supporting and hamas linked terror front, cair?
            I suggest you emulate your prophet, and go f*ck a goat, like mad mo's daddy did a few months before he was born. A male goat of course. You wanna be like the prophet, yes?

          • MixMChess

            "But, to the contrary what you claim, Israel was pushing the the USA-Inc for invasion of Iraq."

            Nope, you are lying again Edip YukYuk. Did you even bother reading the article or did you just google Israel-Iraq-Invasion and post the first article that seemed like it would stick? Julian Borger is well-known for his anti-semetism and anti-Israel leanings. In the article he can only quote "intelligence sources" which hardly make him credible. The only link he finds between Israel is that two advisers for Netanyahu became influential members of the Pentagon.

            In fact Mr. Borger simply retells an old story from Jason Vest of The Nation. Vest fabricated a story based on selective quotes from Feith and Perle's 1996 paper: "A Clean Break" which was never in any way reflective of the policies of Israel or the Sharon government. In fact, the paper had simply recommended that Israel pursue a policy of independent regional alliances in the Middle East, to break free of Israeli dependence on the United States and integrate Israel into the Middle East. Feith and Perle never acted on behalf of the Israeli (or Sharon) government and most strategists in the Israeli government and the Likud Party (including Sharon himself) did not share the Paper's basic viewpoint.

            Ariel Sharon and other members of the Israeli government had personally warned Bush against invading Iraq:

            Additionally, Bob Woodward's unflattering book about the Iraq War showed that Bush was determined to topple Saddam Hussein (even before he became president), and made the decision completely on his own.

            I guess for a dirt-bag like you its just easier to fall back into classic anti-semitsm and blame all the wars on the Jews huh?

          • MixMChess

            "It is incredible that you thin that you can change the fact of recent history, as you tried to depict the Israeli aggression in 1967 as a 'defensive war.'"

            It is incredible that you like and fabricate history and try to depict the 6-day war as anything but Israel defending itself from annihilation.

            Egyptian President Gamel Abdul Nasser illegally ordered the UN Emergency Force stationed between Israel and Egypt to evacuate the Sinai. Egypt then closed the Straits of Tiran which was a clear act of war under international law, and violated the 1958 Geneva Convention guaranteeing the international status of straits. All international jurists, legal scholars and international case law all agree on the subject that Egypt's act of closing the Straits of Tiran was an ACT OF WAR against Israel which started the 6-day war conflict.

            In fact, Nasser "candidly" proclaimed on May 22 1967, "We knew that the closing of the Gulf of Aqaba meant war with Israel… the only objective will be Israel's destruction."

            On June 4, 1967, one-day before the outbreak of war, Iraq joined a military alliance with Jordan, Egypt, and Syria. The Iraqi President Abdur Rahman Aref announced, "Our goal is clear – to wipe Israel off the map." and predicted that, "there would be practically no Jewish survivors." The Syrian defense minister ordered his troops to, "strike the enemy's civilian settlements, turn them into dust, pave Arab roads with the skulls of Jews." Gee, sounds like genocide of the Jews to me, what do you think Edip? Why else did Egypt, Syria and Jordan SURROUND Israel with approximately 250,000 Arab troops, more than 2,000 tanks and 700 aircraft?

            Statements from Syrian and Egyptian officials have confirmed that they started the war with Israel with the goal of "exterminating the Jews." Syrian President Atassi claimed that they, and not Israel, had started the war: "We have decided that this battle will be one for the final liberation from imperialism and Zionism…We shall meet in Tel Aviv." In fact, Egyptian Military Chief Justice Salah al-Hadidi admitted the following: . "I can state that Egypt's political leadership called Israel to war. It clearly provoked Israel and forced it into a confrontation."

            Are you calling the Syrians and Egyptians mouths liars too?

      • MixMChess

        "Israel, last year killed 1500 defenseless civilians in Gaza, including hundreds 400 children, supposedly as a retaliation against 1500 rockets that killed only one old Israeli, perhaps from heart attack."

        Uh oh Edip YukYuk, your nose is growing again! While no one wants to see any civilians harmed, however, all Palestinians in Gaza bear responsibility for their current predicament. After all, they voted to empower Hamas (which calls for the genocide of worldwide Jewry in its charter) in an election where they knew Hamas's platform called for the destruction of Israel and the use of terrorism to achieve its goals.

        Also, only 1,100 Palestinians were killed during the war in Gaza. Over 700 of the dead were identified as Hamas terror operatives, 162 MEN had not been attributed to any organization, and about 290 were identified as Palestinian civilians. Even Hamas has recently acknowledged these facts. It is unfortunate that some of the civilians killed were children. It is even more unfortunate that Hamas used children as human shields and actively sought civilian and children casualties to buff their media appearances. Its pretty sick that you defend these child murders, but I guess nothing from an inbred like you should really surprise me anymore.

        Oh and by the way, over 1,000 Israeli civilians had been murdered during the genocidal war by the Palestinians before the 2009 Gaza war broke out. Among the civilians were over a hundred innocent Israeli children.

      • M Rob

        And you are just another dumb-a$$ Koranimal. Get your head out of your 7th century a$$. Isreal only shoots rockets into Gaza after the Koranimals have shot at them first – any damage done by Isreali rockets is the fault of the barbarian koranimals who started it – no sympathy here. By the way what race are Muslims again? You Muslims are the racists not us.

    • sodacrackers2

      It is not a religion. It is a political system.

  • Wayne

    Thank you once again Ms Chesler…. for keeping us informed of these barbaric actions.

  • steven L

    Several well known aspects of the religion and their sickening so called traditions (absolute preservation of chauvinistic male power: these males have nothing else to go for) are the problems. Too much androgens combined with vicious brain washing is a deadly cocktail!
    Women are the victims.
    By the way, the feminist movements’ refusal to engage in this fundamental issue may be in part du to their fear of Islamists ire and the failure of Western societies to provide protection!
    This is a poor reflection on the Western males as well.

  • Michael

    What religion bombs its own places of worship , condones murdering its daughters,supports them to be suicide bombers, mutilates their sexual pleasure and calls itself "A Religion of Peace"?
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • DrBukk

    I believe polygamy is the root cause of this violence, because many males can't have wives, and the fathers cannot possibly devote time to raising dozens of sons. They are cannon fodder, and now they are too backward to invade and harvest wives. To keep society balanced, there must be a high rate of murder and suicide murders.

    Why has no university study been conducted on the polygamous, incestuous family background of all the murdering extremists? Only their financial situation has been studied, with results that did not jibe with liberal expectations: most were well-off.

    Even our American polygamists, the FLDS, beat their women and discarded boys.

  • SeaMystic


    Islam is a Terrorist Organization, check: “Ban Islam” petition,


  • USMCSniper

    All Muslim men are cowards who strap munitions on their own women and children and send them out on homicide-suicide missions to murder other innocent women and children in markets, restuarants, on school buses, and in their homes

  • Lady_Dr

    Edip Yuksel quotes the Guardian. For those of you not in the know, the Guardian is a British rag which is little more than a mouthpiece for anti-Semitism. There is no real journalism, just hatred and mis-information. No one who was in anyway fair minded would ever quote the Guardian on anything to do with the Middle East.

  • Fibo Nacci

    This song expresses it all!

    Merry ( Jihad ) Christmas!!!