Buried Alive In Turkey—and Under the Burqa

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In Turkey—a country which was nearly accepted as a member by the European Union—a father and grandfather recently buried Medine Memi, a sixteen-year-old girl, alive—and all because she was seen talking to boys. Medine was repeatedly beaten. The police did not help her. When the men buried her she was “alive and fully conscious.”

This savage, heartless, primitive act is the ultimate, logical consequence of burying women alive—shrouding them–while they still roam the earth. One becomes claustrophobic under the burqa, until one gets used to being seen as a ghost, invisible, non-human, dead.

All this past week, I received news of this atrocity in Turkey. I refrained from writing about it. What can one say? There is nothing to say. There is everything to do. No one is doing anything.

But, all over Europe, they are fighting about the Islamic Veil. Should burqas (full body shrouds) and niqab (face masks) be banned? Should hijab remain banned in school in France? The Council of Imams in Ireland has just had a press conference. It said that “a ban on the niqab – a veil worn by Muslim women that covers everything except the eyes – violates personal freedoms guaranteed by democratic systems. It added that such bans also constitute an obstacle to multiculturalism, integration and human rights.”

Well—that ought to shame the Europeans.

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  • http://intensedebate.com/people/jemc50 jemc50

    Not just an issue in Europe, a similar situation is going on in Oregon right now. http://www.katu.com/news/local/83691437.html

  • shane comeback

    Another flower in the Garden of Allah. HEARTLESS,SOULESS BEASTS.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/JosephWiess JosephWiess

    Religion of peace, my butt. Islam is a cult that is far more dangerous than any in America. What else can you call a "religion" that says it's okay to kill innocent people, bury young women alive, and doesn't allow you freedom of thought, speech, press, or religion?

    They've already killed women and young ladies here: The two teenagers in Dallas, for seeing boys, and poor Rifqa, if the CPS doesn't protect her.

    What other religion would be allowed to survive, if it mandated the death of children and women?

    I say throw them out of the country and save the children, because if you don't, it'll be your child that's going to die.

  • bardefa

    Aren't all cultures equal, according to our MSM? I've seen Rather blabbing about that in front of little children…..
    And shouldn't we do the same, like those barbarians in Turkey, according to liberal judges from our Supreme Court (using other countries' laws and customs)?
    And if a muslim preys to the East, pointing his behind at an American, that American cannot feel offended?
    If a Christian makes a cross sign in public, he/she will be rebuked or worse?

  • http://irgunlehi.110mb.com Yossi Rich

    All religions are not equal. They are not all different paths to the same loving god.

  • William Smart

    Pajamas are Islamophobes, the modern equivalent of Der Sturmer. Even if it's true they're not telling us because it's news, but because it incites religious hatred.

    If there is a lesson to be learned from the Holocaust it is that you condemn that kind of thing.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Trus Trus

      Islam IS "religious hatred."
      The idiocy of implying that the news agencies should never report the atrocities of Muslims is religious hatred in itself; i.e. hating all BUT islam.

    • Tanstaafl JW

      It's one thing to say something. Here's a true challenge. Move to the Islamic Paradise of your choice. Try to do something that you take for granted here in the West. Like smile at a pretty woman. (Hard to tell when they are wearing their slave coverings)

      Let us know how that works. Assuming you live through your experience with Islamic "justice".

  • Stephen D.

    Thank you Mr. Smart for knowing the motives of this post and informing us nitwits that the real reason is to “incite” rather than inform. We should feel blessed that knowledgable poeple like yourself are available to keep us on track lest we try to think ofr ourselves. Tell us again how Islamaphobes is equivalent to Der Sturmer. Also,, and this is because of our lack of understanding and ignorance so we rely on you to enlighten us, How is pointing out the truth about such a barbaric act not to be inciting? Could you provide some insight to this insidiousness that has incited us?

  • shane comeback

    William Smart, that was one of the most stupid illogical things I have ever read.
    Words fail me. If there are a lot like you out there, our future is pretty bleak. You won't believe that archaic Islam is a big problem for the western world till thousands more die, maybe not even then.


    People do need to learn more about the founder of Islam, Mohammad. The guy was known as a "mad man" during his time. He was illiterate, he murdered innocent women & children (beheaded them for not converting to his religion), he was a slave trader, slave owner, one of his wives was his first cousin, he married another "wife" when she was 6 but here father begged Mohammad not to take her virginity until her 9th birthday, his career? He was a warrior before he started to have his medical conditions which made him sweat profusely and saw "visions"….he was a lunitic! How anyone with half a brian cell can belive something of which a pagen idiot preached 18 Centuries ago out in a desert is beyond understanding. Allah? Allah bunch of Bull shit!

    • Keithrage

      Yes, Mohammad the pedophile has brainwashed his followers into a religion hate, intolerance, sexual repression and the murder of innocents,wake up you muzzies, this Allah is a bad cartoon.

  • C. Shores

    Thank you for listening to your conscience; the gift given by the one and only true God, our Creator Jesus Christ…

    Only Jesus can trump the god of chaos; the god of the earth, the god of evil that rules the hearts of the men who are puppets for Satan, and follow his orders doing barbaric atrocities to innocent people….
    Even though they are sinners of the worst kind, the King of Kings Jesus Christ conquered death, to give us life, including them…
    It's a war between good and evil….We know the end of the story, it's the last chapter in God's Holy Word, The Bible….

    God Bless You, Phyllis, for stepping up with courage to speak out and speak up to expose this religion of hate for what it is….Only thru Christianity do we have freedom. Jesus defends the rights of women because He is the God of Love and Truth and He is alive……IF they turn from their ways, repent and ask Jesus into their lives, even men like this can be saved, they can change their hearts…

    Like Kamal Saleem; He is a man that did similar acts; he followed what he was taught; the religion of hate…..He has accepted Jesus into his life and the Lord changed his heart…You can learn more about “Kamal Saleem, the courageous man and author of The Blood of Lambs. He chronicles his i disturbing, yet incredible-life as an Islamic terrorist. He gives you an inside look at the cruel world of the religion of hate, of terrorism and the threat it poses to democracy. Thanks, Kamal, for telling the world the truth about the dark hearts of those tricked into believing a false god…who are the sponsors of terrorism….And thank you Kamal for telling us of your new life of faith in the one and only true God….

  • shane comeback

    Don't depend on Pajama blog, read it here. You don't think for one minute the British papers want to incite anyone against Islam do you? By God, the Brits are practically living under Sharia!
    Wake up, Mr. Smart!

  • Peachey

    It is only when the real rationale behind the body coverings is discussed openly, does the true insanity of this practice come to light. The body coverings are not a sign of piety, modesty or observance of disciplined Islamic principles. The coverings, according to the Koran is to prevent Allah from having to look at demon-possessed women. Offending the Islam god Allah is the sole reason behind the coverings. It can be dressed-up in any way that Muslims want, but it is what it is. The fact that women accept that they are "demon-possessed" and therefore "not worthy of the eyes and senses of Allah" speaks volumes of the true level of degredation and torture that these women face.

  • http://www.commonsleepingdisorders.com/ Snooze

    Just think, Turkey is on the rise (big army) and its becoming more and more Islamic. The last time Turkey was on top of the world, it was the center of Islamic power … God help us all.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Lizfurey LizzyF

      Nothing has changed for centuries in the Muslim world. Greece was ravaged by Muslim for 400 years until Greece won Independence in 1821. But here's the brutality and mind set that continues till this day. During the 400 year brutal reign of Muslim
      Turkey over Greece, they would kidnap young boys from Greek families and raise them as Muslims. They were called Janisarries (sp?). These little Greek boys torn from their families then raised as Muslims persecuted their own people the Greeks when they became men. Another example of what we are dealing with when dealing with the Muslim mind. Are all Muslims evil? No. But alas many are evil. I'm tired of hereing Obama saying how great Islam is and what they have contributed to the World. Bull*it. I mourn the young woman snuffed out by her own family. Tragic, Tragic. Tragic.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/WilliamJWard WilliamJamesWard

    I think the most discouraging thing is that we are not sitting on a jury with these
    monsters standing in a dock awaiting verdict. Their actons condemn them
    without question, what can one do to people that are going into outer darkness
    for eternity, I guess just send them on their way, separate the innocent from the
    guilty and just do it. I have a real hard time sharing Earth with these people,
    the dead ones aren't dead enough and the living are alive to long. What a hell
    of a world we live in. There may be time for them to repent and change, those
    who do not let pigman have them.

  • shane comeback

    What is more dicouraging? The fate of this poor child or the fact that so MANY of us in the west make one EXCUSE after the other for the monsters who perpetrate these crimes that go beyond crimes?

  • Don

    They kill women and girls, we kill babies. In Oregon they are discussing muslim girls wearing a veil in school, but God help the one who, in school, openly prays, makes thee sign of the cross, or reads a Bible. I am in no way upholding their murder of women and girls, but does God see sin as little and big, black or white, or all of it as dark as the soot-walls of hell??

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/WilliamJWard WilliamJamesWard

      You bring up one of the ugliest points of life in America, infantacide. Murdering
      the unborn is and abomination that will be judged. The murder of the children
      in Muslim famalies for so called honor killings is also and abomination. God
      will judge, it is in the Scriptures and the results for those who have not taken
      the redemptive power of Jesus and the Cross will have to stand on their
      own merits, who will be able to stand but those who are covered by the blood.
      As it is written "there will be wailing and nashing of teeth". Until that day we
      must confront and fight evil as best we can…………..William

      • Don

        William…………I agree %100. We would also be crying to the rocks and the mountains to be covering us from the face of Him who is to come IF it were not for the Blood.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Lizfurey LizzyF

    Abortion is murder and the feminist use of "choice" is an evil unto intself.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/WilliamJWard WilliamJamesWard

      There are three choices, 1) do not do the deed. 2) use protection. 3) if a child is
      conceived put it up for adoption. Those are three choices but one never hears
      that spoken of by planned parenthood (murder). Restoring the Bible and prayer
      to schools would be the best thing in stopping the madness, the apostate
      political arena and courts are useless, but one day. That which in my life
      has gone from inconceivable to accepted and lauded tells me the last days
      must be here. Innocent blood cries out of the ground to God for justice.