Islam vs. Women’s Breasts

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Dangerous serial killers and sex criminals roam the Western world. In the not-too-distant past, such remorseless killers, such as Jack The Ripper, Ted Bundy, and the Green River Killer, targeted mainly vulnerable women, including prostituted women, whom they kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered. Often, breasts and genitalia were savagely mutilated.

Today, these horrific, individual acts pale in comparison to the barbarism of the Islamist world where similar, but legally approved and publicly shared acts of woman-hatred are carried out by national presidents, religious leaders, Vice and Virtue police—and by mobs inflamed by Friday sermons.

In 2001, egged on by their imam, hundreds of men in Hassi Messaoud, Algeria physically and sexually attacked any woman they could find, murdering some, sexually mutilating others. Also in Algeria, religious paramilitary troops kidnapped young girls off the streets, forced them into domestic and sexual slavery, then murdered and beheaded them when they became pregnant. In 2006, one thousand men in Cairo, Egypt, went on a post-mosque “wilding” in which they attacked every unveiled, then every veiled, woman in sight.

True, civil and ethnic wars, largely in Africa (Rwanda, Sudan, Congo), are also characterized by savage anti-woman practices such as the repeated, public gang-rapes of young girls and women. Indeed, rape has increasingly been used as a strategic weapon of war, not merely as a spoil of war—and this once happened in European Bosnia and Herzegovina as well. But by and large, the normalized brutalization of women characterizes Arab and Muslim behavior especially in an Islamist, jihadic era.

The Khomeini- Algerian- and Taliban-era’s hot hatred of women, including Muslim women, and of disobedient Muslim girls and women, got heartbreakingly hotter.

Khomeini began by re-veiling the formerly modern and educated women of Tehran. The 1980s Iranian mullahcracy escalated matters; they stoned women to death—but raped them first so that the rape victim would not be able to enter Paradise. The mullahs also forced women into prostitution, then penalized them (not the Johns or the pimps) for it, all the while restricting womens’ rights at home, on the streets, and on the job.

Afghanistan (which didn’t need much in the way of encouragement) went “native” and adopted some of the worst Arab customs. They also went “Persian,” and came into their medieval own. Thus, the Afghan Taliban also stoned women to death but they did so publicly, in large stadiums, with large, blood-thirsty, cheering male crowds. The Afghan Taliban, and after them, the warlords, refused to allow women to work, even when they were war widows and the mothers of dependent children. This forced women into prostitution for which they were jailed. Girls were prevented from going to school, women could not even run beauty parlors or wear makeup, polygamy flourished as did the sale and forced marriage of female children.

Then, the Pakistani Taliban jumped on this bandwagon of misogyny. Roving vigilante squads startedspraying acid onto little girls’ faces for the crimes of going to school or simply for allowing their headscarves to slip. They went beyond mutilating the breasts and genitalia of murder victims to scarring the faces of young girls forever.

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  • David

    Islam is against freedom, art, happiness and beauty. A woman's breast is not only a source of life but but also a sign of utmost beauty. The problem is Islam that has created monsters like Khomeini and Taliban.

  • kafir4life

    Pardon my ignorance, but isn't islam that gutter cult invented by the pedophilic rapist, mad mo, who in a bout of intestinal distress shat the contents of the terror guide the koran and made up the moon god allahhaha? Yes?

  • jorge

    kafir4life ….
    That's the one.

    • kafir4life

      Ahh…..Thought so.

  • sflbib

    WW-III is already 1,000 years old.

  • joe blowe

    1,400 years to be more exact.
    It always amazes me how people do not want to see this. A typical North American person only wants to talk about happy things and wants to be shielded from the uglyness in the world. 'The fact that You don't want War, doen't prevent War from wanting You'.

  • phillipgaley

    While the instances recited, are the simplest grave evidence of abandonment of exemplifying the male role in strength to care for and defend, that role reversal shows also, abandonment of humanity in the self—the plainest expression of self-hatred, . . . I think of that line from the New Testament: "But these, as natural brute beasts, are to be caught and killed."—but then, even there, the males can not hurt the females—leaving those others then, for whom we would find explanation, as a kind demons; and, I cannot but think that, that's the direction in which the men of those nations are headed—destruction; for—beside eradication of the female impulse in their Societies—for all their rock-throwing, and shooting missiles and guns, and so forth, for all their braggadocio in announcing conquest in war, beforehand, none have even a mentionable manufacturing or agricultural base.
    And that, that be noticed as conspicuous, when the Israelis got to that desolate place, they put their hands on tools, and began planting trees—partly in consequence of which through continuance—and with reliance upon the women of their Society—they are now able to well meet the eventuality of war, . . .

  • Mohsen

    What a vengeful article is this!
    Just a racialist zionist might set it down.
    1400 years ago, our prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was respecting his daughter Fatima. He personified women. Many words of Mohammad are about dignifying females and blaming humiliation of them.

    • m h

      your prophet was a sex addict…. he married a girl and had sex with her when she was 9 years old !!! of course not forgetting the fact that mohammad has married uncountable women !

  • Tony

    And then you look around here and what do you see? 95% of the cars you see with the "COEXIST" bumper stickers are driven by liberal women. I wish these women would try and drive a car in those Muslims countries they want to "COEXIST" with. Or maybe show up in one of those countries wearing a pair of shorts and a halter top. Then they would learn how those people would "COEXIST" with them.

    • Joemont

      EXCELLENT point Tony!!

    • frank

      You are right

    • Hooah

      Yes, I have to admit Tony that's an excellent point. In fact, when I get the opportunity I think I'll point that out to someone with that sticker. I'll be polite and respectful but I think I'll do it.

      Damn good point.

    • Syd Barrett

      They don't even have to show up in one of those countries. Show up at any mosque in America dressed like that and see what happens. Explain the concept of "coexistence" to them – I'm sure the mosque-goers will all see the error of their ways and embrace you as a sister.

      p.s. Somebody should've taken the breasts cut off the female mannequins and put them on the male mannequins, just for grins.

  • Joemont

    But–But–But–But he sputtered. Islam is a Religion of Peace. If it is than my But can suck Canal Water thought a plastic straw and think it's Pepsi.

  • kiltmaker

    The silence of the radical Women's Lib groups are testament to their complicity. In other words, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
    Unfortunately, this poem is the real truth:
    First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a communist;
    Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a socialist;
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a trade unionist;
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a Jew;
    Then they came for me–
    and there was no one left to speak out for me

  • Joe

    The Muslim mindset is completely dominated by sex !!
    In fact, their Paradise is a pace where they have access to 72 virgins. They follow a "prophet" who was a pedophile and rapist and who set up a system in which women just do not count . When a woman is raped , her brother or father is the one who has to kill her NOT because HER honour has been besmirched but because the honour of the MALES in her family has been besmirched.
    All humans tend to judge others by their own standards. Therefore Muslims cover their females with Burqas because they assume all other males are thinking the same filthy thoughts that they themselves think .
    I cannot understand why all the womens liberation organisations of the West do not rise up in resistance to the Muslim invasion.
    The proof of the above is plain to see in the Koran. Read it !!!

    • Hooah

      I've read it in the quran (a disgusting and dumb book). And muslims also get young little boys to mess around with as well. I hear the number of boys is 20. Does anyone know where, and in which hadith mohammed gave an exact number for girls and boys?
      I know that if a muslim, while in the process of committing mass murder i,e. 9-11, gets killed during jihad he goes to Mo's whore house, but I'm having no luck locating where the exact number came from since it's not mentioned in the quran.

      • Peachey

        The benefits granted to those special Muslims that meet the grade are, in order of
        the Paradise passages:
        1. all of the alcohol and intoxicants desired
        2. compliant young boys with alabaster skin
        3, perpetually virginal compliant young females that are beautiful and have no
        body hair, bad breath or menstrual periods (this is true, I know, they have a
        sexual fixation and focus on the absence of body hair and odors)

        • Syd Barrett

          That's one of the scariest things I've read…

  • Bobbie

    Keep in mind that the Koran is the product of it's time and environment — 1400 years ago and of an Arab illiterate tribe, etc. Now good luck liberating few billion believers of this whatever…. Disgusting!

  • BS1977

    Hard to believe this nightmarish scourge exists in our world. People long for the day when this system of coercion, cruelty and fanaticism no longer exists.

  • Rifleman

    Cutting off the breasts actually draws more attention to them than the normal curvature would. Doh!

  • Mohsen

    Why you didnt release my comment?

  • NatureGirl

    How can the western world continue to defend this? I myself have a young daughter and it breaks my heart to think of children like her growing up in shame and fear for being born female. We westerners vilify the boss who comments on a female employee's sexual attractiveness, but we ignore this insane brutality! Why are there not more Muslim's speaking out about this? Perhaps they are afraid of their own? We as westerners can only assume that they do not care if they don't speak up.

  • Tim Pottorff

    As all of these informed comments reflect.Mohammed (may hellfire and pig's dung be upon him) was a perverted, violent, intolerant, shell of a man and he spawned this cancerous cult called Islam that is the common denominator of all of the anti-jewish, anti-Christian, anti-West……anti-modernity terrorist acts that we read about every day.
    We need a President that will not white-wash the obvious. We are rotting from within….

  • tanstaafl

    Are these the actions of normal human beings?

    In order to be a good Muslim, you must hate women, Jews and infidels. Is that a religion or an organization for sociopaths such as Ted Bundy?

  • Talbert

    why can't they respect women like us westerners? golly.

  • Abdulmajid

    This article and all the comments on this page are just plain DISGUSTING! Those who committed the genocidal crusade against Bosniaks in Bosna in 1992-95 and still want to easte or expel the Bosniaks, say and justify their genocide with just the same so I can assume that all those idiots commenting here on all the evil that Islam allegedly is would in cold blood slit my throat, plug me, clobber me or run me out of the country for what I am, not for what I supposedly might actually do. After all, just on grounds of what I am and what I believe in I am a terrorist, mysoginist, child rapist and what not. They are bigoted, evil fascists and their place is Hell. Not for being anti-Muslims but for being beyond good and evil. If that what they say and think is being a good Christaian then I am glad I am not one. I am glad I have given up this false faith and embraced the True One. Anybody want to kill me for that? Just try it! Anytime, buddies! If you think I will be led liek a lamb too the slaughter then you got another think coming. What you say is what the crusaders of the mniddle ages said to justify their wholesale slaughter of Muslims. Bigot evil genocidal MORONS y'all!

  • kinthedesert

    Abdulmajid, I think we're all just a little disgusted with the "off with her breasts" fixation that you Muslims have. Maybe you could say something important, and address that issue. Otherwise, we hear you…you're angry and more killing is justified.

    Take care.

  • Tom M

    Dear Abdulmajid,

    The opinions posted here are personal views and do not speak for the entire body of Christ Jesus in any fashion or form. I see the gist of their posts to be based on a contrast of their perception of the content of the basic texts of our faiths. The Christian Bible has two important parts: the Old Testament relates the power of God, and the New Testament tells of His Grace, Mercy, Love, and Fatherhood of humankind. I for one do not believe that God the Father sent Jesus to found His church then later send the “prophet” Mohammad to undo and rewrite the entire episode.

    I do not intentionally judge men with malice in my heart even when I am angry at their behaviors. You are a man of conscience that thinks you have found the true way. I respect that while I disagree with your beliefs. I am merely in the sales department of Christ Jesus, and my employment record is based upon how well I sell His teachings. Judgment is strictly a management problem that I have no business bothering myself about.

    The basic differences between Christianity and Islam are profound and eternal. Muslim countries that enforce Sharia Law frequently [if not unanimously] forbid Christian faith and education. I know of NO CHRISTIAN COUNTRY WITH DISCRIMINATORY LAWS AGAINST ISLAM to this degree. If ignorance and apathy are the workshops of the evil one, then please enlighten me how this prohibition is in keeping with the commandments of a benevolent Higher Power.

  • Abdulmajid

    I have seen what people who call themselves good Christians have done to other people in Bosnia-Herzegoviona who happened to be Muslims, more by tradition than by actual belief. THAT, and the appeasement of the (Christian) Serb aggressor by a (majoritarily Christian) international community is the yardstick I measure you by. Until now things have only gotten worse. Now anybody who tries in any which ever way to deny, belittle or justify the anti-Bosniak gneocidal crusade or who thinks he must criticize or pirty me for being Muslim, thinks no different from teh Spabniards in the 15th century. Such a person could never be my friend and I do not value their frinedship. Nobody is running me out of my country or calling me a jihadist just because I have chosen to follow this path, IT IS NOBODY'S BUSINESS BUT MINE, and I tell you, learn to live with Muslims because you are not going to exterminate them! Being Muslim does not make me a terrorist and generally I don't feel hate for women nor do I mistreat my wife and daughter, and none of my brethren that I know do that! Gender violence is not exclusive to Muslims alone, and much Muslim-baiting I read reminds me of the Jew-baiting in Nazi Germany! So, people who do that must be of the same mind-set, they are not merely evil, they are evil AND stupid, and that is the most dangerous kind of human beings. I am not saying that they don't exist among Muslims: I would NEVER fly an airplane int a building, but I am not turning the other cheek. The whole concept of "turning theh other cheek" is only a hypocrite propaganda lie to let the mighty becone ever more mighty.