Judaeophobia vs Islamophobia

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Although he was loyal to a Middle Eastern country, the American military hired him as an intelligence officer and translator anyway—partly because he knew an important Middle East language. Nevertheless, he was a poor choice. This man passed classified documents to “insurgents” in Iraq who were battling American forces; he also had conversations with members of Al Qaeda and kept their documents on his computer.

His name—one of five aliases—is Noureddine Malki. He pretended to be from Lebanon, the persecuted son of a Muslim father and a Christian mother, and on this basis allegedly sought and received asylum in America, naturalized citizenship, and a job as an Arabic translator for the Army.  He received top secret clearance and was working in Iraq where he took bribes from various Sunni sheikhs and passed classified information on to them.

He was caught, tried and, in 2008, sentenced to—ten years. Currently, Noureddine Malki (if that is his real name) communicates with people from his jail cell. He claims that he was once held in solitary for six months and wants the ACLU to investigate.

Jonathan Pollard was held in solitary for seven years and has been held captive for twenty five years.

Pollard has absolutely no blood on his hands. He has been scapegoated for the considerable crimes of the non-Jewish American Soviet spy Aldrich Ames. Unlike Noureddine Malki and Ames, Pollard passed secrets to an American ally, not to a terrorist group with which America was or is now at war.

Since I published my first piece about Pollard, I have done some further research. The facts strongly suggest that Pollard is primarily guilty of being a Jew and a Zionist. The fact that he also behaved recklessly, criminally or, some might say, heroically on behalf of America’s ally, Israel, is almost beside the point.

Why was Pollard given so long a sentence? Why was Noureddine Malki given so short a sentence?

Is racial ( racist) profiling the issue? Is Judeophobia more of an issue than Islamophobia is?

Radio and television host Zev Brenner, who interviewed me recently about my previous Pollard piece, has been calling for congressional hearings on the “racial profiling of Jews in American military intelligence and in the CIA and FBI.” This is a hot issue and a hotly contested one. (I may return to this in another column.) Brenner called my attention to the cases of David Tenenbaum and Adam Ciralsky, both of whom were targeted as pro-Israel and/or as observant Jews.

In 1997, Tenenbaum was wrongfully accused of being an Israeli spy. According to the Defense Department’s own report, Tenenbaum was specifically targeted because he was an observant Orthodox Jew: “It was well known that Mr. Tenenbaum was Jewish, lived his religious beliefs and by his actions appeared to have a close affinity for Israel,” the report said. “We believe that Mr. Tenenbaum was subjected to unusual and unwelcome scrutiny because of his faith and ethnic background, a practice that would undoubtedly fit a definition of discrimination.” The 62-page report added: “Mr. Tenenbaum experienced religious discrimination when his Judaism was weighed as a significant factor in the decision to submit him for an increase in his security clearance.” The investigation failed to turn up any evidence against Tenenbaum.

The report also explains that one of the reasons Tenenbaum was hired in the first place was because he speaks Hebrew—obviously another Middle Eastern language.

Here’s another example of the kind of racial (and/or racist) profiling I’m talking about. In 1999, Adam Ciralsky was placed on unpaid leave because he had contacts with Israelis. His “ties” to Israel included supporting Jewish causes like the United Jewish Appeal and buying Israel bonds. Eleven years later, Ciralsky’s lawsuit still has not been resolved.

One of the CIA documents accusing Ciralsky said: “I think that it is important that he state openly [that] he and his family support…the Likud Party,” one document says. “He may simply be withholding on this issue, because it paints him and his family as extreme supporters of Israel’s hard-liners in the Likud Party, and he wishes to avoid being seen as such a lover of Israel.” Another accused him of having a “wealthy daddy” who supports Israeli causes.

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  • Anonymous

    I think Pollard's case may also be due to Weinberger's need to show that he could be tough on a Jew despite his own family having been once Jewish before turning to the Episcopalian faith and joining the old boy network. Pollard's sentence is totally out of proportion for his crimes. There is obviously someone or something behind this matter which is holding him to a standard never before imposed on anyone except this one Jew.

    • MeMyself

      It should also be noted that Weinberger was a confirmed anti-Semite, despite his own Jewish roots.

    • WildJew

      Why did President Ronald Reagan surround himself with theses dedicated anti-Semites, Weinberger, Buchanan, Bush, Baker, etc.?

  • RCCA

    It's interesting that Ms. Chesler is sympathetic toward Pollard, no matter what. At least this time around she acknowledges that Pollard's ego and refusal to accept responsibility or express remorse has had a lot to do with creating his situation. Surely Pollard's case is unique, and we do not all the facts of the case. As pointed out in the previous post on Pollard, the damning classified file submitted by Weinberger prior to Pollard's sentencing has never been disclosed. So we have no way of knowing why he received his sentence, nor do we know why Pollard has not been released by now. Does he present some kind of danger because of what he knows, because of what he might tell if he were freed, or is it simply because he is a Jew? Or is it some kind of payback to Israel because he was working for Israel?

    With regards to the other cases in which the justice department seems to be hyper vigilant towards the security risk posed by Jews while turning a blind eye towards Muslims I do think Ms. Chesler is spot on. It's a matter of political correctness and public policy that we are not permitted to view Muslims as being most of all loyal to Islam and towards the worldwide Muslim community. We are not allowed to acknowledge the Koran as the motivating force behind Islamic jihad.

    • Barry Weiss

      RCCA needs simply to read the revelations of Korb and others to realize Pollard should never have been prosecuted nor vilified as he has been. Americans and others need to learn how John Foster Dulles and his brother Allan Dulles deposed Mossedegh when he, the only elected President in Arab Middle East, nationalized Anglo-Iranian Oil because this secretary of state had been a partner in Sullivan Cromwell, the General Counsel for that oil company. They brought in Kermit Roosevelt and Herbert Scharzkopf, an Air Force general working for the CIA in Afghanistan, to hire thugs to dress up to look like Tudeh Communists, shoot up places in Teheran, and enable the U. S. to depose that elected fair president and put the Shah back on the throne of Iran. We went on to install Khomeni with Richard Cottam, the CIA operative on the Persia desk of the State Dept. going to Paris to meet with Khomeni and fly him on a CIA chartered plane into Teheran. John Foster Dulles said in a 1947 speech, "Perhaps the strongest obstacle to Communism, distasteful as it may be, is Islamic fundamentalism." So we see this wonderful precedent for our acting as mid-wife for the birth or nurturing of the Taliban.


      • RCCA

        While that was one of many clandestine CIA arranged regime changes orchestrated by the US government, perhaps even more pertinent and still unrevealed were the events surrounding the Iran-Contra Affair which involved the US, President Reagan, Weinberger, Pakistan, the infamous B.C.C.I banking scandal, drug money, arms sales of Hawk missiles between Israel and Iran etc. Pollard's service coincides with much of that period, and perhaps there is some connection between all that and his lengthy incarceration.

    • WildJew

      You wrote: "It's interesting that Ms. Chesler is sympathetic toward Pollard, no matter what. At least this time around she acknowledges that Pollard's ego and refusal to accept responsibility or express remorse has had a lot to do with creating his situation."

      I think you are partially right in that she acknowledges his ego in granting an interview, many years back, to a young Wolf Blitzer. I read nothing about her acknowledging that Pollard has refused to accept responsibility or express remorse. From everything I have read, Pollard has done both. Can you produce a quote from this piece?

      • RCCA

        I was referring to the general approach taken by Pollard and his parents, see: http://www.jonathanpollard.org/facts.htm and http://www.jonathanpollard.org/1991/060691.htm

        There's a lot of rationalization and intellectualizing but not really heartfelt remorse, in my opinion. Personally I would not trust Pollard and do not like the guy. I am sure that many others feel uncomfortable about him or what he might say or do if he were freed. That may be very unfair and I'm not saying his sentence hasn't been excessive, frankly I am in no position to judge.

        Based on the quotes his parents have provided in their video on the homepage of their website it seems that many people in positions of authority who have access to information beyond the ordinary citizen are willing to state that Pollard should be released. Maybe that should be enough, or Obama should at least offer some explanation if it is not.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    The outrageous bias and injustice against Pollard is a consequences of various factors in American governing. Israel does have popular support amongst majority of American people, in particular among Zionist Christians. As to certain power structures in America, they do not stand even on Christian positions, never mind the Zionism. In fact the Department of State (an unelected hardly changeable branch of government), perhaps CIA, and several influential commissions and clubs (like Bilderberg) are fervently pro-Islamic and fiercely anti-Zionist. By their appeasement of and favoritism to Islam, they betray not only Israel – the best American ally, but also America itself. Very unfortunately for Pollard, he happened to be a peon in that treasonous foreign policy.

    "Does Pollard stand a better chance under President Obama?" – asks the author. Under Obama who? Perhaps I am missing sarcasm in the author's question…

    • WildJew

      Her question may not be sarcastic. Obama has got to be the most anti-Israel president in American history. I believe, like his spiritual mentor Rev. Wright, Obama has deep-seated antipathy toward Jews. The only Jews he has time for are court Jews and lackeys. But Obama is a savvy politician. He wants a second term. A second Obama term would be an unmitigated disaster for the US. Since his shabby treatment of Israel's prime minister, he has been trying to repair the damage. He needs liberal Jewish support. Unlike Wright, Obama conceals his hatred by doing politically expedient things. Netanyahu is reportedly drafting a letter to Obama (for the first time in Israel's history) publicly asking for Pollard's release. Quiet diplomacy has been ineffective. There may be no sarcasm in the author's question..

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

        The facts you mentioned are correct, yet attempts to make any backdoor deals with the impostor and such an Israel-hater as Obama/Soetoro are futile and undignified (in my opinion). Yet the author visibly does not believe so. There seems to be no sarcasm in her question at all, and so I noted it with sadness…

        • WildJew

          While I agree with you, any backdoor deals would be unconscionable – releasing Pollard at this point is the right thing to do regardless of who is president – I would like to believe Pollard would reject any quid pro quo for his release. At least I hope so. Israel owes Obama nothing.

  • Ian

    Marty Perez recently weighed in on this issue in his “The Spine” blog and claimed that Mr. Pollard also passed on classified information to Pakistan. I have never heard this before and wonder if there is any truth to it. Anyone?

  • Bracha

    Email the president, to Free Pollard Now!

  • judynyc

    Barry obama is not going to release Pollard. It might offend his muslim friends.
    All this anti-zionism and anti-semitism is creeping out of the woodwork where once its voice was muffled behind walls.
    Today, this jew hatred makes itself the center of attention. The main reason being our president who has never even visited Israel and our media that acts as obama's personal public relations staff.

    • hbudd

      Look for BHO to release Pollard before the 2012 election, in an attempt to regain some of the alienated Jewish vote.

  • Sandra

    I want some clarification on WHY Pollard is in prison right now. I always thought it was it was because he knew something specific about the middle east area that was about to cause grave harm to Israel. I thought he went the chain of command to request the importance of informing Israel of the danger. I understood this information was only shared with Israel through Pollard and, he was then considered a "spy". If this is all true, is what he did really considered the acts of a traitor or spy. If so, I am confused.

  • QSuzy

    Another great article by Dr Chesler! There are two reasons for the Pollard case and the cases of other Jews such as those in this article and others not mentioned yet and I strongly hope all of them sue our govt which appears to be full of bigots.

    The other reason is that if everyday Americans realized the vast extent in which we are funding Islamic terrorist groups such as Hamas, Taliban, al-Qaeda, the Muslim brotherhood and other such groups, to the tune of billions of our taxpayer funds, including having US Generals train such terror groups in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, giving them super-sophisticated weapons at the same time, those Americans with high morals such as those Jews in this article, would let Israel know with solid evidence how their ally, America, is selling them out as fast as possible. Such bigots in our govt would be the first to sell out Jesus, too……who had obvious high morals. If everyday Americans knew the extent in which we are helping Islamic terror groups while 'fighting them'' at the same time, there would be many loud protests and these bigots would be thrown out of work. That's exactly what the bigots fear.

    • WildJew

      QSuzy, there is no gainsaying where you stand. To your credit, you do not mince words.

      • QSuzy

        Thank you and a very sweet 2011 to you.

  • richard

    the enemy is entrenched within all branches of the govt.
    i pray someday they will be expunged by any means necessary.

  • Mr. X

    Here is the dilema, Pollard is a convicted spy and was guilty. He broke the law by overturning policy, perhaps unjust policy but that was not for him to determine. Yes, he wsa over charged, over sentenced and overly villified. but the criminal justice system calls for equal justice under the law, not equal results. Any allegation pertaining to anti-Semtic prejudice vis a vis Jonathon Pollard will not be sustained. As there was probable cause to suspect him, to arrest him, to charge him, to find him guilty and to sentence him. As for a pardon or communation of his sentence, Obam might do that albeit the Jewish community is largely self hating and he has nothing to gain by doing the right thing towards Jews. But, he might do it in order to lower standards and release true threats to America, Islamic and hard leftist prisoners. if he releases Pollard, its gonna be real expense for Jews and for America.

    • QSuzy

      Either America stands for justice or it doesn't. It can't be pro-justice and anti-justice at the same time.

    • WildJew

      You wrote: "Pollard is a convicted spy and was guilty. He broke the law …..Yes, he was over charged, over sentenced and overly vilified…"

      So you agree with the author of this piece, he is a convicted spy who broke the law but was over-charged and over-sentenced.

  • muchiboy

    Mordechai Vanunu spent 18 years in prison ,many in solitary confinement,for telling the world Israeli's dirty little nuclear secret,which was common knowledge in intelligence circles anyway.He was considered by AI as a prisoner of conscience.Israel should look in the mirror at it's own deplorable behavior in Vanunu's unconscionable treatment and stop whining about an Israeli spy caught red handed by Israel's closest and best friend,America.The case speaks volumes about Israeli motives,intentions and trustworthiness.
    My sympathies are with Vanunu and Sgt.Gilad Shalit who although in captivity only four years is likely being held in much crueler conditions.May the New Year be good to him and his family.I was very disappointed that Hamas or other anti Israeli groups did not include the release of Vanunu in his early years in Israeli confinement as part of a prisoner exchange. muchiboy

    • CanadConserv

      Any condemnation of palestinians for imprisoning (or summarily executing) its citizens for disclosing their secrets, or is it only Israel you condemn for imprisoning its traitors?

      • muchiboy

        "Any condemnation of palestinians for imprisoning (or summarily executing) its citizens for disclosing their secrets, or is it only Israel you condemn for imprisoning its traitors? "

        To date,only Israel,but the article we are commenting on is about an Israeli spy or American "traitor".As to Palestinian spies and traitors,they get what they deserve or at least what is appropriate,considering what is at stake(often assassination of Hamas military commanders or personnel),and I am sure Israel has made effective use of Palestinian spies.No one died as a result of the disclosure of Israeli nuclear secrets,and a strong case can be made that such disclosures are in the best interests of world peace and maybe even long term regional stability.We know it is a dirty little war over there with human rights violations on both sides.While my sympathies are obvious,CanadConserv,such conflicts and wars,with the exception of Nazism,are seldom black and white.
        "Mordechai Vanunu …. citing his opposition to weapons of mass destruction, revealed details of Israel's nuclear weapons program to the British press in 1986.[1][2] He was subsequently lured to Italy by a female Mossad agent, where he was drugged and kidnapped by Israeli intelligence agents.[1] He was transported to Israel and ultimately convicted in a trial that was held behind closed doors.[1] He is regarded by peace activists as a hero for taking a stand against weapons proliferation." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Mordechai_Vanun

        • CanadConserv

          Palestinians who advocate, sincerely, peace with israel are assassinated. Abbas knows it would be a death sentence to accept Israel as a Jewish state (while the PA defines their would be Palestinian state as an Islamic one). Their Israeli counterparts are elected to the Knesset (parliament), are active in the media and academia.Israel is more respectful of rights than any nation under permanent siege and living a daily existential crisis, and never ending war, than any other, ever.Israel is the only nation to ever warn enemy civilians that attacks are coming. The simple truth is that you're obsessed with Israel's misdemeanours, while essentially nonplussed about Arab and palestinian high crimes. And as such are typical of reflexive left wing moral equivalence, reason be damned.

  • Mr. X

    here is the another problem. A Republcan, assuming one with courage, lets say a Pres. Palin type could never free Pollard becuase once she does that, the emasculated Republicans, confused Independents and hostile Democrats will accuse her of being weak on national security and others would tortonially use that as leverage to free the anti Semiticv and anti-american personalities.

    And if a Democrat grantsPollard relief, the Republicans will have to sieze the opportunity to at least in such a scenarior, equate this as another example of how the democrats are weak on national defense.

    Neither party can do this. But if Obama stays aggressively on the left, he might grant Pollard relief. But that will not be free. Every threat to American security, every left wing political prisoner will then be released. If Obama frees Pollard, wait and see the pardons.

  • Free Jonathan Pollard

    Sandra: Jonathan Pollard was accused of spying (for an allied country, Israel), not treason. Despite a plea bargain, the judge threw out the agreement, as a result of political pressure, and sentenced Pollard to life in prison. There is no question that this sentence was disproportionate and a miscarriage of justice.

  • Kevin Stroup

    I am sorry, but what part of "he was a spy who sold the U.S. out" are so many people failing to understand? The fact that so many other traitors get off with light sentences in now way forgives or mitigates that Pollard was a TRAITOR. I call it like it is. He sold me and my fellow Americans out for money. He accepted money for stolen information. He is scum and can rot the rest of his life in prison as far as I am concerned. It has nothing to do with him being Jewish. It has everything to do with him being a TRAITOR. The fact that Israel is an ally does not in any way carry water. Todays friend may well be tomorrows enemy, and what if the Israelies sell the information to a third party that is an enemy of the U.S. ? Pollard made his bed, let him lie in it.

    • jacob

      For your information, my dear scholar, the only crime POLLARD commited was
      to alert ISRAEL about its "ALLY", good old USA's duplicity in its dealings with it.

      The information he passed did not put any blood in his hands as did the CIA
      bastard that sold the American agents in RUSSIA and got them killed, geting
      the same sentence handed POLLARD…

      And yes : CIA 's and STATE DEPT's. JUDEOPHOBY vs. ISLAMOPHOBY, shows
      clearly how rotten to the core both of them are….

    • 4b1

      Thank you

  • Free Jonathan Pollard

    Kevin: You are a cruel person, and you don’t know what you’re talking about. Jonathan Pollard was never charged with treason. He admitted to passing along to Israel classified information concerning Iraq’s nuclear program. That Israel used this information to take out Iraq’s nuclear program saved the world from a possible nuclear war. Isn’t 25 five years in prison (7 in solitary) enough already! Please contact your elected officials to pass along your desire that the President commute Jonathan’s sentence to time served.

  • Sigfried

    Kevin stroup is typical of those people who refuse to let the facts interfere with his opinions. Stroup calls Pollard a traitor. Yet, Pollard was not charged with or convicted of treason. Obviously, that fact means little to Stroup. Second, Korb who saw the secret documents that supposedly was the evidence that caused Pollard to such a harsh sentence, has declared that the information was never given to a thierd party and basically, the information contained witheld intelligence from Israel concerning Iraq. In addition, Weinberger's bias was so deep and his c9onscience so shallow that he refused to admit that the so-called information thatg Pollard supposedly took and wound up in the hands of the soviets was really not true. Aldrich Ames and other American spies were the culprits. So, anyone who continues to fight Pollard's release oon humanitarian grounds is either just plain ignorant, a liar such as Arthur
    Schlessinger, or something worse.

    • Kevin Stroup

      "On June 4, 1986 Jonathan Pollard pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to deliver national defense information to a foreign government." – Wikipedia.

      Part of a plea agreement. If this is not treason, then what is?

    • Kevin Stroup

      He was convicted of espionage. Sounds like a traitor to me.

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        You'd have been much happier if he'd leaked nuclear secrets to the Iranians instead, wouldn't you – indeed almost as happy as you would be if Jews were once again sent to the gas chambers.

  • jacob

    If the the Jew morons that fell for the mermaid song of OBAMA's "CHANGE" would
    have any shame left in their souls, they wold be entitled to demand from him the
    immediately freeing of POLLARD or else, the bringing of his case to the Supreme
    Court and the bringing of bastard like WEINBERGER to justice and the firing of the
    Pentagon and State Dept. Judeophobes….

    That would be swerving justice in this country once and for all…..

  • muchiboy

    I wish FrontPageMag ,its Staff,and all subscribers a safe and Happy New Years,and to their absent Family and Friends.The Grant Family

  • Rock_Rega

    Bottom Line> The anti-semitism of the US establishment is obvious.
    Jonathan Pollard – Prisoner of Zion. Jews should campaign for his release as they did for Anatoly Sharansky.

  • israel kremen

    Dear Mrs. Chesler: I know one of such Arabic translator who was chosen to be sent to Iraq to translate to American Force there. I wouldn't trust her, period. She came from Sudan as a Refugee, though she was a daughter of the family of slaveowners there and considers herself, due to this fact, as a White Person. This is a shame that she was allowed to go to Iraq to deal to such enemies AFTEr she was in Africa, trying to meet to her husband, who lied to her and played dirty game with her, and she came back with broken face after a month spending in Africa…where? who knows? in training camp? Who knows? Americans trust everyone in Muslim community, though the Muslims MUST lie to non-believers. Whether the Pentagon VIPs are simply stupid (it's easy to believe, due to their actions) or there are too many real enemies of the USA…P.S. She was my client as a Refugee, and I know her personally. Later, she passed the State Exam, and worked in my team. She is lazy like Hell and cannot accept any critic…IK

  • Armando

    Alfred Dreyfuss all over again

    • Infidel1683

      No similarity whatsoever

  • http://www.JonathanPollard.org Justin K

    Your anonymous informant, Dr. Chesler, has supplied you with a very dubious quote from Esther Pollard –one that as an officer of J4JP I am certain she never made. However, your informant would like you to believe that she did say it, because it fits with the way that she has been slandered over the years in attempt to silence Jonathan by silencing his voice on the outside. Instead of printing dubious comments from anonymous informants why not ask Mrs Pollard? You can reach her c/o justice4jp@gmail.com Your recent articles about Mr. Pollard are deeply appreciated.
    Please do not inadvertently contribute to the slander that Pollard has been fighting for years. Thank you.
    Justin for J4JP

    • Ryan

      If you guys really want help from pro-Israel Americans then the endless anti-American rhetoric needs to stop. Patriotic, Conservative Americans do not like being called names and it will not help your case if you alienate the major pro-Israel populous of the nation.
      as Rafi Eitan himself said:
      "The Americans are of course very angry over this affair, but this is only part of the explanation. Pollard's situation became much worse to a large extent because we – including Pollard himself, spoke too much. Pollard himself spoke incessantly about the affair, even though he was forbidden from doing so, and charged the Americans, as did many Israeli Knesset members, ministers, and public figures, with a series of accusations, topped by anti-Semitism."
      "I'm afraid those things, and particularly the charges against the Americans, only made his situation worse…all this talk about anti-Semitism didn't help, but rather, created in the U.S. an opposite atmosphere: 'You're accusing us of such deeds, so now he'll stay in jail to spite you.'"

      As someone who has always vocally supported Israel, I would be willing to accept an apology from Pollard and his wife for all their accusations of American malice and I would discuss with my local tea party the possibility of activism for his release on the grounds that his sentence was for something Ames did and blamed on Pollard. But if the anti-Americanism continues, then don't expect patriots to go too far out of their way to support your effort

      • QSuzy

        I'm an American patriot who sees nothing wrong with righteous criticism which this article is about. I don't fear criticism of myself nor my nation and this criticism is long overdue and certainly welcome.

        Go threaten those with loser baggage…..you scare nobody.

        • Ryan

          what is so "righteous" about this ma'am? and by the way I was talking to J4JP, go take a look at what their website has to say about America, miss "patriot"

          I on the other hand only accept legitimate criticism, not lectures from people who are knowingly exaggerating their claims against my country

          unless of course you are as stupid as you appear and actually believe every administration since the 1980s has been a bunch of shadowy pro-terrorist bigots out to sink Israel like your comment and J4JP's work claim – and if you believe that then you are not a Patriot but an anti-American conspiracy theorist and a nut

          • QSuzy

            Sorry Ryan, I assumed I was talking to someone old enough to vote. I was wrong.

          • Ryan

            I am, you just cant see that clearly with the sun's reflection off your tin foil hat

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        I'm not American or Israeli but I remember Bush and Rice urging restraint on the Israelis five years ago, as thousands of Katyusha rockets rained down on Northern Israeli towns and cities. They NEVER stood up for the Israelis. Not one word of public support was offered to the Israelis.

        And it is time the US remembered who its friends are. Israel is a US ally, but it won't be for much longer if it gets treated like a US enemy. In a world where the US is short of friends, it hardly makes sense for the US to do the dirty on those who are its friends – especially a friend which is located right in the middle of the vipers nest, and has an intelligence gathering service second to none, unlike the PC-riddled Keystone Cops failures who staff the CIA and FBI with their own internal turf wars. The Israelis will only do the pragmatic thing and try to make common cause with others to try to ensure their security if they think they can't trust the US. And it is predictable that a country with a population of 7.5 million thats faced with 20 times as many enemies, would take such a course of action if it believes it has to for its own survival.

        • QSuzy

          Excellent post. You have a lot of common sense, something that is in short supply these days.

        • Ryan

          i remember it a little differently – if i remember correctly wasn't Bolton standing up for them in the UN – no?

          But overall I agree with you that we have in fact not given Israel the support we should have. It is actually one of the few regrets about the Reagan administration that they stood in the way of letting Israel do what it had to do in Lebanon the first time around. We owe Begin a true thank you for non-the-less lending mossad's help to the CIA in being able to penetrate the Soviet Bloc and the steadfast help Israel offered in trying to help us with our own Lebanon hostage problem

          please do not misunderstand, Israel is a shining beacon of freedom in a dark corner of the world, and I am proud to be one of its most outspoken supporters at my university campus (and i literally have a scar to prove it, courtesy of campus leftists). my criticism is not aim at Israel at all. it is specifically aimed at Pollard, his wife and J4JP for their exaggerated anti-Americanism.

          – God bless America and Israel, defenders of the free world

          • Spirit_Of_1683

            i remember it a little differently – if i remember correctly wasn't Bolton standing up for them in the UN – no?

            Bolton is only one man, though. He wasn't the entire administration.

  • Infidel1683

    This Article is exactly what I would expect to see from a rabid leftist author. In that they both can't be bothered with facts. Instead, He throws a red-herring in the mix by laying baseless accusations of anti-semitism. And Pollard caused massive damage to the United States & any loyal American should support his imprisonment for LIFE.
    Read something written w/ integrity:

    Furthermore, he didn't betray the US on noble grounds for Israel – He did it for $$$ for cocaine. And, he supposedly has an account with at least 540,00 waiting for him courtesy of the Israeli gov't. And there is strong evidence that suggests he does in fact have blood on his hands, and his espionage can still cause casualties.

  • Free Jonathan Pollard

    Infidel1683: You are a blatant liar. Are you an anti-semite or simply a sadist? You know you have no sources for your baseless accusations against Jonathan. Every person with knowledge of the case knows this.

  • Ryan

    The thing with the Pollard case is that everybody is exaggerating – from anti-semetic trash to his scum (THAT'S RIGHT, SCUM) anti-american wife.

    here is what happened – you have a smart guy who seems to suffer from some form of megalomania that becomes an intelligence analyst, tries to offer his services to a bunch of other countries before israel accepts, passes on advanced satellite of iraqi weapons facilities (which the Reagan administration had been trying to shut down for over a year at that point http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB82/iraq… but wanted to avoid an israeli strike on the facilities that would further complicate the the crisis in the gulf – NOT BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO LESSEN ISRAEL'S STRENGTH AS POLLARD'S WIFE SAYS), gets tons of money even diamonds for it, the guy gets caught and i'll let Pollard's former case handler explain the rest http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3223047
    In an exclusive interview with Ronen Bergman, Eitan flatly denied charges that Pollard handed over to Israel information used to expose American spies in the former Soviet Union.
    "I'm willing to put my hand in fire and swear in everything dear to me that those charges are a blatant lie," Eitan said. "Nothing from what Pollard delivered leaked out of the Israeli intelligence community, nothing. Besides, he never provided us with information that could have exposed American agents in the Soviet Union or anywhere else."
    "We weren't interested in those subjects, and he didn’t provide the information," Eitan says.
    The former agent says shortly after Pollard's trial ended, Israel discovered Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger sent a top secret memorandum to the judge, accusing Pollard of exposing 11 American agents.
    "The information the charge was based on arrived from the CIA, and more accurately, from the counter-espionage branch of the CIA. Only years later it turned out the person who headed the branch and initiated the move against Pollard…was a person by the name of (Aldrich) Ames, who all those years was the top Soviet spy in the U.S.," Eitan says.
    "He simply took advantage of the Pollard affair to cast the blame for the affair he (Ames) himself was guilty of on Pollard, thereby clearing himself of suspicion," Eitan says. "I have no doubt that had Pollard been tried today, in light of what is known about Ames and other agents who were exposed, he would have received a much lighter sentence."
    Pollard is in prison for 20 years now and the American president didn't even shorten his sentence. Why?
    "The Americans are of course very angry over this affair, but this is only part of the explanation. Pollard's situation became much worse to a large extent because we – including Pollard himself, spoke too much. Pollard himself spoke incessantly about the affair, even though he was forbidden from doing so, and charged the Americans, as did many Israeli Knesset members, ministers, and public figures, with a series of accusations, topped by anti-Semitism."
    "I'm afraid those things, and particularly the charges against the Americans, only made his situation worse…all this talk about anti-Semitism didn't help, but rather, created in the U.S. an opposite atmosphere: 'You're accusing us of such deeds, so now he'll stay in jail to spite you.'"

    so there it is. Ames fooled everybody from the 80s till when he was caught in the mid-90s and scapegoated Pollard for the serious crimes Ames himself committed (see here for what Ames did http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0Gcpu0zatk ) and was wrongly sentenced to what Ames should have received, but by the time anyone figured it out Pollard's Anti-American supporters had bitten the hand that feeds them so many times that the U.S. decided to give then the finger

    so unless you actually believe Pollard's lie that America is anti-Israel – the above is all there is to it

    • Ryan

      but yeas, I do believe he should be let out – even if he is detestable

  • michael

    Pollard is a spy and should be treated as such. It doesn't matter he spied for an ally hes lucky he wasn't executed. That being said the fact this gut got a 10yr sentence is disgraceful.

  • Sherri

    It probably won't do anything to those intent on spreading lies and ignorance, but a check on the facts page of jonathanpollard.org will go very far in educating those who are so badly in need of facts.
    Why exactly are we not protesting en masse at the White House. Anybody who wants to help organize a major protest count me in. Sherri abundant.s@gmail.com

  • Sherri

    Check out this awesome music video that tells a small part of this story….an ugly stain on both American justice and Israeli abandonment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNukC4HoVlA

  • WWIIBugleBoy

    Jews are almost always held to a higher standard than others; many times by other
    Jews. Pollard should have been freed by now; and the pathetic lack of support for
    Pollard among the American Jewish community–most of whom are very liberal or
    leftist–betrays their lack of commitment to Judaism and to Israel. Another example of
    this–WHEN is the US Holocaust Museum going to acknowledge the Arab/Muslim
    role in the Holocaust?

  • wayne

    Given everything I have heard and read about Pollard, Aldridge Aimes, and the whole escapade there is something here that leads me to believe that in spying for Israel, Pollard came across and passed along information that was so catastrophic for our relations with various nations in the Middle East (and that may have BEEN Pollard's motivation for spying) that had it been made public it would have shattered the cozy relationships that we have with various governments.

    I don't know what this info was (obviously) but I'm guessing a name – Saudi Arabia – was at the heart of it.

    • Sherri

      With all due respect to you, you haven't read enough, because there is no dearth of information coming out, that proves without any doubt that he is now in jail because he's a Jew. Please look at the facts page at jonathanpollard.org to know that the info. he gave to Israel was in fact info. that the US had an agreement to give them and witheld it anyway. Jonathan went through the proper channels to ask why it wasn't given, and was told to lay off. He had a moral dilemna to share vital security info. to Israel that they needed or obey the anti-Israel policies. I am happy he chose to break the law and saddened that they continue to keep him in jail for the crimes other men committed. All you need to do is look and see all the different people involved at the time of his arrest all coming forward and saying let him out all ready….he long paid for his crime. Look at the 2 minute video that explains this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX8KY4VxoXk and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNukC4HoVlA

  • 080

    Islamophobia is a pure invention of Islamophobiaphobics.

  • Quidam9

    Dear Ms. Chesler:

    I was surprised to see the pingback to my site on this post. I always expect a little more from journalists than this. I learned in Journalism 101 that one of the most important things when writing an article is to check your facts. Evidently you failed to do that. What I don’t understand though is, it would have been so easy for you. Everything is right there on the page you visited. You visited an advocacy site to gain material to use this man as some sort of an example, or point to write about Jonathon Pollard.

    Didn’t you give any thought to the fact that Noureddine Malki is a human being with family and people who love him? He has children. Didn’t you consider how much pain something like this can cause them? How can it be so easy to disregard all this, just to make a point. It’s evident that you do not know the case. Again – the facts are right there. It would have been so easy to check.

    FACT: Mr. Malki was not hired by the Army as a translator. Mr. Malki was hired by Titan Corp. as a translator. He and his group accompanied the Army unit to Iraq. This is a small thing, but just one mistake among many.

    FACT: He did not use “aliases,” he used his own name. Clearly you do not understand how names work in the Arab world. However, the page you visited does have a letter from the family attorney explaining this. It would have been a simple matter of clicking on the link to learn this. For instance, if Mr. Malki had a son named “Majid,” he could also be called “Abu Majid.” These were not aliases, these are his name. I will never understand how sociocentric Americans really are – to think that the entire world does things exactly as we do. Please read an excerpt from a letter from Mr. Malki’s attorney:
    There is absolutely no difference between the transliteration in Arabic of family name or surname of Malki Al Malki Al Maliki

    (to be cont…)

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