The New Evil Empire

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In June, 2010, Bangladeshi authorities arrested the publisher Mahmudur Rahman and closed his newspaper because he dared to publish reports about government corruption and abuses of power. He has been beaten in custody, and 34 charges have been lodged against him. His fate remains unknown.

This does not occur in the West and in Israel. However, Glazov and his contributors have each sounded the alarm about a different and dangerously new kind of censorship. While there is no state censorship—there are no communist-style government-run publishing houses in the West—there is, nevertheless, “politically correct” censorship in public broadcasting which is partially government-funded and which wields enormous influence among the professoriate and the intelligentsia.

Thus, private publishing houses as well as university presses have become increasingly and rigidly left in orientation; the Party Line is an anti-American, anti-Israel, and pro-Palestinian line. No other views need apply. America and Israel are, allegedly, the world’s greatest imperialists, colonialists, racists, and aggressor nations. The long and tragic history of Islamic colonialism, racism, and jihad is not a welcome view.

More: Like the professoriate, publishers have become especially cautious, some might say cowardly or sadly, realistic. They do not want an Islamist bomb thrown through their windows, they do not want to absorb the cost of security for an author against whom a fatwa has been issued, nor do they want to pay to defend themselves against a battery of Islamist and leftist lawyers charging them with “racism” and “Islamophobia.”

The lawsuits and the fatwas are real. They have exerted a profound and chilling effect on Free Speech in the West. Salman Rushdie, Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Magdi Allam, Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, all come instantly to mind. All have required round-the-clock protection or have been sued for “racist” or “hate” speech by those who themselves specialize in telling Big Lies about America, Jews, and Israel. Theo Von Gogh was murdered, butchered, by a Moroccan-Dutch Islamist for daring to co-produce a film titled “Submission” about the normalization of barbaric violence towards Muslim women in Islam’s name.

Today, both in “Eurabia” (the term is Bat Ye’or’s) and in North America, any thinker, writer, academic, or intellectual who dares challenge the Party Line will be marginalized, scorned, demonized, not published; if published, not reviewed; if reviewed, reviewed negatively; and, in any event, not assigned by professors, and never quoted in the left, liberal, and mainstream media as an expert. In addition, friendships will end, political networks will crumble. The post-9/11 and “matzav” world viewers will not be hired as professors; their works will only be read by other post 9/11 world viewers.

Thus, in the wake of this steady tsunami, conservative internet sites, publishing imprints, and small, new publishers, such as Mantua Books, have arisen. I want to introduce you to the steadfast and principled Glazov by quoting from him at length from the excellent interview with him which was conducted by David Swindle, the editor of Newsrealblog. Here is Glazov in his own words:

“Radical Islam is now the greatest threat the West faces. We are, as Norman Podhoretz has noted, in World War IV. We face totalitarian and religious zealots who seek to establish an Islamic caliphate worldwide. They hate freedom and liberty, and so they hate and need to destroy the United States and Israel the most, since these two nations are the bulwarks and representatives of freedom in the world.”

They also hate women:

“…it is obvious that woman-hatred is intertwined with Islamic terror. The more fanatical and violent the Islamic terrorist and his milieu, the more misogyny you will find there…to fight for women’s rights under Islam is also to stick a dagger into the heart of Islamic jihad.”

Where Islamic gender apartheid is allowed to flourish, cancerous, violent extremism is destined to follow.

Glazov does not mince words about what is wrong with Islam in the 21st century. But there is a difference, he insists, between being blunt and being bigoted.

“This is not about demonizing Muslims or attacking Muslims,” he writes.

“We are the allies of Muslims. I consider myself pro-Muslim. Muslims are the victims of Islam and its totalitarian structures. I spend a large part of my life fighting for the rights of Muslim women who suffer under Islamic gender apartheid. Does this make me anti-Muslim or pro-Muslim? I fight on behalf of Muslims who want to live in freedom and who don’t want to suffer the harsh punishments of Sharia Law. I fight for a world where young Muslim boys and girls are not brainwashed and forced to blow themselves up. Does this make me anti-Muslim or pro-Muslim?”

These are crucial questions and I expect that Glazov will keep asking them.


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  • a fellow patriot

    The new Evil Empire is the global alliance between Islamist totalitarianism and western liberal progressivism or leftism. It's about time someone noticed this.

    • chets1girl

      I SO agree! Not being the smartest one in the bunch; I still have taken notice of the growing threat. So, it amazes me that not very many people have seemed able to connect the dots. "I can't be the only person seeing this," I've often thought. Our current administration seems to shed a blind eye on the Islamic threat in our midst. They caved into Muslims demand to not secure our airports against those traveling from jihad-harboring nations. They won't even say the words jihad or terrorist for goodness sake! I guess it's our duty (those of us who see and acknowledge this threat) to continue speaking out about it – maybe others will open their eyes and we'll be able to save our dear nation before she becomes another Muslim conquest.

    • Alexander Gofen

      D. Horowitz noticed it 5 or 6 year ago in Unholy Alliance, and then many other authors also…

    • Fred Dawes

      I DID LONG BEFORE 9-11 Most would not and did not.

  • tim heekin

    We need people to contact Amazon and request this book be E-booked. I looked for it the other day and they aren't carrying it in the electronic format.

  • Alexander Gofen

    This article deals with many things…

    The freedom of press still exists in America, and formally we do not have censorship (hate speech) laws for press. Everyone is still free to publish in Internet, or to publish on one's own means any paper book for several hundred dollars.

    Yet the author is correct that the conservative free speech is severely compromised or disappeared on professional and business levels.

    It disappeared on the professional level because (according to Lenin) "Bolsheviks have taken the power" in the school and university systems, and in all state institutions as well – while America slept…

    It did disappear in the business, but not so much because of conformism, collaboration, fear and lack of character of the staff. The freedom in business normally is maintained not by the courage of the staff, but due to supposed variety of businesses. So the unique for our time leftist suicidal uniformity of businesses translates into lack of freedom of conservative speech.

  • Alexander Gofen

    Some new small businesses perhaps may be compared to "samizdat" in the former USSR. Yet unlike real samizdat, this article does not exercise the real free conservative speech, in which we need no apologies for being "bigot" and any x-phobe… Yet the lines:

    "This is not about demonizing Muslims or attacking Muslims"

    "I fight on behalf of Muslims who want to live in freedom and who don't want to suffer the harsh punishments of Sharia Law…. Does this make me anti-Muslim or pro-Muslim?"

    … exemplify exactly the above mentioned apologetic. As me and others had written here many times:

    – It is OK to be anti-Moslem and anti Islam in America!

    – It is OK to demonize Muslims being at war that Islam wages on us.

    – Muslims who want to live in freedom in the West must leave Islam in the first place, i.e. cease to be Moslems. As to those who remain in their "Umma", it is not America's business to reform their lives, much less to reform Islam.

  • Alexander Gofen

    The last but not least. May we expect that a conservative venue like this does not resort to euphemism "gay", "approved of" and "recommended from" the "above".

    Nor do I expect celebrating "inclusiveness" a la GOProud… What does a "conservative homosexual" really mean? In my view, at minimum, it means to keep it private, so that nobody knows about it. It is oxymoronic to out something which is an abomination and which must be private anyway.

    • sam000

      Dear Alexander;

      I'm fighting against the devil from more than 30 years till now,

      I'm Iranian, and the regime of Mullahs has killed halve of my familly and friends.

      I'm Fighting against this devil of Islamism by arms and by dennoncing their horrible atrocities.

      So, I do know for 30 years of continuios study " the technical characteristics of the DEVIL".

      Excuse me, I tell "Technical Characteristics", because my occupation is the scientifical research, and I use the Technical English to explain my thoughts.

      Islamism or Islam on power begins with Khomeini at 1979 and enlarged and well fed by the west's appeasement till now.

      I know very well Islamism, and the Mullahs, you can not find more pitfull than the Islamists.

      If Carter had bombed Khomeini's Residance when his thugs seized the US EMBASSY of Tehran, This Baby Snake of Islamism could never be so big.

      If Reagan had Erased Khomeini's house when the Barak's of the US Soldiers of Libanon were bombed at 1982, the Baby Snake of Islamism could never becom so big, But Reagan send Colonel Oliver North with a CORAN and a Golden Colt and CAKE and a lot of sophisticated arms to thank Khomeini.

      If Clinton had not listed terrorist the Iranian Resistance to welcome the Ayatollahs of Iran, we had finished with this shame of Islamism at 1979.

      If Bush had not Bombed the Iranian Resistance ARMY at 2003 when he invaded IRAQ, and had not disarmed the Iranian National Liberation Army, The snake were already Burried under the DUSTS.

      If Obama had not welcomed Ahmadinejad by offering him the Iranian Resistance (which was Disarmed by US), the Islamism and the Mullahs on power were finished.

      Very dear Alexander, The appeasement is the meal of the ISLAMISM.

      Don't feed the Baby SNAKE if you like your future.

  • sam000

    writing the books and illuminating the empire of EVIL ( Believe me, i do like so much this nomination) is a messianic task, but, without writing who feeds the evil, and how the pitfull and very weak worms turn to huge snakes is not a complete work.

    If you don't clean and don't wash your kitchen everyday, after a few time you will generate all kind of worms, and if you leave your house without survey for sometime, these worms will turn your house to a hell, and you have to burn your own home.

    Look at UK, and look at your allieds in the Midel east.
    Look at LIBANON, at 1970s the LIBANON was called " the SWISS OF MIDEL EAST".

    I travelled to ANKARA and Istanboul en 1976, it was a PARADISE of Mille et une Nuit.

    Look at those nice places now.

    and so, and so.

    Who feed these worms? you and Jamie, you talk about lefties, was Reagan and GWB lefties?

    You talk about conservatism, and you forget to mention the start and the origin of the CONSERVATISM (FILADELPHIA DECLARATION of the year 17xx.

    The lack of Morale in all the west's actions, is the origin of this DEVIATION, YOU HAVE BURRIED YOUR CONSTITUTION.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Dear sam000,

      I hear the cry from the depth of your heart, and feel a profound sympathy to you: especially because I came from the former USSR. There is a mind boggling analogy how the West appeared to be incapable to understand and to work out the correct strategy for dealing with the former USSR – first, with Iran – second, with Islam in general – third.

      I am especially depressed observing such a low level of public concern coupled with 100% dhimmitude and readiness to the national suicide: especially in seemingly the best and brightest nations such as Britain, America. And these are people grown in liberty and never knowing any negative selection like in USSR or Iran!

      • sam000

        Keep the people ignorant and Govern them, and this is what the powers and group of intersts do by having the large number of medias in their hand.

        Before 2003 our organized resistance were fighting by weapons, any time we brought the regime to the threshold to fall, we had the superpower (USA) who came and helped the REGIME.

        GWB made the big mistakes, but he was rough with the Mullahs and the Mullahs were afraid from him, GWB helped and saved the regime by dis-arming our resistance at 2003.

        But, Obama offers the Mullahs the COMPREHENSION and FRIENDSHIP, and OBAMA recognizes the right of the Islamists to governe a part of the planet, ( like that the world should be divided on Islamist and WEST instead of East and WEST)

        The Big Question is, is an Islamist less DANGROUS than a Colombian NARCO DRUG DEALER?

        What about a Mullah who has a thousands of the Islamists under his order?

        and What about a SUPREM LEADER who has occupied a big country and is going to finish his nuclear BOMB?

        You have never seen a DRUG DEALER to explose himself to kill the policemen who have came to arrest him, but you will find the Brain washed individuals who were charged by the Mullahs to penetrate a bazar and explose themselves to kill as much civilians as they can.

        WE WERE FIGHTING THE MULLAHS, and we were branded terrorist by the Clinton State Dept.

        GWB continued the same policy and kept us in his black list, They were saying us "we know that you are not terrorist but The Mullahs have notified us that de-listing the Resistance from our Black list is the red light of the declaration of war, and we don't want to have a war with IRAN".

        NOW, OBAMA is negotiating with the MULLAHS to be assured that their Nuclear BOMB is PEACEFUL!

        and what price the Mullahs want to say "YES OUR NUCLEAR IS PEACEFUL"?
        The SECURITY.

        and I leave you to write the decline of the USA 70 years after the NAZISM and 20 years after the USSR COMMUNISM.

  • Fred Dawes

    It is over the end is here and now the only way out of this Hell is to get with Groups that want to fight for some place to live like human beings, and yes pur Constitution was long ago removed.

  • Robin Balkcom

    Holy crackalackin’ baby! My favorite comedy cartoon is Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa! HANDS DOWN!!!!! “Who said penguins can’t fly?” HAHAHAHA!

  • FBastiat

    The man on the right — Noam Chomsky: