Turkish Jihadists Attack Israel

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One may describe Hitler as a “vegetarian” (which he apparently was) but he was still a genocidally exterminationist Jew-hater whose relentless racism and imperial ambitions led to the death of more than 60 million people.

One may also describe the Turks on board the “freedom flotilla” (Orwell himself could not have suggested a better logo) as “humanitarian activists.” But they are still pro-terrorist Turkish jihadists whose mission was to kill Jews, one way or the other. This was a mission which aimed to further demonize the already shamefully tarnished reputation of the Jewish state. This mission planned to force a violent confrontation; were Israeli soldiers to dare defend themselves and if Muslims are therefore martyred—even better public relations, even better for international lawfare against the Israel.

The so-called “humanitarians,” at least on one boat, came armed with metal bars and knives. They were fighters, not pacifists, and they called out traditional Islamic battle cries: “[Remember] Khaibar, Khaibar, oh Jews! The army of Muhammad will return!” According to Palestinian Media Watch:

“Khaibar is the name of the last Jewish village defeated by Muhammad’s army in 628. Many Jews were killed in that battle, which marked the end of Jewish presence in Arabia. There are Muslims who see that as a precursor for future wars against Jews. At gatherings and rallies of extremists, this chant is often heard as a threat to Jews to expect to be defeated and killed again by Muslims.”

“This video shows Israeli soldiers being beaten with long and heavy metal rods on one of the Turkish boats. Jeff Dunetz (“YidWithLid”) has a series of disturbing and informative videos in which we can see the planned nature and intensity of the Turkish-Palestinian violence against Israeli soldiers—an attack which involved stabbings, beatings, firebombing attempts, throwing soldiers overboard, etc.”

Earlier today, Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said that the Turkish-led flotilla was: “An armada of hate and violence in support of Hamas’ terror organization and was a premeditated and outrageous provocation. The organizers are well known for their ties with global jihad, Al-Qaeda, and Hamas. They have a history of arms smuggling and deadly terror. On board the ship we found weapons prepared in advance and used against our forces. The organizers intent was violent, their method was violent, and the results were unfortunately violent. Israel regrets any loss of life and did everything to avoid this outcome.”

Indeed, the death count currently stands at an estimated nine (mainly Turkish) dead and 34 wounded. Predictably, the Arab, European, and liberal media are viewing Israel as the vicious aggressor; as committing “obscene” acts. Al-Jazeera’s website calls what happened “a massacre.” They refer to the dead as “martyrs.”

Some say that the Israeli commandos could have used taser guns, rubber bullets, or simply sent far more soldiers onto each boat. But the Israelis initially boarded the boats armed with paintball guns. And one wonders: How many Israeli soldiers can fit on a boat? One Israeli now suggests that Israel should have surrounded all the boats, stopped them dead in their tracks, shot out their motors.

Said I: And then done what with them?

Said he: Negotiate.

Said I: Are you crazy? Negotiate with terrorists? And then feed them, house them, coddle them—terrorists who would not even agree to bring food and a note to Gilad Shalit? Incredibly, Israel has been doing just that, treating the wounded terrorists in Israeli hospitals and preparing to intern the remaining “activists” in air-conditioned tents in Ashdod.

Said he: There should have been better military planning.

I am sure that Monday morning quarterbacking is always more ingenious than what happens in the moment of battle. The problem is that, once again, the Israelis are being attacked for having defended themselves and the jihadists are still being seen as “martyrs.”

Why did Turkey attack Israel? How much Iranian support did they have? Turkey was once a haven for Jews in flight from the Christian Inquisition.

Once, long ago, Muslim Turkey gave asylum to Dona Gracia HaNasi, the noble and generous leader of the Jews who had fled from Christian Spain and Portugal. Dona Gracia, a widow, was the wealthiest Jew of her time and, after living in Italy, found final refuge in Constantinople in 1552. Some wealthy Jews still live in Turkey today—yes, despite the bombing of two Turkish synagogues in 2003. I wonder how safe they are and for how long.

As to women? Locked up in harems—but if they were lucky/most unlucky, perhaps in the Sultan’s own harem or seraglio. For example, in 1784, a French girl, Aimee Dubucq de Rivery, was kidnapped on the open seas by Algerian pirates who sold her into the Turkish Sultan’s harem. Aimee became known as “Naksh,” The Beautiful One, for her fair skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. Improbably, incredibly, Aimee became the mother of the next Sultan, whose name was Sultan Mahmoud II, the Reformer. Some see the influence of the Sultan Valideh (The Veiled Sultan) in Selim’s letter of friendship to King Louis XVI—and in other pro-European gestures and customs.

Myths die hard. People still believe that Jews, Christians and other infidels lived safe and happy lives in Muslims lands. This is a Big Lie.

As a matter of historical fact, the Turks have a long and bloody history of cruelty and genocide. They colonized the entire Middle East, forced conversions or murdered those who resisted. Islamic gender and religious apartheid flourished.

To this day, the Turks continue to deny the Armenian genocide. And, the days of Kemal Ataturk are long gone. In the early 1920s, Ataturk imposed a secular democracy upon the Islamists and unveiled the women. Now, the Islamists are winning again: Women are veiling, honor killings are on the rise (both in Turkey and among Turks in Europe). Recently, a father and grandfather heartlessly buried a 16-year-old daughter and granddaughter alive for the “crime” of presumably talking to boys. I have also written about a great Turkish feminist hero, my friend Seyran Ates, here; Ates was shot for her work among Turkish immigrant girls and women in Berlin. Her 15-year-old client died. Ates, a lawyer, was left for dead—but miraculously survived.

And we nearly admitted Turkey into the European Union. One wonders if they would have intensified their anti-Israel Islamism had they been accepted as “Europeans,” or whether their candidacy was merely a calculated move in tandem with pre-existing pro-Iranian plans. For years, Turkey has opposed sanctioning Iran for its nuclear program. Turkey was among the first to congratulate Ahmadinejad on his re-election victory. During 2009, Turkey improved its economic ties to Iran.

I am waiting for the United Nations and for the United States to condemn this unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation.

  • Mike

    Turkey is the most hypocritical nation on the planet. The crimes against humanity that Turkey has committed and the millions of innocent people killed as a result of their Genocidal policies should be known by all the people of the world. Turkey is a nation founded by war criminals and for these people to claim any sort of moral high ground is absurd! Turkey should be renamed to Absurdistan.

    • http://www.ethocide.com Wilson

      Israel's armed forces attacked with instention to destroy all or part of a group of civilians on a ship in international waters carrying humanitarian aid for people of Gaza under a brutal blocaked for many years. No amout of white washing can make this barbaric attack by uniformed Israeli terrorists acceptable or excusable.

      Armenian claims of genocide are political and cannot be substabtiated with historical evidence of a verdict by a competent tribunal. Armenians took up arms agaisnt their own government during WWI and were temporarily relocated to other parts of the same country. Again, no amount of white washing can make Armenian treason, terrorism, revolts, territorial demands, and the resulting Turkish casualties acceptable or excusable.

      • Barry

        Turkish revisionism and fascism all rolled into one

      • 4u2cmewith

        It is real easy to form an opinion if you know very little. The facts are easily available if you want to see them. However, if you only want to read the revisionist history that supports the fictional narrative that you have been fed since childhood you will have to live and die with your hate. That hate can only lead you to the dark side.

    • lolisrael

      so turkish crimes automatically absolve israel of all sins? someone call the somalis and tell them that if they get israeli citizenship therye not pirates anymore

  • Cosa

    @Mike : yes, a war criminal which all national leaders accept that he was a very good man / leader.
    you knowu are just showing your insense stupidity with that post.

  • Jay

    Mark, reveal yourself and stop exploiting a western name just to show that someone from the west has your kind of mentality if not stupidity. If you're taking us for the fool then look at yourself in the mirror but then again this English might be too complicated for you to understand afterall you're a moron, a jihadi moron

    • Farhad Navkhoda

      It may not have been covered yet and is unlikely to be covered by that great American historical institute, the fountain of all your knowledge …Hollywood, but yes it is true, the Turks saved the Jews from pograms, expulsions and the inquisitions in Europe.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/imnokuffar imnokuffar

        Hey ! I wonder how many Jews there are in Turkey now ? I just found out 26000 out of a population of how many ? Also what about the pogroms carried out against the Jews and other ethnic minorities in 1955 ? Pointless of course to point out that now that Turkey is on the way to becoming an islamic shitpile that there will be no Jews left soon. So you can save yourself the trouble of trying to "save" anymore of them. As to Mark, I cannot believe he is a Jew, he is far to uninteligent.

        • VLWE

          Try to recall the basics of logics: Turks DID indeed accommodate Spharadi Jews when the Iberians kicked them out. Ottomans (1389-1918) also instituted a de-facto freedom of religion, without which the Serb, Bulgarian, Rumanian, etc. Orthodox Churches would have been as numerous as the Assyrian or Messopotamian are today. Good!
          But "THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW! THAT WAS THAT, THIS IS THIS!" The present Turkish Govt. is OPENLY ANTI-ISRAEL, which in essence means anti-semitic.

          • Nina

            I would like to remark; that yes, the aaasephardi Jews found a refuge in the Ottoman Empire. But it was not because the Turks were altruists. The Jews brought with them money, the knowledge of languages and political knowledge, as well as contacts which helped the country with international trade. But still, the Sultan was a wise and tolerant man and disregarded the bloody jihadist message of the Koran. Turkey had two such men. The other was Ata Turk. What a pity that present day Turkey is forgetting their wise leader and sliding into the abyss of jihadist islam.

  • sarah

    the photo is funny itself. Is it their reason to kill 19 people? gerillas against the innocents. unbelievable!!

    • Farhad Navkhoda

      I agree, the ship was attacked in International waters, the israelis had no right to even board the ship without the consent of the captain.

      And them knives look suspiciously like kitchen knives, what would a ship with a large crew and many mouths to feed be doing with kitchen knives?

      The Turks should send an armada of ships to Gaza and break this illegal blockade once and for all, Gaza looks suspiciously like a concentration camp to most decent people.

      This day, Israel has not just lost it's friend Turkey, but it's lost the Azeris, the uzbeks, the Kazakh's, the Tajiks…

      • peter

        Crap. Israel has every right to board ships bound for Gaza. What if they were carrying terrorists or weapons intended for use against Israelis? As for your comments on the weapons, I guess you didn't see the large number of batons in the photo. As it is. several Israelis were injured in the confrontation.

        The Israelis should have sunk this vessel instead of risking their own by boarding it.

        And what planet are you on saying Israel lost it's friend Turkey? PM Erdogan declared Jihad against Israel years ago. He never was a friend of Israel but is fast becoming buddies with Iran's vile leaders.

        Kick Turkey out of NATO now. These inbreds are a disgrace.

      • Sahin

        You are righ brother ferhat thanks for dont forget you brother…

  • logdon

    Didn't Field Marshall Allenby liberate Ottoman ruled Jerusalem and Medina on behalf of Arabs from the Turks?

    Just shows, Islamism is greater than any loyalty (or gratitude) shown to the West.

    Never trust a Muslim?

    • Farhad Navkhoda

      Logdon, what was Allenby's first act when he entered Jerusalem and what did he utter when he entered the old city?

      The Arabs were promised their freedom if they fought against the Ottomans but as soon as the Ottomons were defeated, the French and British split up the land between themselves (the Sykes-Picot Agreement).

      Read up on it and you'll realise that you can never trust the word of a Christian, it changes…just like the bible!

      • bostonian

        Can you trust word of muslem if so name one

  • Al Barrs

    Re: "Predictably, the Arab, European, and liberal media are viewing Israel as the vicious aggressor; as committing “obscene” acts…"

    This is exactly right and was the major goal of the radical Turks, cause an international incident against Israel that the enemies of Israel can use to incite terrorists and anti-Jewish militants. Haven't the anti-Jewish crown convinced the world yet that they are out to murder every single Jew in the world? This has been going on since 630AD and will not end until the world finally unites and declares war on all aggressors against Israel, Christianity and democracy… Israeli and the world can forget any peace treaty between Israel and Muslims. It's all out war until the death…as it has always been since 630AD… Only the totally committed will win this long continuing life and death war of religion…

    • Farhad Navkhoda

      Slightly over-dramatic. Before the creation of Israel, Jewish communities have faired much better in Muslim nations than in Christian ones. The pograms, the Pale of settlements, the ghettos and the culmination of western anti-semitism, the Holocaust (Shoah), were carried out by Christians.

      It was the Ottoman sultan that invited the Jews to settle in his Muslim Empire when they were expelled, on pain of death from Catholic Spain by Isabella and Ferdinand. The Christians made them forego their children and their goods.

      • Peter

        Nazis were not Christians. And I guess you were not aware that 60 years ago, 800,00 Jews were expelled from Arab lands for the crime of being Jewish. And how many Jews are left today in Turkey? How many are are left in the Middle East, apart from Israel?

      • Nina

        A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. See above. It wouldn't be amiss for you to study Jewish history. But alas…

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

    Dhimmi say what?

  • Rifleman

    The moonbats are out in force making fools of themselves today. A "pitiful fiction story," with pictures and video proving it? If the muslims lack an excuse to be enraged, they make one. The moonbats of the world fall for it every time, which just means they were with it all along.

    The IDF is being way too nice, they need to quit risking their men and just sink craft that won't heave to for inspection. Israel should also send aid to the Kurds until the Turks reconsider.

  • mikidiki

    With friends like you the Turks do not need enemies.

  • von Starkermann

    I often wonder why so many people hate the Jews? After all they make up such a small number of people worldwide. Their land mass is smaller than the USA State of New Jersey. The Israeli Army is small but effective, nevertheless small, yet Israel and the Jews have been hated for so many centuries. My Pastor once told me after I asked him that question of hatred for the Jews and his answer was simple. "The Jews are the only people on earth that can speak to God, and God only answers their requests." That explains why everybody hates the Jews and why everyone for so many centuries have wanted all of the Jews dead. Think about it for a few moments. There can be no other reason for such vile hatred, especially after all of the Jewish contributions to worldwide mankind.

    • VLWE

      Herr v. Starkermann: Your Pastor is probably a good person and a good theologian. But the idea that Gentiles hate Jews because "G-d answers (the Jews') requests" is stoooopid (as in "dumm"). The root causes of antisemitism are complex. Let me try two components, if I may: 1. Jews refused to quit their religion (in our days their identity). 2. All nations need scape goats. Without an army, they were defenseless. Now they have a defense (not the worst in military terms) and that makes many people mad: how DARE they take my lil scapegoat/hate object away?

    • Nina

      That is exactly right . Your pastor is a wise man. In the book: Why The Jews? the authors; Dennis Praeger and Joseph Telushkin, show that this hatred stems from the Jews trying to live as Jews. (Of course now it is different, but the hatred remains and seeks an outlet against Israel, the Jew among nations.)

  • pete

    This was an appalling stunt from the Turks. Turkey should be quarantined from the rest of the world. They have nothing to offer. Most of the population is inbred which explains the vile behavior of many Turks. Now thanks to it's Islamist PM, Turkey has now joined the Muslim's world's Jihad against Israel.

    Kick Turkey out of NATO and don't allow them into the EU.

  • peter

    Maybe the Turks are lousy shots. Or maybe the Israelis were wearing body armor. Did you think of that?

    You're post is vile and despicable, just like you I imagine.
    You're a disgrace.

  • Joseph Schwartz

    Turks are the worlds biggest hypocrites. They have committed genocides against Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks. They are now massacring the Kurds. They have no right to judge any nation. I have seen the video and those people aboard attacked the IDF commandos. Perhaps Israel should send an aid flotilla to Kurdistan.

    I f the Moslems are so insistent upon getting together to attack Israel, they should know that Israel can knock them all out in minutes. In addition to our military which can make mincemeat of all other regional militants, we have several nukes.

    • CHAKA


      • xman

        And Jews emigrated to Israel to escape from scum like you.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady


    Obama's radical transformation of America must be stopped. This is why conservatives come to a conservative website. It's probably the reason why you go to moveon.org …

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

    The crazies are really out in force, today. What's the matter? Did your side lose …

    … again? ….

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    The first Israeli soldiers who landed on the ship did not have real bullets
    but rubber ones.It started to escalete when one of those soldiers was stabbed
    with a knive and was severely wounded. Then another Israeli soldier was beaten
    with a stick, one of those displayed on the deck,and then trown over the side .
    Then everyone was ordered to stay in their cabin and no one would be hurt.
    But no those on the ship(s) wanted the confrontation and those who resisted
    were shot. And then another thing,Israel had the right to stop those ships
    entering Gaza without being checked first for explosives and weapons.
    When the captain(s) of those ships ignored these Israeli demands Israel
    would have had full right to even sink the ships by an torpedo.
    Those who died don't have to be pitied they took fate in their own hands by
    resisting with some kinds of weapons and there was not peacefull in their
    intentions.Where was all the commotion when North Korea torpedoed an
    South Korean vessel.Why was everyone so deadly quiet;Ah there were no
    Jews involved,now I understand. If you just say the word;Jew; somone will
    start yelling and burning a flag wth a mogen david in the middle.
    Do I hear the breaking of glass from shop windows.No NOT yet but soon.

  • VLWE

    A beautiful example of civilized exchange of views! It is beyond disgusting. It is A PIECE OF EVIDENCE in the long blood libel trial. Identify yourself, Sir! Madam! And keep a plastic bag ready whenever coming near a mirror: you might want to puke.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/imnokuffar imnokuffar

    And now Turkey wants to become a part of the EU. God help us all.

    • http://www.ethocide.com Wilson

      What is the differenec between Somali pirates and Israeli commandoes? Both attack civilian ships in international waters and kill civilians. The former does it for money, the latter for bigotry.

      If Israel can be in EU, so can Turkey. The anti-Tyrkish discrimination is not in history or geography… It is in the cultivation of hate in the churches and synagogues…

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/imnokuffar imnokuffar

        Israel is not in the EU and if it has any sense it would not want to be. I would not want 70 million Turks or anyone else to have access to the EU. We have enough Muslims already and all they do is cause trouble. Your simplistic analogy about Somali Pirates and equating them with Israeli Commandos shows just why we don't want dead-head ignorant people like you anywhere near Western Europe. At least I hope you don't live in Europe. If you do can you do us all a favour and emigrate to Turkey ? As to bigotry; you seem to have the monopoly on this subject.

      • MixMike

        There is a big difference between Somali pirates and Israeli Commandoes. Somali pirates ATTACK innocent civilians, whereas Israel PROTECTS innocent civilians.

        Check your facts, the flotilla carried radical anti-Israel zealots who premeditated a confrontation with IDF forces. Israel, just as an nation should, was protecting herself.

    • Ipso Facto

      "And now Turkey wants to become a part of the EU. God help us all. "

      Not anymore! Now they want to recreate their lost Islamic empire. The first step is to reclaim their lost province "Palestine" by helping Hamas to eradicate the illegal Jewish State.

  • Raymond in DC

    Note that five of the six ships in the convey followed naval instructions and docked in Ashdod, and none suffered so much as a scratch.

    It was the sixth ship – with some 600 passengers and little in the way of "supplies" – that resisted and suffered the consequences. Among the passengers were a broad spectrum of haters of Israel – Islamists, Israeli Arabs (including one MK and another well known trouble maker), a few ex-pat Israelis, a survivor of the USS Liberty, and lots of useful idiots. Their strategy was simple: If they made it to Gaza, they win; If Israel stops them and even if there are losses, they win.

    • http://www.ethocide.com Wilson

      The eyewitnesses in other ships belie your conspiracy theory. They say the helicopters and zodiacs attacke only Mavi Marmara and started shooting as soon as they hit the deck. What followed after the raid was slef defence whgich could not stoip the pre-meditated murder and massacre. To try to wahite wash such barbarity is a shame akin to defending Nazi acts.

      • MixMike

        Try getting your facts straight, Israeli commandos were beaten and stabbed when they first boarded the ship – see the main page for a photo of one being thrown overboard.

  • Armando

    I pray and hope the Kurds rise up in Turkey and give the turkoislamists there a taste of their own medicine.

    • Joseph Schwartz

      I hope so. Israel should help the Kurds in Turkey (N. Kurdistan) and those in Northern Iraq. We would actually have honest/true allies in the Kurds.

  • rauljg

    These Turkish terrorists were going to dock and attack Israelies soldiers with kitchen knives and sticks, oh and a few wrenches I see in the picture above. Couldn't the boat be inspected an soon as it docked in Gaza? Just wondering how things would have gone down if the "humanatrian" ship would have been inspected if it reached Gaza.

    Just wondering if the "Turksih Terrorists" felt they were being attacked when they see commandos repeing on their ship with guns from helicopters? Did they freak out and reach for kithcen knives and overreact? I'm not taking sides, but there are 2 sides of every story, but I don't think we'll ever get the truth especially on this site where everything not pro-Isreal is deleted or condemned.

    • VLWE

      Who told you the attackers were: 1. terrorists 2. Turkish? Who would possibly inspect the "goods" in Gaza? Which part is it you don't understand, when the maritime power in control, Israel, orders the ships to be escorted to an Israeli port, have their cargo inspected and then ferried (courtesy of the Israeli tax payers) by trucks to Gaza? And waiting a couple of hours and then, when the keptn of Mavi Marmara replied "Negative, We going to GGGAAAAZZZZAAA" board the vessel? Gaza in international law is Israel's responsibility. If, say, a Mauretanian ship is approaching Teneriffe, and the keptn refuses to allow the Spanish Coast Guard to inspect the vessel, what do you think Zapatero would order his people to do with the ship? There always are two sides to each story, but for the most part, unlike soccer or chess, one side is RIGHT and the other is plain WRONG. This time, by and large, Israel is right. Turkey, for its part, has become a sponsor and enabler of terrorism – and, G-d forbid – an attempt at genocide against the Jews. Unless Israel keeps its calm and strengthens its defenses.
      Why did the "Turkish" peace lovers two days before departure chant in choir in Arabic "Death over Jews" (actually referring to the slaughter by Mohammad and his people of a Jewish tribe in Medina in 629?

  • Ipso Facto

    "One may also describe the Turks on board the “freedom flotilla” (Orwell himself could not have suggested a better logo) as “humanitarian activists.”

    And now the 64,000 dollar question. Can anyone guess what the Turks called their murderous attack, occupation, ethnic cleansing and blockade of the northern part of the independent Republic of Cyprus in 1974?

    The Turkish invasion was officially codenamed “Operation Atilla”, but among the Turks in northern Cyprus is was called “the 1974 Peace Operation”.

    Indeed! War is peace and Attila is a well known peace lover. ;-)

    In much of Western Europe, Attila is remembered as the epitome of cruelty and rapacity. However, in Hungary, Turkey, and other Turkic-speaking countries in Central Asia, he is regarded as a hero and his name is revered.

    By choosing the code name “Attila” the Turks unwittingly revealed their wet dreams of recreating the lost Ottoman Empire. And now they did it again!

  • Name: Rachel Corrie

    You are all so blind with the politics of the west against east, which has been on the scene for hundreds of years. You are really so blind to small details and huge differences on world order. This is not about an aid ship which been attacked by Israel Navy Forces ! It should be reviewed in these terms:

    1. It happened in international waters which Israel has NO RIGHT to operate in.
    2. It was not just a Turkish ship but several ships with international passangers in it.
    3. Israel armed forces killed not only Turkish citizens but also people from other nations.
    4. After you catch a ship and control it for this long a time. You can easily put knives and Arabic flags in it. Because you are a great nation in creating propaganda.

    About Turkey's historical facts:

    1. Turkey has been formed after great struggles and fighting against the invading emperialistic armies of England, Italy, France and Greece.
    2. In that time of a struggle, Taking advantage of the Turkish army which was away fighting in different fronts such as in the west against Greek armies, Armenian gangs who were armed by Russia and other rival nations, attacked Turkish villages and killed thousands of Turkish civilians. Beheading them, boiling them in hot water, raping women and so on. (yes a kind of genocide we can say) And when the war was over and Turks won it, the Armenians (who were left alone by those nations who armed them) faced the consequences of killing thousands of civilian Turkish citizens.
    3. About Kurds and Turkey. Kurds have been living in Turkey and Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years living together with Turks and fighting side by side with Turks in Ottoman Empire era. But after the great plans of Israel and USA put in motion. So called Kurdish rebels who were trained and supplied by Israel army and USA begin terrorizing south eastern part of Turkish soil. These terrorist group even killed Kurdish people in the region who refused to join their group or feed them.
    4. Turks never massacred Greeks or Assyrians. But all of you know that Americans killed thousands of Native Americans or the massacres of some big european countries did for hundreds of years in different parts of the world. And I am sure all of you know that Israel is genociding the people in Gaza and different parts in the region for years and years now. But no you can't see it, cause you are in your comfortable chairs and watching your TVs which shows you what Israel and USA wants you to see. Then you go talking stupid about people of other nationalities.

    What you are facing in the Middle East and around is the actions which are being triggered by the Israel and USA who wants the world to be as they want it to be. And they need people like you to write comments like you did. It is so easy to believe in their propoganda and point of view. Cause it is for the weak minded people.

    I am not a Turkish person but I know about their culture,history and they are people who are really good at heart. I know a little bit of history. So before you go on and talk like some hotheaded teenagers, go learn some real history about the real world politics and the history of Turkey..

    Have a nice day.

    • Harvey

      You're a Turk but not a very good liar. Is you're name really Mustafa?

      • Ipso Facto

        Its not Mustafa. Have you never heard of the notorious jewhater Rachel Corrie?

        Then read this letter:

        "I live in Washington state, which is a veritable sea of the new anti-Semitism. This is where the Cult of Rachel Corrie is located, plus many other cults.
        I was driving back from supper with my husband and saw hundreds of people gathered with anti-Israel posters at the largest intersection in the city. I was honestly staggered. The news announced just a few hours before then that the IDF [had disrupted] the Turkish jihadis’ “freedom flotilla” … and all I could think was, I have no idea what happened, let’s wait for news. These people were just itching to go out and “march,” before they even had the facts.

        We were out at supper because we are currently battling a neighbor who is a violent drug addict who believes that all Jews need to be sent to hell, that Jewish men raped her anally, that each time she kills a mosquito, she kills a Jew. Satan puts the needle tracks on her arms. Satan is in her dog (so she brutalized it to death.) Any interaction with her is initiated by her and grounded in dire and violent threats. "

    • MixMike

      "It happened in international waters which Israel has NO RIGHT to operate in."

      Wrong, Israel acted in accordance with International Law. Israel had a legal blockade on Gaza. Under international law, Israel was allowed to enforce that legal blockade in International waters. There is legal precedence for this in that the United States and other western countries have boarded ships in international waters for security purposes.

    • xman

      I am not a Turkish person but I know about their culture,history and they are people who are really good at heart. I know a little bit of history.

      I'm pretty sure the surviving descendants and relatives of the Armenian Genocides and the massacre at Smyrna will pretty much disagree with you, not to mention the souls of those Christians who had their children kidnapped to become Janissaries and sex slaves.

  • VLWE

    I subscribe to your referrence to the 1974 Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus (overreaction to the stupid Greek attempt to annex the Island). This occupation still continues, but is NOT condemned by anybody. I would like to see what happens if a flotilla of Swedes and other big hearted Euros tries to sail into N. Cyprus with a load of flowers the Greek Cypriots – in the South…
    But please! Leave Attila the Hun alone… That was the 5th Cent. Not many nice human rights and justice then… And let the Hungarians honor him. After all, there could be like half a billion Moslems in this little world of ours, whose first name is Mohammad, and he chopped lots of heads in his day – approx. 150 years after Attila. We cannot judge 5th cent. behavior by 21 cent. standards. We could try to apply 21st cent. standards to the likes of Sudan, China, Russia, Congo, Iran and more…And Attila might look nice and dandy in comparison.

  • tim gallien

    political nationalism = fascism = Zionism = Israel
    Peace = understanding = freedom = Judaism

    Israel could not be further from god.

    Zionism is not compatible with Judaism. The whole world knows that Israel is a state sponsor of terror supported by America.

    The fascist wave of hate that our governments build up between the peoples of the world is nothing but a tactic to divide and conquer us. It is them, the powers that be and their corporate , banker owners, who profit from our deaths, while we, the people of the world suffer the loss of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    Wake UP
    They want WW3 to consolidate their hold on humanity. To military personal, DO NOT FOLLOW ILLEGAL ORDERS. Don't be the guy in a war crimes tribunal saying that you were "just following orders", to destroy peoples lives? In the name of what, SECURITY! Simply, DO NOT FOLLOW ILLEGAL ORDERS. Keep your rifles and your priorities straight. Its our governments who will destroy us all.
    Semper Fi

    • 4u2cmewith

      It is real easy to form an opinion if you know very little. The facts are easily available if you want to see them. However, if you only want to read the revisionist history that supports the fictional narrative that you have been fed since childhood, you will have to live and die with your hate. That hate can only lead you to the dark side.

    • reesie

      Zion is mentioned in the Judeo-Christian Bible hundreds of times. You are wrong saying "Zionism is not compatible with Judaism". Zion is Israel, the place of the people God chose to be HIS where HE would dwell in their Temple and through which HE would bring the Messiah to pay the price for the sins of the whole world, for those who will believe in HIM. He did and He will come again. And Israel will be saved from complete destruction by God the Father and Jesus the Messiah. Read the Bible. Read Revelation, Daniel, Isaiah including Isaiah 53, Ezekiel. The Judeo-Christian Bible clearly outlines the land of Israel and Yaweh, Jehovah, God the Father promises it to Abraham and his seed through ISAAC. God says in the Bible that the nation who blesses Israel will be blessed and the nation who curses Israel will be cursed. And no group of men will change what God has promised. Nobody!

    • Edip Yuksel

      Peace be on you and with you Tim. I command you for your standing for peace and justice.

  • Joseph Schwartzman

    "Rachel", you are such a liar and so obviously Turkish. Your whole diatribe looks like it comes directly from the Turkish Foreign Ministry. The Turkish historical facade grows weaker and weaker with each passing day and Israel/Jews should listen to it no longer

    Historical Facts:

    1. Turkey sided with Germany in WWI and declared war on England, Russia, France. The Turks drew first blood with the Russians in the Crimea. Turkey can only blame itself for the loss of the remainder of its empire (which it now seeks to regain) and for foreign armies attacking it. This would not have been done had the CUP not sided with Germany. The Turks never seem to blame the CUP for their role in the Ottoman Empires demise. Are empires (and yes, the O.E. was a colonial empire) ever a good thing? You decry others but fail to see your own shortcomings. It's called hypocrisy. The Europeans kept the dying empire propped up for centuries. The Turks seems to have amnesia.

    2. The Turks rounded up all the Armenian men and killed them wholesale. The Armenian "gangs" were merely those who were lucky enough to escape. They killed some Turks and Kurds in revenge, but by that time the vast majority of the Armenian population was already destroyed and dispersed from their 3,000 year homeland. Those that somehow survived were forcibly converted. The luck ones escaped abroad. Same goes for Pontic Greeks( just about extinct) and Assyrians. It was for the most part Turkish Moslem genocide against Christian minorities. The Minorities became scapegoats for the Turkish losses on the battlefield. The Kurds readily admit their role in the Genocide. The Arabs and other were witnessed to the Turkish brutality (even the Arabs were shocked!) Even their German allies were shocked at the barbarity.

    3. The Kurds fought alongside the Turks for material gain and for plunder. They readily admit this. They were promised lands and properties that were owned by Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks and Yezdis. Eventually, starting in the mid 1920's, they were betrayed by the Turkish state. The were forced to assimilate their language and culture. They were to be referred to as "Mountain Turks". The PKK is not a creation of outsiders, it is the creation of Turkish chauvinism. The Turks cry crocodile tears while subjugating the Kurdish population in the east. For years we heard how the PKK was set up by the Soviets, then the Armenians, then the Greeks but now you're saying they're the proxies of the US and Israel? That's a very Turkish reaction.

    4. Close to 1 million Assyrians were destroyed during WWI and the Pontian Greeks were almost completely wiped out. You don't hear their voices because they are mostly dead. Indeed, the many nations have murdered and mistreated others, including the American towards the native population, nut only a small group of racist nutjobs deny this. What is Turkey's excuse?

    Also don't forget about the pogroms against Greeks in 1955 or the wealth tax leveled against Jews, Armenians and Greeks during WWII.

  • a turk

    i am laughing with my big ass because the argument that israel's soldiers were attacked by sheep travelers.

    -with what? kitchen knives, cd's, flags, sticks…
    -in where? international waters
    -in what? in a aid sheep which is not belongs to israel
    -for what? everybody is know

    • gavour

      hey turk-remember the armenian genocide.

      • xman

        He should, because he's proud that his country murdered two million Armenian Christians, plus hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Christian Greeks because he's an infidel-hating barbarian, like the rest of his fellow Turks.

    • leo

      It is time for Erdogan to test he's own medicine, it is time to help the Kurds and stop pretending that the Armenian genocide didn't happen

    • Mike

      Have you ever been hit by kitchen utensils before? Have you ever use kitchen utensils in a fight before? Trust me, it hurts.

      • Edip Yuksel

        You have entirely lost it. Your propaganda is so ridiculous it made laugh for the first time while discussing the bloody deeds of Zionists. Please let the world know about poor Israeli brave soldiers hit in their heads by terrorists with kitchen utensils, onions and potatoes.

        • xman

          Obviously you were dropped on your head at birth. Oops, almost forgot, you're a primitive Jew-hating barbaric Muslim heathen who sponges off infidel Westerners.

    • gecmis gormus hanim

      KIM KIMI kandiriyor??

  • Barry

    It makes me ill to think about all those years that our political committees have wasted lobbying on behalf of Turkey in Congress and elsewhere. They are clearly the enemies of the Jewish State. I guess the current Turkish government just brought out the real Turkish fascist persona. Time to support the Kurds. Keep bringing those flotillas Turkey, we'll be ready for you.

    • Liam

      Mossad should make it happen

    • Attila

      All the nations including Jewish poeple, who are not Zionist , hate Jewish people. Maybe the states (USA and European Union) can support Israel now but the power balances in the world are changing rapidly. Israel wont recieve any help from USA and European Union collapsing economically in the future. The super powers of the future will be the countries such as China, India, Japan and Turkey. I think Israel will be buried into history this year

  • peace

    Those jihadist martyrs deserve to be attacked .

  • Jim Johnson

    om 12 April 2005 according to the BBC The Hungarian parliament rejected an attempt by people claiming to be descendants of Attila the Hun to be recognized as an ethnic minority.

    Just because we call them Hungarians doesn't make them Huns. They are related to the Finns not the Turks. The name we call them is a came from a priest who named the One Uighurs or white Uighers as opposed to the Orientals.
    The Hungarians call themselves Maygers .

    Their language is Finno-Ugrian Not Ural Altaic like Turkish

  • paul

    I always wondered why the U.S. supports Israel with billions of wasted dollars every year when we can't pay for health insurance for every American citizen. What has Israel ever given back to the U.S. NOTHING!!!

    • Elliot

      Paul, I suggest that you educate yourself prior to making foolish public statements . You are ignorant but there is a remedy for that.

    • raul

      dear buddy if our country has many jews perlamentor who has importand level this should be normal to send money to israel right???

  • 4u2cmewith

    It is real easy to form an opinion if you know very little. Israel votes with the US in the UN more than any other nation, including Britan. Israel provides intellegence, security training, aid after Katrina, the Israeli bandage carried by every NATO and US soldier, reactive tank armour that has been attributed to saving over 1000 US lives in Iraq & Afganistan and inumerable medical, agricultural, and technical contributions. Not to mention instant messaging, celular phone technology, Pentium, Centrino, I7 chips, internet security behind more than you would imagine and the list goes on.

  • Reesie

    And to the annoying Muslim who keeps posting here. The Israeli soldiers were using paintball guns, not UZIs. They were instructed to not use their guns unless they were under deadly attack….which they were by the terrorists pretending to be "activists" on the boat. The fake "activists" were funded and sent by the same terrorists that have bombed, tortured, and killed all over the world.

    1. Israel has been blockading Gaza since the seizure of our soldier Gilad Shalit by the Hamas, an act of war, accompanied by ongoing missile and rocket attacks against Israel from Gaza. Shalit is being held against international law, without access to the International Red Cross. Blockade in this situation is legitimate and acceptable under international law.

  • reesie

    2. Israel has been providing some 15,000 tons of food and medicines to Gaza throughout, via recognized international aid organizations. There is no hunger or other humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

    3. Israel repeatedly offered the flotilla the opportunity to dock in Israel and have the contents of the ships transferred to Gaza after inspection to insure no weapons or other dangerous items were concealed among the cargo. The flotilla organizers refused repeatedly, even minutes before the IDF's operation.

    4. The flotilla organizers defined themselves as peace activists. In fact, they were terrorists. As the IDF soldiers were lowered onto the Marmara ship by helicopter, in what they expected to be a riot-quelling and arrest operation, they were met with unexpected violence — clubs, knives, metal objects, and even guns were used to attack and injure our soldiers. When it became clear that their lives were threatened, they shot live fire.

    5. Arab and other hostile media were quick to announce that 15 were killed. In fact, only nine were killed. Six IDF soldiers were injured, two of them seriously. All of the injured have been hospitalized in Israeli hospitals where they are receiving the finest care.

  • reesie

    6. Close to 500 were detained and placed in a detention facility in Beersheva, where they are able to make phone calls, receive visitors, and have excellent conditions, all at the expense of the Israeli government.

    7. About 50 agreed to voluntarily leave Israel and were escorted to Ben Gurion Airport where they were flown to their countries, at the expense of Israel.

    go to www thereligionofpeace dot com for more facts about how Israel continuously strives to do good while they are continuously attacked by Muslim terrorists. This eye-opening website also shows the truth and facts about Islam and its byproducts. I dare you to go get educated there.

  • reesie

    Israel is, once again, being unfairly set-up, attacked, and blamed by uninformed people around the world who believe the lies and non-journalism put out by the liberal, progressive, anti-Israel media. It's Israel's land and has been for at least 3,500 yrs with King David and archaeology and the historical record prove it is theirs. "Palestine" is in fact a made up word made up by the Roman conquerors of Judea in 70AD. After the Jewish rebellion was put down by Rome, to insult the Jews, the Romans renamed Jerusalem "Capitaliana" and renamed Judea "Palestina" after the Phillistines, a Greek seafaring people who had settled on the coast nearby and were the enemies of the Judeans. Up until 1948, the only Palestinians were Jews – as in the Palestine Post (now the Jerusalem Post), the Palestine Brigade that was entirely Jewish and fought for the British in WWII (the Arabs of course fought for Hitler), or the Palestine Pavilion at the 1933 World's fair that was entirely Jewish…

  • reesie

    Until 1967, it was the Arab Israeli conflict (you can still look up all the old newspaper accounts) and the arabians who lived under Egyptian and Jordanian occupation never, ever called themselves palestinians or asked for a separate palestinian state. Then in 1967 they started calling themselves palestinians. Meanwhile, they almost all come from some other arab country. There were so few of them around thatin the mid 19th century, commentators like Mark Twain simply couldn't find any. In 1948 there were so few arabs with "longstanding ties" to the area that the UN had to invent (this one time only ) a whole new definition of refugee to find any arab refugees. Anyone who had moved there even 2 years before (students, migrant workers, recent immigrants) suddenly qualified to be an arab refugee and entitled to be supported for all eternity by the UN. Also for the very first and only time in history, descendants of refugees were allowed on the UN dole. So while the world has resettled over 40,000,000 actual refugees (including over 800,000 Jews from Arab lands plus 200,000 Jews from east of the green line), the arabians who now call themselves Palestinians remain permanent "refugees".

  • reesie

    America needs to stand by its best ally, Israel, and stand by archeology and historical record that is clear that Israel belongs to the Jews… and tell the biased, racist UN Muslims to shut up and we need to stop financing their charade…because they are NOT about being "United Nations"…they are about slaughtering Jews, then Americans in an effort to destroy freedom because freedom comes from America and Israel.

  • George

    how can, anyone, reasonable, human defend Israel's actions in this situation: international waters! state-of-art military force against … stones? knives? sticks? Shouting people? Jihadist slogans? So, next time Israel calls Palestinians terrorists (which they do on every occasion) Palsetinians should kill Israelis? This article is propaganda, demagogy and hypocrisy.
    This article even doesn’t deserve educated or academic comment, reply… I was laughing reading this.

    • Elliot

      I will defend it and without much effort. Firstly, I believe you have some misinformation concerning blockades and "international waters". Next, Israel wasn't making use of its "state-of-art" military force because it was told that these were "peace activists" and the five prior ships followed the sop that all ships carrying aid regularly follow.Therefore the Israelis were armed with paintball guns. IOW, knives, clubs(not sticks), stun grenades,slingshots, etc. are not generally seen as peace paraphernalia and were not anticipated. By the way, those weapons seriously injured Israelis.So, now I;m sneering at you, George-can't really laugh at your idocy though-it is way too common.

  • George

    Dear, dearest Joseph Schwartzman,
    Referring back to the history on what Turkey did is absolutely irrelevant, like referring to the holocaust in the modern days. Yes holocaust was bad, Turks did badly too, but what matters is who is doing what today. Europeans, English, French, Germans, Russians did worth than Hitler and Turkey in the past centuries, so why no one blames or uses these arguments against them today?

  • George

    I doesn’t seem or Turkey doesn’t come across as being aggressive, killing innocent people, blockading civilian population, attacking humanitarian aid in the international waters, bombarding and killing innocent people, etc. etc. etc. Like any other country Turkey seeks expansion of its influence with peaceful means, economy, trade, etc. Yes it is expansionist but not more than Israel (settlements? Occupied territories?), so hypocrisy here goes to you and Israel not to Turkey these days. Israel is a bully, Turkey is not – it is a mandated power by NATO to ensure security and stability in your region, which Israel screwed up. Israel has to be secure but think about how many Israelis were killed by home-made rockets and how many Palestinians were killed by state-of-art Israeli military power? How can you or Israel claim to be fair? Israel was just lucky to get unconditional support from the US, if not Israel probably wouldn’t have existed, because ALL Israel neighbors hate Israel. If you can’t settle with your neighbor, none of them, how come they are all wrong and Israel is right.

  • George

    You know perfectly well that between Turkey and Israel Turkey will get better support of European, Arab, Asian and even American public opinion over Israel because Israel became liability and burden to the US. You know that Israel and its stance, policies are on demise, decline and unless it changes its attitudes it risks of being swallowed, destabilized, etc. out of desperation Israel will strike Iran – consequences for Israel (you know) will be devastating. So let’s watch the developments. Fix your attitude and ask your government to fix it too, before it’s too late. People do not hate Jews, people disgust Israel policies.

    And, I am not Turk, Arab, European, Russian, American… so I try to see this situation as an outsider.

  • Attila

    Israel lost at propoganda war. did you expect them to meet those pirates with roses?

  • Osmanli

    when i saw this picture i must smile. Why you are upload this picture on your fucking website? To show how dangerous this people in the ship was =) ? I must smile….

  • Osmanli

    when i saw this picture i must smile. Why you are upload this picture on your fucking website? To show how dangerous this people in the ship was =) ? I must smile….

  • Sakirrr

    one minute!!

  • Rob

    Biased article written by… a Jew.

    There's a surprise eh?

  • norris hall

    I have a lot of those "weapons" too. In my kitchen.
    Didn't they find any guns…andy rockets…any explosives????
    No WMD's??
    This is starting to look like humanitarian cargo.

  • http://www.turkeyisthekiller.com JayFab

    turkey did a genocide on greeks armenians and kurds they have no right to open there mouth and say any thing.
    They are 2 face people, they always been, there a snake.

    • Sahin

      Hey my buddy if you dont know nothing about history only shut your mouth clearly…see,read and use your mind if you have…u are ignorence about history and place you are writing this at your home have you ever live at turkey what do u know?only from somewhere like blind ignorence please im inviting you to be no ignorence!!!

  • ugur

    baby kiiler israel.. u could be destroy by turks in little time.. u can t see to right cüz jews has curse by god…………if u dont come in islam. waiting eternal a life in hell.. uhave no time so much. come back to god with islam

  • Hans gutenberg

    hey idiot peoples. u dont know nothing about turks. turks very polite and nice peoples and if turks very good. and then anti turks must be a idiot or very ingorant peoples….and didnt know it many prophets was killed by jews.. if jews kill to prophets. they must be curse by god. and they cant be right anf they very big lier…..

  • Sahin

    I am looking everybody is at their side nobody doesnt talk about faith and honor?Many of you talking about humanism or something do you know palastine?have you ever search what is that?there is one country who has only knife and stone for throw like that and there is another country who has many kind of weapon…war is the worst thing on the world but if israel doing this verb really absourd OPEN AIR JAIL PALASTINE!!! for what?people please open your mind and eyes for reality when you sit in front of you pc some body can not find light at night for see each other.IM BLAMING YOU mr.Schwartzman…

  • Jean Marais

    Nobody's buying Israel's spin on this one. Paintball guns? Are you kidding me? Any commander who would send his soldiers on a mission armed with paintball guns would be put in front of a firing squad with real guns. Don't insult the world's intelligence.

    Plain and simple : private civilian ship in international waters attacked by arrogant Israeli goons. Israel is the aggressor and deserves the international condemnation it is getting. How many more human beings will Israel slaughter in the name of the "security" of its people. Enough is enough.