Jews Marked With Yellow Stars Again

In the Copenhagen township of Nørrebro that has been solidly in Muslim hands for a long time, Jews must hide their faith in order to avoid persecution. Yellow stars get stuck to the backs of Norwegian schoolchildren, and the teachers don’t intervene. In the “enriched” Swedish town of Malmö, many Jewish families have already fled (PI reported).

In all of Scandinavia, the persecution of Jews by “persons from the Near East” has increased enormously. The Frankfurter Rundschau reports:

The attacks escalated in the previous year, when 200 Jewish demonstrators held rallies for peace and compassion for the civilian victims of both sides but were hounded out of the place by an even larger group of Palestinian counter-demonstrators with rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails

Teachers and parents reported on Norwegian TV that the class instruction about the Holocaust was boycotted and statements like “The Jews were behind 9/11″ went unanswered. When one pupil complained that he was mortally threatened because he was a “Jewish pig,” the teacher dismissed him with the statement that these things could happen to anyone.

Okaaaay. So, we are daily insulted with “Jewish pigs,” mortally threatened, and “halal-”murdered… The non-intervening teachers are simply fostering their own festering anti-Jewish sentiments and building themselves up in their own conceits with “acceptance of cultural distinctions” and their “tolerance.”

It’s better as a secret Jew hater to wash one’s hands in the innocence of Political Correctness, and let the Jews accuse “persons from the Near East” as fair game.

To watch on a video on this subject, click here.

  • poptoy

    The Jewish people will always TRUMP the MUSLIMS.

  • Ken Huffaker

    It really ticks you Muslim's off that the Jews are the chosen people doesn't it. The only reason you hate them is because you worship Satan and he hates anything YHWH has created! You even try to play God yourselves by trying to kill everyone that will not worship Satan five times a day like he commands you people to. We don't even hate you for it but we pray every day that you will seek the true God YHWH. If not for the Jew's initially rejecting Yeshua 2000 years ago, you and us Gentiles would have no means of salvation. It can never be gained by trying to destroy part of God's Creation! Please wake up to the plight you are in.

    • guest

      why dont you simply criticize the islamic violence without the equally grandiose "chosen people" crap. nobody is a Cosen people. all the religious freaks claim THEY are the chosen people or umma or crap like that. your attitude wont gain you any audience . better of to stick to the obvious facts that moslems are violently self aggrandizing and obnoxious. once you start claiming special status as a chosen people YOU lose the propaganda game and the truth along with it.

      • Ez4moi

        What do you think the chosen people means? It means one thing only. God has chosen the Jews to be the people through whom He is revealing Himself to all mankind. This is an ongoing process.

        One day the Jews shall have no safety guarrantors. Those nations not openly hostile to Israel are going to at best stand aside. In that day, and it is coming soon, only God is going to be standing with Israel. He'll be enough.

      • Mike

        It is truly amazing that a person would tell another person to lose "all the chosen people crap" without offering anything as truth except an opinion that what that person believes is not the truth. This is the new truth, there is no truth only what I'm comfortable with. It amounts to nobody is right except maybe something I "feel". When Christ said , I Am the Way, the Truth and the life nobody comes to the father except through me it has no more weight then what you believe not because you examined the evidence but because that is the way you like it.
        Maybe you need to examine what was said about chosen people before giving an empty opinion.

    • patty w

      youre so right– the extreme righties that hate Israel (kkk, fascists, skinheads,evangelicals etc.) say that their only hope for happiness is the fact that Jesus died for their sins–then they turn around and HATE israel , claiming thats its their FAULT that Jesus died . either it was God's will and the Jews were fulfilling God's will OR it was lousy: you don't get to say it's God's will AND those who aided were fulfilling satan's will. i'm always embarrassed for them when they say things–they lack advanced reasoning skills…

  • Bob

    Amen to that! YHWH has triumphed!

  • Frank(ly) M'Dear

    Scandinavian countries – with the exception of Denmark, in my experience – have always been characterized by a perceptibly higher level of anti-Semitic sentiment. The Swedes in particular are simply hiding behind their "sensitivity" towards Muslims in order to flex their anti-Semitic muscles out in the open for a change. Swedes truly are cowards of the first degree, and even their bigots need the cover of Islam in order to crawl out of the woodwork.

    Sweden – the only country in the western world where "spine" and "backbone" are considered esoteric terms.

    • Lena

      I am Swedish and I totally agree. They are spineless chickens! They are also VERY naive!

    • patty w

      i dunno. Sweden, who, like you say, let's everything go-in order to be "neutral" is actually speaking out against islam in their country. they're refusing to permit the building of a mosque or ANYTHING with islamic spinnets on top. i dunno…

  • therealend

    They should bull-doze Auschwitz before it's re-opened as a Death Camp.

    • patty w

      it worries me that there are alot of ( yet to be used) detention areas in the u.s. They were set aside as such under the former republican adminsitration– what for! people should read the eye-opening book titled "The Secret War Against The Jews: how american espionage betrayed israel" , by former U.S. CIA agents.

  • Ruckweiler

    Somehow, I don't think that the Jews will ultimately be as passive in Europe regarding this kind of atrocity as they were during 1933-45. As a Christian, I remember what God Himself said regarding these people, While the Ancient Hebrews are also mentioned as a stiff-necked people in the Bible, God still said what he said, regardless.

    • patty w

      you're right. everybody sees it coming this time!

  • lovezion

    "Somehow, I don't think that the Jews will ultimately be as passive in Europe regarding this kind of atrocity as they were during 1933-45. "


    "As a Christian, I remember what God Himself said regarding these people, While the Ancient Hebrews are also mentioned as a stiff-necked people in the Bible, God still said what he said, regardless. "



    • patty w

      i think you're wrong since prophecy says that when all the nations are coming against israel (which looks soon), then the Messiach will descend with his armies to fight for israel: that's what i think is about to happen. when i hear people speak against israel, i just say to myself " it's all happening according to prophecy– israel will win!"

  • Tina

    We are doomed to repeat history since we have so many re-visionist, hopefully those sane people will stand against this…praise be to YWHW.

  • Thor Mikalsen

    Prophet Mohammed was a pedofile massmurder and he was the worlds first terrorist.Islam is not a religion,its a perversy !! LONG LIVE THE STATE OF ISRAEL. And to Hamas,Hezbollah,al,Qaida and other MUSLIM TERRORISTS GO TO HELL!! Prophet Mohammed pigshit be upon him !!



      • patty w

        i see it as a war of the light vs. dark:ness — intelligence vs. ignorance– love vs. hate. ultimately the only REAL power is LIGHT ( it's driving the dark insane that it 's unable to defeat the LIGHT– look at the insane things they resort to these final days)

  • guest

    what is this a discusiion or rant and counter rant. with one or two exceptions this has degenerated into pure name calling.shame on you all

    • patty w

      name calling is all one is able to do when he has insufficient facts. that's why i hold the right wing extremists in suspect– that's all they do …

  • Nabil

    As a serious Muslim, things like these enrage me. The authorities in these places should send a strong signal to all sides: Acts of violence, persecution and intimidation will not go unanswered and unpunished. The "Muslims" who committed such acts should be arrested and thrown out of the country.

  • hal barton

    Well, you know.., when the Muslims get numerous we all must become Dhimmies or we must become dead – there are no two ways about it – its in the Koran – yes, it is in the book, please go take a look

  • david

    Re Sweden: Even the other Scandinavians still despise Sweden. Sweden enriched itself trading with the Nazis during WWII while Norway and Denmark suffered. Decent people have not forgotten that. In addition, Sweden, despite all its sanctimony, is a major and unscupulous arms dealer. The only good thing that came out of Sweden is the Swedish Bikini Team.

    • Matti Finland

      You have to be the most stupid fucking idiot of all the stupid fucking idiots on this site!
      We traded iron ore with the germans yes, the same time we supplied norwegian resistance with goods. Probably so there would still be one free state in scandinavia and the nordic countries. While the rest where occupied we could send shipments of weapons etc to the resistance. Better than all 4 countries being occupied and de-neutralized. Who would have helped us then? The US? or the soviet union, doubt it. We had nothing of worth for them. Any of us, why do you think they never came to aid scandinavia? And what country gave nazis a free pass and citizenship after war, because they had some skills in weponry or science? The US!! You have no idea of what you speaking about so shut the fuck up!

  • henry

    You can meet a thousand wonderful, kind, generous, peace loving Muslims here and there all most any place on the globe – but look here! They are all required from birth to believe every word of the Koran is the absolute and unchanging and unchangeable truth of God and it clearly tells them that it is often alright to commit cold-blooded murder and they will be rewarded in heaven by almost unlimited extra-marital sex with blood every time? The Koran does say that doesn't it? So, given the thousand, how in the world could you meet many of 'em without sooner or later meeting one who believes in the whole Koran? How do you figure that is possible? I just want to know how you'd figure any other kind of relationship with a Muslim is likely? What exactly is the ratio of Believer to unbeliever? I mean, wouldn't one think about the chances first? Oh, well, forget what I just said – I don't want to get myself killed

  • Omniguard

    Israel and the Jews have been around for thousands of years and will continue to exist. They will come close to near annihilation, but YHWH will stand for her for His own name's sake and for His people. Those who seek to do evil to them will be a byword… an object of scorn or ridicule, or completely forgotten about.

  • guest

    I believe Nabil is correct. That's exactly what the authorities should be doing in these areas; that all acts of violence should not go unanswered and unpunished; that such Muslims should be thrown in jail or kicked out of the country. Yes!

  • henry

    No one knows much about Islam – Even us here – I see the same names on every good site over and over again – and even these almost never, if ever, will dare to call Muslims who believe every word of the Koran, "potential murderers", and their God, Allah, as the God of Murder and their Jesus Christ, Moe, as the prophet of murder, and their Bible, the Koran, as the Bible of Murderers. We Christian have seven sacraments (you know what they are) so too do the Muslims have seven sacraments of murder – 1, Murder, or defacto enslavement for non-Muslims 2, murder of Muslims who tries wholeheartedly to quit the Muslim religion 3, Murder of wives who refuse to obey husbands even after hard beatings 4, Murder of own children if they are willfully disobedient to the point of embarrassing the family. 5, Murder of prisoners of war if they will not cooperate in their soft rape by Muslim soldiers. 6, Murder of anyone who says bad things about the Koran and what is written in it. 7, Murder of anyone who physically harms any copy of the book they have named" The Koran". Tell me why you are all so reluctant to use the "M" word? Isn't it fear of you and your family being murdered? Of course it is, unless you really don't believe they are all potential murderers who believe totally. But, how could that be possible? Time to speak the truth before it is too late! Who will be first? Certainly not our present leaders – even in our movement.!

  • HenryCrux

    Jeremiah Johnson! Are you a superior racists? If so why are on the side of the Muslims? The vast majority of 'em are very mixed with almost any race you can name! But, they seem glad to have you on their side – perhaps they can see a little admixture in your blood-lines too? Perhaps, given the company you want to keep, they can perceive a little of the same in you as characterizes them?



    • henry

      The rest of us do not know why you hate Jews – would you please be intelligent enough to explain it to us so we too can hate Jews with you.

  • moohamid

    The simple answer is YES, Muhammad was a pedophile. As Khomeini states in his book, "Tahrirolvasyleh", fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990: "A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby." The muslims can live a lie if they so choose, but the facts are the facts.

  • marylyn stanley

    The Jews fled many countries. Their expertise with them. Look how well Poland, Greece, Spain and Portugal are doing. France and Italy are also anti-Jewish and they are not a bright light either.
    The English speaking countries may like or dislike Jews, but their way of life mandates all to be accepted.
    M. stanley

  • anon

    on 9/11 mossad were arrested:
    1.dancing and filming on a van that tested positive for explosives
    2.trying to blow up the George Washington Bridge
    3. Blowing up a van on King St. near 6th & 7th
    mainstream media then covered up the above and got us into a needless war
    feelings about this shouldn’t splash over on to average joe Israeli, but there is a limited set of specific individuals who should have faced responsibility and instead got away with it

  • Nuchbutter

    Never met an Israeli who was trying to "destroy white anglo/aryan bloodlines", but I have run across quite a few Muslims who desperately want to eradicate you.

    Here's to their success, JJ.