Confronting Europe’s War on the Jews

[Editor’s note: This article was translated from Spanish into English by Mario from the website Portal of Ideas.]

Why don’t we see demonstrations in London, Paris and Barcelona against Islamic dictatorships? Or demonstrations against the Burmese dictatorship?

Why aren’t there demonstrations against the enslavement of millions of women who live without any legal protection?

Why aren’t there demonstrations against the use of children as human bombs where there is conflict with Islam?

Why has there been no leadership in support of the victims of the Islamic dictatorship in Sudan?

Why is there never any outrage against the acts of terrorism committed against Israel?

Why is there no outcry by the European Left against Islamic fanaticism? Why doesn’t it defend Israel’s right to exist?

Why confuse support of the Palestinian cause with the defense of Palestinian terrorism?

Finally, the million dollar question: Why is the Left in Europe and around the world obsessed with the two most solid democracies, the United States and Israel, and not with the worst dictatorships on the planet? The two most solid democracies, who have suffered the bloodiest attacks of terrorism, and the Left doesn’t care.

And then, to the concept of freedom. In every pro-Palestinian European forum I hear the Left yelling with fervor: “We want freedom for the people!” Not true. They are never concerned with freedom for the people of Syria or Yemen or Iran or Sudan, or other such nations. And they are never preoccupied when Hamas destroys freedom for the Palestinians. They are only concerned with using the concept of Palestinian freedom as a weapon against Israeli freedom. The resulting consequence of these ideological pathologies is the manipulation of the press.

The international press does major damage when reporting on the question of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. On this topic they don’t inform, they propagandize. When reporting about Israel, the majority of journalists forget the reporter code of ethics. And so, any Israeli act of self-defense becomes a massacre, and any confrontation, genocide. So many stupid things have been written about Israel, that there aren’t any accusations left to level against her. At the same time, this press never discusses Syrian and Iranian interference in propagating violence against Israel; the indoctrination of children and the corruption of the Palestinians. And when reporting about victims, every Palestinian casualty is reported as tragedy and every Israeli victim is camouflaged, hidden or reported about with disdain.

And let me add on the topic of the Spanish Left. Many are the examples that illustrate the anti-Americanism and anti-Israeli sentiments that define the Spanish left. For example, one of the leftist parties in Spain has just expelled one of its members for creating a pro-Israel website. I quote from the expulsion document: “Our friends are the people of Iran, Libya and Venezuela, oppressed by imperialism, and not a Nazi state like Israel.”

In another example, the socialist mayor of Campozuelos changed Shoah Day, commemorating the victims of the Holocaust, with Palestinian Nabka Day, which mourns the establishment of the State of Israel, thus showing contempt for the six million European Jews murdered in the Holocaust. Or in my native city of Barcelona, the city council decided to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel, by having a week of solidarity with the Palestinian people. Thus, they invited Leila Khaled, a noted terrorist from the 70’s and current leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a terrorist organization so described by the European Union, which promotes the use of bombs against Israel. And so on and so on.

This politically correct way of thinking has even polluted the speeches of president Zapatero. His foreign policy falls within the lunatic Left, and on issues of the Middle East, he is unequivocally pro-Arab. I can assure you that in private, Zapatero places on Israel the blame for the conflict in the Middle East, and the policies of foreign minister Moratinos reflect this. The fact that Zapatero chose to wear a kafiah in the midst of the Lebanon conflict is no coincidence; it’s a symbol.

Spain has suffered the worst terrorist attack in Europe and it is in the crosshairs of every Islamic terrorist organization. As I wrote before, they kill us will cell phones hooked to satellites connected to the Middle Ages. And yet the Spanish Left is the most anti-Israeli in the world.

And then it says it is anti-Israeli because of solidarity. This is the madness I want to denounce.


I am not Jewish. Ideologically I am Left and by profession a journalist. Why am I not as anti-Israeli as my colleagues? Because as a non-Jew I have the historical responsibility to fight against Jewish hatred and currently against the hatred for their historic homeland, Israel. To fight against anti-Semitism is not the duty of the Jews, it is the duty of the non-Jews.

As a journalist it is my duty to search for the truth beyond prejudice, lies and manipulations. The truth about Israel is not told. As a person from the Left who loves progress, I am obligated to defend liberty, culture, civic education for children, coexistence and the laws that the Tablets of the Covenant made into universal principles. Principles that Islamic fundamentalism systematically destroys. That is to say that as a non-Jew, journalist and lefty I have a triple moral duty with Israel, because if Israel is destroyed, liberty, modernity and culture will be destroyed too.

The struggle of Israel, even if the world doesn’t want to accept it, is the struggle of the world.

Pilar Rahola is a Spanish politician, journalist and activist. She is a passionate defender of the United States and Israel and an indefatigable fighter against anti-Semitism. All of this despite being ideologically from the left. Her articles are published in Spain and throughout some of the most important newspapers in Latin America. She is the recipient of major awards by Jewish organizations.

  • Alexander Gofen

    Pilar Rahola – the left – at least has conscience and logic. Good for him.

    Generally the lefts do not even understand the meaning of the words they use. They hate colonialism and oppression: do they?

    Well, since ancient times the Jews of Israel were victims of colonialism and oppression. So Zionism is the most justified case of a national liberation movement, which delivered Jewish people – the victims of the extreme oppression and genocide for centuries – to their national liberation.

    Commies and progressives ought to celebrate this fact, if they were more logical…

    • dvd

      "Pilar" is a woman's name, Alexander.

  • david elder

    Pilar, if there were more lefties like you, they would win over more voters like me. I didn't leave the left, they left me.

    • lovezion

      Mr. Elder I replied to the wrong David Elder by mistake. Here's what I meant for you:

      Oh Mr. Elder, I read one of your articles the other day and was filed with admiration and awe for your well placed heart and brain! I'll continue to read your articles. Keep up your excellent work! :o)

      And now I want to add that primarily I admire your COURAGE which not even many Jews have! lovezion

  • arild

    Pilar is a gorgeous woman, and a leftist with a properly functioning brain&conscience as well.

  • David

    There is at least one leftist with honor, courage and not suffering from mental disorder.

  • Steve R.

    The exception that proves the rule

  • Patrick

    I agree with David Elder

    • lovezion

      Oh Mr. Elder, I read one of your articles the other day and was filed with admiration and awe for your well placed heart and brain! I'll continue to read your articles. Keep up your excellent work! :o)

  • von Starkermann

    Gen Franco would have been proud of you for your stance supporting the Jews of Europe. Franco was a Fascist, but also an admirer of the Jewish People. In Spain it's easy to support the Arab and Islamic cause, the simple fact is that Spain has been Judenrein since 1492. There are many more Moslems in Spain than Jews currently. The same is true for all of the other European nations including Germany.

    • lovezion

      I think very little of people who render their comments vaguely and/or ambiguously. Is your brain that cloudy that you cannot CLEARLY express your opinion in one way or another???

    • Sephardic

      @von Stakermann
      You're nuts!
      I'm a Sephardic Jew, my ancestors were Sephardic from Toledo, some left and some stayed, but those who remained in Toledo had to turn crypto-Jewish, and during Franco's dictatorship it was even worse, he spread the lie of a supposed three legged conspiracy, the Jewish-Masonic-Communist conspiracy (el contubernio judeo-masónico-comunista), and send people to jail by the thousands –if they were lucky enough not to be executed. Most Jewish fled or had to keep it extremely quiet –I know, my grandparents were among those who chose to stay and paid the price, while my parents left.
      You don't know waht you're talking about.
      Get educated, please.

  • Stephen D.

    She calls herself a Leftist but the truth is…She is in fact a Conservative because she has found something to conserve (Freedom, Culture, Law, Care of Children, Education) as opposed to Oppression, Relativism, Chaos, Disregard of their impact on children, Indoctrination). Every single plank of the Left ends up destroying that which it proclaims to fight for…without fail. She hints to the fact of the grounded influence on civilization that the "Tablets of the Covenant made into universal principles. Principles that Islamic fundamentalism [and Leftist ideaology] systematically destroys." Brackets mine. These "universal Principles" recognize something above and apart from human influence; Morally superior. The Left choose relativism. Islam chooses Barbaism (as instructed by a mortal Muhammed). The only thing worthy is the principled Judaeo-Christian Ethos of which all successfull societies function. Perhaps she will one day drop the false label.

  • The_Inquisitor

    When you discover the answers to the questions you pose you will no longer be a Forcer (Leftist).

  • uzi silber


  • Jorge Banner

    Pilar is not a "him", moron.

  • steven L

    Jews fight for what is theirs. People hate this.
    The West is guilty and scared to confront 1.5 bill people.
    The West is desperately dependent on the oil and gas from the Middle East.
    The West does not care about the Jews who are a well behaved minority easy to ignore but is afraid of the aggressive Muslim extremists

  • Laura Abraham

    Pilar doesn't have the foggiest idea about what she's talking about. Unless she becomes a member of "Peace Cycle" ( and observes Israeli oppression first hand she has not right to comment as she has. I wish I could write more but I need to run and get my daily Botox treatment and then masturbate to a photo of Yassir Arafat!

    • Emman Chehade

      You are so, so right sweet sister Laura. I too wish I could write more but I have to go practice my pole dancing for "Pole Dancing for 'Palestine'". By the way if anyone want to book me and my dancing partner Jumaneh Imad Albarhi for a bachelor party or bar mitzvah please feel free to email me at

      • lovezion

        You, Laura and Franky dok get a life instead of spitting your venom at us! Just stay away from us! Are your self-estimees THAT low that you insist on staying on where you ARE NOT WANTED???

    • johnnywood

      Pilar certainly does know what she is talking about but I`m not so sure about you.

  • xman

    Europe is declaring war on Jews, whilst Muslims are declaring war on Europe, starting with Europe's home grown Muslims. But then again, this is typical Europe – the sheep being contemptuous of the sheepdog whilst trying to curry favour with the wolf.

  • Frankie

    This article is so stupid. Israel was founded on Zionism, not Judaism. Zionism is a racist, hateful ideology that sprung from Social Darwinism. It's a political ideology, not a religious one. Dumb people and apologists continually confuse the Zionism and Judaism in order to make others confused. The Torah, the Jewish Holy Book, says that God will send the Jews their Messiah and lead them to the promised land, wherever that may be. Zionists hijacked Judaism and slapped God in the face by creating their own homeland. Let us not forget that had Argentina been a smaller country easier to ethnically cleanse, it would have been renamed Israel in 1904 when the Zionist World Coucil originally chose it as their homeland. Free Palestine!

    • Aaron

      Perhaps Frankie, or anyone else, can show me a text or any form of objective evidence that Zionism is a "racist, hateful ideology." Was Herzl a racist?

      • MixMike

        Zionism holds that Jews, like any other nation or peoples, are entitled to a homeland. It is essentially a national liberation movement the Jews. That said, Zionism does NOT discriminate against non-Jews. Israel is a SECULAR DEMOCRACY, and protects the religious freedom of all its citizens including Christians and Muslims. Anyone, Jew and non-Jew alike (and people from all political perspectives), can believe in the idea of a Jewish homeland and be Zionist.

        "To single out Jewish self-determination for condemnation is itself a form of racism." Just ask Martin Luther King : "When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You're talking anti-Semitism."

    • word

      Eze 11:17 Therefore say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will even gather you from the people, and assemble you out of the countries where ye have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.

    • To the ignorant

      The only ignorant and stupid is you!!!!!!!!
      Forget about the fact that jews have lived in Israel for thousand of years.
      Forget the fact that every archeological dig proves Jewish present in the land of Israel for thousand of years.
      Forget that the wailing wall is from a temple dated before AD, and the temple mount is the mount of a jewish temple not the plaza of a masque.
      Forget it all because you are too stupid to know the facts.
      Zionism comes from the word Zion which is the name the jewish people gave to Jerusalem which is the jewish capital and was build by the jews three thousand years ago, you ignorant!!!!!!!!!
      Zionism is jewish nationalism and the love for the jewish homeland. It has nothing to do with racism and the different nationalities and races living in Israel prove this fact!

    • Jeff

      Look idiot, Zionism was a modern movement that was started by Theodor Herzl, a Hungarian (born in Budapest) Jew who like most Western European Jews were quite nationalistic but not to any Jewish cause. In WW 1, many Jews were loyal to their countries and were even in the German and Austrian military. But like most Western European Jews, Herzl attitude changed when he was a press reporter covering then the most famous trial at the time of the French prosecuting Alfred Dreyfus for selling secret military documents to the Germans (which later proved he was framed). Until that time, French anti-Semitism was kept in the closet but this trial exploded a wave of anti-Semitism that caused Herzl to see that the Jews would never be accepted by Europeans. You research the rest–OK! Educate yourself opposed to telling us what Zionism is or is not!

      And don't tell me what the Torah (only means the 5 books of Moses) says, it never ever mentions a Messiah that's only the hope of the prophets during the time of the exile! Read Deuteronomy chapter 28, if the nation of Israel observes all of God's laws and commandments it will be blessed but if they do not, look at what the Torah actual says! Then in chapter 30, if God has punished the nation of Israel and has scattered them, He will in the end have compassion upon them and return all the people from exile! He that is God will do it NOT a Messiah!

      You say this article is stupid–no you're the one who is stupid! Just like all good anti-Semites, you possess faulty knowledge and then assign blame to the Jewish people based on your faulty reasoning! That makes you the stupid one!

  • 080

    I can only recommend that she read two books by Oriana Fallaci: The Force of Reason and the other is The Rage and the Passion. If you take the entire journalistic profession and put them down on one side of a question and the late Oriana on the ohter, then the scales are evenly balanced.

  • Chezwick

    Pilar Rohalla's heart is obviously in the right place, but she needs to dispense with the delusion that the Left is anything other than a collectivist/totalitarian movement.

    • lovezion

      Hey Chezwick, please let's accept Pilar's wonderful brain and heart and not tarnish thisi great moment with negativism. Thank you. :o)

  • Niall Ginty

    While I admire Pilar Rohalla's sound common sense, I think she must eventually accept the reality that the Left will always remain wedded to an impractical view of the world order.

  • Ioan Gartner

    I wanted to congratulate this woman!!! She is so damn right and sees things so damn well!!! I am not a lefty, nor a journalist, but allow me to bow deeply in front of her wits expressed in her words … I would add just this: happy the people that have her around, should we have more like her this world would be twice better then it is….
    May God bless you woman such, that all the ones you love would return your love hundredfold.

  • LookingUp

    You only need to read the last book in the bible, to see the future,and the future is now!

  • Julia Kakucs

    In this aggressive world it is extremely important

    to have somebody like Pilar Rahola. She never turned back her face from the truth.

    Her words express courage and a high level of responsibility.

  • alan

    Where is the world outrage against Turkey for the bombing of the PPK just carried out under Erdogans orders.? Only Israel is held to a different standard.

  • AmericanJewGirl

    Thank you for your voice.

  • guest

    Oon a time, the left was a genuinely anti-fascist movement whose adherents sincerely believed in universal human rights. Yes, much of the left was indelibly stained by apologists for Stalinism, just as the right was stained by its infatuation with rightwing authoritarian regimes (e.g., Franco, Pinochet). Pilar reminds us of the left's pre-Stalin identity, one that has a proud history.

    • thomas

      Except for the Left that overtly supported fascism like:
      George Bernard Shaw & Herbert George Wells (who called themselves Liberal Fascists)
      Margeret Sanger
      W.E.B. DuBois
      The entire staff of the NYT
      Franklin Delano Roosevelt

      Not modern enough for you? How about Postmodern? Derrida based his work wholly on the Nazi Heidegger.

      The left LOVES fascism because it was their idea. Ban unhealthy foods? Nazis. Ban Christian prayer in schools? Nazis. Ban personal firearms? Nazis. Privledging of races? Nazis. Green movement? Nazis. Pro-abortion? Nazis. Gay movement? The entire SA was openly homosexual. Ernst Roehm was openly gay.

      Those gun-hating, pro-abortion, green, gay, health food, separation of church and state Republicans?

  • steven l

    The West needs the oil, the gas and the petro$. who can deliver the goods?
    The West gets it cheaply by pointing their contempt for the Jews and at the end for themselves, But that they are too stupid to realize.
    The West becomes more and more a value less secular magma.

  • analyse the news

    If Europeans wish to avoid assimilation into the Islamic Umma, they ought to reconsider their ancient prejudices and form new allegiances, before its too late.