Obama’s Greatest Crime

President Barack Obama’s greatest crime against our flag and the republic for which it stands isn’t his administration’s health-care theft bill.  That’s mere shoplifting compared to what’s coming next.

Obama and the leftwing of the Democratic Party intend to turn ten to eleven million illegal immigrants into voters as expeditiously as possible, giving them a permanent national electoral majority based upon a beholden Lumpenproletariat.  If they succeed, our country will face mob rule.

No individual who broke the law to enter this country should ever be allowed to decide who becomes our president, governor, senator—or town council member.  If there is one message patriotic Americans must act upon during the remainder of Obama’s reign, it’s this: No voting rights for illegals.

No other issue of our time matters remotely as much—not our lukewarm struggle with Islamist terror or even our metastasizing deficits.  This isn’t about tax increases or where to hold terror trials.  It’s about preserving our democratic institutions for law-abiding citizens.

Inevitably, objections to handing immigration criminals the vote will be denounced as racist, anti-immigrant, inhumane and so on.  Unable to argue on logical grounds, the left will resort to savage name-calling.  And, of course, illegal immigrants will be compared to the legal immigrants of yesteryear, as if our laws are just burdensome annoyances that insist on silly distinctions.

As for the left’s all-purpose charge of racism, any illegal immigrant—Irish, Guatemalan or Nigerian—must never be granted the right to vote in a US election.  “Illegal” means “not legal.”  It means “criminal.”  This is not a matter of nuance, and it isn’t color-coded.

(The single exception I would make would be to grant full citizenship to illegal immigrants who serve honorably in our military for a minimum of five years—but the left would hate that, too.)

As for being anti-immigrant, that’s nonsense, too.  Legal immigration remains a great strength of our country (I’ve argued for years for more visas and a path to citizenship for hi-tech wonks and other highly skilled workers).  Any immigrant who plays by the rules to enter this country, adjusts to our public values and obeys our laws should be allowed to earn the full rights of citizenship on schedule.  But no phony waiting periods, or token fines, or pay-your-back-taxes scams can be allowed to buy voting rights for those who broke our laws to steal into our homeland.

And the “inhumane” charge is sheer hypocrisy.  If the Democratic leadership and its organized protest mobs (such as the hate-group La Raza) genuinely cared about the plight of illegal immigrants, they’d argue only for a form of residency.  Illegals themselves aren’t the ones demanding the vote.  They’d be delighted just to be able to stay here.  It’s political activists who claim to speak for them who make voting rights “a test of our nation’s sense of justice.”  Playing the pity card, they pretend that legalization is all about keeping families together.  It’s not.  It’s about eleven million bought-and-paid-for votes.  Anyway, millions of illegal immigrants weren’t worried about the unity of their families when they abandoned their homes for the USA.

But reason won’t matter.  Anyone who challenges the free gift of voting rights to illegal immigrants is going to be charged as a bigot by the left.  It’s an accusation that those who love our country will just have to shrug off.

Conservatives and independents are going to have to decide with precision what they’re going to fight for in this struggle.  That means starting out by recognizing that we’re not going to line up eleven million illegals in a column of fours and march them back across the border.  They’re here.  Most are going to stay.

The crucial fight ahead is over those voting rights.  Every other question arising from this issue is trivial in comparison.  Those who love this country must focus on that single mantra, repeating it until the votes-for-illegals snake is dead:  No voting rights for illegals, no voting rights for illegals, no voting rights for illegals.

The importance of this iron focus can’t be over-stressed, because left-wing activists in the administration and in Congress will try to lure our elected representatives into arguments over secondary issues, pretending to compromise on minor matters.  There’ll be discussions over the deportation of criminal aliens, back taxes, waiting periods, health-care liability, fines and fees, and any other distractions that can be tossed into the mix.  We must not let ourselves be drawn into debating such details as if the overall legalization process is a forgone conclusion.

What’s the right answer to the illegal-immigration crisis our government’s neglect has allowed to grow to such destructive proportions?  Congress needs to create a new class of US residency for those illegals with no further criminal records and who can document a  history of employment.  That residency would provide basic social and economic rights.  It would not give illegal immigrants the vote.

There is no reason, constitutional or moral, why Congress can’t do this.  There are already multiple classes of non-citizen residents, from temporary workers to refugees.  Of course, the Democratic leadership will howl and claim that anything short of full citizenship is an unacceptable injustice.  But what would be unjust about allowing eleven million criminals (and yes, they are criminals, every one, by virtue of breaking the law to enter our home) to remain on our soil, with all of the daily privileges and protections accorded full citizens–except the right to choose those who govern the rest of us?  Families (except of those who broke additional laws) would remain united.  Workers could work openly (and pay taxes honestly).  Children could go to school and apply for scholarships.  They just couldn’t force their political prejudices on us—although their American-born children would acquire full voting rights, when of age.

This is a practical, ethical, patriotic and sensible approach.  It will be attacked savagely by those who care more about blocks of votes than about the quality of human lives.

Born in 1952, I’ve lived through many national crises—more than a few of them exaggerated in their proclaimed importance at the time.  But I view the question of voting rights for illegal immigrants as the most critical issue of my lifetime, as regards the protection of our republic.  We had the American Revolution, not the French Revolution.  We never have been, and never should be, ruled by mobs.  But mob rule is the goal of today’s corrupt Democratic Party leadership.  They view power as an end in itself.  And they will do virtually anything to sustain, deepen and guarantee that power.

After a recent interview on security issues with talk-show host Laura Ingraham, we discussed this issue off-mike.  When I said, “No votes for illegal immigrants,” Laura gave me that piercing look of hers and completed the line for me: “No votes for illegal immigrants—ever.”

This is the crucial battle of the Obama era.  Independents, Republicans and Democrats of conscience must set aside all personal hobby horses and secondary issues, and avoid seductive compromises.  To preserve the United States we love and revere, we must concentrate ferociously on one clear goal as the left attempts to subvert our future elections through the gift of votes to eleven million illegal immigrants: No vote for illegals—ever!

Ralph Peters is the author of the new book Endless War: Middle-Eastern Islam vs. Western Civilization.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

    Oh Ralph…as hysterical as always….

    you lie

    • davarino

      Oh Bubba, you love providing for all those illegals in California, dont ya? What would you be saying if they were a bunch of conservative Germans that were hopping the fence?

      Uh huh, thats what I thought.

      • USMCSniper

        The persistent inflow of Hispanic immigrants threatens to divide the United States into two peoples, two cultures, and two languages. Unlike past immigrant groups, Mexicans and other Latinos have not assimilated into mainstream U.S. culture, forming instead their own political and linguistic enclaves from Los Angeles to Miami and rejecting the traditional American values that built the American dream. Americans ignore this challenge at their peril, because these immigrants tend to be the largest government dependency class that has a 85% illegitimacy birth rate and 4- 6 childrren per family.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

        Since my wife is German and I had to go to a lot of trouble to get a green card for her, I both sympathize and resent Mexicans (or whoever) coming in illegally.

        But this article is a bunch of speculative lies designed to play to your sensibilities.

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/Poppakap Poppakap

          OK bubbly, I'll take the bait. What exactly is speculative or lying in this article? As far as I can tell, you are doing what you always do, obfuscate and toss ad hominem attacks like grenades.

          Haven't you caught on by now? Noone gives a damn about what you say, and you've not persuaded anyone (other than fellow kool-aid aficionados) to your point of view. Persisting in your inanities in this situation makes you nothing more than a tool that likes to read his own writing.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

            The article is all speculation without proof evidence or even building a real case for why he thinks this will happen. The whole thing..

            "Obama and the leftwing of the Democratic Party intend to turn ten to eleven million illegal immigrants into voters as expeditiously as possibl"

            Um…ok..and what is this based on? Nothing. He is just making an assertion.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/Swemson Swemson

            Why won't you answer the question?


          • Bubba

            I can't answer now, because my posts get auto-deleted. FPM is a champion of open debate.

        • rob

          This is not "speculation", why do you think the rat party is so hell-bent on legalizing these illegals? It's the votes stupid, and the Democrats know this is the key to putting them into permanent power or at least until the 2nd civil war begins.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Indioviejo Indioviejo

        Conservative Germans? lol.

    • Guest

      There are none so blind as those that do not see, or REFUSE to see in your case.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

      Oh, Bubba … leftie, as always …

      We can play these games all day. Do you wish to engage in a discussion or simply insult people who disagree with your positions?

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

        riiiight…"leftie"…ok Brady.

        The only position I was forwarding is that Ralph Peters is a hysterical ninny who here is just speculating about the future and telling us what is coming. He is of course just making it up and offers nothing in the way of evidence. So I'm not sure what I am suppose to say about it.

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/Poppakap Poppakap

          Once again you dolt, you are supposed to provide evidence from the article to support your claims. Is rhetoric that hard to understand?

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

            I'm suppose to provide evidence of his lack of evidence? The entire article is speculation. There has been no bill put forth to give illegals voting rights. There has been no talk about it at all. What Ralph Peters does realize is that some type of immigration reform is necessary so he is getting a jump on the false arguments and nonsense that will be spewed all over us come the time to discuss it.

          • brenanc

            Speculation is a legitimate way to project how events will play out given a set of assumptions. Another name for this process is "analysis." You can disagree with Peter's assumptions and analysis. It would be nice if you presented alternative analysis. Calling Peters a "ninny" doesn't qualify as a legitimate counter-argument.

            Love ya Bubba

          • coyote3

            Extrapolation, which science does all the time, is just another form of speculation, in a way. Now, if the underlying premises is faulty, then that is another thing. So far, I don't see where the faulty premises has been evidenced. Even if the premise is sound, the results might not be as predicted, or they might be as predicted. Doesn't mean that it is an invalid exercise.

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

          First of all, Bubba, like Obamacare, we'll probably have to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, so that we can find out what's in it, right? You remember Speaker Lugosi's remark, several weeks ago?

          What do you think will happen when the illegals are granted amnesty? At this point, it is all speculation, because the DEMs aren't going to tell us what's in their bill until it's on Obama's desk. But, we can speculate, based upon what the DEMs have said, in the past, and the potential disaster this could unleash upon our country.

          For example, let's go conservative and say there's only 12 million illegals. They get amnesty through Obama's bill. They can now bring 5 family members each from their home countries. The original 12 million swells to 72 million.

          If it's 30 million, as I believe, we're talking about the potential for about 180 million immigrants. And all of them properly "grateful" to Obama …

    • Soljerblue

      Hysterical? And what, may I ask, are you? Is it the votes of illegals you’re wanting in order to keep a thoroughly corrupt party in power? Or are you a simple fellow traveller who believes their lies about keeping families together, or other such nonsense. I suspect you’re one of those who believes that you can pick up the clean end of a turd.

    • Trey Cruz

      Nope, Ralph is dead on.
      If you want hysteria, go to Michelle Malkin.

  • Hammer

    This will lead inevitably to a civil war

    • brenanc

      Might a civil war be something worth hoping for? What might it solve?

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

        It would solve nothing, and lead to generations of hatred among the people of this country.

        However, I believe that Hammer is right in saying that Amnesty will lead to civil war … at the very least, large amounts of violence on the streets and in the fields of America.

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

          get your white hoods ready….it's time to take the country back!

        • Trey Cruz

          The hatred is already there.
          It is hatred born of a previously free people now under the yoke of international leftism.
          Solzhenitsyn, at the end of his life, regretted the fact that the Christian majority of Russia didn't rise against the foreign revolutionaries that enslaved them.
          May that not be America's fate.

      • Trey Cruz

        It would hopefully be a cure for the perennial attempts of the Democratic Nomenclatura to seize absolute power.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Indioviejo Indioviejo

      Hammer, I have a problem with that assertion. I have always opposed illegal immigration, the porous border, and innumerable leftist coming to America, but I'm brown, and a Hispanic. So what happens when the shooting starts, will someone ask me for my " proof of citizenship" before they kill me, or mine? So lets be real about what needs to be done. I think Mr. Peters has a valid point, and I agree tolimit voting rights only to legal Immigrants that have obtained their citizenship lawfully.

      • Trey Cruz

        Indioviejo: Civil wars are by nature messy things. No one doubts your individual patriotism, but far more Hispanics are killed by other Hispanics than by caucasians;
        with that in mind, you are already under threat from your own ethnic group.
        The Illegals need to return to their own nations and take their anchor babies with them.
        The only reason the border was PURPOSELY made porous was to introduce illegals into the American populace with an eye to use them to de-stabilize and de-legitimize the American citizenry.
        This is one of the classic tactics of the Left.
        It is interesting too, and revealing that in your comment you worry more abour yourself than you do about the survival of the American Nation.
        It is for you to ask yourself "Just how much do I love America as a nation and as a concept?"

        • ajnn

          Colonel Peter's point seems to be that this issues is about 'power' – who shall wield what kinds of power. The dilution of the vote is very much in the interest of 'socializing' this country, that is not denied by anyone on the Right or on the Left. 'Power' is important. In the end, power is how issues are decided; whether by the power of the ballot box, the power of the media, the power distributed to groups by the dumbing-down of our educational system, or the power of a gun. The election of the year 1800 was a remarkable event. It might have been the 1st time in the history of the world that power passed from one political group to an opposition group with no violence.

          The United States election of 1800 created the first peaceful transfer of political power and did it with the vote. This effort to change 'power' with legal manipulation of the ballot box is despicable and anti-American..

    • ajnn

      I think anyone who advocates violence and killing in this country is someone I oppose.Thus far, the Right in this country has not indicated any affinity for street-violence.

      Are you saying the illegal aliens will resort to violence to secure voting rights or that the Left will instigate violence for illegal alien's voting rights?

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

        Ajnn, I agree with you about the lack of a desire for warfare, on the Right. I believe, also, that the Left would instigate street violence in a heartbeat, if it will gain them the power and leverage that they need. They've never been reluctant to provoke violence, wherever the Left starts moving (remember the incessant battles between communist and Freikorpskampfen, on the streets of Germany, until Hitler took advantage of it all and became Chancellor).

        Guess which side the "government" and the media would be on, if civil war … whatever the magnitude … broke out in our country. It would be a ready-made excuse for the gun-grabbers to go after the dream of their lifetimes. This move would be responded to by even more violence as more of us who believe in the Second Amendment make good on our vow of "… from my cold, dead fingers".

        It's a nightmare scenario, which might very well be resolved by a military coup … in America.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Red47 Red47

    You have stated many of my sentiments. Here is where moral relativity has destroyed our national conscience. I had this discussion with a good friend. She said it was so awful that they were forced to hide in our country and listed all of the travails of the illegal immigrant. There should be no consequence, they are nice, wouldn't you do it for your kids? (no, by the way.)… all of the usual emotive excuses. I think those concerns are secondary to their criminal status. Anyone who would break the law to come in here will break the law any time they get desperate. The answer is not an open border. The answer is not amnesty. Those are enabling. A lot of illegals are reasonable people who would make good neighbors. Or at least they were in my old town. The answer is to fix the problem–getting into our country legally is a dizzying and expensive process. Do whatever makes sense, but don't enable criminals. Reward integrity. Don't pat their heads and tell them how bad they have it–they know how it is back home and they are "rich" here. Fix it through revamping the immigration laws if they really need to be changed.

    • mike

      Was privileged to attend the recent Tea Party concern for our US in Washington DC during health-care weekend. I am 62 and a grandfather of five and first trip to DC. These patriots are almost all sincere, gentle, well informed and care and appreciate the liberty that so many take for granted.

      I hope that Australians and Americans will stand together in the defending of our God given rights and yes, the responsibilities of standing for freedom and truth.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/lovesjeeves lovesjeeves

        Somehow I doubt your friend lives in Southern Ca., or close to the Texas or Arizona border. It's easy to be promote a lot of lofty ideals when one is far removed from the hard reality of a situation. Or, even if one lives in these areas, it's imperative to know how illegal immigrants affect the quality of life for others who pay for far too many unintended and unanticipated consequences. Politicians who promote amnesty don't really care about the well being of others but are in a selfish quest for their own power.

  • Bogdan of Australia

    Bubba4; what is your contribution to Ralf's excelent article, you idiot? Histerical? I think Ralf is being almost superhumanly calm and reasonable. Is the owner defending his house that has been broken into histerical?
    As someone that has the best years of my life wasted while living under the boot and the whip of a communo-fascism in Poland I can fully understand the raising anxiety of my friends – the American patriots, who hopelesly observe as their country is being deliberately destroyed by that insane demon in the WH and his cohorts.
    Thus the plight of America, the country that has so much done for the freedom of others, has also become my own personal tragedy.
    If I were much younger, I would certainly travel to the US and ofer my service, as a gesture of gratitude, in the same way as my forefathers Pulaski and Kosciuszko did during the war of independence.
    There is HOPE though. Its name is Sarah Palin. As the Blach Hole of EVIL whos name is Obama is shrinking, her star is raising.

    • Don Taylor

      @ Bogdan: What kind words of encouragement from one patriot to his fellow patriots across tht sea.

      Don T.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

      Well…you go to the absolute extreme too…probably because you think it makes you more serious. Ralph Peters is predicting the future through his bizarro world glasses without a shred of evidence. The raising anxiety is being stoked by big business that doesn't want any reform. It's that simple. Most of you are too anxious to be footsoldiers in an imaginary world wide conflict with the arabs.

      Sarah Palin is a dingbat who is more concerned with her reality tv show than being a politician and actually trying to do some good for the American people.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/ElroyJetson Kevin Stowell

        I think you probably meant to say: "Most of you are too anxious to be footsoldiers in an real world wide conflict with the people who have explicitly stated they will convert or kill the rest of the world."

  • Rick Geiger

    Obama is an anti-Constitutional president. His actions so far portend a man that wants to subvert the core principles of our Constitution and his proposals on illegal immigrants are part of that anti-Constitutional plan. Ralph Peters has it right. So does Shmuley Boteach who has a column in the Jerusalem Post that states it is Obama's character that is questionable. Obama has the character of a Chicago thug politician like Mayor Daley and that should be no surprise to anyone because in fact that is what Obama is: We have elected a politicans who is ruled by the ideology of power and control and personal ego, not by theories of good government or effective public policy

  • davarino

    Living in Texas I am getting tired of going to a store and having to deal with a clerk who can not speak or understand english. I like all peoples but is it to much to ask for people to learn how to speak the language when they come here? Can you imagine these people voting? Oh ya, I forgot, we have ballots with both english and spanish. Why dont we include every other language on the planet? It would be nice if Canada could help us out by sending a bunch of illegal immigrants down to offset the ones from Mexico. But I'm sure the dems would all the sudden be for closing the borders.

    I disagree with Ralph on one point. He said there is nothing we should do about the illegals already here, and that we cant send them back home. The illegals need to go back home so the high school students have somewhere to work. These high school kids have no where to learn how to work and when they get into the "real" work place they are like slugs. I say we boycot stores that clearlly hire illegals and then they will start going home.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

      I heard of a great job picking strawberries that you might be interested in.

    • Ralph

      davarino- I gagree totally. We should make it so difficulty for illegal aleins to work or survive here that they will go home on their own. But I don't see that happening. Federal enforcement of our immigration laws is becoming irreliveant. If it weren't for individual states trying to do something to stop this madness, we would be in much worse shape than we are. But even the individual states are having trouble passing anything close to tough enforcement measures. Utah just passed a mandator E-Verify lay. But there NO penalties for not complying. Too much anti-sovereignty support.
      If this continues, eventually the states will totally ignoring the federal government. Maybe that is what should happen. If 30 or so states filed a law suit angainst the federal government insisting they enforce our immigration laws, maybe that would at least get their attention. But it seems that Obama and Napalitano are bent of encouraging a quasi amnesty. Look ad the 287 (g) program andthe issuing of a decree in March of 2009 stating that IAs working at unscrupulous would not be arrested or deported. Pretty sad.

  • davarino

    Plus, once the illegals go home, I get a burger and fries like I ordered instead of something completely different.

    I'm just sayin.

  • DeadReckoning

    What is wrong with illegal. It is what it is, against the law.

  • Stephen D.

    We know what our policy is regarding the territory of Israel, Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia and even Nagorno-Karabakh. What is our policy regarding the territory of the United States? No nation in history has ever been as willing to accommodate those who would dismember it as has the United States of America. Trying to get a straight pro-U. S. comment out of a U.S. elected official is like trying to nail a custard pie to the side of a barn. – Barry Farber, 'Mexico Eats U.S. a Bit at a Time', Tuesday, June 12, 2001

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/FaceofTruth DogWithoutSlippers

    My Lady friend and I, both LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, came here and worked hard. She, widowed, raised three sons, one a traveler (now in France), another a adventurer, and the third is a math teacher. My two both graduated college and make a successful and substantial living. They were raised to love and respect this Great Nation and bask in it's values. Now we see this country slipping into the socialism of Europe that we left behind. What amazes us most is the stupidity and ignorance of issues natural born Americans often possess. We attend Tea Parties and raise The Flag. Stop this press 1 for Spanish, 2 for English. We learnt to speak English and we did not receive handouts and special privileges or attention. We don't miss elections nor do our adult children and we will be there 11-2. Ralph – keep barking – Illegals are home invaders!

    • lovesjeeves

      Thank you for caring about America and your journey in becoming citizens.

  • Wallabee

    "The single exception I would make would be to grant full citizenship to illegal immigrants who serve honorably in our military "

    I cannot disagree with you more on this comment. Illegal aliens should NOT be serving in our military. They have already broken the law, and should be punished and deported.

    The last thing we need in the military is non-citizens who are already unpunished criminals. They have no respect for our laws and our constitution, which are what our military are there to defend.

    I have no problem with LEGAL aliens joining the military and using that as a pathway to LEGAL CITIZENSHIP. But illegals should not be in this country and should be nowhere near the military.

  • Wallabee

    "recognizing that we’re not going to line up eleven million illegals in a column of fours and march them back across the border. "

    This is also bogus. Do we give up on any and every social or legal problem simply because of its enormity? Do we say "lots of people ignore the speeding laws, so lets throw out all traffic citations?"

    We need to strengthen and enforce the existing laws and do the best we can to deport the ones we can catch. And we need to stop providing services and jobs to illegals, and make it clear that there is NO pathway to citizenship for those who disregard our laws. We need to do our best to remove all incentives for anyone to come to this country illegally.

    There is growing evidence that when and where the laws are enforced and these incentives have been reduced/eliminated, the illegals move on and/or leave the US.

    • guest

      This is stupid Stop saying we can't deport 20 mil? illegals Eisenhower did and he did it quickly and decisively. He was not a punk like the leaders of today!. He took care of America which is something that is a unheard of for today's leaders. This failure to enforce our immigration laws will be the root cause of a war that is imminent. American people are tired of the government screwing us while kissing the a$$e$ of a bunch of low life illegals.

  • http://www.itecode.com eerie Steve

    I wouldn't so easily discount the Republican appeal to the Latin American voting block. The criminals who will not vote, such as members of Eme or MS-13, will be annihilated if the US ever grants amnesty. These monsters prey upon the margins of society. Drain the swamp and they will be gone as the good citizens turn to people like Darryl Gates and the LAPD SWAT to really police their neighborhoods

    The democratic party in many ways exists as the party of death. They will never overcome abortion with the majority of Hispanics being Catholic. Neither will they overcome their party's inherit limits on entrepreneurs.

    We should have listened to W. on this one. The Republican Party had a chance to cement the Latino voting block and they pussed out. Now we will have to contend with a system corrupted by those who ran ACORN from day one.

    Republicans should look upon the Hispanic democrats as the Borg looks upon the Star Trek universe. Resistance is futile. You will be assymiliated.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Poppakap Poppakap

      You couldn't be more wrong Stevo. Gangbangers exist not because of marginalized people, but because the want the easy cash associated with the life of selling drugs, stealing cars, and killing for hire. MS-13 exists in every Latin American country regardless of politics. Why? Because they are criminal thugs. Full stop.

      • http://www.itecode.com eerie Steve

        Take away the wealth disparity and integrate people into our culture, like George Bush wanted to do, and the problem goes away. I don't see them as gangs but as foreign agents operating inside our country and they should be dealt as such.

        Use the Patriot act to cut the head off the snake by targeting Mexico's corrupt police and federales, and cut the knees out from under them by turning as many of their pawns over to our side.

        There is strong institutional backing behind these guys. People like Castro and Chavez and FARC. Target and recruit.

        • Craiger

          And while we are "integrating " these illegals into our "culture" (which they won't do because they won't do it now.) They want their land back that the US took away from them back in the early 19th century. And they are diong a pretty damn good job of it! No dude they want their culture and their land back. The only way to get them to fall in line is to round them up deport them and build the wall. We've done it before, after WW I, WW II and the Korean war. Of course you wouldn't know about that because the Progressives have wiped that out of our history books. Look it up!

  • Roger Cole

    Enforce the laws already in place and you won't need new ones that also won't be enforced. Do this and illegals really will go home when they can't work,

    I am a legal resident. I have had my background checked out, had the medical, paid the fees after waiting in line and my taxes since then and I still am unable to vote. Why should people who have cut in around me by force and evasion, criminals and ne'er do wells many of them, be given rights that I still don't have after playing by the rules?

    • Alabama Roadrunner

      Thank you, Roger. My German wife is of the same opinion. If amnesty is granted, she will refuse to renew her green card.

  • donnamarie

    I have been saying almost the same thing. Grant them something but no voting rights. They need to earn those. Criminals in our country lose their rights to vote upon the completion of their sentences for a period of 10 years. I think that since the people who came here and stayed in violation of the law should have the same restriction placed on them. Many, many of them will just be happy to not have to look over their shoulders any more and be satisfied to have to wait a few years to vote. They haven't voted yet. The ones who will complain will be those inflammed by the rhetoric of LaRaza and LULAC.

    • Craiger6

      LaRaza and LULAC are anti American revolutionaries. They want to take over the land that Mexico lost at the turn of the 19th century for being the same criminals that they are now. Nothing has changed. They want to fight to get Texas and the Southwest back. These people are BAD! You won't get them to assimilate into anything. That's why they speak Mexican (it's not even Spanish) When I was in Cancun last time around the pool there were some Spaniards, you know from Spain? They just made fun of the Mexicans and chided them. They hate Mexicans, treat them like second rate humans. There is where the Mexicans should focus their anger.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

    I suppose that I'll have to be called a racist (though the real racists are on the Left). I don't even WANT the illegals in my country, much less voting in our elections. Why don't I want the illegals in my country?

    Because they're illegal.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

    No to illegal immigrants. My mom is a legal immigrant from the U.K. She is a war bride of a WWII veteran. My grandparents and father had to sign sponsorship papers before she and my newborn brother could enter the U.S.A. When immigrants have sponsors, then,and only then should they be allowed to enter.

    Read the economic problems illegal immigrants are causing in our prisons, schools and hospitals. More than 70 Los Angeles hospitals have closed citing the the unpaid medical services rendered to illegal immigrants. The numbers are in the billions.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Poppakap Poppakap

      Please give my thanks to your brave mother for her character and understanding that the rule of law is what underpins the success of Western civilization.

    • Craiger6

      And the Democrats still want them here! It's all about contrrol. They think if they make these 11 million illegals, legal they will have one party and control of the voting in this country. What Obama wants is a rebellion where he"won't let a good crisis go to waste." Only problem is I doubt if our citizen's will fall for it. We are American's first and we all have a stake in Freedom. We have mostly had self rule and ummm-ummm- ummmm Baaeak Heussien Obama is not an American and doesn't understand our heritage.

  • CJ5878

    What part of 'illegal' do people not understand??

  • flyingtiger

    Typical bleeding heart liberal! Illegal immigrants should not vote? They should not be here. They should be rounded up and put in prison for 4 years and then banished. If they dare return, 20 years in the kink! Naturalized citizens should never be allowed to vote or hold office. Only those born to american citizens (both parents) should be allowed to do this.
    This is a time to get tough. Peeters, it is time to get tough or else!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/SoWestHistorian SoWestHistorian

    Unfortunately, whether the illegals are made legal citizens or not, the Democrats will make sure they vote and vote numerous times per election. Tammany Hall is alive and living within the Democrat party and they will do whatever is necessary to continue the election fraud they started so many decades ago in order to achieve the Marxist goals they have been pursuing for the past 75+ years.
    The illegals can be rounded up and sent back as FDR and Eisenhower proved.
    The best and easiest way to deport them though isn't to round them up but by a method called self-inflicted deportation, where all social and welfare benefits are cut-off and a green card verification system is put into work that will verify who has legal rights to work in the US and who does not. In doing that 98% would leave because they would have no incentive to stay.
    Works for me.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

      There is zero evidence of this election fraud you speak of. Actual election fraud (someone casting a false or duplicate ballot) is a very small problem.

      If you want harsher immigration laws, then talk to big corporations that fight to keep things so loosey goosey.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

        I could tell you about my sister, who is a DEM precinct captain in Chicago, and what she does to ensure that the DEMs always win her precinct. But would you believe it … or at least, consider it to be a possibility?

        HINT: Her husband is with the mob, which doesn't bode well for GOP workers or activists in her precinct.

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/Swemson Swemson

          But the rest of us would like to hear about it !!!


          • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

            She has been a Precinct Captain in the 23rd Ward of Chicago since the 1960 election, in which she added 500 residents of Mt. Carmel Cemetery (including Al Capone) to those who "voted", overnight. Her husband has a "crew", which regularly beats up on GOP activists, in her precinct. She has a multi-year relationship with ACORN, the SEIU, and other such groups, "registering" illegal aliens, convicted criminals, and people who don't have the necessary residency requirements to vote.

            This is Chicago politics, which takes place throughout the city. Our fearless leader came out of this corruption, and is "beholden" to it. Indeed, if I were to guess, there is a "Godfather" somewhere in the Chicago area who has the President in his pocket, like so much change.

  • http://logistory.blogspot.com/ Noway2no

    This whole discussion is really about what America will look like in the future. The misguided and/or deceitful arguments used by the open borders/Aztlan crowd are because they hate the USA and us. Even the social and economic collapse of the western hemisphere is preferable to them over the USA being a superpower. That includes McCain, Bush, now Obummer and the majority in Washington down to many Mayors and town councils. Most of them don’t understand the danger their position puts this country in because they do not know how unique and fragile our federal system is.

    I wonder what makes the illegals and their supporters think that this invasion will help anyone if left unchecked? There is no evidence that all the Mexicans in the world will do anything to this country but turn it into more Mexico.

    Mexico and Mexicans have squandered the last 200 years and now blame us for it. If we are getting the hardest working people in the world from Mexico, god help us. With ignorance, poverty and corruption flowing north unchecked we are all screwed including Mexico and Canada. After 200 years Mexico hasn’t even developed a dependable postal system.

    We anchor the whole of the Western Hemisphere. There is no way that we can help the poor people of the world by bringing them here. There are too many of them. If they truly wanted to help the uneducated masses of Mexico and beyond they would work to make the rest of this hemisphere more like the U.S. not make the U.S. more like Mexico.

  • Bill

    Some related articles among many:

    CLEVELAND – Two Ohio voters, including Domino's pizza worker Christopher Barkley , claimed yesterday that they were hounded by the community-activist group ACORN to register to vote several times, even though they made it clear they'd already signed up.

    Barkley estimated he'd registered to vote "10 to 15" times after canvassers for ACORN, whose political wing has endorsed Barack Obama, relentlessly pursued him and others.

    Claims such as his have sparked election officials to probe ACORN. nypost.com

    In his capacity as an attorney, Barack represented ACORN in a successful lawsuit alongside the U.S. Department of Justice against the state of Illinois to force state compliance with a federal voting access law. http://www.fightthesmears.com

    Acorn is now getting more attention as John McCain's campaign makes an issue of the fraud reports and Acorn's ties to Mr. Obama. It's about time someone exposed this shady outfit that uses government dollars to lobby for larger government. Wall Stree Journal.

    In other words, it's probably worse than Mr. Peters describes.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

      God would you guys let the ACORN bullsh*t die. It's been investigated. FPM probably didn't tell you what happened because they didn't like the result.

      ACORN people (like people standing out in front of the grocery store) are paid to sign up people (paid very little) but if a duplicate registration or a registration for Mickey Mouse comes in…they are weeded out by election officials and never get to actuall voting status. By law if ACORN takes down a registration they HAVE TO TURN IT IN and let the government officials throw it out.

      How many cases of actual voter fraud have occured in the last 20 years?

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

        I strongly suspect that "us guys" would let the ACORN "bullsh*t" die, if it really was bullsh*t.

        But don't you realize that the "government officials" are as corrupt as ACORN? This is especially so in the larger cities of America.

  • Turbeaux

    Damn Colonel you had a damn strong article going on until I came to the following asinine absurdity:

    “That means starting out by recognizing that we’re not going to line up eleven million illegals in a column of fours and march them back across the border. They’re here. Most are going to stay.”

    I mean why can’t our government just do its job and enforce employment laws already on the books by going after those employers guilty of hiring illegals in order to free up the jobs they are stealing from honest unemployed Americans? Is that too much to expect?

    Not to mention that without a job or the ability to get another one, how are illegal criminals in this country going to earn money to put food on the table. The answer, of course, is they won’t and will thus be forced to return from whence they came from on their own accord.

    However, I would consider supporting a program where illegals voluntarily register with the government. These illegals would then be given up to a year to hold onto their jobs and to get their financial house in order before being forced to leave. Anyone else caught not registering with the government would forfeit the opportunity to get their financial house in order, would forfeit their right to their property, would be immediately deported, and their present employers would face severe penalties.

    “The crucial fight ahead is over those voting rights.”

    The crucial fight is amnesty and not voting rights. These illegal criminals must not be rewarded amnesty in any form because it would just further encourage illegal immigration.

    “No voting rights for illegals, no voting rights for illegals, no voting rights for illegals.”

    You mean: No amnesty for illegals, no amnesty for illegals, no amnesty for illegals.

    “What’s the right answer to the illegal-immigration crisis our government’s neglect has allowed to grow to such destructive proportions? Congress needs to create a new class of US residency for those illegals with no further criminal records and who can document a history of employment. That residency would provide basic social and economic rights. It would not give illegal immigrants the vote.”

    Totally absurd! No amnesty under any circumstances! In addition, anchor babies born to one or two illegal immigrant parents at the time of their birth should see their citizenships revoked as well.

    “This is a practical, ethical, patriotic and sensible approach.”

    Actually it’s ludicrous and would just further encourage more illegal immigration. Colonel get over yourself, the American people loudly demonstrated overwhelmingly that they will not countenance amnesty under any circumstances the last time around and which, by the way, also led to the backlash against the Republican Party, GWB, and Juan McPain, and is one of the main reasons Democrats and Obama are in power today. Cut your losses while you can! You haven’t learned your lesson yet?

    “This is the crucial battle of the Obama era. Independents, Republicans and Democrats of conscience must set aside all personal hobby horses and secondary issues, and avoid seductive compromises.”

    Yours is the seductive compromise. Never! I’ll support voting rights for illegal immigrants if amnesty in any form is granted. It’s no amnesty or nothing. Screw it!

    “To preserve the United States we love and revere, we must concentrate ferociously on one clear goal as the left attempts to subvert our future elections through the gift of votes to eleven million illegal immigrants: No vote for illegals—ever!”

    I agree: No amnesty for illegals –ever!

  • vanzorge

    DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS – i am not interested in all of the sob stories and the whining.
    when someone came here illegally they knew the risk that they were running.



  • freedom fighter

    Great article, there is no other issue even close to this. The course of the nation and free world is at stake, that's all.

  • Bill

    It's actually absurd that this is an issue. The very thought that we're debating on whether or not our government should follow its own laws is shameful on its face. The law must come first and must be followed. Otherwise the very essence of Western philosophy is undermined – namely the "Rule of Law." There is no middle ground; no area to compromise.

    If our lawmakers want to add amendments to laws, such as clear "exceptions," then they should do so after public debate. But as of now there are no "exceptions" to "illegal aliens." On the contrary: we have laws on our books about penalties on them and those who knowingly hire them. There is nothing left to debate, except whether our government by "law" is becoming a mere facade and sham.

    That example of ACORN being given a mild slap on the hand after all those years of knowingly open fraud is not something our government, or president, can ever be proud of. How can our current and future leaders ever dictate that other countries should be ruled by "laws" instead of clerics, tribal leaders, warlords, and preachers?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

      Bill, I missed your post, yesterday. Well put, indeed.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 Dee

    I find the picture used in this article questionable, and really could only have been selected to give people the apprehension that we're letting in nothing but Mexican gangsters. It is used to demonize the people who, while still gaining entry illegally, do not necessarily deserve to be treated as bad people.

    There is no way we will grant voting rights to illegal immigrants. I don't care how long you've lived or the crazy shit you've seen, there is no reasonable justification for it and as such it won't pass. Nor am I aware of anywhere stated that Obama has even made this his agenda.

    "What’s the right answer to the illegal-immigration crisis our government’s neglect has allowed to grow to such destructive proportions? Congress needs to create a new class of US residency for those illegals with no further criminal records and who can document a history of employment. That residency would provide basic social and economic rights. It would not give illegal immigrants the vote."

    I think this actually sounds like an interesting approach. It rewards illegal entry, however, which creates an incentive to break into the nation, which isn't sustainable. Perhaps if illegal immigrants were documented, however, we wouldn't be charging them exploitative wages and it wouldn't be so lucrative for hiring purposes and we'd be getting individuals that could benefit.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

      Dee, Congress does not need to create a new class of residency for the illegals. They must be rounded up and deported. Then, if they truly wish to be Americans, they should get in line for immigration, and when their name comes up, pay a fine for breaking our laws.

      If they're legal, they won't be "exploited", will they?

  • Bruce

    This is a continuation from my previous post
    Those negative consequences are great and very important, but also we must also understand that there is the very big issue of national security which is the 800 pound gorilla in the room that no politician will talk about frankly.
    You see, every illegal alien is someone who has never been through the inspection process and we can not ever know when, where, or how he or she entered our nation, nor do we know their health physical or mental, their true name or their true nationally, they could be a terrorist or criminal and our politicians have allowed 10, 15, 25, 40 million enter and remain, no one knows the correct figure you can only guess.

  • Paul P

    After such a long, drawn out process of approval for Obamacare, many in the MSM asked, "What's Next?". Since it is certain the Supreme Court would rule that denial of medical coverage to non-citizens is unconstitutional, as was decided in California, Obama must grant amnesty to all illegals so he isn't blatantly defying the Constitution. Should he do so , would invalidate the healthcare law. It makes perfect sense to grant amnesty to all and even to invite more into the US. See the Executive Order which grants sanctuary to numerous members of the Palestinian terrorists of Hamas.

  • Joe

    We face the same issue down under. Our left-wing Prime Minister raised the barrier on illegal "boat people" and they are coming increasingly. The result in both USA and here must be to establish bodies of voters who will inevitably vote for the Left because the Left allowed them in illegally.
    Many illegals are potential Jihadists who must obey the order to kill the Infidels (all others)when it comes. Does Obama's Muslim background relate to this factor ?
    Both the Left and the Jihadists are prepared to use each other for support at present but both aim at world domination so the collaboration can't last and my money would be on the Jihadists because they are so tightly controlled by religion.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/lovesjeeves lovesjeeves

    Many American citizens of Latino heritage appreciate America and are very much against illegal immigration. On the other hand, illegals of many nationalities and even legal immigrants who really don't care about our history or Constitution have expedited the demise of California. Our once stellar educational system is now abysmal, gangs have brought unheard of violence to the state, and the entire infrastructure is strained beyond belief. And sadly, in Los Angeles we just witnessed a huge demonstration of young people protesting against cuts in education. Their sense of entitelment is bereft of any serious thought as to how everything is to be financed. The only answer seems to be in taxing the increasingly burdened Americans who are suffering themselves and will not long be able to sustain the free ride of others illegally here. the Left will use the most clever of language in campaigning for amnesty which will as usual be wrapped up in words such as "social justice, civil rights, morality and freedom, " just as they did in duping Americans with their Health Scare Monstrosity.

  • Bruce

    Illegal immigration is not just Obama’s “greatest” crime it is the “greatest” crime of every president who held office after President Eisenhower. The problem has been ballooning ever since. There have been amnesties under president from both political parties and amnesty is not a good solution. We as citizens are ones who pay for the failures of our government while the leaders of both political parties profit by enriching themselves with money and power at our expense. There are other special interest groups who gain by illegal immigration and the lack of enforcement of immigration laws there are the business interests like the U.S. Chamber of commerce, religious groups who want to fill their houses of worship, ethnic and racial groups who will gain power with the influx of poor uneducated people of the race and culture all this is the perfect storm all well organized organization who want to put the burden on the citizen taxpayer to pay for increased costs of education, health care, incarceration, infrastructure.

  • Bill

    There have been a flurry of news stories around the country over the last year about a shortage of doctors and nurses. There aren't even enough teachers to teach at nursing schools, even if we had able students applying. But the latest addition to those same stories is the new, massive, expected shortage of those same health care workers with millions of illegal aliens and the 1/3 of the population uninsured clamoring for the same shortage of doctors. From an article in Boston.com a few days ago:

    "WASHINGTON — Primary care physicians already are in short supply in parts of the country, and the landmark health care overhaul will bring them millions more newly insured patients in the next few years."

    Remember those photos and stories about long lines and waiting lists in the Soviet Union to see doctors? And the shoddy quality of their medical facilities and staffing?

    Back to the future we go.

  • A.B. Normal

    If only we could convince the lefties to ignore tax collection like they do immigration law. Oh, they do as far as they are concerned. Selective law enforcement would be neat if I could be added the OK to break them list. Perhaps I should become a lefty, naa, I haven't got that drunk yet. But I AM working on it!

    God bless America
    Press 1 for English

    • Bill

      "Press 1 for English" is almost funny:

      "Press 2 for English" won't be.

  • Allen

    Let's simplify the issue by correcting the misstatements. If a person comes here illegally, he or she is not an immigrant. He or she is a trespasser, an invader, a criminal by definition. There is no such thing as an illegal immigrant. Immigrants are people who come into a country following the lawful path that country has set up. Everyone else is nothing more than illegal. If you must have a two word name for it to make sense to you, use illegal alien. Stop using the canned terminology of the left.

  • Len Powder

    Ralph Peters has expressed with perfect clarity and gravity the mortal danger which the Leftists are prepared to expose us to. They hate America, always did, and always will. They want a Casto-Chavez like regime where they will reign for eternity over us all. We must understand that no one but we will save ourselves from this fate. Mr. Peters describes it correctly as a certainty unless we oppose it with all our might. We are not fighting Democrats. That name is irrelevant. It's a ruse, a trick. We are fighting Marxist demagogues and ideologues. They are responsible for more misery, killings and destruction than Satan himself. They must be stopped and fighting them on this matter is vital. No vote for illegals—ever!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Swemson Swemson

      Well said Len!


  • Neil

    Paraphrasing a talk show host's comments from last evening about ObamaCare. He stated, and I agree, coming to America, an elderly American being denied extensive medical treatment, as determined by a medical panel (it's in the new bill folks), in favor of a pregnant 15 year old illegal immigrant, giving birth to triplets, who'll be treated in an American hospital without hesitation. Unfortunately, this is America's future.

  • gregg johnson

    BHO is evil. No where at any time can good come from evil. Mean is not evil. Bad is not evil. Evil comes from within. A deviant psychopathic personality. An amoral narcissist that believes that he knows more than anyone else. A make believe messiah that will soon have the masses in prayer to him.
    BHO is evil and other evil people are his brothers. To destroy the moral fabric of this country, blessed by God, is a thrilling challenge to his evil.
    Elections have consequences and we have made the whole world suffer our saviors vanity. Prayer is all that is left.

  • Larry

    The time has come if he tries this is to remove him from office because my family did not fight for this country to let this muslim destroy our constitution and our way of life. If not by vote then by force we will remove him! Wake up America ! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem also!

  • http://www.americanprophet.org Michael Bresciani

    Good writing, and very clear vision here, thanks to you Ralph.

    Rev Michael Bresciani
    American Prophet.org

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/johncarens johncarens

    Most of the inner urban areas of the Southern Tier of States in our nation are war zones, pitting one violent, brutal bunch of gang thugs against another. Los Angeles this year alone has suffered some 1,200 gang-related murders, most of them unreported and unsolved. Atlanta and Dallas are almost as bad. It is even drifting into places like Louisville and St. Louis. THIS incredible, race-based, violent low-level civil war has been bubbling unreported just below the surface of our national conscience, and it will bubble over at some point.

    This violent, lawless state of affairs is the apex of Modern LIberal culture: Boys raised without fathers in homes without strong communal faith in the Judeo-Christian Lord, supported by a patrician leviathan federal welfare system, abetted by a rapacious plaintiff's bar, and egged on by a entertainment complex that gets a kick out of lawless, gang chic. THIS is the core constituency of Obama's America. It is anti-family, anti-faith, anti-children, anti-civil society. Why would we expect anything else from this pathetic Man-Child President?? –He is FROM this sick, warped, father-scorning culture.

    Make no mistake: THIS will be the Gettysburg of this generation, and the "Health Care" bill is analogous to First Bull Run. For those of you who graduated from public schools in the last twenty years, look it up.

  • BS1977

    Find the illegal alien
    Arrest the illegal alien
    Deport the illegal alien. It ain't rocket science.
    Allowing millions of illegal immigrant border crashers to sign up to vote, get welfare, get "free" education, free medical care and housing….this is INSANE….no other country on earth permits this kind of an invasion….but our PC nanny state liberals think it's just wonderful.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/JosephWiess JosephWiess

    Of course Obama doesn't care if illegals become citizens, because that way there will be that many more idiots to vote for him, and his whole idea is to turn America into Mexico.

    I am disturbed that we should allow anyone who broke the law to live here, to be granted citizenship. Why should they get the rewards that normal lawful citizens get?

    • Don R.

      And our audacious, hopeful, president refuses to offer proof that he was even born in this country – he totally ignores the multiple legal requests. But, he was voted in by the people of this country, who willingly ignored the facts put in front of them. He is merely a reflection of one of the new standard in politics: Idol worship.

      • Jim C.

        I sincerely hope dimwits like you continue to call for his papers, though.

  • Jim C.

    Wow. Nice picture of Latino gangbangers to get the knuckleheads riled up.

    When was the last time you heard any politician talk seriously about enforcement? Probably around the same time you heard one talk seriously about making abortion illegal. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN and the politicians know this.

    Guess what? We are as addicted to illegal labor as we are to foreign drugs and foreign oil. No fence, no wall, no amount of increased border guards is going to stop this. What politicians are going to start going after the business owners?

    So Peters' article is fanciful fluff–all of it, right down to the very dangerous idea of allowing ILLEGAL immigrants into our military. How someone of Peters' experience hasn't thought THAT on through, I have no idea. Guess what Ralph–illegals don't have to come only from Latin America.

    So until a politician begins SERIOUSLY discussing enforcement–not border enforcement, not drug-war-that-goes-nowhere enforcement–but one that will have a serious effect on American business and labor force, you'd better think twice when people talk amnesty.

  • Robert

    I hate to bust Ralphs bubble, but illegal aliens cannot join the military, you have to be in the United States legally to join. Additionally, I believe that a five [5] year obligation is an adequate payback for legal citizenship.
    Master Gunnery Sergeant USMC [Ret]

  • realpatriot

    The picture says it all. post a pic of the most offensive Latinos you can find. GOD FORBID YOU POST A PIC OF A DECENT MAN TRYING TO FEED HIS FAMILY.

    Goddamn racist pieces of sh*t

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Swemson Swemson

      Your comment is both stupid and offensive.

      American's are worried about illegal immigrants, because some of them are indeed very dangerous, and because incidences of violence relating to drug trafficking near the border are so very common in the news. And the fact is that they're criminals by the very virtue of their illegal status. D

      So why would the author use an image of hard working honest people? It makes no sense.

      The crime the author is taking about has nothing to do with racism. If America were being equally besieged by any specific group other than Hispanics, and objected to the Hispanics, but not the other group, you might have a case, but as it stands now, you don't.

      What the people here are so upset about is that Obama's plan to give illegal's voting rights, free medical care, education and welfare, is based on one reason only, and that's his desire to stack the deck against the right in all future political contests, because statistics prove that Hispanics vote for democrats over republican's by a huge margin.

      Obama couldn't care less about Hispanics. He's doing it ONLY to enhance his political power.

      Do you get it now???


      • http://www.truthsleuth.net david conn

        It’s out there on the internet, and it said it all a couple of years ago.
        Just Google:
        “Jonestown, Its Portent Has Arrived”

        So it’s not like the public wasn’t warned about Obama!

  • http://www.goodnessmovement.com Barry Cooper

    First off, I would support building a wall, and putting in jail for a year anyone caught here illegally twice. We ship them back to Mexico the first time.

    Further, we need a Constitutional Amendment dictating that to gain citizenship, the PARENTS of any child must have been on US soil legally.

    The reality is that Mexico has the potential to be a very wealthy nation, but they don't have the culture we do, of diligent adherence to the rule of law, of general honesty, of tolerance, of self restraint (being showed in spades by those who fully grasp who is in the White House), and of respect for free enterprise, hard work, creativity, and democracy. Their failings are their own. They are moral. With a fraction of their natural resources Switzerland has attained one of the best standards of living in the world.

  • http://www.goodnessmovement.com Barry Cooper

    Given these caveats, however, it must be said that it is not an absolute certainty that they will vote Democrat. You have to understand: they are not going to want to pay high taxes any more than the rest of us. Most illegals work, and they work hard. They are not here to sponge, in general, but to make much better money here than they could in Mexico.

    One could almost view many of them as entrepreneurs, whose business venture involved a risky border crossing, and all the troubles that attend being a law breaker (which include, by the way, abuse by other Mexicans, since they can't call the police). Now, I'm not such a sentimentalist that I truly believe that, but it is worth expanding our view in that direction somewhat.

    Further, most Mexicans are culturally conservative, They are Catholic, and thus pro-Life. They are generally unsympathetic to the deviancy that defines the "new normal" here in America. This is my perception, but of course unbuttressed by empirical sociological data.

  • http://www.goodnessmovement.com Barry Cooper

    Just as we are fools not to make the case consistently to American blacks that they would be better off with conservatives–who spur job creation, and support the rule of law in places defined by the constant horrors of violent crime–so too is it short-sighted not to see this as at least potentially an opportunity.

    Now, we do need to oppose amnesty. Yes, many will remember that, and perhaps hold it against us. But if you make a case, and make it well, I choose to believe that some people will listen. There is always hope. You just have to keep moving, and keep thinking.

  • arnauld schonbrunn

    America is going down the same path as what happened at the fall of the Roman empire; wave after wave of "illegal" barbarians almost snuffed out western civilization which took centuries to recover. What a shame.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/EGoldstein EGoldstein

    The mob has been the Democrat Party objective for the last half century. Motor Voter was to make the mob bigger. Social dependency programs grow the mob. Government employee unions grow the mob. 40% of the electorate are now solid mob voters. The illegals are from countries that teach being part of a mob. They will be loyal to the Democrats because they will get some loot. Unfortunately we have become a country that is run by thugs and the thugs need the illegals to seal their rule.

  • markr

    Right on Mr. Peters! I feel like I am in "Alice in Wonderland" and am playing a bit part in 1984 and Animal House. Words have no meaning except the meanings assigned to them by the speaker. The word legal is such a word. As the country has lawyered up and the law instead of morality and virtue has been extolled we find ourselves in the present debacle. Precedent and a living constitution have uprooted us from our bearings and we are on the verge of anarchy. I truly believe I will see violence in the street before my life is over (God forbid). When enough people desire ultimate power over values and decency and a steady unchanging and anchored rule of law the only way out if they acheive such power will have to be a civil war of some kind (hopefully changing others hearts and minds) which would be suicidal for a country-(the only country really) that has the moral authority and history our great republic has had. I really believe there are enough dumb and ignorant americans among us to cause this great republic to not be european- but actually a fascistic dictatorship. All the people who love to extol it couldn't happen hear are whistling in the dark

  • badaboo

    Bush's GREATEST CRIME , facilitating ENRON , in the RAPE OF CALIFORNIA , and the MUGGING of the American PUBLIC , together with the Banks and accounting firms who along with Bush facilitated THIEVES ,and did this country GREAT HARM .
    Oh and what the hell have Republicans done about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ? BUSH AND McCAIN included ? NOTHING .
    Now all you hypocrites are trying to tag Obama , what unmitigated hypocrisy !

    • CareerArmyGuy

      OK, here we go–when things don’t look good for the left’s argument, set up the straw man Bush and the Republicans.

      Hey, sir, it doesn’t matter about then…this is now! We were just as concerned about the issue during the bush years and were equally dissappointed by the inaction on the border and illegals issue, but that does not matter. We need to address the issue that we’re faced with today. Please don’t let your Obamblindness distract you from Ralph’s argument that unless we strongly protest–our nation, yours and mine–will be radically changed from the Constitutional republic that it is today (and even that’s changed). We citizens do not benefit from opening the voter rolls to illegals…but the Democrats do. For their own power-preserving purposes, not for the purposes of making this nation stronger, better, more important, more influential, safe, secure, economically independent, or any other thing that is good for this generation and the next.

  • Amit

    Illegal aliens can be a great nuisance to any country. All those people who support illegal aliens should take a look at India and what happens when you don’t stop illegals from entering the borders of your country.
    The NE of India which used to be purely Hindu and Christian with a few pockets of Muslims is totally almost 70% Muslim. The reason is simple, we didnot put a stop to the illegal Bangladeshi Muslim who eneter our country.
    Today you can find these Bangladeshi Muslims all over the country including Nothern India. Each Bagladeshi family unit ragnges from 5-10 people, given the high rates of reproduction of these people. This is leading to chaos in many parts of the country as the locals are finding competition for manual labour from these illegals.
    The minimum wage for a skilled labourer per day is Rs500, whereas these illegals do the same work for a quater of the amount. While this might be a very profitable condition for the people who hire them, it is a totally loose loose situation for the locals.
    Plus the Muslim population is growing by leaps and bounds in this cuntry, add to this the illegals who prosper in India and hence have more kids and thus adding strain to our resources. Look there is a reason for having borders. If all illegals were to be permitted then these borders would be meanigless.
    Ofcourse it would be nice to have a borderless world, but that remains a Utopian idea which can only be implemented in a perfect world.
    Needless to say, our world is not perfect. People come from different cultures and different aspirations and this must be taken into consideration before making any desicions that could alter the demographics of a nation and consequently lead to social chaos.

  • Guest

    Carter warned the country about illegal immigration.
    Reagan granted unconditional amenesty.
    Clinton put up fence in California.
    Bush invited illegal immigrants to come to the country he said Americans won't do.
    Then post Katrina Bush/Cheney/Halliburton replaced Americans with Mexican to do clean up and repair work.

    Get on elected officials like Senator Corker for hiring illegal immigrants,
    or subcontractors that hire illegals, .

    Q: Your views on illegal immigration?

    FORD: I have never hired an illegal immigrant. He has. Four of them. A worksite of his was raided, by federal law enforcement agents. I was not with Pres. Bush on granting amnesty to illegal immigrants.

    CORKER: No one has ever worked for me who’s an illegal immigrant. 18 years ago, one of thousands of my subcontractors hired four people–and the INS applauded me for how quickly I ended that problem.

    FORD: Why didn’t you just fire them when you learned about it? Why did you wait for the INS to come back 3 times before doing something?

    CORKER: We had a contract, so we couldn’t just fire them. We rectified it quickly. My opponent is trying to make an issue out of an issue that doesn’t exist.

    FORD: You ought to take responsibility for knowing that there were illegals working on your site, and you did nothing to stop them.
    Source: 2006 TN Senate debate, at Univ. of Chattanooga, x-ref Ford Oct 10, 2006

  • USMCSniper

    I concentrate on solutions for the problems. It's a win-win situation.

    Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border.

    Send the dirt to New Orleans to raise the level of the levies.

    Put the Florida alligators in the moat along the Mexican border.

    Any other problems you would like for me to solve today ? Yes!Think about this one:

    Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/illegal-immigratio

  • Don

    …"Congress needs to create a new class of US residency for those illegals with no further criminal records and who can document a history of employment. That residency would provide basic social and economic rights. It would not give illegal immigrants the vote."…

    I disagree with the authors comments above. I say no social, economic, or voting rights!
    Heck, a social right might include free health care in the minds of some. If that were allowed, the illegals will be swarming here to treat every cancer or disease afflicting their entire families. No rights, none, they're illegal.
    It's impossible to round them all up, but we should be allowed to ask someone who's stopped or investigated for any crime, or someone who tries to get medical care, or a job, what their residency status is. If found to be illegal, deport. Employers of illegals also need to be punished severely. Both of these actions will scare off a great number of the illegals.
    As the son of parents who were both legal immigrants who went through hell to get in the USA, I have no sympathy for illegals.

  • http://www.truthsleuth.net david conn

    Just to remind you: The internet article, “Jonestown, Its Portent Has Arrived” warned a couple of years ago that Obama is “far more dangerous” than the cult leader, Jim Jones. Google the article. Be sure to put it in with quote marks. It was on San Diego State University’s Jonestown.

  • badaboo

    Wanna end this problem ? Very simple . A $ 50,000 dollar fine PER EMPLOYEE , for anyone employing illegal or undocumented persons . Wanna see how fast the problem will be solved .
    We just dont have the gutz to do it , because we're not really serious about the problem . Big Buisiness , small buisiness , and domestic help .ALL contribute to the problem .
    You need not KICK ANYONE OUT , just enforce the fines ,it's just that simple .
    But the politicians on both sides of the isle suck up to vote pandering , and because their only purpose is self-perpetuation , they'll never put it into law …so get used to it .
    That brings me to another simple solutrion to a MULTITUDE of problems – TERM LIMITS
    Senators , Congressmen ,Representatrives …THESE ARE NOT CAREERS , they are OPPORTIUNITIES TO SERVE YOUR COUNTRY ..no lifetime pensions , no lifetime medical benefits , when your term is up YOU GO BACK TO WORK .
    Dare we think it ?

  • alzaebo

    at least Mexico has Universal Health Care!

  • serr8d

    I think you used the wrong photo there. Here's the correct one.

  • serr8d

    I think you used the wrong photo there. Here's the correct one.

  • msbetz

    3 Presidents , Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower have deported all illegal alien's in the past….So don't believe the lie that it's impossible to deport illegals….it's not, and has happened before in this country. Deport them again, NOW!

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  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ElroyJetson Kevin Stowell

    I'm hope you're right, Andres. We're in deep dooty.

  • http://www.truthsleuth.net david conn

    You’re right. But the public was warned way ahead of time. It’s out there on the internet. Just Google:

    “Jonestown, Its Portent Has Arrived”