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Sacred War, Holy War: The Secret Combination of Islam and Communism

Posted By Resa Kirkland On December 30, 2010 @ 2:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | Comments Disabled

“…we have seen in the past – over and over again – that evil seeks out evil, that they create secret combinations and make blood oaths against the good people of the earth. They bond together in their mutual treachery, and no malevolence is too much for them to consider.”

I wrote that, 8 years ago in one of my first ever articles, part of a three-piecer that Joseph Farah asked me to write for World Net Daily.  Most of my friends laughed.

That was then….

The recent announcement by North Korea has confirmed more than just the obvious conclusion from the past 15 years of weapons/technology sharing.  It wasn’t the announcement so much as it was the phrasing that forever laid to rest any doubt:

One month after a deadly exchange of artillery fire, the two Koreas ramped up their rhetoric, with South Korea’s president pledging unsparing retaliation if attacked again and a top North Korean official threatening a “sacred” nuclear war if provoked.

Sacred war. This was a message for us, a Judeo/Christian nation, and a signal to their ally Islam, whose use of “holy war” is so overplayed we scarcely even notice anymore.  North Korea is a country of Godless communists, where religious freedom is brutally oppressed, marched out only as a showpiece for the press and foreign dignitaries.  The term is a relatively recent one, and no coincidence if you’ve been a careful observer of communism’s growing alliance with Islam.

It is a stir-fried non-aggression pact for the new century, but not between three Communist countries bent on conquering and dividing European spoils.

Three of the creepy faces of Islammunism

This is Islammunism, and the world is its spoils.

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