“Blue Like That”

For years I simply couldn’t understand why some people would get depressed at Christmas. After all it’s a time of giving and family gatherings. But then, I had never experienced the tragedies of abuse, neglect or the loss of someone that held the keys to my heart. That is, until 2008.

That’s the year I joined an exclusive club– one that no one wants to be in. It is a community of sorrow; you don’t join- you’re thrust in. At Christmas, not only do we see the faces of those we love, but also the absence of those we lost.  As Robert  Avrech so aptly put it “absence becomes presence.”

To survive this season of joy, I strive to remain thankful for what I have as well as what I had. The following video was made by our daughter Jami to accompany the song “Blue Like That,” written for our youngest son Daniel. Today, I would like to dedicate it to all of you celebrating this Christmas with a smile on your face, and an ache deep in your heart.