America’s Bad DREAM

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Democrats are pushing to get the DREAM Act up for a vote before this lame duck Congress finally fades blessedly away into the mists of history. It’s a political ploy of course, one with little downside for Democrats. If the DREAM Act were somehow to pass, then they’ve added several million reliable voters to the rolls. If the DREAM Act comes up for a vote and fails, as most expect it will, then the Democrats can tell Hispanic Americans that they tried to address the illegal immigration issue in a compassionate way, but those nasty Republicans got in the way.  It’s a win/win for Senator Harry Reid, who needed a solid Hispanic voting bloc to give him a narrow victory over Sharon Angle in November, and the majority leader is pulling out all of the stops to force a vote on the act.

Actually, at last count Reid is trying to force votes on four DREAM Acts. That’s how many versions of the bill Reid’s deputy, Senator Dick Durbin, has introduced thus far. Each version has the same name, and each is slightly modified compared to the last. The only thing that’s exactly the same about DREAM Acts 1.0 through 4.0 is that none of the bills have gone through the Judiciary Committee, or any other committee. If there’s political hay to be made by Republicans blocking one DREAM Act, then the propaganda value of saying the GOP blocked four different versions of immigration reform is all the greater. One can almost hear Democrats campaigning on the issue in 2012: “When we were in charge, we tried to pass sensible, compassionate immigration reform that only met the needs of children who are already part of the American tapestry…We addressed Republican concerns in four different bills, but they blocked our every move to compromise. Republicans say they want to move forward on immigration, but the record proves that they just hate immigrants.” Or, words to that effect.

On the surface the DREAM Act sounds reasonable. The act grants legal naturalized status to illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States before they turned sixteen, who have lived here for at least five years, and who meet certain criteria for education or military service. It seems like a compassionate approach. Illegal immigrants who arrived in America before their sixteenth birthday were most likely brought here by their parents. Why punish the child? Further, if they came here as kids and spent half a decade immersed in American culture, they’ve blended into the melting pot, right? As America’s Voice, a leftist open-borders organization put it, illegal immigrants who meet the DREAM Act criteria are “patriotic young Americans in all but paperwork.”

Even sometimes conservative commentator David Frum has embraced this narrative of the DREAM Act, which he calls a “humanitarian measure.” Frum recommends just a “few more improvements” to help the bill pass muster. For instance, we might lower the entry age to 12 from 16; and also maybe make lying on the application a prosecutable offense (now there’s an idea). Unfortunately, all of Frum’s suggestions miss the crucial issues at stake: that the DREAM Act is, in fact, a pernicious law that will encourage the further degradation of a system already fraught will illegality; that children of illegal aliens have received more than enough generosity from the U.S. government and its social institutions, without also being taught that by flouting the system, the system rewards you.

The DREAM Act represents another example of clever leftist packaging: the concept seems innocuous, addresses a perceived wrong and utilizes benevolent big government to aid the weak and the powerless. If that was all the DREAM Act actually did – if its only effect was to naturalize illegal immigrants who didn’t have a say in the decision to break our laws and who have gainfully been assimilated in American society – it would probably attract enough Republican votes to pass. Unfortunately, when one scratches beneath the surface only a bit, it’s clear that the DREAM Act’s noble, compassionate goals are but a thin veneer hiding the rot of troubling consequences lying just below. Passing the DREAM Act would be a disaster, one that would exacerbate and encourage illegal immigration and one that would create a vast new national legal quagmire for years to come.

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  • jemc50

    Secure the borders first. Get the U.S. debt and deficit under control. Then, debate the DREAM Act.

    • Val

      NO debate. This issue must be closed. Any opening and they will burst it WIDE OPEN. YOU KNOW THAT!!!!!!

      • Bnejamin212

        Janet Napolitano said the border is more secure then it has ever been and Obama deported over 400,00 illegals(more then BUSH). The dream students would help the debt and deficit and if you think the next generation wont need more tax payers…stay in your bubble….read the 5th version of the DA if you think the Dream student will cost tax payers money…

        • Benjamin212

          I'm a U.S. Citizen from New York City incase you want to use a racial slur…thank you for your time

        • USMCSniper

          The dream students would help the debt and deficit and if you think the next generation wont need more tax payers ….. ahhhh,,errr….oh yes,,,a larger dependency class properly indoctrinated in the liberal reducation camps to keep progressives in power.

          • Benjamin212

            Whoa!!! Why are you stating facts on this page??…

          • stacy

            Can you prove that illegal immigrants ADD more to the balance sheet of America than they take away? California has the highest population of illegal immigrants and they are bankrupt from the drain on social programs. Your argument is based on emotion not facts. We all want to be nice but the DREAM act is tantamount to looting. This is all about politics. Want to see what the nation will look like if the Dems accomplish all of there goals? Go to Detroit. There is more to life than RACE Benjamin 12- pay for an illegal to go to college yourself if you are so concerned. I don't think I will be able to afford to send any of my American children.

        • BoogiesDaddy

          She actually said that the border "is as secure as it's ever been".
          Meaning it had never been secure before and it still isn't.

  • momo

    A fiscal nightmare for our citizens who have no jobs. Time for all illegals to go home and work to fix up their third world disasters

  • StopDreamAct


    The Dream Act gives exclusive jurisdiction to the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Attorney General to determine eligibility for the conditional permanent residence.

    In other words, after the Dream Act were to pass (let's not let that happen), Napolitano and Holder, at the order of Obama can make any adjustments they can justify. We already know they side with illegals against U.S. citizens.

    The Dream Act is complete amnesty without any enforcement for 10 – 30 million illegal aliens. It will raise unemployment to 30% or higher and it will be the end of the U.S. as we know it.

    • Benjamin212

      Raise umemployment to 30%??? Do you read or just spread lies?? 10-30 million illegal aliens? the Dream Act will only benefit about 800,000 students and less then that would even qualify. Here are the FACTS of the 5th version of the Dream Act: You have to be under 29 years old, been here before 16 years old, you get NO aid whatsoever from the government (No welfare, housing nothing…), you have to wait 10 YEARS just to get a green card, you CAN NOT SPONSOR family members AND you pay out of state tuition….READ SOMETIMES thank you

      • highpressure

        Name a Federal program that didn't expand itself into a monster that sucked the life out of the economy?

        If you beleive what you write. Then start a foundation and support it with like thinking individuals to pay for it. Why use the Government to steal other people's money for "your" dreams. That is called liberty. Your way is called tyranny.

  • davarino

    I would think most hispanic citizens are against amnesty, because it eats into their pocket books as well. They know that they are footing the bill for all the illegals and jobs are being taken that they dont get as well.

    I got a Dream Act for you. I Dream of the day I can go into McDonalds and actually get what I ordered and not have to act out my order in hand signals or some pretend language that we both can slightly understand. I have a Dream that when I go to the emergency room at the hospital, I dont have to wait for a long time behind a bunch of people who treat the ER as their family doctor visit. I have a dream that my property taxes dont sky rocket because I am having to foot the education bill for all the illegals.

    If the democrats want to keep playing this game, let them, its a losing strategy.

    • Steve Chavez

      You're right. WHEN IS IT GOING TO END? They are taking our jobs! Our health care system is overwhelmed with free loaders that we then have to pay since the hospitals/doctors pass on the charges to us! I DON'T KNOW ONE HISPANIC AMERICAN HERE IN NEW MEXICO, ESPECIALLY FROM THE OLDER GENERATION, WHO SUPPORTS THESE ILLEGALS!!! There is a local restaurant where many of the older generation political types eat breakfast and they solve the world's problems and they are mostly on the liberal side but when you brng up illegals, they hate them and blame Bill Richardson for giving driver's licences to illegals! BRING OUR JOBS HOME!!! TO HELL WITH CHINA!!

      • Alert

        Why shoul the gravy-train of tax-dollars and votes end? Barry's administration is prosecuting Arizona while turning a blind eye to santuary cities. Ironically, Janet N comes from Arizona and yet has turned against her own state, visciously. See how loyal politicians are to their voters?
        Spending and voting records have proven that politicians (except patriots like Tom Tancredo) are in public offices only for tax-dollars and votes. DREAM Act meets thee political goals, perfectly (so what if it as the cost of hard-working, tax-aying, legal and patriotic Americans?).Even without having got started, police and border patrol agents are being murdered. Average and legal American citizen is being robbed, raped and murdered (Just set a Keyword-News-Alert on "Illegal Immigrant" ) This is in addition to the displacement of American citizens by illegals in employment, which Bush conveniently pushed down as 'jobs Americans do not do'.

        • Benjamin212

          Janet N just evolved..ohh damn illegals

      • Benjamin212

        Wasnt it the Republicans that blocked extending unemployment benefits (bye bye christmas)?, wasnt it republicans that blocked aid to the 9/11 workers? wasnt it republicans that said they will not pass any bills unless they discuss extending tax cuts for the rich??….oh sorry Damn Illegals

        • highpressure

          Where is it in the United States Constitution that the Federal Government has the "Right" to regulate Unemployment?

          You know that document that men risked their lives and their sacred honor for?

          oh Sorry – that "damn" (your words) Constitution.

          It is amzing how people act so "rightous" in stealing people's money using bullying techniques by the US Government. Some how a street criminal gathers more respect from me willing to face me, then a coward liberal who uses large organization to steal money.

          • coyote3

            Actually, it is not a "right" but a "power". Individuals have "rights", government only has the "powers" delegated by the constitution. You are right, in the sense that there is no "specific" power. It might be argued that this power is in the commerce clause, but that is a weak argument. Nonetheless, even if you concede that the federal government has the power to regulate unemployment, (and I don't), it does not follow that benefits are to be endless. It has nothing to do with good, bad, indifferent, there is just a time to stop, and this is it. If you think that congress has the power to grant unemployment, benefits, then it has the power, and the duty, to withhold them, when they are not sustainable.

      • Benjamin212

        bring the jobs home??? who sent them away???..tough questions huh?…oh DAMN ILLEGALS

        • stacy

          Ben- do you know what DESTROYED Mexico in the first place? I t was the SOCIALIST Revolution in the early 1900's. Ever hear about Los Cristeros? Mexicans have imported the same virus of socialism that destroyed their country to ours. Maybe it is YOU that needs to do more research. Don't fall into the divide and conquer trap of the left. We will all live in poverty if the socialist/communists win. That's what happened to Mexico.

        • ebonystone

          The jobs have been driven away for more than 30 years now by the insane leftist policies of our government and bureaucracy, the same government and policies that have made us increasingly dependent on imported energy.

  • Steve Chavez

    SIGN IT AND IN TEN YEARS THERE WILL BE DREAM ACT TWO, THEN THREE and pretty soon there will be more Dream Act sequels than Rocky films!


    I spoke on this on local talk radio and got very positive replies and even from some people who were going to call to support the Act but then changed their minds!

  • jaythehistorian

    By definition, anyone who enters this country illegally is a criminal. Anyone who suggests these criminals should benefit from their crimes is aiding and abetting criminals. Can I choose what laws I obey? FAIR (the anti-illegal immigration website) has a study which concludes illegal immigration costs this country $100 billion per year. However, whether they are an economic benefit or not, is really besides the point.

  • Victor Laslow

    In all Janet Napolitano decides who stays or who goes!… I am so mad and that is just after I skimmed through this bill. Please read this bill here ( it is not long and not hard to understand. The Dream act is the lazy mans way to make everybody a legal citizen of the United States. It is far worse than just allowing higher education, it for all tense and porous gives permanent legal residence status to every illegal alien under the age of 35, there are so many different age limits to determine eligibility it makes no difference. This bill is an invitation for any person from any country in the world to enter America illegally and receive working status as well as all the medical and educational rights we as Americans have, only they do not have to pay taxes or wait until retirement age for medical. They do not have to obey the laws they just need not get caught breaking any law that Janet Napolitano sees as, well shall I say in her eyes not to bad. All the requirements stated in this bill are null and void, all they need is for Janet Napolitano not to contact them see SEC. 5. CONDITIONAL PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS. (B) EFFECT OF FAILURE TO PROVIDE NOTICE-

    • Benjamin212

      Wow!! I thought you read the bill until i saw "35 years old" when in fact it"s under 29 years old, The Dream students CAN NOT sponsor family member until after they become citizens…heres the math before you say "I knew it"…CONDITIONAL PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS (10 years) + around 4 years to be a citizen + 12 years to sponsor= 26 (roughly) years just to bring in/sponsor a family member….oh i have to follow the theme of the page…OH DAMN ILLEGALS….I'm a U.S. Citizen from New York City and i had to say that because of the theme on this page…That should block some racial slurs i hope..

      • Claude

        You said from New York, man what an error, sounds like they let you stay, it's not about Damn illegals, it is about this country, if you don't like it leave it, but please do not think it is racist, as I do not know your ethnic background, I have heard that until I am completely fed up with it. It does not matter what race, if you come through the front door, it is the back door crap that I can not stand, and completely refuse to reward that kind of immigration, as you should also do if for no other reason to be a non-racist. What you are saying covinced me that you are.

  • jaythehistorian

    I heard a republican congressman on Hannity last night explain the duplicity of the Nightmare Act. Any criminal alien (which includes anyone entering the US illegally) can be absolved of their crime(s) by PARTICIPATING in one of the phony online college degree programs. There is no requirement of obtaining a degree. The congressman also stated the military service option is a red herring. He asserted very few criminal aliens would serve in the military . A better question is would any branch of the military want a criminal with very questionable allegiance to this country. I don't care how many times the "R" word is used to silence loyal Americans. This bill will severely weaken this country.

  • Arlyne Maniace

    I now have the answers to my questions – at last! Thank you for a great site. Gratefully, Beth

  • Benjamin212

    It's funny to me that Bush brought the country down (fact) in 8 years but people are mad that Obama couldnt fix it in 2 years. A War adding to the debt, Republicans block extending unemployment benefits (people cant spend what they dont have which hurts the economy), Banks getting bailouts, companies shutting down and going overseas, Unemployment hovering around 9.6 %, High school dropout rates are pretty high, American ranks kind of low in education vs. the world (i think Science we're 25, Math at 26 and Reading is 12)…All of this and all you all do is target illegal alien students that their parrents brought them here through no fault of their own….I'm a U.S. Citizen and i support the DREAM ACT and the next generation…

    • coyote3

      10% unemployment is probably about where it should be, maybe a little higher. You are right about Bush, he was, is, and will always be a liberal. Possibly, things would have been a little better if we had Dick Cheney, but we will never know.

    • Claude

      I am glad that you support the dream act, now how much are you willing to put in the pot to support it, as I will refuse to pay my taxes, then you will be supporting me also. I for one am not the Humanities provider for Mexico, and from the passage of said bill will become a dependant of the USA for all my needs, hell we can play the same game.

    • HobartStinson

      We're mad at Obama for Obama's actions which are directly harming America. Bush has got nuthin to do with it.

  • Siul

    Rich Trzupek your assessment of the taxpaying conditions of parents of undocumented children is completely inaccurate. Not only are you doing a disservice to your readers but to society at large. I encourage you to provide factual evidence that supports your inferential claim that the parents of undocumented children do not pay taxes. Also you might want to consider offering the basis for what you perceive as “secure borders”. In additions consider this; what motivates human beings like you and I to move to an unknown place and place ourselves in conditions of second class human beings are socio-economic – political factors. Please inform yourself better and provide a much more factual unbiased view.

    • coyote3

      He won't, but I will, as far as the borders are concerned. "Secure borders" would be when virtually no one, crosses them illegally. Illegally is the operative word here. I am of Mexican descent, albeit a couple hundred years ago, and every mojado, from every nation, is a criminal by definition.

      • Siul

        Coyote3 I like your use of the word virtually… I suppose that's an acknoledgment that setting the conditions for such possibility are impossible. Second, "by definition a criminal" needs a footnote; we are those who define, and therefore undefine as well…

        • coyote3

          Si, it is like virtually no murders being committed. It can never happen as long as people are the low lifes they are, but that is the goal. Also, right now, my pendejo, they are criminals by definition. That is the law. The law can change, I agree, but try living in the reality that is, not the one you wish it to be. I spent a career of chasing these people. As we used to say, "Find em, and grind em. , con Dios y Tio Colt"

    • Claude

      What is unbiased about your view, I have looked for the facts that you posted to see if the other post was accurate, must have missed something somewhere, didn't find any, just a contradiction of the other person without facts to substantiate your claims, your wording of opposition does not make it more factual, but totaly biased. I can tell you what motivates most people Freebees, no mystery there. Free medical, free housing, free food, and most of all the freedom to milk the system they do not have at home. You are free to also place yourself in that position you so eloquently stated, you are free to go to their country, but don't turn my country into theirs.

  • sue805

    The Dream Act is just more pimping for the Hispanic vote by the liberal socialists without regard as to how much it will cost the American taxpayer. While they are sucking up our money "attending college" or in the military, we will be facing rising taxes to pay for it And, when will other groups decide they want their free education and citizenship….muslim groups, chinese, anyone else looking for a free ride. How will the liberals deny people other than hispanics (includes all of South American, of course)?? NOTHING should be done until the border is secure and the current administration has no will to do that. The votes are more important to them, screw the rest of us, especially us in AZ.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    They can't force a vote because the Senate Republicans can filibuster, but they can force Republicans into looking like obstructionists when it comes to immigration reform…which is exactly what they intend to do. The objective is to hurt us with Hispanic voters.

    I'm personally opposed to ANY form of immigration reform for as long as our borders are unsecured. But I have to caution my fellow Republicans: Demographically, it is a certainty that sometime later this century, America will have a Hispanic majority, with or without immigration reform. This is a fact.

    While Republican opposition to illegal immigration is principled and absolutely justified, we have to understand that on the larger issue of immigration, what plays well now to an aging white majority will not play so well to the young Hispanics who will be tomorrow's majority.
    Republicans have to find a way to tap into the Hispanic vote. We have so many issues that bind us together: Hispanics tend to be family-oriented, socially conservative, and entrepreneurial. We have to help usher them off the Democratic plantation. The key is to welcome them into the Party, embrace their concerns and critically, establish the sequential linkage between border security now and immigration reform in the not-too-distant future.

    Let's remember that George Bush beat Al Gore in 2000 because he got 45% of the Hispanic vote. Similarly, Harry Reid squeaked by Angle in Nevada this November because of overwhelming support from Hispanics. Hispanics are a growing electoral constituency; it would be folly to disregard them. Let's not just cede them to the Dems the way we have the black vote. Our country's future is at stake.

    • Benjamin212

      You are the smartest person on this page and i'm not being sarcastic. I'm a member of the "Dream Act 2010" page on facebook and the page has over 56,000 members (young members). All of them hate the republicans because they feel republicans hate immigrants and only care about seats and power. These students will spread their hate of republicans to their friends and family. Scott Brown will suffer a defeat in 2012 as a lesson to republicans. They can stall the Dream Act vote all they want but these students will not forget who opposed the Dream Act and their future….Democrats will lockdown the Black and Latino votes in do time…I'm a U.S. Citizen from New York and I Support the Dream ACT

      • highpressure

        I'm from New York and I don't support the Nightmare Act.

        I'm from New York and I have respect for those who entered these borders legally. It is a slap in their face otherwise. It is a slap to the real hero's who serve in the Armed Forces who live by the rules and have less rights of employment when they come home.

        I'm from New York and I have deep respect people who stay in their country and fight for free markets ideals and against political corruption.

        I don't have a lot of respect for criminals who come to this country bringing statistical higher rates of violent crime. I have less even respect for the people who support this group that never cried a tear over the rape victims of this group full well knowing that they support laws that let these criminals escape justice.

        Am I wrong?

      • coyote3

        President Obama will suffer a defeat in 2012, as a lesson to liberals, Republican and Democrat. If there are so many of these liberal voters, where were they? So, you have talked to 56,000 people who hate Republicans. I do to, but because they are liberal. A return to constitutional government may very well be coming, and I can only hope it won't be pretty. Oh yeah, I am one of those hispanics you speak of.

      • Claude

        If he is smart, you are brilliant, here you go shouting four letter word HATE, you do not have to spread that, seems like that comes naturally these days, with the gangs in our streets, OH yes The Dream Act will make it possible for more of the gangs to be here, of course that will really make the Rebubs feel bad. If you would trully concentrate on making this a better place to live, then and only then would your words have some credence. In due time this may become Northern Mexico, but for now it is still USA to the Latino populace, and most if not all want to keep it that way, else why did they leave Mexico, was it not for a better life. You should think about this, as we are fast erroding to the level of other third world countries. Think for a change before you run your mouth.

  • michaelle

    Let the DREAM Act be a pipe dream to the marxists.

    • Carolyn

      What does immigration have to do with marxism? What could be more capitalist than allowing the market forces that attracts company to labor to worK?

  • Daniel

    Lets face it…Republicans do not like Illegals but the problem with that is Latinos know it. They will become a major voting block and i do not see how a party would want to ignore them. They proved their voting power to help Henry Reid and they will only grow. Democrats for playing their card well and no one seems to notice..they will own the black and latino next in the future…Anti-immigrant does not work and they [immigrants] will prove it…

  • Seek

    The DREAM Act is bad legislation — and would be even if all illegals, once legalized, were to vote Republican or embody "family values." The author here misses the larger point. The bill isn't just a way to boost Democratic Party power, obvious as that is. It's a way to accelerate what already is the largest ethnic population transfer in world history, to hasten the minority status of whites.

    I could care less how illegals from Mexico or Central America vote. The bottom line is that they have no business being here much less voting here.

  • Wesley69

    The Republicans (House & Senate members) need to caucus NOW and say they will oppose Reid's Dream Act in all its forms because it rewards lawbreaking.

    They should state that the next Congress will begin work on a new Dream Act starting in the House under Republican control.

    We have always welcomed immigrants and we do need to do something about our border – first sealing it, then fining businesses using illegals, prosecuting businesses using illegals like slaves. Then we can come up with a procedure, but it needs to be tougher than what Democrats want.

    Democrats truly don't care about illegals. They are just potential votes and power.

    Republicans need to listen to someone like Senator-Elect Marco Rubio. He is an up and coming Repuiblican star, who can be the Hispanic conscience within the Republican party

  • Ghostwriter

    Has anybody ever stopped to consider how this will affect legal immigrants? The DREAM Act will hurt them as much as it will hurt native-born people. There are people who wait years to come here but this law rewards people who cut in line and had little or no respect for our laws to begin with. Also,the Phoenix "New Times" in it's most recent issue had a series of stories that basically had this simple theme. Anyone who opposes illegal immigration into this country is a racist.
    I'm sorry but I can't support the DREAM Act. Native-born Americans won't be the only ones hurt by this bill. Legal immigrants and their children will be hurt by it as well. Not only will it favor illegals,but it be yet another slap in the face to those who came here legally.

    • Claude

      Native born would that also include citizens, and naturalized citizens, kind of curious as most that post comments seem to think the Dream act will only affect the Repubs. I wish that all that post here would consider what is really going on here, it is not about getting votes, it is about overloading our sytem thereby destroying our economy, and turning us into a third world country, there will not be enough TARP to recover from this overload, and they know it, question is do you, and are you prepared to suffer the consequence

  • Carolyn

    While there are many issues to be tackled in this article, I really want to address the claim that these children have already benefitted from a system that their parents have not contributed to. This argument is not only obviously spurious but contradicts the other arguments that anti-immigrant groups frequently make against illegal immigration. The parents of these illegal young people have worked for years in this country. Illegal immigrants come here so that they can work and most employers are more than happy to hire them. So, their parents have paid taxes. And even those who work in a cash only job still pay the local sales taxes and property taxes that are often used to fund schools. So, it is dishonest to say that these students will be taking out of the economy what their parents have not put.

    Peace in Christ,
    Carolyn Hyppolite

    • Claude

      Economics 101- if for instance illegals do not own property, and the last time I looked at my property tax statement quite a bit of it went to support the schools, now for taxes, how much luxery items do you believe these people buy to pay sales tax on, would you believe around 10,000 a year, for that it would have to be. Say they have ten kids, times 10,000 pretty standard for college tuition these days, explain to me how they would not be taking from the system, someone has to pay the tuition for them, I can not afford to send my kids to college, how many illegals do you believe will be able to pay the tuition? Thats just the beginning, as the most of the money they make they also send home to Mexico to support the family that could not sneak accross the border. Really adding to our economy right

      • Carolyn

        Sir, I grew up in Miami around tons of illegal immigrants. And the picture is more complex than you describe. Many illegal immigrants do own property. And even if they don't, the property owner that they rent from pays property taxes so they are paying property taxes indirectly.

        Secondly, the fact that Mexican America send money to their families at home is being used against is the saddest political move I have ever seen. I thank God that there are still people in the world with enough sense of duty and compassion for extended family members that they would sacrifice for them. Would that more Americans felt such kinship with their extended family!

        Peace in Christ,
        Carolyn Hyppolite

      • BEANER1

        Just for the record, i went to college and i had to pay it by myself, nevers asked for loan money cause i cannot get it, so if you cannot send your kids to college it is YOUR FAULT do u get it??? dont blame it on immigrants or any other kind of problem, by the way if you pay 10k of taxes a year of school howcome you cannot pay college??? state tuition is aproximatelly 5k in a community college so stop with the BS and stop hating ppl because they are different than you

  • HenryCrux

    Reality, reality, reality. How far the Democrats have strayed from it: How sad to see the Republicans follow suit. Sadly, we in the United States have killed off our young generation (the one we are missing now from the national work force) with abortion murder and birth control. So where are we going to get these missing people needed to keep our society operating? Mexican are close and Christian and hard working and as American as apple pie. And they love freedom and democracy and think it is a sin to beat their wives, and do not get murderously excited when one of their children decides to change his or her religion. But for much more expense of time and money and greatly increased danger to every one who lives in the USA, we can import Muslims who worship a Bible that hates all other religions and advocated cold blooded murder, and claims that all women are greatly genetically inferior to men. Now why in the hell would you do a thing like that? Grand amnesty to the Mexicans. Seem like a dumb choice to you? Count up the number of suicide bombers who are Muslim and put that number alongside the number of Mexican suicide bombers. Well? Where are you going to get the young men you need to make this county survive? I know where you can get a whole bunch of good ones who think murder is a sin and, as a matter of fact, they are already here and they are free – not so with the Muslims – thanks to oil money bribes we all pay them to come here and replace the mexicans with young men who hate secular democraterians. But go ahead and and replace DREAM with the only thing that can replace it – Arabian Nightmare.

    • crewcruxcan

      This is just the lighter for the fuse that burns all the way to the powder keg, which is the elections in 2012. Barry has done his math. He gets 4 more years. Forget dreams and wishful thinking. Make your plans accordingly. If you can't identify national socialism gone rotten at home or abroad, how can you identify international socialism going the same way? Time was when friends did that job for you. What you turn a blind eye to abroad, you lose sight of at home. But Barry's into free enterprise democracy, right? That's what he tells you free enterprise democrats, isn't it? 'When we say yes, we mean no, when we say no, we mean yes. The Americans never understood this, which is why they lost the war.' Be careful. That's all. This is about what goes around comes around. Those that can, should wake up, and get to work. Good luck.

  • Gireesh

    Many of those supporting illegal immigration rights granted by the "Dream act" seem to be doing so because Hispanics are expected to become a majority in the future and so they will have to be appeased. This kind of argument is in line with the argument that islam will become the major relegion ( bacause of a higher population groth rate ) and so why not bend to it now when a better deal can be made. Is the battle for America already lost..?

    • Carolyn

      This is not about appeasement. This is about not making the same mistake the Republicans made with black people–alienating them. If republicans could win just a quarter of the black vote, they would wipe the floor with democrats in every election.

      The Republican's are branding themselves as anti-hispanic and that is going to have long term consequences for them in the future. A quarter of the population between 18-30 is foreign born. The republican party needs to put their money where their mouth is by creating pathways for legal immigration. Right now, there are simply too few provisions in the law for legal entry, which leaves many resorting to illegal entry, which is bad for everyone involved. What have republicans do to create pathways for legal entry? the right keeps saying, "get in line!" That is exactly what people are trying to do; the problem is there is NO LINE!

      Peace in Christ,
      Carolyn Hyppolite

      • Gireesh

        Is winning the election the whole point ? I thought elections were to be won and Power achieved for a higher purpose. If that is so, to Keep the country getting flooded by immigrants would be the right thing to do whatever be the price.

        Ultimately America has to ask. Whar maDe America so great ? Why do we have a failed Mexico and a failed africa..? which takes u to the question..WHO ARE WE ?

  • feg

    I love the dream act
    -chris lindberg

  • taxpayer

    The Hispanics are celebrating bringing Harry Reid to power.

    All of you in other states look to Nevada as the end result of Hispanic power. A 40% HS graduation rate. This is down 23% points in the last couple of years. Look what the Hispanic population will do for a state.

    Be aware

  • Lady_Dr

    1) Seal the border
    2) Get rid of the anchor baby law
    3) Deport all illegals in our jails and prisons – I don't care how bad it is in their home country, they are NOT our problem. But first we need to get full bio-metrics in the event they try to come back.
    4) Deport every illegal who so much as jaywalks.
    5) Initiate BIG fines for any employer who hires an illegal
    6) Do not give ANY social benefits to anyone here illegally – no education, housing, medical treatment (except genuine, serious emergencies like a leg cut off), library cards. NOTHING.
    7) Get rid of student loans. College is really just indoctrination these days. There is nothing in the Constitution about education. It is correctly the decision of each state. IF we followed the Constitution some states might provide no public education, or only to age 12, 16, 18 or maybe all the way up the educationally ladder. There is no reason why I, as a taxpayer, should pay for the college education of someone in another state who may not have the academic ability to be there – regardless of their legal status in the country. As a former college professor I can tell you there are a lot of students who should not be there and would have been better off going to work instead of getting themselfs into debt for a pseudo-education.

  • Eric Roth

    Illuminating, depressing, and utterly predictable. Given all the problems facing the United States, it seems rather peculiar that Senator Reid and President Obama believe this proposed "limited amnesty for scholars" bill should be a national priority. What about creating jobs, reducing the national debt, improving/rescuing public schools, and lowering the misery index?