Apocalypse Now?

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Chris Matthews abandoned any pretext of impartiality (what little remains) during an interview with Tea Party favorite and Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Bachmann refused to take the bait when Matthews sneeringly inquired whether or not Bachmann was going to investigate Democrats in Congress. Bachmann did what politicians in this media-driven age almost always do: she ignored the question and stuck to her talking points. Matthews, who apparently has never dealt with that kind of reaction before, then decided to take the lowest road available, repeatedly asking Bachmann if she was “in a trance.” Contrast Matthews’ churlish, childish behavior with that of Fox News’s Greta van Susteren, when she interviewed Florida governor Charlie Crist recently. Crist ducks van Susteren’s questions as well as Bachmann did, but the difference between van Susteren and Matthews is that only one of them believes that it’s important to act like a grown up.

Yet, how could the electorate so decisively and overwhelmingly reject the Left’s benevolent agenda? George Soros’s minions at Media Matters For America repeated the only explanation that they are capable of providing: it’s all Fox News’s fault. Blaring the headline “Fox Wins!” the day after the election, MMFA’s “fellows” stuck to the playbook: Americans are incapable of thinking for themselves and, but for the nefarious influence of the maverick Fox network, would have readily embraced all of the wonderful things that the Obama administration and its allies in Congress have done to make this nation so much better.

Other progressives placed the blame squarely at the feet of their favorite party, saying that Democrats had been defeated because they didn’t give the nation nearly enough of the far-left policies that America so yearns for. Interviewed by O’Donnell, neo-socialist faux-umentary film maker Michael Moore said that Democrats needed to stick with “the base” in order to be successful. The “base” in Moore’s alternate universe, in fact, consists of the poor segments of society who are entirely dependent on government munificence and the rich liberal elite who can afford to ignore the excesses of Big Government. Naturally, voters in districts dominated by one of these categories dutifully elected the leftist-sanctioned candidate. This is proof to uber-leftists like Moore that the progressive message has traction. Moving toward the center, on the other hand, is electoral suicide. Almost half of the “Blue Dog” Democrats lost, after all. Isn’t that proof that the Dems need to swing even further toward the left?

Actually, it’s not. The reason that so many Blue Dogs lost isn’t because they weren’t far enough to the Left; it’s because: 1) they held office in areas that are much more centrist than traditional leftist bastions, and 2) the fact that they were otherwise more centrist than their party was more than outweighed by the neo-socialist policies that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid championed.

The real “base” of the Democratic Party is in fact rather small. Its key components consist of the very poor, union members, government employees, educators, and the ultra-rich liberal elite. In each case, the party’s key supporters believe that government should be responsible to either take care of them, or to ensure that everyone is taken care of. Government simply doesn’t have the resources to accomplish that mission, no matter what progressives might wish to believe. The lesson that the far Left has taken from this election is that Big Government can indeed achieve such noble ends and that the entire free-market system that America was built upon should be sacrificed to achieve that goal. The 2010 election shows that America has indisputably rejected that kind of thinking, but the left hasn’t yet come to grips with even the slightest possibility that is true.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    I'll tell you folks, I think it's very possible and even likely that we'll have a balanced budget within 5 years. What I CAN'T see in the realm of possibility is wracking up continuous surpluses sufficient enough to put a dent in the national debt. How can we possibly ever pay off $13 trillion?

    Meanwhile, isn't it coincidental that 2 days after a national election, the fed starts printing hundreds of billions of dollars to pay for unfunded programs? Watch for the inflation genie to rear its ugly head…and remember, while unemployment directly affects only those who've lost their jobs (10% of the population), inflation hurts EVERYONE.

    We're facing an unmitigated disaster, badly exacerbated by the policies of the present Administration, but created long ago. We can trace our current dilemma to Lyndon Johnson's 'Great Society' and Richard Nixon's "revenue sharing". Thus began the long descent, when the average American discovered the federal trough and lost the work ethic that had previously made him/her the most productive worker in the world.

    • Merlin12

      No need to "watch for it". Food commodity prices have already doubled. Good for American farmers, until the energy bills come due. Meanwhile, at the supermarket, milk is up, meat is up, Dial soap has cut the weight of their bars by 25% or more, toilet paper rolls are smaller than they used to be, gas just jumped 10 cents where I live, credit card fees and rates are through the roof, and so forth and so on.

      Can't agree more that this whole disaster started long ago – but why stop with ol' Lyndon? Look at what Hoover did. Look at how Roosevelt built a political machine on top of Hoover's mistakes. OK, OK, I just read Amity Schlaes' book, so the pain is still fresh.

      • Chezwick_Mac

        Good point about the inflation rate. My old lady has been complaining about food prices…but as I told her, we ain't seen nothing yet. Meanwhile, the accumulated debt is what's eating us up…and the chronic deficits began in the late sixties/early seventies. Psychologically, physically, morally…we got soft and in the process, lost our bearings and our mojo..

  • jacob

    I wonder anybody is paying attention but I insist in the fact that the solution of our financial problems lies in the dissappearance of the "MADE IN USA" tag…

    Go to any department store (not only the most notorious, WALMART) and if you find there a Made in USA tag, play the lottery as you will hit it…

    Our Made in USA clothing was once famous worldwide…
    Is there still anything bearing that tag ??
    Haven't all past govmts and this one as well aware of it or was it and is it that important to keep on propping up Communist China, to which we presently owe even the way we walk or as shown in the commercial still hopefully running, in which this Chinaman tells his audience THEY HAVE US WORKING FOR THEM, a fact on which I would defy the ANNOITED ONE who fills his mouth with promising jobs, jobs, jobs to prove it wrong ??

    And if we can't compete with slave labor and rice hands, THEN BY GOD, RAISE IMPORT TARIFFS…!!!!!

    After all, is our main concern the American people or the Chinese ???

    • bubba4

      Yes, this isn't an issue FPM and like-minded outlets are prone to talk about..

      They prefer to champion the US Chamber of Commerce that spent tens of millions of dollars during this cycle to cut back on Obama's "progress". They are all about outsourcing jobs.

      Big companies love outsourcing. Why wouldn't they?

      "And if we can't compete with slave labor and rice hands, THEN BY GOD, RAISE IMPORT TARIFFS…!!!!! "

      OMG…could you imagine the outcry against Obama by business…within 24 hours red phones across America would light up and FPM would have 3 articles about it the next day. Not sure if they would say it was communist or just a political stunt, but it would surely be bad for America.

      "After all, is our main concern the American people or the Chinese ???

      Sigh…good luck getting the Republicans to do jack squat about it.

      If you ever leave this world, surely you heard of Obama's efforts to keep China and other countries to not devalue their currency to get an upperhand in trade when we have such imbalances already. There is actual governing going on and things being done, FPM just won't "report" it unless it can be spun into a disaster or smear.

  • George

    You are no better than those you criticize, and you are certainly ignorant about the south..It is far from being the most bigoted part of the country. Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi have more elected black officials percentage wise than any other state. The KKK headquarters is now located in Connecticut. An all white jury in Alabama took the property of the KKK and gave it to a black woman after the death of her son at the hands of white supremacists 30 years ago. I do believe the radical militia is located in Montana and Idaho., and the nazi's make their me in Illinois. In addition, Birmingham, Mobile, Atlanta, and New Orleans have thriving gay communities that are involved and accepted politically and socially. I personally know several gay men and lesbians who moved south to escape harassment in other regions of the country. I could go on, but I believe I have presented enough examples that prove your assertion to be nothing more than conjecture and not based on reality.

    • Brian

      I believe you're misreading the article. Rich isn't stating what HE believes of the south, but rather how the south is typically viewed in the minds of leftists.

      • bubba4

        Yeah they spend a lot of time telling you what "lefty" believes around here.

  • flowerknife_us

    The mood of the Country may have changed but the ruling party has not.The Left loves nothing better than punishing their opponents What better way.is there than to pass the rest of their agenda through a lame duck session? The opportunity to repeal any passed legislation over the next 2 years is really slim to none.

    The president wants to help the middle class???? Really???

    How does-skyrocketing Health care premiums. a Dollar increase in Gas, rising food prices, Habitual unemployment and rising home energy and delivery costs help make life better???

    Throw on top the current devaluation of the Dollar, the possibility of increased taxes, Cap and trade, Card check, even behavioral adjusting consumption taxes thrown in for good measure and do the demoncrats even need to run for office? Would there even be anything left for them to accomplish? Need they do anything but sit on the sidelines enjoying the misery only social justice can provide>

    • bubba4

      You're paying less federel tax now than American's have in 60 years. WTF are you talking about?

      And don't worry about cap and trade or reversing Cheney's regulation tweak that allows fracking…or frankly any issue of importance…because you want to blame sky rocketing health care costs on Obama….We have a private system…and controlling costs was the whole impetus behind reform. But it's still a private system…what about the company that raises your premium after making record profits? Is that shrewed on their part and Obama not stopping them (which he can't do and you guys would call job killing communism) is a failing or deliberate? Some of you are so turned around you have no idea where to aim you ire.

      • flowerknife_us

        Maybe you remember paying more in taxes 60 years ago. I wasn't even thought of way back when.

        The Health care bill has MANDATES in it. The mandate to keep children on family plans until the age of 26 added one and a half % increase on all plans.all by itself.

        I'm sorry for not taking into account that some people just like paying more in taxes and have no problem with their cost of living going through the roof.

        Bu 2014 your "private" system will be "private" no more. That includes your "privacy" as well.

        I think the employees at AARP are discovering what "too much health care" really means. Just a measly 13% premium increase. Everyone knows they really deserved a larger increase. You know, what's an extra grand$ anyway?

        You best get busy bubba4- that's a lot of cans and bottles to recycle. Need I remind you that raiding blue bins by the curb side is against the law.

        • http://palestinename.com Beth

          Obamacare spurs AARP to raise premiums – http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101104/ap_on_bi_ge/u

          They got what they fought for. And even if it costs me more to do so now …. I'm laughing. Not with them – but at them.

        • bubba4

          Its a stat… we have the lowest taxes in 60 years….deal with it.

          The "cost of living" isn't exactly something that can be controlled like a switch…but it rose sharply all during the Bush Administration while wages stayed stagnant.

          Maybe you missed this during the year it was being debated in our society…probably too busy talking about death panels….but the cost of healthcare has been skyrocketing for years. If you projected the stats out into the future you get senarios where families are paying half their income for healthcare? Of course that won't work…so we needed to reform…the private system was going off the rails in terms of sustainability.

          I don't recycle cans. I'm young and healthy and I work.

          • davarino

            So hand it over to the government? The government does such a great job with everything else.

          • bubba4

            We retained our private system. All the healthcare reform was reform within this "system". Maybe you wanted no reform at all, but it can't be called socialism…it isn't really.

            But if you can manage to turn it around, forget the last decade or so, and have Obama responsible for the rise in healthcare costs over the years and by extension the standard of living…then you're intellectually dishonest.

            The government is us you moron. When was the last time you did anything for your community…hell, when was the last time you did anything worthwhile at all?

  • davarino

    Luckily they are so blind they are going to drive their democratic train right over the cliff.

    Full steam ahead…….

    This nation will be free once again.

    • bubba4

      give me a break you cornball….

      • davarino

        choo choo choo

        Hire Pelosi!!!!

      • trickyblain


  • joanc

    The Left will never accept the fact the most of America is Tea Party thru and thru. I just wish they would shut up and leave the rest of us patriotic Americans alone. Go away, move to Cuba, just leave us alone. We are sick of you. You nauseate us.

    • vladdyjen

      And take the islamists with you.

  • tagalog

    The richer their psychotic delusions, the more apparent it becomes that voting for Leftists is not the way to get things done in Washington. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

    On the other hand, this election has pointed out something I hadn't considered very carefully before: keeping Congress in the hands of one party and the Presidency in the hands of the other is a pretty good guarantor of gridlock, and the less they can do, the less harm they can do to the rest of us.

  • Robert

    Is racialism on the rise? Yep, and it is all due to one man and he sits at the Presidents desk. As far as getting the country back; the Republicans need to hold the line or they are next on the chopping block. The only reason the Republicans took back a large section of the vote is due to lack of name recogniniton among Tea Party candidates; but, they are out there.

    • bubba4

      I like how Obama causes racism to rise by just being black…and it's somehow his fault…lol

      • waltw

        It has nothing to do with Obama 'just being black', it does have to do with he and his minions implying that ANY dissent by the right is racist! Different opinions, viewpoints, research, etc. is not even given consideration – it is simply racism to them.

        It is strange how there could be so much (white) racism in this country in 2010, when 2008 the white voter was responsible for putting Obama in office.

        The predominant racism that I see in the country today comes from the left and the Congressional Black Caucasus smear machine …

  • guest

    I think the spokespeople/advocates of the minority cult that put the new right into power in the House should be careful in hurling accusations of being delusional. As Anderson Cooper demonstrates in this clip here, it is precisely because of the success in crafting an ideological bubble filled with the most inane nonsense that right wing leaders were able to lead their people to the polls and put nut cases like M. Backmann in power. If this is what you want, well, you got it. Pity our already fragile democracy.

    • vladdyjen

      Psssst..com'ere…I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but….we're onto the Allinsky ridicule thing. You know how the race card got overused till it wasn't any good anymore? Tha's what's happened to the ridicule tactic. Remember:..You didn't hear it from me.

      • bubba4

        Yes ridicule was invented by Allinsky. No one made fun of each other before then. If someone makes fun of someone you admire then he isn't just making fun of them, he is knowingly applying the tactics of an obscure writer.

        Not sure who invented the pesky tactics of facts and figures, but I'm sure there is a reason to write them off too.

    • Ret. Marine

      Hey guest, your first mistake was to imply that some how we are a democracy, we are not, and the sooner you and your kind, kindred spirits understand this the better your understanding of our political system will heal you. WE ARE A REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC, it that not clear enough for you yet, ol'e graduate of the pubic screwel system. Which means by the way, as a Representative Republic, We the People elect the ones of our choice to lead us through the cess pool of the opposition, known as the libtards, or liberal retards who keep telling everyone within ear shot that we are somehow a democracy. Jeeezis, get with the program and maybe you won't feel so left out.

  • http://apcnational.wordpress.com/ Mike in VA

    I'm delighted to see the neo-Marxist "progressive" Left is ignoring the repudiation of their ideology and policies. These "geniuses" are bound and determined to hand the GOP the Senate and White House in 2012. :)

    • "gunner"

      not to worry, the ancient, forgotten "gods of the copybook headings" will be coming around to school our progressives once more, the moon is not cheese, and wishing won't make it so.

    • trickyblain

      Or, it could be like other midterm elections (See: Republican Revolution, 1994) .

  • Bill

    I find it fascinating that the Left accuses the Right of the very things that the Left is constantly doing. Racial politics, fear-mongering, deliberate economic meltdown, trampling on the Constitution, cronyism, buying votes, stealing elections–all the things that were unfounded accusations against the Bush administration are realities in Leftist circles.

    • tanstaafl

      I believe the term you're looking for is – "projection".

    • bubba4

      Isn't what you're doing here projection?

      Bush did a lot of things that were boarder line constitutional crisis type situations. Rove coordinated caging operations across the country while trying to force federal prosecuters to charge Democrats with vote fraud….BTW there have been like 20 cases of actual prosecuted voter fraud in the last decade.

      So unfounded? no…

      It's not a matter of what circle you hang in…that's cultic. It's a matter of what happened. Speaking of unfounded…hows the Obama is a cross between Stalin and the anti-christ meme coming?

      • coyote3

        Interesting, President Bush was a big liberal, I will grant you that. You have alleged that the things he did were "illegal", and I assume a constitutional crisis, yet now they are "borderline". Why? Because you can't prove it.

        • bubba4

          Well as far as Bush goes…like the old saying…

          Success has many fathers while failure is an orphan. The fact that Bush was undeniably a bad president doesn't make him "liberal". Reclassifying him doesn't help anyone understand…it's just a manuever so you feel comfortable. You defended Bush for years….so now that it's clearly all gone sour, he's just a "liberal" you never liked, never supported…never defended…Bush who?

          Have I alleged was he did was "illegal"? You put in quotes, but are you quoting me? I said what I wanted to say exactly the way I wanted to say it. I'm not a lawyer and when you are rewriting laws and have an army of ideological lawyers aroumd you…"illegal" may never have to come up.

  • sue805

    We need a list of those senators who must run in 2012 so we an watch how they vote, not only in the lame duck session but after January as well. It is true…the socialist/communist administration we now have still does not "get it", even after this mid-term election. We are still stupid, uninformed, and "impatient" and that explains why so many conservatives and republicans won, according to the campaigner-in-chief. So now he has forgotton what happened and is off to Asia to campaign for his king job, spending millions and millions of taxpayer dollars in the process. Let us hope we can survive until 2012, and the inevitable free market will be allowed to improve our economic status in the meantime, in spite of the meddling of the Whitehouse and their ilk.

    • Merlin12

      Excellent idea – start watching the next batch of Senators NOW, and make sure they know they're being watched !

      Meanwhile, let the new R congresscritters and Senators form a Tea Party caucus and raise Holy maelstrom when the Trent Lott/Lindsay Graham/John McVain wing of the R party starts trying to "work across the aisle". Repeal Obamacare, repeal McVain-Feingold, repeal Finance Reform, restore Glass-Steagal, and prosecute the people who ran Fannie/Freddie into the ditch, for starters.

    • bubba4

      yeah the "free market" was doing just great there until Obama came into office….sigh
      You guys have worse memories than my Aussie Shepard.

      The 65+ demo came out in force this election and the young people didn't. Since the old people are Fox's main demo these days, it makes sense they were scared about the end of the world….and came to prevent Obama from killing them with his death panels.

  • guest2

    guest, Cooper's argument is as follows. The $200 million-a-day price tag claim for Obama's trip is inherently implausible, based on only one unreliable source, and denied by Gibbs and a Pentagon spokesman. Andy Card also thinks it's too high. Therefore, Cooper says, the $200 million is a lie.

    Cooper never actually offers any facts, just intuitions, an irrelevant Clinton trip, and unsupported contradictions by flacks. His "report" is an editorial, not a report.

    If Obama's entourage and the preparations are anywhere close to the reports, the cost could indeed be pretty high.

    What's the truth? Is the price tag less than 100 million? More than 100 million? Closer to 200 million than 100 million? Where the likely number lies along that range makes the $200 million story a wild overstatement, not too far off, or close enough for government work. But Cooper's claim to be an objective, neutral, honest reporter/analyst is manifestly absurd. Anyone who takes him at his word is himself delusional. That means you, guest.

    • guest

      Nice try but no cigar. Cooper doesn't have to provide facts, he just has to show the $200 million is a completely random number with no evidence behind it. And that's what he does. I don't need to take him at his word. No one who has been parroting this claim has been able to produce one shred of evidence. Why? Because they know their audience will lap it up, no questions asked. They could say Obama has been plotting with Castro to kidnap Glen Beck and the next day polls would show 75% of conservatives believed it. And you know I'm right.

      $200 million is as plausible as $1 dollar or $1 billion dollars. It is plucked out of thin air. The ease with which you accept the shameless, disgusting repetition of this lie is sad. I'm not a Democrat but before you go there if I was and one of them did this I would be embarrassed. I would not want to be affiliated with any person or movement that pulls anything like that. But your type seem to have no shame whatsoever. To hear Beck, Limbaugh, etc shriek about this when they know full well it's complete BS is pathetic, hence their popularity.

      • bubba4

        To be fair, it wasn't plucked from thin air, an Indian blogger pullled it out of his arse. Way to go…Fox and co are even outsourcing their smears.

      • guest2

        I never said I accepted the $200 mil, just that Cooper had offered no reason to think it was a lie, as opposed to, say, careless or reckless. The evidence that a very high trip cost number is not completely implausible is, Obama is traveling with a very large and expensive entourage in a very dangerous environment, on the other side of the world. We've seen surprisingly high cost estimates for much more modest events.

        How do you know that Beck and others knew that the $200 million figure was false, as opposed to not being sufficiently justified in asserting that it was true?

        You do need to provide facts about what people know and what they think they know if you're going to characterize people as liars. That's assuming that you're interested in something other than name-calling, which, frankly I doubt.

  • aaron_truax

    Having spend many years in attempted conversation with Liberals it's clear to me that they aren't at all interested in a bigger picture, only their own picture. This narcissism is reflected and influenced by the Liberal pundits who lack, according to Aristotle, an educated mind. Aristotle observed: The mark of an educated mind is the ability to entertain an idea without believing it. Liberals overwhelmingly refuse to entertain any idea that isn't part of their established, but ever-changing doctrine.

    • vladdyjen

      Unless they're told it by their professors (or Obama)

  • http://www.shugartpoliticalaction.shugartmedia.com/index.html Tar_n_Feathers

    I love the smell of self-combusting liberals in the morning!

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  • guest

    yea, completely ignore the fact that your whole "movement", as the link i posted shows, is built on complete delusion. Simply no integrity at all, just a lust for power. Get your cult leaders on tv/radio to repeat the same bs talking points ($200 million a day, riiiight…) Enjoy the Koch party while it lasts…

    • http://www.shugartpoliticalaction.shugartmedia.com/index.html Tar_n_Feathers

      Yes, you're absolutely, really really, totally right beyond a shadow of a doubt.. And I raise you 50.

      • bubba4

        You're the perfect example of the "less filling – tastes great" of politics. You're OK with a lie or exaggeration if it helps your "team".

        • coyote3

          I don't know if it is a lie, but I "know" that it has worked for both the Democrats, and quite a few Republicans, why can't it work for others. If it is, indeed, a lie, then there is nothing to worry about, because the Democrats always will tell the truth.

          • bubba4

            What? Did the President's tip cost $200 million? No…that's a lie.
            And here you come to support it through equivocation.

            Quasi-libertarian wannabe. Throw up your shield and tell us that everythings unconstitutional. Otherwise stand up for truth..

          • davarino

            I know that Olberman got kicked off msmbc. I see your 50 and raise you 100 : )

            We might be playing their game now (rules for radicals), taste great, I dont know about less filling though heheheheheheh

          • trickyblain

            It really is a game to some folks. Hacks like Horowitz are cashing in, and, in reality, you get nothing in return.

            Oberman was suspended, not kicked off. Don't really care, don't watch him, but I do wonder if FOX "News" will do the same with Beck and Hannity.

          • davarino

            Hacks like Horowitz? He is one of the greatest men alive in my estimation. He stands up for what is right and true.

          • bubba4

            If only he didn't have to create his own bizarro world universe in order to be right and true.

          • coyote3

            No, I am libertarian, I don't have to wanna be. I was just pointing out, "if it works, well why not. You accuse me of saying "everything" is unconstitutional, when I clearly and succinctly pointed out the federal government has more power than a lot of people think, but much less than what other people think. You just can't/won't even address the arguement, because you don't know how. Somehow, the constitution is not the truth? Tee hee.



  • BS77

    Keith Olbermoron……who watches this guy's show? What a loser. Only a masochist could sit through an hour of Olbermoron.

    • vladdyjen

      Evidentally, the supply of masochists musy be dwindling, since MSNBC just "suspended" him. This dwindling of masocists is also borne out by the lack of votes for the Dems and the rousing success of the Tea Party. This if Step 1 of taking the government back from the ivy league academics insistent upon putting their ivory tower marxist theories into effect on the rest of us. (Ever notice how it's okay for THEM to not pay taxes, have giant "carbon footprints" and eat french fries, but not the rest of us? Some animals are more eual than others.)

  • Dobermite

    One of the candidates Olbernut sent money to was Jack Conway, Rand Paul's opponent.

    Yeah so?

    Well let this be a lesson to you, libs …

    This is what happens when you mess with Aqua Buddha

  • Dobermite

    Dear libs

    RE: Olbernut

    Don't start nuttin' and there won't be nuttin'

    But I will destroy any man who tries to take what I got.

    Aqua Buddha

  • nazdorovia

    As a child of the 60s, I lived through the racism, anti-racism and turmoil of that era. In my lifetime of 62 years, I have met only TWO people whom I would call true "racists". One was a (legal) immigrant from a former satellite of the Soviet Union. The other was a black friend who grew up in Oakland and freely admitted he did not particularly like white people.

    Of late, however, I have seen much more racism than I saw in the 60s. I have seen it in the Federal Government, in the Democratic Party and in Liberals and Progressives in general. In today's political climate, it is OK and perhaps preferrable to be black or Hispanic (legal or otherwise). You will be protected and provided for by the Government in general and the Department of Justice in particular. However, if you are white, European, Asian, etc, woe be to you, because you're on your own.

    Yes, racism is alive and well in the U.S.A. today – and it doesn't wear a white hat.

    • bubba4

      You haven't seen it….you've read about it on FPM. An FPM blog post is not your personal experience.

      • coyote3

        Silly, maricon. How do you know, what he/she has seen/heard.

        • bubba4

          stop buzzing around my every post answering questions for people and injecting yourself.

    • vladdyjen

      Racism is rampant in schools, especially in the inner city. Some schools stop gibing consequences to black/minority students when they've reached a certain quota. Blacks also get the jobs over equally/more qualified whites. As a white tacher, I had my classroom taken away when a black teacher was hired in the Spring, and my special ed kids and I were told to "float." I left, but it's worse now. The new supt. cut off negative consequences completely (as do many schools these days), because minority students received them at a ligher rate and because parents — and students — did not accept white teachers disciplining "students of color." Pray for privitization.

    • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

      I work with many black racists so whats new? in fact i am over 63 and it is a human thing to want to be a racists and is normal. I have had 2 people in my family who have been BEATEN OR SHOT to death( both old people ) by blacks one rape many attacks so whats new? if whites will not stand up and fight back against blacks and others whites have not right to be a race or to be on this earth, when whites will not stop evil and will not fight , that race of people have not right to anything but the right to die. ask why?

  • Don

    I am opposed to both legal and illegal immigration. This country is overpopulated, and 21 million Americans are out of work.

  • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

    Yes Chezwick_mac is right on the money but i think within 2 years this nation will see a balanced budget but on the backs of the poor, social security will be cut-out of the system with all kinds of other things but the long run we will see 100 million third world people inside the former USA The writing is on the wall in fact the boys who own you have made deals. if you want to understand the BS I new book by thaddeus Russell is out called Renegadw history of the U.S. Read about him at http://thaddeusrussell.typepea.com/ or just type in his name. I HOPE I Am just a fool.

  • Don Bodell

    To Jacob:

    Yes, Henschel Hats are still made in St. Louis, Mo., and, thus, bear the rare indicia tag that states "Made in USA"

  • badaboo

    Yea Olberman's a jerk , but consider this , along with fa t blowhard pig Limbaugh , the low -brow ignoramus Hannity , and the reformed drunk but now fanatic imbecile Beck , have a great number of "tea party people " believing that the Obama trip to India , is costing 200 million a day , and the fools believe this . What a pathetic situation we have in this country , when such utter nonsense is spread as truth , and NONE will reject it , cowards as it were . I had encountered an older woman of about 70 or so in the course of working , and she had asked if i knew about this , and I said yes , I've heard that , I asked do you really believe it ? She answered yes of course !
    And that's scary , that people have gtotally rejected common sense and will accept the outlandish .
    You got a hell of a lot more than Olberman to worry about Rich .

    • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

      we the people have nothing but the BS Outlandish coming from both sides the fact is we are all doomed is totally over-looked in the nut house. By the way as the BS Isflying all over the place our boss's are planning a little Rape of all of us, the reason why the head money Obama is in Indian, is he is selling out the last jobs, the so called 200 million a day is in fact 36 million a day so what soon the dollar will mean nothing and we all will become moneys..the web add for dr. thaddeus Russell is http://thaddeusrussell.typepad.com/ the book name is Renegdn history of the US

  • Phobic, of course

    I just heard Olbermoron will be back on the air Tuesday. All has been forgiven by The Ministry of Truth at Msnbc……….now back to Jerry Springer or Maury Povich or whatever garbage is on at this hour. Olbermoron is more better garbage. Doubleplus good garbage.

  • donvan sickle

    It is painful indeed to see the collapse of the United States.