Base Drama for Obama

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So much for the post-partisan presidency. Not that there was any chance that it would actually happen anyway. It would have taken a modern-day Solomon to bridge the ideological divide in America today and no one would confuse Barack Obama with the Biblical King. From the beginning of his term, Obama’s idea of bipartisanship more closely resembled a mob racket than any kind of nuanced balancing of political and public interests. From the stimulus through government bailouts, from health care through trials for terrorists, the administration’s message has been unmistakably clear: we’ll all get along fine, so long as you do exactly as Nancy, Harry and I say. The administration thus alienated Republicans early and often and, as the 2010 election so amply demonstrated, millions upon millions of Americans as well. Now, the furor over the president’s proposal to extend the Bush-era tax cuts to everyone has turned another faction against him: Obama’s base on the far-left views the president’s tax-extension proposal as “proof” that Obama is in fact a money-grubbing Republican disguised progressive clothing.

Bob Tyrrell coined the phrase “conservative crack up” when things started to fall apart on the Right after the Reagan years. The current episode may well signal a repeat of the phenomenon on the Left. The far-left and the elected officials representing progressives, like Speaker Pelosi, are rushing to put as much distance between themselves and Obama’s heretical proposal as possible. Centerist Democrats, like centrist Republicans, are willing to go along with a “framework” that neither group believes is perfect, but that each believes is necessary if we’re to avoid an even deeper recession. The right-wing of the Republican party isn’t at all sure that it’s willing to swallow the bitter pill of additional spending that goes along with the tax cut extension in Obama’s proposal, but the jury is still out as to whether hard-core conservatives will vote against the deal or not. At the end of the day, my guess is that conservatives will hold out as long as they can for as much as they can, before joining the center of both parties to ensure that tax rates remain stable for everyone over the next two years.

While the Obama administration is not the first post-partisan presidency since George Washington, it is certainly the first post-ironic presidency. Obama’s entire economic demagoguery was based on the contention that the Bush tax cuts ruined the economy – a fantasy that corresponded directly with the delusions of his leftist base. So what does the president propose to do to keep the economy from tanking even further than he’s torpedoed it thus far? Extend the Bush tax cuts. The cognitive dissonance on the Left must be shattering – either they were terribly wrong about economics all along, or Obama wasn’t the Chosen One they’d imagined him to be from the start. Actually, both are true, but their disillusionment is spectacular to behold.

Consider a few comments posted on the Daily Kos, the site that is always a harbinger of far-leftist opinion, shortly after the president announced his willingness to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for all. “I’m just going to accept the fact that I was had and that Obama is in fact a Republican,” one commenter moaned. “Then I am going to move on.  I am going to expect nothing at all from Washington and work very hard to elect progressive Democrats locally. I’m just going to start all over from the bottom up.  Oh, and this.  I will NEVER, EVER, EVER again give time or a dime or a vote to a blue dog Democrat. That includes the President.” Another complained about Obama’s defection in terms that could have been plucked from a McCain-Palin ad in 2008: “During the election, a Brit asked me: ‘What do we really know about this Obama character? Isn’t it a bit risky to choose a President with no experience?’ At the time, I responded as you might expect. ‘Saying all the right things’, ‘Energizing the country’, etc, etc. Crap, I should have listened to the guy. Obama turned out to be nothing but a suit with a great speech writer.” Finally we have this bit of sarcasm from a Daily Kosite who believes that allowing people to keep more of the money they’ve earned is morally equivalent to highway robbery: “The rich need our money more then (sic) we do, because they are better people. Obama knows this and doesn’t flinch from doing the hard things – like taking our money and giving it to the rich.”

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  • Fred Dawes

    Obama will get it all in the end game that means the third world. read "The Invisible committee" The Coming Insurrection. this Little book is the game plan of Obama by useing our own system the same plan as the muslims. you can also read Beck books and savages books all are the same thing but this book was unsed to take down real evil people

  • Chezwick_Mac

    It's all so very predictable. If the President faces a primary challenge from the Left in 2011-12, he will move to the Left, at least rhetorically. Once done with the challenger, he will re-position himself in the Center for the general election. In other words, a repeat of his performance in 2008.

    Obama has the heart of an ideologue and the soul of an opportunist. He's an under-qualified, under-achieving, blame-deflecting mediocrity who knows nothing about being a statesman or running the economy. Even his speechifying has become stale and unconvincing. His last remaining asset – in the eyes of the public – is his race…but even there, the novelty is gone.

    • P Smith

      Has he finally got it? I don't think so, but he is at least smarter than the other Democrats who he has been associated for the past 2 years. All this money is after all the peoples
      money, not the governments money. Stop the spending.

    • Rifleman

      You're right about hussein, and you'll notice he shows he knows little to nothing of the fundamentals of good leadership. By its' nature, bad leadership can be seen by most, whether they can dissect and understand it or not. The msm can only carry and cover for him so far.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Forgive me; I’m not a Karl Rove centrist. Hence, I don’t even agree with this compromise one iota.

    • Reason_For_Life

      Nothing to forgive. This isn't a compromise, it's surrender.

      If you want to cut spending and your opponent wants to increase it then any increase means you surrendered.

      The tax rates are important but not as much as cutting spending. Every dollar spent by the feds moves goods and services from where the market wants them to go to where politicians want them to go. This almost always lowers productivity and destroys value. The "stimulus" not only didn't lower unemployment but because it directed goods and services away from profitable enterprises the stimulus actually increased unemployment.

  • flaedo

    The industrial decline is at the heart of the problem. The US needs to get to work making the things that people buy. The worse the economic situation gets the more money needs to be thrown at welfare and the whole mess spirals out of control. We need to start making things in the West again

    • Boogies Daddy

      That will require neutering of the labor unions.__It simply costs too much to manufacture in the U.S….

  • USMCSniper

    Let me see. The President got 13 additional months of unemployment for for keeping hard core unemployables up to three years now, a 55% tax rate on the estate tax starting in 2011, the existing tax code not permanent only extended a year, and the DREAM act shoved down the throat of the American people and these leftist f*&ktwits are angry? The RINO Republicans lost this negotiation and are too stupid to even know it!

    • Roland

      The UI extension is an extension of the 99 wk benefit period, which was going to expire. It does not extend the 99 wk period to a longer benefit period. You still will not be able to get the 100th wk. That is a huge difference. I can understand why those who misunderstand the UI extension think the whole deal is disastrous. 156 weeks of UI would be mindboggling.

  • Steve Chavez

    Don't be fooled by his "MOTHER OF ALL DECEPTIONS!" Do you actually think the Left will not vote for him in mass in 2012 because of this? Part of Obama's plan is to get Leftists/Socialists like Bernie Sanders to cry crocodile tears TO FOOL AMERICANS WHO ARE INDEPENDENTS, Bluedogs, and the gullible and naive, THAT HE IS GOING TOWARDS THEM OR "TO THE MIDDLE" as is already a quote, so they can vote for him since he is now like them!! He lost the MIDDLE in this past election and now he's planning to get them back and this is a start!!! PLAN TWO: Getting the blame put on Republicans for not extending unemployment checks!

  • Rifleman

    It's just an entertaining far-left sideshow. I have to wonder if they aren't just trying to make hussein seem reasonable, rather than stuck and trying to make the best of it. When it comes down to it, they'll vote for the (D), whoever that is, because most of them depend on government spending in one way or another.

  • Deenie

    Barney Frank and Deval Patrick are horrific but were still elected in Ma. Despicable and corrupt.

    • USMCSniper

      As a man Barney Frank gives it or takes it in the back door with another man, so he is a low life by definition and a practioner of debauchery and deviancy, so only a naive fool should one expect honor and integrity.

  • USMCSniper

    In an exclusive interview with Newsmax, Mikhail Gorbachev, the leader of the former Soviet Union whose negotiations with former President Ronald Reagan ultimately led to an end of the Cold War, is appealing to Republicans to put aside “domestic politics” and ratify the strategic nuclear arms agreement that President Barack Obama recently negotiated with Russia.

    Yes Comrade Gorbachev, American Poliburo should ratify START treaty and disarm US for greater glory of Chairman Obama.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    As of yesterday William Jefferson Clinton started a new chapter in his politically active post-presidency as Mentor-in-Chief to the blundering, desperate, unfit to command, rudderless amateur in the White House.

    The question now is: Can Obama become the new Bubba? He tried to be the new Abe Lincoln and failed. The new JFK and failed. The new FDR and failed with a new New Deal for America that failed. But can Bubba rescue Obama's failing presidency-save it from complete Carterization……

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  • Catalina Strauss

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