Don’t Go, Nancy Pelosi

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When the new House of Representatives of the 112th Congress convenes in January, one may wonder which legislators will emerge as the most important figures to lead the nation in a new direction. The presumptive speaker of the House, John Boehner, seems the natural choice, yet maybe a dynamic tea party favorite like Allen West will emerge as a dominant figure. But perhaps the most important member of the new House will be the same as the most important member of the old House: Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi seems to have swallowed whole the progressive fiction that the reason that Democrats lost control of the House in 2010 is that the party didn’t move left far enough or quickly enough. She is thus determined to hold onto her leadership position within the party, even though she’ll be trading in her speaker’s gavel for a minority leader’s rattle. Republicans should offer a prayer of thanks. Nothing will benefit the GOP more in the House than if Pelosi remains as the face of the opposition. She embodies the stark contrast between the small government policies that Republicans have been elected to implement and the big government, quasi-socialist policies of the last two years.

According to the progressive narrative, there is no point in being a middle-of-the-road Blue Dog Democrat. After all, didn’t twenty-four of fifty-eight members of the Blue Dog caucus lose their jobs in the past election? Michael Moore parroted the theory on Larry King Live shortly after the election:

I hope that, the lesson to learn is to see the more liberal you were if you were a member of Congress in last week’s election, the more likely it was that you got reelected. The conservative Democrats, the majority of them were booted out. The liberals won. [President Obama] should take this country in the progressive direction that he was elected to take it in.

It’s predictable that someone like Moore doesn’t understand the concept of swing districts and how his favorite party’s violent lurch to the left destroyed any chance of holding onto them. On the other hand, it’s a bit more surprising that a supposedly savvy old warrior like Pelosi could be equally deluded. And yet, there you have it. Rather than retreating quietly into the shadows, the San Francisco ultra-leftist has decided that she still wants to be the voice of her party in the House, despite reams of evidence that the nation is sick of her and tired of the ideology she represents. Pelosi remains wildly popular in a home district that’s as wildly as progressive as she, but that doesn’t translate into national support. Her approval ratings are disastrously weak, with over half of the county maintaining an unfavorable impression of the current Speaker according to Rasmussen.

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  • davarino

    Nancy will restore ethics to congress, with open and honest governance………….snicker

  • Phil

    The uneducated but profoundly biased Michael Moore as political analyst. As entertaining as Pelosi functioning in a democratic system.

  • tanstaafl

    The former speaker suffers from an ancient Greek ailment. Hubris.

  • Tamara

    Indeed, She is ensuring everyday that the democrat party name will, once and for all, become synonymous with communist, and legislation will move between freedom and more freedom. it will now be between Republicans and Libertarians. I could not be more pleased!

  • American_Flag

    If there was a way of shoveling her into the sewer it would not be fast enough for me…Madame Speaker her with her little Chiwaua smile.

    Please remove her from my sight.

    • USMCSniper

      Yes, off with her head, ger face doth offend mine eye.

  • Docop

    This from the self professed "only white man who thinks OJ Simpson didn't kill his wife "…nuff said

  • Wesley69

    Democrats, PLEASE KEEP HER as your leader. She will help the Repbulicans pick up another 75 seats. Go, Girl!

  • SwampFox2u

    Pelosi and the Liberals know exactly what they are doing. They could care less what Joe Six Pac thinks. It is their way or no way and they will destroy the country to prove they are in charge.

  • hijinx60

    It appears that the democrats see the election much like a car running off the shoulder of a road. They want to yank it back into the lane as soon as possible. What they fail to realize is, the car was going left in the right lane and the election was the nation pulling the car back into the right. Moore fails to realize that Obama was not elected to ruin the nation by taking it down the progressive road, he was elected to make the road smoother.

  • Éamonn

    Obama and Pelosi? Mad and Madder – in that order! Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.