Fishing Gone?

Last week the blogosphere erupted with outrage, as conservatives declared that Barack Obama was going to ban recreational fishing, while liberals rolled their collective eyes in response and said that such claims were utterly absurd. As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The Obama administration isn’t trying to ban sport fishing – at least not yet – but it is putting the mechanisms in place to restrict fishing in the future, as the slow bureaucratic wheels of “progress” inevitably grind forward.

The root cause of angler concern was the “Interim Framework For Effective Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning” issued by the Interagency Ocean Policy Taskforce (latest version dated December 9, 2009). That document, which we can shorthand “CMSP,” does not call for an outright  ban on recreational fishing. However, the CMSP report specifically lists “recreational fishing” as an activity that needs to be “better managed” (page two of the report). Perhaps “better managed” translates into “leave fishermen alone,” but one may be forgiven for thinking not.

The CMSP report details a typically grandiose progressive vision. The oceans and the Great Lakes are in danger. How do we know this? Never mind the details, just take the government’s word for it. There’s a problem and the Obama administration is here to fix it. That fix naturally entails every human activity remotely connected to the sea. Among the activities that Ocean Policy Taskforce will examine are the following: commerce and transportation (i.e., shipping); commercial fishing; oil and gas exploration and development; recreational fishing and traditional hunting; and fishing and gathering.

The taskforce will start by dividing up the aquatic world into nine zones, called “Regional Planning Areas,” that stretch from American possessions in the western Pacific to the Caribbean Sea. At that point, the taskforce will determine the best way to “manage” (aka: regulate) the various activities within each Regional Planning Area that might affect the health of the oceans and Great Lakes. Of course, activities like commercial fishing, oil and gas exploration and shipping are already subject to heaps of regulation designed to protect the environment. Many would argue, myself included, that this regulatory structure, however bloated, has been pretty successful. Lake Erie, which environmentalists proclaimed “dead” back in the seventies, is teaming with marine life today, for example.

It should be noted that there are problem areas in the oceans, like dead zones that appear periodically in certain coastal areas around the world. Global warming zealots believe that these dead zones are caused by climate change, but then global warming zealots are sure that climate change is responsible for practically everything bad that happens on planet earth, up to and including blizzards. The more likely culprit is agricultural runoff that consumes dissolved oxygen in the water. In any case, existing regulatory strictures, like the Clean Water Act, are more than capable of analyzing and dealing with such problems.

One can reasonably expect that “Effective Coastal and Marine Spatial” Planning will lead to certain recommendations that will – of course – be based on the best scientific knowledge available. The Obama administration is always blathering on about the way it relies on science when making environmental decisions. Somehow, the best scientific knowledge available always seems to dovetail quite nicely with environmentalist agendas. It makes you wonder who the EPA has been employing in its planning and research departments for the last few decades.

Perhaps this relationship will change when it comes to coastal and marine spatial planning, but I wouldn’t place any bets. Obama’s EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has the methodology down pat: create a crisis, pick out some “independent” scientists who you know will give the answer you want and use their foregone conclusions to justify the actions that your pals at the Sierra Club have been urging for years.

Not that industry won’t have a role in figuring out spatial planning. The EPA always includes stakeholders when it comes up with a new set of regulations and the Interagency Ocean Policy Taskforce promises more of the same as it tackles spatial planning. Representatives of the oil and natural gas industry, for example, will surely attend meetings, offer comments and produce research, the vast majority of which will be politely ignored so that the Obama administration can say that they “listened” to industry before promulgating their latest and greatest set of rules to hamstring industry.

Further restrictions on sport fishing seem inevitable, although such restrictions wouldn’t be put in place immediately, but farther down the road when the all-important alarming narrative has been given a firm foundation and further crisis management is therefore “necessary.”

The most immediate worry is that the taskforce will conclude that further oil and gas exploration in coastal areas, while desirable for economic reasons, would cause too much environmental harm to be allowed. Obama would then shed the appropriate crocodile tears and explain how, while he really, really would have loved to increase domestic energy production, it’s just not worth the risk. And – gosh – according to the scientists, the damage would cost more than oil and natural gas would be worth anyway. So let’s go get those green jobs everybody! After all: “what’s good for the environment is good for the economy!” (You can expect to hear that last slogan approximately fourteen thousand times between now and November 2012).

One must say this about progressives: they are relentless and imaginative. The Ocean Policy Taskforce’s plans seem innocent enough at first blush, but what they represent is merely a first step down the long, familiar road of establishing a pressing need that only big government will be able to address.

  • betty boop

    Despite being quite incredulous on first encountering this news tidbit (now for about the third time), I do think and hope that it is perhaps the one giant step too far that will bring change of heart to enough people to finally make a difference. This Juggernaut must be stopped.

    • Paul P

      Yes, it must be stopped but it doesn't seem to me that even this juggernaut is capable of jarring the majority of Americans into action. America must wake up and run for office. Take back that which belongs to us and has been hijacked by the ill-willed Progressive Democrats, currently in office.

  • badaboo



    …are you guys running out of ideas ? YOU BEEN PUNKED .

    • art341

      Actually with that gang of fascists in Washington todqy anything
      is possible.

      • badaboo

        That's right man , next thing they'll do is take your cheerios away …jut pay attention to Mr.Trzupek , he's bound to come up with some more winners for you to believe .

        • Bobzilla

          They come for my Cheerios, I'll shoot with my legal firearms!!!!!

    • Bobzilla

      You are, of course, assuming Snopes got it right – and FPM got it wrong. Another fish, from another (liberal) pond contaminating our pool, I think. Bet you'd do better in the Media Matters Reservoir and the MoveOn Ocean. Maybe you ought to chew on more than one type of lure – you'd have a more broad perspective. Being a life-long fisherman, I can spot a libTard a mile away by the dumbass jokes they make flopping around trying to stay alive on the dock (and also by their bad smell), all the time thinking they are more clever that we are.

  • badaboo

    Dont worry betty boop , all is well in the world , "sport fishing " is not banned , nor is it threatened to be banned .
    This is a rumor , with the "usual spin" , a result of seeing a few printed paragraphs regarding the fishing industry , and seizing on specific words , taken ouit of context , bent and twisted ,and then totally miscommunicating them into a "ban on sport fishing " .

    But hey , dont take my word for it , go to Snopes .
    "Juggernaut " .?…. LOL..or maybe you're statement above was just abit of clever sarcasm ?

  • tompro97

    Badaboo has been sniffing the glue again!! Snopes is run by a left-wingnot whose so-called objectivity is subject to question, and not worthy of further consideration.

    This is a clear and present danger here, and there are several national organizations gearing up to fight any proposals that come out of this so-called taskforce. Look for an alliance with globalization wingnuts before it's over with. It's all about control and this time they want to control all the waterways of the world.

    • badaboo

      LOL….the clear and present danger here is someone like you holding public office , Man it's no wonder your lot bought into "death panels , kill granny , and the biggie birth certificate .
      Man IF I didn't know better I'd think I was back in 5th grade social studies …no wait , them kids had more sense way back in the 50's .

      • Cyril the Beneficent

        Fifth grade was pretty much what I had you pegged as.

  • WSG

    THE bigger picture is that if the state controls the water and waterways the STATE CONTROLS the food supply !
    If you think these Fascists are beyond using the food supply as a political weapon then look no farther than the Central Valley of California ! Amazing that with the promise of the return of irrigation water BHO has been able to secure two more votes for his health care nationalization.
    Al Capone would be proud and Madoff is smalll time when compared to our President .

    • Paul P

      It is remarkable isn't it? Remarkable is the degree to which this Progressive political figure will go, to get what he wants. Apparently, the crushing of the US Constitution, and the sidestepping of all the rules of legislation is not beyond this guy. He has a tiny little playdoll, who should be named "Chuckie" and not Nancy, doing his work for him.

      I'm not sure that anything as derogatory to our values and morals has ever occured within US history. There have been scandals over the years, but I'm not sure they can match the degree of anti-Americanism and absolute disregard for Consitutionality and the rule of law and order, that Obama is practicing on a daily basis.

  • So Cal Mike

    This has been going on for a long time.
    Currently in southern and central California, key areas of the ocean are being cut off from recreational fishing.
    The term the bureaucrats use is "MLPA". Marine Life Protected Area.
    Of course they are attacking the areas most accessable to anglers.
    Recently the city of Laguna Beach voted to ban sportfishing on the coast.
    Anyone who doesn't believe this simply hasn't been following.

  • Ginny

    All I can say is when the DOI put CHNSRA together they promised traditional access for recreational fishing would be maintained and all commercial (beach hauling) would be grand fathered in. Then came the first executive order requiring a special regulation for ORVs, then came a second, oh and lets not forget the ESA and DOW, SELC, Audubon. Now we are looking at a proposal that limits traditional access (including beach hauling ) to somewhere around 26 out of the 80+ miles that is titled to the NPS.

    We have also had increasing harsh catch limits, including 1 drum per person per day and extreme resistance to opening scallop harvests. The drum are so thick that if you are in the right place you could catch one every cast. The scallops have not only been prevalent they are an annual crop–we can't hurt the population so long as they are given the opportunity to do their annual spawn.

    Bottom line, based upon the above do you believe the agencies and plans mentioned above will benefit fishing or do you believe the agencies and plans will eventually relegate fishing to a curiosity rather than a sport and a way to harvest your own fresh dinner fare?

    • Bobzilla

      The bottom line is that folks like badaboo-b are too young, or too dumb, or both, to know history. Yeah, yeah, yeah… they know history as reborn by libTard web sites (like snopes) and college professors who are indeed commies themselves, but they haven't a clue what really happened. For example, libTards obviously know nothing about communism, otherwise they wouldn't be supporting an obvious take-over from within, like the one presently happening in the US (SEE ABOVE FISHING STORY). I'm sure badaboo-b is part of the "boiling frog" experiment – content in his stupidity.

  • USMCSniper

    What is motivating all progressives, including Obama, Pelosi, Reid and evry other progressive statist who continue to push government legislation for socialized healthcare, cap and trade for energy control, control of education, and even control of media. Progressives are elitests who want control every aspect of our lives despite overwhelming American opposition. Sport fishingcontrols? They would implement Cheryl Crow's one sheet of toilet paper limit per dump if they though they could get away with it. You think this is rididiculous? They already regulate how to flush toilets

    • Jim C.

      These bastards also regulate water, food, traffic, car safety, and sometimes even medicine. As a private citizen, I want to be able to take my chances. If I die from toxins in my water or contaminants in my food, at least I die a free man!

    • badaboo

      Psssst , USMCSniper , REMOVE THE FLAPPER IN YOUR TOILET , THIS WAY < NEXT TIME YOU FLUSH < YOU CAN DO IT UNREGULATED Why use the standard and practical 3 1/2 gallons , man you can buy a 500 gallon flushmaster and have a "free man " party next time you flush .

      • USMCSniper

        badabing or badaboo or whatever. I guess you would support even the Koran that tells you to wipe yourself with the first two fingers of your left hand because because you are to eat with the first two figers and thumb of your right hand. Nahhh… you would get it all mixed up most of the time. heh heh heh ehe

        • badaboo

          You seem to know the routine pretty well USMCSniper, when's the last time you washed your hands pal ? Isthatb why you need so much water to flush ….because you take your bath in the bowl at the same time ?

          Hey , dont stop there man , revolt against the US standard 110vac coming out of your electric outlets , wire'em up for 220 and then plug your electric razor in …..guaranteed a clean shave ….be a "free man " , show your disdain for standards .

      • Rifleman

        They went from 2 gal to 1.6 around here. Now it takes 2 flushes for a net loss of 1.2 gallons per use, plus the time it takes, to theoretically save .4 gallons. If that's what you call conservation, we need a lot less of it.

        • badaboo

          Yes Rifleman , and I can see how you think this is a pressing natiomal issue .In fact that's the talk on the street these days huh ? well when you have an average of say 20,000 to 30,000 citizens in many cities , much more for larger cities , and consider that not everyonbe needs to flush twice , in fact very few do flush twice , keeping in mind that if you're on city or county water , your paying for it to come to your house , then paying for it to be treated , it's simply common sense that dictates such policies . And if you don't believe THAT , then just ask any of your freinds or family who have septic tanks ,who out of necessity and economy are predisposed to this common sense .
          But hey man , you're a "free man " so why dont you jst flush THREE times , out of principle .

          • Rifleman

            It's unsanitary if you don't, even if there's only liquid in there, it doesn't all go down with one flush. That's stupid and wasteful, and to waste for spite (your silly flush three times comment) is something I notice lefties are fond of.

            You're operate from the false premise that I wish to waste, or don't wish to conserve, just because I make sure my efforts are not in vain or much worse, counterproductive.

            If it wasn't "a pressing national issue", why did THEY make it one and start dictating toilet construction? I guess it never occurred to that idiot gore (whose baby this was), that the 2 gallon toilet was designed when potable water was much harder to come by than it is today.

          • Rifleman

            I wouldn't be surprised to find you rinse your razor under running water and have never had to hand pump your water in your life, yet you are going to try and tell me how to conserve water. The more i think about that, the more I laugh.

    • badaboo

      LOL….yea lefties with septic tanks just flush solid waste .Man you are indoctrinated by reason and common sense . Yea reason and common sense usually do wind up as national standards , but you know pal , in order to understand that , you have to possess common sense .I do not oppose standards simply for the sake of opposing them , nor do I make it a matter of political position , which people like you seem to make out of everything . No pal , most standards of this nature have their origins in plain ole'common sence , not lefty or righty politics …thats just plain ridiculous . Just like this topic , which on its face is nothing more than misinformation , to get the gullible "all riler up " , lol…and as you can see , it works .

  • Paul P

    To get the big Obama picture, we need to connect the dots. While America is watching the healthcare bill, the Obama Administration is working behind the scenes to further reduce the productivity of America. In spite of the claims in favor of an "all of the above" energy poilicy, Obama is working to close huge tracts of the United States to oil and gas exploration. This is ocurring on our shorelines through the above described Ocean Policy Taskforce’s plan and also by the misuse of the Antiquities Act in Montana and many of the Western States. The declaration of public Lands as National Monuments forever closes this land to energy exploration. See Representative Denny Rehberg's proposal to make Montana exempt from this misuse of this act.
    I am encouraing the congress and senate from Colorado and the adjoining States to propose similar legislation. Please do the same. If you connect the dots, you will begin to see a picture which precludes the US from ever being independant from foreign oil; forcing our dependance on alternative energy.

  • badaboo

    I knew itr only a matter of time before someone would accuse snopes of being "Leftist " …yea folks TRUTH is "leftist " too huh . You guys buy into "whole-hog " whatever your demagogues and idealogues throw on the ground in front of you , without even bothering to investigate ….trhat's on you , man ! talk about SHEEP ,and DRINKING THE KOOLAID Jim Brown's bunch aint gotnothing on you folks .
    Go read the story sycophants , the whole story .

    LOL….connect the dots !!! Man you need to connect the neurons in your brain , they're seriously misfiring .

    OH ..and JIM C …if you ever got poisoned from "toxins " in the water or your food , you'd be the first one to get a lawyer .,and as far as them damn traffic regulations ? IGNORE 'EM MAN , and go take your "chances " running the next red light ….,.just tell'em [if vou survive ] that you're " a free man " …yea !

    • Alabama Roadrunner

      Why the hate? Study history, and you will see that once a government program starts, it continues to grow. Most government managers are "empire builders" that seeks all the power and control possible. As with the current health-care takeover bill, the Taskforce's recommendations will be a "first step", and will be seen as such by groups that want to ban fishing.

      • badaboo

        No hate roadrunner , just no ridiculous paranoia . wanna see hate , just look at USMCSnipers post . I 'm just mocking anyone who's dumb enough to "go for this bait " …and bait it is , sport fishing ban ? My ass , that's B.S. As for where the story originated , which is regulation of the fishing industry , that's been in place for years , where was all the whining like trhis ? There wasn't any , because the Grand Banks ,and other long time fisheries were dopwn by almost 70% .Even the fishermen themselves knew this . All this is , is more political r hetoric , hype and misinformation to "rile the masses " …just like death panels and kill grandma ….you guy neeed to grow up .

    • Bobzilla

      Told ya! Then, when they are confronted, libTards throw insults like spears. So easy to read. "Truth" What do YOU know about it? Nothing! That's what.

      Your time is coming – you will be suffering come November 2010. You will be a bug on the grill come Nov 2012. The American people are awake and you left-wing idiots don't phase us anymore.

      Keep throwing that spear man – you are great entertainment!

      • badabo

        Bobzilla , go out and buy some smart pills , yoiu need'em pal , if you believe crap like this 'story " . But then again it was meant for folk like you , who will take the bait , hook ,line and sinker .

  • Courtnye’

    don’t you love it when the RADICAL left has nothing better to do than read conservative articles, you know why they do that, because they don’t have anything true to read from their own party. They know that the whole bunch of them are liars so they don’t read the crap themselves!! And me, I read all the comments to laugh at the dumb left that writes the ridiculous comments!!

  • badaboo

    oh pishaw to you too Coutnye' . Wanna see ridiculous comments ? read some olf your own and your fellow disaffected Republicans who NOW call themselves "conservatives " . Wiliam Buckly A TRUE CONSERVATIVE would never lower himself to some of the commentary espoused here amnd would laugh at the rest .
    Especially this "red herring " by Mr.Trzupek . This is not Conservative thought , it's hatespeak against the opposition , which is no better than what is coming from their wing-nuts . btw …I dont have a party , I've been NPA since I was old enough to vote , because this kind of contentious partisan bickering has been going on since the 50's . You either dont read history on your country or you're simply to young and dont care to look back . You think this baloney started with you ?

    • Bobzilla

      You are in serious need of a basic English class, bro. It's a shame we let illiterate people vote, you'd be SOL. Speaking of which… Folks who write in "text message slang" can shampoo my crotch!

      Go Courtnye!!!

  • badaboo

    So you may as well throw away all your fishing gear eh courtnye' ? Because Obama's gonna take away sport fishing …riiiiiight . But you wont be represented anyway ….because you said your husband threw away the census forms .

  • Rifleman

    You're right, that's why lefty talk radio and TV tanks, it's so lame THEY won't even bother watching it. They aren't lefties, lol, but who do they always attack? Whose purpose do they serve? That's obvious.

  • JosephWiess

    Honestly, who better than recreational fisherman and farmers to decide how their land and waters are used? Farmers are the best stewards of the land, and fishermen are the best stewards of the waters. My grandfather used to love to fish and he explained how to take only what you needed and throw the rest back.

    Anytime the government interferes with anything, it makes it harder to enjoy life.

    • Rifleman

      Good point, people who's livelihoods depend on the land and water, tend to take good care of it. Commercial forests are healthier and better managed than our national forests, with the exception of some of the State experimental stations.

  • krz2

    this sounds like bad news for indian spearfishing and netting of inland lakes.
    what's the chance they'll be exempt..

  • arthur brede

    That's right, regulate the sport fishermen who, by and large, catch not a lot and observe size limits, then bow before the chief of the ocean-raping, regulation-ignoring Japanese food-perverts. Sod global warming! Overfishing and plain defiance of existing regulaions is klling off fish stocks below recovery levels. Cod and tuna gone within the decade unless someone, somewhere starts playing hardball about the rules we ALREADY have. I speak as a man brought up in a professional fishing village (ruined by the EU) who ran his own fishing boat for a few years and just managed to break even. Also as a zoologist and author of books on fish and fishing, for sport, science and food.

  • philmon

    Yeah, don't worry. Income tax will only ever be on the top 1%. Social Security tax will never exceed 3%. And your Social Security number will never, EVER be used for personal identification.

    Reconciliation will only ever be used to reconcile necessary budget adjustments – it's only for expediency. And the House would never pass sweeping health care and education legislation by passing amendments to a senate bill they won't pass with a straight vote on the bill itself, you know, as outlined in the Constitution.

    Silly conservatives. They're just paranoid. None of that would ever happen. Nobody's even discussing it.

    • Alabama Roadrunner

      Thanks. You said it well.

  • Sassamon

    As a test of masculinity I would like to take a few of the guys from the Hill on a little fishing trip in Northeast Louisiana. Swamp, Africa Flat, Big Africa Lake. Let them spend a few nights alone there to get close to nature, transcend if you will. Try it in July when the weather is nice and warm. There are huge catfish under the cypress logs to catch.
    Alligators, bears, cougars, cottonmouth water moccasians, skunks, mosquitoes. The sounds from that place at night would easily fill the bill for Monster Quest. and possibly give them a new perspective about "outdoorsy" folks and their fishing habits around quiet, dark waters.

  • badaboo

    Hey Arthur , if what you say about yourself is true , Thern you , more than the rest of the uninformed, misled paranoids , should know , that sport fishing does not in any way impact fish populations . Netting techniques , types of net , overfishing by FISHING INDUSTRY , and in the case of Trout , dams , those are the things that need regulation and most already have and had .
    To "use" sport fishing as a straw man simply to denigrate the opposition , is not only childish , but LUDICROUS , not to mention that it is a LIE .

  • Crusader

    While you righties and lefties engage in your usuall pi…ng contests, and wannabee blogosphere idealogues like mr.trzupek stoke your ignorant paranoid fears with baseless threats like the above topic "story "…your demogogues on either side , both afraid for the sake of self-perpetuating political careers , whose only goal is to remain as public parasites rather than public SERVICE , continue to pander to the ignorance of their bases , and stoke their ridiculous fears , rather than name the real threats to this country . Yes , ALL going back to Carter ,Reagan , Bush sr, Bush jr , including presently Obama , ALL , ALL , afraid to call islam what it is, and perpetuate the foolish idea that all you see is the result of a " tiny number of extremists " . Even at CPAC , the cowards ruled , and now you see the duplicitousness of Fox andf its Lackeys as they operate under the influence of muslim money , daring not to alienate those extra vote which may be lost , lest they be branded – "islamophobes " .

  • Crusader

    And the enemy is so arrogant , as it states publicly it's goal TO DESTROY AMERICA FROM WITHIN , it reiterates it's hatred for everything America stands for , and vows to bring America on its knees to sharia law , but the righties and lefties are too busy beating each other over the head , with charges and countercharges that each is un-American , that each would like to see this country destroyed , that each are EVIL .

    You quote the Bible , you quote the Constitution , whilst the enemy is starting a fire under your feet , and continue to ignore the warning in both of those great documents that …." a house divided will fall " . Both care not for this ,, but only for which side will rule .

  • Guy DeWhitney

    I usually look at things from a middle-ground attitude. It just dawned on me that SOME of the blame for the "silly science" trend in environmental science the last few decades belongs to the political right.
    Just as the Left has assumed the guise of then taken crontrol of the Liberal section of society so the Right-Wing, "If we can afford it we have the right to do it, and if you can't afford to stop me P*** Off" mindset has taken over from the background a huge swath of "conservative" politics.
    And then, something like this rolls around and the Americans in the middle look ascance at a Republicans saying someone else has a self-centered and political take on environmental science.

  • WhaThe

    In November people will have a decision to make — do they want THE USUAL big government takeover tactics, or do they want to GO BACK to a semi-private/CAPITALISTIC society.
    The “stimulus”; healthscare; cap & tax; card check; and many other schemes too numerous to list — shows the problem is not dems vs republicans, — the problem is big businesses/capitalism/PRIVATE enterprise (where many Americans have retirement funds, that are getting demolished) verses progressives/socialists/Marxists. If people can be judged by the people that surround them, then Obama is definitely has socialists/dictator type ideals — some people evidently have not figured out we are not experiencing politics as usual, — doing some research on the following may explain why overtaxed Americans/”alarmists” are concerned — Donald Berwick, Obama administration nominee to run Medicare and Medicaid; Craig Becker, Obama administration nominee to the National Labor Relations Board; -*John Holdren, pro-redistribution of wealth; White House Science ‘Czar’ Tells Students: U.S. Can’t Expect to Be Number One in Science and Technology Forever; Called for Carbon Tax to Redistribute Wealth from Global 'North' to 'South'; Advocated FCC Forcing Broadcasters to Air Enviro-Population Control Ads; Called for ‘Zero Economic Growth; -*Andy Stern, SEIU President & redistribution of wealth fan; -*Mark Lloyd, FCC 'Diversity Czar,' and Idolizes Hugo Chavez; -*Carol Browner, socialist; -*Robert Creamer, socialist; -*Maurice Strong was, probably still is, on the board of directors of the Chicago Climate Exchange; -*Eric Holder Attorney General evidently has disregarded the law as applied by his predecessors because he disagrees with their politics.

    The liberals/far left are against capitalism, and they need a scapegoat – the big businesses, and “conservatives” are apparently an easy target. Many people aren't interested in politics, and don't care to know the symbiotic relationship between the WhiteHouse and big businesses/the unions/SEIU/ACORN/ partners in crime, who are purposely surreptitiously getting what they want by MISrepresenting the facts, and some people are believing their false promises — forgetting the devil also made false promises/promised eternal life, but failed to mention this life would be in hell.
    Controlling corrupt private businesses is easier than corrupt big government/socialists control —

  • WhaThe

    —– PLEASE, get e-mails from your reps, and VOTE THE CORRUPT OUT
    -OpEdNews October 8, 2009 Black Box Voting to Wash. DC Council re: Proposed Election Reforms
    *-chamberpost-com/2010/07 Citizens United, Election Spending, and the DISCLOSE Act
    –newsmax-com Democrats Rushing 'Disclose' to Control November Elections Monday, 12 Jul 2010
    -*At website click on House of Representatives/Congress to get e-mail, phone, address of reps for area code entered.
    -smartvoter-org/ Our goal is to provide the best nonpartisan information about all contests on your ballot to help you make an informed decision. The League of Women Voters of Ohio, founded in 1920, is a non-partisan political organization that encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.
    Friendsofthechamber-com —- find a town hall in your area; take our election survey, and voter resources.
    -American Solutions-com American Solutions is a citizen action network of over 1.5 Million members, including 30,000 small business owners. Our goal is to unite a majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents in support of the next generation of solutions that will ensure that the United States remains the safest, freest, and most prosperous country in the world. Our General Chairman and founder is former Speaker Newt Gingrich.
    -washingtontimes-com Protecting Black Panthers-Wnd-com Feds sue New Black Panthers for voter intimidation STEAL THE VOTE Members at polling place allegedly to make sure black won election Posted: January 08, 2009 WorldNetDaily… – (More evidence of Justice racism Attitude to race-neutral enforcement of voting-rights act described as 'hostile') July 17, 2010

  • WhaThe

    -"We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America" — Barack Obama at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, October 31, 2008.

    IS OBAMA A SOCIALIST? -articlesbase-com – click on news and society in articles category – enter IS OBAMA A SOCIALIST? in search box, and listed is: Brief Biography Of Barack Obama, Obama is the gray man, born and great in the cultural crossroads that make him find difficulty at the beginning of the period of his life. Son of a Kenyan with jet and mother of United States with as white as milk, grew up in a simple … Feb 26, 2009; another heading is – A list of family, friends, and advisers that can be/are linked to socialism, or total government control. Jul 15, 2010
    -articlesbase-com – click on news and society – enter THE LIBERAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND OBAMAS' ADMINISTRATION HAVE A SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP – describes how the media, and the White House protects liberal views, but conveniently bypasses, and demonizes conservative views Jul 21, 2010; – enter ARIZONA ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION LAW IS A CLONE OF THE FEDERAL ICE 287 PROGRAM – mentions When Senor Wences, Felipe Calderon, from Mexico criticizes Arizona's law, something is blatantly wrong. How can Mexico's President, who enforces harsh immigration law/s, and knows little about Arizona's problems be given creditability? – Eric Holder calls SB1070 possibly unconstitutional, without reading the law.
    In the bill, racial profiling is specifically addressed, and prohibited; and if Arizona wants to enforce the same rules as Feds 287 program, Arizona is racist? Jul 13, 2010

  • WhaThe

    In November people will have a decision to make — do they want THE USUAL big government takeover tactics, or do they want to GO BACK to a semi-private/CAPITALISTIC society.

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