Islam’s Burning Rage

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In this supposedly enlightened, modern world of ours, many people take a perverse pride in mocking those symbols and beliefs that other people hold dear. Judaism and Christianity are among the most popular targets of today’s iconoclasts, embodied in the stupidity of Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” through the deadly serious Zionist conspiracy theories that permeate the highest levels of the United Nations. Yet, somehow Jews and Christians endure these slings and arrows, remaining confident and secure in their faith in spite of the insults. At the other end of the spectrum, we have one major religion in the world so terribly insecure about itself that it cannot bear the slightest provocation, no matter how obscure or tenuous the source is. Rather than holding that religion – Islam – accountable for maintaining a skin so thin that it encroaches upon the freedoms it supposedly hold so dear, the Left continues to enable a hyper-sensitive Muslim worldview. According to the Left, Muslims are a particularly aggrieved part of the victim class and thus the regular rules of public discourse do not apply when they express their grievances. History tells us that leftists aren’t doing anyone any good, not Muslims and certainly not the civilized world, by according Islam this special status.

The firestorm of controversy that surrounded the ultimately unrealized plans of an obscure Florida pastor to burn a few copies of the Qur’an was truly remarkable, without any analog in the modern world. If Terry Jones had announced an intention to put any other book in the world to the torch, no one would have taken any notice, much less threatened to set off a firestorm of righteous indignation. The fact that this one book, and only this book, could provoke such a ludicrously disproportionate reaction ought to tell us much more about the people who believe in that book than it does about the people who question its authenticity and authority. Bible burnings, for example, are not uncommon. Last year an equally obscure preacher in North Carolina announced his intention to burn copies of the Christian Holy Book on Halloween. The United States has officially confiscated and burned Bibles in Afghanistan. Such incidents didn’t result in Christians storming the streets, howling in outrage or threatening violence. Such plans were instead met with a shrug, because the faithful were confident enough to say that such misguided actions ultimately don’t matter.

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  • Paul Nim

    Geert Wilders has a copy of his presentation on-line: Warning to America. During Part 2, about ten minutes long, he recommends explicit and detailed steps to take to help cease the spread of Islam / terrorism.

    Almost every article on both Front Page Magazine and Jihad Watch simply states the problem; no solutions or recommendations to help solve the problem. Most people who read these articles are already educated, conservative, and aware that the problem will continue to get worse. Can anyone who writes the articles suggest what should be done as a result?

    • SoundDoc

      If informed Americans would boycott any business that hires a Muslim, it would slow down the population of those who think they can enter and take over with their lies. Do not allow the schools to teach Islam/religion in any form even as a culture, And do not stop speaking out. Stand against their lies with truth in their faces.

    • RiverRat2U

      Paul, these people make their money writing their opinion. They would have to put their lives on the line if they offered a solution. Those who run this country are not interested in a solution since they are up to their eyeballs in OIL Money created from business deals with the owners of Islamic OIL fields.
      We would be probably be agast to know how many corporations,trust funds and banks are now controlled by members of the Islamic Faith.

    • Atlas_Collins

      "Can anyone who writes the articles suggest what should be done as a result? "

      The solution is simple:

      Islam Delenda Est.

    • Wesley69

      Islamo-fascism is alive and well because of both Saudi Arabia, a supposed ally and Iran, a deadly enemy. The United States needs to become energy independent and stop buying oil from these countries. The United States should cut off trade with any Islamic country actively persecuting other religions. India takes no crap from Pakistan. We need to adopt a similar attitude. Muslims, who are student visitors, if they are involved in radical actions, need to be deported immediately. Any religious group in this country that advocates killing and provokes its membership to violence, needs to be shut down or lose tax-free status. It needs to be an amendment to our constitution that no religious group's philosophy will become the law of the land and that citizens of any religion are protected by the laws of this country against any harmful actions of any militant sect. Islam may be taught in public schools with other major religions as a cultural and historical study. If special provisions are made for one religion, they need to be accorded to all religions. Just a few ideas, Paul Nim. But you are right, everyone discusses problems. That's the easy part. Proposing solutions, now that is the ticket.

    • Chris

      There should be the group of lawyers and politicians to prove
      that Islam is not compatible with democracy and Western
      values. The goal should be to ban Islam in the West!

    • Raelene

      I'm a big fan of solutions. My blog is all solutions, which you may or may not agree with, but they are solutions.

      Raelene "Rae" Conquista

      • Bob Smith

        I have a plan to dismantle Islam. It goes like this. 1 Discredit Mohammad and the Koran. Without belief in these the jihadis will not kill. 2 Women’s liberation. Islam cannot exist in its present form with truly free women. 3 Discredit the Mullahs. The Mullahs incite the jihadis – these jihadis won't kill for discredited Mullahs. More below

        • Bob Smith

          4 Let the Muslim sexual cat out of the bag. You can be sure that there is a huge amount of sexual perversity among the Mullahs and others inside of Islam. Power always corrupts. And Islam’s power system is as strange as it comes. 5 Divide the ummah. Islam is after all an oddball form of (religious) colonialism. Why do Pakistanis, Indians, Iranians, Thais, Filipinos and others bow towards Mecca and pray in Arabic.. You can read my theory on Islamic fear – the glue that holds Islam together at

    • ebonystone

      Paul, I don't know how long you've been following JW and FP, but keep reading, and maybe do some digging in the JW archives. Meanwhile, here are some short summaries of suggestions I've seen there in the last couple of years:
      1) Reform the immigration laws to both drastically reduce the present rate of immigration and to apportion immigrants strictly in ratio with their home country's population. I'd suggest for the U.S. a maximum of 60,000 per year total — with a world population of about 6 billion outside the U. S. that's one per hundred thousand, or about 13000 from the Islamic countries. And if we stipulated a preference for those facing persecution, we could fill the quota from many Moslem countries with Christians, Hindus, Bahais, etc.
      2) Greatly increase our domestic (and NAFTA) energy resources — on- and off-shore oil and gas production, nuclear power, vastly expanded electrified rapid transit — so as to reduce our payments to OPEC thus defunding their support of Islamic aggression and expansion. Reducing our imports by a million bbl/day would mean nearly $30 billion/year less to OPEC.

      • ebonystone

        3) Strict enforcement of the laws against Moslem lawbreakers, such as the vandals and arsonists in France, the rapists in Norway and Sweden, the rioters in Britain, as well as the Moslem bigamists and welfare cheats all over Europe. Maximum prison terms, followed by deportations where possible.
        4) Eliminate welfare hand-outs to immigrants.
        5) Eliminate foreign-aid payments to countries that do not meet minimum human-rights standards; this would mean most Moslem countries (as well as a number of others) .
        6) In connection with (5), since the U.N. is dominated by the OIC, free countries should withdraw from it and establish a new international forum for free countries only. Freedom House lists 89 countries as free at present, of which only 2 are Moslem. And then tell the U.N. to get out of NYC, and give the land to the Free World Forum.
        As I say, these are just short summaries of some suggestions that I have seen in JW in the last couple of years. They and others, and variations on them, appear every now and them

        • Paul Nim

          Thanks ebonystone. I responded 3!! times with the same solution: search for schools that are teaching Islam. They were never posted. It would have been #81.

          I suggested asking your neighbors, friends, relatives, etc. if they are learning Islam. It is being taught across the country, from CA to NY. If it is in public schools, we are paying for it. If they are not including all negative aspects of Islam, they are misleading the students. (Not sure this will be received by you).

          • ebonystone

            Yes, education is another way to combat Islam. If I'd gone on to a page 3 of suggestions (which I guess is what I'm doing here), one would have been to get rid of the federal government's role in public education. The DOEd has done a lot more to harm publice education than help it.

          • Patrick

            Islam is indeed being taught in public schools across the nation. I spent 3 months in middle school the year after 9/11 learning how wonderful Islam was, 1 month learning about how ok Judaism was, and received an intense 2-week lesson on the horrors of Christianity with the Crusades and the Inquisition.

            However, I think education about Islam is the answer. It must be honest education, though. That is the problem.

            Teach kids what the Koran says. No whitewashing. Teach them who Mohammad was and what he did. Again, no whitewashing. Show them how Muslims around the world behave. There will be no Muslim sympathy in that generation.

    • Auntie Izlam

      Declare that islam is NOT a religion, as we think of religion, but a political ideology. Problem solved.

    • traeh

      We are getting a little closer to solutions. Read the report just put out by national security officials who worked under Democrat and Republican presidents. It's called "Shariah: The Threat to America." It offers a few solutions, though its overall purpose is to name the enemy (finally!) and describe his profile and purpose. On the team that wrote the report is a former head of the CIA, a retired Admiral who was C-in-C of the Pacific Fleet, a head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Andrew McCarthy, lead prosecutor in the first WTC attack, and a number of other former big wigs.

      About thirty years ago, national security experts put out what they called a "Team B" analysis of the threat from the Soviet Union. That analysis overthrew the formerly reigning view of how to deal with the Soviets. Reagan adopted the new analysis, and abandoned or profoundly altered detente.

      This report on Sharia is subtitled "A Competitive Analsis from Team "B" II." The goal is to have the next administration adopt it as a new approach to the enemy we face. The report is about 150 pages, with another 25 pages of references, and includes an executive summary. I'm up to page 50, about, and it's what many have been waiting for: an eyes-open description of the enemy, of jihad, including stealth jihad, with jihad's goal of insinuating sharia into the West.

      A huge part of getting to the solution is education. I share your frustration about the lack of solutions, but this report makes some beginning proposals. But there is still a huge amount of ignorance of Islam out there, so education remains a huge prerequisite to getting a solution. In fact, once sufficient numbers of people understand what is going on — and this report's threat analysis will help with that — solutions will appear quickly.

      The report is available to read for free online at the center for security policy website.

  • Paul Nim

    Maybe it would help if I can ask any writer to contact me by e-mail if they have a suggestion. I'm guessing you can simply get access to my e-mail address since it is on file with the website.

    I have read responses on articles ranging from a few sentences to essays to small term papers. They also are views and opinions, no suggestions, ranging to as many as 150 or more. Let any writer contact me if they have an idea.

    • Jim Johnson

      My finding with political groups is they tend to have a narrow focus on certain Ideologies .
      they last for a while then die out. These groups accentuate gloom doom and and comspiracy. They die on the fringe .

      A successful groups promotes hope and has a democratic goal. It look to the future and and does not doubt that victory is inevitable. It program is to restore the American people to their rightful economic status. It fight for the democratic voice voice for the people and to meet their needs.

      Young people stung by high unemployment are ready to do some thing but they flounder not knowing what to do. They may blame them selves. They thing the great recession just happens. People who are able to arrange small groups can attract such peoples They can give them talking points .
      These groups can join with other groups like them and form larger groups to educate and teach how the joined organizations can show the public not to be afraid to join and gage in well thought out political actions.
      They must be trained on how to become articulate handle hecklers and show people that real democracy is coming as long as we do not wavier.
      We must accentuate jobs for Americans first. We must show how we can nullify the power of the lobbyists who have created the laws that brought on the great recession we are now all sinking into. We can nullify the lobbyists by forcing them to testify before congress on the benefits their programs to the nation. At no other place may the lobby under penelaty o f the law.
      With enough political force we can eliminate the massive bills into which all sorts extra sneaky sub bills are introduced. Russia doesn' allow it neither should we.

      Organizing will take two types of people. The first should be army forces who are used to negotiatng with wildly diverse groups and persuading them.
      The second type is to find and hire like minded women and girls to make the men feel at home and encourage them to be faithful members and praise them for their accomplishments for any projects they have entered into.

      The larger and braver the group the better it can combat to astroturf the antis conger up to fight the democratic forces. The more articulate the better able to persuade the by standers.
      Avoid dogmatism , constitual arguments are non relevant to all but a few ;obtuse economic iteas only confuse. Keep it on the kitchen table where America.

      Remember to remind them that the business write the laws and the write them in their favor and against consuners. Congress runs for political office and wins on the basis canpaign donation and promises of lobbying jobs. Congress is the employees of budiness and other lobbyists. They work for the people who pay their way.

    • flaedo

      Well already you, Paul, are a part of the "solution", though you may not feel your efforts are amounting to much – all of us who are fighting this war feel disheartened a lot of the time. lts important to recognise that you are at war, when you conciously acknowlege that it helps to steel ones resolve and sharpen ones senses.

    • dhimminology

      Dear Paul,
      You said:-
      "Almost every article on both Front Page Magazine and Jihad Watch simply states the problem; no solutions or recommendations to help solve the problem. Most people who read these articles are already educated, conservative, and aware that the problem will continue to get worse. Can anyone who writes the articles suggest what should be done as a result? "
      Couldn't agree with you more! I have some thoughts – how do I contact you?
      However, I am not an American. I am a non-Muslim living in a Muslim country. My perspective may be different from that of Americans.
      I also have to add….these article about the evil of Islam -that politico-religious system – are true but the audience are mostly people who ALREADY know about the evils of this 'religion'. I wonder how much impact these articles have on ignorant, current media-propaganda deceived non-Muslims out these and also 'moderate' Muslims who still think Islam is a 'good' religion due to their ignorance of their own faith.

      • dhimminology

        Sorry for the spelling errors!

      • Paul Nim

        Sorry for the delay. I have one email Feel free to contact. Thanks

        • dhimminology

          I will do so soon. Thanks!

    • Bob Smith


      Read my thesis on Islamic fear. It can be found at

      It describes the force that holds Islam together.

      If this force can be broken – Islam can be defeated.

      You can contact me at my email address posted at my thesis site.

      My solution is quite siimple – break the cycle of fear I describe in my article.

      Bob Smith

  • Siddi Nasranni

    I live in an Islamic country & I asked my Muslim friends what they thought about burning the
    Koran. They said if a Koran is dirty or has ripped pages, they always burn it !!!!!!

    • tanstaafl

      I am reminded of an old Blues song – "Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself".

    • ebonystone

      Reminds me of a remark made by a British naval officer, about what he considered the strange reverence that Americans have for their flag. He said that in the Royal Navy, they also respected their flag, but when it got too worn or tattered, they replaced it and used the worn one to polish their shoes.

  • Jim Johnson

    Seem like the religion of peace has turned violent. Imagine that.

    Something could be done but it won't be. Americans are escapists . The want it pleasant .

    Consider a man sleeping on a rail road track with a train beginning to come around the bend. his friend warns him. " A train will becoming around the bend and run over"
    To which the would be snoozer replies . "Why do you always have to be so negative?"
    "You are an alarmist and an extremist and a crack pot". " You see a train under every bush."

    Next time a lesson on what the Russian Communists discovered about delivering negative messages and the stages of denial people go through to block out the unpleasant feeling a negative but true message brings to the listener.

    Are you spreading gloom and doom or glorious victory over the forces evil from the middle middle ages . The prestige of the leaders in the fight ,the adventure and the girls that come with the struggle. A new world dawns where democracy begins again and the American people once again can stand proud and victorious.

    The Tea party is a positive start but I worry when I see Dick Army easing into the front of the parade. I worry when I see Sarah Palin supporting one of our most destrictive Republicans ,John McCain. ( A prime political trans morph around election time)

    But people are smarter more and more they see the old guard Republicans still around and still selling the old snake oil. The cleaning of the Agean stables has begun though. In groups and singly the tired old horses of congress must be sent out to pasture.

    Join, form, act and connect with other groups to form a strong political movement that spreads information massivly to overcome the extremists moderates grip on the information
    out lets and carries it's activism into the pooling place.

    Make organizing fun,make it prestigious and keep it active and successful.
    Rejoice in victory and learn from defeat and be creative.

    People like to belong. Make it a joyous fight for democracy and they will come.

  • David Catleugh

    A good first step against the spread of radical Islam, would be for those places, such as America, and Britain, that value freedom and democracy, to strictly limit immigration from Islamic countries.

  • ajnania

    The writer's premise that "We have one major religion in the world so terribly insecure about itself that it cannot bear the slightest provocation…" couldn't be more wrong.
    First, Islam is not a religion in the way that the West usually understands that term. It is rather a political ideology and organization that has indoctrinated its adherents to imagine that they are the only lawful rulers of this world. The fact that even their threats to act deprive the West from even speaking words or drawing cartoons critical of their "faith" only serve to convince the faithful that theyare indeed right.
    The founder of Islam was a lunatic brigand and pederast who was,I have no doubt, inspired by the devil himself. Nine years have passed since 9/11, and the reason that no moderate and peaceful Muslims have stood to oppose their true believing brethren is because follower of what is written in the Koran can be either.
    Unless we soon recognize our enemy, we are sheep waiting for slaughter.

    • Wesley69

      The political in Islam has to be removed if it is to be a religion of peace. Additionally, if the millions of adherents receive a true education to open their minds, it will lose its power. Just like the Catholic Church, when people became more secular, it lost its power of countries. When the printing press was invented and bibles rolled off the presses, people began to think for themselves. Islam needs a reformation. Countries with Muslim populations must allow their people basic freedoms. Until this is done, the only way to deal with Islamo-fascism is from a position of strength. They act, you react, but inflicti more punishment. An eye for an eye – its in the Koran. Except an eye for two eyes.

      • Gary Rumain

        The trouble is pislam will never be a religion of peace. Its a satanic death cult.

  • Guest

    Just remember folks, Islam doesn't kill people, Muslims do.

    • tanstaafl

      And Muslims are members of ………………… ?

    • george

      Sorry, that's like saying the KKK didn't lynch blacks, people did. The KKK mentality taugh people to lynch, and Islam teaches to KILL, plain and simple. Grow up or get out of the adult conversation.

    • dhimminology


      Islam IS THE problem. Most Muslims(the so-called 'moderates') are not truly practicing their credo because if they really do, all of them will practice jihad like those Islamic terrorists, Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. Jihad in the Quran almost always means military war, not a 'spiritual war to conquer oneself' as many 'moderates' are keen to 'explain' to 'defend' Islam.

  • NFD

    In this cultural war against freedoom mahometans are considered as muslims. Mahometans is the real name for those (Glup!) mad guys. Churchill like many others befor the 9/11 call them mahometans and not islam but mahometanism. That's real important this semantic difference.

    • Gary Rumain

      I call them arselifters or koranimals.

  • Terry

    I keep hearing about the millions of 'moderate' muslims who are totally against violence. But I've never heard from this group, never seen them on the streets. Indeed, I've been told that the moderate muslims are too scared to openly challenge the extremists. If this is so, then the extremists are in charge of islam and we should be banishing it from the west. Every time I hear a western leader proclaim that we are not at war with islam, I read that as a surrender.

    Here in Australia we have a trial of extremists who wanted to storm an Aussie army base in Sydney and kill as many people as possible before they themselves were killed. Home grown terrorism in the name of islam. And the judge's opening instructions ot the jury were that 'islam in not on trial here'. This apparently is a criminal matter – sort of like shoplifting, or drink driving!! Surrender once more.

    Islam has been openly at war with the west for decades or more. They try to kill us, they try to colonise and outbreed us. And the best our leaders can come up with is that they are a religion of peace!! I do hope Sarah Palin wins the next Presidential election. For all our sakes.

    • davarino

      Agreed, the Tea Partiers are winning and scaring the hell out of the Dems and the Repubs. The party in Washington is over, and things are going to change. This time we really are mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. So yuk it up as much as you can for the next couple months (you knuckle heads in Washington) cause we are turning America around

      • trickyblain

        So you want to "fundimentally change America"?

        • davarino

          Ya, and undo all the unconstitutional things that have crept in over the years. In other words, reestablish what the constitution intended.

          Oh, I gotcha, you are trying to accuse me of wanting the same thing that obama is being accused of. I dont understand how you can equate the two.

    • kathy

      "Islam is not on trial here" is starting more and more to sound like denial.

    • tanstaafl

      Actually, Islam has been at war with the rest of the world since its inception.

      • bdouglasaf1980

        Islam may not be on trail, but one of it's ardent adherents is no trail. Where did he get his motivations? That may not be important to the judge, but it should be very important to the citizens. One of the purposes of a judge should ultimately be to protect the people. You can't protect the people when you try to bury the problem.

        Davarino, I certainly hope you are right.

    • topeka

      Thanks for the view from down under.

    • tagalog

      Islam has been openly at war with the West since no later than the 8th Century A.D. Muslims conquered parts of Christian Persia, Christian Anatolia, Christian Palestine, Christian Syria, Christian North Africa (the Maghreb as it came to be called), Christian Spain, Christian Portugal, the Christian Byzantine Empire, and would have conquered France and Austria -and possibly the rest of Europe by the 17th Century- if not stopped by international Christian armies led by Charles Martel and Jan Sobieski.

      The willingness of the West to forget history is the reason why Islam is resurgent today, when recent history shows the bankruptcy of Islam as a mechanism for benefiting mankind either in spiritual or the material ways. Islam as a political program reduced several races/ethnicities of people with promising intellectual achievements into religious robots.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    It's really a "good-cop, bad-cop" paradigm, with moderates insisting if we don't go along with their stealth Jihad, the radicals will go berserk and we'll have the violent variant. And of course, Leftists eagerly lap it up.

    • davarino

      Well put Chez. What else are we to assume, that there are the violent jihadists, and the stealth jihadists that do nothing to help us in this fight.

      You "moderate" muslims better start standing up with us and denouncing the violent jihadists or we have to lump you in with them and when the shiite hits the fan your our of here.

  • davarino

    Its funny how tenuous this religion of peace is that has to threaten violence when ever it is mocked, or challenged. If the muslims are so sure of their religion why do they have to silence opposition. What you believe is true regardless of what others think,

    OR IS IT? : )

    • kafir4life

      You hit the nail right on the head. They are NOT secure in their faith. That's why they're not even allowed to READ the bible, or associate with kafir who may show them a way that makes more sense. It's a threat to islam. It's also the reason that death is the punishment for turning from the moon god and pedophile murderer.
      Can you even imagine how horrible it must be to be a muslim?

  • solemnman

    The problem is not islamist insecurity. It's the west's!!! .The islamists have every reason to believe that their bizzarre explosions of rage will intimidate and cow the insecure infidel into submission.

  • American_Flag

    Islam will win in the end folks. They have hijacked our weak, liberal induced justice system, (same thing in Europe and now canada) our lack of understanding of Islam, and our freedoms, which they now call their freedoms under the guise of religion…it may take hundreds of years, but once they are the dominant majority, our blood will flow and future generations have us to blame as their heads are severed from their torsos.

    Makes me sick.

    • ziontruth

      "Islam will win in the end folks."

      If the governments, mainstream media outlets and education systems of the non-Muslim countries stay in the hands of the Marxist Left, then you are inevitably right.

      If, on the other hand, patriots manage to purge their countries of these gate-opening traitors, then the game is completely changed.

      Destroy the Marxist Left, and then there will be a fighting chance against Islam. Criminalize Marxism, brand it as the treason it is, and then the Arab imperialist invasion (for what is Islam but Arab imperialism? Take it from the late Indian ex-Muslim Anwar Shaikh) can be repulsed.

      Marxism is the AIDS, Islam just the opportunistic disease that strikes after the immune system has been done for.

    • fmobler

      I do not know who you are, but I adamantly disagree.

      As a Christian, I firmly hold on to the hope of things unseen. The history of the world is nothing less than God's story of his loving redemption, in spite of our continuing attempts to ruin it. Our sinfulness continues to thwart (but not forever) God's desire to redeem his creation. Indeed, the sin of despair is something that I think we in the West are particularly vulnerable to right now, but it is still one of the ancient sins of mankind.

      Here's the thing. I, along with all my Christian brethren, may be wrong. Maybe God is fictional and Jesus is just a slightly weird story. If so, then Islam is just another way to make our meaningless lives less pleasant. But there is not much point in talking about
      the good and bad of it. And there is certainly not much point in fighting for anything but one's own relative comfort. But if we Christians are right, Islam will not win in the end
      and there is every reason to fight it every way within our individual means.

      Since Christ is my hope and salvation, I do not pretend that my life ought to be easy (which it certainly is so far). Indeed I may one day be asked to be a martyr for Christ. But if so, I'll die knowing that my hope does not die with me.

    • http://www.myspace/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

      sad to say yes that evil will win in the end game and if people cannoy understands what that means people have Islam coming a real hell on earth. Muslims means evil.

  • Nathan

    I really appreciate all of the comments posted here. It seems everyone here has a true understanding of the agenda of Islam as a collective whole, and that makes us like minded.
    Most of the people that I talk to about Islam as being a "warring religion", a religion that seeks to overthrow the west tend to write me off at "Islamophobic".

    Isn't it just like the Liberals to call names?….when the truth is that America is becoming more and more educated on Islam, and the dangers that lie within that political system that tries to hide being a religion of peace. Islam is an evil religion. A religion that since it's mysterious inception has only wished death upon kafirs, Israel, and now the West.
    This embodies the very spirit of Muhammad….Muslims actually believe that the end will not come until Israel is destroyed. This is in sharp contrast to our scripture that God wants to restore Israel to Him. It is further interesting to note that when our savior died on the cross, he blessed his enemies…asking his Father to forgive them. When Muhammad died, he cursed his enemies. Christ tells us to love our enemies, Muhammad says to kill your enemies for the advancement of Allah's Islam.

    It's striking to me to notice how many nominal muslims there are…and I recently came to the revelation that it is the extremists that are following their own Quran's teaching. Nominal muslims aren't. Islam is a religion or war. We know this because they deem the world outside of Islam as the "Dar al-Harb", that is, "House of War".

    what would happen is every christian followed Christ's teachings word for word? We would love until we couldn't love anymore!!!

    Remember friends, during these tense times in our country, it is easy to become enraged and angry and our muslim neighbors. Remember that Christ calls us to love our enemies, and to bless them when they curse us.

    Run the race that is set before you, and represent Christ (to the best of your ability), as the true embodyment of peace.

    • American_Flag

      I agree with most of what you say, except why should we as Christians allow ourselves to be obliterated and exterminated by the wicked Islam. Should we not be able to defend our selves?

      Islam is not a religion. Period. it is a cult following, and an ideology. It falls under the guise of religion.

      • Nathan

        Well, I believe that if (and when) it comes to some sort of "hand to hand" combat, then you should DEFINITELY defend yourself. I believe that soon we can expect to be fighting against Muslims in our own country, but from an offensive standpoint, we will be the ones being attacked. (i.e. stage 3 of Jihad=OPEN WAR WITH TARGET NON-ISLAMIST SOCIETY AND
        As Christians we are not to cast the first stone, but if I saw a maniacal man running at me with the intention of killing, you better believe that I would do everything imaginable to stop him from taking lives in the name of Allah.

        Islam is influenced by the very spirit that influenced Hitler. Both are calling for a racial and religious cleansing. Now, obviously Muslims and Hitler served different deities, and it is sad that Hitler claimed he was acting in the name of Christ (even though Christ would never support Hitler's actions), both are/were hell bent on the destruction of God's people: Israel. This is the very spirit of Antichrist, and presently it is residing/hiding behind Islam.

        For some interesting reading on Nazi/Muslim connections, check out this website;

    • topeka

      The left is fact challenged, and "reasons" with emotion if not out-right "Stockholm syndrome." e.g. If you engaged in a discussion of why a popular leftist politician cannot or will not support levee construction in a flood plain, and you wondered why that politician and his supporters refuse to understand flooding (to support your argument), you would be accused of "hydrophobia." There is nothing more to it than that among the grassroots leftists. The leadership, of course, act out other motives, etc., and are harder to convince.

    • Indioviejo

      Christianity is not suicidal. We have forgiven more than 70×7. Jesus abhorred evil and preached its eradication. Islam is a satanic cult that requires eradication, something Jesus would of sanctioned.

  • Jason

    I am coming from a more religious point of view. The solution is simple. Islam is not compatible with democracy. Every Islam going, one must submit. In Europe it is not happening by the sword, it is happening via immigration. A slow process. If one has studied European affairs, Islam is taking over. Example: sharia compliant courts, numerous cathedrals turned into mosques, multiple wives, female mutilation, mass gang rapes (blame it on the women), mass burning of cars, murder of Theo Van Goa, Jewish hatred in on the rise and Jews have to flee Europe again. The way to stop it is to resist it. Open the Koran, Hadiths and Sura. Expose the violence and Hatred on mass scale. If it still does not solve the problem, one may have to stop all immigration and ban the religion and the pretext of hatred and violence. If one is not willing to defend one's culture, than expect it to be taken over. Religion is not universal right if it promotes the host state to submit via violence. Look at history: Gates of Vienna,, Constantinople, Poi-tiers, Lepanto, and the Crusades. All of these where to stop Islam from taking over. Some failed and some won. Islam twice has almost conquered all of Europe. Now that the enemy has changed tactics to a more clandestine means, does not mean that Europe or America should not be strong in it response. It should learn from history and give no quarter…

    • tanstaafl

      I have to agree that every infidel should read the Qur'an and Sira. Think how much better off the world would be if the west had read "Mein Kampf"……

      Islam is tyranny. Just like National Socialism, Communism or Hugo Chavez. Never Submit.

    • http://www.myspace/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

      you are so right and inside the USA The muslims right now have 13 million and are in control of the drug dealers and within 5 years we will have 20 million and more here inside the USA And we will see jihad against us inside are own nation. our political system boys will help muslims take power and use us all like the europeans are being used. if people cannot see evil that people will be eaten by evil.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Rock solid analysis by Rich Trzupek.

    Insecurity is the essence of totalitarianism. And given totalitarian Islam's century's long decline from a world power into relative powerlessness Islam's rage against superpower America (we have the power which is Islam's by divine right) is quite understandable-however insane, irrational and destructive.

    Click my name above for my Number One Townhall blog and read my recent piece on the death of bin Laden's unborn grandkids and my interpretation of its meaning.

  • BS1977

    Moslem mobs routinely burn our flag. Synagogues, Christian churches and Hindu temples have been destroyed. Jewish and Christian cemeteries desecrated by Moslems…head stones used in latrines…..Bibles used as toilet paper in church occupations…..but watch them go beserk over a cartoon or the threat to burn the wretched koran. This is scary…llike one of those terrible zombie movies…If you arent afraid, you are not paying attention. Better wake up , AMericans. SIgn the petition…no monster fifteen story mega mosque steps from Ground Zero. Say it cannot happen here!!!!!

  • bdouglasaf1980

    Maybe the muslim god just can't defend himself.

  • kafir4life

    If you want to make a fortune in the muslim world, sell American flags and matches!

    islam is as islam does.

  • Robert

    What to do about Islam…understant it…read:
    (with appendices)
    Stephen Collins Coughlin
    Major, Military Intelligence, USAR
    NDIC Class 2007

  • Patricia
  • Patricia

    The death of Liberty begins with submission!

  • Gary McAleer

    Islam proclaims its purity and holiness as a continuation of God's true religion that Judaism and Christianity abandoned. Their so-called "holy Koran" gives lip service to the Old and New Testaments. The following words will show that Islam usurps the authority of God, substituting themselves in His place no less than Bible disobedient Judaism and Christianity. The Bible obedient Christian says, I will sacrifice my life for what I believe, and will not force your will to believe as I (Matt.5:44,45). The Koran obedient Muslim says, I will sacrifice your life for what I believe and under threat of death force you to believe as I (Surah 9:5). Certain facts should be kept in mind: 1. Liberty of conscience has no place in Islam. 2. It is a religion promoting 1st degree murder, and therefore, sin. 3. All men are not created equal in Islam. 4. Muhammad's visions collapse as fraudulent under the scrutiny of the Bible's 16 guidelines for true prophets; therefore, he is, as the Bible calls him, a false prophet. 5. Islam's depiction of the angel Gabriel who they claim gave Muhammad the words of God utterly contradicts the words and works of the true Gabriel of the Bible. 6. The father of Arabs (including Muhammad) was Ishmael who worshiped the God of his father Abraham not the god of Muhammad, therefore all Arab Muslims dishonor their father standing in open sin against the 5th Commandment while claiming superiority over all men. 7. World War III is Islam vs. Christianity. 8. World War IV: Renegade Christianity legislates and enforces its age-old sin: the pagan day of the Sun into international law.

    • Gary Rumain

      From one Gary to another, very well said.

      • Caedite_Eos

        I second that statement!

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    The Left and Islam are joined at the hip with their totalitarian ideologies because they are both out to subjugate this country. Never mind the Left's idea of "freedom" will be quashed under Islam, the Left's "values", such as political correctness, supports Islam by giving it the opportunity to gain a foothold here. And the Left's typical blindness will do the rest of the damage.

    Glen Beck is right we need to return on our knees to the God of Jacob as well as vote conservative this fall because the God who guarantees our freedom is under assault and so is His freedom.

    What we believe makes the difference between slavery and freedom, it's that simple. And we are on the path to slavery with these two slave ideologies snapping at our heels. But the faith of our fathers will fill the vacuum these two ideologies are rushing in to fill.

  • RiverRat2U

    Islam has at its base a Religion of submission. That Submission is not only to Allah but to any strongman who is in power. Those Strong Men use Islam to control the people. Islam is an excellent religion for our Progressives to support in their thirst for power and control over the Masses. Islam is not a problem in the U.S..The problem is the betrayal of our Constitution and our people by the Political Caste.

  • topeka

    The real solution to Islam is to defeat leftists. When we can count on leadership as concerned about supporting us as they are about pillaging our treasury for their buddies and interests, Islamism will be quelled. This is impossible and simplistic – but stopping communism by say "cold war" was also impossible and simplistic. True, unlike communism, Islamism will never collapse on its own, but it can be contained, and we can hope for reform as long as we survive. We can do nothing with leftists because they are "eating" us – squandering our freedom, our power, our lives, and our hopes and dreams in the process. i.e. We can live with Islam (and pray for reform / conversions) if we rule ourselves with governments that will support us and oppose / defeat Islamic governments.

  • Ron

    I can't believe the obvious journalistic play on words wasn't used here, concerning this pastor's "fifteen minutes of flame." Oh well. Standards continue to sink.

  • quark1912

    Every Christmas Season everyone has seen one of those videos of a yulelog burning in a fireplace. Here is an inspired thought: shoot a video of a burning Qur'an, perhaps using a Saudi flag as kindling, then upload the video to YouTube. One might even turn a profit by burning such a video onto DVDs and selling them, or just give them away as Christmas gifts. Excuse me while I go to Amazon and order my Qur'an, preferably in Arabic.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I think that as we see a politician speak of Islam as a
    religion of peace, they sign their exit papers from the
    political arena for American voters. It is interesting to watch
    how many religion of peace individuals will be or are
    already finished in the eyes of most Americans. My
    personal view is to deport evey Muslim and make their
    cult illegal in America and if anyone doesn't like it they
    can go with them…………………………………………..William

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Islam makes slaves out of it's followers. Leftist love this
    type of person as they are already willing followers who will do
    violence at the drop of a word by their Imam. They will force the
    infidel into being a believer or kill them ending opposition,
    just what the leftist elite in America want and it is the perfect tool
    for expanding their plans of conquest and creating a Socialist world.
    Being egomaniacs they consider it easy to disregard Islam once
    they are in control and are masters of the world. Looks like a big
    fight ahead, November is almost here…………………William

  • youcancallmeRoy

    Shariah – which translates from Arabic as "path to God" – is actually binding law. It is taught as such by the most revered sacred texts, traditions, institutions, top academic centers, scholars and leaders of the Islamic faith. Fortunately, hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world do not wish to live under a brutally repressive, woman-demeaning, barbaric and totalitarian program. Such Muslims are potentially our allies, just as those who do adhere to Shariah are our unalterable foes.
    The immutability of Shariah-adherent Muslim hostility toward the rest of us derives directly from the central tenet of Shariah: Muslims are explicitly required to seek the triumph of Islam over all other faiths, peoples and governments.

  • youcancallmeRoy

    Examples of stealth jihadism abound in Western societies, notably Europe and increasingly in the United States. They include the demand for symbolic and substantive accommodations in political, economic and legal areas (for example, special treatment or rights for Muslims in the workplace, in public spaces and by government); the opportunity to penetrate and influence operations against government at every level; and the insinuation of the Trojan horse of "Shariah-compliant finance" into the West's capital markets.
    Many Western elites, including the Obama administration, have been seduced by the seemingly benign quality of the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, we know from the 2008 prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation – the largest terrorism-financing trial in U.S. history – that the Muslim Brothers' mission in the United States is "a kind of grand jihad to destroy Western civilization from within … by their own miserable hands."

    These comments taken from the article "The Real Reason They Hate Us" by Frank Gaffney. Thanks Frank

  • gsw

    It isn't really about desecrating the Koran/Quran, not wanting a mosque on a cemetery, blasphema or 'offence'. It is about "not knowing your place"

    1950, a white man from Mississippi visits New York. While walking along the street, he sees a black man talking to a white woman, he is import and shouts something rude.
    Now back in Mississippi, that black man would have cringed and apologised, just like the dhimmis in Somalia/Saudi/Gaza/Pakistan etc.), but this man was a Yankee so he said something like, "what's up man?". An affront!

    The supremacist mentality is always offended if those they designate as 'lower creatures' fail to act appropriately humble.

  • http://www.myspace/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

    If we as a people cannot see our enemy we as a people will someday be burning in our own country, this is not a joke it is a war we will not fight .and a war that will doom our world of freedom to hell, and God or Gods will not help stupid people like Americans.

    the only thing you have is life and many want to take that from you not the guy behind the tree but from you and your own family, see it for what it is not what you want it to be.

  • Paul Nim

    I'm not sure if readers are still accessing this article. Thanks for ALL of your responses!

    I understand that schools are teaching and promoting Islam across the country…from CA to NY. If they are public, then they are tax-payer funded. I checked with my state (LA) and I found no schools teaching Islam in New Orleans or Baton Rouge. The school board cannot check every school. If they are private schools, then we should check to see if they are receiving public money.

    if the schools are covering all of Islam–violence, slavery, suicide attacks, men being in charge of women, etc.–then they are corrupting the minds and possibly brainwashing the children. If they are not covering all of Islam, then they are misguiding the children and also brainwashing them.

    Would it be possible to ask as many people that we know: Do you know of any schools that teach Islam in your neighborhood? Maybe this could be one way of trying to stay informed.

  • Paul Nim

    An idea to help solve the problem: find out what schools in your neighborhood are teaching "Islam". It is being taught across the country…from California to New York. If it's being taught in public schools, your tax dollars are paying for it. If it's being taught in full and in detail, it is abusing the students' thinking. If it is being taught as a pure and wholesome religion, then the students are being mislead.

    Check with the school board, your local schools, your friends, neighbors, and relatives…and find out if "Islam" is in the curriculum.

  • Paul Nim

    An idea to help solve the problem: find out what schools in your neighborhood are teaching "Islam". It is being taught across the country…from California to New York. If it's being taught in public schools, your tax dollars are paying for it. If it's being taught in full and in detail, it is abusing the students' thinking. If it is being taught as a pure and wholesome religion, then the students are being mislead.

  • Jarhead33411

    Tom Kratman had a pretty good solution in his recent science fiction book "Caliphate", although I don't think our current regime, or many of our people, have the intestinal fortitude to start the journey, let alone finish it.

    I think that Italy is on the right track by revoking Islam's religious status due to the inflammatory remarks from the imams.

  • Brett B

    The term "Radical Islam" used to describe terrorists is ridiculous. Terrorists are true believers who follow the teachings of Islam faithfully. They are fundamentalists.

    True "Radical Islam" is a very, very rare thing. Radical Islam is when a Muslim is able to over-look or revise the core tenets of his faith, and renounce violence or speak up for tolerance and equality of other religious – or evolve in a positive way. Muslims who speak up for peace, or Muslims who don't rabidly hate Jews are "radical muslims"…

    While it's true that there are gentle and decent Muslim folk – millions upon millions of them all over – those ones are able to discreetly overlook half of the hate and venom in the Koran.

  • lisa

    I think Muslim's should go home and get it together .Are they friendly and full of love for mankind as there Koran states?Or do they want seven virgins and many American lives they can kill!?In America we Pride ourselves in living in unity….granted it is not perfect but the majority of us love and care about the laws that have been forth,If you don't like it stay in your homeland ,Don't come to america ! we have enough hatred ourselves we DON'T need yours maybe one we just don"t want being a muslim shoved down our throat, Let us all not go looking trouble .PEACE TO ALL