Madame Mosque

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Nancy Pelosi’s America has always borne only a passing resemblance to the America that the rest of us know and love, but the Speaker of the House has at last demonstrated just how out of touch she really is with the rest of the nation’s citizens. Her now infamous comments that appeared on the San Francisco Chronicle‘s website on Tuesday regarding the Ground Zero mosque provoked wholly justified howls of outrage. “There is no question that there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some,” Pelosi said. “And I join those who have called for looking into how…this opposition to the mosque [is] being funded.” If Democrats wonder why they are in trouble this coming election season, they need look no farther than those two sentences. The Speaker revealed – once again – the ruling party’s disdain for public opinion and their insulting presumption that those with differing opinions must be ignorant rubes who have been manipulated by sinister forces.

Over sixty per cent of Americans are opposed to the construction of the Ground Zero mosque. This is for one very simple reason: it’s a plan to build an edifice that honors a religion that inspired zealots to destroy an American landmark and, more importantly, kill thousands of Americans.  Constructing such a monument within eyesight of that tragic, shattering act of terror is deeply insulting. There is no need to fund opposition — how can anyone, much less the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, fail to understand that? Americans don’t need to be convinced that building a mega-mosque two blocks from Ground Zero is an offensive, insulting and provocative act. The facts speak for themselves.

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  • BS1977

    This November the voters will send the message the Beltway Idiots have not been getting. The Message is: Your time is up…you are being voted out. Most Americans are frightened and sickened by the trillion dollar deficits, the huge foreign debts,the sanctuary cities and flood of illegal immigrants, the millions in foreclosure and the employment crisis,…The PC Nanny State idiocy seems to have become the norm in DC…. Stand up for Arizona and America. Get the vote out this November. Let's get our nation back on course before it's too late.

    • kathy

      The elections will need to be overwhelmingly decisive. Otherwise, there will be challenges and recounts galore. Remember the Minnesota senate race. Josef Stalin said "It's those who count the votes who decide elections". That's exactly what happened in Minnesota. George Soros' Secretary of State plan in action.

      • Alert

        Excellent Point!
        Reminds one of Bush's election in hsi brother's state, Florida.
        Thanks to that election, US is in Iraq, which has nothign to do with 9/11 and everything to do with Bush's petro-dollr sponsors Saudi Arabia). Thanks to the election, Bush covered up for Al-Sauds (no wonder 'Saudis are Bush family-and-friends), And thanks to that election, 9/11 familiis law-suit against Saudi Arabia was thrown out.
        Thank Bush for covering up for Al-Sauds, for the unnecessary war in Iraq .. and the phony war-on-terror.
        Finally, thank Bush for spitting on hurting and grieving Americans:

    • Anonymous

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  • Doggwood

    This is Washington thuggery beating down Main Street. This is the government warning that dissenters will be visited by Federal investigators looking to charge them with crimes. So don’t make waves, people, because we can dig something up on you if we set our mind to it.

    This isn’t government of the people; it’s government versus the people, every day in every way. Washington has declared war on America. Can anyone deny it?

    • ze-ev ben jehudah

      I fully agree with your writing.Seems like Mrs Hoover Pellosy is back.

    • Helen

      And whose money would Madame Pelosi be using for the investigation of the dissenters of the mosque? Why YOURS AND MINE, OF COURSE!
      That woman is POWER MAD and NEEDS to be VOTED OUT of her position of power.

      • Wesley69

        I agree. Remember how she and other member of the Democrats paraded through the Tea Party crowds after passage of the Health Care Bill. She knew she had stuck it to the American people. She continues to do so. November, 2010, do not vote for a third party, vote Republican!!!!!!!!!! Elections in this country are decided by PLURALITY NOT MAJORITY. The candidate with the most votes wins. IT CAN NOT BE A DEMOCRAT.

    • mary

      Yes this a soon a muslim dictatorship similar to Swedish communists and social democrats.

      You see what is happening in UK, Sweden and Norway.
      Stop building of any mosque anywhere, send the Muslim back to the countries they came from. Impeach the alie and have a new presidentila election
      Why can´t Christians build churches in Arab countries? Why can´t Jews build Synagogues there? And Buddhist?Mary

    • Lori

      Doggwood, The Government is Only A group of people who set up laws,to their own Liking! Washington Has declared War against True America! But We The People Need to Stand! And Fight! This Goverment will be caught in their foolishness! and We The People Of America need to be not surprised and Prepare to live beyond them! Self Spelled Backwards is Flesh With H Added! They Eat Their Own Up! And still they are not Full!I can not Deny It! I am with you on The War they have started! One That will eat them up! We The People Need To Be: We The People.,In Order To…Form

  • Lary9

    I like her can-do cantankerousness. For an old lefty she's got chutzpah.
    Besides she's not 'calling' for 'investigation'….she supports transparency of the financial connections for the mosque corp. and, regrettably, the anti-mosque organizational entities. Definitely an ill-advised comment re the 'anti-mosquitoes' but she didn't initiate it and it's not really an 'investigation'.
    Additionally, I don't think that a 60% majority opinion grants immunity from being wrong about an issue which is really a local question pertaining to constitutionality.

    • Neil

      Who the heck is she to be the mosque cop in determining who's in charge of "ginning up opposition" to the mosque being built so close to the former twin towers? Isn't this, as you state, "A local question (New York, not San Fransicko) pertaining to constitutionality? Since Harry Reid, and she, so vociferously disagree on the appropriateness of the mosque being built on the proposed site, perhaps she should spend her time determining who's funding his opposition to her?

      • Lary9

        Yes. Yes, I agree. As I said it was a 'regrettable', 'ill-advised' comment. This non-issue is just a can of lighter fluid. All Madam Speaker did was squirt more from the strict constructionist position on the fire. Ironically, the positions are usually reversed on constructionist issues with conservatives holding fast and progressives pushing for judicial reimagining.

        • Neil

          Lary9, You can say that she has chutzpah, I say that she's way past her prime. In fact, she should have been forced to resign from the House of Reps., when she stated, during the health care debate, "We have to pass the bill, so that we can find out what's in it." She, obviously, hadn't read it, but she had the chutzpa to push it, and then make such an idiotic comment passing it. Personally, I think that her myriad of botox injections have infiltrated their intended areas of facial improvement and have infiltrated her brain, causing a mental disorder. She just doesn't make any sense. By the way, she's never stated that her statements on this topic of the mosque's location, and opposition of same, were either "regrettable" or "ill advised", only you, and you alone, have made such a statement and have now down played the issue as a non-issue.

          • Lary9

            Of course she didn't say "regrettable" or "ill advised"…these were my words from my comments.
            As to what she said during the health care debate…[Q] "We have to pass the bill, so that we can find out what's in it."[Q]
            She was saying that the bill would be largely re-written, recodified, as all big bills are, after preliminary Senate passage; [followed by the inevitable amendment period] which then moves it toward final passage. This process always changes the content of a bill. This is what I understand her to have meant by that statement. Bills like HR3590 are way too contingent at early stages.

            PS: Tell you what. I'll give you one [1x] Nancy Pelosi retirement for one [1x] John McCain retirement and a Congressman-to-be-Named-Later. How's that deal? You get the California Girl…but I get the extra decade of seniority for free.

  • marat1

    Never in my life did I think I would witness a radical regime taking over Washington and waging war on the American people. We now have MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Americans who voted this regime into power who are kicking themselves and wondering how they ever could make such a fatal mistake like this. Again and again and again, edicts that run 180 degrees in the OPPOSITE direction of Americans are handed down. Whether it is taking the citizens to court in Arizona for having the audacity to basically rewrite the Federal Immigration Law with one different caveat (i.e. to actually demand the enforcement that has not been carried out), to Pseudo-Health Care, to thrashing Israel and attempting to forbid that nation's citizens from building homes in their VERY OWN CAPITAL, to endorsing a Mega-Mosque while knowing that the main individual behind it is a Hamas supporter and that those proposing this Monument to Islamic Slaughter as their trophy refused Bloomberg's request not to build it at this location, Americans KNOW in their heart of hearts that THIS IS A GOVERNMENT OPPOSED TO THE PEOPLE at virtually EVERY turn. Forbidding his staff from using the phrase "Islamic Terrorist…" good grief. I see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in this man's actions that speak of any genuine love or respect for America. What I sense is an extremely angry man acting out his get-even strategy. As whacky as this comes across, it is what I feel about him.

    • kathy

      marat1….not coming across whacky at all…you are not alone. This man is an alien and a foreigner and his behavior is exactly why only natural born citizens were to take the office of the presidency. He has more allegiances than one.

      • Lary9

        Just for the record, [I know you will call me horrid names], I don't have the same 'take' from the Obama Administration's legislative actions, initiatives, and judgments. In fact, there are many progressive Independents who are downright 'pissed-off' at the President for being such an appeasing moderate.

        • kathy

          Lary9, I'm not in the habit of calling anyone horrid names. It's ok that we see things differently. Debate is good. There, see how nice I am!

          • Lary9

            Sure. I actually didn't intend to direct that toward you. I've got a liberal variant of PTSD from going into conservative blogs and defending the lumpen proletariat cause. LOL.

        • Choi

          You DESERVE to be called "Horrid Names".
          If you think that MORE should be done TO THIS COUNTRY and OUR ALLIES ,You DESERVE EVERY "HORRID NAME" one can call you, Mr. Progressive Independent.

          • Lary9

            Why? Will that further your agenda? Or just make you feel better about your own ideas? I feel great about my political ideas based upon their internal logic and proven track records.

        • trickyblain

          Note that the legislative actions, initiatives and udgements are never specifically called out. That's because they are tangibly moderate, as you suggest.

          It's much easier to use the imagination, with a good helping of self-affriming propaganda from Horowitz, Beck et. al.. Label him an "alien" or a "Muslim" and that he secretly desires to undermine the nation because he his an Islamoaliencommunist. He became a constitutional lawyer because he hates the Constitution!

          • Lary9

            "He became a constitutional lawyer because he hates the Constitution!"
            A perfect example of the argumentum ad absurdum employed on this and other manufactured issues of the faux-right wing.

        • intrcptr

          I probably shouldn't bother, but;
          "Obama Administration's legislative actions"????!?

          Since when does the Executive Branch legislate? I think now would be a good time to go back to 8th grade, Lary.

          • Lary9

            Picky, picky. OK. -2 points for "fused phrase without preposition"….behold:
            "I don't have the same 'take' from [1*] {{legislative actions, initiatives and judgments under}} the Obama Administration [2*] {{ 's legislative actions, initiatives, and judgments}}."
            insert [1*]
            strike through [2*]
            Jeez Louise!

  • Tom

    Pee-Loosely is just another Osama Regime nutcase. Fortunately, we only have five more months of her idiiotic ravings as Speaker. Unfortunately, she will probably still be in Congress due to her far left-wing district, but we won't have to see that botoxed face in front of the cameras every day. Her comments on this matter reflect what the Far Left Wing's agenda is all about – shutting up conservatives and others who question the Osama Regime about anything.

    • Lary9

      If the Liberal agenda includes "shutting up conservatives", it's been an abject failure.

      So I've got a better plan…. Fill Giant Stadium with neo-cons and pass out Dixiecups of free Budweiser laced with LSD…then introduce our keynote speaker Sarah Palin after she has inhaled helium from 10 baloons…then sit back and watch the fun. Wahoo! That ought to shut 'em up for a day or two.

  • kafir4life

    Pray for Paul Pelosi. He is forced to see that thing…..naked!! The horror! The humanity! Nobody should be subjected to that! Where's PETA when they're needed…….

    Hey! Hang on a sec! Isn't islam that gutter cult that was invented by the peodophilic warlord rapist mohamad, the sh*tter of the koran, islams holy terror guide, and creator of the made up moon good, allahahaha? Is THAT what beads pelosi is defending?

    • Lary9

      >This comment should be removed. It is an ugly comment inserted in a blog where ideas are at the center, not personal insults..<
      Shame on you for being so off-topic, irrelevant and rude. Let's see how good you look to your spouse if and when you're 70 years old and slumping under the weight of a long life of public service.

      • coyote3

        Yeah, ignoring the constitution and passing/attempting to pass, laws that allow the government to exercise powers not constitutionally delegated to it, is rough work.

        • Lary9

          Yeah, like the Arizona immigration law that sought to usurp enumerated powers in the Constitution on federal authority for immigration. And don't try that 'Blame Obama' nonsense because the congress blocked reform under W. Bush too.

          • coyote3

            I never said anything about the AZ law. I was speaking of the federal government. Whether or not AZ passed a law in any area that is preempted is not the issue. That doesn't give the federal government justification to exercise powers it does not have.

          • Lary9

            I know. I was making a parallel point about the enumeration of powers in the Constitution, an opinion you earlier shared. The Obama administration is trying to prevent the usurpation by states of a federal responsibility—immigration and naturalization. They're the strict constructionists here. That's all.

          • coyote3

            There is no "parallel" regarding enumeration of powers. Some powers, enumerated to the federal government, are also concurrent powers of the respective states. Whether a matter is completely preempted or not, is ultimately decided by the Supreme Court. I don't have an opinion about the AZ law, because I don't yet know if it is completely preempted by the federal law. The fact that a state may have attempted to excercise a preempted power, has nothing to do with the federal government exceeded "its" delegated powers.

          • Lary9

            Whatever. Forget it. You are apparently incapable of responding accurately to my actual point. I will expend no further energy on this exercise in futility.

          • coyote3

            States already exercise powers in areas "enumrated/delegated" to the federal government. Interstate commerce is one example. Civil rights is another area. If you believe that the federal government has an enumerated/delegated power to regulate some environmental issues, then the states also, presently, exercise power in those areas. The list goes on and on. The critical question, is, "Is the state's exercise of power 'impermissible', i.e., in conflict with the federal power. At the state level, political subdivisions do it all the time. In our state, the state constitution delegates police power to regulate highway traffic to the "state." Political subdivisions will take the state law, and make it a "local ordinance." Nothing here has really changed, it is just that the traffic ticket you get from the "local" is likely to be for a an ordinance violation. As long as the "local" doesn't do something requiring something more than the state law, i.e., in conflict with the state law, there is no problem. The local unit of government just keeps all the money from the fine.

          • Lary9

            Look. This is basic. Undocumented emigrees don't immigrate to a state or a province or a town—they immigrate to a country. Hence, immigration/naturalization is logically the responsibilty of a federal entity rather than a state one. States don't issue passports nor do they provide state workers at border crossing checkpoints either. Imagine if all the states that border Canada had to police their own borders. It would be one inefficient, over-priced mess. What if North Dakota declared war on Manitoba? The mind boggles.

          • coyote3

            The constitution certainly delegates powers to the federal government, and yes, control of border is one of those powers. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the states are completely preempted in this area. No one, that I know of, is advocating that the states "have" to police their borders. I don't know what North Dakota declaring war on Manitoba has to do with this, that issue concerns a completely different federal power, indeed. No one says it is not a federal responsibility. Immigration/naturalization "is" a federal power, not because of "logic", but because the constitution says it is. Again, though, that does not mean the power is completely preempted. It may be, but that will be an issue for the Supreme Court to ultimately decide, and the Supreme Court has, in some cases decided that states are preempted, e.g. ERISA, and not in other, e.g. regulation of interstate commerce. Oh, and by the way, there are states which have provided state workers at/near border crossings. We had them around quite often. They were concerned with importation of certain items in violation of state law.

          • Lary9

            " a federal power, not because of "logic", but because the constitution says it is"~
            Surely you are not saying that logic did not drive the creation of the Constitution's various articles on the structure and function of government? Those irrational articles codifying the personhood value of chattel slavery are exempted.

            "…there are states which have provided state workers at/near border crossings……..They were concerned with importation of certain items in violation of state law."~
            Thanks for mentioning that. I didn't know it but certainly it makes sense—ie; it's logical.

  • Beverley

    America – this November is your last chance to have your voices heard!!! Good Luck

  • Steve Chavez

    DON'T BE FOOLED BY DEM'S ROPE-A-DUPE! Harry Reid, and other Dems, coming out against the Mosque and "against Obama?"

    Didn't Nancy "Hack-in-a-Box" Pelosi allow some Dems to vote against the Health Care bill because of a threat of losing their seat if they did vote for it but she kept careful count of those numbers to insure passage?

    The Democrats who will possibly lose their seat, like Reid, will now side with a majority of Americans so THE NAIVE AND GULLIBLE will swallow his deception! "I'm for America! We are a war with radial Islam and they are slapping us in the face by putting a Mosque near Ground Zero. Vote for me you dopes and dupes!"

  • Wesley69

    This lady is an idiot. Like Obama, they quote the Constitution when it suits them, then ignore it when it doesn't suit their needs. The most idiotic statement she made was that Congress needed to pass the health care bill to find what was in it. I don't know who is more stupid, my fellow Americans, who swooned at the sweet sounding words of Obama and voted for him and a democrat majority in Congress or her. All I know is that this evil, American-hating trinity of Obama, Pelosi and Reid needs to be removed, Pelosi and Reid in 2010, followed by the false Messiah in 2012 or we are through as a free people..

    • Jim C.

      The anti-mosque-dumbos are definitely the type who pay lip service to the Constitution, but don't really respect private property or basic liberties when they work for people they just don't like.

      Emotional bigots.

    • mamapajamas

      The left's continued shouting that the Constitutional rights of the pro-mosque people are being afflicted are preposterous.

      The first five words in the 1st Amendment are: "Congress shall pass no law…"

      CONGRESS shall pass no law.

      Pelosi's ranting that the protesters need to have their "financing" investigated is the FIRST ACTUAL THREAT TO THE CONSTITUTION in this whole affair. Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, and she'd BETTER keep Congress the hell OUT of this!

  • USMCSniper

    Damascus Pelosi is just another stupid post menopausal hag that is too stupid to even suspect she is stupid.

    • Choi

      Leave it to a Marine Corps Sniper to HIT THE BULLSYE!

      • trickyblain

        Let me know when you find one.

        • B.T. Jones

          I don't like her either but talk like this is an insult to post menopausal hags.

  • The_Inquisitor

    Let's construct a monument to Rush Limbaugh next to Pelosi's home.

  • Larry

    Madam Pelosi's power has gone to her head. She is just a political has been and should be retired.

  • Cuban Refugee

    The next thing we know, Pelosi will demand an investigation into the 9/11 families and first responders; then, perhaps there will be a panel set up to dig into the lives of all those who perished in the building that day to see who among them would have created Osama Bin Laden as per Imam Rauf. Why did Nancy Pelosi not save the nation a lot of grief by vetting the Manchurian President before the nomination? Why did she not look into the shady characters and foreign entities who contributed to his campaign? Why did she not investigate the dirty tricks at the voting booths that got him elected?

    • trickyblain

      Does it ever trouble you that every time you say "next thing you know," it never comes to frutition?

  • BS77

    Thisis the 90th anniversary of women in the USA getting the right to vote. In Saudi Arabia women have no rights…to vote, to work , to drive cars, to travel, to own property or to do what they want………And yet the liberal dodoes in AMerica think we must approve this culture in our midst. Liberals are clueless. They just don't get it. They are outraged by the TEn Commandments in a courthouse but see nothing wrong with a mosque at Ground Zero. Ask women about their "rights" in Somalia, Sudan or Afghanistan….they are virtual slaves. But let's cheer on a mosque steps from the crater at Ground Zero. Way to go, Sheeple Morons!!

    • Lary9

      They [the Saudis] are not our teachers.
      This is not a liberal point nor a conservative point—it is a point of non-partisan American wisdom.

      • The Hammer

        The point is that Islam is antithetical to the West, period. The Saudis are the teachers for Islam, which seeks to create a worldwide caliphate. Islam uses our tolerance to spread its intolerance, and the mosque is just one more Western foothold for this perverse 7th century culture.

        • Lary9

          "The Saudis are the teachers for Islam…"
          Look, I readily grasp your point. But Wahabbist Islam is not our teacher either. Our teacher was written and 'revealed' in 1787 and begins "We, the people…"
          I'm cognizant of the history of Islamic expansionism and the potential for radical Muslims to wage violent jihad, but I still believe that to allow fear to reconfigure the fundamentals of American liberty creates a danger that compounds the problem. This fight will require all the clarity of purpose America can muster as shown by the last 8 wasteful years of war against an illusive boogieman overseas while the threats grow domestically and are very real in our country and in Europe.

  • Fred

    The 9-11 mosque will be a win win for Sharia law causing more Muslim nut cases to join the fight against America. This will be a national disgrace and travesty for America. Those who approve of the mosque are totally ignorant of Islam and Sharia law.
    Politicians need to pass an IQ/history test in order to run for office. Remember congressman Johnson who thought a middle east country would tilt/sink if we added to many soldiers on it.

  • Lary9

    Nancy Pelosi is a feisty, admirable 70 year old public servant who is the first female Speaker of the House and also the first Italian-American to be Speaker. She has served for over 22 years. In 2007, after becoming Speaker she blocked impeachment procedings against President Bush. She has a 93% voting record rating on civil liberties and voted against the invasion of Iraq. These are obviously just a few highlights of her legislative resume', too voluminous to mention here.
    She was born Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro in Baltimore, Maryland, the youngest of six children. Her father was a mayor of Baltimore. She has been married for 47 years to Paul Pelosi and they have 5 children. Her daughter Alexandra is a notable documentary film maker of recognized talent.
    She is an admirable woman in every regard and, I adamantly believe that history will confirm that opinion with an increasing appreciation for her accomplishments.
    Additionally, I think she could easily make Newt Gingrich eat her dust in everything except cage fighting.

    • Choi

      Lary9 is a LEFTY TROLL from Louisiana.
      He's a PUFFHO Regular who has drank too much Bayou water.
      Lary9 comes here to TROLL & TAUNT.

      • Lary9

        What's a PUFFHO Regular? Isn't it like a cross between the Pillsbury Doughboy and a carnival geek?

        • Trueconservative

          lary9, you have been outed as the leftist scum that you are. Go away.

          • Lary9

            My politics didn't really require 'outing', did they? I've always been transparently left wing without flinching. But I won't call you names like scum or troll because I'm here to listen to ideas and to share ideas… not to launch ad hominem attacks. This blog sometimes attracts persons uninterested in anything other than ideological bullying. It's hypocritical of FPM to allow such a double standard…to delete honest comments and leave name calling screeds up and flourishing.

          • The HAmmer

            Question: Are you on Nancy's staff?

          • trickyblain

            Why, that's none of your business, sir! Nonbody cares whose staff you are sitting on, it's rude to inquire of others.

          • Lary9

            ~replying to The Hammer~
            No comment.

            PS: Should I change my Intense Debate user name to 'The Nail'?

    • Richard W.


      Please don't take this the wrong way. I certainly wouldn't want to offend you.

      You're either the most stupid person to ever post on this site or you're insane. Either way, please crawl backunder your rock.

      • Lary9

        Yeah…but what do you really think?

        • Rufus

          I hate to say this, Lary, but I like you– you are a smart-ass, and you come here to joust with us righties on our own turf. Good for you, and some good jousting it will be– no ad-hominem name calling from me, but I take no prisoners in the intellectual fire-fight…..

          • Lary9

            ~reply to Rufus~
            Good for you too…now you're talking! You get me.
            I believe we can respectfully disagree and still mow our lawns on Sunday.

            You might be surprised to know that I'm not monolithic in my views and have quite a few conservative positions on some issues. I'm sure it's because I have this rabid independent streak in me.

    • B.T. Jones

      But you digress.

      • Lary9

        Serendipity is often born of digression.

  • Steve Chavez

    Where are the MODERATE MUSLIMS who are going to stand up against those radical jihadists who have hijacked their religion? I have only heard a few brave enough to speak up on the talk shows. "BRAVE ENOUGH" I write? What, are they afraid of being HONORABLY BEHEADED by their peace-loving "understanding and tolerance" brothers for using their FIRST AMENDMENT, that is so defended concerning this issue? They can use the FIRST/ FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY to stand up here in the land of the free right? I'm sure they couldn't do the same in the countries that are ultimately going to fund this mosque!!! " WHO-AH" as Al Pacino says!


  • Jim K

    Personally, I believe there is one major correction to this article. I believe that Nancy Pelosi, et al, does not fail to understand what it is the majority of Americans feel about this proposed mosque and what their wishes are concerning its location. And that is because the agenda of elitist Alinskyist in the Whitehouse is to be fully supportive and fully dedicated to his muslim roots.

    Well, I guess this means that I will be on the list of those who will be investigated for my views.

    BTW, if she really believes this issue is a local one to be dealt with by local zoning laws, etc., why does she think it necessary to make a federal investigative case study of those opposed to it? Has all that stink from the Middle-east finally made it over the ocean and reached our shores and re-infected all the antsemites, the anti-Christians, and crowd of anti-everything that used to have real meaning in the lives of the majority of Americans of bygone days?

    • trickyblain

      Spealking as a thirtysomething, your bygone days suck. They are gone for a reason.

      "Muslim roots." lol

      Limabaugh's genius, copied by many since he gained popularity, was recognizing how easily he could frighten conservatives/. They love being scared.

      • Rifleman

        I have to laugh at the muslim roots thing myself, commies are atheists. I don't think hussein is religious, he plays to whatever religion is convenient at the moment.

        Low unemployment and high growth didn't s*ck. Neither did the greater freedom we had in "bygone days." Youngsters, sheesh ;-)

        Limbaugh's genius is he sees nothing wrong or shameful about conservatism, and sees how ridiculous socialist are. That's also why the left hates him so much. It's not fear he sews, but courage.

        Now where are those PC blinders at? I know I left them around here somewhere…

  • PAthena

    Speaker of the House Pelosi has strange ideas about the First Amendment. Since when is the Federal government (or any other government in the U.S.) authorized to investigate those who disagree with Mrs. Pelosi – or anyone else – simply because of stating their views? And why is Mrs. Pelosi – so voluble about the proposed mosque at Ground Zero – so silent about the Greek Orthodox Church near Ground Zero and destroyed in 9/11, which has been unable to get permission to rebuild?

    • den

      She is an Islamocrat, hence does not want a church anywhere, like Saudi Arabian thinking. This also happened in Nazi Germany.

      She is the Rice Marshall in charge of propaganda. What would Churchill call her, I wonder?

      Send her a Burqua!

  • paul

    As someone said, A moderate Muslim is one who has run out of ammunition.

  • Carl S.

    Americans have elected leaders who wish to "investigate" anyone wanting to prevent a sacrilege on American soil. Would the Democrats prevent the creation of a Japanese amusement park at Pearl Harbor? Did they tell the Poles to move their nightclub from the entrance to Aushwitz? Do the supporters of the mosque, under the guise of freedom of religion, honestly think Jews or Christians will be warmly welcomed to visit anytime?

  • Dirk Lemmons

    Pelosi's inability to understand that funding is not needed to fan the flames of outrage regarding the Mosque, makes it very clear she is void of a moral compass. When most Americans spontaneously boil over with disdain for the planned Mosque and Polisi demands an investigation of those natural moral instincts, her true reprobative character is clearly revealed.

    Dirk Lemmons

  • flimflamobambam

    Sensible idea and one that is made effortless, just using the facts regarding the mosque, its imam, the developers, and their myriad affiliations with CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and their front groups like Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, etc. We know via the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial and courtesy of our own government's evidence, that the Muslim Brotherhood's mission in America is dedicated to ""destroying Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions." Thankfully, most Americans recognize that the mosque imam's open advocacy for Sharia and involvement in compiling a Sharia index, renders as ruse the argument that the issue is about religious freedom. We know the greater issue is about permitting an affiliate of those seditious organizations to use this obscenely-sited mosque as a front for bringing Sharia to America.

    • flimflamobambam

      Pelosi's Iron Curtain-esque remarks are legitimately recognized as endorsement, made all the more hideous with the knowledge that Imam Rauf is gallivanting overseas—courtesy of the American taxpayer—possibly capitalizing on the favorable timeliness of both Obama's and Pelosi's statements.

  • Rifleman

    I just lifted this from the WSJ-Rove – "Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that her chamber would take up the issue only if the Senate passed a bill first."

    Talk about a dysfunctional congress, any four year old that's seen "Schoolhouse Rock" Knows Bills are supposed to originate in the House. These idiots couldn't successfully run a lemonade stand.

  • Dr. Wacyf Ghali

    Well, the lady wants to make sure all dissent shuts up. If that is not one of the elements of socialism I do not know what is. I immigrated to this country (by the way legally) because I believe in it, and I will continue to speak out wether she likes it or not. Thank God for freedoms. Maybe she should read American history more often and maybe then she will realize what happened as a result of the "Boston Tea Party".

  • Mac Khan

    I guess most of these commentators are either Republican (who brought Sara Palin to us, or Islamophobic (hater of Islam and Muslims in general — without even knowing what Islam is, and what the majority of the Muslims believe in). You are using politics to deny a definable group the right to build "a social centre" for all Americans (irrespective of their religion) and of which only the eleventh floor will be used for prayers — not for terrorist train, for God's sake.
    You people are the same who hated Jews, which they originally came and wanted to build their synagogues — look at the ground zero now; it has two Christian churches and nothing else. Why don't you go after those churches.
    You people can tolerate evangelist wealth (created from the old-age cheques of desperate and destitute old ladies), and you can live with gambling casinos (who prey upon hardworking poor men dreaming of big winning), but you will be damned if a community center and a prayer house is built two-blokes away from the ground zero.
    Shame on you.

  • 24Klady

    I commented a couple of days ago over at Michelle Malkin's site that this was a veiled threat. Today I see it as a clear and present danger, warning that anyone that disagrees with this WH, the Speaker, the growing influence of Islam, is in jeopardy of ruination and redicule by having to defend themselves before the Justice Dept.. If the Speaker is out of control and mistated their position they would have her removed. They've not repudiated her comments, leaving me with no other explanation than she conveyed the message they wanted out there.

  • freedom fighter

    She is about to lose all her power, then we can investigate her. What goes around comes around. Exhibit A for abuse of power.

  • Lightning Jack

    According to Obama and Ms. Pelosi, Imam Rauf and his group can build their mosque anywhere they want if they obtain the required permits and comply with local building codes. The federal government has no say in the matter because, according to Obama and Pelosi. the matter is a constitutional issue.

    However, these same hypocritical bigots have forbidden the people of the state of Israel to build synagogues, homes, nurseries, schools, or any structure whatsoever in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria on land they legally own because they are Jews..

    At the same time, the Obama Administration insisted that Israel take no action to enforce its own local zoning laws and ordinances against illegal structures built by Muslims in the same cities and towns.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Nancy gets nuttier by the day, the disconnect she is having is
    not only with the American people but with her brain, she
    should be put into a care facility (lunatic asylum) or sent
    to Iran to serve the Moon god………………………………..William

  • Dr. Wacyf Ghali

    There goes our First Amendment rights.

  • Lary9

    Here's my offer. It won't be on the table all day:
    I'll give you one [1x] Nancy Pelosi retirement for one [1x] John McCain retirement and a Congressman-to-be-Named-Later. How's that deal? You get the California Girl…but I get the extra decade of seniority for free,,,plus I get another tired Republican that I can euthanize in the back room later. I do this out of bipartisan affection and for the benefit of all. This is a Win-Win… too good to pass on…right?

  • dina

    Dick Morris hits the nail on the head about this Mosque. It is going to be no simple Mosque!!It is a front for recruitment and plans for our destruction. If we could plant "bugs" in all their mosques we would bomb all of them..maybe not all. If we had men running the CIA AND FBI with balls we would now wouldn't we? Our President has none but Nancy's balls wants to be friendly to appease them just wait dumb bitch ….just wait your day of hitting the wall is coming. She will not get away with all her unethical madness.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Larry take almost all of the Republicans, RHINO'S the lot of them except Sessions.
    leave him alone……………………William

  • Piera Prister

    Who eloquently posted Mrs.Pelosi's picture -while she was wearing the veil in front of Mr Assad of Syria in Damascus, in her trip to The Middle East- denounces how backward and ridiculous she is. After all Mr.Assad is not the pope! Doesn't Mrs. Pelosi know that Assad's wife is a spendid, modern and elegant woman like a movie star, who won't wear any veil, hijab or burqa? She is above the shariah law: only ordinary women like Mrs.Pelosi are obliged to wear them. Double standard!

  • Bobbie

    That' what happens when you vote for a bunch of incompetents lefties…