NPR’s Disgrace

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Juan Williams put it simply: “I was fired for telling the truth.” That’s about as succinct a summary of the situation as you’re likely to find. NPR CEO Vivian Schiller terminated Williams’ contract because he veered off of the leftist reservation, and to make things even worse from Shiller’s point of view, he did it on Fox. If Williams is one of the tens of millions of Americans who gets nervous when he’s around people dressed in Muslim garb, NPR believes that he ought not mention it, or – as Schiller said – he should discuss his problems with “his psychiatrist or his publicist.” Schiller would eventually apologize for that demeaning insult, but it’s far too late for NPR to recover from this fiasco. Liberals, conservatives and even some Muslim groups expressed shock and disgust over this assault on free speech and open discussion.

Williams’ sin, according to NPR, was that expressing his personal feelings violated NPR’s code of conduct that forbids their on-air talent from taking a position on “controversial issues,” from participating “…in shows that encourage punditry and speculation rather than fact-based analysis” and from expressing opinions on other shows that “…they would not air in their role as an NPR journalist.” At least that’s the official version, as expressed in an internal memo that Schiller wrote explaining her decision. One suspects that the Council on American Islamic Relations had something to do with it as well. CAIR was outraged by Williams’ remarks. In a statement, CAIR said that “NPR should address the fact that one of its news analysts seems to believe that all airline passengers who are perceived to be Muslim can legitimately be viewed as security threats.”

Well, yeah. Political correctness may demand that we subject 80 year-old Swedish grandmothers to the same level of scrutiny at the airport that we do to young Muslim males, but we know – beyond doubt – which demographic represents a potential threat and which does not. Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, acknowledged this basic truth, pointing to the fact that most victims of Islamic terrorism are Muslims and that even a Muslim woman wearing a burka is a potential threat. “We are victims of these guys. A number of suicide bombers who have attacked have killed people [while] wearing the burka,” Fatah said. “This is the truth, we should be speaking the truth rather than what people expect us to say.” Yet, NPR cut Juan Williams loose for expressing his personal opinion, and – worse – for expressing a personal opinion that is entirely reasonable and rests on a solid foundation of fact.

This is another example of what the left has become. They are, to paraphrase William F. Buckley, interested in your opinion so long as that opinion dovetails with their worldview. They’re not liberals, not even remotely in the classical sense. Classical liberalism encouraged debate and welcomed the intellectual enrichment that grew out of discussions of opposing viewpoints. The left, of which NPR is unquestionably a part, believes that it is the sole gatekeeper of truth, thus removing any obligation to consider other views. Even if Vivian Schiller’s hypothesis were true – that NPR personalities don’t opine, only guests on their programs do – it would not matter. Somebody has to choose what guests to interview. Somebody has to decide on the questions to ask them. Somebody has to figure out which interviews NPR will feature and how to edit them. All of these decisions involve people who have personal opinions about the way the world works and their decisions reflect it. If you’ve spent any time listening to NPR, you can’t have any doubt that the people making those editorial decisions are leftist through and through. Thus, their demand that on-air personalities remain “neutral” is meaningless. NPR, like every other media outlet, is not neutral. The decision-makers have an agenda, at NPR and everywhere. The difference between NPR and outlets like Fox and MSNBC is that taxpayers fund NPR’s ideological bent, instead of letting the free market figure it out.

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  • Eric Roth

    Excellent post and illuminating denunciation of NPR hypocrisy. Perhaps NPR reporters should read Malcolm Muggridge's classic The Green Stick about how leftist reporters and editors refused to believe that Stalin actually killed folks. Unfortunately, too many of our modern leftist authoritarians have adopted this same dangerous logic about Islamic terrorism.

    • chiquelets

      And how many of these 'modern leftist authoritarians' are tenured professors at our state universities? As well as the Ivy League schools? I'd love to see 2 intelligent people travel around our country w/ video in hand and ask students about The Green Stick, Stalin, etc., and hear their answers. First round could be a non-specific, ie. a general 'man on the street' in the he first yr. of college question. Second round could be 3rd and 4th Yr History and Political Science Majors. And lest we forget the freshmen…a totally separate questionaire. The most frightening response is…that very, very few would know how to answer, including post grads if we included them.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    This was a Godsend, folks. Coming so close to the elections, it's a reminder of everything that is wrong with liberalism AND Washington.

    Juan Williams will do just fine; his stock has risen immeasurably. But the liberal establishment in Washington has taken a huge hit.

    Conservatives must keep this issue alive for the next week and a half, emphasizing how this is just one small example of the Orwellian, PC nightmare that liberals have imposed on our society. It's not just what Juan Williams dared to say, it's what so many others dare NOT to say, for fear of similar retribution. How can a true Democracy function in such an atmosphere?

    NPR has given us quite a gift!

    • Wesley69

      I agree. This provides that political correctness is out of control as long as Libs run the show. NPR actions were totally hypocritical and now the mouthpiece of George Soros. The dude thinks he can use his money to make us all slaves of the all powerful state.

      • dnteatylwsno

        I agree with both you and Chez because what you both have stated is TRUE!

  • ApolloSpeaks


    If NPR found Mr. Williams’ comments on the Factor so damning and offensive to Moslems as to necessitate the termination of his contract then why do they tolerate ApolloSpeaks? Why do they post my even more offensive and politically incorrect articles about Mohammed and Islam on their website? In several of my 64 pieces that NPR posted I crossed the line and dared call Mohammed a “theiving mass murdering terrorist thug” and said, God knows how many times, that “Islam was a religion of hate, intolerance, discord and war.” If NPR gave Mr. Williams the boot for saying that he’s nervous around traditionally clad Moslems on airplanes then why haven’t they booted me? Why do they post “racist bigoted Islamophobic” articles that blatently ridicule and disrespect the prophet and founder of Islam? A man so great, wise, holy and good that he stands above criticism (according to most Moslems) and was the closest thing to God on earth? What utter puking hypocrites!

    Click my name and see for yourself the complete list of my worse than Juan’s anti-Islam articles posted by NPR.

  • hugolawrence

    Great post!! But should we view this as "retribution" against Mr. Williams? Say rather a promotion and a positive endorsement! The truth, which needs to be spoken, was spoken and those who need to be revealed as disingenuous and blinded to the truth by their own ideology, have been revealed as such, simply by opening their collective mouth. Well done Mr. Williams, your future looks bright.

  • Jerry Albert

    Shouldn't Schiller be fired for making a demeaning comment? NPR doesn't tolerate that,so I'm assuming that she'll be gone."Nothing she could say will change my mind",including her apology.

    • TaxMan

      Don't forget her slur against "psychiatrists" and the mentally ill!!

      Bloody bigot!

  • Ross

    I've been fighting similar battles against the BBC etc for years, as have many Brits.
    Same with decent Aussies and the awful ABC. And the CBC in Canada.
    The problem is that although we pay their salaries, these tax-dollar hirelings think they should have control, regardless of what we say or think.
    It's up to elected representatives to slap these arrogant pin-heads down.
    I'm putting a big article into my blog tomorrow on this issue, Ross's Right Angle.
    It's for expats but we are ready to work with all nationalities, home or away, to curb these 'public broadcasting' abuses.

    • Raymond in DC

      Add in Israel's own public news broadcasts, also dominated by the left. The broadcast authority went so far as to deny a broadcasting license to a nationalist group. (They're on the internet only.) And when a free newspaper linked to the center-right (and friendly to Netanyahu) became the 2nd highest in circulation, a move was launched to legally ban it because, well, it was too successful competing against the liberal press. Fortunately, that move failed.

      • ziontruth

        I think this problem is endemic to all, if not most, of the non-Muslim world. America, Europe, India and Israel all have their non-Internet information outlets occupied by Marxist traitors (forgive me my use of a redundant expression).

        I hope for Israel that the nationalist-religious right will rise by sheer demography (the religious create more children everywhere, including Israel) and end the domination of the media by Marxist voices. Of course, my greatest wish is for a government in Israel to rise that will outlaw Marxism (for being inherently contrary to Zionism), but I fear this could take even longer than the first scenario.

        Any nation that wishes to survive must criminalize Marxism within the bounds of its state. Marxism is political AIDS–it enables opportunistic predators like Islam to strike without opposition.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Geert Wilders is being put on trial in the Netherlands for telling the truth about Islam and Juan Williams has now been fired from government funded NPR for telling the truth also. Apparently, the Left has become so bereft of common sense and reality that it can’t distinguish truth from bigotry.

    Another dimension to this story is NPR submitted in abject dhimmitude to CAIR to fire Juan Williams. CAIR is one of the many self-anointed Muhammadan civil rights organizations in this country that are in reality Muslim Brotherhood front groups, and like the many other Muslim Brotherhood front groups also in the country, CAIR was an unindicted coconspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing trial that resulted in convictions. By their own words the Muslim Brotherhood’s presence “in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

    Hence, NPR is a willing useful idiot dupe and submissive dhimmi in CAIR’s campaign to stop the public from finding out the truth about Islam. Therefore, why is NPR receiving public funding if it is so miserably failing to do its job?

  • kafir4life

    Here's whacha do……Always carry a family sized bag of pork rinds when traveling via air. Should you encounter a gaggle of or even a single mohamatan, be friendly and offer some to them as a tasty snack. Be careful. Sometimes those bags can spill their contents on full garb or even (because of allah's gravity) on prayer rugs.

    If you're at a store purchasing family supplies, and spot a full garb wearing muslima, select your supplies including whatever pork products will make your family happy, make sure you select her checkout line, and fill the belt with your supplies placing the pork in the center. If she gets to the pork and refuses to scan it, or steps back so that an infidel can do her job, apologize profusely and loudly for offending the sensibilities of the muslima, inform the manager that you won't be offending his muslims any longer, and walk out of the store. The muslim is happy that she won't have to scan your pork, and the manager will be happy because…..oh wait. He won't.

    There's nothing illegal about offering pork to a muslim. In fact, I've found that if they don't know it's pork, they enjoy it immensly…….

    • Wesley69

      Come on, you didn't do this?

      • kafir4life

        Not the airport pork rind thing yet. I don't fly much. But yes, when the muslima was humiliated by having legal products placed in front of her, I felt an apology was in order. So I apologized for offending her, and left the store. I'm not sure who had to gather up my order and restock. Probably not the muslima.

        • chiquelets

          You are joking, right? This is America…offending someone is not a crime…not yet. Get a backbone kafir. Pork is a legal product in this country. The next time this happens, grab a pound of bacon and schmush it all over her face. When she calls the cops…fess up, and let them know exactly what u did. They'll try to charge u w/ battery, and you counter her claim w/ assault. Fear is your worst enem.

          • kafir4life

            Nothing wrong with my backbone. In case you didn't get it, I picked her line intentionally to see if she would scan my bacon or not. Half of the order was bagged, and the other half on the belt when I walked out. Her and her manager were not too pleased . I don't assault people, including muslims or muslimas. Violence is THEIR realm, not mine!

    • stopthehate

      Firing is too good for them. They should be stoned as should everyone else who does not agree with us! Then they will not hate anymore.

      • stern

        Seriously, you chose the screen name "stop the hate"??!!???

  • Maria

    He should be fired and never work in the public sector again.
    It is never right to be able to talk such hate!
    This is really horrible and insanity to have this much hate!
    I say fire them all who give hate speech!
    This is not the America I grew up in. It is wrong and they should throw him out,
    with O'Reily, Beck, Palin, Hannity, all of them Hate is Hate!
    It is wrong!!
    There is nothing wrong with Muslims!!!!!!!
    Get educated that is something these people who give hate speeched are so
    uneducated and so stupid and hateful!!
    They should not be lving in the United States with so much hatred.
    GET OUT!!!!

    • Wesley69

      Miss Maria, It is you, not them that is engaged in hate speech. You suffer from Talk Radio Derangement Syndrome. In this country, Maria, we have something called freedom of speech and press. I know these may be new concepts to you, Maria, but we are all entitled to expressing our opinions, just as you are. Your ideas would lead us to a world found in the book, 1984. As for Mr. Williams, don't worry, he won't need to work in the private sector again. Fox is paying him to continue to speak his liberal state of mind on for the most part conservative Fox. I, for one, enjoy him getting at it with Mr. Krauthammer. And by the way, I worry about women dressed head to toe in Muslim attire.

      All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
      Thomas Jefferson WHAT DOES THIS MEAN, MARIA?

      • Mario

        Wesley69, I agree with you 100%. SHe just has blinders on. Finally there some musllims groups speaking in defense of Juan's firing. They also feel the same way about women who are covered in burqa's ( pray that this is true).

      • Maria

        You are so wrong. I have a neice who is Muslim and I take this very seriously.
        This is hate speech. Any intelligient person on earth would know this.
        I do not ever say anything but the truth. I worry about you with so much hate
        toward Muslims and others.
        Why not take your hate elsewhere!

        • ajnn

          "a niece who is a Muslim".

          I am sorry. My condolences. Perhaps you could help her out by introducing her to the Gospels ? The Mahabharita, Pentateuch, whatever. Every person is a child of God who has a right to the pursuit of happiness and freedom. Give your niece a chance. I am sure she is a fine person. She deserves a chance.

        • No Dhimmi

          Sorry, Maria, but you are frankly just a DUMB girl who obviously has very little real life's experience. And *I* take very seriously all attempts at subverting the American Constitution and way of life.

          Take your anti-American hate speech elsewhere. It's because of fools like you that our freedoms are being eroded and people like Juan Williams are being fired.

        • Stephen_Brady

          Why don't YOU take your hate elsewhere? It's obvious that you hate anyone who disagrees with you. So, go over to HuffyPuffyPost where your kind of belligerance is welcome …

        • TaxMan

          Nobody hates muslims Maria. You're wrong.

          All sensible people who are Muslims hate Al Qaeda and the Taliban as much as we do.

          We are allies with Muslims in a war against Muslim extremists.

          Wake up and don't be so stupid.

    • Jim Swarthow

      Maria – you closed minded person you…you are the one with HATE coming out in your words…don't talk about the splinter in my eye, until you first remove the logs from your eye! Go back to your cave, your massage parlor or wherever you are from.

      Pot-stirrer is all you are, we can see right thru your smokescreen.

    • mike

      your joking ????? Or wrong wrong wrong wrong without the uppercase Crap! I am edumacated!! I can spell lving the way it is supposed to be dipstick! [living]. And the only hate i see is from a libturd!!

    • craig

      Hi Maria–

      Somehow I wonder if you might be a plant here–saying things so outrageous, with well thought out misspellings, capitalizations, etc.

  • Wesley69

    NPR ='s George Soros Media! 'Nough said!

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • jacob

    I've known the NPR leanings long ago and that is why I don't give it the time of the day and now they have gotten a full outbreak of HOOF IN MOUTH disease with the firing of a liberal like WILLIAMS for daring to express his PERSONAL feelings as after all, isn't fear free ???



    (For those of you not familiar with the term, it was applied to Jews that cooperated with the Nazis)

  • Mario

    I find it very curious that NPR doesn't have any qualms of accepting $1.8 million dollars from a leftist like Soro's. WHere is there code of ethics for that one? Do really think that Sorso gave them this money and told them to use it as they see fit? No. He has a specific agenda to promote. To tramsformer America into his distorted view of the world. I don't beleive it was concidence that Juan Williams was fired a week after this "donation". Soros has to remove any obstacle to his agenda. I don't agree with Juan Williams views alot of times but he stated them honestly, articulately and with respect to the other opinions that differed from his.

    • TaxMan


  • BS77

    NPR–straight out of Orwell. Ministry of Truth. Nanny State Lib Left Indoctrination …accept the multicult PC paradigm or be sent to re education camps. Why on earth is there a Government funded media outlet anyway? How could it possibly be objective? It's like MSNBC on steroids. Good luck Juan Williams.

  • anolesman


  • Paddydonovan

    Does anyone think that Sharpton will pull out his hypocritical bullhorn and demand that Williams be reinstated? Rights are only violated, and blacks are only discriminated against if they believe solely in what the leftists believe. We won't hear a peep from the poverty-pimps that are stuck in the 60's and still try to blame everything on ' whitey " ( Sharpton, JAckson ).

    • ebonystone

      Yes, Williams has just found out that the Islamic-victim card is the top trump in the deck. It out-ranks the black-victim card, the feminist-victim card, and even the gay-victim card. These are all still powerful cards, but they don't beat the Islamic-victim card.

  • Michael

    Free speech is on trial . NPR has made a judgement call against free speech, Wilders is on trial in the Netherlands for speeking against the hatred in the Koran.
    What happened to "i may not agree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it"?
    I am tired of the double standard afforded Muslims. No one takes them to task for their hatred oif Infidels or their violence towards their women , their bombing their own Mosques or the "Behead those who insult Islam" signs they display in their protests. It is time we took a stand…either assimilate or take a hike and that goes for the Mexicans also.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

    • bubba4

      No, it's not against free speech. Juan Williams can say whatever he wants. The constitution doesn't guarantee paid broadcaster positions to everyone to practice their free speech rights. Juan can continue to say whatever he wants….on Fox.

  • Michael

    Maria , is the perfect example of a "Useful Idiot". She hasn't got a clue. You can bet she voted for the B.O. Will covert to Islam at the first threat.
    Michael Canzano

  • tagalog

    Well, I've always thought that the news programs on Fox News are pretty objective (fair and balanced, if you will), while the Fox News commentaries are clearly right-wing. So I think I can be excused for thinking that a commentator for NPR can express his opinion on a show like Bill O'Reilly's. "Journalists" on news shows on the mainstream media routinely comment on the news, and display their left-wing bias routinely even when they don't express an opinion; they simply seem to assume that their left-wing views are the view of everyone, and if not, they should be.

    After all, as Joan Baez once said about Bob Dylan, "he says what we all think."

    I vehemently propose that NPR's receipt of federal funding should be strictly scrutinized and that funding withdrawn permanently.

  • sue805

    It's the lib (Soros) war against Fox News..Juan was just their whipping boy. npr is a socialist organization, and we must stop using taxpayer money to support them. If the Reps get control of the House, we must push them to turn off the spigot. Karl Rove is right…these people are pathetic. We have never supported npr, nor do we watch their programming!! NOVEMBER IS COMING!!!

    • bubba4

      Seriously, can't we get some corporate funded media to tell us the truth?

  • tagalog

    I gave up on NPR when they dropped Ask Doctor Science ("He has a master's degree. In science"). Does NPR still have Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers? Them and the Celtic Hour made the network. Everything else was junk.

  • Yetwave

    Juan shoulod have taken a clue from the old Buffalo Springfield line "step out of line, the man come and atake you away."
    Wiiliam's lynching by NPR wasn't due so much to the fact that what he said was truth and anathema to the left, but that it was treachery. He stepped out of line and was taken away.
    NPR affiliate stations began their "Fall Fund Drive" this week. Vote your displeasure by silencing your checkbook.

    • TaxMan


  • USMCSniper

    I find it laughable that NPR would fire Juan when some of their other commentators have openly said horrible things about Christians, Jews, and Conservatives. This double standard is why people watch Fox instead of the liberal MSNBC and CNN – why the latter two have their all time lowest ratings. Yank all public funding for NPR and let them continue to pay hommage to Soros who has all but bought the station

    • BigPat7

      What's MSNBC and CNN? That's something on my television??? I only have like 300+ channels, perhaps I need to add another block to find those stations. ;-)

      I watch a total of 4 hour FoxNews daily, and often pop back in to get a late version of Glenn Beck, and then Red Eye. I've no other new channels spark my interests – too much false and opinionated 'reporting'.

  • Soctt Smythe



    we should not be funding enemy propaganda. Let the Iranians and Saudis fund NPR

  • Gunner57

    Juan Williams just got a taste of what its like being a white man in America.

    • posse101

      excellent point. yes he's been a naysayer for many years now and frankly lots of things he's said in the past have forced me to turn the television off. but welcome over Juan to the side of the good guys. it's good to have you on the right side of the debate. what's the old saying… a liberal is just a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet. well, he's now been mugged in the truest sense of the word. and the first thing out of NPR's mouth was that he should keep his issues between himself and his psychiatrist. how tacky, how mean spirited, how liberal Democratish. welcome over to our side Juan. as the line from the movie "Casablanca" says, "Now i'm sure our side will win."

  • Saul

    Here's the simple difference between Judeo-Christianity and islame:

    Bibles: "THOU SHALT NOT KILL!"
    The Qur'an: "THOU SHALT KILL!

    See?! Islam IS "Different"(!)

    The GROUP called "Islam's" Foundational Document, the Qur'an, demands the conversion, or, if declined, the enslavement, or if resisted, the KILLING of all non-members!

    It's a permanent THREAT.

    All Threats are psychological ATTACKS (aka: "terrorism") & all Attacks are CRIMES.

    Islam is a crime, & all it's self-determined members ('muslims') are criminals.

    The First Amendment un-Democratically PROTECTS unelected, self-proclaimed religious groups rights to criminally threaten (terrorize) all non-members. Amend it.


  • CAROLE63

    Maria……..There is nothing wrong with muslims, but there is a lot wrong with the book that they follow, the koran!
    It indoctrinates the radicals to commit acts of evil towards humanity!
    Those who are peaceful don`t carry out these acts but how can you tell who is peaceful and who is not as they are very good at deception and lies!
    It is therefore normal to feel uneasy on public transport such as planes,trains, buses and other areas where people are vulnerable! Because he expressed his thoughts on O`Reilly does not mean it is hate speech! He is expressing what many of us feel for ourselves and our families safety, which is clearly understandable in the light of past events!

  • Rob W

    Last year – on the very day of the Fort Hood massacre – NPR's Tom Gelten had the temerity to state ON THE AIR – that Major Hasan probably flipped out due to treating returning soldiers who "may have witnessed war crimes while serving in Muslim lands".

    I immediately responded on NPR's web site under that story – and exclaimed that NPR had 1: gone too far this time and 2: that before the blood had even dried on the victim's bodies that NPR was BLAMING THE US ARMY for this madman's massacre.

    My post was IMMEDIATELY REMOVED from their site – claiming it "DID NOT MEET DISCUSSION STANDARDS".


    It was Gelten's story that violated standards – not my post calling them out on it.

    NPR is a disgusting left-wing rag – that dribbles virtue out of the corners of its mouth via taxpayer dollars – and then poo-poohs anyone who dares to disagree.

    NPR can go to hell as far as I am concerned.

    These guys are a disgrace.

    Rob W

  • Stephen_Brady

    Williams merely spoke what everyone feels, every time they step onto an airplane with someone who is making a point of looking like a Muslim.

    It seems to me that Jesse Jackson once said that, if he was walking downstairs in a building and heard footsteps behind him, he would be pleased if the person was white. Of course, Jesse couldn't have been profiling his own folks, could he?

    Juan Williams was fired … not for what he said (that was a misdirection) … but for where he said it. And note that his firing came one day after George Soros gives NPR enough money to hire one hundred "journalists" …

  • TaxMan

    Stop funding the dogs at NPR, CPB, NEA!!


  • 080

    Williams is a centrist liberal Democrat if ever there was one. Dumping him on the part of NPR shows that the lunatics are now running the asylum. In other words the left is now throwing the center of the Democratic party overboard. They don't need them anymore. Useful idiots are only useful up to a centain point. That interpretation gives the incident a mcuh greater importance than it would otherwise have as a simple free speech case.

  • Guest

    Firing Williams was just the opening ploy in a plan to shut down Talk Radio which is what Soros et al are really after: Obama will "censure" NPR for the Williams affair and order the FCC to "investigate" the issue. After the upcoming elections,the FCC will "report" that ALL radio involved with political matters must hereafter meet new PC "guidelines" or face license revocation. These "guidelines" will be designed to effectively censor Rush, O'Reilly et al. Goodbye "talk radio". The totalitarian noose tightens further.

  • Guest

    Two points:
    1. I can't help noticing the profoundly different way in which Rick Sanchez's firing is being treated by all of you good folks.
    2. In USA, blacks are proportionately more likely to commit murders than Muslims are likely to commit acts of terrorism. Does that mean that Williams would be happy to have the police profile people like him on the basis of skin colour?

  • BigPat7

    Great post! And it's all working out for the better! Though I never cared for Juan's liberal ways, I stand firmly at his back! He's now got a better deal from FoxNews, as he has a little additional time to spare. And NPR and PBS will FINALLY be unfunded, by year's end I'd say (something that should have been done 30+ years ago!)

  • Jim Johnson

    There seems to be a whole lot of firing going on here. It's the people who aren't fired that we should ridicule. It is they who still have their puppet strings attached. They need no brains ,their masters do all the thinking; all the puppets have to do is jerk when the strings are pulled.
    Those who have cut their puppet strings will go on the glory.

    Those who kowtow to their liberal masters are not so they are like the sewage that the water flushes away

  • Richard W.

    Because of the firing of Juan Williams, I, for one, will NEVER give so much as a cent to NPR. I recommend that others do the same.

  • Fred Dawes

    You are asking way to much of NPR Common sense is way out of line for the NPR Monkeys that is like asking my Cat to build a home OR GO TO THE MOON.

  • Lamont Carlisle

    Vivian Schiller, the C.E.O. of National Public Radio, is “Stalin in a Skirt”.

    Oh sure, she issued an apology for her quip that Juan Williams “ . . . should keep the feelings that he expressed on Fox News between him and his psychiatrist or his publicist . . . “ but the honest truth is, her prescription for a psychiatrist unmasked her Stalinist ideology.

    In the academic journal, New Scientist, Drs. David Shaw, et. al. stated: “Under Stalin, the practice of declaring dissenters insane, and committing them for indefinite periods to prison psychiatric hospitals, became widespread.”

    Vivian Schiller, with her degrees in Russian Studies from Cornell and Russian from Middlebury surely knows this. Like Joseph Stalin, Schiller believes that if you do not agree with her shallow-minded, politically-correct weltanschauung, you need the attention of a psychiatrist.