Obama’s WikiLeaks Problem

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The Obama administration’s glib, nonchalant response to the Wikileaks security breach reinforces the troubling perception that it doesn’t take national security seriously. While the president himself has said virtually nothing about the scandal, the response of his proxies has been even worse. Attorney General Eric Holder assures us that he’s doing something, but won’t go into specifics. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made light of the issue, joking: “I’m writing a cable about it, which I’m sure you’ll find soon on your closest website.” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs downplayed the impact of Wikileaks, telling Fox and Friends: “We should never be afraid of one guy who popped down thirty-five dollars and bought a web address.”

The consequences of the Wikileaks releases are in fact both significant and dangerous — to the United States, to our allies, to Americans serving on the front lines, and to the foreign operatives who provide us with vital intelligence.  Attempts by the administration to downplay the danger that Wikileaks represents smacks of the sort of “political considerations first” philosophy that seems to dominate Obama’s approach to governing. By attempting to minimize the importance of the leaks, the administration believes it can avoid much of the fallout. More than two years after an historic election that elevated him to the highest office in the land, Barack Obama still can’t get out of campaign mode.

In the broadest sense, the president is of course responsible for the leaks. As commander in chief, the buck stops squarely in the Oval Office when national security is in play. Just as Harry Truman was ultimately responsible for intelligence shortcomings that failed to foresee North Korea’s attack in 1950, and just as George W. Bush was ultimately responsible for faulty intelligence regarding Saddam Hussein’s stockpile of WMDs, so is Barack Obama ultimately responsible for the lax security procedures that allowed a lowly private like Bradley Manning to access and disseminate sensitive information.

Yet, the root of Obama’s culpability in the Wikileaks scandal is the same as Truman’s and Bush’s: he put his faith in the military and intelligence professionals that are charged with keeping America secure. As they had in 1950 and 2003, those professionals made mistakes, and President Obama’s real sin is not in failing to anticipate a blunder that he has neither the skills nor training to recognize, but in refusing to recognize the extent of the damage that had been done and to act decisively to minimize that damage.

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  • http://tamaraheater.wordpress.com Tamara

    …It was on Thrusday or Friday that a gentleman on FOX news reminded in announcement that the USA is number one in Cybersecurity and the site was falling down within 24 hours. Did they WH not know this or ….were they acting like they did not know??

    …..the Chi follower, and anarchist is off the street at least for a little while! The US police at least did not go onto foreign soil to get him.

    • Deborah

      Don't knock Chi….knock communism. knock Russia. Knock the terror this administration and their co-conspirators terror components. Don't attack Chi, Chi is a total different religious group than then president worships with. I know he's references different religions but Chi is not the religion he follows.

  • Herve

    Too little, too late: whether about leaking oil in the Gulf or leaking sensitive information in cybersea.

  • jacob

    What OBAMA is looking for is to pass through the two years he still has to go
    and into history as the first back President the USA ever had, regardless of
    being considered worst than Jimmy Who, (which is a lot to say), fully aware
    that his "socialist" agenda has been rejected by the majority of the American
    Therefore, he is content with enjoying all the comforts Air Force One offers
    and traveling all over the world (which otherwise he wouldn't in his lifetime)
    and the perks the Presidency bestows on White House occupants…
    His seemingly not giving a damn for all WIKILEAKS together doesn't
    surprise mem knowing well as he does,he has as much of a chance for
    reelection as I have to fly to the moon by myself and since as LOUIS XV said
    "AFTER ME, THE FLOOD" (Apres moi, le deluge" even if SOROS and all the
    rotten media stand on their heads…people grew already out of his mermaid
    songs of "CHANGE" and its straight jump off the frying pan and into the fire.
    Will the prevalent stupidity allow me to still see the MADE IN USA tag back in
    my lifetime ??

  • davarino

    Were they acting like they didnt care or did they want it to happen?

    • LibertyLover

      I'll vote for Door #2.

  • jacob

    If my comments are considerd too offensive and opposed to "political correctness"
    I guess the best I can do is to abstain in the future to say a word or better yet, as
    Samel Goldwyn once said, INCLUDE ME OUT…

    Feel free to delete my email from your mailings.
    'Thank you

  • Bear from Russia

    Read "Western Civilization Has Shed Its Values" by Paul Craig Roberts who was an editor of the Wall Street Journal and an Assistant Secretary of the U.S. http://www.opednews.com/articles/Western-Civiliza

  • bill morgenstein

    If we don't find a way to impeach President Obama soon our country could suffer irreparable damage.

    His appointees and administration are clownish, incompetant and corrupt, who would be comical if they weren't so dangerous.

  • james caan

    As long as Obama, the number-one anti-American, is in charge, nobody in other counytries takes the UNited States seriously. JC

  • BS77

    Read the Ann COulter column on these treasonous vermin.

  • Spider

    This is yet another incident being used by our LIAR IN CHIEF to advance his Cloward Piven strategy to destroy our country from the inside out. Notice Eric Holder in a press conference said that the action was "wrong" , "unethical" etc. but he never mentioned it was illegal. Maybe he was told to ignore this just like he was told to ignore the Black Panther voting incident.

  • USMCSniper

    Ann Coulter has it right. The disaster Pfc. Bradley, who is really a gay activist under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is the very reason we should not allow homosexuals in the military. Now the Liberals are openly considering overturning of a policy that was probably put there for a reason that homosexuals orient their whole value system and life around their debauchery and deviancy. Everything else is secondary. But the Liberals don't care. Their approach is to rip out society's foundations without asking if they serve any purpose.

  • bill morgenstein

    Every president has its critics, name callers and detractors. That has been so in the past and will surely continue in the future. In the case of our current president; he has been harmed by the aura that the media has surrounded him with. A poorly trained, unqualified candidate who was brought up (probalby from birth and throughout his career) and mentored by Marxist type characters who wanted to change the nature of our Republic. He has been obviuosly been greatly influenced by these bad characters.

    Leaving aside name calling and trying to give the President the benefit of the doubt we still must ask: Why all the mistatements, obfuscations, narcisstic attitudes, horrible appointments and thin skin attacks on opposing views? Obama has made it known that he is willing to forego a 2nd term as long as his radical agenda is fulfilled.

    I therefore reiterate, that once he legally crosses the line he MUST be impeached and convicted.

  • sue805

    I would like to know who is REALLY responsible for these leaks. I'm not gullible to believe a private in the military was able to expose "thousands of documents, cables, emails" etc. on his own. He may be the scapegoat…who in our inept, incompetent, marxist government is complicit in this attack?? Not a word from anyone……why????

    • Sam Deakins

      I also would like to know how this one lowly PFC gets all this "secure" information and also has a direct line to the WikiLeaks folks? Is there no supervision in the intelligence field?

  • Lightning Jack

    This entire fiasco that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks orchestrated against the US had nothing to do with exposing international government corruption or suspect US foreign policy. Instead, it was a blatant cyber- espionage attack by one narcissistic, pathetic, anti- American propagandist and his weasel organization.

    Hopefully, Pfc. Manning will be found guilty under the UCMJ of treason and espionage, then sentenced to death by hanging or firing squad. Yes, I know…we don't do that anymore, but in Manning's case there should be an exception.

    International espionage charges should be filed in the Hague against the America hating weasel Assage and his WikiLeaks cohorts, including anyone else who assist WIikiLeaks in the dissemination of classified materials.

  • Ghostwriter

    Today,I heard that Julian Aslime might be going back to Sweden to face sexual assault charges. With this guy,I'm not surprised of something like this. From what little I know of this creep,he deserves whatever happens to him. I think Assange does this because he has an ego the size of the Grand Canyon. He wants the world to see how great he is and he doesn't care how he does it. Now,his ego's going to land him in jail and I say good riddance. I call this arrogant jerk a clown,but that would be disrespectful to real clowns.

  • BS77

    Ann Coulter tells it like it is ………..Her column on the WikiLeaks mess …incredible writing from a gifted researcher and dynamic conservative author…also terrifically funny. NY TImes writers must feel like the soldiers facing Achilles in the film TROY, when he asked, "Is there anyone else?" Ann Coulter should do a video singing the great MC Hammer song, " Can't Touch This".

  • LibertyLover

    Obama is as bad as it gets. Our enemies are laughing in our face because of Barry O. As the old saying goes, "When your opponent is cutting his own throat don't interfer."

  • pissedcitzen

    Maybe you people should be reading wikileaks instead of blindly following your government. Its your job as a citizen to know what is really going on.. Why don't u watch the video of our soldiers killing innocent children and a camera man because our soldiers apparently don't know the difference between a news camera and an AK47.. come on people grow up.. and take a deep breath and look around.. http://www.collateralmurder.com/ .. watch it.. i dare you

    • Bill

      This kind of Ultra Left Wing propoganda fools very few people. In war tragic mistakes are made and unfortunately innocents are sometimes victims. You will also get some crazies and purely evil people that enjoy killing and inflicting harm. For the most part however our military are trained to be extra careful, often risking their own lives to do so.

      Demeaning those that unselfishly sacrifice to help our country and it's citizens is downright disgraceful and cowardly!

  • John Bauer

    It seems this website is pretending to be a news site. Yet it is campaigning against freedom of information. A media organization whose objective is to conceal information is a propaganda agency rather than a news organization. It makes sense, the only reason anyone would believe right wing extremest views it proclaims is if they actively refuse to learn. Close the tab and go read something else, written by someone other than Ann Coulter and her ilk of imbeciles.

    PS. Trying to provide free health care for those who need it does not make you into the antichrist. Many americans seem to think that it does which reflects very badly on that country and their lack of empathy. Amazingly they call themselves christians. I wonder what Jesus would say about a nation based on greed who dump on the poorest in society and kill hundreds of thousands of people for oil.

  • jgreene

    I keep saying this – he's an incompetent doofus and a socialist-Marxist. He just doesn't care about the harm being done to the United States. His goal/s were/are the transfer of wealth of producers in the United States to the underclass who produce nothing.

  • scum

    Rich, you obviously don't know your Rolling Stones history. "Any advertising is good advertising" (Keith Richards). The more people bitch about Wikileaks and the hazards of a truly free press, the MORE people will want to read it. In fact, in case you haven't heard, the Pentagon has initiated an UNPRECEDENTED policy overhaul in terms of accss to Classified Information. Get on the stick, Bro!! By the way, the WMD's responsibility with Bush ran deeper than your other examples, as the Downing Street memos proved. C'mon man, write a better article!!!!!!!!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The reality is most of the BHO administration actually supports the Wiki leak releases of classified material. Nothing else explains their actions. It’s hard to become outraged by something you normally support.

    As for as I’m concerned, Pfc. Bradley Manning and Julian Assange should both be executed to set an example and in order to put the fear of God into those secular leftwing and anarchist kooks.

  • waltw

    @John Bauer –
    Your post above is so replete with ignorance that I find it hard to know where to start!
    1. There is no such thing as 'freedom of information' where classified information is concerned. If you have not been formally authorized to receive such information, seeing or having same is a CRIME.
    2. A 'media organization' is there to provide news to the public – not to divulge classified information to unauthorized persons, including our enemies. The NYT is not your friend!
    3. "… free health care …" is only free to those who will not provide for themselves. For everyone else this massive socialist experiment will be a huge expense that will destroy our health care system as we know it. To top it off, anyone with half a brain cell knows that the poor, indigent and even illegal immigrants are always taken care of at our hospitals for FREE.
    4. "… who dump on the poorest" – you have absolutely no idea what being poor really is! Our so-called 'poor' in this country receive food stamps, housing and electricity allowance, transportation subsidies, pay no taxes, receive free health care and/or Medicaid, free school meals (3 a day in some cases), etc. etc.
    5. Name me one (just one) country where we have gone and killed thousands of innocent people and confiscated their oil.

    You need to get out more John, your ignorance is staggering!