Psycho in Town

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The United Nations played host to the latest version of the president of Iran’s road show yesterday. This was a subtly different Ahmadinejad than we’ve seen addressing world leaders in New York heretofore. His trademark mixture of insufferable smugness and blustering defiance was on display to be sure, but this speech was more about the former than the latter and that’s something of a change. It appears that there’s no need to spew much vitriol at the president of the United States any longer, for the leader of the Great Satan has rendered himself all but impotent without much Muslim assistance. Why would Ahmadinejad waste his breath denouncing or threatening the paper tiger currently occupying the White House?

Instead, Ahmadinejad used the global stage that the UN provided in order to show the world that nobody understands the problems confronting humanity better than he does. Religious scholar, champion of the poor, master of geo-politics, economic guru – these are but some of the many facets that define the President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and if you have any doubt about that, just ask him.

Ahmadinejad, if not quite declaring Islam victorious, seems more confident of the final outcome than ever. He said that the era of capitalism is coming to an end, after “one hundred years of domination.” Selling Adam Smith short by a couple of centuries, Ahmadinejad would – in typical fashion – later contradict his confused understanding of world history by asserting that the Western powers were responsible for ravaging the rest of the world through colonialism and slavery. The fact that colonialism and slavery were features of Western societies before the “one hundred years of domination” seemed to be entirely lost on him.

The solution to the world’s problems, he declared, was to turn to God, a sentiment that tens of millions of Americans would agree with in the broadest of terms. But of course when Ahmadinejad speaks of God, he’s really referring to the only acceptable version of the Deity that Islam tolerates. He parroted the Qur’an’s assertion that the people who refuse to accept the God of Muhammad deny the most obvious of truths because of selfishness and greed. Every prophet was confronted by similar unbelievers, were they not? Moses had Pharaoh and Jesus had the Pharisees. What’s the analogous group when it comes to Muhammad? Well, that would be us: we stubborn, egotistical Westerners who can’t bring ourselves to understand that God appointed a succession of prophets and that it is our duty to keep up with the program.

He asked the UN to proclaim 2011 the year of nuclear disarmament, and even helpfully provided a slogan: “Nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapons for none.” The first half of that couplet has a certain attraction, especially in the third world countries desperate for cheap power. But, it makes no sense in a nation like Iran, where the billions that Ahmadinejad has invested in his nuclear program could have provided so much cheap power if it were used to turn its vast oil supplies into domestic electricity and gas. The Iranian president is as comfortable with the Big Lie as any Democrat and he repeated it once again: his nation has no interest in building nuclear weapons. The sanctions that the UN has imposed as a result of his nuclear ambitions clearly chafed however, no matter how ineffective those measures have been. Ahmadinejad chided the UN for maintaining its five nation security council and mused about how much more effective the body would be if only Iran had veto power too.

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  • BS1977

    Take Michael Moore back to Tehran with you…and don't come back.

  • Beverley

    I listened to him and I could not believe what a "farce" he makes the UN look. What a comedy. What is really frightening is how many of those delegates actually believe what he is "babbling". The UN thinks they are the coming world government … God help us.

  • Felix

    The rantings of this deranged leader of the Iranian theocracy must be taken seriously. He worships death, craves for Armaggedon and the moment he will have the means to start a nuclear war he will do it. There can be no doubt about it. And a nuclear war, once started, nobody knows how it will end, how many millions must suffer and die because of the incapacity of the free world to wake up and take the necessary measures to prevent it..

  • Yochanan

    The Iranians pretty well invented apocalyptic dualism more than 2,500 years ago, so it should surprise no one that here they are, in the shape of Ahmadinejad, wanting to get on and launch the final battle of good versus evil, and all that goes with it. What is astonishing is that the UN gives him a forum for his apocalyptic provocations, opposing as it does every item of the UN's post WWII mission. Or maybe the UN has rethought its stabilizing role and now wants to share the Iranian Mullas' dream of bringing on 'the end of the world'. Or are they just sleeping?

    • marie

      Hi Yochanan, I'm learning all the time. Can you elaborate on the apocalyptic dualism. I mean no disrespect. i just don't know how to google that phrase.

  • badaboo

    Since private citizens espousing such views are routinely banned from entering the U.S. or the U.K. , Ahmidenejab should also be banned for hate-speech .
    Or even better , lets take the s.o.b. hostage until he returns those two American kids which Iran is holding for ransom [ they've already collected 500,000 for the girl }

  • SmartyPants

    That the Iranian president is a few sanwiches short of a picnic has been obvious to all but the extremely obtuse for years now. Nonetheless, the UN continues to provide the man a podium. That speaks so well of the UN, doesn't it? Oops! My bad! I forgot that the UN is full to the brim with Islamist jurisdictions that actually subscribe to many of the Iranian president's delusions.

    When parites go on for too long and people start acting silly and/or stupid and/or crazy, it has always been my policy to LEAVE. But that's ME, i guess…

  • Alex Kovnat

    If Ahmadinejad were clever, he would point out that the real cause of the September 11, 2001 disaster was America's lack of sensitivity to Saudi cultural and religious sensibilities during the 1990/91 war. We KNEW we were rubbing Saudi Arabia's nose in the dirt when we sent all those female soldiers into their country. We knew there were a lot of Saudis, and not just Osama Bin Laden, who were extememely offended at the thought of WOMEN fighting to defend Saudi Arabian MEN! But like the proverbial 6'-4" bully who doesn't think a scrappy little guy who weighs less than 100 lb might be a lot better with his fists than he looks, we didn't think those Saudis would be able to do anything about it. Ten years later, 9/11 happened.

    If Ahmadinejad were that clever, he could have pointed that out. Perhaps its a good thing for us that he's not.

    BTW I am NOT in favor of the followers of Islam forcing their way of life upon us.

    • Brett

      So then it was our fault for defending them with women? (roll eyes)
      I dont think so, the reason they hate us is right in the Koran and what is happening now is nothing new if you look back in history with Islams invasion of Western Europe in the 700's only to be turned back by Charles (the Hammer) Martel and then again in the 1600's at the gates of Vienna. This is whats happening now only they are using different tactics terrorism, immigration ect.

      • MixMChess

        I think/hope Alex was being facetious in his suggestion that the "real cause" of 9/11 was our lack of sensitivity towards the Saudis.

    • Nick Shaw

      That's a very interesting hypothesis Alex. Those women may have been the straw that broke the camel's back. There has to be a reason that most of the terrorists of 9/11 were Saudi. However, SA has never been a friend of the US, despite the hand holding and bowing. It's always been a ruse to promote world Islam only accelerated by the discovery of oil in their domain. Drill here, drill now for the vast petroleum resourses of the US and get off the Islamic teat!

  • JSF
  • Andres de Alamaya

    Where is Harvey Lee Oswald when we need him at the U.N . Comedy Club?

  • USMCSniper

    Andres, I prefer Carlos Hancock with a Barrett 50 calibre. Just leave the pieces in place like road kill. Buzzards gotta eat, same as the worms.

  • AnimalFarm

    Why is the US even part of the dastardly UN? Why is a psychopath inbred like Ahmedinejad given a forum, and why is anybody at all sitting there listening to him? The US has itself to blame for agreeing to fund the proponderance of the UN, agreeing to have the UN building on our soil, thus allowing our sworn enemies to come into our home and spewing this intolerable crap. What did you think he was going to say? Ahmedinejad is just being himself. So is Hugo Chavez. Why are we putting up with it???

  • RiverFred

    Ahmedinejad believes the 12th hidden imam will appear soon ( the imam disappeared down a well one thousand years ago) when there is world chaos. What better way to have world chaos than a nuclear war. It's amazing how many idiots believe in religious fairytales.

  • Nick Shaw

    Short of dropping a neutron bomb on Tehran and all known nuke sites in Iran and giving Mahmoud Imanutjob what he dearly wants, a ticket to the underworld where he can join a whole bunch of old, dissappointed men of Islam, the US has to take a stand and move that building, a monument to hypocracy on the Hudson, to Brussels. At US expense, mind you. Then never go there again or send any money, ever. After that, countries that agree with the original American ideals of free peoples may, and I stress may, receive American largess.

  • Fred Dawes

    IF you look at this guy you see Satan and Hitler dancing once more, AND Looking at you!

    • marie

      Hi Fred I have always thought that his eyes lacked a soul and found out only days ago ago that he was a basji child soldier so can understand his lack of empathy and empty eyes and heart. I feel sympathy for the child that he was and the person he could have been but as he stands now he is a shell of a human being. That is why you can see hitler and satan in his eyes. Scary and sad. But terrifying for the world.

  • juice

    For all the years and trillions of dollars spent on it, what has it accomplished? A list of nothing.

  • JAS

    Quick – somebody put a 9 in his hand – i think he's just crazy enough to pull the trigger…

  • Ghostwriter

    Oh,good grief. Another insane speech by A-Jad. He reminds me of those slasher film characters Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees. He keeps coming back from the dead to spead terror wherever he goes. Actually,I'd rather be around Freddy and Jason. They're probably much better company.

  • Chris

    I found that Obysmal was 'shocked, shocked! I tell you' that Ajad is a truther. I wonder if he was equally shocked that Van Jones is a truther. And I wonder how many in his cabinet are also on the same page as his Iranian buddy…
    In fact it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find that Obozo is a truther himself.

    • Fiddler

      When Barack is out of a job in 2012, he only needs to go to Michael Moore in Hollyweird to look for a job. He's got acting down pat, similar to Bill Clinton who feigned sorrow at the cemetary after yucking it up with Tony Campolo! Kind of reminds me of the the movie: LIAR, LIAR.

  • 57nomad

    We can squash Iran like a small sheet of bubble wrap. He's threatening us?!?!?! That's rich. We need a leader that will remind A'jad it could happen that one day we won't find him amusing anymore and obliterate him and his toadies. Something that would take us no more than 10 minutes.

  • AnimalFarm

    Obama's response to this psychotic maggot sounded very hollow and insencere. Here's a guy, Obama, who sat and listened to his own pastor spew this kind of garbage for over 20 years, "God d*** America", "The chickens have come home to roost" (this immediately after 9/11). He appointed Van Jones, a truther who said the same thing Ahmedinejad did, to his administration. And now I'm supposed to believe his indignation is real? I don't know who makes me more sick, Obama or Ahmedinejad.

    • Fiddler

      My belief is that those who accomodate phyco's like Iran's "little hitler" are more dangerous than the little guy himself. Any out there proud of your government? Are they talking for YOU? Have you learned your lesson of NEVER voting again for an "American Idol" who makes people faint at rallies? Wise up people! OPEN YOUR EYES. Your children and grand children (those you didn't ABORT) deserve a future too.

  • bobbie

    Millions of Iranians are living under censorship and oppression and never get a chance of a free podium to express their ideas, aspiorations, etc. Yet this thug gets a podium from UN everytime and repeats the same old junk — everybody knows what he is going to say! What's the purpose of giving this cheat and murderer a podium?

    • kafir4life

      Were you refering to Imadinnerjacket or Obama as the thug with the podium? Both apply, so it's difficult from your words to know which one you were refering to.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Some how, some way the end of Dr. Strangelove keeps coming into
    my mind and when I see Amadadingo pointing to his head I see the
    caption of "If you think Dr. Strangelove was strange" everybody sing!
    "I'le be seeing you don't know where, don't know when". Yes this guy
    is truly X'd in the head…………………………………………………..William

  • badaboo

    I guess everyone doesn't remember Papa Doc , Haitis ruler who after thinking his top General turned himself into a dog , proceeded to kill all the dogs in Haiti …or Yaser Arafat being allowed to address the UN with a loaded .45 holstered on his hip . What about Castro ? And how about Nikita Kruschev , removing his shoe , pounding on his desk ,yelling " we will bury you " ! to the U.S.
    How did the American Presidents react ?

    • crazyhorse

      Took him to see how corn is grown-He returned to russia and planted millions of acers ,but crop failed

  • kafir4life

    With the exception that mawmaw imalittleteapot is a little tiny twerp, his words were very similar to another scum bag you may be familiar with, Barack Hussein Obama. Big B is on record over the years supporting many of the same things as his fellow coreligionist and president of iran. They both hold identical views on capitalism and america.

    • Fiddler

      It's a commentary on global gullability. To quote Forrest Gump: "Stupid is as Stupid Does".

  • drjj

    It's amazing that this deranged hateful lunatic is given such an elevated forum–whether @ the now past ridiculous U.N, or in the American media (Larry King show). If Hitler were around today, would Larry interview him too? How is this guy any different in what he wants to do, or how clearly crazy he is?

    And where are the protesters about even allowing this hate-spewing wacko in this country? I do think that while most Americans are disgusted by this clown, they don't have the "fire in the belly" to really speak out any longer against tyrants, dictators, and bigots–in position of power no less.

  • Fiddler

    History repeats itself: Here you have Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler of A.D. 2010.

  • MixMChess

    Its pretty sad when a mass-murdered like Fidel Castro has to call out Ahmadinejad to stop with the "slander" of the Jews and Israel – it demonstrates that Ahmadinejad is on a whole new plain of psycho! Even worse, it was Castro rather than Obama standing up to this idiot and defending the Jews and Israel. What a lopsided world we live in.

  • Arnold

    I don't understand why different religion always have different beliefs. Isn't it sad that even if we already knew that there is only one God we always think there are many because of many different beliefs. And about the profets and everything. Maybe this is the reason why we were in chaos. Because of our beliefs. This is sad. I wish there were no more war.
    how jump higher

  • badaboo

    The problem Arnold is not that there are many religions , the problems start when one of them tries to shove theirs down everyones elses throat .

  • badaboo

    Ya gotta give ole' Fidel some kudos here , yes he did in fact get a leg up on Obama , by criticizing Ahmadinejab for what he CORRECTLY defined as " Theological Anti-Semitism " , and thus also DEFENDING Israel .


    And if survival is any sign of success , Fidel's got it . I've only got one thing against him , and that was his behavior during the Cuban Missle Crisis . Many forget or simply don't know , that Batista was a far worse dictator than Fidel ever was or will be , and when the revolution finally came , Castro's choice was either The Mob and the U.S. who supported Battista , or the Soviet Union ……we didn't leave him much of a choice . BTW , don't take this as an endorsement of that P.O.S.-Che Gueverra

  • Terry

    Why wasn't this modern day *itler arrested upon setting foot on American soil? If the original *itler had been arrested and tried early on, 60 million lives would have been saved.

  • Scott Freeman

    I am very concerned about the effects of an unchecked Iran on the World and its economies.

    This nut could end up starting another war in the Middle East that the US gets dragged into.

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  • Scott Freeman

    I'm very concerned about the effects of an unchecked Iran on the World and its economies.

    This nut could end up starting another war in the Middle East that the U.S. gets dragged into.

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  • Sesame_Chicken

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  • Skinny Coffee

    It looks like iran is set to announce more major "developments" with their nuclear program.

    God Help us all

  • steve620924

    i dont know which is worse ahmedinejad's utterances or the UN?
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    Aren't we glad we live in the USA!

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