Shooting The Messenger

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Dr. Charles Jacobs stands for everything that those who believe radical Islam can be reformed claim to desire. Jacobs calls for peace – real peace – between Muslims and Jews. He backs up his words with actions, by reaching out to moderate Muslims and doing all he can to create the safe haven they need to take, in their view, their religion back from the fundamentalists. Yet, Jacobs is no starry-eyed dreamer. He doesn’t hesitate to call out the Islamic radicals living among us, or to take their naïve, unwitting supporters to task. Jacobs has a penchant for pointing out that anything that walks and talks like a duck ready to strap a load of C-4 to its back probably is, and that’s what got him into trouble with a group of Boston rabbis earlier this month.

Jacobs is a man of remarkable accomplishment. He is founder of The David Project, co-founder of the American Anti-Slavery Group and of Americans For Peace and Tolerance. In recognition of his efforts to end the enslavement of black Africans in Sudan, Jacobs was presented with the Boston Freedom Award by Coretta Scott King and the Mayor of Boston. Jacobs serves on the board of directors of Americans For Peace and Tolerance with Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Mansour. According to their website: “Dr. Mansour is an Al Azhar-educated reformist Islamic scholar who fled his native Egypt after persecution by radical Islamists and imprisonment by Egyptian authorities. He is the spiritual leader of a reformist movement of Islam called the Quranists.”

So what did this peace-loving man of action do to annoy seventy Beantown rabbis to the point that they felt moved to publish an angry letter condemning Jacobs in The Jewish Advocate on June 11? What could a fellow who works so hard to find and nurture that most elusive of creatures – the moderate Muslim – have done to offend the leaders of so many congregations? What made seventy rabbis sign on to a letter that had this to say about Jabobs:

“We were shocked and appalled by the vicious, personal attack written by Charles Jacobs and printed in The Jewish Advocate. We denounce this attack and call upon Mr. Jacobs to discontinue his destructive campaign against Boston’s Muslim community, which is based on innuendo, half-truths and unproven conspiracy theories. We call upon members of our community to reject the dangerous politics of division that Mr. Jacobs fosters.”

Jacobs “vicious, personal attack” consisted of an article he penned for The Jewish Advocate in which he was critical of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and, more importantly for the shocked and appalled rabbis of Boston, of Rabbi Eric Gurvis, Senior Rabbi of Temple Shalom in Newton, Massachusetts. Both Patrick and Gurvis visited Roxbury’s “mega-mosque” on May 22, exchanging hugs and mutual admiration with the mosque’s leaders and, in Patrick’s case, accepting a $50,000 check from the mosque so that law-enforcement officials in the Bay State could learn to be more culturally sensitive when dealing with Muslims.

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  • JasonPappas

    Let's see if those who claim to distinguish between so-called moderate Islam and "radical" Islam will stand up for Jacobs. The idea of two Islams is quickly becoming exposed for the fraud it is. Jacobs' case will prove the point.

    • QK113

      For the record:

      Rabbi Gurvis did NOT attend the meeting on May 22, which was a Shabbat. He attended a press conference denouncing comments made by gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill following the May 22nd event, which was a Muslim communitywide action, the first such gathering of its kind, to my knowledge, ever to take place in Greater Boston. A check was handed to Governor Patrick to be delivered to the District Attorney's Office intended to pay for police sensitivity training, but the check was from Bank of America, not from the Muslim community. As I understand it, the money was from accounts of individuals and organizations identified with the Muslim community which had been closed by the government, and the ultimate decision was to use it in this way. The check was handed over ceremonially by an Imam who had recently given a sermon that was, based on a particular phrase, understandably controversial, and that is part of the concern and uproar.

      It is important to understand the facts and get them straight before making some of the statements that have been made.

  • richard

    idiots. they will be their own undoing. self hatred.

  • seels4truth

    Is it anti-Semitic to state that Jews are their own worst enemy? If os then I am an anti-Semite. The 70 religious leaders (No, I do not consider them to be rabbis in the religious sense) have proven themselves to be ignorant fools. Not only do they change religious rulings to fit their daily lives but they change the rantings of Jew hating Islamic radicals to fit into their liberal love-all philosophy. It's not Jacobs that is truthful because that destroys their thesis. He must be lying in order for them to be right. The same goes for their approach to Judaism. When a law is inconvenient they say the Torah is old and just a guide; not to be followed exactly. When these non-rabbis can ignore their own religious doctrine, believed by Jews and Christians to be handed down to Moses by God at Mt. Sinai, how can we be shocked when they ignore the facts in order to curry favor with the Islamist radicals in their midst?

    • ajnn

      Many hold, and quite reasonably so, that 'Reform Judaism' is not Judaism at all but an amalgam of pagan and secualr atheistic teachings which uses a Jewish vocabulary. I understand that the Reform Jews do not require a belief in G-d.

      This should be remembered when we discuss these persons.

  • USMCSniper

    They are bough and paid for. BECAUSE…..Both Patrick and Gurvis visited Roxbury’s “mega-mosque” on May 22, exchanging hugs and mutual admiration with the mosque’s leaders and, in Patrick’s case, accepting a $50,000 check from the mosque so that law-enforcement officials in the Bay State could learn to be more culturally sensitive when dealing with Muslims

  • Rob

    Aren't the radical Muslims actually obeying the dictates of the Quran and following in the foot steps of the countless Muslims who have spread Islam around the globe using violence and threats of violence? Aren't the jihadists actually carrying out the instructions of Mohammed?
    How many people call themselves Christians and don't know the first thing about Christianity? Someone who claims a belief system and doesn't follow their stated beliefs is a hypocrite.
    Remember also, it is OK to lie to an unbeliever in the furtherance of Islam.
    Don't be simple minded when dealing with people who want to kill you or enslave you and who have said so for hundreds of years.

  • Indioviejo

    What a sad state of affairs in Boston. Isn't this official obeisance just following the guidelines emanating from Washington by our POTUS ? It is spreading like poison ivy on bare ass. At least Osama is a closet muslim, but the Rabbi's are just suicidal. Shame on them.

  • garyfouse

    As a Christian who cares about the issue of anti-Semitism, it is so frustrating to see how fragmented the Jewish community is-even on issues of life and death. As much as I hate to say it, I've probably made as many Jewish enemies as Muslim enemies while speaking out against anti-Semitism by Muslims.

    If there ever is a second Holocaust, many Jews will have it on their own conscience.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The short point here is Leftism has adopted Islam as and aid in destroying America,
    If there were not several leftist rabbis, (all religions are riddled with leftists)
    to denounce Dr. Jacobs, several Leftist, Catholic Priests, Lutheran Ministers,
    Presbyterian Ministers, Methodist Ministers or Shirley McLain would have shown
    up to do so and in a pinch Roseanne Barr. Dr. Jacobs didn't have a chance……William

  • steve mann

    What amazes me is that the "Left" and Islam are diametrically opposed.
    How would anyone from the Left thinking elite survive in an Islamic state and keep to their principles?

    I can understand the Orthodox, stupid though they are to support Islam, in being understanding of it- For both desire to live under a theocracy of religious law.

    • Nemesis

      Read The Israel Test by George Gilder, the answer to the mystery of the red-green alliance is in there.

    • MixMike

      "I can understand the Orthodox, stupid though they are to support Islam, in being understanding of it- For both desire to live under a theocracy of religious law."

      Only SOME Orthodox Jews would prefer to live under a theocracy of religious law. Mainstream Orthodox Judaism exists just find under secular laws, like in the US, where they are free to subject themselves to Judaic laws. But thats just it, they subject themsevles and no one else to their laws – there are no Jihads or need for a dar-al-Islam equivalent. In fact, Jews believe that when the Messiah comes all the Jews will be gathered in Israel and all the nations (Gentiles) will make peace with the Jews. No mass extermination of non-believers like in Islam, not even a compulsion to convert to Judaism as Gentiles will exist but just in world peace.

  • bostonian

    A whole pack of dhimmi dummies if you ask me. They should start lining up to give donations to the mega Mosque just to get into practice for giving the tax required of all non-Moslems once their dream of going under Sharia law comes true.

  • Muslim lies exposed

    Lest we forget; both orthodox and non-orthodox Jews went to the gas chambers together.