Smearing Ralph Peters

If you want to gauge how important an issue is to the Left, the best indicator is to observe how it reacts when the issue is raised. Last Friday, Ralph Peters (Lt. Col., USA, retired) penned a column for Front Page in which he opined that extending voting rights to eleven million illegal immigrants currently residing in this country would be a disaster for America. In response, Terry Krepel,  a member of George Soros’ steno pool Media Matters, penned an outraged response slamming Peters for raising such a ridiculous, inflammatory issue. How dare he!

Ralph Peters doesn’t actually need anyone coming to his defense. He’s a real American hero who spent ten years in military intelligence defending this nation in ways that journalists like Terry Krepel could not imagine. Legendary novelist W.E.B. Griffin has singled Peters out as one of the “new breed” protecting our nation, who – in Griffin’s words – wrote the best analysis of our war on terror that Griffin has ever read. But, whatever Griffin, me or anyone else thinks of Ralph Peters’ service record doesn’t matter much to the Left. They’re not going to treat him as a worthy adversary with whom they might disagree. They’re going to fight back using any means at their disposal, employing the very tactics that they accuse conservatives and libertarians of using: invective, distortion and hyperbole.

To that end, Media Matters tries to make the case that Peters is a racist, extremist, blood-thirsty lunatic. Indeed, Media Matters dedicates a fair chunk of space chronicling what Peters has said and written. Peters has been an unapologetic advocate of taking and keeping America’s gloves off while fighting the war on terror. There’s good reason for his position: Peters believes that the war on terror can actually be won, if the West has the courage to pursue victory fearlessly, absent the self-imposed hobbles of political correctness, handicaps that do not constrain our enemies.

On the other hand, the Left believes that America can never defeat the terrorists because, to them, terrorism is the logical, inevitable reaction to American arrogance, imperialism and greed. Unless we reform our ways, the “disadvantaged” classes in the world, who have a legitimate gripe in their view (although, they will admit, a rather poor way of expressing their opinion) will continue to blow innocent people up in suicidal fireballs of righteous indignation. In contrast, Peters views the war on terror in much the same way that Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman viewed the War Between the States: as a conflict that ought to be pursued ruthlessly, because doing so will end a brutal war more quickly and once it is over – to paraphrase Grant’s hopeful, century-old words – the reasonable majorities on both sides could then return to the happy task of becoming friends again.

Supporting or attacking Peters’ stance on the best way to fight the war on terror isn’t germane if we are to consider the validity of his views when it comes to immigration policy. However, criticizing Peters’ stance on the war on terror is useful if somebody wants to marginalize any of his other opinions. The gist of Krepel’s riposte, such as it was, involved constructing a straw man of massive proportions so that the flames generated when he burnt it down would illuminate the supposed folly of Peters’ position on immigration beyond any reasonable doubt. Krepel believes – and if you read Peters’ piece, you’ll have as hard a time reaching this conclusion as I did – that Peters’ thinks illegal aliens are going to be given the right to vote without becoming citizens. In Krepel’s words:

“Nobody, let alone Obama, is proposing to allow undocumented immigrants to vote. Peters barely attempts to make the argument that creating a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, who would then be allowed to vote, is a bad thing. But Peters is on a roll: No voting rights for illegals! Mob rule! Never mind that President Reagan’s granting amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants didn’t exactly result in ‘mob rule.’”

Of course Reagan’s “amnesty” didn’t grant citizenship to illegal undocumented alien immigrants. What the Gipper actually did was to grant some illegal aliens “temporary resident status,” which did not include citizenship and the right to vote. That’s quite a bit different that president Obama’s plans. As part of his immigration plan, the president said that he would support “…a system that allows undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens.”

Peters didn’t argue that Obama was going to pass out voter registration cards to illegals. Any discerning, intelligent reader understood that Peters’ concern is about making illegals citizens – as the president has suggested we do – and therefore granting them votes. I’m not sure why those particular dots needs connecting, but apparently they do, at least at Media Matters.

The only part of Peters’ column that I would disagree with is when he discussed the possibility of mob rule in the future. It rather looks like we’re already there. Ramming health care through a reluctant Congress and past a disgusted populace required the kind of arm-twisting, bullying and mind-numbing populist propaganda that are the hallmarks of mob rule. It’s not the sort of mob rule that features vigilantes toting torches, throwing stones and shouting threats, but is instead a genteel mob rule of the political sort. Bullies are bullies, whether they’re riding on horseback carrying a noose they hope to fill with a deserving neck, or whether they’re strolling down the streets of Washington clutching a gavel that appears to have come from the Paul Bunyan collection of legislative essentials.

Immigration reform may be stalled for the time being, but only a fool would think that it’s been forgotten by the administration. The payoff is just too tempting. If even a few million illegal immigrants get citizenship, that’s a few million new voters who are – for the most part – poor, not very well educated and are therefore badly in need of government goodies. Might they therefore be expected to vote for Democrats — the party of big government — in overwhelming numbers? They’d be foolish to do anything else. That’s an end game worth the fight. Ralph Peters understands that and, based on the vehemence of their reaction when somebody raises the possibility, so does the Left.

  • Roland Hancox

    Amnesty should be granted as soon as possible, These hard working families I employ have gained my sympathy. They are all family God loving people. Stop the hate and abandon your false myths.

    • therealend

      There are things you choose not to mention. One is that illegal immigrants are easily exploited for their labor. Is that what America now stands for? Is that a "false myth"? There are others that are victims of Human Trafficking, which is another name for slavery. Is that what we should be allowing? There are stories of girls as young as 13 having babies so they can stay in the US. Is that something we should regard as okay? There are companies that hire illegal immigrants in order to profit from their cheap labor and thus not only hurt the competition which plays by the labor laws of this country but hurts their workers as well. How does that stack up for you? How is any of what I posted hateful? By your attitude, you tacitly support what civil rights groups and union groups have long fought against. Why is that? Why is it hate to disagree with you? You don't have to answer me. Ask yourself any of these questions and give yourself an honest answer. I dare you.

      • USAF Vet

        Enforcing the immigration laws that are on the books would eliminate all of your "concerns". Why do you espouse legitimizing illegal immigration? What part of 'ILLEGAL" don't you understand? Why did your ancestors have to enter this country legally, following the rules, yet now, in your opinion, no one has to obey the law? Your strawman arguments don't hold water-however they do show that you are sorely lacking in intelligence. Must be your public school education. Tell me, what other country in the world would allow you to sneak across their border, take up residence, get an under the table job, bring your family in, and when you are found, say "oh, that's OK, you can stay-and we'll give you citizenship"? Every other country IN THE WORLD would arrest you and either deport you or throw you and your family in prison. So, by your reasoning, that is HATE as you see it. You can't arbitrarily choose what laws you are going to obey, and what laws you can ignore. Get an education you idiot.

        • Lary9

          USAF Vet~
          Good. Very good. I've always believed that name calling at the end of a post is the best way to make a political point and ought to be used more often—especially in print where the other guy can't really react to its rudeness. I admire that tactic. Who cares if it's cowardly and lacks the conviction of being undersigned with a real name?

    • poptoy

      What you speak of is probably true. there is good in all people. But let these good ones Become LEGAL.

    • Patrick

      That’s quite a general, idealistic statement. You’re sweeping an awful lot with that brush. Maybe you should realize that there are actual ” issues ” out there in which constructive debate and solutions doesn’t equal ” hate “. You sound like my nana who walked into a room and heard five seconds of a conversation.

    • Rick Geiger

      Everyone should know that Roland and Damon and others are part of Media Matters jihad against Frontpage Mag. These folks are paid to write stupid trash on this site to try to disrupt reasonable discussion.

    • American

      my god says get ride of the illegal alien parasites

    • D. Evans

      Hey Roland . You need to “ABANDON ” the typical LEFTIST LIE about why a majority of AMERICANS REJECT AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS . There is no hatred or false myths involved in this issue . There is only the “REALITY” that 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS could become 20 million new “DEMOCRATS” if NAZI PELOSI , DIRTY HARRY REID , and that piece of MUSLIM S#*T OBAMA have their way !!!!

      • trickyblain

        "NAZI PELOSI , DIRTY HARRY REID , and that piece of MUSLIM S#*T OBAMA"

        You're right. No hatred there.

    • M Rob

      Then you can pay for them and their medical care and their social security you idiot! What kind of wages are you paying them………let me guess.

    • Stephen D.

      So you admit here that YOU are a criminal. YOU are part and parcel to the problem. You are one of the folks that profit from slave labor. YOU are one of the reasons these desperately poor folks cross the boarder for. Without folks like you most of the problem wouldn't be there. Most of us are 2cd or 3rd generation Amereicans. Our families just did it properly. There is no reason these folks couldn't have or shouldn't have come over/up here leagally. Even after they are made citizens (which is the next big push for this Admin.) The right to vote should be witheld for a ten year period. THIS would make the effort more in line with the goal of "helping" these folks rather than lining up votes.

    • Jeffrey P. Rush

      So I take it you're in favor of breaking the law? What other laws do you violate?

    • Robin

      My family had to come here LEGALLY though Ellis Island. I have no problem with immagration. The man that I love came here illegally, and in order to be with me he is returning to Honduras to come back legally. It is the only way that I will be with him. He went though so much to get here in 2001. He was in NYC on 9-11 was covered in the ash and human parts. He is the hardest working man I have ever know, but you must enter the US though legal channels and pay into the same system we do!

      Why should he work and not pay the same taxes that I do, whyn shhould he not have all the rights that we have as AMERICANS? Because he broke the LAW!

    • gorpreebley

      Help me out here. Why does someone who walks into the country unasked deserve the same rights as someone who asked and followed American law?

      If I moved into your house, you would like to have the right to evict me. Yes I know that we have a developed a wonderful quality of life and many people want the chance to have it. Just showing up does not entitle you to it.

      Most importantly, the American social contract, the ending of all allegiances to previous home and nation is the bedrock of American society. The American ideal is the nation of many who consent to pay their taxes and, if need be, send their sons to defend the nation (another alien notion to leftists); illegals are not undocumented, they are illegal, they have not LEGAL right to be in this country. Their desire to have a higher paycheck does not entitle them to be here.

      I am pro-immigration. I want lots of new citizens. People who want to live and die in this country and no other and who are loyal to America and subscribe to the underlying values of freedom that made this nation.

    • Fiddler

      Woe, woe, woe, what planet did you come from?

      1) Where did they come from?
      2) Whose citizens were they?
      3) Why did they leave Mexico?
      4) Whose responsibility are they?
      5) Do immigration laws have any meaning to you?
      6) What do we owe unlawful invaders?

      Answer, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING. Anything they received here is ill-gotten. They came here against our laws, worked while here against our laws, and now have the audacity to demand rights?????

      WHERE THE HELL IS MEXICO on this???? Did they just disappear from the equasion?

      You have the audacity to bring up HATE. Is that really the best you can do?????

      What about what is RIGHT? MEXICO is reponsible for any altruism, or "compassion" where THEIR people are concerned.

      This is not about OUR poor, this is MEXICO's poor, who they have tacitly cast off.

      We have come too far "looking the other way" while we are supposed to be conscience-stricken over people that aren't ours. Sorry but that's Mexico's resonsibility.

    • Fiddler

      I'll tell you what pal, In fair exchange for all the millions who have come here presumptively, how about just annexing Mexico en toto? Why not give us more of their land currently consigned to cacti, yucca, and spanish bayonnets, and let us develop it. Or, would we then be labeled imperialists?

      If they want to be here so badly, have them stay where they are and we just absorb the land.

    • ajnn

      Hate? What hate? I read peters opinion piece and saw no hatred. Just a political position whereby he suggests there may be an unwritten agreement between illegal immigrant advocates and extremists from the democratic party: citizenship for votes.

      Denouncing a 'backroom political dea'l in a 'smoke-filled room' that will empower big-government advocates is not about fomenting hate.

      Government should happen in the open sunlight, not in these 'backroom deals' of the left-wing extremists.

    • rob

      Rolands a slavemaster that exploits slave labor

    • Stephen_Brady

      You employ illegal aliens? You are a criminal, and should be arrested. Your employees should be repatriated immediately.

    • Ed F.

      I do not accuse them of not being hard working. I do not accuse them of being anti-family or anti-God. I only accuse them of being here illegally. What gives you the right to obey only those laws with which you agree? A good enough dose of that philosophy and people will be fleeing the United States to Mexico. And the same goes for any Swedes, Irishmen, WASPS, Chinese or anybody else here illegally. There is really nothing to debate. All this gas is a symptom of just how dumb we have become.

  • therealend

    Yes, this has been the tactic to cast doubt on the conservatives, Tea Parties and anyone not interested in fellow-travellership, but there are ways to combat this. One is, at every Tea Party gathering, to play the national anthem, recite the Pledge of Allegiance and have a 2 mnute audience chant of "No to hatred, No to violence". Following that, the first two or three speakers could open with those lines and the audience would then cheer loudly for several minutes upon hearing "No to hatred…" . The Leftist press would have to contort their coverage not to mention this.

    Actually, let the press not cover that and expose them for it. Do this enough times and this attitude towards Tea Party gathering will require more ardent and less believeable explanations from the Left. In short, make it harder for the Leftists to do their worst.

    • Jim C.

      It has been used as a discrediting tactic, but it's also one conservatives are too willing to play along with. Case in point: Ralph Peter's article, here at FPM, came replete with a picture of scary Latino gangbangers to stir people's fears. 'Nuff said.

      I like your suggestion very much. I do think the TEA partiers are confused in their message and are used as dupes by many people they should be against, but I also think they're good people who generally worry about the same things I worry about.

  • tarleton

    I know many , many illegal imigrants and find them hard scrable , hard working types , chasing the American Dream….furthermore , they are in continuity with the preceeding waves of immigrants in the 400 years of American History…..if you trace your descendents back before the 20th century , EXACTLY HOW MANY HAD A VISA'S TO COME TO THE US
    Italian's were called WOPS as an acronym of WITH OUT PAPERS…how many Irish immigrants, from after the famine, had ''papers''

    • Gary Rumain

      So why aren't these so called immigrants following the usual immigration protocol rather than entering the country illegally? Those so-called WOPS and Irish entered the country trough the normal channels.

    • lectric74

      Well, let's stop and think about your statement here. Prior to the 20th century covers a lot of ground, including a couple hundred years of British rule and settlement.

      I can trace my ancestors (pretty hard to trace descendants backwards since my kids come after me) back to their arrival in 1865 in NYC at the Port Authority. How many illegals can go through records and find out when their family arrived legally in this country? Oh wait, none of them can since they are all in violation of US law by illegally entering this country.

      There is no such thing as an non-criminal illegal immigrant, the very fact that they are here proves this since they have violated the law by being here. Of course you Dems would much prefer to gloss over this little fact!

    • Fiddler

      I'll tell you what pal, In fair exchange for all the millions who have come here presumptively, how about just annexing Mexico en toto? Why not give us more of their land currently consigned to cacti, yucca, and spanish bayonnets, and let us develop it. Or, would we then be labeled imperialists?

      If they want to be here so badly, have them stay where they are and we just absorb the land.

      As a former Californian of 35 years I learned early on that this was not about "chasing the American dream", this was about a gradual, persistant "invasion". I'm sure you have heard about groups like MECHA and others who encourage an overwhelming of our nation by illegals and scream "racism" if anybody objects. Nope, the "tired, poor, huddled masses" doesn't apply here. This is a carefully orchestrated goal, and I'm afraid that this class of "victims" is tailor-made for one suchas Barrack Hussein Obama.

    • anei

      Idiot. The feds didn't control immigration during the famine years. There were no "papers" except money and the charge for the Irish to land was raised for the irish. The irish came through any port city that would accept the coffin ships and few cities would. And guess who controlled the ports? My Irish Ancestors were forced to land in Canada and came over the border. My Scotch irish ancestors were british slaves without recourse to the same laws british citizens enjoyed. It was they who made it possible for a@@h@les like you to spout nonsense. Without their willingness to stand up for the liberties you so casually would give away, there would not be an America for you to

      • tarleton

        You have no sense of irony and confirm my point exactly ….your ancestors were denied entry into American ports , so they landed in Canada and came across the border…..I rest my case !

  • Frank

    I have heard so many pro-amnesty arguments that, at this point, I am becoming nauseous. These illegal aliens (and yes, that’s what they are) take FAR MORE out of the system than they PUT IN. Immigration laws have been established with a purpose…to regulate the flow if immigrants into this country. The argument that “if we trace our descendents back before the 20th century exactly how many of them had papers” (in response to Tarleton says racist comments) has NO bearing on the 21st century immigration issue. This is the 21st century and not the turn of the 20th century. Respect the laws of today and stop YOUR racist comments.

    • Jim C.

      The idea is to get them documented so they CAN put in.

    • tarleton

      How are my statements racist ?…you clueless twit
      You people remind me of the type of rednecks who protest loudly about illegal immigrants and then hire them to do yardwork and kitchenwork to save themselves a few bucks…just typical

  • poptoy

    They need to become legal first.

  • betty boop

    Roland, I am an ardent supporter of new Americans who wish to bring up their families in a healthier and safer environment and become part of this melting pot with the rest of us. In my experience they have a far better appreciation of our nation's virtues than most of our own citizens, I have zero tolerance for American citizens who employ these people without some expectation of legality (or at least encouraging such in future), and who exploit their vulnerability for cheap labor. There are millions of legal Americans desperate for that same job- or there might be if they weren't all in line for the Gov. handout. Do we add more outstretched hands reaching for the giveaway money, or do we add more legal, willing, proud citizens ready to join the good fight? This is the choice. To paraphrase Keith Olbermann- you, sir, are the one who ought to be prosecuted.

    • USMCSniper

      Keith Olberman? Oh yes, the 57 year bitchy woman trapped in a man's body.

  • S. HaLevi

    What di I know about that… After all, I only lived in Chicago & New Mexixo for many years. :)
    Gentlemen. I have seen vote harvesting in four countries.
    In Argentina Peron used to transport, in fact truck, "descamisados" from unregistered settlers territories. They of course "boted" correclty.
    I have seen the South African model.
    I have seen the israel importation of hundreds of thousands of "immigrants" that dutifully "boted" for their controllers selections.
    Seen all of that in person.
    Now I am being informed of the US use of illegals for a variety of purposes, all of them tailored to exactly the same objectives as those of Peron, Botha, and the "MAPAI" gangs.
    I had the privilege of being very close to many early immigrants to the USA from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Argentina. That before "illegals" became an industry.
    Certainly those people were fully identified with the US in every respect.
    I have also seen the avalanches of illegals since the 70's.

    The US is in imminent danger of being harmed by trying to hide the facts while some use illegals to gain control of the country.

    • ajnn

      You have clarified the issue: trucking in 'voters' to shift elections has happpened in many places; not just in the United States.

      The issue is 'dilution of the vote'. Adding millions of voters in key regions will dilute the votes of the legal citizens who live there and empower 'political bosses'.

      This plan envisions a 'return to tammany hall', political bosses controlling districts, and big corruption.

    • Catholic

      Just to bring you up to speed…… Puerto Rico IS the United States and has been since 1898…….. All Puerto Ricans are US Citizens by birth…….

      If you can turn roe v wade around, you can stop what is imminent. If you can get enough people to put on sack cloth and ashes, you MAY be able to LESSEN what is coming. Do you think that you can kill the innocent unborn in their own mother's wombs and God is going to not do anything about it?…… So many innocent people are missing; killed by their own mothers. The jig is up. Prepare yourselves. Pray.

    • Aborrecio

      A respectful and cordial correction:

      The whole illegal immigration issue is irrelevant to Puerto Ricans..Puerto…Rico is a territory of the US…Puerto Ricans are natural born American citizens already, thus they are not — properly speaking — immigrants, but migrants from one American jurisdiction to another….

  • American

    my god says get rid of the illegal aliens, they are parasites

  • Peter E. Coleman

    I see Millions of hard working people becoming lazy Public Dependents with full medical coverage. Requiring Millions more to enter the Country to do the work Americans don't want to do. Or should that be-no longer have to do?

    • Jim C.

      So America is the only country in the world that is not lazy? Please.

  • hanneman

    When I look at Latin America, I see many left wing anti-American regimes. Look who was voted in in Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Mexico barely defeated a radical leftist in the last election.
    Its not that we don't have many patriotic and decent and likeable Hispanics here. We do. But still…

  • So Cal Mike

    Roland is breaking the law if illegals work for him.
    But he sounds too canned.
    He probably works for George Soros. Leftists are liars who say whatever they need to say to acquire power and promote their political agenda.
    State-worshipping leftists are shameless and rotten to the core.

  • Salty

    Anyone that has broken our immigration laws, should never have the right to vote in America!!

  • DeadReckoning

    From the "New Battle Plan" by Victor Davis Hanson
    We know the boilerplate well after a year of healthcare acrimony. First, immigration policy — like healthcare, and cap-and-trade to come — will be cast as a civil-rights issue. That is, free access to the United States and, for some, its entitlement industry for millions of impoverished Mexicans will be redefined as comparable to ending discrimination in the South in the 1960s.

    Next, skeptics will be branded “racists” and “nativists,” as is being done now to the tea partiers. A few House members will wade through anti-illegal-immigration rallies, and within minutes the media will announce “racial slurs” and “a scary atmosphere” suggesting “violence” and “hatred.”

  • Jim C.

    Ralph Peters' column was not very good at all. We sit here and waste time discussing "racism" and "illegal vs legal" and whether they're "good people" or not. We pour money into border enforcement–like tossing sand to dam a rushing river.

    We can either get these people documented and tax them properly, because they ARE a huge drain on our resources–or we can go after businesses that employ them (real enforcement). Now you tell me–how many politicians have the guts to advocate the latter position? Oh, they'll talk tough (and idiotically) about the borders. But when it comes to real enforcement, they'll run away.

    Peters had an extremely foolish idea to allow illegals to serve in the military. Think about that for one second. That alone was dumb enough to discredit his fluffy little article.

    • Guest

      Jim C,
      I would not be opposed to allowing all our illegal residents to become legal by following the same process as legal immigrants follow – you know, all that stuff like learn English, take a citizenship test, etc. – as long as we FIRST do away with all the freebie programs we have for poor people like welfare, free care at the nearest emergency room, Medicaid, Section 8 housing, all of it, whether you are here legally or illegally, whether you were born here or abroad.

    • Grayzell

      Now why is it dumb to allow an illegal to earn his or her way into the country? There is a third option you do not even mention. Round them up and throw them out.

      • Jim C.

        "Round them up and throw them out"–if it were simple as that, we'd do it. But there are many reasons we don't: chief among them is the cost–something like $21,000 per illegal. And enforcement (I know–such as it is) is already expensive. As I've said, there are many business interests who keep this from happening, and not even necessarily for "bad" reasons.

        When Reagan granted amnesty in 1986, it was generally agreed to be a good idea. But it did not address the system at all, which is why there is so much frustration. It was a motivator for more illegal immigration–"Just don't get caught." We need a system in place to document these individuals and permit (or not) them to work and pay into the system. I think the key is documentation, legal status, and taxing them as we see fit. You talk to these people, I don't think the bulk of these folks want citizenship, anyway–they just want jobs.


    • ajnn

      Military service to 'cure' illegal entry is an excellent idea. In fact, we have that program in place today.

      The purpose is to ask for a demonstration of commitment to the United States and not to undermining respect for the law.

    • winoceros

      Illegals already serve in the military.

  • Jennifer James

    Lock down the border so people can't come in illegally in the first place. Why lock the barn door after the horse has bolted? No amnesty for people who willingly break our laws and scoff at us. Impose huge fines on companies who hire illegals and use it to pay down the national debt. Return illegals to Mexico (away from the border towns) and let them develop an economy to support their own people.

    • Jim C.

      Well, my friend, if it were the border between Connecticut and Rhode Island, a "lock down" might make sense. And it's not as though we don't have enforcement. We spend huge amounts of money on enforcement. But like the War on Drugs, you see where that has gotten us. Plus, the cost of returning illegals to Mexico is enormous. Talk about a drain on us taxpayers!

      As to fines on businesses, I agree, that would be true enforcement, but don't hold your breath for our politicians. The business community won't take it lying down.

      I think we do have to spend our money in ways that get us a return on the investment. There needs to be a system of documenting, standardizing (things like knowledge of basic English), and taxing people who want to work here and use our services.

  • Crossbow87

    Robert Krentz is the sacrifice we should all be willing to make in order for blessed, sacred human beings to have a chance to stretch out their spiritually pure arms to grasp a holy sliver of the of what we all here take for granted. As greedy, rapacious Americans we should gladly hand over the 130,909 victims of sex crimes commited by illegal…I mean blessed, sacred human beings each year. Each of their tortured bodies can be living testaments to real sacrifice so that others can enjoy what we as Americans have so greedily stolen from others. Bless you Roland Hancox for giving the dark, hudled masses their opportunity…

  • Paul

    Here is my plan. Every time an illegal alien is found who is employed, require that employer to pay the full cost of paying for English lessons for the worker and all members of their family, full legal costs for application for a visa, full costs of a criminal background check, and if the worker is found to be a criminal, full court costs for deportation and a fine. Plus full contribution to Social Security and Unemployment insurance for the period that the worker was employed, as well as accepting full responsibility for all medical needs prior to naturalization.

    Some people say that illegal aliens make a net positive contribution to America. If so, then the above payments will be easily borne and we will have aquired many productive new citizens who do not need to hide in the shadows where they can be preyed upon.

    If not, we will have an answer to the debate that has been raging for so long.

    Either way, the impasse will be broken, and someone other than the taxpayer will pay for it.

  • Minh

    Abolish Federal minimum wage.
    Abolish State minimum wage.
    Get rid of unions – especially teacher unions.
    Stop government funding for higher education.
    End all Federal warefare programs.

    Illegal immigrant problem solved.

    The question is can immigrants be made into American citizens anymore? The answer sadly is no. Any immigration, legal or illegals right now is just importing rut and culture of corruption into American social fibric.

    • trickyblain

      "Illegal immigrant problem solved."

      Exactly. If we did all the things you listed, it would set the nation so far back that nobody would want to come here. We'd have to close the border to prevent people from leaving.

      • Stephen_Brady

        "If we did all the things you listed, it would set the nation so far back that nobody would want to come here."


      • winoceros

        That's the kind of "back" I can get behind. Maybe you have a definition of "back" pertaining to the enumerated points you can explain?

  • Jim C.

    As for military service, I am all for documented individuals serving the country and being rewarded with citizenship. I am not at all crazy about the security threat posed by undocumented individuals pouring into the armed forces of the United States. At best, the military will be used as a turnstyle. At worst you will have enemy infiltration

  • JohnC

    "Of course Reagan’s “amnesty” didn’t grant citizenship to illegal undocumented alien immigrants. What the Gipper actually did was to grant some illegal aliens “temporary resident status,” which did not include citizenship and the right to vote"

    That's a tad dishonest since both Reagan's and Obama's amnesties MUST lead to both most of the immigrants themselves and their anchor babies voting, to the detriment of the Republican Party, conservatism, and America. Reagan's amnesty was a disaster all the way around, and was no better than Obama's. On the other side it is ridiculous to cry foul when there are pushes from leftists to allow illegals to vote in local elections in various parts of the country, and many leftists are openly crowing about the demographic changes in America that will doom conservatism.

    • Jim C.

      Reagan's Amnesty was well-intentioned but merely acted as an incentive for more illegal activity; Obama's addresses the problem systematically in a much broader, if still less than satisfactory way.

      I don't think it necessarily bodes ill for Republicans unless the Republicans keep on the same "hard line" tack. I don't want to generalize or sound naive, but when you talk to these people, they're not interested in citizenship. that's not their aspiration. They want to work, send money home, and be able to visit home and come back to work. I'd rather they did that legally while paying our taxes than us spend enormous amounts catching, processing and deporting them. Then, you could concentrate on reasonably enforcing those businesses that still want people off the books, and make that a rarity rather than the norm.

  • gsr

    The nation has been under high immigration for some 30 years now. With high unemployment, what is the rationale for continuing mass immigration, legal and illegal?

    The US needs reduced immigration for the next 10 years at least. A time out is needed.

  • HULAgate


  • Tom

    Deport every one of them no exceptions

  • Len Powder

    The Left's motives and actions are really easy to understand: keep inflating government until it becomes the country, make everyone dependent on the government, do whatever is necessary to seize and retain power, keep promising the utopia which can never be attained, but, in their minds, can never be abandoned. Sick people, that's who make up the Left. Vitriol and invective are their prime commodities and only weapons against sensible and effective conservative policies and arguments.

  • Kris Lepine

    How many more will flood over the border once they know the "gravy train" is open to them? Wake up and go to the web site for F.A.I.R., then go to your state and look up what illegals are already costing your state in health care, welfare and incarceration. It's about 13 billion in California. That does not include what they are costing in police, fire, infrastructure and most of all JOBS. I recently moved to South Carolina from Michigan. I have observed hispanics doing outdoor work: commercial painting, concrete work, road work, landscaping, etc. On the other hand I see the black community doing menial indoor work, like bus boys & fast food. I wonder who makes the most money??

    Then realize the cost is not going to go down, it's going to go up. Many illegals are illiterate, gang bangers, drug dealers, the lowest of the low. Do you think the liberals will keep them out? NO, THEY WILL SAY WE CAN'T discriminate, and they won't. It will be another sorry, out of this world mess, courtesy of the Democrat party.

  • Governor-JerryBrown

    Hi, I'm Governor Jerry Brown.

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