Afraid of the Republican “Avalanche”

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There are a few things suspicious about George Soros declaring that he’s going to “sit out” the 2010 election, as The New York Times blogger Sewell Chan described. “I’m not in a position to stop it,” the billionaire financier said of expected Republican gains at the ballot box. “I don’t believe in standing in the way of an avalanche.” He is, of course, correct in saying that he’s not in a position to stop the coming shift in political power. Not even Soros’s pockets are deep enough to divert America’s attention away from the bumbling and bullying that have defined the Obama administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress. But sit it out? To believe this, one would have to: a) take Soros at his word, and b) believe that it’s possible for Soros not to influence an election in the United States — impossible, given what we know about him.

Consider the latter point first. Perhaps Soros won’t be funneling tens of millions of his own dollars directly through the many organizations that he sustains, but that’s not to say that the tentacles of the leftist para-political leviathan that Soros helped create during the Bush administration will suddenly be stilled. The Democracy Alliance is still out there, hammering away for leftist causes and candidates. hasn’t actually “moved on”  — it’s currently trying to raise a “…massive volunteer army to stop the Republican takeover of Congress and save our progressive heroes.” Media Matters for America will continue its relentless assault on conservatives, conservative causes, commonsense and – while they’re at it – literary quality. These and dozens of other like-minded organizations that Soros nurtured, directly, and indirectly, exist because of the mad Hungarian’s bizarre obsession with George W. Bush. Except for Soros’s admitted willingness to spend his last dollar in order to defeat Bush, many of these arms of the Left’s political empire would not exist and none would be nearly as influential.

In his misguided, brilliant way Soros, more than anyone else, has helped build a network of intertwined, supposedly grassroots organizations that, in aggregate, comprise a single-mined virtual leftist organization. And, in the grand tradition of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Soros believes that he can remake the world into a better place. To be fair (and less satirical) some of the billionaire’s efforts to help impoverished people in the third world can truly be characterized as philanthropic and apolitical. But, when it comes to influencing policy within his adopted country, there’s nothing apolitical about the way that George Soros operates in the United States.

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  • Rifleman

    Yea right, unless he's just lying as usual, soros is just cutting his losses for the last few weeks of this election.

  • Underzog

    How much money is Soros going to make with the collapse of America? More than he made with the collapse of the english pound?

    I guess being a self hating Jew has its rewards. Soros is now dating hot anti-Semite, Queen Noor. She is the American widow of Jordan's King Hussein — fk'n A /sarcasm

    P.S. I always called Soros Ernst Starvo Blofeld in my Free Repubic comments.

  • kafir4life

    George Soros, the owner of the demonic rat party, was a nazi collaberator during WWII. A call to Capo Chuck Schumer's office confirmed that if given the opportunity, that Chuck would like that job next time.

  • poptoy

    GOD forgive me but he should CHOKE. This so called JEW that turned on his own people. What shame he should feel. But NO. He has no remorse because he is eat up with EVIL Very evil man. May he be DAMNED.

  • Ret. Marine

    Figures to the likes of this monster, sorro's, will never leave our opportunities to us to make our individual choices. He is good only for the weak among us as he along is responsible for most of the lies we keep hearing from the radicals (cockroaches) of this Country. This man is the very example of evil, nothing good comes from the mouths he feeds. They know of only one thing for sure in their lives, without his financial help, they would be unemployed, and that my friends can only be in the good column. May the angles of darkness visit him soon.

  • jbtrevor

    Maybe he's had a change of heart about the feckless Democrats…

  • bevigilant

    Soros gave Obama a job to do: get the healthcare deal done. He did and he probably got a nice big wad of cash. Soros knew that would mean huge losses in the mid-terms if the Country could get its act together, which it did thanks to the tea parties. He said he couldn't stand in the way of an avalanche because he knew all along O was going down and is trying to be coy. Next move: dust off Hillary. She's been acting "Presidential", beefing up her foreign policy experience and staying out of the wreckage. O won't be able to run for a second term and Hillary will be the nominee and she's just as much in Soros's toilet but will look like an angel by comparison. Soros should be stripped of his US citizenship.

  • tagalog

    Yeah, Soros helps take a dump on the racetrack and then when it's time to clean up the mess he helped make, he decides to take himself out of the mix. It figures. Fortunately, it's really a case of good riddance.

    • quackinduck

      dont be so naive this socialist isnt taking a backseat. He has 1000 organizations. I think he may be the anti christ or the devil himself. Are you aware of all the countries he built his shadow govt and stole all their money. Let me name a few. England., Russia, Georgia, Thailand, Rumania and as a small boy he went with his Nazi stepdad to confisgate the wealth of jews. Hes pure evil and he started the shadow party with Hillary Harold Ickes and himself to get hillary elected then he threw his support behind Obama when he saw how popular this demon was.

      • quackinduck

        facists having to approve my comment I resent that!

  • Cuban Refugee

    Whether sitting out, or lying low, as long as George Soros breathes and exhales his foul breath upon the earth there is not one country that is safe from his internationalist tentacles. If England declared him persona non grata, why could the U.S. not do the same? Why? Because half of Congress has his slimy money in their corrupt pockets. Soros has caused, and intends to inflict, monumental damage to our country as he uses his vast wealth and influence to circumvent the law. A billionaire communist — what a sick paradox for our times; but, judging from the list of others of his ilk, elites who wish to bring down our constitutional republic, this disease has become an epidemic. Soros is a monster — evil incarnate — when his stylist cuts his hair, he may find a bright red 666 embedded on his scalp.

  • PapaSparky

    The one thing George Soros isn't, is dumb. He's brilliant in an evil sort of way. He will sell out anybody to gain his advantage, his track record since childhood proves the fact.

    His acknowledgment yesterday that the coming avalanche represents an immovable object to his goals and that he will "sit out this dance", attests to his tactical cunning. It in no way means he will abandon his life long plans.

    No doubt, Soros agrees with Time Magazine and sees The White House as " in over its head, isolated, insular, arrogant and clueless". In his eyes, Obama's "best if used by" date has passed.

    One has to wonder if his assessment of the next move isn't three fold:

    1) Continue to sit this one out and hope that Obama will go over the edge and remove himself (self destruct).

    2) Behind the scenes limited involvement to facilitate Obama's removal by the Constitutional remedy of impeachment. After November's election this should be a tactical possibility.

    3) Use covert operators and actions to remove Obama from office in such a way that the aftermath benefits his one world plans.

    How and why did this nation allow Soros to acquire this kind of power right under our noses? The enemy with in, indeed!

    • bubba4

      I think Soros' real genius has been his ability to pretend to be a brilliant capitalist, writing books about the market and amassing a huge fortune.

      Tthis man would only stand to benefit (in all the ways that count to you) if Republicans and International Companies can hobble the American government enough to continue the fleecing. Though he's going to be dead inside of 20 years, I'm sure this is all part of an elaborate scheme to take over the world.

      Are you sure you aren't talking about DIck Cheney?

      You see, the patient the've been leeching for the last twenty years died on the table and after an expensive shock to the heart, he came back to life…but just barely. You'd think the leechers would be more cautious now considering all the wealth in the world is worthless if the system collapses, but now…patient isn't dead, reattach all leeches and invent some new ones. Guys like Soros and Warren Buffet who have done very well…are aware that we need a strong middle class and we need to keep a couple of jobs in America…or they will be billionaires lording over a third world country.

      I just think this hysteria is hide the simple fact that some of you can't accept elections.

      • davarino

        Wow, Dick Cheney? Really? At first I was amazed that no one responded to this for 3 whole hours but after giving it more thought I understand. This is more of your really stupid BS that doesnt even deserve a response.

        Bubba, how is it that you have a business if you are such a backwoods retard?

        You lump soros and Buffet together? You would equate lions and kittens as being safe to play with.

      • davarino

        Dick Cheney? Really? Wow, and then you equate soros with Buffet? I think Buffet would chaffe at the thought.

      • quackinduck

        wrong again genious socialists do away with the middle class cause it is what makes the country work. Listen to the great one Mark Levin and learn and meanwhile read up you sounded ignorant.

    • quackinduck

      evil sort of way? Really! Hes the devil himself!

  • waterwillows

    I don't know about this Soros claim of doing his squatter's rights at this particular time. The 'drug' he's on has to have its regular fix and his taskmaster doesn't do rest.
    However, I do realize he has managed to position himself badly, by placing himself firmly in the front lines in the war against the Lord.
    Nothing brilliant about that.

  • tanstaafl

    Is it true that Soros helped the Nazis seize property from his fellow Jews during World War II?

    • quackinduck

      yes when he was 9 his step father was a Nazi

  • Elaine Schiff

    Yes he was 14years old and helped the Nazis seize jewish property, he has been helped by Obama by his investments in Brazialian offshore oil-and Obama gave Brazil a2 billion loan. He made billiones in hedge funds(from our sad mortgage loans)-he bet against us and made money-Dodd and Barney Frank helped with that-He plunged the British sterling , and ruined their market. He is a multi billionair-doesnt need the money is quoted as saying "I feel God like when I can cause these things to happen-I have to admit I like it"

    • tanstaafl

      I thought he bore more than a passing resemblance to Dr. Evil.

  • USMCSniper

    George Soro may sit this one out publically, but behind the scenes, he will be more active than ever.

  • noway2no

    We need to declare George Soros and all of his operations "enemies of the state" and forbid him on US soil or to be involved in any dealings involving the US government or businesses. Under penalty of death.

    • bubba4

      This is why people like you should be religated to a powerless blog where you can scream your fool head off.

      There's nothing like a ginned up cultist destroying America while he tries to "save" it.

    • coyote3

      Actually, he is a convicted felon, and there would be justification for keeping him from the U.S. Unfortunately, the felony conviction was in a foreign country.

  • bubba4

    FPM has invested so much in the Soros boogeyman. After writing opinofact articles, they simply move forward as if all their conclusions were fact…

    Look how well it works…Soros is a Nazi some of you want put to death. And you wonder how the Nazis came to power in the first place…how "normal" people can do seemingly immoral or insane things….well, here we see the cultic mind play in action.

    Since most of you have been fully innoculated against outside information, it does little good to parse the assumed "nurturing" Soros does of organizations that don't receive money from him.

    I remember during the 2004 campaign, Kerry's wife was morphed into some great liberal puppet master that through a complex web of incideous prop organizations was subverting democracy. I think if a foundation she ever was involved in ever funded a grant by a person ever involved with an organization, Kerry was secretly in control of it. Bush wins…suddenly you don't hear about Heinz anymore….because it was all smoke and mirrors.

    When Soros says he's sitting it out, he means HE (a person) doesn't want to be involved. If he had made any other comment, the article would have been about that. But as you can see, FPM can make a story even about that…they can't make it as scary as they would like, but it will do little pig…it'll do.

    • Vic

      "FPM has invested so much in the Soros boogeyman." =quote: bubba

      Kinda like that Dick Chaney boogie man you mentioned above , Is that what you mean? huh, bubba?

      "Are you sure you aren't talking about DIck Cheney?"=quote: bubba

      • bubba4

        When you're talking about evil puppet masters taking over the world, I can't believe Cheney doesn't pop into your mind as well…lol. He literally doesn't have a pulse anymore.

        But fun aside, Cheney is no boogeyman…although he is still probably involved with the US security apparatus, he is not trotted out and used as a label to discount the activities of groups he was supposedly involved in. I have barely heard a peep about him during this entire election cycle.

        • quackinduck

          what are you smokin?

          • davarino

            obviously something that has destroy a lot of brain cells.

    • quackinduck

      you are wrong Teresa Kerry runs the Tide foundation watch Glen Beck and learn what they are all about. Evil socialists.

  • BS77

    Please….no more photos of Soros ….even though Halloween is approaching….I had a fright when I saw the photo pop up on this site. He reminds me of that cat petting freak in the James Bond movies……..

  • Fred Dawes

    Yes soros will sit it out he will just have others do his work, as we all know old soros wants above all other things is to take down the USA Into a blood bath he can have the ballot box fixed in many ways. ASK How many people can old Soros own on the inside of both parties?

  • HonestAmerican

    Don't believe a thing this Communist and convicted felon tells you.

  • TiredReadyforbattle

    Soros has been playing the left to do just what they have done , knowing the political response would bounce back to the right. In doing so , the spot value of gold would go very high because of no confidence in leftist economic logic , with the swing back to the right , gold spot will drop dramatically.

    Soros , some governments . and other individuals and banks and other hidden companies , who bought (at low spot ) and kept large quantities of gold 2-5 yrs (or more) ago , will probably sell when the time is "right" in order to buy back the gold when the valuation changes to a much lower spot due to much higher confidence in the economies (particularly US) .

    A double bump because he gets high return goodies for giving candy too the socialist-democrat left.

  • AmericatheBeautiful

    Soros has wiped out the wealth of the U.S. Where will he go next? I hope its straight to Hell!

    • YoungLibertie

      AMEN! Excepting that Hell may be too good for him…

    • quackinduck

      He wiped out Us Russia Georgia Thailand and England maybe more.

  • TiredReady forBattle

    Perhaps Soros has been playing the left to do just what they have done , knowing the political response would bounce back to the right. In doing so , the spot value of gold would go very high because of no confidence in leftist economic logic , with the swing back to the right , gold spot will drop dramatically.

    Perhaps Soros , some governments . and other individuals and banks and other hidden companies , who bought (at low spot ) and kept large quantities of gold 2-5 yrs (or more) ago , will probably sell when the time is "right" in order to buy back the gold when the valuation changes to a much lower spot due to much higher confidence in the economies (particularly US) .

    Perhaps he gets a double bump because he gets high return goodies for giving candy too the socialist-democrat left.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The night his soul is required of him what good will all that he
    has do him, how will he explain himself, he will not, he will
    remain silent in darkness………………………..
    Hey George, $999,999,999,999,999.99 for my vote, sorry,
    stuff it, you can't have it, no not ever. Vote Conservative
    and stand up for freedom………………………….William

  • votedagainstoby

    Think of the James Bond Villain Blofield and his Evil organization called Chaos.

    Unfortunately Soros is REAL and not a character in a spy novel.

    The problem is we DO NOT have a REAL "BOND, James Bond".

    And we REALLY, REALLy do need one at the moment.

    ANY takers?

  • Brenda Anthony

    Do not believe George Soros. He has put in place democrat Secretaries of Elections, in "key" areas who are ready to do his work of election fraud. He is trying to take the attention from himself with his remark of "sitting this one out". He is having the time of his life–he is pulling so many strings in this "transformation of America." We must have our eyes wide open. If they suspect a tsunami, they will lie, cheat, and steal. The "end justifies the means" with these people. How could the Democrat party become so corrupted and allow itself to be controlled by basically ONE communist whose goal is the destruction of our beloved country. Everyone needs to take a stand against this revolution— we need to put people at the polls who will be there until the polls close and no one can open the place up. Double checking of all votes.

  • quackinduck

    i loved your last sentiment that was funny!

  • msbetz

    Soro's same playbook he's been running for decades…financing both sides of chaos and profiting from it. How many times is going to get away with manipulating governments to do his bidding and at what cost this time? It's been 40 years since Alenski wrote "rules for radicals" and Obama still treats it like its his bible (he's really into it) and it's really getting boring and predictable, he must be stopped (just like a child) before he harms the entire world with his scheming and backing of Soros/Strong/Gore/Rockefeller/Brzezinski just to name a few.