The “South Park” Revolution

When the ever-offensive creators of the popular Comedy Central cartoon “South Park” recently featured the Prophet Mohammed in a bear costume, they provoked a veiled death threat from some Islamist fanatics in New York and set off a firestorm about free speech in the process. The cable network’s cowardly response to Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s perfidy – namely, censoring the show and bleeping out any reference to the prophet – unintentionally triggered the kind of backlash that radical, fascist, jihadists should have earned a long time ago. It’s ironic that it took a cartoon to spotlight the issue so brightly.

As a Catholic, I have often been offended by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The same can be said by anyone who practices Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism or just about any other “ism” under the sun. The difference is that “South Park” could poke fun at Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Joseph Smith, David Blaine, or practically any other religious or cult figure, without any fear of repercussion. There is, of course, one exception. Muslim fundamentalists can’t abide it when the prophet Mohammed’s teachings are questioned, much less when the prophet himself is mocked. For a religion as certain that it has a direct pipeline to the absolute, unalterable Word of God as Islam is, too many Muslims are awfully – and too often violently – insecure about that point.

Parker and Stone believed that it was their duty to call out the hypocrisy inherent within a society that purports to champion freedom of expression, but whose mainstream media outlets simultaneously refuse to criticize – or even gently make fun of – a murderous cult that would extinguish that very freedom. Through the voices of Cartman, Kyle, Stan and (the unintelligible utterances of) Kenny, Parker and Stone place the issue that CNN, MSNBC, Fox and their media brethren and their political supporters are unwilling to face squarely on the table: not one involving the merits of Islam per se, but rather something more basic: freedom of speech.

Parker and Stone didn’t criticize the religion of Islam in any substantive way during their two-episode send up. That was a touch of genius, for what they did – without attacking any Muslims directly – was to mock the countless people of other faiths who refuse to question the tenants of Islam in even the mildest of ways, out of fear of what might become of their own skins should they dare to do so.

The supposedly edgy powers-that-be at Comedy Central dutifully assumed the posture of good, subservient dhimmis when Parker and Stone submitted their part two of their tribute to free speech, censoring any purported image of the prophet and bleeping away every mention of Mohammad’s name. The latter is rather remarkable. There is nothing in Islamic scripture that prohibits mentioning the name of the religion’s founder, but the executives at Comedy Central were so thoroughly cowed that they couldn’t bring themselves to allow cartoon characters to utter that name, which, if I didn’t mention it before, is “Mohammed.”

A subsequent exchange between Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane and comedian Penn Jillette on Larry King Live was sadly representative of the contrast between the mainstream media’s hands-off policy towards Islam and the courage that Parker and Stone displayed. McFarlane is always ready to take a swipe at other religions, but then there’s nothing risky about poking fun at people who aren’t going to do anything more than compose an angry letter in response. But would McFarlane make a joke about Islam? Heavens no. In McFarlane’s world, you don’t take the risk of insulting an enemy sworn to kill and subjugate you because there are plenty of other groups to insult who will do nothing more than write an angry letter or two. Penn Jillette’s response to McFarlane was right on the money:

“I think you cheapen Matt and Trey’s morality, strength and courage when you say ‘is the joke worth it?’ Because the question is: what is morally right?”

The public’s response to “dhimmigate” has been both swift and heartening. Had Comedy Central been less appeasing of the Islamist bullies, it would have taken even more time for a great many otherwise disinterested people to notice the appalling, violent bigotry that consumes too much of the Islamic world. Who could have imagined that the names Trey Parker and Matt Stone would ever be mentioned alongside that of Thomas Paine?

Yet, the parallels are there. When Paine penned Common Sense he shone a spotlight on British tyranny so brightly that the colonists found it impossible to ignore and, as a result, discontent with His Majesty’s government reached critical mass. This, in turn, left the British government with two equally unpalatable choices. They could ignore the movement and thus embolden the malcontents across the pond, or they could come down hard on the colonies, a policy which would simply serve as a recruiting tool for the rebellious faction in America. Lord North and George III ultimately chose the latter course, but it really didn’t matter. Once a matter of principle was transformed into a popular cause, courtesy of Thomas Paine (and, it must be admitted, others, but Paine spoke to the common man better than anyone), British colonial rule was doomed, no matter what the government did. William Pitt the Elder, Edmund Burke and other British stalwarts saw that coming, and urged the King to cut his losses, but pride ever goeth before a fall.

Pride is again on the table more than two hundred years later, courtesy of Parker and Stone, but it’s Muslim pride at issue this time around. Among the liberties Americans cherish is the right to make fun of anyone, anything and any system of belief. “South Park” censorship made it clear that there is one system of belief that believes itself to be off-limits, and this episode has created the critical mass of public opinion that will again prove impossible to ignore.

We’re already seeing the effects. Jon Stewart, bless his liberal heart, rose to defend Parker and Stone’s right of freedom of expression. Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons began with Bart using the chalkboard to write “South Park – we’d stand behind you if we weren’t so scared” however many times Bart has to scribble his punishment of the day. Reason Magazine declared May 20 “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” More of the same, we can be sure, will be coming.

That leaves radical jihadists with the same uncomfortable, impossible choice that the British government faced in 1776 when Paine’s pamphlet first hit the streets. They can ignore the “make fun of Mohammed” movement, which will do nothing but embolden more Americans to do the same. Alternately, they can attack the growing number of Americans who dare to crack a joke at the expense of the founder of Islam, but doing so would simply outrage even more citizens who heretofore have stood silently on the sidelines, hoping that radical Islam might somehow fade away. It really doesn’t matter. The intolerance and insecurity that permeates Islam is plainly out there now and it’s impossible to ignore. Whatever those Muslims who would kill untold number of innocents in order to further their aims do going forward, they will lose – at least in America, if nowhere else.

Here’s hoping that the trend continues and that more and more Americans come to realize that there is no way to reconcile the demands of Sharia law with the inalienable rights of free peoples. How ironic that it took two irreverent, blasphemous cartoonists to make that happen.

  • Simon

    Please go and learn the history of Islam first before making any comments. What you think is purely prejudice and from what you see from the press.
    In Islam kindness and charity is encouraged, there is even a festive for charity once a year in which you visit your family, share a meal and help the poor.
    Islam's rules are strict that is why no word has been changed in the last decade. Maybe you are not aware but there was once more than 100 versions of bible. So who copied what exactly? And I would also like to point out that Islam was considered the religion of justice once. Old kings would go and present their cases to caliphs in order to settle their disputes.
    Let me tell you why it is considered heresy in Islam to draw Mohammed. In the era before Islam people were worshiping to statues and pictures. Islam says that there is only one god so all kinds of statues and pictures were forbidden in order to prevent symbolizing the god (yes just the opposite of Christianity).
    Now I am not against the freedom of speech or any kind of freedom but in all cases freedom ends where you step on others freedom. Your constitution is there to ensure that fact. Muslims believe that it is heresy to draw Mohammed so what is the point in doing it? You are free to think anything or write anything just do not make him a symbol of mockery. Islam cannot and will not tolerate this under any circumstance.

    • Wurzel

      This is precisely the point Simon – it is my prerogative to treat Mohammed as a figure of mockery in order to demonstrate to Muslims that they cannot impose by force or persuasion their belief or faith on the way I interprete this historical personage.

      No argument – Simple. Clear. Direct.

      Mohammed is a figure of fun – unfortunately he is one of history's clowns destined forever to misunderstood by his most devout followers.

    • Mario

      your an idiot to assume that we don't now Islam! We do, we see it every day in the news of Islamic fascist killing other Arabs by suicide bombings!

      That 's your Islam Simon…your an idiot plain and simple and american hater of or liberty of freedom of speech. I can draw Mohammed raping 10 year old little girls if I want to! Mohammed was a sick ugly man that hated women and

      build his copy cat religion and set forth to conquer the world with the sword and blood and subjected the people. Christ got caught and crucified. He came for our soul not world domination like the murders Mohamed and their hordes!….

      ANY CIRCUMSTANCES … bring it on fascist pig loving Islamic! FAG!

    • 9-11 Infidel

      Suggest you take your own advice. Lets see if you can discuss intelligently the concepts of Naksh, dhimnitude, the 1400 years of Muslim conquest and enslavement of women and non-Muslims. What exactly does Sura 9:5, 9:29 or any of the other 164 Koranic passages on waging war on non-Islamics? Or how about discussing Sura 4:34, you know the passage that encourages Muslims to beat their wives. Or how about Bukhari's eschatological reference to the killing all the Jews in Book 41. Nah. You ain't that smart.

    • MDCragg

      Simon, you said… "Now I am not against the freedom of speech or any kind of freedom but in all cases freedom ends where you step on others freedom."

      The problem with that statement is that nobody else's freedom was "stepped on" by anything the South Park creators did. What happened here is that Muslims were offended by what South Park did. This is totally different from those Muslims having had their freedoms denied.

      Can you see the distinction?

    • Doubting Thomas

      What kind of a prophet or god do you serve that cares what a few measly humans say? The God I serve would merely laugh, knowing that He will come out on top regardless what us little mortals plan and plot. I guess what I'm asking is, is your god so impotent that he needs YOU to fight his battles for him?

  • Jordan

    Islam can and will tolerate it

    • Aeschylon

      You know why I micturate on your religion, and yout kornan?

      Because I CAN. I am an AMERICAN and I outrank you, Islamist apologist.

      I have drawn a picture of Mo Ham, Ed? that will make the Muzzies kill their grandfathers…

  • Simon

    What makes you think so?

    • buzzard

      Because they have a desire to live in a modern world, and freedom of expression is part of that world. If they wish to remain medieval that's fine, but then they get all which comes with it including lack of education, corruption and dismal economies.

    • Gerwertztraminer

      Hey Simon, I drew a picture of Mohammed AND of Allah, want to see it?

      They are very happy enjpying male-to-male sex with each other like you Muslims approve of.

  • NotaDhimmi

    Simply fantastic analysis of the greatest topic of this century. Remember folks, Islam is NOTHING like anything in the Judea/Christian sphere, where love, kindness, charity are encouraged for all mankind. No, Islam is a vile perversion created by one man who borrowed from the other good books and perverted it with his own logic. Heck even Scientology looks like a peaceful and kind religion in comparison.

    Thanks again Trey Parker, and Matt Stone. You have done more for western civilization than most will give you credit for.

  • Mac

    You are against freedom of speech by your own admission. You have no right not to be offended. Your freedom to worship / believe as you wish is not being infringed by the STATE so your freedom is not being stepped on.
    Welcome to the joys and freedoms of western democracy…something that Islam is proving that it certainly cannot tolerate.

  • FedUp

    Simon, you can take your Islam,Mohammed and Sheria law and shove it. You come to OUR country and tell us what to do, OUR country was founded on a principle of "IN GOD WE TRUST." It does not say in MOHAMMED we trust. So you can take your ISLAMIST and MOHAMMED crap and stick it where the sun don't shine. It's time that AMERICA stood up to your BS. Dude, if you don't like it in AMERICA, GET THE HELL OUT. You will not be missed!

  • FedUp

    Simon, do I detect a thinly veiled threat with your last line "Islam cannot and will not tolerate this under any circumstance." Are you the one that will carry out this thinly veiled threat or are you of the CHICKEN VARIETY. Do you have a YELLOW stripe running down your back? I know one thing. When a CARTOON gets your butt in an up-roar over the word MOHAMMED, you are some really sick people!

  • benrush

    That's just the point Simon, liberty means liberty. When you forbid someone to exercise their liberty, what is that?

  • Larson

    They why do we need laws?

    • Gunner

      we need laws to make sure people like simon don't feel he is at liberty to kill you for using your liberty by making fun of his religion

  • Joy

    And you have stated the core of our Western Civilization's Freedom of Speech better than any one of us could: Namely, "Drawing" is a from of expression – just like speech and the written word, and, as such, is protected under the First Amendment. This is the core of why Fundamentalist Islam is TOTALLY incompatible with Western Civilization – based also on the Judeo-Christian religion – but where every individual is free (as inherent from God/Allah the creator – i.e., "God-given rights") to believe as he wishes and to express that belief as he wishes – as long as that expression does not impinge on the same rights of another. "My rights being where your nose ends." But words and writings/drawings are NOT the same as fists and anything held in those fists that strike another. This may be a difficult concept for you to grasp, but it'is the core of our Constitution; so, if your sensibilities – and sensitivities – cannot brook criticism of that VERY flawed human being, Mohammed, well, then, you had probably better pack your bags. America is NOT the place for you!!

  • evergreen78

    Unfortunately, the cartoonist who started this phenomenon has withdrawn her drawing from her website, albeit somewhat late, since it had already gone viral. According to, "Instead she has a drawing of herself, with various word balloons containing her feelings about the incident, including 'I said that I wanted to counter fear and then I got afraid.'"

  • Roger

    30-40 years ago Islamic women walked freely with heads uncovered. Today Islamist brutes treat them like child-prisoners. People who decide they no longer wish to be Muslims are threatened with death. All the freedoms given to us by God are denied by Islamists, who threaten all others who would exercise them. And you tell us what a wonderful religion it is? Perhaps for those with rational minds who value free will and human rights, it still is. But they seem to be few in number.

    May 20 is Draw Mohammad Day. Exercise your freedom of thought.

  • David Adams

    Islam says that Muslims cannot depict Muhammad – it does not say Kuffars cannot depict him. The idol worship thing gets a little twisted when it comes to the touching and kissing of a piece of metoric rock in Mecca.

  • Technomage

    Good for Islam. I am not a Muslim. Islamic doctrine does not apply to me anymore than Catholic doctrine not to use condoms. I will not obey its rules. Freedom of Speech does not step on your freedoms. There is no constitutional right protecting peoples beliefs from mockery. You're perfectly within your rights to be offended and they're perfectly within their rights to give offense. That also works the other way around. You can offend them, and they can be offended by you. There is no constitutional ammendment protecting yours, or theirs, beliefs from criticism, ridicule, praise, or satire. People do however cross the line when they threaten to kill someone. If you're correct in your assertion that Islam cannot, and will not, tolerate non-Muslims expressing their constitutional rights within the recognised territory where said constitution holds legal validity, then everyone in the USA, whether they be citizen or immigrant, Muslim or non-Muslim, needs to ask themselves if Islam has any place in their secular society (pointing out the secular bit not for you Simon, but for the chaps that mention the US being founded on 'In God We Trust', and of the erroneous misconception of Western Civilisation being founded on the Christian religion…both obviously false but apparently whatever religion the majority follows is the default foundation of civilisation…o.O).

  • Adam

    Simon, you are, of course, bound by your religion to follow its tenets. That is the nature of faith. No one wants to take that away from you until your practice impinges upon the freedoms of others. Those who do not practice Islam, however, are not under the authority of Islam. For you to expect "infidels" to be subject to Islamic law such as restrictions on the image of your prophet goes to the heart of the problem. We are not your inferiors, and, we will resist any attempt to enforce laws specific to your religion upon us. You need to change the way your religion views the rest of the world. We are not your subjects. Get used to it.

  • Ben Lurkin

    How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.

    The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

    A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

    Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

    No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.

    — Sir Winston Churchill (The River War, first edition, Vol. II, pages 248-50 [London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1899]).

  • Mark

    Islam cannot and will not tolerate this under any circumstance.

    thus, Jihad

  • Underzog

    John Leibowitz was hardly the beacon of courage you make him out to be. Leibowitz justified cowardly central khomenie central's decision to cave into Islam again and again. What did John Leibowitz say?… "They sign the checks." "They were worried about their employees," instead of pointing out they were cowards or even worse agreed with some of activist Islam (Comedy Central's website has a game called I. S. R. A. E. L. that has I.S.R.A.E.L destroying all the Comedy Central characters — see Debbie Schlussel's blog for details).

    I know we are all desperate for some courage somewhere in the media, but let us get the incidents straight. There is cowardly central and cowardly John Leibowitz who won't criticize his cowardly bosses at cowardly central, "it's their right"; etc.

    Leibowitz showing courage in criticizing Fox News but not Khomeni Central? Give me a break!

  • Tom

    I have had it up to here with Islam!
    You can't debate their "scriptures"
    You treat women like crap
    You treat EVERY non-muslim like dog crap found on the bottom of your shoe
    You still practice slavery
    You kill all who disagree with you
    You havn't had a civilization since the middle ages
    You are against Israel (a free democracy that actually protects its' Arab population
    You have been at war with western civilization for more than 500 years
    You have no sense of humor
    You don't fight like men, but prefer to kill civilians who can't fight back
    You kill anybody who tries to leave your "Religion"
    The name "Islam" means submission
    You follow athe teachings of a mad pedophile who had his brain baked in the sun
    You are required to lie to non-muslims
    Where was your O so selective outrage when 3000 americans were killed on 9/11 and there was NO backlash against muslims in this country?

    And you expect us to tolerate and accept you?

    Go talk to your shaitan

  • andres de alamaya

    How dramatically America has changed in the last few years since Islam launched its intifada. I will be 83 this year and I have never seen this country so divided. We have a man in the White House who embraces Islam and who has lost two thirds of the voters who voted for him. When he speaks, he doesn't speak for us. Islam is a political movement more than a religion and it is committed to conquering the entire world. It has half brought Europe to its knees. But it will fail horrible in America because Americans will eventually resurrect the Spirit of '76 and come down hard on those who are constantly offended. Technically, much of the contents of the Koran is in direct violation of many American laws and it could and should eventually be outlawed. Muslims are programmed to push, push, push, and eventually, Americans will push back in draconian ways to cleanse the entire country of this cancer.

  • GodsSeer

    Muslims have a law that allows lying, namely, ''taqiyya, and kitman'' They do give to charities, if those are Islamic charities. And they DO help the poor, only if they are Muslims. The Quran itself teaches Muslims to hate and kill Jews anbd Christians. How many Muslims do you see fighting agaist their Muslim friends who destroyed so many lives as compared to those who defend Mohammad against some silly cartoon?

  • BerlGoetz

    Notice the strong parallel between Obama's rhetorical style and that of Simon, above. Their voices are rational and neurotic at the same time – -rational, in that they employ good and lucid grammar; neurotic, in that their vanity allows them to internally dismiss anyone else's opinion. I'll bet Simon raises his index finger when he talks to people.

  • SoundDoc

    Alistar, Muslims DO have an idea about ther death cult, otherwise you would see the so called, ''PEACEFUL'' Muslims standing against the more agressive ones who FORCE Islam on the world. But You will never see that because seceretly, they are happy that Islam is being promoted. Thats why they defend Mohammad against cartoons and never speak against their brothers who demand others to join them. Walid Shoebat, former Muslim is a witness th this fact. Islam is a Trojan horse.

    • Alastair

      Thanks SounDoc – I am a huge fan of Walid Shoebat and have all of his presentations with Chuck Missler and KHouse ministries.
      I also live part time in Jerusalem and see first hand the double standards of the Arabs and their hatred for the Jewish people.
      Islam IS the biggest cancer we face today. You are 100% correct in regards the "peaceful" Muslims – just witness the handing out of sweets whenever a Jew is murdered – they all "rejoice"!
      Have you read "Son of Hamas" yet? Highly recommended!

  • Craig

    So what, do muslims think that the false god Allah is too weak to punish sinners on the day of judgement? They are pathetic.

  • Drayton Sawyer

    Your freedom to consider any depiction of the "prophet" muhammad as heresy ends when it steps on my freedom to depict him in any way I feel fit. I have the freedom to do this, so why would you offend me by asking me not to do it? It is my right, as an American citizen, to say, "Muhammad Kisses Dogs and Pigs on the Lips" anytime I wish, without fear of being killed for doing so. And I will say this, repeatedly, until you muslim fascists learn to stop whining about it. Get a job and buy a real prophet to look up to.

  • Simon

    You say Christianity is about love and kindness your responses show real kindness. I am just sorry about how biased you all are.
    You are all missing the point that it is not from the people in America you are getting the fire from. This is an international issue your freedom and democracy does not apply. You are saying, I can do in my country what ever I want and my government can deal with the international ramifications. Sure they can with the tax you pay.
    You cannot even put up with the things I say why would anyone else put up with yours?

    • Fatsowa

      I have a pot bellied pig. His name is Mohammed.

      I have a dog. His name is allah.

      Fatwa me, baby!

    • HarimFatwad

      Simon, you know the difference between me and some foaming-at-the-mouth allah worshipper?

      Offend me, the most you might get out of me is a heartfelt "F___ You." What I will NOT do is murder someone because they offended me.

      BIG difference. How about the Muzzies put their big boy pants on an man up, let this crap roll off their backs like water off a duck's back (oh wait! Are ducks HAREEM too?")

    • aharris

      You know, Simon, I really don't care what people in other countries think of me if I happen to say or do something that offends them. It would literally be impossible to live if I lived my life worrying about that.

      Similarly, I have much better things to do than spend my time policing every moron who drops a cross in a jar of urine and calls it art. If I practiced such deep and prolonged outrage over every such incident, I'd never have any peace, and I would certainly be knee-deep in a "jihad" against Islam for its many offenses to me and mine over the years.

      But I understand that our system of government guarantees free speech to all in all its ugly glory. Speech does not have to be moral or inoffensive to be protected, and when you start to tell some what they can and cannot say, eventually you are telling all what they can or cannot say about everything. Such is a loss of freedom that no American will tolerate for long.

    • Democracy First

      Simon says:
      "You say Christianity is about love and kindness your responses show real kindness. I am just sorry about how biased you all are."

      Response: If the truth strikes you as bias, then maybe it's that you can't handle the truth.

      Simon says:
      "You are all missing the point that it is not from the people in America you are getting the fire from. This is an international issue your freedom and democracy does not apply."

      Response: So you admit you oppose freedom and democracy. That makes you our ideological enemy. If you reside in the west, you should forthwith pack up and leave, or, if there were justice, be charged with seeking sedition or acting treasonously. But also the enemy of Muslims worldwide dreaming of the day they'll be freed from Islamist and authoritarian misery. It makes you the ememy of the Afghani and Iraqi majorities that like concensual government and in huge majorities reject their former, respectively, Islamist and authoritarian government.

      Simon says:
      You cannot even put up with the things I say why would anyone else put up with yours?

      It`s the opposite, actually. While we assuredly disagree with you, no one here is threatening to track you down and kill you for expressing your treason and opposition to freedom, human rights and concensual government. You, on the other hand, are defending those that threaten violence against those "who cannot even put up with the things WE (or cartoonists) say" about Islam or Mohammed.

      Simon, how do you feel about Christians proselytizing in Islamic nations? Are you OK with that? Should Christians have total freedom of faith in Islamic nations? Build as many churches as they want? Should the Catholic Church financing those churches?

    • Doubting Thomas

      There are extremists in every religion Simon, all of whom take liberties with the beliefs they say they follow. There are a few Christians and Jews around the world who are as Christian and Jewish as your most violent extremists are Muslim.

      But yes, that's exactly what we're saying… you can say and do what you want in your country, provided it doesn't come to violence against innocents, and to hell with anyone who says otherwise. It's when you start to bring violence to those who have not brought it to you that we start having problems. You may hate the American government or military for whatever reasons, some of which may be justified, but threatening and killing innocent American citizens will unleash a far greater enemy.

      As Voltaire said, "While I may not agree with what you say, I'll defend to the death your right to say it." Just because I don't think it's right to insult Jesus, doesn't mean I'm going to kill someone who does. They have the same right to their opinion as I do to mine. I don't believe it is right to insult Mohamed, but it isn't right for a Muslim to threaten or kill someone who does. Argue with them using words, and show them their fallacious ways, unless you are afraid that isn't the truth.

  • N. Stahl

    So, no picture of the molester warlord with consumating his marriage with the 9-year-old wife? No? Yeah.

  • seels4truth

    Yet Islamists call Jews apes, monkeys and pigs. Mohammad was a rapist, a murderer and a thief. He was not a prophet in any way, shape or form. I could draw him as a low level piece of dirt and it would still be an improvement. The Arabs follow his guidance and commit murder in the name of their god. Shame on simon to try and impose his view of religious tolerance by trying to shut down any criticism of the rapist. And yes Simon, Mohammad's history as a rapist is verified and perhaps that is why Islam treats women like dirt.

  • Alastair

    Simon, I will be they call you Simple Simon – because you have NO CLUE about the DEATH CULT Islam – not One Iota of understanding!
    I borrow the following from a former Muslim re: the TRUTH about Islam. I am from the UK and I see the fanatics in the street daily – this is what is coming to America – it is well on the way and encouraged by you Bigot's that "are in the know" and "Defend Islam and the rights of these wonderful subjugates of Satan!".
    Where did Muhammad get his "Revelation" – from "Allah" and Allah is Satan himself!
    Yes, Simple Simon, it is your ilk who are the leftist lunatics that are destroying America from within. You of course Worship the Ground your Beloved "Obama the Muslim Anti-Semite" walks on!
    Now for a little education (again, I have borrowed this from a former Muslim and one who has become enlightened and escaped this Death Cult: – you may wish to check out and get your kicks from a few graphic beheadings Oh Simple One!

    Now Appended Text: (From ex-Muslim, now Free)
    "Mohammed was worse than Hitler. Hitler only hated the Jews. Moslems hate everyone and want to exterminate them all until only Moslems remain.
    I have read the Koran and Hadiths. THEY ARE THE MOST HATE-FILLED OF ALL RELIGIOUS TEXTS!!!!!

    Bukhari:V4B52N220“Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.’”
    Qur’an:8:12“I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”
    Qur’an:8:57“If you gain mastery over them in battle, inflict such a defeat as would terrorize them, so that they would learn a lesson and be warned.”
    Ishaq:326“If you come upon them, deal so forcibly as to terrify those who would follow, that they may be warned. Make a severe example of them by terrorizing Allah’s enemies.”
    Qur’an:8:67“It is not fitting for any prophet to have prisoners until he has made a great slaughter in the land.”
    Ishaq:588“When the Apostle descends on your land none of your people will be left when he leaves.”
    Tabari IX:42“We have been dealt a situation from which there is no escape. You have seen what Muhammad has done. Arabs have submitted to him and we do not have the strength to fight. You know that no herd is safe from him. And no one even dares go outside for fear of being terrorized.”
    Ishaq:326“Allah said, ‘No Prophet before Muhammad took booty from his enemy nor prisoners for ransom.’ Muhammad said, ‘I was made victorious with terror. The earth was made a place for me to clean. I was given the most powerful words. Booty was made lawful for me. I was given the power to intercede. These five privileges were awarded to no prophet before me.’”
    Ishaq:327“Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.’”
    Qur’an:7:3“Little do you remember My warning. How many towns have We destroyed as a raid by night? Our punishment took them suddenly while they slept for their afternoon rest. Our terror came to them; Our punishment overtook them.”
    How moronic!"

  • Anton Crowley

    Simon is playing the classic muslim board game of "taqiyya" at this point. What a hypocrite. His next move will most likely be on the order of "since you pay taxes to your government, you are responsible for everything it does, and therefore you are not considered a civilian according to islam, and therefore you are a legitimate target for violence if someone in your country insults the 'prophet' muhammad." Fine, let's take it to the next step, and assert that since islam is a total socio/political/religious structure that all muslims must submit to completely, we can declare all muslims to be tools of their social/political/religious order, and therefore can consider all of them to be enemy combatants waging war against our country, and thus legitimate targets for attack by our representative government if one or more muslims deems it proper to attack our country. Fair enough? You all contribute to the mosque and to the local imam, so aren't you all therefore responsible for any and all hateful rhetoric that ensues? And yes, most intelligent Americans do take into consideration the ramifications of their words and actions. If I feel it necessary to exercise my freedom of speech and acknowledge that the main reason muhammad disallowed images and statues of himself is because he didn't want future generations to realize he looked like a fishhead boy, I'll do so and realize that the ramifications might include a few dozen ignorant muslims rioting and killing each other, and that doesn't bother me in the least. If I point out that muhammad forbid portraits and statues of his various wives, and that the reason for this is because he didn't want future generations to realize that he had married pigs and monkeys, I accept the international ramifications of this. I do not, however, accept responsibility for a group of socially and religiously retarded individuals murdering innocent Christians or Jews over my comments. I accept that muslims are responsible for all of their evil deeds, as I accept that Christians and Jews are individually responsible for any wickedness they may engage in. I certainly don't blame France for any crimes committed by Gilles de Rais, nor do I blame England as a whole for Depeche Mode. If muslims would simply grow up and quit rioting and killing anytime someone insults their dog prophet, people would get tired of doing so and everyone could move along.

  • Democracy First

    Interesting take.

  • Phineas

    Does the phrase that ends with "……..then the terrorists have won", ring a bell?

    Well ,guess what……..

  • Democracy First

    You wrote, "Now I am not against the freedom of speech or any kind of freedom but in all cases freedom ends where you step on others freedom. " Seems you thought that applied to those who would criticze or even, heaven forbid, mock Islam or Mohammed. But neither Islam nor Muslims have a "right" not to be criticized – anymore than do those of other faiths. Instead, it is our right to criticze them. And that is the right they want to deny us. You suuport that, unwittingly.

  • richard

    posted by simon: You are free to think anything or write anything just do not make him a symbol of mockery. Islam cannot and will not tolerate this under any circumstance.

    it is this type of thinking that i believe will be eradicated in america.
    freedom of speech will prevail. all that is needed is many voices to join, and mock islam, like they can and do mock, and criticise other religions, (mostly catholicism).

    we cannot allow this brutal form of thought to prevail over the u.s.

  • richard

    imon · 5 hours ago
    You say Christianity is about love and kindness your responses show real kindness. I am just sorry about how biased you all are.
    You are all missing the point that it is not from the people in America you are getting the fire from. This is an international issue your freedom and democracy does not apply. You are saying, I can do in my country what ever I want and my government can deal with the international ramifications. Sure they can with the tax you pay.
    You cannot even put up with the things I say why would anyone else put up with yours?
    not an international issue. the laws in america pertain to america and not internationally. point is tho we disagree w/your opinion you are free to say it. and we wish you no harm in your ignorance.

  • Stephen_Brady

    Churchill is one of my favorite historical characters …

  • couchtripper

    If South Park wants to attack sacred cows, then why not attack the mass-murderous, raping deviant scum who are in the military? You know, 'the heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan' such as those featured in the recent gunship video where these degenerates were laughing at the deaths of innocent people?

    The minute they do that I'll believe that they'll attack everything equally.

  • Jim C.

    It's not about Christianity vs. Islam–and I agree sometimes the responses are sadly very "unChristian." Rather, it's about the political environment of the United States. A Muslim in the USA has to get used to the idea of "blasphemy" as protected speech, just like every single other religion. You are welcome and free–but not special, here.

  • couchtripper

    83 years old and still a ratbag bigot… well done you!

  • couchtripper

    wow, you really do believe the crap that Fox news and extremist blogs tell you, eh?

    Have you ever met a Moslem and said these things to them? Of course you haven't – you're just spouting the sort of idiocy that can only come from utter ignorance.

  • Tom

    Sorry to disappoint you with facts, but where are the advancements in modern science and medicine from Islamic scientists? Why is female genital mutilation still practiced in muslim countries? I suppose that the Koran telling us Muhammed "married" a nine year old girl is false? The rhetoric against Israel is made up? Honor killings don't happen?

    Please look at ALL news sources (including Islamic ones) before you make foolish statements.

  • Guest

    Actually, in Christianity during the Dark Ages, it was considered in the Christian Church in the East for likenesses of Christ to be depicted. Since some Christians prayed to God using the likenesses that were made to picture Christ, Mary, God, etc., in their minds so as to focus their worship, it was considered like worshipping graven images and was criminalized in the Byzantine Empire. Those who enforced the destruction of Christian images were called iconoclasts. Eventually Christianity outgrew their fear that images of holy figures would be worshipped instead of the actual divinities, and iconoclasm was consigned to the garbage-heap of history and has not been a real issue in Christianity for about 1400 years. I guess the Muslims never developed that far.

  • couchtripper

    so you've never met a Moslem then?

    What a surprise. They probably avoid you too – but in their case it's for entirely understandable reasons. You're a bigoted fool who thinks that every one of the billion+ Moslems in the world is archaic in the same sense that Creationists are.

    Do you think that all Christians are Creationists? Are all Buddhists Brahman?

    • Democracy First

      Undoubtedly a great many, probably the majority of Muslims, are peaceful. That doesn`t change the truth of the faith or the civilization on which it`s based, or that in most Islamic countries people live under tyranny. Hence, Muslims (and others) worldwide want to live in the west. But people worldwide, given a choice, don`t move to Islamic nations

  • AgentFatwad


    Brava. Do not let dhimmi fools like couchertripper bother you. Islam is a CANCER that must be EXCISED.

    I SPIT on the Koran and fart in Allah's general direction. If I said what I want to happen to liberals I would have the FBI at my door.

  • aharris

    Up-thread, you asked someone how many Muslims he knew. I wonder. How many actual soldiers or veterans do you know?

  • Jane Larson Baer

    because we US citizens can mock and ridicule anything we want anytime we want. ha, ha. Mohammed is an imaginary idol to Muslims. Get over it.

  • couchtripper

    Well done, you're a raging freak – that trumps the bigoted ratbag you support.

    I wonder if anyone else can beat you with an even lower level of impotent, ignorant, paranoid, xenophobic rage?

  • couchtripper

    Your comparison is bogus. People don't usually (though it's becoming much more prevalent) choose their religion. The scum in the army have made a choice to be part of a killing machine.

  • Alastair

    Hey Couch Tripper, Alias Muhammad the Rug Muncher!
    I personally employ Muslims, but after hearing the One True Gospel of Jesus Christ – they come to Him for Salvation and deliverance in Droves! 8 out of 10 come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The others run home to Momma squealing Jihad against Us!! But we are still here and setting Death Cult followers of Muhammad Free!!
    Praise God for His work in our lives. One God and One Way – Jesus Christ – and YES – he IS a JEW – and He is coming back not just for us, but especially for His Own – His Chosen!! The Jewish People! Hallelujah!!!

  • Tom

    I have worked with muslims and respected them for their beliefs. HOWEVER, they were of that miniscule group call moderate muslims. We had many a chat about their religion and whil it was not for me, I respected the way they carried themselves as individuals.

    Setting up the straw man of Christian=Creationist et al merely proves the shallowness of your arguement as you never responded in a rational manner to my original comments other than to drop right into name calling and insults.

    Perhaps you should read the Quran (as I have) as well as other religious texts like the Bhagavad Vitra, the Book of Mormon and the Bible. You might want to try attending other religous services other than sit home and bewail the unfairness of life that left you so embittered.

    Have a nice day

  • couchtripper

    So, all the Moslems you've met have been normal people just going about their business, and yet you believe that the Billion+ others are all out to get you? That makes perfect sense.

    As for your snide attempt to deflect the accusation of bitterness back on me – perhaps you should read your previous dirge again.

    Have a shit day, bigot.

  • Linda


    Excellent article. You used the word "tenants" when you meant "tenets." This is about the third time I've seen this, so thought I'd let you know for future articles.

  • Tom

    Lemme get this right. Every time a Christian (?) bombs an abortion clinic, the fact that almost all other christians turn him in and deny that they speak for the majority means nothing.

    I have known people who lost friends on 9/11, an event that obviosly means nothing to you.

    I gather that (at least by your standards) its OK to harass people who disagree with you, OK not to pick up a blind man with a seeing eye dog (See muslim cab drivers at the airport in Detroit), OK to cut throats and behead people, OK to keep slaves (Sudan), OK to oppress women and gays, etc.

    And you call me a bigot?

  • Ghostwriter

    Maybe Simon and Couchtripper,when your members of your religion stop trying to force itself on this country,will it gain some respect.

  • 9-11 Infidel

    Nah. He just the read the Koran, Hadiths and the Sira. Suggest you save the taqiya for the rubes.

  • 9-11 Infidel

    Nah. Your comparison is bogus as is your lame arguments. I'm a vet and you got a condition we vets refer to as Cranial Rectal Infarction. So why don't you just bend over and shove both your hands up your ass, and with a rapid twisting motion, pull your head out.

  • aharris

    That tells me all I need to know. Thanks.

  • couchtripper

    Why do you assume I'm a Moslem, godless (by your own definition) fool?

    If I was attacking the bigotry against Jewish people that the vast majority of 9/11 freaks display, would that make me Jewish?

    Get lost.

  • david elder

    I haven't got much time for Stone or Parker. They take cheap 'antiestablishment' shots at things that others value, or treat with respect, and that have made a society where Stone and Parker are free to carry on as they do, while being part of a lucrative media industry. It appeals to 'freedom' – for itself – a lot of parents would love to have freedom from it. The moment there is a real fight the media money-making machine bends at the knees. OK Stone and Parker didn't agree with the knee-bending – but are they then going to break with the media money-spinner industry?

  • Democracy First

    And the one of which I am aware means do not kill Muslims. Others? Well, they're another story.

  • couchtripper

    awww, a military scumbag doesn't like the idea that he's treated with the same contempt as he treats others.

    How many people did you murder for money, diddums?

  • couchtripper

    hey, no worries – you can't play on an even field, so run away all you want.

  • couchtripper

    Do your employees know that you're a bigoted freak?

  • couchtripper

    Ironically, when arseholes like you stop making assumptions about a person's particular beliefs then the world will become a better place.

    I'm not religious. I abhor all extremists – especially those freaks who say they're Christians and yet support war.

    • guest

      You appear to be an extremist in your own right. Hypocrit – abhor thyself.

  • couchtripper

    why are you making spurious claims?

    9/11 is *nothing* to do with this story. Why do you bring it up? It's because it represents the reasoning behind your prejudice, right?

    And yes, you are a bigot – your prejudice is part of that. You put the problems of certain subsections of the billion+ members of the Islamic faith onto them all. This is the very definition of bigotry.

    Are all Christians Creationists? If I were to argue that point then you'd rightly be able to call me a bigot and an idiot.

    • Tom

      Dear fool,
      Actually 9/11 has a lot to do with the story. It's about ISLAMIC intolerance and hatred. The same hatred that led to Theo Van Goeh's throat slashing and stabbing by an islamofascist who was angry about the truth. I'm sure Salman Rushdie who is living under a death fatwa would not agree with you either.

      Its obvious to me and at least one other reader that your mind is made up, so we won't bother confusing you with those inconvenient facts.

  • Art Telles

    What Else Is New…?

    Comedy Central, Trey Parker, Matt Stone and et al in Golly Gee… Are They Really Mad At Me? Hollywood have simply revealed themselves as being weak…

    … weak minded and weak willed when the political fan starts spinning.

    But, what can you expect from shallow thinkers who are brave against compassionate Christians and Jews but quake and shake against "top-rung-of-the-ladder" true believer Islamic suicide murders?

    They may be brain dead and dumb, but, obviously, they are not stupid.

  • thinkforasecond


  • 9-11 Infidel

    Nah. Your comparison is bogus as is your lame arguments. I'm a vet and you got a condition we vets refer to as Cranial Rectal Infarction. So why don't you just bend over and shove both your hands up your ass, and with a rapid twisting motion, pull your head out.

  • theunknownamerican

    I really believe that most people are scared shitless of these people. I'm generalizing and profiling at that same time but who cares. Something has to be said about a faith where 10% threaten to behead people who speak against it and the other 90% comply by not doing denouncing those actions. Is it so hard to look at the koran and find the passage that says 'thou shall not kill'?

  • henry

    south park is a nest of cowards and hypocrites! They make fools out of Catholics and Protestants and every religion you can imagine – except for the one they like the best! They have said very very little against the Muslims who are the most potentially ridiculous of all the religions that ever existed on earth! Why is that? It is because they have real respect and love for Allah and Mohammad – always have had! The Muslim Bible, the Koran, is extremely anti-democratic and pro-murder – why do you think South Park makes fun of us all but very little fun of Islam? Because they want us to be more like Muslims! But Islam is so hateful that they have even turned against South Park and now South Park, in order to make up with Allah, have voluntarily censored themselves in accordance to the commands of the mighty Koran! They disgust me! Damn cowards!

  • 9-11 Infidel
  • Doggwood

    This article is a great analysis of the situation, which had become notorious even before Comedy Central added a thick layer of censorship to the second episode. But I did wonder whether maybe that last bit of censorship wasn't merely cowardice on the part of the network, but done with the knowledge that this would make the series more popular than ever. It's obvious enough that doing something like that will draw attention.

    So what was in that final "What have we learned today?" speech at the end? I guess we'll find out eventually.

    Anyway, it says a lot about the state of our world that the respectable media has completely failed us, and only a pair of foul-mouthed clowns have the courage to make the moral statements that need to be made if free speech is to survive.

  • badaboo

    Comedy Central caved , plain and simple .Simon is a duped DHIMMI , and nothing more . The irony here is that any mocking or criticism appearing in the media regarding islam , does not even remotely approach it's barbarism and evil ethos .
    In Indonesia this week [an alleged "moderate " islamic nation ] thousands of muslims rampaged and burn down an entire christian compound , based merely on the rumor that a church would be built there . In Egypt and Pakistan ,and Nigeria christians are murdered , raped and forced to convert , their churches burnt to the ground. Churches are not allowed to be built or even repaired .
    One need not mock islam , but simply objectively describe it .The cowards at Comedy entral should refrain from any religious criticism or mockery , if they are going to be intimidated by a 16 year old islamic punk .

  • henry

    Doggwood! Nonesense! Look what you said! " only a pair of foul-mouthed clowns have the courage to make the moral statements that need to be made if free speech is to survive." They are cowards, it is quite clear – in fact, compared to any other religion they LOVE the Muslim Koranic point of view! Count the number of times they have lampooned any other religion – and measure how deeply stabbed they were, then see the little good natured tickling they gave Allah's secretary Mohammad. They (the cartoonists) are both multi-millionaires – the network can't stop them from telling the truth (that is, unless they want them to). They are phonies and soon everybody will know it – just check out what these brave heroes are going to do next! Nothing!

  • couchtripper

    It's interesting that my comments are now being moderated. Is that because I've dared to attack your scared cow and you want to censor me as a result?

    The sad fucking irony, eh? haha

  • idf

    Islam deserves all the mockery and disrespect that it receives. It is nothing but an evil cult that was created to justify the actions of a murderous pedophile, aka, Mohammed. Western Civilization will not survive if this cancer is allowed to continue.

  • badaboo

    South Park Cowards punked out .

  • couchtripper

    if you're going to use words that are beyond your usual vocabulary, you should make sure you can spell them.

    In what way am I an extremist? I don't support murderers (governmental or not). Military scum always have a problem with this simple logic, so don't feel too bad about it – you can't help it.

  • guest

    Drifting way off topic here but…

    Thanks for pointing out my typo. I'll return the favor, you missed a capitalization of a word. Very petty, agreed?

    The colorful forceful tone of your responses gives me a sense that you are extreme in your beliefs and likely under 20 y.o. maybe even under 15. I see that you like to vote for yourself so I will vote for myself, too.

    I'll be waiting for your next humorous outburst. Just kidding. I am done with this thread though.

  • henry

    badadoo! Bless you! Well said up there – so true, so clear

  • badaboo

    Islam is not a religion , but a cult , borne of an evil mind of a deranged person . Men are born with an innate sense of right and wrong , therefore I have no sympathy for muslims who adhere to this hideous ideology . They are not innocent as they violate their own conscience , indeed violate their very humanity and all notions of civilised behavior .

  • henry

    dear theunknownamerican Yes, you are correct 99% of us (me included) are really really scared of these people – scared shitless, as you put it. But there is no passage in the Koran that says thou shalt not murder innocent people whilst thou art enjoying it with the expectation of being able to rape afterwards.

  • henry

    Let us not forget that the South Park multi-millionaires are extremely vile and unjust cowards who err on the side of Islam, preferring to pick on people who love civilized behavior while showing deep respect for savages who worship a book that sanctions holy cold-blooded murder. They will be forgiven by the savages for their mild and good natured kidding of Islam – as they always knew they would whilst they were hoping they would fool everyone into thinking they were free-speech heroes (now they have even more money! What damned moral cowards these cowards are!)!

  • susan

    To Everyone-
    Simon wrote that at one time Islam was considered the religion of justice.
    I think it behooves us to ask him what happened. None of us would find
    anything just in the practice of Islam that we have been witnessing. What
    we have seen in video after video – whether some mob in London, some
    cleric ranting, Ahmadinijad shouting that there was never a Holocaust but
    that Israel should be eradicated, or the staged Palestinian victimization
    which makes Israel look like murderers –
    the behavior of Islamic students at the different college campuses, and
    certainly with reaction from Islamists with regards to the particular cartoons,
    has been out of the realm of justice. It's been horrifying! Americans who
    have fought for what is just, will simply not tolerate it. If the Muslims
    living or studying here object, they can back to wherever their own
    country is. Justice shall reign over Sharia law any day!

  • Sim One

    Mohammed: *~@):~{>

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