The Left’s Politics of Paranoia

The following remarkable revelation hit the internet on April 14, courtesy of Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert. It succinctly sums up not only the world view of George Soros’ steno pool, but of much of the rest of the left. Says Boehlert:

“Fact: Without Fox News and the national platform it gives the haters, there essentially would be no ‘anti-government’ movement in this country today.”

Fact? Admittedly, I am not blessed with a degree in journalism like Boehlert, but that statement sounds more like something we used to call an opinion. Boehlert and his fellow fellows look at Fox’s ratings and conclude that they must be – just have to be – leading the gullible, unwashed masses who are otherwise incapable of original thought or of getting information anywhere else but via the Murdoch empire. That’s obviously where all this “antigovernment” stuff comes from. Now, we used to have another word for “anti-government” called “anarchism,” but using the latter term would make the writer sound ridiculously inflammatory, so naturally the left avoids associating the right with either Sacco or Vanzetti. The more honest description of the mind-set that drives conservatives and libertarians to protest the policies of the Obama administration would be “limited government,” or “small government,” but those terms sound entirely too reasonable for the left to utilize.

If you’re paranoid and delusional, you naturally to see the rest of the world in those terms. After initially trying to dismiss the tea party movement as an unimportant, small collection of extremists, the left finally woke up to the fact that tea partiers are going to flex a lot of electoral muscle in November 2010. At that point, full-scale paranoia kicked in. The left grudgingly acknowledged the importance and size of the tea party movement, an admission that occurred seemingly overnight, but then, in their world, it naturally followed that the tea partiers’ message had to be far more sinister than they could have ever imagined. The left’s paranoid response to realizing that the tea party movement was something more than an unimportant, isolated fad was predictable: the left decided that the tea partiers were even more paranoid than they are. To them, the tea party movement just has to be about racism, fascism and violent revolution.

An April 9 article in Newsweek entitled “Hate, antigovernment extremists are on the rise—and on the march” penned by Evan Thomas and Eve Conant was about as paranoid as any liberal could want. Thomas and Conant paint a frightening picture of simmering right-wing hate, ready to explode in bloody, righteous outrage. They go to great, if dubious, lengths to link today’s disgust with the Obama administration’s neo-socialist policies to extremists like Timothy McVeigh and Father Charles Coughlin. The lesson, according to Thomas and Conant, is clear: America is teetering on the edge of falling into the abyss once more. Here’s a taste:

“Economic distress and social change make for fear, and fear makes for anger, now and always. Night riders terrorized the defenseless after the Civil War. During the Great Depression, two demagogues in particular whipped up conspiracy theories against Jewish bankers and the rich elites to arouse angry mass movements. Huey Long, governor of Louisiana, later a U.S. senator who wanted to soak the rich, and Father Charles Coughlin, an anti-Semitic Catholic priest whose radio show reached 40 million people, seemed a political threat to FDR, until Long was assassinated and Coughlin became increasingly unhinged.”

Of course Long was a Democrat and a populist who pushed the kind of “progressive” policies that would do the Obama administration proud. “Soak the rich” doesn’t cover the half of it. Coughlin may have “reached 40 million people,” but the fact that America united to fight a war that was, in large part, dedicated to defeating the most murderous anti-Semite in history suggests that he was not so nearly as influential as Thomas and Conant imply. But hey, why let a few relevant historical facts get in the way of the narrative?

Still, one would think that an article like that would quickly receive a hearty stamp of approval over at Media Matters. No such luck. While Boehlert expressed grudging gratitude with regard to Newsweek’s  paranoid delusions, he still had a problem: Newsweek just wasn’t paranoid enough:

“The bad news? The phrase ‘Fox News’ does not appear until the last paragraph of the Newsweek piece.”

Of course. According to Media Matters, all attacks on the right are welcome, so long as such attacks are prefaced with the disclaimer: “the following outrages have been perpetrated at the behest of Rupert Murdoch.” For Eric Boehlert and his fellow “senior fellows,” and presumably Media Matters’ “junior fellows” along with their “deputy assistant fellows in training,” nobody would “essentially” be upset by an administration that rammed a health care bill down our throats, spent hundreds of billions of dollars to prop up failing businesses and thumbed its nose at our most important ally in the middle east, but for the nefarious influence of Fox News. We’re in the midst of the Age of Communication, but all of these issues would have somehow escaped our attention, were it not for Murdoch’s minions. What a bunch of dolts we are!

While Fox is a network powerhouse, there are millions of conservatives (me among them) who don’t watch Fox on anything approaching a regular basis. For the most part, I appreciate what Fox does, but I’ve also been critical of Murdoch’s network too. Still, whatever Fox says or does not say, it really doesn’t matter. There are plenty of other sources of information and the American people are savvy enough to know when salient questions aren’t being answered. That’s why we have Free Republic, Andrew Breitbart, Matt Drudge and, to put a point on it, David Horowitz. People are curious and hungry to learn more. If the mainstream media won’t answer their questions, they’ll find other outlets that will. Fox isn’t directing a conspiracy, they’re filling a vacuum.

The left seems entirely incapable of digesting that possibility. The tea-party movement and all of the other forms of protest against this administration, have been motivated by – more than anything else – the policies of the administration itself. It’s about assuming crippling debt, the tax-hikes any intelligent observer knows are sure to come and the creeping intrusion of more and more government bureaucracies controlling our lives. People don’t need Fox News, or any other media outlet, to understand that. All they have to do is to pay attention to what the Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their supporters have been doing and saying.  

  • Gary Rumain

    Yes, I get my news from site like this now.

  • rib/eve

    I don't mind it when the main stream media, which I call the Democrat advertising department, continues to smear Fox and the Tea Party movement. It mobilizes us, inspires us and more people become active.

    Nothing pisses you off more than when YOU are at a rally and they smear you and your intentions. And they have done it to millions of us and then we talk about it!

    I think it is one of the things that keeps the pot stirring. Otherwise it could get overwhelming. Liberty is being hit on every front. This administration certainly is going to affect one of your pet peeves. The same people aren't the ones going to all of these protests. No relevant person has that much time.

  • Jim C.

    I don't suppose anyone sees the irony of an article on paranoia from a site which believes the Muslims are this close to taking over the world, the Mexicans are this close to taking over America, Obama is going to take away all your freedoms, public education is taking away our children, nearly every country in the world (except Israel) "hates" America, half of America "hates" America…shall I go on?

    • Liny

      Get your head out of the sand and embrace the truth. All of your statements are pretty much true. The Muslims have stated they have a 100 year plan to take over the world. Mexican drug gangs run rampant through some of OUR cities, etc., etc. You can't continue to be in denial about the state of affairs in our country and abroad. Wake up!

      • Jim C.

        Liny–Thanks for helping me make my point.

      • Jim C.

        And anyway buddy the idea is that, yes, I do consider those things problems that need to be dealt with, but we have different solutions.

        • rib/eve

          Yeah, It's called caaave innnnn!

        • Fiddler



      • Irgun

        It's not the sand this leftist troll's head is stuck in …

    • Fiddler

      If you don't mind Jim C. we would rather not be among the "uncomplaining gullible" you would rather have us be. Some of use have been around long enough to see the downward change which with for this president, the word "accelerated" is an understatement. The word "change" is a loaded word which could range from mildly altered to overtly metamorphosed.

      I'm sure you would rather have us "shut up and just pay" our taxes, but last I remember so well from the Bush years, I say bumper stickers that read "DISSENT IS PATRIOTIC". Funny how that seems to have changed in the "PC mind" to "DISSENT IS PARANOIA". Funny how the bumper stickers change when the "right" party is in office, isn't it?

  • Barb

    Jim – WHY do you read anything on this site? Or do you read, so you can "enlighten" the rest of us with your inane comments?

    • Jim C.

      Same reason you do–entertainment.

      Barb, I'm actually amazed at the absurdity of what passes for conservative thought, now. It seems to me that while conservativism is a legitimate political philosophy, what passes for it now is a confused gumbo of fearmongering. I think Republicanism in general is going the route it did between Hoover and Reagan–a large minority of Birchers and Randoids shouting from the back bench. Lord knows what would have happened had William F. Buckley not almost singlehandedly exorcised the Birchers and Randoids from the party. I think it will be a while before the next Buckley or Reagan.

      • akbass

        Jim….you should be even more amazed at the nonsensical absurdity that passes for "liberal" or "progressive" thought now. Classical liberalism is pretty much dead thanks to the "progressives." Fearmongering? How anyone of Leftist persuasion can accuse the Right of fearmongering with a straight face is beyond me. Let's talk about all the impending catastrophes the Left has screached about over the decades, and been 100% wrong about….DDT, heterosexual AIDS, overpopulation, global famine, the coming Ice Age, Global Warming, the coming theocracy, blah, blah, blah. You Lefties all stick to the party line….like bees buzzing around the hive… obviously comprehend nothing about conservative thought or ideals, so demonization is your only recourse. Buckley or Reagan? When we have talk show hosts like Dennis Prager or thinkers like David Horowitz who can leave even the most "intellectual" Leftist babbling incoherently in a corner trying to explain their twisted worldview, we're hardly sweating over another Buckley or Reagan coming along. Enjoy your hatred, brother.

        • Jim C.

          bass, I comprehend this: without progressives we wouldn't have public libraries, clean air to breathe, safe food to eat, schools for an educated citizenry, 5-day work weeks, living wages, child labor laws, national parks…All this stuff you probably take for granted.

          You guys lose an election–rightly so, after 8 disastrous years–and then scream about "tyranny" just because you lost a long legislative process. You guys live in a bubble of your own making and have gone so far off the deep end you have no idea what the center looks like anymore.

          Dennis Prager? Seriously? Mr. Horowitz is actually a smart guy, but Prager is a nitwit of the highest order.

          • William_Z

            Public libraries are taxpayer funded and supper for free public libraries began in 1700s. People—rich people like Andrew Carnegie donated money for buildings and books. Progressives had nothing to do with it.

            Public education was propose by Jefferson, and developed over time beginning with the colonies and religious groups. Also the public education’s conception was not that noble. Historically, free public education was also a way to get kids of the streets and supervised which cut down on crime.

            The public education pushed by progressives is the most expensive and with the poorest results.

            Conservation in regard to the environment began with Teddy Roosevelt. Thank a republican.

          • Jim C.

            I absolutely thank Teddy Roosevelt, just like I thank Lincoln, Eisenhower, Hoover for some of the excellent things they've done. You do realize Teddy is widely considered quite the progressive, don't you?

            I don't care about the label (though I notice you only picked a few of those initiatives). I care about the action. All those things have been good for this country.

          • William_Z

            Teddy Roosevelt progressivism is linked to the Progressive Era which ran from1890s to the 1920s, and nothing more.

            I could’ve gone through all of them but there’s only so much time.

        • Liberallyproud

          So you say DDT was good for the environment? It wiped out whole eagle and raptor populations, polluted water sources and made people ill. And we were wrong about that because??? Heterosexual AIDS is real friend, and overpopulation in the world is taking a huge toll on humans and the environment, there is global famine (where have YOU been? – what do you think Feed the Children and CARE and all these Christian food organizations are for? Because food is so abundant? Global warming is real and documented but those with their heads in the sand or too illiterate to understand the concept just keep blithely contaminating and polluting like the world can last forever. What a selfish concept. As far as theocracy, Bush did his best announcing that he was on a "direct mission from God", attempting to Christianize the Armed Services and the country, so that's a weak argument. ….and now we have to deal with White Supremists and militias rearing their ugly heads again just 15 years after Timothy McVeigh. I don't think the Left can hold a candle to the hate mongering and fear mongering of the Rightwing loonies.

          • Joe

            Get your facts right before you spout off. DDT DID NOT wipe out Eagles and Raptors. Excessive hunting did that. The Endangered Species ACT stopped the decline. DDT has not poluted water and there is NO, NONE, ZILCH, NADA connection between DDT in normal use for pest control and human illness. Countries in Africa are now starting to use it for pest and insect control to keep people form dying from Malaria from Misqueto (sp)bites. You might want to watch John Stossel's Show on your hated Fox Business Network sometime. He had a full panel of experts on the other night with facts to disprove your phoney DDT claims. Or get his latest book on myths he disproves.

          • rib/eve

            I agree with Joe

            DDT did none of the things you just spewed off. Heterosexual AIDS is a problem but mainly for the alley crawlers. Over population is total BS. We would have plenty of food for people all over the world if A) These third world country governments weren't so corrupt. They could grow it themselves or B) if our government weren't paying farmers NOT to grow crops, they could be fed that way. It's a control issue and a beautiful example of how little dictators or some form of communist government has no compunction about vexing, starving or tormenting it's population. We will feel this here if we don't stop the present regime dead in it's tracks.

            That volcano in Iceland has belched out more pollution than man could ever muster. And earth will clean it up in it's natural process. The only thing that is man made about global warming is the scam that Al Gore started. I loved it when was it a year ago maybe two and they global warming freaks were having a concert in South Africa and it snowed on them. It hadn't snowed there in 50 years. It also tickled my fancy when it snowed in Washington DC 4 times this winter, like 2 feet at a time. Just examples of GOD sticking his finger in the eye of Democrat fanatics like you, illiberally proud. And didn't Obama just get sarcastic about the earth hadn't open up in defiance. Oh my gosh, he made the volcano erupt. Maybe he is the ONE :))

            Oh by the way, 26 of the founding fathers had gone to seminary school for following Christ. Not that they were the only Christians in that group of the founding fathers. So Bush was not Christianizing the Armed Services, because the majority are Christians. They enlist to honor their country, not something you would understand.

          • Jim C.

            "That volcano in Iceland has belched out more pollution than man could ever muster. And earth will clean it up in it's natural process. The only thing that is man made about global warming is the scam that Al Gore started"

            I note with great interest how you switched the topic, there, from "pollution" (which we'd all better be concerned about) to "global warming" (which I am not quite so concerned about). Just because Mother Nature "pollutes" does not mean we should not watch our own production of industrial waste.

  • blotto

    Jim C: Can you disprove through fact that Islam is not trying to engineer a Islamic caliphate? Can you prove to us that Islam does not harbor hatred toward the US and western civilization and that suicide bombers are merely defensive uses of human beings? That 9-11 was just a strategy of killing innocent Americans for all the bad that America has done to Islam?

    Can you disprove with fact that the invasion by illegal Mexicans and other Hispanics from S. America is not what MeCHA and La Raza see as the reconcquering of Aztlan?

    Can you tell us with fact that what Obama has done and is doing IS not the work of a totalitarian bent on changing the very fabric of America? Shall I go on???

    No JimC you cannot. But reading your irrational and rather dull response to what is a refreshingly vital and cogent essay is typical of a leftist troll.

    • Jim C.

      Can you disprove that second and third generation Mexicans generally think of themselves as Americans, first, and have no intention of conquering America? Can you disprove that the typical illegal immigrant just wants to make money so he can support his family and visit home occassionally? Can you disprove that American business has come to rely heavily on these workers?

      Yes, I can tell you Obama is not a totalitarian. He's a moderate liberal. Is he going to change the fabric of America? Yes–that's why he was elected and why he'll be re-elected. Get used to it.

    • Liberallyproud

      Well blotto, how can you PROVE it? Just your word? Show us where you got your information. I can say all kinds of things without the truth to back me up. But I'll take that challenge as long as you can first give me facts that back up what you're saying. Document it. As far as La Raza since my ex husband was a member of the American Indian Movement and worked closely with La Raza, I can tell you first hand that they are a legitimate and socially responsible group that works for better jobs and fair treatment for Mexicans legally living in this country and yes, the humane treatment of illegals when they are arrested or deported. Do you have any idea of the meaning of Totalitarian? Prove to me you know what it means and I'll respond to that as well. But first I need to know I'm responding to a person with a brain and not a parrot spewing what they memorized from FAUX News or Rush Limpbow.

    • trickyblain

      Blotto, all of your requests ask that he proves negatives. Bad logic. Consider the following example:
      -Can you disprove through fact that Goerge W Bush does not wear his wife's clothes to bed?

      • Xian Do

        Thhat's the whole point, trickyblain…you yutz!
        Blotto simply used the popular tactic of the left: demanding that the other side prove a negative…
        (i.e. – Prove global warming isn't real, prove that GW Bush didn't lie about WMD's in Iraq, etc. etc. ad nauseum)
        …and turned it against you.
        And seeing how you got all "wee-wee'd up" about it…I'd say his tactic was quite effective.

        • trickyblain

          Really? Aside from the incredibly dubious propositions, that blotto was setting up parody or anything in my post suggested that I was "wee-wee'd up, your statements are similarly dubious.

          The "left" is merely pointing at evidence (glaciers/ice cap melting, rising global temperatures, rising levels of Co2), and drawing conclusions based on evidence. Retardicans choose to ignore the evidence. With Bush, a) his administration claimed that there was "no doubt" Iraq had WMD somewhere "north, south east or west of Tikrit." None were found. Therefore, Bush's main rationale for war was false. Could be a lie, could be just wrong.

        • Jim C.

          Oh Xian Do, that is lamer than lame. So the Left says "Prove global warming doesn't exist?" Really? Why would they do that, when the scientists who actually study the phenomenom agree that it does exist?

          You are a fact-averse, person, aren't you?

      • Cyril the Beneficent

        1. JimC. wears Laura Bush's clothes to bed.

        2. Two individuals cannot fit into the same set of clothes at the same time.

        3. Therefore, George W. Bush does not wear his wife's clothes to bed.


        Now you prove me wrong.

  • JosephWiess

    I've heard it said that if you hear voices in your head and always see people trying to get you, then you are schitzophrenic. Maybe that's what's wrong with the left.

    I've also heard it said that "sometimes the people really are out to get you." In this case, it might be true. I'd like to see a stake driven through the heart of big government and see Obama dismissed from office and tried for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, not to mention Treason.

  • JeffT

    Is anyone on the Progressive Left capable of critical thinking? Have their brains been reduced to such ideological mush that they cannot write a coherent sentence or opine a logical thought? It is a sad state of affairs that rags like Newsweek and slugs like Evan Thomas have any audience at all. But the good news is their reach has declined to only those like minded journalists who read Newsweek and Time. And THAT is a dying breed, thankfully.

    • trickyblain

      Yes, it's a trend that's affecting all print journalism -all print media, for that matter. But the reason isn't because people are rejecting the "liberal" media y'all see everywhere. The reason? It rhymes with "the Jeb" or "the Pinternet." You are reading this publication online right now, that means you are not reading a print copy of The Weekly Standard (whose circulation is likewise plummeting).

  • Ken

    Jim C is the typical leftist idealogue. It's always Americas fault for the throubles that others bring upon us. America is the root of all the troubles in and Obama is going to save us all. Wake up!!! He is out for himself, his Chicago cronies, and his fringe left-wing agenda and does not care he is dragging the greatest nation on Earth down. Jim C may drink the leftist Kool-Aid readily, but I don't!!

  • trickyblain

    Can you quote where Jim C blames America on this thread, Ken? Can you quote where he says we are the root of all troubles? Or where he says Obama is going to save us all?

    Seems you are merely parroting the Retardican generalization of what "liberals" do. Or are you really a mind reader?

    • Fiddler

      Before the election we heard.

      — "US of KKKA"
      — "No, no, no, not God Bless America; God <bleep> America"
      — About college transcripts (hey!! don't go there!)
      — About certain other documents (Hey!! don't go there!)
      — Words like "In __ days we are going to fundamentally transform the United States of America" (oh yeah, you weren't kidding!)

      After the election we saw:
      Bowing to the Saudi's
      Apologizing for America's sins upon the world. (As if they don't have numberous skeleton's in their closet, and innocent blood on their hands).

      Maybe with all that has done to more than build our concern for OUR country we just can't help but have our concerns aroused.

      The heat is turned up, but the FROG still has time to jump out of the pot!!!

  • peblair

    This is a test…

  • USMCSniper

    Had we not committed such grevious sins against our Constitution God would not a bestowed such a punishment as Buraq Hussein upom us to spread cheeks and bugger us.

    • Gump

      This is way more helufpl than anything else I’ve looked at.

    • rnlqwm

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  • RightWingStuff

    The anti-gov't "movement" didn't start with Fox.